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Ishqbaaz 4th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pinky scolds Mallika and reminds that Shivaye dumped you .Mallika says I know he is good, it does not mean every girl will marry him, just for the record, your son did not dump me, I dumped your diamond type son. Everyone cup their mouths in shock. Some time before, Shivaye tells Mallika that there is no confusion now. She says there is a confusion, how did you change decision to allow me to stay here, I m curious to know, I know no one can change your decision.

He says I rethought and decided to help you. She says you paused in between, it means you are hiding something, let me guess, Anika stopped me and signed me to wait, then Shivaye version 2 came, that girl Anika affects you. He says I don’t get affected by her, she just irritates me. She smiles and says its on your face how much she

affects you. He says I know Om and Rudra taught this to you. She says they both also know this, it means I m right. She goes to Anika. He asks her to listen.

Riddhima and Om have a talk about her work and Mallika’s entry. He says you know Pinky, how she reacted. She asks about the new plants kept in the window. He says its here since 6 months, you did not notice. She says I did not, its pretty, but you have to move this, you know I have allergy with these flowers. He says but this is my room. She says our room, I will spend time here, so these plants have to go, say bye bye to them, change the lights in the room, these lights are dull, Mallika has come, we will go to her. He asks her to go. She says come fast and leaves. Om gets thinking.

Mallika goes to Anika and says I was finding you everywhere to thank you, you explained my point of view to Shivaye. Anika says he told this to you, he did not give me anything’s credit till now. Mallika says because I spoke to him. Anika calls her Chantt/clever, a good one. Mallika says I found that in smart way, I love your cute words. Anika tells the complete word. Mallika says I m happy that someone’s words affect Shivaye. Anika says he is not affected by anyone.

Mallika says trust me, he is soft hearted. Anika says just for his family, he is not soft hearted towards anyone, I call him Stone Singh Oberoi. Mallika says he has allowed me to stay here, he has managed everything alone till now, he has seen a lot, when we were in relationship, he did not show his vulnerability to anyone except me.

Anika asks what vanvaas. Mallika says no, vulnerability. Anika asks is that such word that happens between GF and BF. Mallika says oh my God, no……, you are so cute, I mean Shivaye showed his weakness to me, he never changed decisions, he changed decision because of you, he got someone who does not care that he is Shivaye Singh Oberoi, I m glad you both are equal, you don’t care of his status, when we were in relationship, he used to decide everything, not me, but you both are equal. She gets Siddharth’s call. Anika asks her why are you not answering, is he the one you were marrying. Mallika says yes. Anika asks do you love him. Mallika says yes. Anika asks why are you not answering then.

Pinky comes and asks Mallika her plan. Mallika says no idea yet. Pinky says I m not asking that plan to ask your secretary, don’t act innocent, I know you came to trap my son. Anika says Mallika is innocent. Pinky says Shivaye dumped her, and then she went to Rana, then he dumped her and she came to Shivaye, she should have shame, he is engaged now, she knows this and maybe she came to try once, did she forget he dumped her. Shivaye comes and asks what are you saying.

Pinky says you don’t talk in between, she is using your innocence, my son is a lotus in dirt, his height is less but see his looks, my Shivaye left you as someone leaves hot potato off the hand, you came back again, my son is diamond to support you till now. Mallika says wait, my ears are cooked by hearing mom’s universal dialogue that their son is diamond, girls are no less, if every son is diamond, why is our country not the richest, I know Shivaye is a nice guy, it does not mean every girl is dying to marry him, I did not come to marry him, for the record, your son did not dump me, I have dumped your diamond like son. Everyone hold their mouths in shock. Pinky asks what. Mallika says yes, you can ask Shivaye if you don’t trust me, ask him who left whom like a hot potato. Anika signs. Rudra signs to Om to ask. Pinky asks Mallika to say again. Mallika leaves. Everyone look at Shivaye.

