Ishqbaaz 5th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Daksh reveals his true colours

Ishqbaaz 5th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika hears Priyanka coughing and goes to her. She asks what happened, is anyone there. She shouts for help. Shivaye hears her and goes to see. He gets shocked. Anika pats on her back. Priyanka spits the fruit. He rushes to her and asks are you fine. Doctor says she is fine now, she will gain consciousness in some time. Shivaye asks what happened to her. Doctor says the thing that can happen to you two, you both have same heart condition, its hereditary, you both have low breathing capacity, she must have choked on something, I would suggest you to keep her away from stress. Shivaye thanks him. Doctor goes. Dadi says don’t worry, nothing will happen to Priyanka. Priyanka wakes up. He asks are you fine. She says yes, where is Anika, call her, she saved my life, she is an angel for me, when she is around,

I don’t have any worry or fear, call her, else I will go. He says no, don’t move. Dadi says Shivaye will get Anika.

Anika packs bag. Gauri asks where will we go. Anika says wherever fate takes us. Gauri says yes, but you told that we will stay here till Priyanka’s marriage, did Shivaye say anything again. Anika recalls Shivaye’s words. She says just focus on work, help me in packing, we have to leave fast. Shivaye says that girl was saying nonsense about Daksh, she may say that to Priyanka too, I can’t take risk. Dadi says your fear is right, but you know Priyanka, she wants what she wishes, we don’t know truth and lie, Daksh can’t do this, I don’t think that girl is intentionally blaming Daksh, maybe she has a misconception. He says maybe she is lying. Dadi says no, something happened with her, no girl will blame a guy like this, as society will point finger at her, something would have really happened, Daksh isn’t related to this, go and stop that girl. Shivaye comes to Anika. She says we are just leaving. He says you won’t go. She asks what. He says I m asking you to stay. She asks why. He says its Priyanka’s wish, you will stay here till her marriage, you don’t do the mistake to say all that in front of Priyanka, remember, if she gets tears in her eyes, you will pay for it. She says I came here for Priyanka’s sake, I will stay back for her happiness. He says you stay here just for Priyanka. She says just for Priyanka. He goes.

She looks for design file. She gets the gift and checks. She sees a phone and says such a cost phone. She comes to Shivaye. She says thanks, but I can’t accept this. He asks why. She says you must be habitual to do favors, but I m not habitual to take favors, my self-esteem is my biggest asset, I will lose it if I accept this gift. He says where did this self-esteem go when you blamed a decent guy, you made Payal lie to prove Daksh a liar. She says I didn’t lie and didn’t ask Payal to lie, I just said what happened with me, maybe he was not Daksh, but someone tried to misbehave with me, it was not about me, it was about Priyanka, her happiness and life, so I had to speak up, else I would have stayed silent. She goes.

Shivaye is on the way. He stops the car on seeing Anika. She makes dosa on the stall and serves the customers in haste. The man asks her to hurry. Her slipper breaks. She leaves her slippers. The man says I m getting late, come on. She says I m just getting it. Shivaye looks on and asks her to be careful. Her toe gets hurt by the stone and bleeds. She cries and walks ahead. The man asks her to hurry. She gives the dosa. Shivaye recalls her words.

Shivaye comes to Priyanka and asks what list are you making. She says engagement list. He asks why, where is your wedding planner. She says she went to her dosa stall. He says why did you hire her if you had to do this yourself, call her and say its her work. She says her phone got broken, an ill-mannered man broke her phone at hospital that day. He says ill-mannered, maybe by mistake. She says no, I m sure that man was really bad, he did this with sweet Anika. He says Anika told this story, its her side of story, every story has two sides, maybe that guy was right, your wedding planner might be at fault. She asks why are you taking that man’s side. He says you shouldn’t judge anyone without knowing well. She asks really, you are saying this, who was judging Anika, tell me. He says I was angry, you got unwell because of her.

