Ishqbaaz 5th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 5th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivaye saying I won’t thank Anika. They argue. Om asks Rudra about his relation with Soumya. Soumya says whatever be the relation, guys just want one thing. Anika asks what is it. Shivaye and Anika speak against each other. Boys versus girl gang is shown.

Some time before, Anika asks shall I get water for you. Shivaye asks her not to think. She says just hurry up, I have to do Billu’s marriage preparations. He says just my Dadi calls me this. She asks what. He says Billu. He says I don’t want to call you Billu, I know just your Dadi calls you Billu. He says enough and counts how many times she said. She says you counted too, that’s why I call you Calculator, tell me what is it. He recalls everyone’s words and says whatever happened, I wanted to say…. Anika says

I understood, I was such a donkey. He says yes. He says so many medicines and many signs, its clear, I did not understand this, after seeing many things infront of me, I m sorry for everything. He says fine.

She says those who are ill, say anything, that’s why I think why your family bears your misbehavior, as you are mad. He asks what. She says I have Vaid in my locality, he will make you fine, he has donkey Kaalu, if donkey kicks you, you will get sensible, I will take you there and get discount, you will feel good and adopt donkey, then name him Gadha Singh Oberoi. He says you think I m mad. She says you are. He calls her mad. They argue and everyone see the house shaken. Shivaye shouts shut up. Ishana is leaving and thinks she left expensive watch by falling in emotions. She stops seeing the showpiece and says I should take this as shagun from inlaws.

Om sees her and calls out Bela. She says I heard this name somewhere, its my name. She turns and sees Om. Om says hi, what are you doing here. She says actually, I came to meet you, I saw news about your brother on tv, so I thought if you were with me in my problems, I should be with you in your difficult time. He says thanks, what happened to your hand. She says you are caring for my wound. He says no, its wound and should be cleaned and aided. She says I m good in Haath ki Safai(stealing) stuff, I mean hygiene. He calls Riddhima to make her meet Bela.

Ishana worries and hides. Om tells Riddhima that he wanted her to meet Bela, she saw Shivaye’s news and came to meet me. She says I wanted you to meet Mala, she disappeared. He says even Bela disappeared, you said Mala’s hand had wound, even Bela had wound. She says Mala got hurt in protest, how did Bela get hurt. He says she is in abusive relationship. Ishana hears them and says I m stuck now. He says I think we should make Bela meet Mala, Mala is strong and would make Bela come out of this relation. Ishana acts in her dual roles. Riddhima likes the idea. Om says but where did she go. Ishana says why does Om want me to meet everyone, when I want to meet Om.

Dadi asks where is Anika. Rudra says Anika went to Shivaye’s room, he is going to thank her, its difficult thing and he needs time. Riddhima says Om, I will just come. Dadi says its good day today, Shivaye and Anika will change, marriage will happen well. Anika and Shivaye argue. Dadi, Om and Rudra look on. Anika calls Shivaye arrogant and mad. He says you talk to your slipper. She says you also talk to your coffee machine. He calls her mad. She says same to you, no return. Om asks them to stop fighting like kids. Shivaye asks him not to talk in between. Anika says you are just a Billu. Shivaye asks Anika not to say this world. Anika sings Billu will get married, Billu will wear sehra, Billu will sit on horse, Billu Billu. Shivaye says stop, I will die but not thank her. He goes and shuts the door.

Pinky ties thread to Shivaye’s pic. Shakti asks what is she doing, pandit asked her to tie thread to Shivaye’s hand. Pinky says he is like you, he won’t let me tie, its wi fi times, its fine to tie on thread. He says pandit is coming to tell a good mahurat for Shivaye and Tia’s marriage. Pinky says yes, pandit said Shivaye will have good future and long life after marrying Tia, but its strange, he got saved now because of Anika. She jokes. Tia’s mum hears them. Pinky asks her to come.

Shivaye, Om and Rudra have tea, sitting at pool side. Om tells Shivaye about special tea Kullad (served in clay cup). Shivaye says I just drink coffee, but I will have tea now. Rudra says Kullad Kullad and they laugh. Anika is annoyed thinking of Shivaye. She says its good work got over. Priyanka comes and asks her to come.

Priyanka gets Anika to girls’ room. Anika sees Soumya, Riddhima and Tia. Tia asks Anika did Shivaye say thank you. Shivaye says she is mad and calling me mad, I will never say thanks to her. Riddhima says boys are arrogant, they can’t say thanks. Om says you can say thanks, keep ego at side, Anika is your angel, she saved your life, your attitude is problem. Anika says he has tons of attitude as if he bought attitude in wholesale, sorry Tia, I had to say this about your future husband, but its true. Shivaye asks them to tell Anika to talk well, don’t know her upbringing. Soumya says its problem of upbringing, girls are stopped for everything and boys are allowed to do everything, girls are asked to forgive everyone, girls are ready to melt. Rudra says Rumi is not melting, just icecreams melts, not girls. Om asks who is Rumi now, stop imagining.

