Ishqbaaz 4th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 4th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bittoo asks do you have to marry or not. Rudra asks our marriage. Rudra holds Soumya’s hand. They exchange varmala and take wedding rounds. Mangalam…..plays……… He makes her wear mangalsutra and fills sindoor in her hairline. He wipes her tears and kisses on her cheek. Pandit says your marriage got completed. They get shocked and say our marriage got completed?

Sometime before, Rudra comes dressed in groom’s clothes. He sees Soumya in bridal dress and smiles. Music plays…………. He goes to Soumya and says you look like that, wearing red dress. She says Rumi, Devi…. you look a groom. He says you look feminine version of groom. She says stupid that’s called a bride. They see a couple marrying. He says they are good actors, and I felt they are

really getting married. She asks who are hero and heroine. He says we both. They laugh.

Shivaye talks to Mr. Verma and says I hope you got Nasik project papers. Verma says yes, we are in more hurry to start this project. He shows the file. He asks about Om, is he fine. Shivaye says yes. Verma says I gave statue order for my son’s marriage, he had to deliver it last week, but the work did not start, I was wondering is Om fine. Shivaye recalls Om’s words. He says Om is fine, but this is impossible that Om does not meet the deadline. Verma says exactly, thats why I asked. Shivaye thinks Om said he is stressed out about imp delivery, it means he lied, but he never lies, something is definitely wrong. He says Mr. Verma, sorry, I have to leave. Verma gets down his call. Shivaye calls Om. Om sits crying. Shivaye says why is he not answering, Om answer the call.

Bittoo asks Rudra and Soumya to stand in line. Soumya says line starts from where we stand. Bittoo asks them not to joke, don’t they have to marry. Soumya says I think desi got on their head. Rudra says I think the same. Bittoo says its your number, come. Rudra asks shall we? Soumya says come. He asks sure? She says yes.

Tia waits at the main entrance. Anika looks at her and says she is dying to meet that D, she did not wait so much even for Billu ji. Courier boy comes. Anika says so he is D. Tia asks maid to go, she will manage. Tia takes the courier boy along with her. Anika says Tia is so shameless to take him to room, what to do, I will make a video, I will show to Billu and he will believe me, why is Billu ji calling on wrong time. She answers Shivaye’s call. He asks where are you. She says your home. He says I need your help. She asks him to say fast, she is busy. He asks her to go to Om’s room and see if he is fine, go fast. She says fine. He asks did you reach.

She says I think you took my rabbit on skates comment much serious. He says just walk fast like you talk. She says I m going. He asks her to go. She says I reached, what now. He says just check if Om is fine. She looks inside Om’s room. She sees Om talking to Priyanka. She says Om is fine, talking to Priyanka. He asks are you sure. She says everyone is fine except you, I said he is fine and talking to Priyanka. He says just make sure there is someone with Om till I come home, I m reaching. She says fine.

Rudra and Soumya smile and go towards the mandap. Music plays…… She stops seeing the fire. Rudra walks ahead and stops. She turns face away. He goes back to her and forwards hand. She holds his hand. He takes her and they sit in mandap. She jokes on him as Chulhe Raja. He says Chulhe Raja instead Dulhe Raja, very funny. She says sorry. He says director will say camera rolling, acting. She says but director is not seen. He says I think pandit is director. The old man does their ghatbandhan. He asks why are they tying us. She says he feels we will run away. He says fine, thanks uncle. He says now pandit ji will ask us to stand. She asks how do you know. He says I have seen lots of movies. Pandit asks them to stand for varmala and rounds. Rudra says see, I told you, stand up. Rudra gives her hand to her. She holds his hand and gets up. Pandit gives them garlands. They exchange the varmala. Rudra teases Soumya a bit and then bends his head to wear garland. She smiles.

Wedding music plays….. Rudra holds her hand and takes wedding rounds. Mangalam……plays………. Soumya sees the fire. She goes ahead in final rounds.