She says if you had broken her phone in anger, you would have said sorry. He says I don’t say sorry to anyone. She laughs. He says I m serious. She says I know, you don’t say sorry and thanks to anyone, you don’t smile and hug. He says fine, complete your list, Anika did wrong, that’s her name right, she doesn’t have a phone, this shouldn’t be her excuse, she should have a phone, she should be here, if you have to ask her anything, will you wait for her return, marriage will happen after years then. She says yes, but she doesn’t have money to purchase a phone. He says I m thinking, I have got an idea just now, do one thing. He gets a phone and asks how did I get this in pocket, this was extra kept with me, give this to her, tell her that you had an extra phone and you are giving her, as its imp, everyone should have a phone here, till she buys a phone, she can use it for work. She looks at him. He says I shall leave. He goes.

Anika comes home. Priyanka asks where were you, I was waiting. Anika says sorry, I got late. Priyanka says have this phone. Anika asks why. Priyanka says so that I don’t have to wait for your return if I have to talk to you. Anika asks how can I take this phone. Priyanka says I had this extra, its a rule here, everyone who works here must have a phone, so that they are available all 24 hours. Anika says it means I have to take this if I have to work here. Priyanka says yes, coordination problem is happening since you don’t have a phone, please take it. Anika takes it and thanks her. Shivaye looks on and says she gave me lecture when I gave her, she is thanking Priyanka now, at least she took the phone. The phone rings. He hears the ring and stops. Anika checks something. He thinks she has so much attitude, she took the phone but she isn’t using it, what shall I do. He picks the phone. She turns and sees him. He says your phone was ringing, here it is. She thanks him and answers call. She goes. He says she is using it. Priyanka hears him and asks who is using you. He says nobody and goes.

Priyanka calls Daksh. Payal asks why does she call so often. Daksh says why are you getting so jealous. She says you are just mine. He says I will be just yours, I swear, Priyanka is just like an ATM for me. Priyanka says why isn’t Daksh answering, I just hope he is fine. Anika looks on and thinks Priyanka loves Daksh a lot, she is so worried for him, if he is wrong, she won’t be able to tolerate it, I have to find out if Daksh is a right guy for her. She goes to Payal’s house. Payal says Anika… Daksh hides. Anika asks why did you lie that day. Payal says I don’t want to talk and shuts door. Anika calls her out.

Anika comes to Priyanka and says I went for some imp work. Priyanka says I made guest list for engagement, it has your family included, make sure they all come, you won’t do any work that day, you will just be with me as my sister. Anika hugs her with affection. She smiles and says you are very nice, I wish you get all the happiness of this world, and sorrows never pass by you. Priyanka sees Shivaye at the door. Shivaye sees Anika. Anika says I will just come. She goes. He sees her hurt foot. Daksh comes in Anika’s way and smiles. She says you….Priyanka is inside. He says I swear to God, I didn’t come to meet Priyanka, I came to meet you, its enough of hide and seek game, I thought to meet you face-to-face, I think you had much fun that night and miss me so much, you are finding me everywhere, right. She says so it was you… He laughs and says yes Anika, it was me, I thought to take advantage of darkness, some stupid person came and spoiled my fun, I swear to God, the game isn’t over, because Daksh will get what he wants. He goes. Shivaye comes and asks what happened. She stumbles. He holds her. She gets away from him. He asks what happened Anika… She rushes away.

Anika says somebody has sent us at the same place, same day and same time where we had met for the first time. Shivaye says and then, we met again. She asks will we have the same love again. He says its just that there would be a new story, Shivaye and Anika will be same, but not the story. They hold hands. Shivaye says I want to end this matter forever and prove that Daksh isn’t wrong, your thinking is wrong, I give you a chance, prove that Daksh is wrong, I m with you, but do you agree. Anika agrees. He asks what shall we do. She says I have a plan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pushpa

    Hello pkjs….. hw r u all
    Im good great positive vibes all the time..
    Im luving this ishqbaazredux… so interesting todays episode ws owsmmmmmm ?
    My shivaye ws owsm…cute … adorable… the drama he put up just to give the phone to anika…… just so adorable singh oberoi… i watched many times… ” acha mena diya to lecture prinyaka diya tho thank u “..

