Ishqbaaz 4th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 4th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika says have this candy floss, its good. Shivaye says we did not come on picnic and this is unhygienic. She says I want to have it. He removes the candy floss from her nose. Some time before, Om says we have seen that girl committing suicide. Anika says we have seen Amtabh dying in Sholay. Rudra says I did not see, I mean Sholay. Om says lets focus on our other big problems. Soumya says what Anika means is, what is seen on screen is not necessary to be true. Anika asks how is this possible that video got over when suicide ended.

Shivaye says yes, Anika is right, it means someone else made that video, if that girl really died, the video would have run more. Rudra says it means this is someone’s plan. Shivaye says 101%, I checked our company records, no employee named Shilpa Mehta works in

any of our companies. Om says police can say our company manipulated the records. Shivaye says yes, but if its real suicide, its record should be in any police station or hospital, if its not like that, it means it’s a plan against us and…. Anika says and Shilpa Mehta is alive.

Commissioner Kadam tells Shivaye and Om that 2 crore people stay in Mumbai and lakhs of people commit suicide, its impossible to get suicide committed 5 years go, even if we get report, its not useful till enquiry on Tej and Shakti is completed. Shivaye says I told you, this investigation is based on CD and that CD is fake, that poster… Kadam says I heard it about CD and poster, its not a solid proof. Shivaye says if movie is released one month before, how can poster come in 5 year old CD, how is that possible. Kadam says how can you be sure of that, maybe that girl said wrong year in mental stress.

Shakti talks to Dadi on phone and says I don’t know what is Shivaye doing, he agreed to marry Tia and then he refused to marry on Anika’s saying that she got some proof, whats this kiddishness. Dadi asks him not to worry on phone, this proof is a start, it was fog till now, atleast we see a blurred way, you went to Mata Rani darbar, if heart has no belief, then one has to come back, so trust Mata Rani. He says Shivaye took big risk, if this blame is not proved wrong, then we will not get votes, even Tia’s parents won’t support us, we are taking big step on Anika’s saying. She says I trust Anika completely, you see she will make everything fine.

Shivaye says I m sorry but Tej and Shakti are innocent. Kadam says court wants proof, which we don’t have, I m sorry. Shivaye says Gayatri has proof, she is in your custody, she did this plan, its your work to get truth out of her. Kadam says you think we did not try, we tried our best, but she did not say, trust police, if Tej and Shakti are innocent, nothing will happen to them, we are not framing them, we are trying to find the truth.

Soumya says now police is saying proof is not enough, we are back to square one, what to do. Om says Tej and Shakti are on Vaishni Devi, if sin is done, it has to be washed. Rudra says Om, now its cleared that they are framed, you have seen the poster. Om says yes, I have seen Tej since childhood, this blame maybe wrong, I can’t believe Tej is clean. Rudra says I don’t know that, I know you hate Tej and you find everything about him wrong. Shivaye says guys stop it, we are discussing case, do I need to remind, all for one and one for all. Om and Rudra say along. Shivaye says we have to stand with our dads, not against them, so from where shall we start. Anika says from CD, we know CD is fake and have to proof it, we have clue, that poster, that I found. Shivaye jokes that Vasco da Gama would have not been so happy after finding India like Anika is getting happy by finding this poster.

Rudra says guys, we will do imp work, Tashan baazi can be done later. Priyanka says this poster proves that girl was alive till last month. Anika says she can be alive now also. Soumya asks how can we prove this. Anika says we have to find her. Shivaye says Mumbai has population of 2 crores, how will you find her, do you know how many zeroes are there in two crores. Anika counts. Om signs 7. Anika says 7 zeroes. Shivaye says well done, thanks Om, how to find her. Rudra says guys, we have to find poster, then where is it fixed, then we will get that girl. Anika signs Rudra got smart.

Shivaye asks Rudra what happened to you. Rudra says I m eating 21 badams as Anika said. Anika says you should also eat it, your mind will get sharp. Shivaye says lets find the girl. She calls Sahil and says I m saying you, my brother Sahil will tell us easily where is this film poster fixed. Shivaye asks really. She says yes, if I give window breaking ideas, he gives door breaking ideas. Shivaye asks do you have anything saved at home or you guys break everything. She says he is very sharp, when he saw Gupt, he said Kajol is murderer, he is genius, cheetah, tiger. Shivaye says he is a kid who is not answering, I had enough of this. Sahil answers and asks Anika is Bagad Billa troubling again. Anika says you are on speaker. Sahil asks why, everyone would be fighting to talk to me, you would have asked them not to fight and think of Gandhi ji.

Shivaye says just move ahead. Anika asks Sahil for help. Sahil says I will help, tell me who is listening me. She says everyone. He asks even Bagad Billa? Everyone smile. Shivaye says seriously….. Anika says Sahil, I explained you not to say Bagad Billa. Sahil asks when, you never explained, you said… yes got it, Billu ji is there. Shivaye asks Billu? Sahil asks who is there. Anika says everyone, SSO, his brother, Omkara, Rudra. Sahil greets Omru. Om and Rudra greet him. Anika says Priyanka Didi and Soumya Didi. Priyanka and Soumya greet Sahil. Sahil smiles and thinks of Soumya. Ankhon me teri…..plays………….

Anika says hello Sahil. Shivaye says just say it. Anika asks Sahil what will you take to help me. Sahil says I will become hero by helping Anika in front of Soumya. He asks what happened. She says I have sent you a picture, see it, and tell me where is the poster fixed. He says hold and checks picture. He says its same picture which… Shivaye says which has spirit who wears white saree and white sports shoes, who becomes Icchadhaari naagin. Anika says yes, after interval. Om and Rudra smile. Shivaye says exactly, I will keep special movie screening for you after this discussion. Sahil greets Shivaye and says hello Billu ji, you are real Tadibaaz, you did not miss to show Taadi now. Om and Rudra smile and say Tadibaaz. Anika asks Sahil to talk about work, and greet later. Sahil says this poster is everywhere in Mumbai, how to know place.

Shivaye says tiger, cheetah, genius, you said all this, I will just call a private investigator. Sahil sees picture again and says there is no clue in poster, but its below poster, its written Jhankar Dance Class. Om checks the picture in his phone and zooms. He says Jhankar Dance Class is seen, but address is unclear. He gets half words. Anika says Jhankar Dance Class will be in this area, we can find the girl. Om thanks Sahil and says you are really tiger. Rudra says you are cheetah also. He asks Sahil to come, I will make you have my fruit punch.

Sahil says Anika does not get me there, and Mr. SSO, I know Anika would have praised me a lot, are we number one. Shivaye says yes, not bad. Soumya says Sahil you are genius, thanks. Sahil says just you know my value, whats your fav. Subject, color, fav….. Anika says okay, bye Sahil, we have much work. She ends call and says my brother talks a lot right. Shivaye says its family problem, can we focus on problem.

Priyanka says I did not hear such name in Mumbai. Shivaye says there is something else, check Om. Rudra says I will check, don’t worry. Om says wait and tells the name of the place. He says I know this area, there are many dance classes, this looks Basti type area. Anika says we will find the girl by checking the area. Shivaye says once we get the girl, it will be proved that blame is wrong, and Tej and Shakti are innocent.

Soumya talks on her radio show and tells about breakups and broken glass, we should move on from both, if we try to pick broken glass, it hurts fingers, relationships are same, so try and move on. She ends the show. Priyanka comes and says Soumya, you are love angel, you are a celebrity, you know everyone is your fan, Rudra tells about love angel always, wait I will tell everyone. Soumya asks her not to say. Priyanka asks why do you want to hide this. Soumya says I will tell you a story, when I was little, I asked long list of gifts from Santa Claus. He used to get it, I used to smile all day, then I have grown up, I identified Papa in Santa’s costume, next year I did not ask for any list, as Santa was my thought, its magic was lost after I knew it, let love angel be love angel, if its known its Soumya, magic will go. Priyanka says fine, I won’t say. Soumya asks Anika’s pinky promise. Priyanka says yes and promises her.

Anika, Shivaye, Om and Rudra go to that area. They look around. Shivaye says this place is so dirty. Om says this is called real world. Shivaye asks really, we also live in real world. Om says no, we live in glass palace, where we can see world but can’t feel it, we see soil, but don’t get its smell, we should touch the soil and feel it, life is… Rudra says we did not come here to do character differentiation, we came for imp work.

