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Ishqbaaz 5th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tej says come on Shivaye, open it. Mahi asks how. Shakti says by password. Mahi thinks I don’t know, now they will know my truth. Shakti says you are the password. Its not a match and alarms ring. Anijka says he looks much worried. Shivaye says its a start, I will trap him, he will say he is not Shivaye, murder is going to happen. She asks Anika? Some time before, Shivaye asks are you ready mom. Pinky says I can’t do this. He says you have to do this for me. He goes. She calls Kamini. She says I m Pinky Shakti Singh Oberoi talking, I called to ask, we gave you 10 crores jewelry since 2 crores, is that enough or do you want more, things should not come on me, if you do anything in sangeet.

Kamini says you should think, you would give more than status to Priyanka, your status is of 10 crores.

Pinky says it means you want more. Kamini says a sign is enough for the sensible. Pinky ends call. She says there is a demand of Kamini, she wants something in sangeet too. Shivaye signs Tej and goes. Tej says fine then, Priyanka is our only daughter, we kept 200 crores diamonds for her marriage, we will give that in sangeet, its not a big deal, why Shivaye. Mahi thinks if I fainted hearing this, mum’s mind will be Gangaram.

Tej asks him to say. Mahi asks did you say something. Tej says yes, I was asking, shall we give 200 crores diamonds to Priyanka which we kept for her marriage. Mahi says yes, anything for her. Tej asks then when shall we go to get diamonds. Mahi asks what’s need for me to come. Shakti says you can operate the safe in which diamonds are kept, so you have to go to get diamonds. He thinks fate is like a dog, it can change anything, mum was asking for 2 crores jewelry, she got lucky draw of 200 crores. He says anytime you say. Shakti says fine then, we will finish breakfast and then do. Mahi says fine, we will go. Everyone smile and hold hands, under the table.

Mahi sees the lockers. Everyone look on. Tej says come on Shivaye, open it. Mahi asks me? Dadi says yes, will old peepal tree spirit open it. Mahi thinks how to open it aunty, none gave me key. He asks how. Shakti says by password. Mahi thinks I don’t know password, now they will know my truth. He says actually, I don’t remember password. Tej asks what, you forgot password, really, now stop joking and open the safe. He says I m not joking.

Shakti asks what are you saying, you are the password yourself. Mahi asks am I password. Anika says what happened to you, your kanji eyes are the password, till your eyes do the scan, it won’t open. He thinks Kanji eyes are password, did Shivaye not get anything else. He says I have headache, I will go home. Rudra catches him. Anika says no, I knew this will happen, so I got the medicine box. Rudra says love you bhaiya, have this, your migraine will go. He makes Mahi have the medicine. Tej says come on Shivaye, open safe soon, open your eyes. Mahi thinks my black eyes will get shut permanently because of these kanji eyes. Shivaye comes and scans his eyes. Password gets accepted.

Mahi gets shocked and turns to see. He says safe opened and jumps happily. Rudra says its okay, its not Alibaba treasure. Mahi says small happiness are there to celebrate, its superb. Anika says you are happy as if you thought this safe will not open. Mahi says no, this had to open, come. Tej says stop, where are you going. Mahi says home. Tej asks what happened to you since morning. Mahi says I m okay. Shakti says just one locker opened, in which there are 100 crores, you have to open other locker too. Mahi thinks one safe opened, other will also open, what’s this eye scan and security, what security, it opened on own, its just their ways. He says fine, we will do. He goes to the other safe. He gets his eyes scanned. Its not a match. Alarms ring. Rudra catches him and they fall away. Khanna comes and asks any problem.

Tej asks why is this alarm ringing. Khanna says don’t know, we heard it and came here. Rudra says so I jumped and saved you, else steel rods would come down and you would go up. Tej says stop this alarm. Khanna says this alarm rings when any fraud tries to open it. Rudra says my brother opened it, not any fraud. Mahi says yes, there is some problem in locker. Rudra says its fine, try again. Mahi thinks no, first opened, but this second one will do my Gangaram, I should leave, else I will go on their shoulders. He says my head is aching a lot, I have to go. Rudra asks him to listen and stop. Mahi goes. Shivaye says he got unwell in trailer. Rudra jokes Picture Abhi baaki hai and laughs, asking someone to do high five. They all look on.

Kamini says you could not open a safe, what will you do in life. He says first one opened, other did not, its not my mistake, who keeps 200 crores diamonds in two lockers. She asks him to give 100 crores diamonds. He says I don’t know. She says you did not care where diamonds went. He says I was in tension. She says you just learnt this from childhood. He asks what’s my mistake, safe opens by Shivaye’s kanji eyes. She says this is the problem, except your face, nothing matches with Shivaye, if you get his 5%, you can become something else, you are born as my last birth sin. He says don’t take tension, you will get 100 crores diamonds. She says yes, if you don’t do anything wrong, if I don’t get it, I will forget I gave you birth, I want Oberois’ destruction and their money. He says you just want money, I want much more.