    He is melting slowly ….. cant c anika getting hurt….. dosa wala store … her dosa why so white colour???? And look at the demand….. wah anika ur bohot worse dosa bohot popular…. shivaye .. sambhalke whe she hut & hurt her toe… naturally just popped out of his mouth…… beautiful..

    By god ke kasam dakhs im going to kill u shivaye going 2kill u for molesting Anika and cheating priyanka…. now anika knows 4sure tht was dakhs and she will never let him ruin priyanka life…. and shivaye comes there seeing her condition he gets worried.. she slip & fall the same arms r everready to hold her…… “anika kya hua” this concern ??

    Dadi was owsm…. yr advice made shivaye realise something and wht was tht? He will join hand wt anika to findout the truth…who is dakhs ?

    Today i really felt our old ishqbaaz is back….
    Gd nite pkjs sleep tight….

    1. Go Pushpa di Go !
      Congo !
      on being first .
      I am absolutely fine di.
      and yes di Shivaye was too cute Today.

    2. Hiiiii Pu di…congrats. Go Pu Go..
      Yeh Cute wale biluji was awasome today..
      Me too loving this redux very much…….
      Hope it will continue like this……..

      I just hope Shivaay will get to know that Annika is right..and they will play a game to expose him…..
      This daksh is much more scary than real…

    3. Hiii…pu di
      GPDG…congrats on being 1st ..
      Yes ,definately this redux is getting intresting day by day ..and today’s epi…
      I just loved each and every part of this epi..

    4. Luthfa

      Go Pushpa di Go.Congratulations on being first..?
      Shivaay was so cute in yesterday’s episode and I am sure you went all gaga over him.And Redux is going well.We have to wait and watch next progress,patiently.Take care di?

  2. NSK


    1. Banita

      Hlo NSK…
      PKJ means Pagalon Ki Jhund dr…

      1. NSK

        Haha..NYC abbreviation?

    2. Hello NSK
      welcome to pkj

  3. Hi to all meri khidkitod GPkj walas! How are you all guys? I missed you all so so sooooooooooooooooo much. Hope you guys are enjoying the current track.

    And my special greetings to
    Bestie Banita dear,
    Lovely Luthfa di,
    Adoring Arpita di,
    Sweety Sindhu di,
    Dearie Dhwani,
    Sneha dear,
    Zara dear,
    Riana , Ishita, Shana, Asha (and all the guys who are all unknown to me and vice-versa)
    And NSK you are gladly welcomed by our GPkj walas to our family.

    Sorry guys. I was little busy on academic part. Hence couldn’t land up here regularly.
    But I am beyond the boundaries of joy and was kindled by my heart to come here to share my happiness on watching today’s episode. Such a lovely episode it was (except Daksh part).
    Sweet Singh Oberoi’s hidden care and concern for Anika (apart his gussa)
    *Be it during the mobile convo
    *During her stumbling in stall
    *During Ani’s concern about Prinku life
    We could see the melted heart of SSO (I too melted seeing melted SSO????)
    ? Prinku asking for Anika
    ? SSO and Anika’s tadi convo for sake of Prinku.
    ?( Fav) Shivaye bhaiya’s concern and care for Anika while she hurted her leg (seems he could’ve run to Anika from car). Loved it.
    ? Prinku convo with SSO be it in scolding him or trapping him with her talks.
    ?(Most fav) Shivaye trying to take Anika’s phone and their cute convo. Don’t know why but I loved it and sensed and old vibes and was chuckling myself seeing that.
    ?And last Ani-Prinku convo and emotional Shivika.
    Atlast whole heartedly I’m satisfied and my day is over with today’s episode.