Anika says its big area. Om says yes, but we have just one clue, that poster, we have to find that girl’s house. Shivaye says I still feel we should hire a private investigator. Rudra says Bhaiya, you won’t need anyone when agent Rudy is here, 00 and another 0. Om asks Rudra to relax, I think we should work by dividing in two teams to work fast. Rudra says yes, Anika and I in one team. Shivaye says please, one’s talk does not end and other is totally dumb. Rudra asks him how can you say I talk a lot and Anika is dumb. Anika and Shivaye look at each other. Rudra says you want to say this as you want to make team with Anika. Om asks Rudra in whose team you want to be, Shivaye or mine. Rudra says yours. Shivaye says fine and holds Anika’s hand. Rudra says you never forwarded hand for me like this. Shivaye leaves Anika’s hand. Om smiles. Rudra says don’t do long distance attack on me by eyes, we will see who finds girl first. He tells Om that he united Shivaye and Anika. Shivaye asks Anika to come. Om and Rudra try to find the poster or girl. Anika and Shivaye proceed.

Anika asks him to walk slow, why is he running like a mad rabbit. Rudra gets tired and asks Om to wait. Anika asks Shivaye whats his problem, did his brakes fail. He says I heard what Sahil said on phone, I will cook you up when I m close. Rudra asks a man for extra wada pau. Om asks man about the poster. Anika says you felt bad of a little kid’s words. Shivaye says you think I m so petty to feel bad of a kid’s words, I don’t care what anyone thinks or says about me. She says candy gloss, and buys. She asks Shivaye to have it, its good. He says we did not come on picnic and this is very unhygienic. She asks don’t you want to have it. He says no. He says fine, I will have it.

Rudra says Om, I got it. Om asks what. Rudra says I knew it, there are many vendors, and groundnut one will be here. He asks the man to make masala nuts. Om goes. Shivaye looks at Anika. Rudra says you make nuts, I will just come. Shivaye removes the candy floss from Anika’s nose. She looks at him. Music plays………..

Anika says my heart says poster is here. He says your heart says, that’s your logic. She says its here. He says its not time to joke. She says I m not joking, see Fukat Raja poster. He checks it and says Jhankar Dance Class, this window, Fukat Raja ….. yes.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Kavinnilla

    The episode was awesome. I wish om should meet ishana there because in that area dance class are there na .I wish this to happen

  2. Richu

    Woahhhhhhhh two mastermindsss……..
    Well its quite correct how can the video get over so soon after the suicide attempt…..

    Rudraaaaa!!!!umaaahhhhh loving him these daysss yaar!!
    He’s so cuteee…..

    Thanks fr the superfast update!!

  3. Sunehri

    |Registered Member

    First of all. … HATS OFF TO SAHIL AND HIS PERFORMANCE 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 sahil really made my day and his ajab si moment with soumya toh 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 and our billu ji’s reaction tho its like

    Anika : mera bhai bohot bolta hai
    Shivaye : yeah I know family problem 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

    Sahil was like bagar billa is listening … and finally priyanka came to know that soumya is love angel ….. and precap 😂 seems very interesting

    And shivika and OmRu too rocked today’s

    But Seriously today sahil was the best

    And how are you doing! ?!?!? Fatarajo renima di dhruv bhaiya mukta di aliya di shivani di mukti di priya di shahabana di haya di sujina di troyee di piyali dI abhiha di richu di nitu di shama di sat di and all ishqies I hope u all are asusual good

    @Renima di – di I’ve comment in ur ff 🙂 and ur lines are amazing 🙂

    And all ff writers I’m reading ur ff … I’ve comment after 5th October …..

    Becoz my holidays gonna start .. finally I can peacefully update my ff 😛

    And I scored well in exams I got

    Math – 81.5/90

    Other marks I’ve get after holidays 😛

    Anywas keep going ishqbaaz

    Sunehri mehta ♡

    • Piyaliii

      |Registered Member

      Congo ….sunehri…..
      I too scored well this time….😊😊😊😊
      Chalo party krte h ab!!!😉😉😉😉😁😁😁

    • Abiha

      Congratxxx yr….ur result is soooooo good…n yeah m fit n fine how r u ..?m enjoying these days….

  4. salsa

    Anika : agar me khidki tood idea deti hoon to mera vai darwaja tood idea deta hain
    Shivaay : tumhare ghar me kuch bachta bhi hai… 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Yazhu

    |Registered Member

    Awww…My Shivika is so cute…loved the candy floss scene…they’re so adorable…Sahil steals the show today…he was just awesome…the way he talked with everyone…I was laughing so much… he’s so smart and cute…Of course Rudy’s always there to bring Shivika together…love him a lot…as always Om looks so cool and amazing…

  6. ShivikA fan

    Superb I mean khidki tod episode….i have not watched it yet but thnx to amena..i have the updates to read…the episode was full of fun… favourite shivika were like always….superb and also omru…rudra is so funny…….just superb episode and love u shivika…

  7. saku

    Episode was nice..sahil is soooo cuteeee…& rudra he so funny…..darwaja tod idea was very funny…
    @tridha i m 16 dear….

  8. Sunehri

    |Registered Member

    And Rudra’s reaction when shivaye was holding anika’s hand

    Rudra : apne mere liye toh kabhi aise haath nahi badAya 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

    Rudra and sahil are rocking

  9. Naga Ch

    Wowwwww…..interesting and funny episode… and thanks for the update. The track of shivaay and Anika reminding me arnav and kushi from iss pyarr ko kya naam doon….

  10. manu

    Amazing……loved today’s epi yrr sahil part was amazing and when shivaya jokes hahah and rudy love u yr. U r too good and when shivaya holds anika’s hand wowww yr loved it and the reacrion of rudy mere hath toh kabhi asse nhi padka was superb and prinku get to knwo about love angel hey was having a ques what’s the matter of that girl I didn’t remember her name rudra was crazy for that girl and she is somaya’s friend and somya wants to yell rudy about her what she want to tell???anybody knows it if yes plz and over all epi was just amazing loved the last scene of shivika love u shivika and all the ishqbazians now good nightttt to all bye bye

    • Roz

      |Registered Member

      yea,,,,,Romi,,,,,,I too was thinking of her,,,,,,she just vanished,,,,they showed lyk Romi has sm secret which Soumya knows,,,,Since last month they are showing scenes lyk Soumya abt to tell the secret to Rudy e.t.c bt nthng happened

  11. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    For ishkara fans :

    Ek tarfa pyaar ki taakat hi kuch aur hoti hai…💜💜💜

    Ishkara fans can feel the power of ishkara in their hearts once they got the news of no ishkara…

    Isnt it ishkarians????

    Actually when i heard channa mereya song.. And this line came.. Dont know gave me the thought of ishkara…

    Ishkarians only loved ishkara….production didn’t.. If they had done too then it l be the block buster and epic love story in the telly wood….shayad.. They didn’t destined to deserve ishkara…



    • Abiha

      Yeah dear….i m also missing ishkara….hoping that where shivika n omru have gone its area of dance classes …so if gul wants she can start their track from…but the thing is she don’t want….
      Alfo some ppl here saying that ishana will b back ….n they don’t know how to post link here i think its tridha so dear can u plz tell her how to post link so we can see what’s news ….about which they r saying..?

  12. trisha

    today episode is really funny yarr sahil scen was dam awsoome saala \jiju taking …..I hope they will solve the cd mysrty before 18 hours ….. I like that scene when shivaya looking at anika with smile face during he remove candyfloss frm her nose luv is in the air ,luv is everywhere

  13. Yazhu

    |Registered Member

    Really missing Ishkara a lot…so there’ll be no Ishkara…hate to accept it…even though if there’s no Ishana at least the cvs should concentrate on Om’s love track in a different way…Om’s character is unique and he really deserves a unique love story…as Shivika’s love track is going on well…the cvs should concentrate on Om’s love story too…

    • Shaza

      |Registered Member

      Ikr …Om’s charector is the most unique and awesome one …no charector was there like him in any other serial …..he really deserves a unique love story …but after Ishana exit ..I feel like …either brung Ishana back ..or no need of Om’s love story 😏..sorry if I hurt anyone..😔🙏🏻

    • Isha

      @Yazhu & Shaza — Ishaana character vi unique tha… dono character unique tha. Ishana as a con girl but not proffesional ,.. she can do only her family. But yeh character the end karna ka koi karan pata nahi.. I hate not Gul actually I hate writter,,,.. Sunha hain 5 writer milkar yeh serial hain OMG :O 5 writter ko vi samaz nahi ataa serial ka story.

