Ishqbaaz 5th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 5th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says I want you all to meet my wife, Mrs. Tia Singh Oberoi. Anika gets shocked. Sometime before, Shivaye says if the problem is by this mangalsutra, I will remove it. He goes to Anika and Dadi stops him. Dadi says you did mistakes, not sin, don’t do sin of removing mangalsutra from suhaagan’s neck. Shivaye says you are getting emotional Dadi, I m going to give divorce to Anika. Dadi says do anything, stay together, keep relation or take divorce. But till you take divorce, you will stay together, you will respect this relation, did you both understand. Anika says Dadi please, I can’t keep this forced marriage, I can never forget what he did, I can never forgive him.

Dadi says I m not asking you to forgive, I m asking you to respect this mangalsutra, so that till I m alive, this pure

relation of marriage is not made fun of, I believe this marriage and fate’s decision so I m asking you to come home with me. She says fate united, so have to keep it up now, Billu ask her to come with us, tell her for my happiness’ sake. Shivaye says come home Anika for the sake of Dadi’s happiness. Anika looks at him.

Om asks Priyanka did she forget that incident. He says if you recall the wound, you will get friendly with pain, not anymore, see forward, ACP does not have any proof aganst us. Priyanka recalls Ranveer’s words. Om says we have to move on. She thinks we can’t forget it, as Ranveer will not let us forget, how to tell you, that woman was Ranveer’s sister.

Anika stands sad. Shivaye goes to her and says Dadi has given this for you, wear this in reception in evening. She holds the box and their hands touch. They see each other. Music plays…….. He goes to Sahil and says this is for you, Dadi has given this gift for you. Sahil says keep it here. Shivaye says he has gone on his sister and has same attitude. Sahil asks did you say anything. Shivaye says yes, when anyone gives gift, you should take it, rather than saying keep it there. Sahil asks why, can just you do Tadi, do you have a problem. Shivaye says you went on your sister, ill mannered, you speak a lot. Sahil says Tadibaaz, Kanji eyes bagad billa. Shivaye says you…. take your gift, can’t you walk or do you feel shame to take it. He throws gift to him. Sahil catches it. Shivaye leaves.

Soumya goes to Rudra and asks him not take tension. He says I m not tensed. She says your pre workout drink is showing it, you did not drink it, you never start worjout without drinking it. He asks when did you start noticing about me. She says not you, I notice everything deeply since childhood, everything will be fine. He says its all fine, Shivaye and Anika’s marriage is right, why do everyone feel it wrong. She says let them feel, they are married, they have to stay together. He asks why. She says marriage is not some joke, those who got married should live together. She thinks of her marriage and says I mean you want this for Shivaye and Anika right? He says I want Shivaye to be happy, Om and I liked their chemistry, I don’t like Tia, but it happened wrong with her, her marriage did not happen, it got complicated. She says but Dadi is also right, whats written in destiny happens, maybe Anika and Shivaye are made for each other, so universe united them. He asks are you fine to talk about universe. She says I mean ones who are made for each other, fate makes them meet often till they unite. He says I did not understand, but good to hear it.

Shivaye comes to Tia. Tia thanks him for water. He asks are you fine. She asks really Shivaye? I was going to become your wife, its strange, universe thinks you married me, but I know its not like that, I had many dreams, its all over, sad thing is I can’t blame anyone, its no one’s mistake, I was going to become daughter in law, I m sitting as uninvited guest here. He says you can stay here. She asks by what right and relation. She cries. Shivaye looks on.

Dadi says Anika agreed to come in this house on my saying, I know it will be tough for her, as half people in this house are not ready to accept her as bahu, even Shivaye and Anika are not ready, but time will heal the wound, they will gradually understand that marriage is small work, but its meaning is big, once he accepts her as wife, everything will be fine. Priyanka says that’s the problem, he is not ready to accept her as wife. Dadi says he will agree in party tonight, when he calls Anika as Anika Oberoi, it will reach heart. Priyanka says but when people see Anika instead Tia, will they not question. Om says they will, but Anika’s sindoor will answer it. Dadi says yes, we will see whatever happens.

Anika comes in reception party. Media is clicking pics. She gets nervous. Pinky sees her and says no comparison between Tia Kapoor and this Anika, we don’t even know her surname, our respect will get ruined. Jhanvi says its not about respect, you know how media works, I hope Shivaye smartly handles this. Rudra tells Om that once Shivaye publicly announces Anika as his wife, their problems will get solved. Om says I hope Shivaye listens to his heart. Dadi calls Anika and asks why are you tensed, we are with you, when Shivaye takes your name, just go there and get pics clicked, that’s it. She hugs Anika. Rudra says if nervousness does not go, take my name Rudra.

Shivaye walks downstairs. Rudra wishes all the best to Anika. Dadi laughs. Shivay says a very good evening, welcome in Oberoi mansion, thanks for being part of our happiness, I would to introduce my wife. He recalls Dadi’s words. He says meet my wife and shows towards Anika. Dadi asks Anika to go. Anika walks towards him. Media turns to her and clicks pics. Shivaye says Mrs. Tia Singh Oberoi. Anika gets shocked and stops. Everyone get shocked.

Anika turns and sees Tia. Tia smiles. Anika looks at Shivaye. Tia waves Anika aside and goes to Shivaye. She holds Shivaye and smiles. Anika gets shocked. Dadi says he did not do this right. Tia says I want say something, thanks Shivaye for making my simple life a fairy tale, every princess does not get her prince charming, I m lucky one to get you, our story had many problems like every fairy tale, some people’s bad sight caught us, but Shivaye never left my hand, when people tried to separate us, you did not hear them. I m so thankful to you and the universe, because if your love and trust, we are standing her as a couple, as a husband and wife. Anika turns to leave. She recalls the marriage and leaves. Tia says I will just come and goes to Anika. She says my heels are aching my feet, go and get my sandals fast, why are you staring me, as the wedding planner, its your duty to take care of Shivaye’s wife, go and get my sandals now. Anika looks on.