    Good night IB Paglons with sweet dreams.

    @Luthfa di- Sorry di. I couldn’t share my exp. of 2yrsofIB for some of your questions. I feel really sorry for it. I’ll do it when time permits me to do it. Love you and take care.☺☺

    1. Wow so long comments….how wud u mange to type lyk dis??I mean itni patience kanan we aayi hai???well reading ur comments for first tym??hai NSK…u r new here na??gud nyt everyone???

    2. NSK

      Awwww,so sweet of u lovely?

    3. Banita

      It’s soo sweet of U Shivu….
      It’s okk yr comment whenever get time…
      BTW today i m also busy so that couldn’t comment here… Hope kl comment kr paun….?
      Nycc to see ur comment after many days dr…
      Lotss Of Love…

    4. oh hi Shivya .
      I am fine dear and what about u ?
      Nice comnent dear .
      and u know what ur fav parts are my fav too.
      Love u dear .
      and please keep commenting.

    5. Luthfa

      Hello Shivya,how are you?Thank you so much.
      Episode was really great.Finally a well balanced episode and I loved it thoroughly.Waiting see what is going to happen next.By the way,nice analysis.You have put everything in right place.Take care.Lots of love?

      1. Luthfa

        And whenever you can manage time,do share your experience with us.Will be waiting to read.God bless you.Love you too?

  4. Wow NYC episode???hi my dears ones..lived the care for anika by shivaay..

    1. Luthfa


  5. Nice episode

  6. NSK

    Hiii,im new here..but so happy my comment is on 2nd.?

  7. Trip to lonavla next yuppie excited…
    Daksh is such a cheapda….
    Today it was good episode
    missing rikara and ruvya…

    1. Luthfa

      Yes me too is excited.But I don’t think Daksh is going to be out of Priyanka’s life so soon.Let’s see.

  8. Luthfa

    I don’t know what is it that pushing me towards you with so much force!Just few days back we met but it seems like I know you since a long and most surprising fact,I feel we have some unknown yet so known connection!Don’t know whether you too feel the same or not.How smoothly you told that your self-respect is your biggest asset without fearing me!I had a feeling in my heart that I have heard similar words before also,instantly.Am I missing something?The way you were struggling in that stall,with bleeding foot,somewhere I felt immense pain watching you like that and I was totally awestruck regarding my sudden surfaced emotion that even for you!Why all these are happening?You were so disturbed and scared because of something and I was feeling restless seeing your condition.I don’t want to involve in your life still I am finding myself around you every now and then.Questions are countless but no answer is available.Is it possible that what answer I am searching outside,it is in my heart and I just need to look for it?Have to do something about it…………………………………

    1. Heyyy…luthfa
      How are you …
      Such an lovely comment yr..
      I jusr loved ..mujhe to lagta hai ki mai tumhare comment mai shivika ki ek nayi kahani parti hu’s so nice..???
      Take care you??

      1. Luthfa

        Hi Tania,
        I am good dear.Thank you so much.Hope you are doing khidkitode.
        Really?Awwww….So sweet of you.Thank you soooo…much yaar.Love you too?

    2. Luthfa di aaj mein aap se Jo bhi kuch rehne ja rahi hu ho Sakta hai ki aapne wo phele bhi kai n Baar suna ho are mein bhi na ho Kya sakta hai I am sure aapne suna hi hoga .
      Di aap ki tareef mein mere paas stand nhi hai isliye Jo bhi aap ko accha Lage wo Aap Meri taraf se rakha lena .
      Love u

      1. Luthfa

        Okay,deal is sealed.You are sooooooo….sweet.Thank you sooooooo…much for your love.Love you too?

  9. Arpita6

    Hiiiii mere khidkitod pagals. …..
    Love VS Destiny Chapter 14….
    .dear I know i am written your name.wrong..but welcome back to pkj.
    @NSK..ofcourse dear welcome to pkj…keep commenting and enjoy the fun. ….
    @Lu @ Sindhu di..yes my examwas not sooooo much good bit it gone well…thank you so much both of you for welcoming me…….