  14. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    Wn i was reading the wu…and the dance place came..i remembered ishana dance.. O re piya..ishkara scene..

    If ishkara is not there too each n every word gives feel of them..and thats the winning point of a couple..

    Eventhough they rnt there..their fans should remember them..and thats the real success of a jodi…

    In that way ishkara is the best jodi…

    As their fans feel them each moment…

    Power of ishkara..

    What say ???

  15. divi

    One of the best episodes… Fun filled…better than other serials which are dragging over a single issue. The best part s sahil’s phone talk and agent Rudy he’s so cute….

  16. akann

    Today’s episode was just too good. really funny. Shivaay and Sahil were real great. Sahil is too adorable and made me laugh the whole time. The whole episode was a treat. The last scene was just the topping on the cake. Shivaay’s were oozing with love for Anika!!!

  17. khushi

    I thing rudra nd anika are like childish behaviour In that serious matter they want candyfloss nd nut but without them no funn in others life in the serial also, if everyone bcom serious who make happy fun nd entertained in shivaya nd om life….

  18. saku

    rudra anika n om bonding is very cool….rudra n shivaye were fighting fr bcoming anikas partner…hawww.shivaye called rudra total dumb n anika whse talk nvr end ws very funny…day by day rudy is going crazyyy….rudy n sahil rocks…..

  19. Ramyakumar

    This show is really fantastic…I enjoy tthe a how v much…anika and rudra are extremely good…They both are so humourous…Today’s episode was so nice..☺☺😁😁😀😀I loved it

  20. Roz

    |Registered Member

    “do you have anything saved at home or you guys break everything.” haha LOL Shivaaye….
    I just loved Sahil’s part today…..I knw Sahil-Somu story doesn’t make any sense,bt still just loved it,,,,,Sahil is such a cutiepie,,,,,,,,,, <3 <3 <3

  21. Vanessa

    It was so funny I could not stop laughing… Rudra is superb… The way he spoke with shivaye is superb… Sahil is so cute …yaar..

  22. Tridha

    |Registered Member

    It was a very funny episode. Sahil is gonna come soon in oberoi mansion I guess.
    Vasko-da-gamma dialogue was really funny.
    Anika: mai khidki tod idea deti hu to mera vai darwasa tod idea deta hai.
    Shivay: tumhare gharme kuch bacha hai yah pher tumlog sab tod dete ho???
    Sahil sher hai, chitah hai..
    Sahil: bagad bill, billuji, gandhiji ko yaad karo, tadibaaj,soumya….aakhon main teri.
    Rudra as agent rudra.
    Om & his words & every sentence touched my heart. His dress is making me mad for ishana. Missing her.

  23. nithu

    Oh it was best funny episode…. Hey Sahil u just rocked dear, oh my poor billuji, u made fun of him…
    And soumya was correct, if everyone comes to know she is love angel truly the magic will lost…
    Om’s words about real world was so good to hear, I wish he would see Ishana in that area but I know it could not possible and I don’t want that ridhima for om ji, she don’t deserve him at all..
    And finally Rudy, he just rocks and his dialogues are awesome… I thoroughly enjoyed this episode…

  24. Naika

    |Registered Member

    Hello everyone…. Tday’s episode was just awesome everyone nailed to nicely.. The conversation between sahil and anika was just too funny!!!

  25. Lotika

    So far this serial is best serial ever I hope makers keep it like that they don’t spoil it like yhm or sns

  26. Roz

    |Registered Member

    Rudra’s dialogues were too funny,,,,,,and Sahil’s phone conversation,,,,just can’t stop laughing,,,,,I just love OmRu pair,,,……and yes,,,Shivika bond is developing,,,,Shivaaye was nt at all worried that OmRu will tease him for going with Anika,,,,Hope he will soon admit his love for her,,,,He shud confess first

  27. afra

    yaeh sahil was damn cute..rudra really make a smile on my face ..Nd even I wish let Om meet ishana from there ..atleast jst remember said ,anika Nd rudra is havn somuch in similar…please start om Nd ishana part ..Nd bring some romance between rudra Nd soumya too .it would b a pleasure to watch a good bond between shivay Nd sahil ..bcz want to know how he will b dealing with sahil’s episode was really a nice one ..

  28. sg

    awesome serial.. interesting and new story at least different from saaa bahu serials.. cheers to young generation

    • Isha

      young generation now bore this serial. R u new from Ishqbaaz serial. 2um kya recent dekhraha hoon kya… we have seen day 1 but har episode main shivika same nok jokh (Anshi ) no so interesting part. Seial kabhi kabhi comedy hoo jah ti hain,..

  29. aahana

    Y do i have a feeling dt tej and shakti r not on any yatra, dy r doing something there and this time shakti is suspicious.😕😕


    |Registered Member

    This episode was full of fun…. only laughter and laughter 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    And always out of focus…. but in episode rudra said right anika always solve problem of oberio mansion and specially of shivaye…
    Some time i feel writers are too slow in writing or sometime they are too fast… writers need to ballnce show and bring ishana back soon

  31. ishika

    Anika n rudra give same vibes they wanna hv food😂
    Sahil sso anikas exprsn..wth sso repeatng th stry f th film😂😍
    Sarcastic clap of sso n saying thanks Om…whle om hlpng Anika fr zeros😂
    This I indeed th BST shw n hilarious epsde aftr th shitia letter epi😂

  32. Piyaliii

    |Registered Member

    Hello everyone…commenting after a long as I was only giving replies….😊😊😊
    Today’s episode was super hitttt yrr……lovely….
    Specially Sahil and Rudra……😊😊😊today was their day!
    And Anika as always very fabulous……
    Cute episode….waiting for tomorrow’s episode….😊😊

    Mukta, priya, abiha di, nikki di, nishu, astha, alka di, manik br, dhruvv, dhruvvv, richu di, haya di,tharu di,di, roz di, shaza,luna di, shivani di, tharu di, sunehri, tridha, renima di, mukti di,shahabana di, Soniya,
    Chetana di, anusha, nivedha di, diya di, maya di, sat, sharmi,Monique di, ridhima, maahiswt, aditi, maha, rosu di,aahana,sat, sharmi, and all new comers…….
    Hope you all are fine!
    And I will not comment for 3 days…so see you later…😘😘😘

  33. Diya

    Rudy awesome as usual. I think he is life of this show cos his jokes and comments make the episodes so lively. I feel that Shivaay and Sahil second meeting is approaching. I have been waiting for it. Shivaay is yet to know that Sahil has a problem with one if his legs and then he will regret calling him apaahij. Another development today, Priyanka came to know that Soumya is love angel. That may take SomRu story forward in some way. Why do I have a feeling that the new Ishana will be introduced in this track in one of the other dance classes that OmRu find. Or maybe Om will witness some goons attacking Ishana and that will start up the Ishkaara story again. Fingers crossed.

    • Tridha

      |Registered Member

      Diya di u r very intelligent. But not gul. I don’t think she is gonna start ishkara now. I heard after this cd drama she will start about priyanka

      • Diya

        🙂. About Priyanka? Without moving Om’s story forward?? Too much! 😡
        Anyway, Thanks for your kind comment Tridha

      • Chetna

        Priyanka. …is she mad? She already suffer with three love stories and she want one more drama.
        What’s wrong with her

    • Mishri

      |Registered Member

      u know wat diya…i have a feeling…..FEELINg.. dat shell bring ishaana in somehow…the 7th oct maha epi will be the best oppurtnty plus wen they kept repeating dance classes i sort of became hopeful…yup FINGERS CROSSED!!!!!

  34. Diya

    BTW I love Sahil. What a fine child actor. So natural. And his crush on Soumya is so cute. Did anyone notice Rudy’s face when Sahil started asking for Soumya’s favorites. Hahaha. I think RuSomHil triangle is approaching. That’ll be hilarious and so much fun to watch😁😁

  35. Diya

    My favorite one liners from today that I will be using on my friends:

    1. Agar main khidki Tod idea deti hoon to wo darwaaza Tod idea detaa hai.
    2. Kuch bachtaa bhi hai tum logo ke ghar mein?
    3. Vasco De Gama bhi India ko dhoondh Kar itnaa khush nahi huaa hogaa
    4. Aap kyun baawle khargosh ki tarah bhaag rahe hain.