Rudra says no, she really exists. Om says I don’t get sleep if I don’t say sorry, just say thanks to her Shivaye. Priyanka says some people need time to realize and admit it. Shivaye says I m not interested to thank her. Anika says I m not interested in receiving his thanks, I believe in savings, like I save water, money and electricity, I saved his life, whats the big thing. Shivaye says that’s the big deal, girls are like that, they look innocent from far and are something else from close. Rudra says right, even Soumya looks innocent, but is not.

They ask Rudra whats his connection with Soumya. Soumya says connection is just in beginning, then guys just want one thing. Anika asks what and looks at other girls. She asks tell me. She makes face and says oh, those cheap guys. Soumya says at first, they show they are interested in soul, but boys are interested in our body, they are so mean, we should also get mean. Rudra says I m not mean, Rumi was standing infront of me.

Om asks Shivaye to say thanks to Anika, and asks Rudra to say sorry to Soumya. Tia says we should clean aura and have positive thoughts, Shivaye is so caring, all guys are not same, Shivaye will realize his mistake and thank Anika, I will send Reiki. Anika gets confuses about Reiki, and asks will you go home and send that by courier. Tia says nop, its our thoughts and you just see Shivaye will thank you. Om and Shivaye ask Rudra to say sorry to Soumya. Rudra asks Shivaye to say thanks to Anika first. Anika says don’t take SSO’s name now, else I will get bad dreams. The girls ask SSO. Anika says Shivaye Singh Oberoi. Shivaye says don’t take her name now.

Om asks Rudra to say sorry to Soumya, else his pimple won’t go off his face. Rudra gives his credit card to Soumya. He asks Soumya to buy a new dress whenever he hurts her. She cuts his card and throws water on his face. Anika blames Shivaye for teaching this to Rudra. Shivaye says I know Anika taught Soumya to throw water on Rudra.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Asmita...


    |Registered Member

    Superb…mind blowing…

    “You are mad?”
    “Same to you…back to you…no return”

    “Aap 1 no. ke BILLU HO…”
    Dadi, Om, Rudra 👉🏻🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊

    Billu, billu, billu,billu,billuuuuu… 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    And “EARTHQUAKE”…. Cherry on cake 🎂🎂🎂

  2. Mukta

    Thankew very much Amena di for ur super duper update☺☺

    Nadiya di, Priya, Khushi, Aqua, Kat, Roz, Rose, Ishika, Ishita, Sumo, Shai, Aliya, Sriranjani, Mukti, mishri, Shivani, disha, Neha, Asmita, Zuha, Roo, Naina, nelka, Renima, Pragya, Dil, Isha, Zuha, Abzzz di —— and all d other Ishqbaazians —— How r u all guys??? Howz ur family??? All ok na???

  3. Asmita...


    |Registered Member

    New name for Shivaay – “angrez oberoi” 😁😁😁

    Khatrnak debate “ladke v/s ladkiyan”

    “Bachat me vishwas” “desh ko aazadi” “raat ko bure sapne” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    OMG this ishqbaaz show is too good. My currrent fav show anika and ishana’s tactics is a stressbuster for me XD hahah poor shivaye n omkara 😛 Bela lol ishana forgot her own fake name 😛 and billu 😛 ghanda singh oberoi? ROFL

  5. Sriranjani


    |Registered Member

    Ohh Today’s epi was soo Hilarious and I was#ROFL Rumya, Ishkara and Shivika was rocked today yesterday and Rocking always.

  6. Mukta

    Hahahaha…..😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😉what a funny episode….. even funnier than yesterday’s episode……I’ve got stomach ache becoz of this episode😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Enasanjida

      R8… Bela ko mala sai milna chahiya.. But Ishaana – ka maturity.. Kuch jaida pagal pan kar raha tha. I think Ishana lives dream.. Not practical situation.. Itz my though – may be. Woh pura Rudra hain 😀 😀

  7. mukul

    😃 they look cute when they fight like kids …..Om & rudra has 2 face difficulties to make shivaay realize his feelings for anika 😆😆😆😆😆😁it will b fun to watch ishqbaaz .
    #ishqbaaz #rocks

  8. pragya

    I didn’t watch the episode but ur comments driving me crazy about this episode……😊😊 ….thans a lot amena di……………………let universe accept ur good karma……😊😊…..just for fun…..but thank you telly update s

  9. Mukta

    “Oh I understood…..I’m such a donkey….u r having a large no. of medicine…. u r mad n”😂😂😂😂Anika….no words to appreciate ur dialoguebaazi😂😂😂😂

    ” I don’t want to call u Billu….I know only ur Dadi calls u Billu”👏👏After that CALCULATOR😂😂😂

    “You r mad”😂😂😂😂
    Same to u, again to u, no return😂😂😂😂that was just superb👌👌👌

    Billu…..Billu…..Billu…..😂😂😂😂Lolzzzz…’s episode was just marvelous👌👌


  10. Sweena

    Awesome episode totally I loved it and shivika fighting it’s awesome and anika dialogue’s were awesome and eagerly waiting for tomorrow episode😄😄😄😄😄😄

  11. Tusi

    oh! I am laughing and laughing… so funny, love you anika baby and billu.. bela mala part was also funny….