Shivaye comes home. Anika says Billu ji, I need to show you something. He says not now, I have to see Om. She says Om is fine, please come with me. He asks where are you taking you. She takes him to room and says this. He asks what is this. She asks can’t you understand, are you a little kid that I need to explain you. He asks her to come to the point. She says point is, what I m trying to show you and explain, which you are not understanding, you want proof for it, and this is the proof, I was not doubting Tia for nothing, you may have thought I m mad, but I m not mad, Tia is making you mad, you see yourself. He sees the room, and Tia’s sandals, purse and cushions on the floor.

Soumya says now pandit will say make bride wear mangalsutra, I have seen in movies. Pandit asks Rudra to make bride wear mangalsutra. Rudra says where is mangalsutra. She says ask production guys. The old man gives mangalsutra. Pandit asks Rudra to make her wear mangalsutra. Rudra makes her wear mangalsutra. Pandit asks him to fill sindoor in bride’s maang. Soumya holds mangalsutra and looks at Rudra. He fills her maang with sindoor. She gets emotional and cries. He wipes her tears and kisses on her cheek. She looks at him. Pandit says your marriage got completed. They look at each other and say our marriage got completed. They start laughing.

Om says don’t worry, I m fine. Priyanka asks sure, are you hiding something. He says no. She asks him to take care. He asks her not to worry. She goes.

Soumya says Rudra, director did not say cut, how is this shooting. He says you are right, there are no cameras and lights. She asks did we really get married. He says and we did not know, congrats Sumo, your marriage happened. She says duffer, your marriage also happened. He says wait, congrats Sumo, our marriage happened. He hugs her.

Rudra holds his head and gets conscious. He recalls the marriage and shouts no. Soumya wakes up and asks what happened now. She recalls marriage and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. nayana

    rudra & soumya were the star of this episode finally one marriage happnd so easily without any hurdles somu look so cute & pretty in bridal dress wonderful episode when will anika find out tia’s mystery D man ? any new entry i think this om’s accident case is also complicated no clue at all waiting 4 2mmorrow

    • S.D.

      I heard that Shivika is gonna have a love triangle. A character called Dhruv is supposed to enter. He is Shivaay’s childhood friend and falls in love at first sight with Anika.

      • Divya

        YEAH…as in their previous show of Gul Khan ,IPKKND …There was a New entry NK (nandakishor) and now here in ISHQBAAZ , New entry is coming for anika …wow so much thrilled to watch it …IN IPKKND. Nk was always with khushi and this made arnav to get jealous .. and now it’s Shivay who is going to get jealous our Dhruv ..I m waiting to see Shivay’s jealous n his confession to anika ..waiting for thE loVe Triangle sHiv-Anika-dHruv

    • Deeps

      Plz guys don’t create any misunderstanding dhruv is going to come as anika’s friend and not shivays friend and ya he is karan khanna. It will be so interesting to see two boys in love with a single girl. Awesome waiting for his entry.

  2. Archiya

    Today epi was just roumya wedding, it was so cute though, especially qen rudy kissed soumya on her cheek, such a caring feeling.
    The song on the bg suited them perfectly.Liked their dressing, IB provides the best dresses to their actors.even shivay suits n anika tops r so gud n classy

    Anika dialogue was superb “apne mere skating kargosh ko seriously le liya”.I like her lik this, an nt the serious type.
    Bt even tia was in his hme, he cld have asked her to look fr om, bt looks lik shivay trusts anika more wen it comes to his family.

  3. Chandini

    Rumya wedding is the best….😍😍i feel very bad for om😢.this tia….uff when they will throw her out…the good news is that shivika marriage is going to happen in this month…😃billu ki shaddi….

    • Sanaurifa

      Hi I don’t think it’s a good news yaar it’s all coz dropping trp
      If marriage happen so soon Anika ka andaz Badal jayega Aur Saas bahu wala show banjayega
      Aap log pinky Ko toh jaante haina Woh kitni class conscious hai
      Yaar agar Shivika ka part drag Horaha hai to hone do na kumsekum humi Anika Aur Shivaay ka tashnbaazi toh dekhne ko milege shaadi ke baad ka toh bahut shows hai leads ke darmiyaan jhagde ka

      Sorry if my words hurts anyone

  4. Shivika

    Roumya’s accidental marriage was really funny I just love it. Waiting for tomorrow’s episode to know about how will they hide this from family.