    Haha. I used to keep track of Zoya’s awesome shaayri in Qubool hai. And now I am keeping track of the one liners here.

    From last episode my favorite-
    Rudy: kal aapke haath Peele ho jaayenge. Phir aap Dhaniya paraaye ho jaayenge 😂

  36. Shaza

    |Registered Member

    Hey guys r u all …😄? ….
    The ep was awesome..Sahil was the best part .sahil dreaming himself with Soumya 😂😂😂…and the whole convo on the Phone 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😄👌🏻🎉🎊…..baggad billa is also there ? 😂……and Roudra and Anika ..both are interested in foods 😜……shivika scene were cute ..Roudra and Sahil dialouges are awesome …

    • Mishri

      |Registered Member

      hahaha yh…shil rudar and anika kind of makes my day!!!!!i looove rudra anika scenes..he praises his bhaabhi lyk crazy..and wen he said dheka???..i got them 2gthr…i was smiling!!!and rudra has a competion for saumya!!!!he has to fyt our sahil ryt???

  37. Shaza

    |Registered Member

    Precap ..when it said dance class for a second I hope it would be like ….

    Ishana’s condition is not good financially but she is trying hard and is trying to earn money by teaching dance ….and when Om see her he should feel like …yea the tag OBEROI makes a difference ….cuz maybe if he sell the same statues on the roadside type ..he will never be able to earn ..but when it’s being displayed it is …..
    And then atlast OMRU should ask Ishana if she have seen that girl …and Ishana will be surprised..a lil guilty ..a lil happy to see Om …she should be knowing the girls whereabouts and should help all if them and atlast become their good freind ….and Om should also forgive her as she helped them …and atlast the girl should be found and tej and shakti should be proved innocent …,and all should thank Ishana 😄..and Om should ask if they can start afresh ….it would be a good start for them ..whatsay❓…

    But that’s probably not gonna happend ..😔😔😔but I really wish it would hpnd 🙏🏻…actually there is no point for this girl CD twist ..maybe just to bring shivika closer…..but if it would’ve been like I said It would be awesome na ? ..

    Someone said Ishana is gonna be back ..anyone have any news about Ishana. ? If yes then pls tel, ..I tried my best research on Vrushika back but nothing on web ,…in Twitter something ?

    • Diya

      Yes. I have been hoping the same for Ishkaara track. I am more interested in Shivika track but I like Kunal and Vrushika too and was looking forward to their love story. It seemed different and interesting. I am praying that all you wrote actually comes true 🙏 ☺

    • Enasanjida

      Shaza wow dear… u r awesome. Jabh dance class & agent rudy then i remember Ishaana. Hopefully aisa hota toh accha hota.. but nooo Ishaana. this serial now lost their track. breaking news Priyanka ka shadi hona wali hain .. new entry but cameo. Yeh serial ka story kaha sai kaha jah raha hain- no 1 know. Azki episode main Only Sahil.. awesome sahil part.

    • Abiha

      Yr m hoping the same yr….if it happens then i’lll b on cloud 9….may all this comes true …yr…

  38. sri

    Hi 🙋 guys I am back and ishana is no quitting the show .
    We can watch at YouTube sorry guys I don’t know 😞 hw to send a link

    Sorry if I hurt you sorry

  39. Thilini

    Hi all. Hope u all enjoy the yesterday epi. It was awsom. I love the way that rudra’s character shaping. He is soo cute, funny and sensitive. Omru together looks perfect. Main problem i saw in ishana’s character is overacting. But anika and rudra is different. We can feel their character. But i wish ishana character will come back after shaping up the character. I think rudra and sahil together will give more fun in future. Uptill now ishqbaaz is in right track…

  40. Jaya

    Plzzzz mujhe koi meri confusion ko door kariye.. Mujhe samaj mein nahin aa raha hain ki comments mein kah raha hein ki ishana show mein hai matlab vrushika show mein hai?

  41. saku

    hii..guys gud morning all IB fans……i m new in ur family so can u all jst tell me ur age so that i can decide to call u by name or di……plz help me……i m very confused…

  42. Rosu 25

    Wonderful episode……highlight of the episode was sahil phone conversation……he really rocked…….the dreaming section was also superb and very cute…..he just stole the episode….

  43. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    About priyanka???

    One thing is sure…

    Gul apne series par saare rang dikhayegi… Bas omkara ki alava…

    Bcoz the reason is omkara is so truthful…tak chuke ham log yeh reason sun sunkar…make ready of some other excuses… Rather than saying we r working out..voh bahut purana ho chuka hai…

    • Tridha

      |Registered Member

      I m scared wo kahi omkara singh oberoi character kohi end na karde. Darpok kahiki. Situation ko handle nehi karpati hai toh kahani khatam kar deti hai what she has done with ishkara.😈😬😠

      • Priya15

        |Registered Member

        haha…not only u…all omkara lovers has the same fear…me too..kar degi.agar kahani nahi aaya toh..hope so ntng happen like that……

  44. Tridha

    |Registered Member

    @priya di I just read what u commented in the previous page. U r right ek tarfa pyaar ki takat hi kuch aur hoti hai. Ishkara will be always alive in our heart. Pyaar aisa hona chahiye ki tumhara pyaar tumhari adhori batoko pura karde, kuch na bolo phervi sabkuch samaj jaye, tumhari humdard bane, humsafar bane. Jo ishkara mein tha & hai. What if gul khan uski kadar nehi thi. We love our ishkara. We will never forget ishkara.
    So priya di it’s love power. Our love for ishkara will keep them alive in in our heart, our mind, in us.

    • Priya15

      |Registered Member

      Ofc… Gul can try alot …she can even take ishkara out of her serial…bcz her production is her mind…

      But ishkara ko ishkara fans ki dil se nikhalne.. Naa mumkin hai..chahe voh jitna koshish karle…ishkara fans l remain with ishkara.. She cant take them out of our hearts…its more than impossible…


  45. Mukta

    Anika – Agar main khidkitod idea deti hu na to Sahil darwazetod idea deta hai!!!

    Shivaay – Tumhare ghar mein kuch bachta bhi hai ya sab kuch tod hi dete to!!!

    Anika – Mein bta rahi hu mera bhai na sher hai sher….. mera bhai na cheetah hai….. genius hai!!!!!

    Shivaay – 8 saal ka bachha hai jo abhi phone nhi utha rha hai….. you know what I’d enough of this!!!

    Sahil – Hello Annika didi… kya hua Bagad Billa phir se pareshan kar rha hai kya?

    ShivOmRu, Prinku and Saumya shocked!!!!

    Annika – Sahil tu speaker phone pe hai… samajh gya na!!!

    Sahil – Speaker phone pe….. oh achha…. sab mujhse bat karne ke liye jhagad rhe honge na to aapne kaha hoga ki ladai jhagda band karo, Gandhiji ko yaad karo!!!

    Shivaay – Just move ahead…

    Annika – Sahil mujhe teri help chahiye!!!!

    Sahil – Wo to main kar hi dunga…. pahle batao kon kon sun raha hai??

    Annika – Sahil sab sun rahe hai!!!!

    Sahil – Bagad Billa bhi

    Shivaay – Seriously!!!!!!!

    Annika – Sahil mene samjhaya tha na aise nhi bolte!!!!

    Sahil – Kab….. aapne to kabhi nhi samjhaya….. ohh…. achha…. Billuji bhi sun rahe hai kya??

    Shivaay – Billu!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Annika – Sahil sab sun rahe hai…. Mr. SSO, unke bhai Omkara aur Rudra….

    Sahil – Oh hii OmRu!!!!

    OmRu – Hii Sahil!!!!

    Annika – Priyanka bhi hai!!!!

    Sahil – Hii Priyanka didi….

    Prinku – Hii Sahil….

    Annika – Saumya didi bhi hai…

    After that, Sahil’s imagination…… omgggg…… Sahil!!!!!!!!!!

    Annika – Sahil tu help karne ka kya lega??