  12. Mukta

    Ishaana forgot her own name😂😂Guess what will happen when Rikara gets to know Bela and Mala, both r same…..Ishaana’s condition is like DIGGING OWN GRAVE😂😂😂😂

  13. Aliya

    Hi guys😄😄😄 l am back l am sorry😆😆😆😆😆 that l was not able to comment for last two days because l have been hospitalized💉💉💊💊💊🏥🏥🏥🏥 for a stupid fever.l miss u all
    coming to episode it was an killing episode😉😉😉💕💕💕 .everyone dialogues was superb👌👌👌👌.l was full time laughing 😂😂😂😂.vibrating part was just awesom😎😎😎e. Amena di it was an electronic train fast update🚋🚋🚋🚈🚈🚈🚂🚂.each and every part was nice.
    guys l feeling very sad last two days comments😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 we don’t cross 300.
    l am very happy😊😊😊😊 that we have a poetbaaz.👌👌👌👌👌miss my all ishqbaazians in two days and now l am happy.☺☺☺☺☺

    • mishri

      Hiiii aaliya…missed u….so u read our nadi di’s poem…???i c…good u got wll soon..take care of ur health dude…..u cn read episodes after 10 dayz bt lyf is one na😊😊😊😊

    • Mukta

      Oh that’s y u were missing…… BTW how r u feeling now…all ok n??? I’ll send u reiki😂😂😂😂U will get fine in just a few seconds……

  14. Kimberly

    Tia is so nice that she is supporting Anika. She doesnt see diff btwn rich nd poor. nicest character in the show.

    • mishri

      Yh i almost loved her 2dy..she explaind nycly to knws she myt evn turn out to be d villain??bt 4 now shez really cool…

    • jaz

      Abey Kimberly tu yaha b aaygai ommmgg yhm show comments par humara sar khati thi ab yaha b..phirse negative thoughts humesha ishitha ke opposite thi ab kya anika ke opposite ho kya..

  15. Zuha Fatima

    Zuha Fatima

    |Registered Member

    This show is just amazing 😆😆 After Qubool Hai it is the 1st show which I never miss to watch, I think Ekta should learn from Gul, I accept that some of her shows did not run well, but at least they dont drag, I accept that Gul mam ruined QH at the end but it had a good run of 3 years! I am just loving Bromance and now Gomance (Ladkiyon ki party 😉) Good show and entertaining as well, and the best part is that each character has its own screen place, which laks in some shows😊 Proud to be an Ishqbaazian 😃
    How are u my Ishqbaazians ?

    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂 My 😉 Ishqbaazians 🙂


    • Mukta

      Hey Zuha….I’m good. How r u??? And ya as u said PROUD TO BE AN ISHQBAAZIAN……love ISHQBAAZ😘😘😘

  16. ishita

    Hey asmi ……..even ialso got that same feeling that ishana is doing too much acting……

    But I dono whether it I naturally coming to her or that I scriptwise acting…….but she is beautiful….lol……😊 😃😄

    • mishri

      I feel sorry for her wen urll say overracting…i thnk shez dnt a gud job so far…het role makes her do it maybe…bt yh u absulotely ryt abt she jst is so dramatic…😂😂😂😂😂😂

  17. Kimberly

    btw where’s Swetlana. I found dat charcter very interesting. She must b hving a very imp role in d story.

  18. Abzzz

    2 days..i ws absnt hr…i missd u guyzzz nd also our ishqbazz…..i missd previous 2 episodes of my busy schedules….guyzz y they r nt upload full epi videos on youtube…u hav any idea ……. epi ws mindblowing….Ishana showed her brilliance…arrogant, rude shivayy…. cool om…funny Rudra… all were superb…

  19. neha

    Nadia, i forgot to say but your poem was awesome. 🙂
    Hello mukta!!
    vaidya..gadha kaalu..that quake..saira bano..billu ka sehra sajega..billu ghodi chadega..billu ki baarat..kullad..ladkon ko ek hi cheez chahiye..tia and her reiki…hahahahah..and the list is endless. Nearly died laughing tonight. Perhaps the best show running at present. Boy’s and girl’s gang…a new concept!! Hahaha…just superb!!!

  20. Enasanjida

    2days Episode awesome.. Bilu ki shaadi ; billu ki shehra …. 😀 haha.
    Then Ishaana main thoda akkal hain yeh nahi . May be ; Ishaana think – Omkara lyk her a lot… ( but itz wrong ) Omkara sabko care aisi karti hain.
    & finally Somya..- boys r so mean…hmmm ( zasi ka rani ) 😀
    Priyanaka so soft & sweet girl..