Anika talks to Shivaye. She says my brother is my weakness, my self esteem is my strength, you have used my weakness to make my strength lose, but you will understand when you know how much it hurts when someone else decides for your life. She cries. He goes to hold her.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Chandini


    |Registered Member

    Throw that tia out……sahil so cute😙sso I am fed telling I hate you…come on writers show some lov not hate… in blue😍
    Precap was good I loved it.

  2. shahabana

    Helloo ishquees
    Really feeling bad for anika…how shivahe how…how u can treat her like this…why u are not seeing anikas pain…i hate u sso for making anikas life like miserable…and tia just go to hell…im just getting irked seeing this tia…just end this stupid tia…
    I just loved sahil in this episode…he is a little star of the show
    Rumya scenes also nc..and saumya she is saying so much about marriage…what will happen when obroise will know about rumya marriage and what will be rumyas decesion over their marriage..
    Dnt know what will happen about om prinku accident case..
    And precape is superb…what anika told its exactly correct..sso one day u have to pay for ur faults..that day u will regret a lotz

    • Angel

      u r right, shahabana.sso will realize this thing surely. but now i m just waiting 4 that day…………………………………….
      shahabana, what is ur occupation?plz reply.
      and i am now in parents birth land is it is also my birth land.guys really bangladesh is a beautiful country……………..i like it………………..

      • shahabana

        Hellooo angel
        Ohhh u are from baangladesh nc to see u dr
        How r u ishquee?
        Angel im done my degree in bsc computer science and i wanted to do msc also but i cnt bcz of some personal problem

  3. Luna


    |Registered Member

    I think what Shivaye did today was right….He was right in not introducing Anika as his wife in front of the media..Showing Anika as his wife will only cause humiliation to Anika bcoz according to him there is no future of this marriage..I don’t know why Dadi is forcing Shivaye and Anika to accept this marriage??? She’s doing emotional blackmailing to Anika which is not good….and this girl Anika should stop thinking from heart all the time….I can’t emphasise with Anika bcoz she’s herself inviting humiliation…she’s actually acting like a despo who is hell bent in being Shivaye’s life when he doesn’t wants it…why the hell she returned in OM when she doesn’t wants to go???…she doesn’t accepts this marriage but still wears the mangalsutra….she says that girls should respect themselves instead of expecting respect from someone and now she herself isn’t following it…She talks about self respect but she doesn’t has a self respect atleast right now from what she is doing…. I can’t give respect to such girl in real life and I may not even have sympathy for her who herself invites humiliation.


      Once you take some one help, naturally you allot some right to hime over you. Here she get SAHIL’s home costing 30 lacs, then 15 lacs loan recommendation for SAHIL.

      What he said in precap? MY BRO …MY WEAKNESS, MT SELFMADENESS…MY STRENGHTH, you broke may power by using my weakness.

      When she said her WEAKNESS IS SAHIL, she was referring both, SHIVAAY’s KIDNAPPING and DADI’s help.

      If she would not have been under any such obligation of DADI, she would have been fought back with anyone . She is that kind of human, who just can not forget anyone’s obligation.

      • shahabana

        S SHeKHAR im agree that anika wont deny for daadi..its not easy to her to forgot daadis favours…anika is such a kind hearted girl how she can forgot kind hearted daadis favours…anika is not wrong bht situation is wrong…a person behaves according to situation…its easy to say about self esteem and idiolism but in reality its very tough…im not saying whats anika is doing totally right but she is not wrong tooo

      • Luna


        |Registered Member

        Shekhar and shahabana…that’s why I said that Anika should stop thinking from heart all the time bcoz it’s not good and she ets into trouble most of the time bcoz of that….Dadi has helped Anika a lot but Anika has also helped Oberoi family a lot of time by putting her honour into stake…actually what Dadi did for Anika is nothing in front of what Anika did for her and her family….and if Anika wants to return the money to Dadi then she can also do that by working somewhere else…accepting this marriage will not do any good to Anika or Shivaye or Dadi…It will only create problems….and it’s nothing to do with idealism.Anika is not behaving according to situation bcoz she’s only creating trouble and humiliation for herself…there’s simply no reason for her to stay in OM bcoz sahil is safe Shivaye doesn’t wants her in his life…The problem with anika is she easily gets emotional which is not at all good if u r living in today’s world….self respect is on ur own hands and if u don’t respect urself then better not expect it from anyone else either

    • Sara M

      of course! But we all know that S and A are meant for each other. as long ss she is wearing the mangalsutra, she definately accepts the marriage to S.

  4. Bebo

    I hate u SSO, I don’t know still how lowest
    u can fall 🙁 stupid Tia, Now I pity anika because she’s no more a strong woman, hating this drama, Desperately waiting for daksh’s entry.. Hoping gk ma’am doesn’t delay his entry more 🙁

  5. Luna


    |Registered Member

    Guys, Sana Sheikh(Krishnadasi) has been approached by Ishqbaaz to play Om’s love interest….Well, she’s only approached but she hasn’t accepted the offer yet, so nothing is official.

    • Razna


      |Registered Member

      J also heard about it….and i think kunal and amin can make a good pairing…and iam badly mossing her after krishnadasi…

    • Uf

      Sana is beautifull. but I don’t think Kunal aur uski Jodi match hongi.becuase Kunal ka omkara character tho long hair wala hai na and Sana ki height bhi bahuth Kam hai tho patha nahi,omkara ki saath sana match hoga.sorry guys agar main ne kisi ko hurt kiya hai tho sorry.
      Kal main ne raglak ka ek emotional scene dekha.tejashwini ki act dekh kar emotional ho gayi yaar.aur uski baath tho main dil se chaatha hum wo ib main om ki love interest ka character kare.she is gud actor guys and beautiful.i really want she paired with omkara.
      Sorry agar main kisi fans ko hurt kiya hai tho.