    Sahil – Annika didi ki help karke main Saumya ki nazaron me hero ban jaunga!!!!!!!
    Sahil – Mr. SSO mujhe pta hai ki Annika didi ne meri taarifon ke pul bandh diye honge….. hai na hum dono bhai behen no. 1!!!!!!

    Shivaay – Ya….

    THIS WAS THE BEST PART FROM TODAY’S EPISODE and also SHIVIKA MOMENTS in the end….. jhakkas!!!!!!! Yesterday’s episode was ekdum KHIDKITOD!!!!!!!!!

  46. saku

    @Tridha i m 16 dear & i m girl my name sakshi its just my nickname….

    @mukta i m 16 dear ….ur 16 plus so should i call u di or simply mukta….tell me…what will u like…i think di will b better..what say??….

  47. Chetna

    Hello guys you know what one month before I request gul that my birthday is coming and I want ishkara back just do whatever she want but fast and now just one week left in my birthday and and she gift this is worst gifted I ever get

    • Abiha

      Ohhh…that’s nice …..we r of same age…u know what yr …my mom’birthday is on 15 oct……n my younger sister’s birthdy is on 16 oct…

    • Priya15

      |Registered Member

      Chetna di..there is absolutely wrong with her..she cant write stories.. Aap kud socho..shivika… Har vakth aisa koi scenes de rahi hai usse…log arshi jaisa samaj dethe hai..shivika love story is a common nokh jhok concept.. Rumya ki dekho voh bhi kuch naye story nahi hai..vahi purane…ishkara is the only topic in ishqbaaz which has totally new thing….dekho usse ata diya..she cant write anything new..vahi purane stories ko hi rakhar dimaag mei grinder chala rahi hai….and u r like hating her na..mei toh bolti hun..i hate her the most… Agar she cant handle any new things then y she shows that….ekta ko do na voh con girl concept… Dekho ekta kya story banathi hai usse rakhar… We should show that thing.. Which we can handle.. Jo ham incomplete chod denge usse dikhana hi nahi chahiye… Gul has some prb..i don’t know.. Fault is with her and her crew..usse sudharne ki bage voh aur uski crew chali ayi fans ko dhamki dene..wah…kya crew banayi hai bagwan ne…

      Iss ke baad kabhi gul show nahi dekhungi.. ….never….a good bye…to her…

      • Enasanjida

        Dhamki dai raha hain.. What the wack? Kaun Dhamki dai raha hain – woh vi fan ko?? 😧😡 tell me, priya.. Who is he/she ?

    • Mishri

      |Registered Member

      sorry about dat…anyway lets celebrate urs nd mine 2gthr..mine is 8th and urs 12th!!!!!!!yuhooooooo..dont worry babyyyyy..its our bday month!!!!!!!yippppeee!!!!!!

  48. Haya123

    |Registered Member

    GD mrngzz.. All ishqiezzz.. hv a wonderful day to alll…
    Episode was sooo hilariouzzz… I can’t stop laughing right NOw.. 😀
    saHIL ROckzZZzzzzz… 😀 i thnk a convo wit sahil made… damn funny epi,if sahil come to meet all to oberoi mansion.. Then it will gonna b soopr rocking..
    Wen they shown the 4 of them as detectiveZ.. it wsa a fab shot 4 me.. “badmaash company” 😛
    anywayzz.. ishqbaazzz.. doing great job.. 🙂

  49. Kiki

    |Registered Member

    Hi friends…One of the best episode.. Full of hilarious. Me and my sis were laughing like mads yesterday. I really enjoyed each and every dialogues. Oh my Sahil u r toooooo cute.. Rudra and Anika awesome as always. The best thing is Billu ji also funny yesterday. Vasco da gama , zeros in a crore, tells about the movie, the reactions he gave when Sahil speaking, etc etc… I loved the last minute Shivika moment. Loved the way he looked at her. Last but not the least the things Om was telling to Shivaay is 100 % correct. Semma serial… Keep going.

  50. Disha

    |Registered Member

    Good Morning everyone
    ekdum Khidki Tod episode
    sahin phone convo I Can’t control laugh I felt rudra and sahil alike alway talk about girls and funny think
    Rudra and Sahil age diffrent IQ same and choice same Saumya
    sahil just nailed it “bagad billa firse pareshaan kar raha hai ”
    kanji aankho wala bhi yaha hai”
    “Tadibaaz aaj bhi tadi maarne se na chuke na”
    dono bhai bahan ne sso k pareshaan kar diya hi

    • Haya123

      |Registered Member

      Hy.. disha di.. u R REALLY MISSING ishana .. i knw.. ! that’z y u put ishana’z pic as dp..
      u r SO sweetttt di.. let’z hope 4 best.. 🙂

      • Abiha

        Haya d ….can i say something if u don’t mind d…
        Actually d disha is of 17yrs ….me also of 17yrs …….once u said that ur older than me so u r my d….that’s why u r d of disha …she is not ur d….hope u never mind …

      • Disha

        |Registered Member

        I’m missing ishana…. Very sad to hear this vrunshi leave ishqbaaz I want only ishana for om not any other girl….
        U know my fav shows Ishqbaaz and Bahul hamariRK first vrunshika leave ishqbaaz now karan leaving bhrk Why this hapenning to me…this is comfirm no more hope

  51. shahabana

    Gd afternoon guyz .yesterday episode is just superb my stomach pained bcz of nonstop laughing and my cuteepies rudyyy and sahil just awsome yesterday episode is in anika style kidki thod datvaaza thod performence and my baagad billa just got tiered by this sahil anika jodi and shivaye is tooo pocessive for anika he dnt let anyone drop her and he want anika with him only ohh soo much posessiveness and what to say about anika she is awsome as always and yesterday show stealer is rudra and sahil love u my cutipies rumya sahil and my cute baagad billa with his panika and ofcourse my dr gentleman omkara and i also remembered ishana yesterday bcz of dance class love u ishqbaaz

  52. Luna

    Hi guys, how r u all??? I’m fine. commenting after almost 1 week and what I got is the news of Vrushika’s exit. I’m really disappointed with Gul. And her blaming the fans for Vrushy’s exit is simply ridiculous. She showed Vrushika door just bcoz some fans were abusing her on social media as if she has’nt faced abuse in her other shows. The reason is simply not convincing. I think Vrushika was’nt happy with her getting so less screenspace in the show and that’s why she left the show. To be honest I think Gul is biased towards Surbhi and does’nt lets other FL get screenspace. Now I wonder whether Gul is even interested in showing Om’s love story????? I don’t think so. There is no progress Om and Rumya story for many days. Was’nt this show promoted as the story of 3 brothers???? They are simply not showing what they promised.

  53. Luna

    Episode was very good. Loved Sahil’s dream sequence and his conversation with the gang. Rudra is so desperate in bringing Sahil to Oberoi mansion, don’t know what will happen when he will get to know about his crush for Soumya.

  54. shahabana

    Is this true new entry for priyanka ohh knw what’s wrong with this gul khan i think she losted her brain there are already three leads in the show and she is not balancing them properly and no leading lady for omkara and rumya story is stucked fot so many days and even shivika story also not came for a safe state and now she is moving story with priyanka love story plsss someone set gul khans mind right i dnt knw what’s going on in her mind

  55. Luna

    Guys, plz don’t kill me but I actually wanted Shivaye and Tia to get married. I think that Shivaye needs to realise the need of love. If he will marry Tia then he will realise that relationships made on the basis of a deal can’t keep u happy. Until and unless Shivaye gets some practical lessons on relationships then only his thinking will change.

    • Abiha

      Heyy luna d ….m fit n fine…how r u d..??all ok..?
      Yeah d ur POV is also right….but i can’t see tia with shivaye …but he needs to understand that relations r not deals…

    • Abiha

      U know what d….after one n half year my dad came home from Saudi Arabia…he came on monday….n nowadays m sooooo happy… also m free from studies for few days…

    • Mishri

      |Registered Member

      I KNOW LUNA DI!!!!u are UNIQUE not different..i actually missed ur comments…i wwwaaaant 2 hear abt ur POV…..