  21. DaSha

    Hello Guys,
    Let me suggest you some ideas where it’s all going between Anika and Shivaaye:
    1) It’s about 1 month to his marriage so the story will go quite fast, I think it will be “misunderstanding” when Shivaaye and Anika are going to stay for some time in a close place together (someone perhaps Tej is going to keep them in a dark and strange place by accident or intentionally). So they both going to be compromised in front of family and Tia. She will not believe of what they saying and leave him.
    2) in such a difficult situation especially if some reporters will find out about, it they will have to marry formally staying enemies in their minds.
    3) Little by little they will have to get used to each other. In this time, main attention is going to be devoted to other couples.
    4) Meanwhile we know that it’s nothing clear about Anika fears and her childhood. Let me guess she is the part of Rana family (Oberoi’s opponent). Perhaps Priyanka is going to fall in love with one of them so that’s why two families can see each other.
    5) Anikas bracelet with all this moons it’s not just a bracelet but smth she got from her mother from Rana family. I think she and her sister were kidnaped for money and parents paid one part that’s why her sister was released, but smth went wrong and Anika was not given back to parents so she lost her kids memories and that’s why she is afraid of darkness.
    6) When it’s all will come out she will feel so stressed that she will get into car incident and loose her memory about everything. Her Rana family will take care of her and insist on getting divorce from Shivaaye. She will get divorce and her family will find her another person to marry.
    7) Shivaaye is going to realize his love and fight for her by trying to provoke their moments and Anika memories.
    Smth like this

    • mishri

      Whoah…those were good ones bt 6 nd 7 made me scared thy shudnt seprate at all..i dnt care if diz weddn scene continues nd anika stays at oberois itslf bt marryn forcefully nd divorce myt make it meri aashiqui nd it will draaaàaag…i wnt it 2 be a love story nt marriage..thy shud continue to kp fytn 4 gettn stuck in a place nd thy gettin close would be nice..i want to c shivaay worried 4 anika..lyk arnavji….i jst want to…

  22. Enasanjida

    I really want 2 see – Omkara & Ishaana ( 2 people but full different ) . how they r made 4 each other ?? Ishaana lives dream – she loves Varun dawan & Omkara lives practical situation…
    Precap episode… Guys show u somya neh rudra ka upor pani…( as lyk shivika ) .
    Now its turn 2 omkara- Ishaana. ( ishaana aisa kuch hoga or karaiga kya ??? )

  23. Sriranjani


    |Registered Member

    Girls: SSO??
    Anika: Stone Singh Oberoi(by less sound to herself and realizes that the girls are present and she says) Shh..Shivaay Singh Oberoi..

  24. ishika

    I wl review tmrw cz I didn’t see th full epi…n yes hi mukta I’m gd….i hope u r gd too😊…yes n shivay saying mai mar jaunga par use thnks nhi bolunga cracked me up…i said it whn saumya entred th shw tht she gonna follow anika’s steps though tht watr scene ws nt taught by Anika…still precap awsme😂

  25. Sonia

    Hey guys am new here but I have a huge feeling that the sister who anika lost in her childhood is actually soumya. Both their habits are so similar and today’s episode omg I was crying. My head off after laughing so much😂😂😂😂😂😂

  26. Monique_D


    |Registered Member

    Hey all this show has just showed us what a tv show should be.
    Its got me hooked on Shivika and the fact that Anika is so bold and confident is refreshing.

    New age….new ideas and new relationships standards stubborn love and frustrations……….great show ..and even beter cast.

  27. Pritha

    But I guess Ranas will bring a twist in anika and shivays love story maybe a love triangle or so.. I dnt know but I guess so because rana being anikas family will change the whole concept of the story base.. anika as a character is one who has no name , money , rich background and thus is completely opposite to what shivay has his ego n attitude on… and that is why anika and shivay are meant to be a pair.. opposites , if anika becomes the rich girl .. the while story will take a flip.. what do ul think?

  28. HaZna

    Today’s episode was too hilarious……,.anika’s dialogues and her acting is so real……she is really a dialoguebaazz……. Shivika scenes are awsome……I think ishana character is somewhat overacting, overconfident type…..shivika scenes are too real …..keep it up shivika…good going

  29. Luna

    TRP of show is 1.7, quiet low for such an awesome show bt i think its bcoz d story has limited appeal, nd nt for masses

    • NadiyaShah32


      |Registered Member

      Hope it increases in future ..I feel they shud chage the time slot to 8 or 9p.m.. Crappy shows like Sath nibhana saathiya n kumkum bhagya(except pragya-abhi jodi) n YRKKH r ruling the roost😒😒😑😑😑……… Its ironic!!!☹️☹️☹️☹️
      Even YHM is repeating that Shagun saga all over again.😶😐😐.It is unfortunate that shows like Ishqbaaz- n an awesome one at that too, r gona b judged on TRP’s …😡😡😡😡

      • mishri

        Yh d timing z baaaad…most ppl dnt watch teledramas dat late nah…i agree wth u y shud thy start shagun thng agn..itz booooorng…

      • |Registered Member

        that’s true,,,they shud change the time slot to 9 or 9.30,,,I’m watching the epi daily in hotstar..coz nt able to watch it in TV

    • shivani

      saas bahu saga is prevailing in tv industry .viewers are not interested in watching such good show.they are happy wid such crap