      • Bshama1239


        |Registered Member

        Agreed dear Dekh te hai kya hota hai !!! Aaj toh I am confused how to react om with sana is mess I guess that imagine their pair huh omg…..

      • shahabana

        S uf im agree with u even itooo like sana she is beautiful and talented tooo but for kunal im really not very happy with this news…i wish to see tejaswi with kunal..
        And its k if sana enters…k we will wait and see

      • chetna

        Hello Uf actually sorry but who is tejaswini because I didn’t understand raglak can u please tell full name of the show and actress about u r talking because I also don’t like sana very much but as some intelligent people said something is better than nothing.
        Please reply I am waiting Uf

      • Deepika

        Uf i totally agree with u and yes tejaswini wilp good with kunal but it is difficult for an actress to do 2 shows at a time so it is not possible. Chetna raglak is ragini-laksh from the serial swaragini on colors.

      • Sakshii


        |Registered Member

        Uf totally in it support I too want tejaswi prakash…lets see wht hpnes nxt…

        @deepika swaragini is going off aur.. .so no problem of managing tym!!

    • Chetna

      I also read this news that sanam sheikh will be in with kuna and 90% sure and 10% doubt but I am not so happy with it because I am not a big fan of her.she is not at all competible to vrushika.but it’s okk at last someone coming

      • shahabana

        Chethana ishqee uff is saying about tejaswi prakash wayangankar who playes the charecter ragini in swaragini which airs on colors and show is ending soon…so we told about her morover she will look perfect with kunal and she is talented plus beautiful

    • Sakshii


      |Registered Member

      Finally!!!…some news about omkara pair!!…
      But I m not so happy..sana sheikh is good but I have a doubt will their pair work???..
      As she is so short nd our omy is tall

      • Angel

        how r u?
        i m a i know bangla there anyone who know bangla?plz reply……………………….
        jo koyi bhi omkara ki opposite ho,mein sirf ye hi chahti hoon ki wo sab samay uski sath ho…………………….
        i like the precap………..

    • DaSha

      Neither fish, nor flesh 🙁
      Pale actress, all emotions with same face, too standart 🙁
      Why? There are so many new beautiful faces. I wish they found someone completely new.
      Sorry if I hurt someone’s feelings.

    • Chetna

      Thank you all of u for telling me about ragini and yes I have to say she is much better than sana but lets see. But I read conformation news of sana as omkara’s lady love

  6. Samaira20


    |Registered Member

    Oh god….I don’t know what should I do…. should I love this caring sso or hate this egoistic and tadibaaz…..hope so before this divorce drama starts this daksh enters and kidnaps anika….

  7. Sharmi

    If he wants to introduce tia as his wife then y the hell he called Anika to his home..
    Asingama vardhu vaila.. 😒 sso go and die

  8. Mouni


    |Registered Member

    well , tia is at work as usual , crying and gaining more sympathy so shivaye wont leave her
    even rudra felt sorry for her so its mission accomplished for her ..
    am guessing she will be around shivaye 24 / 7 to secure her place and to bother anika ..
    shivaye acted typical SSO in the press conf , he only thought about their name and buisness ..
    am happy anika said that she wont forgive or forget what he has done to her , its a good thing she made him hear it and the precap even if she was crying her words are powerful , l dont really blame her for crying because she went trou alot in the past hours only ; humiliation , blackmailing , insults , losing her self esteem , but she managed to say those words and l feel that they are a prediction ; someone or something will decide for shivaye’s life and he will feel her pain , it could be anything from tia cunning to daksh manipulation to even anika

    in the spoilers it seems that he is starting to soft up a bit but am guessing anika will remain hurt for along time and probably will sign divorce even if l doubt that he will sign them and when truth will comes out he will probably live hell remembering her words today

    am hoping anika will be strong to end this marriage , at least from her side , shivika needs a new relationship based on equal feelings and rights and where everyone in the OM will be very happy to accept her as bahu not feeling she is imposed on them like today , l want to see the same thing as ISPKKND where kushi and asr did for their second marriage with all the rituals and the family was around them happy


      I think almost you rightly interpreted SHIVIKA and their problem.’

      I blv, ANNIKA is not a typical indian BAHU, who always being compromise with everyone , and whatever we are seeing today, i mean a typical BAHU, within ANIKA character, is only due to her respect for DADI. And another side of ANNIKA, with which almost everyone get agreed, TO TAKE REVENGE , is not in her nature, I mean, it is out of her character frame. No doubt, she never will allow SSO yaa anyone to ride over her for a long time, she will take her revenge, only to make him to respect her, but not for to harm any one. In short, she will forgive any one, but can never forget any one’s ill treat, that is her own views of life, that’s why every one around like her.

      Her SIMPLYCITY and HER RETAINING ABILITY AGAINST ALL ODDS becomes points of objection for someone special!!!!!!

      • Mouni


        |Registered Member

        YES SHEKHAR ? dadi is the one holding the marriage from falling apart but am feeling tia will do the impossible to make sure its over and because she is a smart devil she is choosing to attack anika to make her end the marriage , she is using emotionnal blackmailing with sso like dadi because she knows it might work for him and she is using the humiliation with anika as she is sure that anika self respect wont let her stay like this , o maybe and am just guessing that tia will dosomething or create some incident that will make anika more apart from shivaye ( like the money incident ) and will trigger the prossess of divorce
        and let’s be real , to this day the truth about tia is far far away from being exposed , in the contrary she is gaining sympathy and she is MRS.SSO to the world so either she will get exposed by pure luck soon or robin will go insane and tell sso soon too or the other option is that it will be a long road to her truth where anika or anyone else will take time to find it

      • SHEKHAR

        Don’t you feel, ANNIKA should help TIA to make SSO down to the earth, making his treasury empty ? ha ha ha …….JUST kidding.