    So I was shocked today..ha ha..just in one days they progressed the story..i thought all will go more slow.thnx cvs..
    I really loved today episode
    Specially our CUTE WALE BILUJI…ha ha.just to give a phone to Annika.He did sooooo much Nautanki
    .my reaction was totally like prinku????????????????????…
    A innocent cute and a little jelous ( wgen Annika said thnx to prinku) ha ha ha.
    I really missed this version of Sso.Nakul Mehta you were too good and cute today.

    Mr Sso. Thoda shant hojao..thande dimag se socho……


    Its better you don’t make Dosa
    .you are fit for weeding planning and it is best for you.As a Dosa lover..I can’t see Dosa like this..and you too.
    Was hell angry on that Car wala..if you have so much money then why don’t you go to 2 star hotel????..
    I got confused but happy to see Sso there….

    My Khudari.
    By god ki kasam khidkitod Purani Annika ki yaad aa gayi…..

    Bilu ji bilu eyes were on you..your happy face seeing Annika taking phone and using it…I love it.

    Sso don’t say sorry don’t say thank you don’t smile ( it was all there in real) one more thing is addedthat He don’t Hug anyone..
    Don’t worry Sso everything you will do first time for Annika.JUST WAITINGFOR THAT DAY..

    Sso face when prinku said manner less man
    ?????she don’t even know she us scolding her pyarre bhaiya.??????.

    In last scene both Karan and Sc di was good.

    And This Dk is 1000000000076543% more creepy than Daksh Khuranabut his dialogue is not chnged.

    Precap waiting for tomorrow like anything..

    Now come to TRP MATTER. .really yarr Trp aunties don’t deserve it..I know story was going slow..bit just 1.45 trp really? ??? Inko wohi punar janam..memory loss track pasand he.
    Hope next week trp will increase and more than that is STAR PLUS is need to give promos…and afternoon telecast. …..
    I am very much upset with trp. ?????????????

    1. Hii meri khidkitod Arpita di.
      Wow u r back .
      How was ur exams di?
      and welcome back to our pagalo ka jhund .
      Aapko pata hai hum sabne aapko kitna miss kiya ,specially on 27th July .
      but its ok u were busy with ur exams .

      yes di u r right Annika’s dosa was not looking tasty but still usne mera man kara diya dosa khane ka .
      lagta hai mumma se jid krni hi padegi.
      but meri mumma is not like Shivaye jo apni behen ki har jid puri karta hai.

    2. Hiiii..Arpu .
      How are you dr ..and welcome back ..
      And your exam is ok type .right..don’t worry your result will be good ..
      Really nice to know about your exprience in 2yearsofib…
      About trp matter,…mujhe pata tha this week trp aisa hi ayega ..actually thora time lage ga the story is devoloped actually i hope next week trp increase hoga..ok..
      Byee you??

    3. Riana

      @Arpita…You know what online trp is much better…Ib is at the top position !…Trp is baseless and cringy…They put gold awards even in the list ?????

    4. Luthfa

      Hello Arpita,
      Hehehe…Yeah dosa looks less dosa,those made by Anika!But Shivaay won’t mind eating it like that unlike you????????????
      I just loved that dialouge of Priyanka”Who is using you?”Hehehe…..Billu was so innocent in his acts.I am seriously looking forward to watching more Billu and his special stunts,for Anika.Nice analysis.Enjoyed reading.Take care?

  10. Arpita6

    Sry yarr 5 star hotel ko gusse main 2 star banadiya. ????

    1. Luthfa

      Koi baat nahi.Hota hain kabhi kabhi☺☺☺???

  11. Loved it

  12. Arpita6

    Pkj and specially LU THIS IS FOR YOU….
    i am trying to give all answers of your questions. .