Tej says how can anyone dump on Oberoi. Jhanvi says that’s what happened. Tej asks did you hear it. Pinky says yes, I heard it. Shakti says fine, but whats the reason. Pinky says she is mad to dump Shivaye. Shakti says its confirmed she is not interested in Shivaye, don’t worry. She asks how dare she reject Shivaye. The servants also talk about Shivaye and Mallika. Anika on call, says Mallika had left Shivaye, I m Jabra big fan Sahil, don’t call me for gossip, I have to work. She ends call and gets too happy.

Om and Rudra go to Shivaye and ask why did he not say that Mallika dumped him. Shviaye says I don’t need to talk, what would I say. Mallika comes and says that I created history by dumping Shivaye Singh Oberoi. Om says he never said any details. She says he would tell something like….. leave it, I would have not said details but Shivaye’s mom said a lot, so I had to say this. Shivaye says I know mom sometimes drags a bit. Om and Rudra ask a bit? Shivaye says fine, mom talks a lot. Rudra praises Shivaye and says he is handsome, has good height, okay, height is bit less, what does that matter, why did you dump him.

Mallika says because Shivaye did not love me. Anika comes and asks what. Shivaye says wow, it’s a free show for all now. Mallika asks Anika to come. Shivaye says Mallika let her work. Anika joins them, and says I finished my work, I m free so what was Mallika saying. Om asks Mallika to say since beginning. Mallika says we had simple relation, Shivaye was caring and supported me, we spent a lot of time, I did also usual stupidities in love, I loved rains, I liked cheesy love songs, Shivaye’s name was everything’s password.

Mallika says I used to wake ip and think of Shivaye first, I used to send him good morning message, I used to think of him before sleep and message him good night, but he never replied, I thought he is busy in work, atleast he would check phone and smile seeing my name. Anika smiles and sees Shivaye. Mallika says I had to know his response, and did not message him one day, he did not message me, I did not message all week and then till a month, he did not message me too, it means Shivaye did not get affected by my message, whether I send hi message or not, he never loved me, our relationship had love, just from my side, on paper we were perfect match but… Om says love is made in heart, not on paper.

Mallika says exactly, that’s why I dumped Shivaye, I m saying true right Shivaye, you never loved me. Shivaye says come on Mallika. She says I m not your GF now, you can tell me truth. Shivaye says I don’t believe in love. She tells about love. He says you have become love expert. She says why not, I got my true love, someone who truly loves me, he does not need to say I love you to me, I can see that in his eyes. He says even then you left him and run away from marriage. Om says Shivaye…. Shivaye realizes he has hurt Mallika and looks at her.

Shivaye says Mallika, I believe every relation is a deal, i mean this is real life, not a film that thundering, music playing and wind blowing will happen in love, this does not happen in reality. Mallika asks Anika which version does she believe, what I said or what Shivaye said. Anika says I believe what Billu ji said. Shivaye gets surprised and turns to see Anika.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Gul now needs to show Om thinking about Ishana a little.

  2. Haya123

    Gd evening all my sweet ishqiesssssss…
    Where is the leader of Ishqiesss,,, (renii diii )???
    aaj bhi work load hogiii.. I’t’s kk diiiiii..

  3. Where is mukta? Missing her comments..

  4. hi ishqbaazians…
    om will soon remember ishana…coz ystdy he got sm hint regarding ridhima…so jst keep patience…b anika supporting billuji’ll b interesting 2 see….

  5. Zuha Fatima

    Hello everyone! After so long 🙂 Shivika are rocking as usual 🙂 and I just love Pinky aunty’s acting 😉 She is so cute ?? Well Ishkara are missing nowadays, I am curious to know the reason behind Ishana being a con girl, was she force, or family issues, or what? Where the hell she is, and Om..How can she forget her in a day, okay dont talk about her but how can he be so normal? Malika kya aayi sab kuch dharam bharam ho gaya, but I am loving SJ, my favorite actress 🙂 Well Ishqies how are u all?
    Mukta, Shivani, Aliya, Monique, Priya di, Roz, Rose, Nadiya api and all!