        She will not do such a nasty things.

        Did you heard the words of ANNIKA when she told SSO when he came with DADI at her home?

        and on same issue she broke down in this epi while saying SAHIL IS MY WEAKNESS, and you USED my weakness to lose my strength!!

        She does mean it, and se will not regret for this , let SSO to get die to hell! In her eye, LOVE FOR SAHIL IS AT TOP! In her priority list of feelings, lovable persons, ! to 10 is only SAHIL, and only SAHIL, otherone is after 10th.

        I can imagine, what this SAHIL factor may affect SSO life long!!, It may take ages from recovery from damages done to SSO by illicitly usage of SAHIL to the death threat extent against ANNIKA.

        SSO will feel later, what he touched was a wire having a ELECTRIC CURRENT having the maginitude of enough amount and exerting out SHOCKS after SHOCKS and will shattered his life as it was never there !And at that stage, even DADI can not help SSO to come out !

        SHE WILL NOT LET A SINGLE STONE UNTURNED, only because of SSO missused innocent child SAHIL!
        She is simple, and that’s why SAHIL is her TOP priority, and this fact SSO never does understand, and for that he has to PAY BACK IN MANY KINDS!, PROVIDED STUBBORN GK DOES NOT MAKE HER FRAME DEFORMED!

  9. Fatima

    I support u Luna…..Anika preaches somthing else but desrespects haslf. She should be moretough after all that humiliation. Saahil u rock…..Anika… u deserve da humiliation

  10. Pooja Prajwal

    Hey guys till now I am saying this daksh to go but I m feeling like come fast daksh .Bcz atlst he proposed her in front of everyone without her surname or any family , he just wants to marry Anika so he is more better than sso right?

  11. Maithlii Sinha

    Where the hell did Daksh go ??? He had come to attend shivay’s wedding but we couldn’t see him anywhere in the wedding…..ways going on ???? 🙄🙄😰😖


    After today’s episode, I would like to ask a simple question,



    Then with whom SSO would like to be with ?

    If your answer is TIA, then leave to watch IB,


    If your answer is ANNIKA, wait till REAL UNISON of SHIVIKA!




    A small word with expression escaped from SSO mouth is enough to understand what pain

    him most!

    After seeing today epi, I am now confirmed, as yesterday said, whatever today TIA IS BEING RECIEVE, everything has a negetive perspective, nothing else.


    • shahabana

      Im sure sso will say anything or do anything or hate anika but truth is he will choose anika over tia in any dangerus situation

    • Lijince


      |Registered Member

      Hi Shekhar….completely agree with you….something has to happen to Anika to bring Shivaye out of his “Don’t care” stage….

      Is there any possibility of Daksh kidnapping Anika?? Maybe then, everyone in the family will see how much affected Shivaye is….SSO can’t see Anika in pain as seen in the last many episodes….maybe his idiotic brains keep telling him that Anika can do anything for money and to some extent he believes that but he can’t shut down his heart crying out whenever he sees Anika in pain…..

      Remember the Shivika hug after the car blast when Anika asks him how he can be such cruel-hearted and all….somehow I feel that when Shivaye hugged Anika, he meant that “I will never put you in danger….and I don’t want to harm you….what I am asking you to do now is completely my failure….and I can’t stop this….” Maybe at some point he realised that Anika has not done anything wrong and that if he has to handle Daksh then Anika should be safe….so it’s better if she marries him…..that’s what I felt from all this rude behavior of SSO…

      So I think maybe in the coming episodes there will be some drama from Daksh’s side where Anika will be kidnapped or hospitalized and Shivaye will go mad…..let’s wait and see!

      • shekhar

        So far is DAKSH’s ONS MU is concern, DAKSH reentry is not required, as it will be cost to GK MAM! HA HA HA…..
        ONS may be cleared out either by SOUMYA or DADI itself!
        To put ANIKA in danger, TIA is enough as she has the strong reason, and in her effort to put ANIKA at stake, she maybe exposed!
        I think, once she complete all rituals after wedding, and after coming out of the obligation of DADI, ANNIKA will not be within or around OM, leaving all behind her she will just walk away from the each way leading to OM & SSO!
        This is all my specilation, but anyhow, it is certain, she will OM for ever.

    • Deepika

      I choose anika.
      Ofcourse shivay will choose anika. Whatever he is doing now is bcz he thinks that she spent that night with daksh. And he was hurt bcz he thought that she belongs to him and no one in the world has right on her other than him and so he is just giving her the punishment. However for the deed she has not done.
      But he does not hate her soo much that he has no care for her and will not go to anika when she is at the tip to die.
      Whatever he is doing now is also due to love.
      And we all know that tia and daksh are lying and there lie needs support from for ever direction and it is provided by shivay and once this support is lost they will have nothing to support there lie.
      I have 1 doubt that in the precap it is shown that anika says that ” you will know how much it hurts when someone else take decisions for ur life”.
      It was just like a curse and in most of the serials such curses r brought to light later. So can it literally happen

  13. Lax

    Aur kitna giroge Billuji.? Kya yeh wohi Billuji hain jisne Annika ke liye karwa chauth ka vrath rakha tha? Kitne badal gaye ho n all bcoz of that stupid misunderstanding. Upar se Tia… Uff.. God when ll things b back to normal?
    Episode as a whole I felt was gloomy like the last few. But loved the tiny scene of SSO n Saahil. Wanted more of that though. So SSO is still unaware of Sahil’s physical problem. And I guess CVs are planning to go for that revelation in a more dramatic way later. Annika Rudr’s Devar Bhabhi combo cracks me up always. Precap is promising, got a glimpse of old Annika there. I am assuming that till now except Dadi nobody at the mansion knows the truth behind the wedding. Again why is Priyanka hiding things from Om? Should ve shared whatever she knows with Om. Also when Rudr is ready to accept Shivika’s marriage, why is he not ready to accept his own?
    P.S – Loved the whole colour theme today. Nakuul looked royal n SurbhiC beautiful in the saree.