    • RANdomfANCreationz


      |Registered Member

      Its trp is not so bad at least its in top 10 or near there I dont think star will pull off this show so soon there are other shows like the jana na show, n the anokhi show which have low trps so they will pull off those shows first most likely so no worries ishqbaaz rocks will take time for trp to rise and it will surely rise, even dehleez had low trp like 0.6 and ended up with trp for 1. i wont be surprised infact I will be happy if ishqbaaz will have a trp of 3 they deserve it. Nakul, Kunal, Leenesh, Surbhi, Vrushika and Neha are doing a gr8 job

      • |Registered Member

        yea,,,.trp will rise for sure in the future,coz the show just started,will take tym

  30. mishri

    Hello hi!!!!nadi,priya,kat,kushi,ro,rose,roo,sumo,shaza,dil,aqua and alllll othrz missn agn huh???hwz evrythn so far??d epi was awsum..i was laughn lyk a maniac..😂😂😂shivika scene was lyk phew!!!!d song she sang!!if i was sos i wuld hav shot her…rudra danced 4 it??how crazy thy are…i thnk priyanku will marry from d ranas….shell hav a rude guy mst probably..shez so soft…i lykd riddhima nd tia tdy tooooo..ishaana shuld hav been in d group though😃😃..lovely epi..d best as alwayz…ishqbaaz rox…😍😍😍😍anika z such a chatterbox she speaks so clearly nd makes it a point to tease shivaay..her actions are mind blown….her hand gestures nd all…her pronunciations off HINDI!!!jeeeez lyk shivaay said today..😂😂😂😂he hates her

  31. mishri

    Ppl i dnt knw whom to cal di nd whom to call by name…jst tel ur ages plzzz…i am nizri frm SL..17 yrs old..i love love stories nd mostly love hate..ipkknd nd nisha aur uske cozins were my fav frm starplus nd nw ishqbaaz😍😍 me mishri 4 mishkat+aneri cz arshi is tooo commn…do intoduce urslfs so dat i can imagine u all..i love ppl nd makn friends is my hobby..😙😙😚😚😚😊😊

    • Mukta

      Hii mishri…….Mukta here…..we r of same age. I’m doing my B.Sc. First Year and like u, I also love to make friends, listening music, singing and dancing and over all these, I love to watch ISHQBAAZ😘😘😘😘

    • nelka

      U can call me di.i’m elder to u all.i’m 21yrs old and doing my higher education and 2nd year student of my university.i luv dancing,listening to music,watching tv and films,cooking and dreaming…..i am a huge fan of shivika….and mishri i am also a srilankan.

    • Kat

      Hey Mishri!!! I’m also from SL & 21 years old. I luv reading books, listening to music & watching Ishqbaaaz!!!!😍😍😍😛😛

    • Shaza

      Hlo everyone my name is shaza,my age ..maybe im the yougest here ,only12 i love serials ..i live in KSA came to india for holidays .i love hate to love serials -i have watched IPKKND ,beintehaa,dehleez,pyaar ka dard hai,aahat,mile jab hum tum,yeh hai mohabbatein,and many more .ryt now ishqbaaz is my favourite serial ,ifor now …i love making frnds and idc whoever sits near me in class become my freind

  32. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Wahoo.. Aaj Kal ishqbaaz romantic se zyada funny hote jaarahe hai… I love ishana part to the core.. Ishkara scenes was also Nyc.. Om Kitna caring hai.. Love him.. The way he said.. Shivaay Pata nahi tu kaise yeh sab handle Kar raha hai.. Mujhe toh kisi se tq aur sryy kehna hai toh.. Use kehne se pehle neend nahi aati hai.. Ha wt a sweet boy.. Love u Mr. Omkara Singh oberoi..

    Guys tdy I loved BELA and MR. ZULFI SINGH OBEROI…. Haha.. Cute pair ever. .

  33. Aashna57

    Awesome eposode,girls rocked it and the boys werr too gud,,even I feel that Soumya is anikas sister, they both throw Water anf both are not bikau

  34. |Registered Member

    funny episode.anika just nailed it and even ishana is funny .show is getting better nowadays

  35. |Registered Member

    ishana is little bit dramatic but she is awesome mala bela .that billu billu billu make me laugh harder nd new name gadha singh oberoi is superb

  36. sujina

    i also feel soumya n anika r sis…n abt d show it is more n more interseting day by day…i m hooked 2 it…dis is call d serial wid all contents of fun,humor,love,support,caring,ego,brotherhood….love ishqbaaz…love d opinions of all girls n boys n their fi8…wow

  37. Haya

    wat a fantastic episode.. especially BOYZZ vs GIRLZZZ ..GREAT, SUPRB…!
    i really enjoyd it.. one thnk i should say that ANIKA and RUDRA are so talented.
    i mean if u listen to the dialogues of them ,we can notice that BOTH ARE SUPER fasters,they hav long dialogues too.. The way that they present it was FAB..