Anika says why did he not come. Shivaye says he will come, greed for diamonds will get him. Mahi enters the house. He recalls Kamini’s words and rests on sofa. He thinks mum says right, I don’t do anything right, Lord gave me bad luck, something wrong happens, one safe opened, Gangaram happened second time, this should have not happened, either both should have opened or none, something is wrong, first that interview and then this safe incident, what’s the catch. Dadi, Rudra, Pinky, and Shakti look on. Anika says he looks worried. Shivaye says its just start, I will trap him such that he accepts he is not Shivaye. She asks what will you do. He says murder is going to happen. Anika and Pinky ask murder. Pinky asks Shakti to do something, Mahi spoiled our life, it does not mean we murder him. Shivaye says I m not saying about his murder, I will frame him in murder case, so that he accepts he is not Shivaye. Anika says it has danger. He says yes, but he is also dangerous, if we have to make him out, we have to take risk. Dadi says but its better we give him to police. Rudra says very smart, if he gets beaten by police, he will say everything. Shivaye says police will see him, what about others, the mastermind who has sent him as Shivaye, his motive is not to steal money, else he would have got much in his side, we have to find his motive. Mahi gets up. Shivaye hides. Mahi asks you all together, what are you doing. Rudra says planning, its Priyanka’s sangeet, we are deciding songs, Banno tera swagger. Pinky says yes, I have solo performance on it. They all talk. Shakti says keep any song, but there should be bhajan. Pinky says we are planning sangeet, not jagrata. Mahi thinks they got another chance of Nach baliye, they always dance, when do they do business. Anika asks him to say which song to prepare. He says do anything and goes. Pinky says murder in sangeet…

Soumya struggles to get free. Anika hears sound and asks who is it. Soumya hears her and hits the pipes. Anika says its not my illusion. Shivaye holds her. Anika holds his hand and says Shivaye… He asks how did you know its me. She says like you always know its me, I also feel you. He says it means you copy me in this too. She says no, habits and behavior can be copied, not feelings. He says you are strange. She asks why. He says you hurt me a lot. She says when do I hit stones at you. He says when you see me, I get hurt in my heart. She asks are you okay, its my eyes, not swords. He says sword is not so sharp, look at me. She says no. He holds her face. He says when I see you, do you get hurt. She says no. She turns to go. He holds her close. Music plays………


Kamini says Ranveer will leave Priyanka in marriage mandap, because we will have Oberois money, till their respect is ruined, my heart won’t get peace.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think that kamini is not mum of mahi ….it will be great if mahi is sso’s real borther i mean twins ….i think kamini stolen mahi and she give him bad abridging…. Because she is doing very bad with mahi …she using him and shi smile when she tont him …a mother cant do this with her son an if mahi is her son and she give him birth then not she became sooo great because only birthing is not enough she does’nt give mahi love of mother ….if this is shakti’s mistake amd he left her in this condition …soooo why she misbehaving with mahi all time tont him …kaamini dont behave like a mother ….i think she is not mahi’s mother ….an i will be happy if it is true …

  2. I quite loved today’s episode…..The initial part was not boring and was infact quite entertaining…..The oberoi family was handling the issue together even if in the most silliest of ways…..And our rudyboy was rocking as usual …..He’s always so awwdorable with his antics…. and how can we forget mahi’s ongoing funny desi commentary abt the oberois ….All in all a fun episode to me except kamini and saumya’s part.
    And the last shivika romance ?????
    They were on fire today….i toh forgot all the mahis and kaminis while watching them today ….After a long time I felt the butterflies again in my stomach while watching a shivika scene as from the last few days they were mainly hugging each other but today they were on????. It seems sso can’t control his feelings anymore after the kidnapping….His romance can start anywhere and annika is all shy infront of him and the way he commanded her to look at him ???…Poor saumya only she suffered bcoz of this ?? but I wonder if she heard all the talking and plate breaking sounds….What must she be thinking yaar????ok ok I must stop my dirty thinking now???
    And btw which family goes together to open a locker yaar???? offcourse the oberoi family…The great oberois go to the lockers also together ???.

    1. But if sumo heard the plate breaking a don all their talking.. what must have she thought!! ???? what a soch Dakota!! ??
      If she heard that.. we can assume once she escapes, rumya discussing shivika love story again on stairs… and once again shivika eves dropping!! That cud be fun

    2. Archiya

      Poor saumya only she suffered bcoz of this ?? but I wonder if she heard all the talking and plate breaking sounds….What must she be thinking yaar?,… lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. @puspa dear , thank you . Actually I am from odisha .so bachpan se odia medium main padhi hun. English main likhungi toh bahut grammatical mistake honge .Soo thoda thoda padhlo.??
    Are ye kya ??? Mujhe lagata tha ki sirf mujhe lag raha he ki uss time pe Sso annika ko kiss karne ja rahe the par yahan pe toh meri blushing partners ko bhi lag raha he.!!
    Are annika didi , itni nervous hone ki jaroorat nahi he. SSO tumhara pati he . But I like the innocent and blushing face of her Chandu didi id really a good actress.