  14. Hira

    How rude of shivaye…bt all ds is destroying the culture of india how cn u people show all ds how can u defame the purity kf marriage

  15. vidu

    I am silent reader till now but today I thought I should comment.I feel that everyone is saying that Anika has no self respect .but look from her pov she loves Shivaye and also she values marriage rituals bcoz she is from a middleclas family where values are important.for her it isn’t a business deal as it is for shitia. Anika has noone except Sahil inthis matter he can’t also help her.but I think Daksh questioning will change the mindset of Anika.there someone is giving her a strong opinion against the marriage.

  16. Abhishek

    Today episode is ok i will take some more episodes to make anika character strong again because i saw a video where tia insults anika and anika stays quiet without uttering a word i luv shivika and shivay character i think om wont get a honest partner the way he wants because we saw ishana and ridhima just loved om because he is rich saw on this om wife will be little money minded and oberoi brother has not got a wife as they ex shivay and rudra shivay wanted rich girl but got married to anika and rudra wanted a hot and slim girl as his girlfriend but got soumya has is wife who is fat and i also love bros bonding in this serial i started to watch this serial from past ten days from that day i started to loved this serial and watched all previous episode in hotstar let ishqbazz rock

  17. Mouni


    |Registered Member

    forgot to add something ; in the videos when she sleeps in swimingpool area he gave her a blanket but then when he tried to wake her up there was no blaket , did she give it back to him or throw it away??

  18. Sonakam

    I wonder when Shivay will know about Sahil’s physical state so that he knows what kind of jerk
    he has been towards him

  19. tanz1

    Luna..i support u…..its always not necessary to listen to ur heart,shiv aye has taken a ryt decision but if u c it from a different point of view it was wrong….he would be more into loss if he introduces or tells the public ki anika is shivaye’s actual wife later coz the reception marriage etc etc is all done..obviously the dealers won’t have a deal with such a person who would hide his wife recognition.
    dadi is constantly telling dat shiv aye is wrong but not emotionally blackmailing anika .

    • Luna


      |Registered Member

      tanz1….but Shivaye has no plans of revealing Anika has his wife in front of media….right now he just wants to take divorce and get rid of her without coming in the eyes of the world….it may sound really disgusting but he’s doing right atleast now…and u r ight Anika always thinks from heart which causes her troubles.

  20. ann

    I thought not to comment on this, thinking its just a serial. But today how Shivaay introducing Tia as his wife was simply sickening. For me this was nothing but insulting the sacred institution of century old tradition “The Wedding”. Shivaay marrying a girl and introducing someone else. This is openly stating and allowing a mistress to live under the same roof. He talks of principle what kind of principle is this? His family is not the ultimate principle, there is age old traditions, whether we like it or not has to be respected.
    The makers or creative team should have thought of a better idea to get them married, not make fun of traditions or take advantage of girls. No one has right to make fun of women/girls. We already see enough of atrocities on women around the world, is this what they are encouraging going forward for the global viewers… Its sick.
    I know it will never happen. But i would be happy to see, Shivaay divorce Annika, remarry Tia. Leap of couple of years and Annika raise to the top financially, and Shivaay go bankcrupt and she bails him out in his own house in auction, and walk out on him. In the meantime her silence should kill him, and he should repent every second of pain he has given to Annika.

  21. Lids


    |Registered Member

    OMG!!! Anika is not the wedding planner any longer. I just hope Anika stands up to Tia and don’t take her abuse too. I hope when the time comes when tia is expose in front of everyone , Anika leaves SSO and family so they can be ashamed of what they did to her.

  22. indera sanichara

    What Shaviya did today was so shameful and hurtful to poor Anika, but viewers remember Shayiya think Anika slept with Dasha so he is punishing her for that he is hurting too but doesn’t want to show it because of his pride.

  23. annika

    Hey everyone I feel tht all of u are tlking negative abt poor anika,but some of u 4gt tht anika is a strong person tht feels intensely,she loves shivaay and she loves sahil intensely,she would do anything to protect sahil even 4rm the man she loves and she wil feel hatred 4 shivaay but tht doesn’t erases the love she still feels 4 him,her beginng quiet and hurting and crying alone and bearing everything quietly is a testament to her strength!!tht y I love her above any other female leads so far!!well done

    • Luna


      |Registered Member

      I don’t thinkthat Shivaye and anika actualy love each other…they like each other, have feelings for each other and appreciate each others good qualities but that’s it….if anika would have loved her then she would have not let Tia marry Shivaye knowing that Tia is already married…she would have done anything to save Shivaye from Tia….and sahil is safe now so there’s no reason for Anika to styay in OM when she doesn’t wants to.