  5. Ishqkum

    |Registered Member

    So funny and lovely of rumy they got married i cant belive it there path going to be intresting and funny and don’t. Make OM sad I don’t like him in this state.I like old OM how tells shrayar and teases shiviya.and that Tia making anika fool and shiviya will misunderstand anika
    Wat the hell

  6. Razna

    Hi frndssss what an episode……one side I can’t stop my laughter😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Rumyas ki shaadiiiiii completed!!!!!!!!…what will they do nowww. I think the will hide this from their families or theywill lie each other that they don’t remember any thing……
    Other side it’s really disgusting..I am sure that tia will make anika fool….she will make anika as a jealous, characterless, etccc. Infront of shivayyy….and I have only hop on the new entriesss. And don’t know when will it happend
    And how are you my ishquieesssss. Fine naaa……

  7. ayat

    well after so many boring episode, todays episode was funning nd amazing, d way rumya marriage was so dramatic…….one thing about om dt how could acp knw dt om killed dt girl nd instead of gyatri case he takes interest in dt girls murder..dts means d girl was near to him nd i guess she was his sis….nd i think dt d entery of acp was 4 two reason one opp for Priyanka nd second may b a new lead come 4 om…..nowadays anika is so irritating…. one shivaye calls anika to knw about om.,he can call Priyanka ,pinky nd tia too….bt he believes on her nd dont knw about it…….
    gud night guzzzz……

    • aahana

      Yeah i read dt post in which she said dr earlier ot was going to happen in sept but dy pushed ot due to d good response which sjivika nokjhok garnered!!

  8. Yazhu

    |Registered Member

    I just loved today’s episode sooooooooo much….Rumya steals the show today…Rudy looked so so handsome in his marriage attire and Sowmya too looked so cute…love them a lot…the way Rudy took Sumo’s hand…wiped her tears…kissed her in cheek…everything is sooooo nice…eagerly waiting to see their reactions when they got conscious about their marriage…it’s gonna be so much fun….

    Coming to my Shivika…not much of them today…Anika’s attempt gonna backfire and it all start over again…hate that lady baba…really don’t wanna see another misunderstanding track between Shivika…but it looks like the cvs are planning that only…don’t know…

    Om dealing his guilt all alone…seeing him sad continuously makes me feel bad…poor Om…wish Shivaay finds the truth about Om n Prinku soon and help them to got over it…

    Ishqbaaz rocksss…this show always makes me feel better…a great show shouldn’t be missed…don’t know about how others feel…but ishqbaaz really makes me feel so connected to it…

  9. Vaishali BBZ

    Hii Guys.. This is the new spoiler..
    The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ daily popular showIshqbaaz will witness some major twist and turns.

    It is heard that Karan Khanna of Splitsvilla 9 and Manmarziyaan fame will enter as the new guy in Anika’s (Surbhi Chandna) life.

     Karan will essay the role of Dhruv, who will be the childhood friend of Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta). Dhruv will make his entry to meet up with his friend. And Shivaay will send Anika to pick him up. And that will be when it will be love at first sight for Dhruv towards Anika.

    On the other hand Dhruv’s entry in Anika’s life acts as the much-needed catalyst for Shivaay to realize his love for Anika.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates.

  10. azurec

    Rumya!! Chalo, atleast one couple is *legal*! God! They are sooooo adorable! Them realizing the whole incident will be a treat to us! Specially because of Rudra!
    Om! He takes my heart away with his acting skills! Watching him so vulnerable pains my heart so much! I hope this mystery gets solved asap! Can’t see him so in pain! 🙁
    Shivika!! Less scenes of them! This Tia thing is surely a pain in the a*s! Grrr!
    Well well, hope you all are aware that Shivika will be marrying soon! November wedding! And the best part is that Surbhi and Gul Khan have confirmed this news! *Dancing like a madwoman!* I really don’t mind whether it’s a hate and forced marriage or a mutual and love one, coz them getting married is what I want! Though a forced and hate marriage would sound very clichè, but theirs can’t be just a hate one, we know that both love each other. Though Shivaay’s feelings are more intense than Anika’s, but that is what I want! Shivaay to love her more! We all know that he’ll be a passionate lover and that will be a treat to watch!
    By the way, a lot’s in store in the serial- OBros Chikni Chameli dance, Diwali puja, New entrant Dhruv, Jealousy track for Shivika, Tia getting exposed (hopefully), and finally Shivika marriage- all in a single month! Woah! I like that they won’t drag certain issues, specially Omkara-Prinku-ACP thing!
    P.S. I want PriVeer story to be a love-hate one! That could give Prinku’s character a new and different dimension! 🙂

