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Ishqbaaz 5th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says I want you all to meet my wife, Mrs. Tia Singh Oberoi. Anika gets shocked. Sometime before, Shivaye says if the problem is by this mangalsutra, I will remove it. He goes to Anika and Dadi stops him. Dadi says you did mistakes, not sin, don’t do sin of removing mangalsutra from suhaagan’s neck. Shivaye says you are getting emotional Dadi, I m going to give divorce to Anika. Dadi says do anything, stay together, keep relation or take divorce. But till you take divorce, you will stay together, you will respect this relation, did you both understand. Anika says Dadi please, I can’t keep this forced marriage, I can never forget what he did, I can never forgive him.

Dadi says I m not asking you to forgive, I m asking you to respect this mangalsutra, so that till I m alive, this pure

relation of marriage is not made fun of, I believe this marriage and fate’s decision so I m asking you to come home with me. She says fate united, so have to keep it up now, Billu ask her to come with us, tell her for my happiness’ sake. Shivaye says come home Anika for the sake of Dadi’s happiness. Anika looks at him.

Om asks Priyanka did she forget that incident. He says if you recall the wound, you will get friendly with pain, not anymore, see forward, ACP does not have any proof aganst us. Priyanka recalls Ranveer’s words. Om says we have to move on. She thinks we can’t forget it, as Ranveer will not let us forget, how to tell you, that woman was Ranveer’s sister.

Anika stands sad. Shivaye goes to her and says Dadi has given this for you, wear this in reception in evening. She holds the box and their hands touch. They see each other. Music plays…….. He goes to Sahil and says this is for you, Dadi has given this gift for you. Sahil says keep it here. Shivaye says he has gone on his sister and has same attitude. Sahil asks did you say anything. Shivaye says yes, when anyone gives gift, you should take it, rather than saying keep it there. Sahil asks why, can just you do Tadi, do you have a problem. Shivaye says you went on your sister, ill mannered, you speak a lot. Sahil says Tadibaaz, Kanji eyes bagad billa. Shivaye says you…. take your gift, can’t you walk or do you feel shame to take it. He throws gift to him. Sahil catches it. Shivaye leaves.

Soumya goes to Rudra and asks him not take tension. He says I m not tensed. She says your pre workout drink is showing it, you did not drink it, you never start worjout without drinking it. He asks when did you start noticing about me. She says not you, I notice everything deeply since childhood, everything will be fine. He says its all fine, Shivaye and Anika’s marriage is right, why do everyone feel it wrong. She says let them feel, they are married, they have to stay together. He asks why. She says marriage is not some joke, those who got married should live together. She thinks of her marriage and says I mean you want this for Shivaye and Anika right? He says I want Shivaye to be happy, Om and I liked their chemistry, I don’t like Tia, but it happened wrong with her, her marriage did not happen, it got complicated. She says but Dadi is also right, whats written in destiny happens, maybe Anika and Shivaye are made for each other, so universe united them. He asks are you fine to talk about universe. She says I mean ones who are made for each other, fate makes them meet often till they unite. He says I did not understand, but good to hear it.

Shivaye comes to Tia. Tia thanks him for water. He asks are you fine. She asks really Shivaye? I was going to become your wife, its strange, universe thinks you married me, but I know its not like that, I had many dreams, its all over, sad thing is I can’t blame anyone, its no one’s mistake, I was going to become daughter in law, I m sitting as uninvited guest here. He says you can stay here. She asks by what right and relation. She cries. Shivaye looks on.

Dadi says Anika agreed to come in this house on my saying, I know it will be tough for her, as half people in this house are not ready to accept her as bahu, even Shivaye and Anika are not ready, but time will heal the wound, they will gradually understand that marriage is small work, but its meaning is big, once he accepts her as wife, everything will be fine. Priyanka says that’s the problem, he is not ready to accept her as wife. Dadi says he will agree in party tonight, when he calls Anika as Anika Oberoi, it will reach heart. Priyanka says but when people see Anika instead Tia, will they not question. Om says they will, but Anika’s sindoor will answer it. Dadi says yes, we will see whatever happens.

