Ishqbaaz 4th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Omkara doubts on Gauri

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Shivaye asks Om did he fight with Gauri. Om says strange, you remember Gauri, not Anika. Shivaye sees Anika and Tanya’s reflection. Some time before, Shivaye talks to Mishra. Anika and Dadi start their drama. Anika says my fate is so bad. Dadi asks why are you cursing your fate. Anika says I got a liar husband, I didn’t imagine Shivaye will be a fraud. Shivaye hears them. Dadi asks what did he say. Anika says lies slip out of his mouth, you know you gave us challenge to stay in chawl. Dadi says yes, my Billu passed the test. Anika says no, it was a lie, we didn’t stay in chawl. Dadi asks what. Anika says he entered my room and said there is no AC, he asked me to lie, I had to lie. Dadi says my Billu lied.

Shivaye says I didn’t lie Dadi. He acts to talk to Mishra and says lying behind back

is bad. Anika says I don’t lie behind back, you know me Dadi. Shivaye answers indirectly. Anika asks are you hearing us, bad manners, I m talking about my husband Shivaye, why do you care. He says I feel bad as my name is also Shivaye. She says its limit, now I can’t take my husband’s name. She tells Dadi about mehendi function, we took vows. He says vows. She asks him not to talk in between and stay quiet, she is talking to Dadi. She says Shivaye and his vows are lies, he is a miser. He asks miser, me? Dadi says no, my Billu can’t be a miser. Anika asks can someone give fake ring on engagement, check it. He says its rare diamond ring. She says I got fooled by him, see its just a glass. He holds his head. Dadi says he gave you a fake ring. Anika says I got angry, I will give this ring to junk buyer. He asks her who does this. She says you are speaking again. He says I m on phone. She says I have decided. The junk buyer comes. She says she will give 2 crores ring to junk buyer. Anika and Dadi smile.

Anika asks the man to say good price, its glass ring. Shivaye says its not glass ring. She asks him not to say in between. She says this glass is very good, I want a dinner set for this. He asks dinner set, does anyone take dinner set for a ring. She says aw, it means dinner set also can’t come. She asks the man to take the ring. Shivaye asks what are you doing. She asks him why is he coming in between her deal. He asks is this any deal, emotions should be valued. Anika asks will I make pickle of emotions if the giver has no value. She asks Dadi does she have any objection. Dadi says no. Anika asks Shivaye not to talk in between now. He asks her to show ring. He praises it and says its not a fake ring. She says I will tell you the story, I have seen same ring on tv, I felt its rented ring, its cheap one. Shivaye takes the ring and asks the man to take his dinner set and get out. Anika laughs.

Shivaye says its a vintage ring, did you see it. Anika says you know much about it, but don’t remember whom did you make this wear. Tanya asks him to come. He says I m a business and know the difference between diamond and glass, keep it safe. He goes with Tanya. Anika says I told you Dadi, he remembers everything. Dadi agrees. Anika says I have to make him speak up.

Om says this house was lonely without you. Shivaye asks him to say some poetry. Om asks are you missing this. Shivaye says I didn’t hear anything since long. Om does some shayari. They hug. Om asks him to share anything if he wants. Shivaye says I m not hiding anything. Om says fine, we will talk when you want. Anika signs Om. Om says I know you have forgotten everything that happened in last one year, my life has many problems, I didn’t had interest in marriage, leave it, you came after much time and I m saying about my problems. Shivaye asks Om did he had a fight with Gauri. Om says strange, you remember Gauri, not Anika. Shivaye sees Anika and Tanya’s reflection. Anika hides behind tree. Shivaye says no, its not such, I heard Jhanvi and Dadi talking about her. Om says what you are doing and why, just you know it, please just see, someone’s heart is breaking because of you. He goes. Shivaye thinks I know Om, I don’t want to hurt Anika, but I have no option, I have to act till I know Tanya’s gameplan. Anika goes. Tanya looks on.

Tej looks for some file. He gets a note in file. He says I have clicked this pic when Kalyani mills was inaugurated, how did this blood mark come on it. He reads be there at Kalyani mills, its your payback time. He thinks did that secret come out.

Jhanvi is on call. She hears her voice and goes. She sees a camcorder. She says I recorded this many years ago, it was my birthday and Tej was busy, who kept this here, who played it. She reads note to be at Kalyani mills, its payback time for old crimes.