    1. I like almost everything about ishqbaaz..can’t choose any particular aspect..but i love all sibling bonds..Anisahil, Aniru , Aniru , Aniomru, Anishivomru , Soumya prinku bond , Soumya sahil bond, Shivomru bond , Shivdadi bond….

    2.First of all i was bot a serial watcher at all.i started to watch serial from 2015 before that in 2011 or that time i watching few thing but couldn’t relate to any serial in 2015 to 2026 july i watched so many serails.. i only completed NAGIN season 1 and some months of BAHU HAMARI RAJNI KANT.
    Then suddenly i watched the promo of ishqbaaz.before airing of episodes they didn’t show who is the female my curiosity increased but bcoz of 10 pm slot time i didn’t got chance to watch ishqbaaz on daily basis.but still catched some day I decided i have to watch it.
    So from FIRST BILU SONG from Annika i watched whole episode and then my journey with ishqbaaz started. ..then in Nov 2016 i download hotstar from that day to today it is like my daily routine to watch latest and old episodes of IB ..

    3 Liked part of each character.

    1 Dadi.- Her attitude is different and her ishqbaazi lecture too.she is always understanding and played a big cupid for Shivika love story…

    2.Annika.She is my reason to watch IB..i got deeply connected with a fictional character and i had no clue about it.
    She is strong, supportive , caring , understanding, non judgemental..I just love her antics her attitude everything about her..but sometimes something crossed limit of her doings…but i love her unconditionally –

    3 .Sso- I loved Sso for seeing kove for his family but honestly i hated him.sooo much..when he was transfering to Sweet Singh oberoi i started to like him……

    Sahill.I love this little muchkin.he is always there for her didi

    Om..i really loved Old Om’s character his understanding his pain his anger..everything was different side.SAYING SBOUT OLD OM BEFORE DBO.

    Rudy i loved his cool dude attitude but don’t like when he hurt others.

    Soumya….i really love this bcoz she is also bubbly kike Annika..she will be my fev character.

    Gouri I love her style.

    Bhabya – her attitude is good..

    Malika…she was cameo but i loved this character. She make realise Sso something that Sso was ignoring…

    Will not about Shakti pinky ponky janvi and tej.
    Thoda rehem for Shaktiji..baki gaye bhaad main..


    1. Arpita6


      4..My fev couple is SHIVIKA……and will be forever fev of mine…bcoz as far as i starting of any serial….just within one week they shows RK Pose and all those moments.
      But I felt in Shivika that till 4 or 6 months there was not so much intimacy between them..
      THEIR EYES SPEAKS A LOT there eyes has so much chemistry. .even we got first hug after 4 months .and one forehead kiss after 7 months..I USED TO COUNT SHIVIKA HUGS AND KISSES..they had not so much closeness but still they xreated a very special place in my heart…and They have not those typical romance they created their own way..LIKE SIMPLE HAND KISSES can be on fire by them
      So this is most intresting thing that attracts me towards SHIVIKA-

      this was of fev couple part.apart from it My second list is for RUMYA……i am a big admirer of them….although Shivika created history by their story but still i can’t deny that have that same Rich boy ,middle class girl story.but RUMYA really had different story..a cool dude who like slim girl and chubby cbubbly yet caring girl.RUMYA HAD A PERFECT STORY. …i am really missing them like hell…

      Rikara always look cute for me..I loked their one scene very much during Baby track..Gouri was wearing a saree and om came to her by hearing fire alaram..that BG music stole my heart
      AFTER OH JANA ,it is my fev song..SATHIYA…

      5.I love Shivika’ both unique style of Romance and showing tantrums but these tantrums like fark padta or Dard hua game
      .i don’t like when Sso used to manhandle Annika.. most fev track is ( ok difficult to choose)
      Malika Track, Baby Pari atrack, Memory loss track….and Post Shivika reunion episodes from reunion to All rasams and till marriage. .
      These are my most fev track..