    • Shekhar

      I think a fact may be come out on circuimstencial evidences that that girl did not hit with OM’s car, but some one might have pushed her ahead to kill her on the way, and falls well ahead of his car. See that episode again, it clearly mentioned that after getting down from the car, both OM and PRIYA walked down few steps ahead and when they reached at spot, they found only skaff likes wear, and girl was no where. I guess, someone dragged her away and killed her after that. Remember, ACP told, MURDER along with accident. This is all my guessing, nothing more and may be wrong even. But I strongly blv, story something like this may surfaced in future. Girl was not available, that means someone other than OM and PRIYANKA MUST BE THERE WHO DRAGGED HER AWAY!

      • azurec

        I am sure Om and Prinku are being trapped! They are lead characters! Therefore, they can’t be murderers! (Lol) And anyway, we know Om’s character! I guess he hasn’t confessed about this whole fiasco because he himself wasn’t so sure about the whole thing back then! (Girl went missing thing)
        Also, I do not really think that the girl is dead. Don’t ask me why, it’s just my gut feeling! But I’m damn sure about one thing- Om and Prinku are 100% innocent! Though my ‘lead characters’ logic’ sounds childish, but it sure stands logic! 😉

  11. Vaishali BBZ

    Hii Guys.. This is an another spoiler..
    The upcoming series of Star Plus daily soap Ishqbaaz is going to showcase shocking twist as love triangle to start amid Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) – Anika (Surbhi Chandna) – Dhruv (Karan Khanna).
    Im soo exited after reading the 2 spoilers..❤❤😍😍
    Soon viewers will get to witness new entry Dhruv who will be Shivaay’s childhood friend and will come to attend his wedding.

    Shivaay will send Anika to pick up Dhruv from airport being his wedding planner, thus Anika will unwillingly agree.

    Dhruv will get love struck seeing Anika and will start flirting with Anika.

    Dhruv and Anika’s growing closeness will irk Shivaay and viewers get ready to witness one more love triangle.

    Will Anika accept Dhruv or Shivaay’s love?

    Let’s see what happens next on the show.

  12. azurec

    Err, I mean I like the fact that this serial doesn’t drag much and I want Omkara-Prinku-ACP thing to get over asap!
    P.S. I eat up sentences while typing. *Hungry li’l me*
    Also, have you guys accepted me in your IB family? I know I talk a lot, but I guess that doesn’t sound irritating. Or does it? Please do let me know. 🙂

  13. simmy😘

    yes rumaya are united but now waiting for shivaye and anikas love story and hope they find a better girl for om 😍😍😍😍

  14. Vaishali BBZ

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ daily popular showIshqbaaz will witness some high intensity drama.

    It seems that Omkara (Kunal Jai Singh) and his little sister Priyanka have murdered a girl and no one knows about this.

    Omkara is depressed as he has murdered someone and inspector Ranveer is harassing him and Priyanka.

    Apparently Tej spots him taking drugs and informs Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta).

     Shivaay and Anika (Surbhi Chandna) will confront Omkara.

     They manage to get him to confess, but still, Omkara tell them the other half of the story.

    Now, Shivaay and Anika will try to get him out of his drug problem.

     They consider sending him to a rehab but, then how will the son of such a wealthy family go to Rehab?

    Stay tuned for more updates.

    • aahana

      Its fake!!i too saw it n it was for dt day whn jhanvi n tej go to om s room n he was about to take drugs but he dsnt n tej dsnt c his injection.
      Moreover y will tej tell dis to shivaye as hes back on HATE SHIVAYE mode so he ll try to show om as flawless as possible so dt je cpuld make him d chairman f obro empire without any ques n certainly whn shivaye dsnt hv any bad habit dn he ll surely try to clean dis DRUGGIST img f om.