  38. Kat

    Today’s episode was just EPIC!!! MARVELOUS, FABULOUS,AWSOME & DAMN HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Boys gang vs girls gang!! 👬Vs 👭 😁😁😁😁😁 And Anika & Shivaay just rocked the show literally!!!!! I’ve never laughed this much!! Ever!!!!!😂😂😂😂 That earth quake when they were arguing was superb!!!!!!!! Billu ki shadi, billu ki sehera !!!! AND Rudra’s acting those words!!!! Just epic!!!!!!😛😄😄😃😃 Om & Dadi were like OMG what’s happening!!!!!!!!😄😄😄😄😄😂😂😂 And those girl group & boy group discussions!!!!! I just luv this show!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 I’ve never liked a show this much like I luv Ishqbaaaz!!! Precap looks good. Now Shivaay & Anika will again fight as now Billu thinks Anika was the one who taught Soumya to throw water!!!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😄😄😄😍😍😍

    • NadiyaShah32


      |Registered Member

      I gt a tummy ache…I laughed so much yaar😹😹😹😹
      At times I feel I am watching a comedy show just like Khichidi n Sarabhai vs Sarabhai!!!

  39. pradishma

    This ishaana, God she is really crazy. Her loonngggg ear rings and she is bewakoof chatter box. Soumya is cute, I heard qubool Hai fame surbhi will enter the show and will marry shivaye. God, I don’t want her entry in this wonderful show.

  40. loveleen

    wat a funny episd…girls vs boys…..anika is doing a fab job…bt she doesnt suit wid shivaye….bt m loving evryone of d shw…

  41. Yamini

    😙Love this series it is becoming more interesting. All actors r performing vry well especially anika nd all d pairs of ishqbaaz. Best ever series in star plus . Daily waiting fr 10 pm just 2 watch it i hv become vry much addicted to this show. Full 2 entertaining series ever and ever. Just i luv it 💑👌👍☺

  42. shahabana

    Ohhhh nc episode. Full of josh and cool episode. Boyz vs grls i like it. Shivika rockz. Precape is awsome. Love u ishqbaaz and ishqbaazians.

  43. pragya

    Hi..every one… only I saw the episode…….cant say in words ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ billu billu billu…….❤❤❤

  44. neha

    Hye everyone!!
    I wonder what Shwetlana meant in the promos “oberois ki Lanka tab jalegi jb inme se ek vanvaas jayega.” Ye dialogue kis sense me kaha gaya h any idea ?? because no matter how bad the situation is, i dont want the brothers to fight among themselves.
    And also is surbhi jyoti ‘s character negative?? will she be the reason of the brothers’ separation ???

  45. shit

    All three ANika, SOumya and Ishana are shouting types, chatter box you call them whereas Tia, Ridhima etc are not. Are all the lower class girls are like that. I guess not. I think directors shd think abt it. All characters same type looks monotonous.

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      Hey how r u ….well must be fine only after all u r happy doing ur fav pastime I.e bashing well u can as much u could but we ishqbaazians r not going to pay here to u we love ishqbaaz and will love it….happy bashing to u

      • shit

        Thank u sweetheart. By the way I am bashing the cvs. Dont take otherwise. And Becoz I like the show, hence the comments. But any mistakes done wld be pointed out for sure.

  46. pooja

    hi guys i am pooja. i am in ninth standard.i love ishqbaaz especially ishkara.but its time should change

  47. Roo

    shit,,,,, it’s really gd that cmmenting is… bt u know wht the diffrnce in upper n lower clz??? may be you’re such a dumb… it comes from the goodness of heart n it seems like u r in lower clz… n may b u r so loud too!!! watch it…

    • shit

      Beta, calm down. I am saying the cvs have made the characters like this, which isnt correct. They have maligned the lower class girls.
      Also, I can give u back like bit**** or some other words in return, but i am not against any body commenting here. Pl. understand this.

  48. |Registered Member

    can anyone explain what is the meaning of reiki otherwise I will be confused like anika

  49. Luna

    Timing isnt the problem for show low trp, kasam was in top 3 trp rating with same timing, it actly lacks mass appeal.

  50. Aliya

    Hi guys we r near to 150🎉🎉🎂🎂🎂🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎊🎊.where is other ishqbaazians👭👭👭👭👭 l am making the pairs name as are shivaye and anika as shika om and ishana as omshana and finally rudra and soumya as rudya😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  51. Roo

    i’m nt able to rply to any1.. may b there is a prblm in ntwrk! hw evr it’s such a fab epi… ishqbaaz is keep it’s charm!!

  52. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    Ohh .U god I died laughing …..Uff shivika is bliss they r soo cute I love the expressions of Anika and shivaye soo cute yr they r superb I m loving it totally this show is purely gonna rock….

    And ishana is such a sweetheart the way she talks with herself and her expressions just muahh..

    Ohh my god this is crazy the last part was so crazy boys gang and girls gang….
    Haye main mar jaa omkara will surely kill me someday he is just perfect
    A perfect boyfriend or husband material just love love love him kunal is nailing it as om

    Hello guys how r u?? All well??
    @mishri di I m 16 years old so I will call u di…

    Nadiya di mukta di roz roo kat shivani priya Monique di….and all the new friends how r u all ???

    @sumo di m fine how r u??