      7 i don’t like vilians at all.ball.but still in male I liked Daksh , and in female no body can beat PINKY PONKY in vilan baazi..???????..

      8.It is really difficult to choose fev song sequence from ANG LAGA DE AND KHAIKE PANA WALE TO LAAL ISHQ
      From Roshni se to IN LAMHO KI DAMAN..
      But above all I love OH JANA most..eieach and every line…of this song..and all moments on this song is my fev
      Lafzo ka Rista , Om shyari , sad oh jana sathiya most imp RUMYA COUPLE SONG.
      Are my fev….

      For today i am ending….i will give all answes byy.Good night.

      1. aapko pata hai di aspka ishqbaaz ki journey padh kr bahut accha laga

      2. Luthfa

        Wow,just Wow.How did you manage to write almost everything in one go?You have a very sharp memory darling.Just loved reading your experiences.Waiting for more.Lots of love?

  13. All the pkj members are amazing
    I always go through the comment section just to knw how u ppl feel abt the episode

    1. Luthfa

      Thank you so much dear-On behalf of whole PKJ??????

  14. It is awesome..
    I just loved today’s epi…
    I just feel i got my old shivika ..there are many thing which i really liked..
    Prinku ..she is too cute ,i just love this prinku…pura bacho jaisi hai ..aur bohot hi jada acha hai..
    Khidkitodh anika aur tadibaaz sso ki convo ..superb..
    3.the bg music is awesome??
    4.anika got hurt..and shivay’s reaction..
    mere bhi dil ko bohot hi dard hua anika ko hurt dekh kar ???
    5.shivay’s drama on ph..prinku ke sath bhi ..aur anika ke sath bhi ..too much funny ..i just loved this sso…??
    5.Daksh..??kitna khatarnak dikhta hai god ki kasam iski chepdapan kabhi kam nahi hoga …isse to sso dekh lenge …tu ruk abhi ..age age dekh kaya hota hai tere sath…. the last scean..when shivay ask anika “are you ok anika ” ufffff…kaya feeling tha …mai to bara hi kush hui shivay se yeh sun ne ke baad..
    Precap-shivika with plan ..wooowww.??there will be more shivika scean ..
    Aj to lag raha tha ki IB 5g speed mai tha ..kitna kuch 1st 1st ho gaya ..i liked it ..they don’t drag too much….

    Good night pkjians….bye byeee..

    1. Hi Tania .
      kese ho tum?
      college mein admission ho gaya tumhara?
      ha yaar sacchi Daksh bajut hi zyada dangerous hai but by god ki kasam that day is not so far when Shivaye will do his Oh my mata…..till then take care.
      love u.

      1. Hi ..Ishu..
        I am fine are you all good na..
        Yes mera clg mai admission ho gaya hai ..aur next week sai class bhi start hoga. ..
        Yes daksh ka bura din ab anewsla hai ..
        Ok you 2..??

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Tania,
      Yes episode was super fast.I loved everything except Daksh and his kameenapan.Priyanka is really very sweet.Just hope she doesn’t hug Shivaay every now and then.Waiting for Shivika tashan filled episode.Take care.Love you?

  15. Luthfa

    Hehehe….Hahaha…..Oh Shivaay,you are just so innocent??????I smiled after a very long time watching your the famous Billu avatar all of a sudden.Yeah,yeah,I understand after all she is Mrs.Shivaay Singh Oberoi and in this AU,would be Mrs.Shivaay Singh Oberoi so attitude is definitely her forte.I just loved every expression of Shivaay today.Got to see old Shivika’s glimpses.Waiting to watch Mr.Bond Singh Oberoi and his partner’s dhamaka to expose Daksh Kapoor.Bring it on???☺☺☺???????