Anika comes in reception party. Media is clicking pics. She gets nervous. Pinky sees her and says no comparison between Tia Kapoor and this Anika, we don’t even know her surname, our respect will get ruined. Jhanvi says its not about respect, you know how media works, I hope Shivaye smartly handles this. Rudra tells Om that once Shivaye publicly announces Anika as his wife, their problems will get solved. Om says I hope Shivaye listens to his heart. Dadi calls Anika and asks why are you tensed, we are with you, when Shivaye takes your name, just go there and get pics clicked, that’s it. She hugs Anika. Rudra says if nervousness does not go, take my name Rudra.

Shivaye walks downstairs. Rudra wishes all the best to Anika. Dadi laughs. Shivay says a very good evening, welcome in Oberoi mansion, thanks for being part of our happiness, I would to introduce my wife. He recalls Dadi’s words. He says meet my wife and shows towards Anika. Dadi asks Anika to go. Anika walks towards him. Media turns to her and clicks pics. Shivaye says Mrs. Tia Singh Oberoi. Anika gets shocked and stops. Everyone get shocked.

Anika turns and sees Tia. Tia smiles. Anika looks at Shivaye. Tia waves Anika aside and goes to Shivaye. She holds Shivaye and smiles. Anika gets shocked. Dadi says he did not do this right. Tia says I want say something, thanks Shivaye for making my simple life a fairy tale, every princess does not get her prince charming, I m lucky one to get you, our story had many problems like every fairy tale, some people’s bad sight caught us, but Shivaye never left my hand, when people tried to separate us, you did not hear them. I m so thankful to you and the universe, because if your love and trust, we are standing her as a couple, as a husband and wife. Anika turns to leave. She recalls the marriage and leaves. Tia says I will just come and goes to Anika. She says my heels are aching my feet, go and get my sandals fast, why are you staring me, as the wedding planner, its your duty to take care of Shivaye’s wife, go and get my sandals now. Anika looks on.

Anika talks to Shivaye. She says my brother is my weakness, my self esteem is my strength, you have used my weakness to make my strength lose, but you will understand when you know how much it hurts when someone else decides for your life. She cries. He goes to hold her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Kiki

    I always wanted shivaay-sahil meeting. Finally happened. I hope he will get to know about his physical disability soon.
    I don’t know what to tell about the reception. Why shivaay?
    Tia is irritating me a lot. Kaduppa kelapikittu iruka.
    Rudy is so sweet… I loved the precap.

  2. Navz

    Sso don’t even dare to touch her .u dont desrve even standing before her. I am hating shivays character to d core. But liking nakul sooo much. Anika should go away from him and dat ungrateful oberoi family. And today rumya soo cute. OM my god he is damn handsome in blue ummaahhhhh om.plz Tia move away from their lives. When will dat daksh come back I am waiting for him .

  3. hate u shivaye…!!!!!!! He is such an idiot guy… And upar se double standards… Hadd h literally. BTW m new here . Hope u people won’t have any problem if i join ur family..!!!

    1. Jump in, Sana 🙂

      1. No no y will we hv a problem…
        Welcome nd keep commenting dear..

  4. Mouni

    in some spoilers it said that anika will try to move on with her life away frpm sso and OM after the reception and also l saw a video where tia is insulting anika for wearing her clothes and taking her role as sso’s wife ..
    really hope anika will leave OM even if dadi cries , she needs to gather herself and try to work out things for her future and job away from them , if she stays she will lways be pitiful and crying as tia wont leave her alone or pinky , even shivaye will hurt her again
    and it says that daksh may kidnap her and am guessing it will be eazy for him to take her from her house cause she will be alone and eazy target contrary to the OM where he will have hard time passing the OF and their guards
    guys am hoping to see changes in the track this week , am hoping for a major shift , something that will change the course of the events like maybe ; divorce , kidnaping , THE TRUTH , or atleast a separation of shivika for now ..really hope big things hapens

  5. Hey Priya,muktha ND all ishqbaazians…how r u all?
    I heard d news Dat Sana sheikh of krishnadaasi fame is being paired opposite to omkaara…is dis true?