Abhay shows a painting. The man asks is this original, we can auction this and boost our business. Abhay says I can give it to you, you have to free Om from contract, you have to promise me you will not take legal action, I m doing this as he is my brother, I can do anything for my brothers, tell me do you agree.

Shakti reads Gita. He gets a similar note. He says who can it be. The man says we can get much profits from this painting. He agrees to the deal. Abhay says great, sign on this agreement, you will understand Om’s problem and free him from contract, you will bear the loss. The man says sure and signs the agreement. Abhay looks at the painting. He sprays and damages it. The man asks what did you do, you ruined an expensive painting, its not fair, I will sue you. Abhay asks him to try, he can’t even touch his brother. He leaves.

Pinky, Jhanvi, Tej and Shakti arrive at the mill one after another. The man apologizes to Om and says exhibition will happen when you can deliver paintings. Om says okay, I will let you know. Om ends call and says weird, how are they cooperating. Abhay comes and does shayari. Om says so you did this. Abhay says sorry, I couldn’t see you in stress. Om asks why, I told you I sort out my personal matters myself. Abhay says yes, I know, but you all are my brothers and I can do anything for you. Om thanks him and says Rudra told me how you managed land deal. Abhay says so Rudra went for that matter.

Tej, Shakti, Pinky and Jhanvi see each other. Shakti asks Pinky what is she doing here. Pinky says someone sent me message. They say we also got same message. Tej says it means someone is playing game with us. Shakti asks who can it be. Tej says that person shouldn’t know this secret, else we all will get ruined, none knows this secret except us, it means one of us did this, I feel Pinky did this. Pinky argues. He says I know your nature, I can say you are doing this. Jhanvi says Tej can’t do this. Shakti says Pinky can’t do this, I trust her. Tej says then its you. Pinky says Shakti can’t do this. They argue.

Shakti says I think none of us can do this, someone is making us fight. Tej says there will be some motive to call us together, does he know our secret. Gauri is on the way and says mum is out of danger now, its good I reached Bareilly on time, I understood one thing by staying away from Om, I can’t live without him, we will make a new start, I will tell him I was taking English classes to become suitable for him, I will also tell him how much I love him, I didn’t tell Om. She calls Om.

Om answers. Gauri says I called to say… He disconnects. She messages him that she is coming home. Om says so she thought of home now, I have seen her real face.

A man comes to meet Bhavya and thanks her. He gets sweets. She says it was my duty, govt. gives me salary for this. He says you saved my shop and my family. She says this is not needed. He insists and keeps the box. He goes. Anti corruption bureau officers come and say we got info that you took a bribe. She says what, I never took a bride. They check around and get the box with cash. She says someone just gave sweets. He asks is this sweets. She gets shocked seeing money. She says I don’t know how money came in this. The man says its old way to take bribe, you shoukd be ashamed. She asks him to trust her, someone is trapping her. He says it will be decided after investigation. Pinky says if this truth comes out, we will be gone. Tej asks her to stop it. Shakti asks who called us. Jhanvi says we have to find out. Pinky says he would want us to recall that incident. They argue. Shakti says no use to play blame game, we should solve this problem. Tej agrees and says that secret shouldn’t come out. Pinky says if world know this secret, we all will get ruined.

Gauri comes home. She gets Arjun’s call. He asks her to talk in English. He asks did you reach Mumbai well. She says yes, thanks, I was in Bareilly even then you taught me via internet. He asks her to confess feelings to Om. She says I wrote everything on a card. He asks her to say, how will she say. She says I will say as you taught me, I will say, I love you. Om looks on. Arjun says nice. She says I didn’t think she will fall so low, she is confessing love to Arjun, I hate her, I can’t tolerate this now. Arjun says when you give card to your husband, say it too. She agrees.

Commissioner says sorry Bhavya, till enquiry happens, I know you are innocent, but I have to follow department rules, you have to return this belt and gun. She cries. Gauri says I will give this card and say my feelings, I will also say I was taking English classes. Arjun wishes her all the best. She thanks him. She turns and sees Om. She hides card. Om says I have seen you and came here, you took many days to come. He hugs her. She says I felt you will be angry on me. He gets angry. He says I missed you a lot. She says I also missed you, I got a surprise for you. He says I also have a surprise, come and see it first. He thinks I gave you a chance, but you are not deserving of that, I will end our relation today.

Shivaye says you are scared of darkness, what are you doing here. Anika says you remember this, will you still say you don’t identify me, Shivaye till when will you refuse to accept our relation, I m your wife, say something. He hugs her. Tanya sees them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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