    1. Same yr lu…i also after a long time luaghed during the time of watching ib..seriously dil se bohot acha laga..aisa feel ho raha tha ki mai puranawala ib dekh rahi hu…
      And yeah shivay looks really cute ..??when he make excuses to priyanka for ph…..that was totally cute and sweet ..and i miss this billu ji..☺☺

      1. Luthfa

        You are absolutely right.Me too felt that old IB vibes.Just awesome yaar.And Billu is really a treat for us.NM was looking dashing???????☺☺☺☺

  16. Luthfa

    Forgot to include.Today Shivaay-Priyanka part was really very good.So nice,cute and absolutely refreshing.Thank God she did not hug Shivaay.Her continuous hug was little bit irritating.Now Shivaay,just go and hug your Anika.Waiting for that epic moment.Hope cvs meri hope ki kachra na kare??????????????

  17. Hi Tania .
    kese ho tum?
    college mein admission ho gaya tumhara?
    ha yaar sacchi Daksh bajut hi zyada dangerous hai but by god ki kasam that day is not so far when Shivaye will do his Oh my mata…..till then take care.
    love u.

  18. Hi guys… Wow.. 2day episode was really awesome… N finally I can c.. choti choti cute expression of SSO is coming out nw.. Especially when anika’s fon ringing n SSO said finally she used the fon… His pain towards anika… Even though he said that anika did mistakes … Wow it’s amazing …eager to watch 2day episode guys… Anika’s expression marvelous.. ??

    1. Luthfa

      Agree with you completely.Billu is coming out of Shivaay Singh Oberoi gradually.Things just got started.Waiting to see their mutual care and love.Let’s see?

  19. ShinyTirupathi

    Hello guys… phir se… I was gayab Kya karo couldn’t catch up you guys….
    Luthafa dear your just make me go heels with your writing.. haan Shivaay and Priyanka hug sometimes irritate and everybody feels the same.. Thank god there is no hug in this epi…

    Arpu I missed you darling your long comments…
    Sindhu di and jeevi dr How are you ? I was thinking about you but couldn’t come here..
    Ishita dr Hope you are fine too..
    Banitha Back bone and every one’s favorite of this page you are sweet heart
    Puspha How is your Shivaay?
    And Big Hello to all….
    So today I loved the epi… SSO became Billuji so Adorable and cute this guy is….
    He used Priyanka well for giving phone which he brought for her.. well played Billuji….
    So Billuji and Hin Paanika in Same team…
    Trp is just 1.4 seriously these guys doesn’t even allow to try something new… Due to TRP I hope they don’t scrap the track mid way….

    1. Hi Shiny
      Welcome back .
      We too missed u dear .
      By the way where were u?
      And ya dear I am good and hope for the same for u .
      Love u
      And take care .

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Shiny dear,how are you?
      It’s okay dear.You can catch up whenever you have enough time.Me too loved yesterday’s episode so very much.And seriously yaar,this TRP is out my comprehension.Anyway,thank you soooooooo….very much for your love dear.God bless you always.Love you?

  20. Hiii everyone .
    How are u all?

    I was so happy after watching today’s episode but Moderation uncle done Oh my mata of my happiness .
    He ate my comment .
    And this is not first time he are my comment ,
    He ate some of my #2yearsofishqbaaz comments also .
    Ab Jo ho gaya wo to Jo gaya.
    Leave it .

    Oh my God …….
    I am in love with tofays episode.
    WOW! WOW! WOW!
    It was amazing .
    It was awesome .

    Shivaye finally get successful in giving mobile phone to Annika .
    And he felt very bad seeing Annika’s struggle.
    And SSO ab yo aap ko pata chal hi gaya hoga ki Annika kitni khudar hai .

    Priyanka and Shivaye moment was good .
    And whole episode was good except that cheap Daksh kapoor.

    Ok love u all .

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Ishita,
      How are you?I am good dear.Thank you so much.
      Yeah episode was really amazing.Enjoyed like anything after a long time.Waiting for today’s episode.Oh,that’s really frustrating.Don’t worry,everything will be fine.Take care.Lots of love?

  21. Nikita_jai29

    The redux is started to create a magical jodi of shivika again

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