    1. hey how r u??

    2. haeyy Zuha 😀 yea Mallika is cute

  6. Now this Mallika stuff is getting too much. I think these guys r losing track. I saw some stupid horror stuff they going to show in today’s episode of Ishqbaaz where the girls r going to scare the guys.
    Mallika talking about why she ran from her marriage to shivaye. Guys where’s Ishana ??????????

  7. Kiki

    Hi guys… Yesterday episode was ok. I like Mallika. I hope she will make Shivaay realise his love for Anika. There was some progress in Omkara’s story. I hope he will understand about Riddhima’s character soon. Im really excited for today episode.
    Im really disappointed that yesterday they didn’t show Oberoi brothers in Dance plus.

    1. We have to wait next Saturday to watch it as we get delay your having free time…best wishes for your al results..

      1. Kiki

        Thank u Tharu….

  8. Hey shivaniiii…. I thnk today shivika .. Gonna b rockzzzzzz… 🙂 :-* <3 B-)

  9. I love the way all are teasing Shivaaye abt Anika…

  10. where is renima missing your wonderful comments yaar

  11. where is renima mising your comments yaar by the way aaj ka episode kaffi intteresing hoga kyu anika ne billu ji ko support wisa tho dikhthi aisa nahi ki pyaar me borsa nahi karthi hai par usne apnilife me bahith kuchdekhi hogi is liye woh ausa kaha hai shayad

  12. renima kaha hai missing her comments. waise anika aise dikhthi nahi hai ki pyaar me vishvaas nahi hai par usne apni life me bahuth kuch dekhi hogi is liye pyaar pe vushvaas nahi karthi hai well aaj ka episode kaffi interesting hoga shayad

  13. MY lovely ishqbaaz family …….pls pray for me…….am going through a tough situation…….and am not able to say it…….. pls support me……i will comment tomorrow as am not in a situation to comment….pls pray for me disha, aqua, mukta, nadiya,piyali,kikki,nikki,shaza,shahabhanaa,
    fatarajo,yashal,ishika,ooshi……..pls pray ishqies

    1. if you don’t want to say its ok my prayers and blessings always with you di
      All The Best
      may lord ganesh bless you
      Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

    2. Priya15

      Di… Wt hpnd di?? U r scaring me… Hope everything is okay.. L surely pray for u.. I I have sent u one mail.. No worries di u can see it once I become free… I just hope ur prb gets well soon.. If u want then u can share it with us.. We r always there for u di… Hope u l be okay… Luv u di tc…. Consoling hugs to u.. I just hope bappa aap Ka saath DE.. Pls God help my di.. Di u can get over it soon.. Ntng is impossible for u di.. Luv u loads..

      1. Priya ishqie…..pls check the mail ……i replied you……i need your help……don’t know how i can explain it… just pls check the mail……

    3. Don’t worry reni….everything will be alright….. My prayers are with you dear…..

    4. ok di

    5. Don’t worry di….my prayers are always with you di.

    6. ?God Bless

    7. Di I am always with you….you are soo sweet….that what you want you will get that

    8. you will overcome it di

  14. Shakaib

    Nice episode

  15. i will support you for sure i don’t no the situation but i hpoe that you getthrough it renima i will miss your comments

  16. I want ishkara scenes.I miss them a lot

  17. I think Ishana is Anika’s younger sister and was adopted by the person she calls dad. They don’t show Ishkaara for a while but when they do its some dhamaka. so I am hopeful that some big impact ful moment of Ishkaara is coming up.Also Anika’s revelation about her feelings about love will draw Shivaay closer to her as he will realize that have more similarities than differences.

  18. i will pray for you renima i don’t no the situation but i know that deffinetly grt through

  19. Guyz dd u all c d new sbs???its hilarious…!!d galz scaring d 3 oberois nd anika is stayng over…i dunno whether its gng 2 be a epi but its awsum???????

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