  56. Sweetu

    Khidki tod.. darwaza thod.. pura ghar tod episode tat.. loved it.. so hilarious.. sahil I love u man.. ur just too gud.. an so is rudy
    Loved the slight smile which came on sso face on seein buhi ke baal on anika face.. an she waa surprised to see tat smile
    An he waa affected by what sahil said abt it.. tumhare saath rahunga toh timhe paka dunga.. lolzzzz.. an then says mijhe phark nahi padta.. pharak toh padta hai biluji

  57. Mukta

    @AHIBA Actually I just saw that!!!!!!!! Late reply ke liye……… I know Sorry to banned hai…… to ek virtual hug!!!!!! Ya u said that right Dehleez was an is one of my fav shows!!!!!!!! And u know what even I couldn’t watch last 15-20 episode of it….. just like u….. hahaha….. one more similarly!!!!!!! And Beintehaa….. that is my all time fav show……. Zain, Aliya, Aayat, Usmaan, Rizwan were just awesome!!!!!!!!! IB even watched its repeat telecast on Rishtey!!!!!!!

  58. Tridha

    |Registered Member

    Guys prinku’s would be in laws will be chhabra family. Ashish kaul will play her would be father in law’s character, anandi tripathi would be mother in law & ish thakkar will be their son and priyanka’s would be husband.

    • Priya15

      |Registered Member

      Wt the hell???now i m damn sure…gul khan has lost her mind to the fullest..yeh ladki se kuch acche nahi ho sakta hai…trust me…agar yeh kuch interesting nahi kar sakti toh boring toh na karte…mei janti hun gul kabhi accha nahi karegi..lekin..yeh…..i m speechless…. (Dont think that i m awestuck as its soo good, i m speechless bcoz i m n damn anger now)…yeh kabhi apna dyan om ki love story par nahi dalnewaali…. Wn omkara fans l show her show an awesome place in trp list…she l not change….

    • Shaza

      |Registered Member

      Prinku is too young to marry na ….she is younger than Roudra also ..maybe she is same as Soumya ….how can she marry so early ,.now this serial si gonna go total of- track ..they are not getting what to do with roumya and Om so bringing prinku’s love story now 😏

      • Shaza

        |Registered Member

        Not annoyed yar …just that so ma y things are left the CD drama is also not over and shivika also ..and roumya also they are not progressing..and now another new track ..Rumi thing also they didn’t reveal ….

  59. Abiha

    @missing u renima d…
    N also u didn’t replied me ystrdy i asked u something did u see or not …..if not then tell me i’ll tell u again…

  60. Lijitha


  61. Richu

    |Registered Member

    Hey ishkes!!!!
    My sweetest Sissy’s mukta abiha piyuuuu disha shahbana haya priya Nikki mishri Mary roz rosu tharu renima nivedita shaza sunehri……….
    Bros dhruvvv Manik mayank ankit…..
    Dhruktiiii Shivani!!!

    How r u all??

    Guyzzz let’s play a game nah….

    Share the most funniest thing about u which u think no one has accept u!!!!!!!!
    Hurry up…
    Let’s seeeeeee……

    Whose the wierdest..
    If u think u r in something..
    Plzzz do reply!!!🙋🙌🙌😝😘

    • Abiha

      Heyy richu d….m good d…how r u..??
      I don’t think so that i can b part of ur game …. bcz i don’t know any funniest thing about which i can thought that no on have..soorrry …

    • Disha

      |Registered Member

      hey richu I’m fine
      hope u are also
      sorry don’t have any funny about but when I remember any think like I will share

    • Mishri

      |Registered Member

      hiiii diii..funny lyk wat???????????episodes?????thrs diz thng about me ppl tease me lyk mad…….i loooooooooove lollies that how much ever money i have to buy lollies4 all of it…..its embarassing bt lollip[os are awsum yaar…some ppl dont get it……tell us ur thing we will relate to dat!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Shivani

    |Registered Member

    darwaja tod episode.candy floss scene is so yummy .sahil convo is just amazing .shivay’s sarcastic side is revealed .even vasco.da gama would not be happy exploring india as anika is getting happy seeing said truth about real life .really funny episode

  63. Shivani

    |Registered Member

    why gul khan is heading towards priku ‘s love story????what about om and rudra’s love she has any phobia of leaving story incomplete or she wants to make this show qh2

  64. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    A very expected thing happens….

    Online trp of this week…

    Krpkab 12.61
    Edkv 11.73 (yahoooo……)
    Ishqbaaz 10.46 ( fallen)

    Needed.. Gul khan..congo..great going…

    • Shaza

      |Registered Member

      that was totally expected ..😏….many many ppl ..even many of my freinds and cousins stopped watching after Vrushika’s exit ..and EDKV TRP is a good news ….😄..Hope it stays back 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😔…I herd that now they are gonna bring a Prinku’s love story or something like that …now I think she is not even gonna show Om’s story ….😞…but without Vrushika I don’t even want Om’s love story …with any other girl 😔

    • Mishri

      |Registered Member

      m sure she will do something better diz 7th…dont worry,,,give her a chance di…obviously even i would be annoyed if sum ppl commnt bad abt me in my post….u should c the way the fans her msgd her…FILTH!!!!!!I PROMISE U ITS FILTH!!!!!!i was dissappointed myself..they should have spoke 2 her patiently atleastt..becoz of 1 or 2 of them shez annoyed with every1…NOT BEING A SAINT DI…bt in a way her anger is justified..if u want u check the commnts…….m not fond of her bt for gods sake she has a prestige…sorry di m really sorry…m being stupid bt m ryt in a way…

      • Priya15

        |Registered Member

        7th ko kya hai????

        And dear abt those cmnts…its all bcoz of her cmnts some days ago..i mean when she said the back seat of ishana track…that time she said alot about fans wn the fans r not at all fault..u asked me na she said fans hooligans??? At that time fans requested her…but she has spoken in some bad language like hooliganism and all which hurted fans alot uske baad fans lost their temper when they came to know abt no ishkara… So all the things r started by her n crew.. And now there is no means to talk..bcoz fans have become quite and they bid bye to ishqbaaz…ntng left….

  65. Priya15

    |Registered Member me this gul khan is totally obsessed with her qubool hai cast… Ashish kaul is an actor of qh..and now he has even started to shoot for ishqbaaz… One ph is posted by priyanka..

    If she just want her qh cast in this then y she is roping some other people… Naam kyun ishqbaaz rakh rahi ho..qh season whatever rakh lo na…..agar qh ki har caste ko lekar aana hai..toh show ka concept kyun three bros and their love me jab mei yeh three bros and love story bol rahi hun na..i cant stop my laughter…. This is not at all justified..its the second swaragini for me…

    Swaragini naam hai kahani swara mahan ki…ishqbaaz kahani 3 bhaiyon ki lekin kahani hai sirf ek ki…

    Hopes badao fans ki…lekin kuch mat karo..bas bigado kahani ko..shoot kardo fans ko..that l be the best idea…

    • Shaza

      |Registered Member

      Ikr …’s “all” about shivika … usually happens when they introduce more than one lead….in swaragini…..they usually show more of swasan than RagLak ….and my fav couple is RagLak so I stopped watching………..
      I don’t have problem with shivika but they don’t even show 1% interest in ishkara …and roumya , lets not talk about it also …….actually the thing is ..they can’t handl e3 love stories together…if it was like that they must’ve only introduced one couple shivika ….
      And QH , after all 3 years togetherness was there m how can she leave them so easily ….
      Bandar bua-haseeena B
      Haya- Anika
      Zoya………( more names are there ) – Malika
      Najma- Soumya

      And now ashish Kaul ..I forgot his name in QH ….
      It should really be names as a new season if QH ..with “slightly” different cast

      • Priya15

        |Registered Member

        I love ragsan exchange hua band kardiya dekhna..ofc..she should admit that na..that too she is not doing..kahi uski respect toh kam nahi honewaali hai accpet karne se….she is really irritating now..haha.ofc…qh ka sadma lag gaya..hare koi bachao iss madam ko qh ki boodh se..qh katam hochuka hai madam..ab ishqbaaz chal raha hai..pls bahar ayiye usse.. Concentrate keejiye ishqbaaz se..ishqbaaz mei sab qubool nahi hai…

        Varna title bana…mera qubool hai ka naya shuruvaad… And i request qh fans too see this..yahan par toh ishq nahi dikhaya jaa raha hai..toh ishqbaaz fans ko dekhne ki zaroorat nahi hai….