  6. The upcoming episode of Ishqbaaz will show that dadi asks Shivaay to perform Roti rasam with Anika as she is his wife legally.Shivaay refuses to do it and tells that he will do all ritual with Tia only and then someguest reach there who insult Tia for not dressing up like a married girl.Guest is surprised seeing Anika in married look but then Pinky and Jhanvi change the talk as Tia is modern so she is not interested wearing sindoor and mangalsutra.Shivaay gets tensed when dadi reminds him that he filled sindoor in Anika’s maang so Anika is only his wife.Shivaay stuck between Tia and AnikaShivaay tries to fill sindoor in Tia’s maang but it falls on Tia face and mistakenly he fills Anika’s hairlines.Dadi tells Shivaay that destiny does not want let Shivaay and Anika go away from each other.

  7. yaa I also heard the news .

  8. Guys abi thak sana amin sheik ko final karne ka news nahi mila and wo entry bhi nahi hui tho gul khan ko batha do soch samajkar om ki love lady ko select karne ke liye.vrushika ki jaane ki baath Kya hua ye tho usko hum logo se zyada patha hoga.i hope wo Kuch soche.and guys hum sabne Jo bhi actress ka Naam liya hai wo tho best tha gul khan ek producer ho kar bhi acha select nahi kiya.
    arshi,shivika,rumya jaise ache Jodi wo hume de sakthe hai tho wo omkara aur uski love lady ki jody achi Kyu nahi dethi.and Kunal ki omkara character long hair wala hai aur height bhi hai,and I think usko thodi height waali,lambhi baal waali and cuty beauty smile waali heroin match hai.agar sana height ho tho ok ho tha.and OM ki heilight uska long hair hai. aap sab log samjhavo gul khan ko. jab vrushy ki entry ki news thi thab zyada log happy thi but ab sana ki entry se zyada log happy nahi abi thak uski show main entry nahi hui iss liye kithni log usko om ki lead pair ki character main dekhna nahi chaahthi wo log request karo and gul khan ko batha do soch samajkar step lene ko.
    Raglak scene maine raglak ki Instagram main dekha tha.mujhe ithna pasand aaya hai ki main wo baar baar dekha.acting tho aise hai jab emotional scene aaye thab audience bhi emotional ho jaaye jab happy scene aaye thab audiance happy ho jaaye jab villan ka acting dekhe tho hume us par gussa aatha hai na ye sab unki acting ka kamaal hai.i think achi acting usse Keh the hai.what say guys.
    aur jab main raglak ka vo scene dekha main tho emotional ho gayi yaar.I think wo ragini ko dekh kar tha.wo saari emotional achi se karthi hai.gul khan ko batha dho tejashwini ki baare main detail li.isse pehle sana shwo main entry kare ek baar tejashwini yaa kisi aur actress ko laane ko.because I don’t think long hair oberoi and sana ki romance sabkho pasand aayegi.main tho iss liye Keh rahi hum jab show main inki romance dekh kar agar kisi ko pasand nahi aaya tho phir se sab log gul khan ko khaane Lage gi iss liye acha hai na shwo main uski entry ho ne se pehle Kuch soche aur acha decision le.tho gul khan ko batha do ek baar wo fans ki baare main soche aur Kuch acha decision le agar wo acha dengi tho fans wait karengi.
    So please please guys aap log gul khan ko pyaar se samjhavo but force math karo wo apna decision change kar ke kisi aur achi actress ko le saktha hai abhi time hai.and december end nahi hua hai tho abi time hai.
    And sorry for the BIG and BORING comment.

    1. Yes uf abhi december ending mein bahut time h and it is also not sure that sana wil come in the show. Most of omkara fams ehi chahate h ki sana ko omkara ki love interest na liya jaye but yeh sab gul mam pe depend karta h. Vaise jyada se jyada fans jaisa ki maine facebook pe check kiya to nahi chahate ki sana ko om ke opposite rakha jaye kyunki unki unki jodi match nahi karti. Let’s see ki kya hota. And hope for the best for cute om

      1. Ya deepika you right let’s wait for the best.
        and thank you reply my comment.

  9. Guys i watch the episode of today on hotstar plz check it.

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