    Jab show suru hui thi tab mere frnds ne kaha ki surbhi acchi nahi lagegi. Nakul ke opposite MaineQUBOOL HE nahi dekhi but first episode main hi mujhe chandu didi acchi lagi. Annika ki character ke liye woh bilkul perfect he
    Ab meri frnds ki bolti band ho gayi.he.????
    Even baad main maine youtube pe haya ki kuch acting dikhi.woh bhi acchi thi..

    1. hi arpi,no worries the more you read&write u will imporve yr english better..there is many of us her to help u…
      mujhe be lagata tha sso will kiss anika ..oh god will be heaven dear….anika should also u know show her affection towards shivaye…
      anika’s character&shivaye both are equality good…

  4. Hiiii guys
    I’m preeti I’m a big fan of ishbaaz.
    Today’s pisode was awesome!!Mahi’s language–“gangaram” its funny. Wnt to know shivaye’s masterplan

    1. Hello preeti!! Welcome!

    2. Archiya

      wc Preeti .. i have a very sweet cute fren of mine by ur name 🙂

  5. Why aren’t d oberoi family security following mahi to find out d connection. Who’s he meeting outside ..should follow him..

    1. The Oberoi security has used up their quota of skills and cleverness for this year while getting Shivaay rescued. It will take some time for them to recover. As for now they have returned to being useless.

  6. Shivaay or Mahi. Which one do u think will be closest to Nakuul’s real personality.

  7. Good afnoon ..ishquies how r u all my dears…
    Anu I too worried about murder drama..bcoz of dis shivay may put himself in trouble know…?
    Mmh shekar baai..u said ur wild guess of “something” of mahi is about his knowing of his father…but I’m thinking mahi knows his father dats y he is r
    reacting like dis…sorry yaar its my observation..seeing d whole episodes of mahi I’m feeling DAT mahi knows his father there happens some tragedy so these misunderstandings happened bcoz of kaminis upbringing of him…
    Anyways we have to wait for d future plots wht is in real store..its in d hands of CVS yaar…

    1. CHAVI
      yaa, that same I told in my comment, not directly , but it does mean it

  8. Yaeh..anu dear..I watched it again…cool shivika moments going on n it will be continue in today’s episode too…waiting to see yaar

  9. Hello… Welcomecback to me itself…hai…archyzzz,asthu and any….here all problems solved so archuzzz what u say now????Friendship is not about fighting but is of love…and wherever fightings,scolding and other problems are their…there is love….

    1. Archiya

      Diyas dear what should i say ??? All relations are based on love only, an fights an patch ups make the relation stronger.. if all is sorted out we all are happy.. as this is a family an we want all of them to be together..

      One suggestion.. if someone says anything to u, an it hurts u, please ask for an explanation.. don’t take decisions in a haste..

      1. Thank u and I accepted ur suggestion and love u dear… happy good night and sweet dreams……if u can see me then…..what will u do to recognise me in real life???I don’t know how I became close to u like my own sis….even I don’t have a sis of my own u are my sis….

  10. i thought i was the one to think that it was SSO with Kamini & ACP because the way his expressions changed by Kamini’s but after reading the comments of Gayathri Surbhi mouni & other comments too its not only me but many of us have same doubt that it might be SSO only hope it turns out to be true. In that case shivay will get to know that its Kamini who is planning & ACP back stabbed him.

  11. Yes..archiya,mouni,gayathri.visu,surbhi sharma…In precap ..I too felt dat.among kamini n ranveer it may b real SSO in place of mahi..mmh let c in today’s episode

  12. So give me reply u both if u have love on me…….if u are a true frnds … .cheer up be happy because in the world many are their who could not laugh so pray for them……and be like a matha to them……

  13. Dialogue writers of IB are just amazing I am in Love with Mahi’s Dialogues & his acting. i think mahi is getting doubt first about that interview & now about this Locker he is not educated but he is intelligent enough to understand the thinks happening around him. Sangeet seen was good.

    Koi toh bechari soumya ko bachalo yaar sab log sirf mahi ko expose karne mein lage hain Koi Soumya ko bhi thoda yaad karlo.

    I have a new name for all the ishquies here like when ever we have shivika scene along with them all of us also will be blushing so “BLUSHING ISHQUIES”

  14. Hiiii guyz can i join you i m new here……

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      welcome lee….

    2. Why not u are my frnds today onwards as u joined ….start commenting yaar

    3. Hello lee.. welcome! Keep commenting!

    4. Archiya

      Wc Lee.. keep commenting

  15. Hii lee Welcome to IB Fan page urf PKJ Keep commenting dear.

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