    • shahabana

      Heyy priya i too liked ragsan verymuch but later i accepted raglak but rs always done partiality with raglak so i stopped watching the show bcz the show is only full of drama and in ishqbaaz i really like shivika more but i too want to see all three couples lovestory equally bcz thr story is about ishqbaaz of three brothers and i love shivomru verymuch but i dntknw why this gul is spoiling everything now she is focussing on priyankas love story whats wrong with this gul. Priyankas three elder brothers lovestory is not completed till now but she is focussing on priyankas marriage i think priyanka is younger than saumya also then whats the need to show priyankas love story

    • Roz

      |Registered Member

      OMG other QH actor,,,,,u r rite,,,,,,she z starting new tracks ignoring the existing one,,,,Om’s love life is at stake and Rumya,,,,,,,,though they are showing some Rumya moments in b/w,still we dnt knw whats their relationship status,,,,,nw I dnt have any hope that she will show detailed love story of Om/Rudra,,,,.reaallyyy she z nt able to handle 3 stories at a time,,,,I love Shivika a lot,,,,,bt still shud give equal consideration to others,,,,hope she won’t sideline others,,…
      Nd yes I really dnt want this to be another swaragini,,,,eventhough the show’s name is swaragini they made Ragini a villain once,that was the worst twist..,,they made each and everyone of the family into villain one by one and showed how Swara is fighting with the villains,,,,Here I dnt wanna see the same thing coz I’m watching the show for 3 brthrs bond,so I want to see the story giving equal importance to 3 bros

      • shahabana

        Really roz im agree with u even i like too shivika very much then also i want to see three brothers love story with equal screen space really i dnt want this show become pathetic like swaragini


    ishaqbaaz is just superbbbbbbbbbbb…… every time i miss to watch this episode but happy in reading here..
    everyone are good here.. anika is wonderfull…her lines, expressionssss…acting….

  67. Disha

    |Registered Member

    This devar bhabi (anika and rudra) so
    foodie not forget to eat in serious situation candy floss vada pav nuts om and shivaye not able to stop them anyway shivika find out house now waiting for episode

  68. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    @ENASANJIDA di..di dhamki matlab… The way she and her crew speak..harneet ki words was like that..leave it..the crew is like that onyl..

  69. Abiha

    @piyuuu…..yr m sooooo soooo soooo happy that my online frndss alsoo have soo similarties with me yr bcz it happens in real life also…..each frnd of mine hav 2,3 similarities wth….
    Love u all…my frndss…yesterdy i was missing my frnds n don’t know from where some lines came in mind although m not a poet yr…..if u say i’ll write those lines here..??

  70. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    Guys….aage nahi aanewaala hai prinku ki would be..aagaya hai..

    Saw a sbas seggy..

    Dev ka kuch raaz hai…they r speaking prinku mrg…and some shivika scene….

    Sach mano…

    Yeh gul khan ishq ke alava..sab kuch apni kahani me laayegi……
    Now shuru hogaya mission dev(prinku would be)…

    Anika ko sandeh hai dev par..pata nahi anika ko kahan se aa jathi hai doubt… Uff..(no offense… This is wt the vo said..anika ko hai dev par shak..thats wt i said)


    Let us change ishqbaaz title… Into detectivebaaz…

    • Abiha

      Haha priya yr…..who is dev..?prinku ‘s would b husband…??
      Any way m also feeling like to kill her after knowing about prinku…first set the three stories of bros then come to prinku….but this gul….
      But i m guessing that she wants the reason to keep anika in oberio mansion that now she will b wedding planer of prinku’s marriage…😉😉😉😂😂😂😂😂what say…??

      • Priya15

        |Registered Member

        Wedding planning karte iss gar ki bahu ban jaayegi anika…yahi kahani, gul ki zubaani… Haha…yeh gul ko na
        …sry i dont want to say.
        Let her do what she want…bas mera dimaag na kaye….. Di i dont get y prinku is getting married in this small age??

    • Tridha

      |Registered Member

      Yes detectivebaaj. But sach bolo every time anika saves oberoi family I don’t like this matter at all. It’s like riya saving shrivastav family, suhani saving birla family, gopi saving modi family, ishita saving bhalla family, sandhya saving rathi family & akshara saving singhania family for me. So boring,irritating & typical sas-bahu drama type. Every time why anika aur shivay family ko save kartahe? Shivomru eksaath oberoi family ko save karega tab hoga na 3 brothers story.
      Sorry if I hurt anyone but I don’t like anika’s oberoi bachao drama.

      • Priya15

        |Registered Member


        Completely agree with u..but u forgot one thing..tellywood ki sabse mahan devi kuch bhi karegi..swara the kali maa,devi maa,saari maayen vahi hai..apni mahanta ko rakhar sab ko maar rahi hai…

        Even i feel anika as 2nd swara…swara toh bahu bankar hi maheshwari kandan ke liye sab kuch ki thi..lekin anika toh (no offense)…

        Matlab swara ki vajah se hi sab kuch prb mei hoga..lekin phir aayegi ek plan ke saath..plan karthe karthe apni parivaar ko bachane..matlab pasavo bhi bachavo..kitne baar bhi lesson lo..aajayegi..sachayi..bolkar..thats the spirit… U know..

        P.s..i didnt mean to hurt anyone..but gul is making anika 2nd swara…

        Tridhu socho..agar bahu banne se pehle hi itna jaassosi..bahu banne ke baad kya hoga😱😱😱😱😷😷😷

      • shahabana

        Hey tridha i like anika verymuch then also i laughed out reading ur comment about bachao drama

      • Roz

        |Registered Member

        I used to watch Saathiya before the leap and all the mess,,,,,,eventhough Gopi was the one who always saved Modi family,,I loved Rashi more than her,,,she was lyk,,, normal ,u knw,,,not an ideal/mahaan bahu,still is always there for the family at crucial times,,,,,I too hate this ideal bahu concept-lyk ,whatever be the prblm,may it be household related or buissiness related,bahu is always there to save the family,,,,,

        Suhani saving Birla family,,,,, that was my fav show once and I agree ,Suhani was shown lyk a superwoman saving each and everyone starting from Snoopy to Dadi

  71. Shivani

    |Registered Member

    gud evening mukta ,disha,aliya,misri,piyali,shaza,shahbana,tridha,priya,shaza,abiha,nikki,mukti,dhruv,dhruv bhai,richu,aahana ,sunheri ,chetna,roz,rosu,sat,haya,rufina,yazhu,shama,renima di,luna ,sri and all new members first of all welcome and have a nice and keep smiling

  72. Shivani

    |Registered Member

    no doubt episode is darwaza tod and all actors are amazing but I have a little bit complains has deviated from his track is totally converted into suspense tracks.
    3.why they are bringing prinku’s love story where shivika’ confession is left until now.
    4.what about raumy and om

    • Shaza

      |Registered Member

      Good evening di …even I’m angry that they are first of all nit concentrating on roumya and Om …om leave it…but roumya they can ryt …and shivika confession also didn’t happend ….and they are going off track also now …..seems like it’s CID .or QH name is better …and Prinku is too young for marraige ryt ..she is younger to Roudra also I guess ….cuz she calls him bro …and Roudra is only in college ….she is in colleg first year maybe …and Roudra 3rd year ….y r they rushing for Prinku …

    • shahabana

      Gd evng shivani even im agree with u i think priyanka is younger than rudra and saumya to then what is the need to start priyankas marriage story i think this gul is pathatic

    • Roz

      |Registered Member

      Shivika’z confession is left, Rumya’s love story ( don’t know till now whether it turned into love story) is not in track,,,sply Rumi is missing,her secret not revealed yet,,,,,,,and Om,,,,,,,dnt have any clue abt his love lyf,,,,,they shud first try to bring the story into track,,,,introducing new tracks again and again leaving behind the old ones

  73. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    Y prinku is getting married now??

    See prinku is a clg gng girl??how can she get married so soon???

    Prinku says rudra bhai..if rudra is clg guy of 2yr..then how many old prinku l be???

    Gul khan mam ko ml hai kya??

    Women empowerment ka bashan kisne diya????ek poora epi baare mei baat karkar..ab ek clg jaane waali ladki ki shaadi kar vaa rahi hai..wr s the logic??