    @guys yr trp is lil less but its ok it’s just the starting and it will surely inc coz this serial is the best one right now on tv

  53. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    Ohk guys I m here with a game…so plz u all should take part…

    I have a question for u and u have to answer it the question is

    Is there r no pairs right now in the show whose pairing will u do acc to ur wish
    For e.g. I would love the pairing of
    Anika-om….one very loud and other so silent….

    Soumya-shivaye one eats a lot and is carefree while other full of responsibilities and careless…

    Rudra-Tia one stupid and idiot love joking with ppl….and other philosophical and serious…

    So guys plz u also tell which pair u will make….and this is just for fun so plz anybody don’t mind it’s just that this stupid thought came into my mind and I shared it with u
    Plz do reply guys love u all

    • Mukta

      Nice game Khushi…..Must appreciate ur pairing…….logically…..

      But frankly speaking, I just love d couples as shown…..SHIVIKA is d best…love them😘😘😘😘😘

      Love u too Khushi😘😘😘

    • disha

      ishana and shivaye one full of ego second full of masti
      anika and rudra both r same comedians
      omkara and tia one silent and emotional second chapad chapad
      this is only for fun not for hurt anyone and good game khushi

    • Kat

      Rudra & Tia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 And RuTia will be a good name for their couple!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  54. Roo

    @ kushi,, wht do u think abt tia&om jodi??? om is taking others painful flings on his mind n tia will help him with her aura cleaning all day!!! ha..ha.. that’ll be so funny.. may be she’ll clean his aura til his hair get curled… jst joked!!

  55. renima

    Good afternoon ishqbaaz lovers…. day by day ishqbaaz rocks…… the way they keeps suspense for upcoming track is really outstanding….. now the boys gang vs girls gang…. will make more fun….. if bela also joins the group then it will be more interesting to watch….
    ADVANCED FRIENDSHIP DAY WISHES TO Aqua, Nadiya, Mukta and Disha

    • disha

      best part of episode when anika say billu ki shado hogi billu ka sahra sajega billu..billu..billu look at shivaye’s face so imberasing
      Same to You renima

  56. ishika

    Well I alwys strt wth Anika cz hr acting is damn tdy I wanna mention abt shivay..his exprsns👌…n yes ab tum khogi tumhate purse ka bhi naam hai..n thn chikni it Is…he b like u r mad nt me😂…
    Evn I used to say during fghts since childhood same to u bck to u return to u full stop😂😂..tdy I saw th dialogue in a shw😆…well wat a scrpt…n anika’s billu song n rudra’s dance🙌……n yes wholesale me kharida Hua atitude…and ache bhale mood k bhature Tal diye😂 were th hghlghts….shivika love thm more….😍 …mai mar jaunga par mafi nhi manguga😎😂
    I’m convinced tht shivay has th Las wrd bt anika is the full stop!!! Badasss😉..n precap though soumya looked kickass wth tht attitude n revnge…..

  57. ishika

    Thanks* though!* last*…….n ofcrs kali coffee ka nam kya ths sairabano meri Mano Americano..n he b like espresso espresso😒….gosh😜😂

  58. renima

    Tomorrow will be the most special day for me….. i wish if i could … but not tomorrow…because if i say something which make him upset …. i can’t do that…..but one day …. i will convey my feelings ….. i have waited for 4 years …. so i can wait for the right time…. if he realise my love before i should say and propose me …… its my dream….. i don’t know whether this dream will become true…. when i watch each and every episode of ishqbaaz i love him more than anything in this world….. there is some sort of magic in ishqbaaz which makes my ishq more stronger….

  59. renima

    Pls show ishkara scenes…. without ridhima….sowmya and rudra track is just like i hate you… but … i love you…. so sweet….

  60. renima

    Our priyanka… pls show priyanka’s love track…somebody who loves her… who takes care off her…. and show tej- jhanvi scenes also…. waiting for these scenes…

  61. Rishti


    |Registered Member

    this ishqbaaz is the nice plot!! hope the writer doesn’t change the plot with useless dragging in future

  62. Luna

    Khushi, i liked ur game. I want om and swetlana to be paired, they both had few scenes together and their chemistry was electrifying , i think they had a relationship in past and due to her om became a drug addict.other than that i want Rudra-ishaana pairing, i think Rudra will flirt with Ishaana when they meet, it will be fun to watch. And shivika r perfect together, cant imagine anyone paired opposite either of them.

  63. Aliya

    Congrats ishqbaazians for crossing 150 and we r near to 200 its party time🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎂🎂🎂🎂🎆🎆🎆🎆



    |Registered Member

    Ha ha ha ha…..
    Sometimes I think this show is more based on past less on present…. as before all actual scene past scenes are viewed, y caan’t they take show in sequance all in present…

  65. pragya

    Lunna kno no oomm and swettlaana…..its better oom stay single than having a relation ship with that Dianne 😈😈😈 can’t even imagine………😓😌 sorry Luna…

  66. Roo

    someday not too far.. anika will b shivaye’s “coffee matchine” n shivaay will be anika’s “chameli”… they will fall in love soon!!!! waiting for it..