  24. akann

    Today’s episode was better than the past few days. Loved the Sahil scene. That kid is really cute and funny. Also really impressed with Surbhi’s acting. She is so versatile who can act different emotions very effortlessly and nicely even though I prefer the bubbly version of Anika. This Tia is super irritating. Felt like punching her through the screen. lol

    • Lids


      |Registered Member

      So true, today was episode was better. we both can gang up and punch Tia. LOL. Hate her little request of getting her sandals. Anika better tell her she isn’t her maid. But the legally wed wife of SSO. I understand that SSO is mad/upset with Anika for “sleeping” with Dashk but this TRACK with Tia better wrap up quickly. I think I will prefer Daskh’s track, it once Anika reveals Tia and Dashk truth, she still shouldn’t forgive SSO and don’t get me started with Pinky. (greedy people). Anika needs to take revenge soon on those greedy folks. She just can’t forgive them easily, SSO better make her happy. But I still want to punch Tia, every time I see her. LOL

      • akann

        LOL. Haha. we can do that together then. Tia is such a manipulative woman. I still dont get why SSO who is supposedly a genius businessman can blindly believe a woman like this. I also agree with Pinky’s point. she herself seems to have double standard when it comes to her attitude with Anika. Btw I am still confused with Shakti’s response to the whole Anika marriage thing. Is he okay with it? I feel like he has no voice whatsoever for being Shivay’s dad.

  25. stef

    i have got one doubt still shivaye doesnt know that sahil cant walk properly….? am waiting for that track wer shivaye realise that water throwing part of anika was calling sahil disabled…. i want to see how he realises his mistake….

  26. DaSha

    Hello dear friends!

    Once again, I will speak about long-term perspective.

    I think we all agree Shivay needs a nice slap from destiny/life to get to “emotional rebirth”, while he thinks he controls everything there is no need of it. So it’s not going to happen soon, but it’s going to happen.

    Everyone had already noticed Anika is kind of guarding angel for Oberoi family, she saved Shivay and Rudra from death, all family from gas attack, Tej and Shakti reputation, again Shivay from being blamed for murder, Priyanka from going close to Dev against her brother will and tried to prove Tia’s cruel intentions. And Shivay used her to save himself and OF from disgrace when Tis was gone…

    To my mind, Shivay will get his portion of trouble only when Anika will be out of his life and through this he will realize her importance for him and his true feelings.

    That is only logic I see now.

    Once I wrote: “What if she will have an accident and lose her memory, forget him and fall in love with someone else? (Want to see Shivay face when he realize that he is erased from her life?)”. Well, I don’t want to be cruel, but I think that the real possibility of Anika’s death could be another way to cheer up Shivay. If she get into car accident, stay in coma for couple of weeks, he will be dying every second and at this moment he could realize that all his money, power and lineage can not buy him another hour with her to say how deep he was mistaken, how sorry he is and how much he loves her.

    Coming to clearing misunderstanding about ONS I think he will get his answer not from Anika, but from Sumo just by a coincidence while talking to her, or she will say something like “Anika was so good to me, when I was stressing she stayed with me all night to support me”. But we have to wait, I bet Shivay will find out the truth only when Anika will leave him.

    Something tells me there will be another positive hero for Anika and he will heal her wounds, showering her with love and attention, meanwhile Shivay will struggle every minute without her.

    • shahabana

      HEllooo dasha
      Heyy i liked all of this situation u wrote and ofcourse if its happens then sso will know the value of anika and he will regret for his doings and we can see a new shivaye tooo

    • Mouni


      |Registered Member

      hi dasha
      l like your ideas , am with you on the fact that shivaye will understand her value only when she is away from him and by understand l mean admit to himself and to the OF how important she is to him
      also like that track about if she is badly hurt or lose memory it will be a good punishment for him to see that he is no longer in her heart and brain and if someone enters her life wow it would be great , am truly believing sso will get his share of trouble
      the ONS MU probably will be cleared by somya or even daksh himself when he will brag about how shivaye is idiot for believing him and there is a spoiler saying she will be kidnaped by him so maybe your 1st prediction will come true ?

    • shekhar

      Your speculations are nice ones, but maker have always one more than we have!
      Looking at the promo, ANNIKA TROWING FLOWERS, indicate after settling account with DADI in kinds, she will leave OM for ever leaving all OF including SSO on their own. Right from there, FREE FALL OF WHOLE OF WILL GET START!
      I don’t know, still how much SSO and OF may get down, what is lowest level of OF & SSO, only to be defined by GK, but certainly, ANNIKA will leave them happy , and then reversal track come up in blast, which will shatterd and ruin the happiness of whole OF!


      • Mouni


        |Registered Member

        you know shekhar , when that promo first came out l was puzzelled , l did not understand its meaning because at that time shivika’s relationship was almost good and friendly so seeing her throw roses when seeing him makes sense now
        the only way to see shivaye really helpless is when anika leaves and the truth about tia and daksh comes out . will it comes in one shot or gradually is what l struggle to figure out as the daksh truth may come sooner than tia’s or anika may leave before or after the truth

      • Shekhar

        MOUNI MAM,
        Its not only a ONS MU make SSO tangle with, his main problem is ANIKA’s esteemness, her talent, her own thinking, with which SSO just can not keep pace, rathar can not bear with. He wish a PUPPET like TIA , who make dance on his clap in the way and when ever he wish. He like those people who follow his order and decission without raising any question. He like the gals in distress and seeking his help, his shoulders in troubles. He like those people who can described his those ability, those characterstics which he does nor even!😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

        ANNIKA has not any ability out of above I described already, and she never will like yo have, that you can write down with golden ink anywhere!

        ONS is just that trouble in SHIVIKA UNIDON, which has summed up with old troubles along with NKK ideology. His ideology is just a mask through which he wanted to degrade ANNIKA, because in all other field ANNIKA made him down to het knees in front of his own family members in his own house. After getting himself loser in every field and getting ANIKA gainer, he is trying to show off his those characterstic which ANNIKA does not have!, like MONEY, NKK etc.

        This is what I concluded. I assure you, if some one make a deal that, he will get 10000 CRORE BUSINESS DEAL, only if he get marry with a ophan girl, then he, vomitting out his NKK ideology over his own photo frame, will rush like a olympian to marry any orphan girl!
        That is what SSO!