    Prinku should atleast complete 3rd yr..lekin nahi …abhi shaadi…

    Wt the wack??ek side par baashan aap hi do???dusri side par aap hi sab kuch pani me daal do…yeh kaisa hai yr…there is no need for prinku mrg now..ab hi bahut saare cheeze hai..jiski shuruwat hue..lekin ek step bhi aage nahi badaayi…ab phir se ek aur kahani…

    Agar kisi ko kahaniyon ke ulajna dekhna hai toh dont miss ishqbaaz from mon-sat at 10pm..only on star plus…

    • shahabana

      Im really agree with u priya i think priyanka is not completed her degree until now then what is the need to show her marriage story really priyanka is not enough strong to talk something infront of everyone without fear so she needs her family support to do and achieve something in her life and she has to be strong face any problems herself so they have to motivate her for her life success and to make a stong personality rather than this marriage drama. I think they should focous on shivomru love life

      • Mishri

        |Registered Member

        its fine..sisters getting married before bro is not a bad idea…plus coz she is a soft type nd all she needs a nyc guy..if she gets a ruthless 1 then it will be intresting..and if the guy is Ishh then awsum…trust me her love story will be cuuuuuuuuteeeeeeee

      • Mishri

        |Registered Member

        moreover..just becoz its a 3 bros story shouldnt thy do anything with others?i mean prinku need to marry na?shez a nyc gal..hpoefully shez getting a nyc guy…m sure om will get a nyc love story…actuall we all are soooo upst abot diz vrushika thing dat we are annoyed with any simple chnges yaaar..soch..thy need characters to makeup 4 loss of trp and thy went out of story so thy are bringing a love story 4 prinku..wats the harm in dat?????lets wait and watch guyz…we are cool people afterall!!!!

      • Priya15

        |Registered Member

        Mishri di..we r not saying prinku ki love story ki koyi zaroorat nahi hai and all…read our cmnts carefully.. We r saying.. Prinkus age is not of marrying.. She l be just 19 or 20… And a girls mrg year law is 21…so how can they show her marrying at 19???..

        We r saying its not needed now..they can take the track someother time…

        P.s..i said prinku age like that bcoz…rudy is n 2nd year..prbbly 2nd yr..people l be of 21 or prinku call rudy its obvious..she is choti to him so she l be of 19 or 20…

      • Roz

        |Registered Member

        Mishri dr,,,,they are in a hurry to get her married,,,,,I dnt think that they will show detailed love story of Prinku now,,,,

    • shahabana

      Mishri dr we are not telling dnt show priyankas love story but u knw what she is very young rudra is student only now then priyanka is his younger sister so she may be 19 or 20 its not wrong if any grl married in this age but priyanka is not enough strong grl so they should make her charecter like imroving self comfidence and independent rather than showing her marriage track and omru are leads and in this show they are not progressing their love story and its true yonger sister can marry before her elder brothers its k if pinku gets married before rudra but shivaye and omkara are very older than priyanka so it should be best they shows shivaye and omkaras marriage first

  74. Kamakshive

    |Registered Member

    What d hell?will I ever get 2 see om’s luv story in d serial??I am literally losing my patience!to top it all,priyanka is juz a child!!!how can she het married at such an young age?what’s wrong wit dis serial?whre once I used 2 get enthusiastic 2 watch it,nowadays,I am losing my interest!

  75. Mayank Agrawal

    guys the episode was so good sorry i my last episode comment is bad sorry for that i have again fallen in love with ishqbaaaz,,,,,,specially sorry mukta…….

    • Mukta

      No need of Sorry bhai!!!!!! U just told ur views and I told my views!!!!!!!!! No sorry is required and it’s good that u have again fallen for Ishqbaaz!!!!!!!!!!

  76. manu

    Good evwning to all ishqies how r u all??bas tomorrow is my last exam and after that I will be always busy in tu yrrr sooooooo excited…….

  77. Renimarenju

    |Registered Member

    Hai all ishqies….How are u all ?? Well guys…Zoom Tv…Telly Top Up said that In Ishqbaaz they will bring ishana track…But Vrushika will be replaced…But star plus have notconfirmed the news.So I think this is fake…And prinku marriage…What is this guys ? Ishqbaaz is really focusing on some thing which we can’t imagine or expect. Prinku ….if some one will show love…I mean college….love….cute….Then it’s ok…but marriage…..She is very young naa……And guys…..That cd exposure of girl……I mean…..Yesterday’s episode…..They said dance class….So it means ….Ishu re-entry…..I mean ….dance….If yes..Then….I will be much excited 2 watch

    • Tridha

      |Registered Member

      No ishana renima di. It was about shivika not ishkara. They are bringing shivika closer through this cd drama which will end today as the girl will be arrested.

  78. Mayank Agrawal

    I have seen above why guys are so unreasonable all the time , they want to create a nw stroy tract and who knows that priyanka is young or not is they mention age ? no na then why guys you are against the gul khan…they are trying to create a new story twist…

  79. Renimarenju

    |Registered Member

    And about Yesterday’s episode…Sahil just rocked…..Super Hero….Wow he just rocked like….with Tadi baaz…..Billu…..Omru…..And…sowmya dream….OMG!…That was so cute….”ek aap hi ho jisse sirf mere value kaa pata hai”……”aapki favourite subject kya hai? favourite color kya hai?”…..Oh my sahil…..U are incredible……Super!……….And loved rudra when he said “Bhaiyaa…aapne kabhi bhi mere liye iss tarh hath nahi failaya hai”…..That shivika hold was very natural …and it reminded me ……the episode…omru saying sso…”batao baby, what is this?”and om saying”shivaay…hath chod do..”…And yesterday omkara’s lines on…..”Hum log sheeshe ke mehal mein rahte hain…shivay…jahan se duniyan dikhte hain par usse mehasus nahi kar sakte hain..mithi dikhti haii par mithi kikhushboo nahi aati……” oh! just loved it….but cry baby interrupted the lines…..

    And loved sso when he said Anika “hum yahan picknik manane nahin aaye hai”

    • shahabana

      Hello renima hope ur day gone well and its trueyar yesterday episode is kidki thod performance and rudyy sahil just rocked

  80. Tridha

    |Registered Member

    Even shivay will eat candy floss today. Shivomru will put their hand together anika will join them. They will find the girl police will arrest her. Some shivika moments. Rudra will buy so much food om will call him mad. Returning home shivika will smile looking at each other. Precap shivay in the kitchen in a angry young man avatar.

  81. aahana

    Guys today i saw surbhi n nakul’s interview d first ques d journalist asked was that this interview was there first interview together? To which nakul said k v dont like each other that much offscreen thats y v dont hangout together often n dont give combine interview so this is d first 1. And i saw d navratre special segment of omru n anika in which surbhi n kunal wr doing healthy flirting(they were holding hands) n dn om mazak me said “shivaye ko mt batana” d journalist asked abt om s look to which anika replied k dis is a rare look everyone is loving it amd then om again said k “look is paying off well,anika is falling for om rather than shivaye”
    This was all wt happened in d interview and they made it like omika is a thing dy will marry vagra vagra…
    Anika will marry shivaye only but dnt kno when and just send reiki for ishkara!!
    This was a good news for shivika n ishkara fans but badnews for omika fans😋😋
    Btw u guys can prepare an omika ff vll read n appreciate it too as both r single n shayad may b not in reel but real life me kuch ho as they bond very well wd each other offscreen.
    @saku…welcome to d family. M 17(will turn 18 next month) u can call me whatever u want(di or not dsnt matter) keep commenting😀

  82. aahana

    @piyali..sorry for late reply i have an exam tomorrow. Btw good evening. Come back soon😀
    @manu..good evening..can u tell me ur age so that i can call u do or not. R u boy or girl?

  83. Tridha

    |Registered Member

    Oh guys the real matter is they will play a cameo role just like mallika to bring shivika closer(May be). And they will bring dev’s alliance for prinku but it doesn’t mean oberoi’s will accept this. They may be will say after completing prinku’s studies not now. They are coming for a short time. I don’t think prinku will marry now.

  84. manu

    Hey guys r u all watching ishqbaaz??? Yr I want to but I can’t as tomorrow is exam so studying frankly speakin not studying but thinking what is happening in ishqbaaz hahahah amena di plz pzl post the epi soon I will read it then I will go to sleep and tomorrow aftr coming from schl I will watch it

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