  67. |Registered Member

    Haha,,,this epi was too funny,,,,girls gang v/s boys gang,,,,I loved Anika’s Billu song and Rudra’s dance….sirf Ishaan ki kami thi ,in the girls gang,,,,
    I think that Prinku loves Tia’s bro Robin,,,lyk she said abt ppl who don’t talk much and are nt able to express themselves
    and the precap….LOL,,,now Rudru will also be scared of water

  68. Mukta

    Nadiya diiii !!!!!!!! Lagta hai aaj aap kuch zyada hi busy h !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😊Kha ho aap ???????? I’m missing uhh and ur comments😔😔😔😔😔😔😔

  69. Vrushna

    More of ishkaras scenes please!!! Dying to watch ishkaras romane…when will there love story even start properly..they are showing oly shivika story in a fast forward pace…I watch dis serial esp for omkara!!

    • Rose

      Same here vrushna.I love all the couples. But my personal favourite is ishkaara and I am waiting for their love story to start.their love story got stuck because of ridhima..

      • Rose

        In shivika’s love story tia does not matter at all.but this ridhima naa, she is a big problem.

  70. Rose

    Hlooo r u my co ishqbaazians.yesterday’s episode was so funny.loved shivikas cute fight.ishaana was also superb.I am waiting for more ishkaara scenes, but there is no progress in their love story.waiting for more ishkara and rumya scenes in the upcoming episodes. Between I think that ishaana is anika’s sister.there r many similarities in their character. Their dialogue delivery, expressions are somewhat similar.I am eagerly waiting for today’s episode.

  71. Asmita...


    |Registered Member



    • |Registered Member

      Haha,,,,I was going to post this song,,,,I loved this part too much that I replayed the video,just to hear Anika’s song ,rudru’s dance and Om-Shivaaye-Dadi exprsns

  72. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    @ENASANJIDA di.. OK di now I m saying u the difference between ishu and ridhima (this is wt I think)

    Ridhima : after being a rich girl also she is being with om as a gf of him just to gain a fame.. I mean as ridhima….Omkara Singh oberoi (she want to become)…. U can know abt it in a rally where she spoke something to om and said other thing in front of media. So it’s proven that she is just playing with Omkara feeling for fame…

    Ishana : cmng to ishana.. She is forced to do these things by her dad.. I mean u can see the epi where ishkara spoke with each other and ishu went to her home and said “VOH BAHUT ACCHA LADKA HAI PAPA , MEI USKA DIL NAHI THODNA CHAHTI”.. But at that time her father taunts her and that’s the reason now she is doing so.. He is compelled to do it. Just to save her dad and sister..And cmng to love and play with om’s emotions like ridhima is to be seen in upcoming scenes.. But ya she won’t do it as we can see how she is speaking to om.. And their careness..

    So this is just my pov di.. Now u can decide who is good and who is bad..

    Is that OK???

    • Enasanjida

      R8.. But ek baaat samaz nahi aiya.. Ridima belongs 2 rich family.. Woh chahti khudka fame kar sakhti .. But use Omkara. & One think notice when girls gang talk about boys – sorry & thank u. Ridima complain boy.. But why Omkara so nice guy. But but not Tia.. Tia is really nice girl in heart but sge don’t love shivay. She can do only her family financial security.

  73. Roo

    i’m so confused abt om’s hair… it’s really prtty n shiny too.. i feel a little bit jelous on kunal… amazinggg!!!!

  74. renima

    Our omla, billuka and rumya are wonderful ishqbaaziiiians…. they are connected with ishq…. they are made 4 ishq….and they will succeed in ishq……. because they are ishqbaazians

  75. Ooshi Akbar

    i check yesterday’s epi now and it was just toooooooooooo fabulous and today is going to be fabulous will it tooooo or not i don’t know but it will be entertaining as well

    • Aliya

      Congratulations for crossing 250 ishqbaazians. Now its 9:40 20 minutes for ishqbazz l am eager for the episode

  76. Maanvi

    Just saw yesterday’s episode todayyy just loved it the best part was BILLU KI SHAADI, BILLU GHODI CHADHEGA, BILLU SEHRA PEHNEGA and what not😂😂😂

  77. pragya

    Hey its 250………..🎆🎇🎉🎊🎇🎇🎇🎆🎆🎆🎊🎊🎉 …….any twist ahead..? Any one know…..because they are showing onny fight….what next…..

  78. Sriranjani


    |Registered Member

    Guys they approve only upto 580 comments hai kya
    They closed Commenting part of 6th aug update
    Guys Today’s episode(7th) was awesome I love Shivika the most and Happy Friendship day

  79. Trisha

    Billu billu how many times billu sometime she make me remainse khushi from ISPKKND nd zoya frmQubbol hai theyalways make their irritating by their silly jokes nd question nd shivaya make me remainse asad frm qubool hai nd arnuv frm ISPKKND who always irriteted angry nd never laugh nd always show his arogant face with our heroines nd always think wrong about our heroins wrong but show their luv care for his family…… i think pani wala secene also in ish pyar ko kya naam doon saday tha…

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