    • DaSha

      Well, friends, destruction of OF is already on it’s way, let’s take a look closer:

      SHIVAY: he told to the world he is married to Tia, but in fact he is married to Anika, he tried to buy him another bride when his own disappeared right before marriage

      OM: was drugaddicted, stayed in rehab for several month, helping his sister to hide a crime, suffering of it

      RUDRA: secretly married to the girl who is informally engaged after to another.

      PRYANKA: culpit in a car accident, victim was not found, suffering from panic attacks

      JANVI: Was alcoholic, suffering from husbands betray, career broken, none of her children satisfy her husband standart

      TEJ: was cheating his wife, envi his nethev success, not satisfied with his own children, keeping his dark secret with his brother

      PINKI: village mentality, her son does not respect her enough, failed to marry him with a right girl (to her mind), convinced that Tej and Janvi are jello use about her son success, faked to teach Shivay to treat people properly

      SHSKTI: keeping dark secret with Tej, no business talent

      TIA (as Shivay wife choice): married woman, eager for Shivay money

      SUMO: secretly married Rudra

      Some of them are more innocent than others and don’t have bad feelings in their hearts, but almost everyone have secrets from everyone else and each one of this secrets can provocate a good big scandal to ruin OF reputation. We just have to wait a bit.

      • Mouni


        |Registered Member

        exactly my opinion , they all have secrets that will ruin their lives and you forgot rup who is after them trying to kill them
        atleast rudra and somo are the least of their problems but pryanka and om have a serios probleme with the inspector and his sister

  27. Reshma

    ACCORDING TO SPOILERS, ANNIKA wont divorce Shivaay as she knows the cunning plans of tia and will be a support system for Shivaay and his business..Shivaay may sign the divorce papers now but not annika…so, I think divorce drama will be far from now.. after Tia”s exposure & Daksh”s kidnap of ANNIKA (I think both will be revealed @ a time) , Shivaay will feel restless and saves annika. BY that time he will develop love & abt to accept annika as his wife. But Then ANNIKA may sign the divorce. Then he will
    remember her words of precap HOW MUCH IT HURTS IF SOMEONE DECIDES FOR YOUR LIFE.. fingers crossed…. there will be a lot of drama… DadI, OMRU will play cupid amid Shivaay.

  28. Razna


    |Registered Member

    Goodmorning ishquieess
    I dont know what to tell about todays episode…shivay introduce tia as his wife!!…
    May be he didnt want to humilate anika once more….iam also agreeing with luna….i only enjoyed sahil- shivay scene….but till shivay is anaware that sahil is handicaped..
    And i am very happy becoz atlast cvs decided to bring a lead to om…i also heard that sana amin had approched for it..but it is not finalised…..
    And there is also a bad news that tamilnadu chief minister jayalalitha mam had died on yesturday 11: 30 pm…

  29. Naija gal

    I like what SSO did because that will make his fall a great one. I can imagine breaking news of SSO being married to an already married woman. It will be interesting to see how he and OF handles the scandal.

  30. Deepika

    Hii ishqies i m commenting after a no. of days as my exams r going on but today is my holiday.
    Yesterday’s episode. I just hated it but was better than any of the past episodes as yesterday the cvcs showed all the 3 brothers story.

    I m just remembering the promo of ishqbaaz. They showed about 3 brothers story at the same time they showed that dadi says the 3 bahus of this family will unite the family in 1 thread. O god i cant se th8s anywhere. Where is the union? Even the bahus r not united with there husband then how can they unite the family. What the f**k is going on yaar? It is not the story line i wanted to see.

    However i show on fb(facebook) that acp ranveer singh randawana will re-enter. As 1 of tge spoilers say that anika will be kidnaped by daksh as to keep anika away. So after the kidnap anika will seek the help of ranveer singh randawana to find her as he will not will to trace anika and will be very tensed for her.

    Anika on seeing daksh’s this avatar will realise his truth that he is a psycho. Daksh will continously humiliate her and cause her much pain.

    So ranveer singh randawana will bring out the truth of daksh. Shivay will shocked to see this psycho lover avatar of daksh and anika’s condition.

    And then i think he will realise his fault. As most of u i too think that Tia’s thruth will come out at the same time. Waiting to see poor anika loving shivay.

    I love such stories-1. Hate-hate 2. Love-love(but don’t realise it or don’t want to realise) 3. Hate-hate(due to situations) 4. Love-hate(in this condition i want shivay- love and anika- hate. 5. True and deep love- true and deep love. Such stories r soo good.

    As cvcs have to show 3 love stories they should release some difficulties from shivika track either daksh or tia.

    How r u all? Luna di, razna di, saku di, shaza di, dasha di, aahana di, uf, shahabana di, mouni di, samyukta di, piyalii di and all ishqies. Sorry if i forgot anyone.

    • Deepika

      Sorry read it as shivay seeks the help of ranveer singh randawana for anika seeks the….. wrote by mistake it cant hapoen as anika is the 1 who is kidnaped😝

  31. Sravs

    Just loved sahil today… Makers please don’t send him to boarding school… We want to see more of sahil and Shivaay conversations… Please expose the bad side of Tia…

  32. Rumya

    Jab whole world ye acpt kar chuka hai ki shitia are mrrd now thn there is no need of divorc of shivika, excpt family no one knows the truth, if divorc will hpn btwn shivika thn mdia wll qstnd a lot to shivay,thn wy sso will gv dvrc to anika???plz smone clr my dbts

  33. Kiki


    |Registered Member

    I always wanted shivaay-sahil meeting. Finally happened. I hope he will get to know about his physical disability soon.
    I don’t know what to tell about the reception. Why shivaay?
    Tia is irritating me a lot. Kaduppa kelapikittu iruka.
    Rudy is so sweet… I loved the precap.

  34. Navz


    |Registered Member

    Sso don’t even dare to touch her .u dont desrve even standing before her. I am hating shivays character to d core. But liking nakul sooo much. Anika should go away from him and dat ungrateful oberoi family. And today rumya soo cute. OM my god he is damn handsome in blue ummaahhhhh om.plz Tia move away from their lives. When will dat daksh come back I am waiting for him .

  35. Sana

    hate u shivaye…!!!!!!! He is such an idiot guy… And upar se double standards… Hadd h literally. BTW m new here . Hope u people won’t have any problem if i join ur family..!!!

  36. Mouni


    |Registered Member

    in some spoilers it said that anika will try to move on with her life away frpm sso and OM after the reception and also l saw a video where tia is insulting anika for wearing her clothes and taking her role as sso’s wife ..
    really hope anika will leave OM even if dadi cries , she needs to gather herself and try to work out things for her future and job away from them , if she stays she will lways be pitiful and crying as tia wont leave her alone or pinky , even shivaye will hurt her again
    and it says that daksh may kidnap her and am guessing it will be eazy for him to take her from her house cause she will be alone and eazy target contrary to the OM where he will have hard time passing the OF and their guards
    guys am hoping to see changes in the track this week , am hoping for a major shift , something that will change the course of the events like maybe ; divorce , kidnaping , THE TRUTH , or atleast a separation of shivika for now ..really hope big things hapens

  37. Vinnu

    Hey Priya,muktha ND all ishqbaazians…how r u all?
    I heard d news Dat Sana sheikh of krishnadaasi fame is being paired opposite to omkaara…is dis true?

  38. MP

    The upcoming episode of Ishqbaaz will show that dadi asks Shivaay to perform Roti rasam with Anika as she is his wife legally.Shivaay refuses to do it and tells that he will do all ritual with Tia only and then someguest reach there who insult Tia for not dressing up like a married girl.Guest is surprised seeing Anika in married look but then Pinky and Jhanvi change the talk as Tia is modern so she is not interested wearing sindoor and mangalsutra.Shivaay gets tensed when dadi reminds him that he filled sindoor in Anika’s maang so Anika is only his wife.Shivaay stuck between Tia and AnikaShivaay tries to fill sindoor in Tia’s maang but it falls on Tia face and mistakenly he fills Anika’s hairlines.Dadi tells Shivaay that destiny does not want let Shivaay and Anika go away from each other.

  39. Uf

    Guys abi thak sana amin sheik ko final karne ka news nahi mila and wo entry bhi nahi hui tho gul khan ko batha do soch samajkar om ki love lady ko select karne ke liye.vrushika ki jaane ki baath Kya hua ye tho usko hum logo se zyada patha hoga.i hope wo Kuch soche.and guys hum sabne Jo bhi actress ka Naam liya hai wo tho best tha gul khan ek producer ho kar bhi acha select nahi kiya.
    arshi,shivika,rumya jaise ache Jodi wo hume de sakthe hai tho wo omkara aur uski love lady ki jody achi Kyu nahi dethi.and Kunal ki omkara character long hair wala hai aur height bhi hai,and I think usko thodi height waali,lambhi baal waali and cuty beauty smile waali heroin match hai.agar sana height ho tho ok ho tha.and OM ki heilight uska long hair hai. aap sab log samjhavo gul khan ko. jab vrushy ki entry ki news thi thab zyada log happy thi but ab sana ki entry se zyada log happy nahi abi thak uski show main entry nahi hui iss liye kithni log usko om ki lead pair ki character main dekhna nahi chaahthi wo log request karo and gul khan ko batha do soch samajkar step lene ko.
    Raglak scene maine raglak ki Instagram main dekha tha.mujhe ithna pasand aaya hai ki main wo baar baar dekha.acting tho aise hai jab emotional scene aaye thab audience bhi emotional ho jaaye jab happy scene aaye thab audiance happy ho jaaye jab villan ka acting dekhe tho hume us par gussa aatha hai na ye sab unki acting ka kamaal hai.i think achi acting usse Keh the hai.what say guys.
    aur jab main raglak ka vo scene dekha main tho emotional ho gayi yaar.I think wo ragini ko dekh kar tha.wo saari emotional achi se karthi hai.gul khan ko batha dho tejashwini ki baare main detail li.isse pehle sana shwo main entry kare ek baar tejashwini yaa kisi aur actress ko laane ko.because I don’t think long hair oberoi and sana ki romance sabkho pasand aayegi.main tho iss liye Keh rahi hum jab show main inki romance dekh kar agar kisi ko pasand nahi aaya tho phir se sab log gul khan ko khaane Lage gi iss liye acha hai na shwo main uski entry ho ne se pehle Kuch soche aur acha decision le.tho gul khan ko batha do ek baar wo fans ki baare main soche aur Kuch acha decision le agar wo acha dengi tho fans wait karengi.
    So please please guys aap log gul khan ko pyaar se samjhavo but force math karo wo apna decision change kar ke kisi aur achi actress ko le saktha hai abhi time hai.and december end nahi hua hai tho abi time hai.
    And sorry for the BIG and BORING comment.

    • Deepika

      Yes uf abhi december ending mein bahut time h and it is also not sure that sana wil come in the show. Most of omkara fams ehi chahate h ki sana ko omkara ki love interest na liya jaye but yeh sab gul mam pe depend karta h. Vaise jyada se jyada fans jaisa ki maine facebook pe check kiya to nahi chahate ki sana ko om ke opposite rakha jaye kyunki unki unki jodi match nahi karti. Let’s see ki kya hota. And hope for the best for cute om

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.