  15. Vaishali BBZ

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ daily popular showIshqbaaz will witness some high intensity drama.

    Omkara (Kunal Jai Singh) gets depressed and panics seeing blood on the sculpture. Omkara had left drugs by much difficulty. Now, he takes support of drugs again to get rid of the tension. 

    On the other hand Priyanka will feels responsible and will go to police to confess her crime as she does not want to see her brother go through the pain once again.

    It would be interesting to see what will happen next in the show.

    Will Omkara be able to help his sister out or will turn into a self destruction machine.

    Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates on your favourite show.

  16. Sanaurifa

    Hey ishqies do you heard the news of Shivika marriage
    I saw a post on Instagram of Gul mam “It was supposed to be happen in November so it will ”
    A news was there due to the dropping trp they are doing this in November itself not upto jan
    Guys we should watch ishqbaaz on telecast time itself it’s just 25%
    On hotstar it50% & on repeat 19%
    If it goes down the show will off air soon
    I request all Ishkara fans to watch coz the IB team only introduce a lovely characters of Om &Ishana now they remove her means they will definitely introduced a more sweet girl for om
    Gul mam also said “when I finalise a girl for om I will surely inform you it happen soon”

    To the epi it’s all about rumya marriage
    Shivaay will soon find the problem of Om he is now in that tract

  17. sonu

    Such a nonsense story ..tdy till now I liked the track but today it’s too much in case of roumya??soumya is famous love angel and will always talks about life of people and yea though rudra is dumbo but he always got busy in watching tv..and moreover they both watch shivay and Tia’s marriage (though for broke up). And no one told that there is shooting is going on.. how can they assume and talk like dumbos?soumya knows the values of life? This part is too much i dint expect like this their love story begins??

  18. Veda

    |Registered Member

    thnkfully dey didn’t drag da wedding scene….mns dat slooooooooooww motion phere,garlnd xchng,putng Sindoor didn’t hapn….dats y our IB is difrnt…
    dr cn b an anothr reasn behind it.. dat is SHIVIKA mrg,which gonna b hapnd in dis mnth too…likely dey hv planned a DHAMAKEDAR ceremony wid all details,nd rituals fr SHIVIKA… plzzz don’t crt any irritating cliche, like “ghunghat k niche bahu badal” type or “shadiwala mahasaptah” bla bla…..our IB is difrnt nd let it b so….

    soooo many thngs to b hapnd widin this shrt period….I don’t thnk TIA vl gt time to shoot ANIKA nymore.. :p 😉 aftr all only 22 days r lft…

    tl nw I was feelng bad fr realising dat two among dat trio finly gt mard bt OM evn doesn’t hv ny lady lead oppost hm, I was like “HA HA HA… wat a joke..!!!”…

    aftr hearing dat SHIVIKA mrg hs bn finalised I hv lst interst in TIA’s secrt…let hr do watevr she wants… BECHARI.. 🙂

    nd how many of u think dat today RUDY hs carried his bestest look among dis entire IB season….. ????

    y did Somya stop seeng da fire…??..did she accidntly recl abt hr brother’s death,funeral, crematorium etc….????…just a wild guess

    • Shekhar

      VEDA MAM, in last TU, you left a sorry for me. You need not to be sorry for anything, it is forum, and nothing personnel, and I make comment without any feeling and just try to interpret a charector as it is framed for. We are just keeping our views over a issue which is being handle by some one else away and away from we, so please, there is no question of hurting me or anyone arised. Keep commenting whatever you find fit for commenting and arguing!

      • Veda

        |Registered Member

        Actualy aftr going through ur replies I felt like u r a SHIVAY fan nd smhw my wrds sounded like I wanted to say him a dumb…nd as I knw I dont hv enough grip ovr language so dr is always a posblty of misinterpretation….😁😁…Nd I knw how much v all r connectd to IB nd specly wid sm charectrs…nthng wrng to gt hrt if smbody wld tlk negatv abt dem…actualy I use to fl so…Im nt against ny healthy criticism bt wen ny of mah frnds talks shit abt OM’s charectr or IB I feel like punching on dr face….😁😁

  19. akann

    Wow. Who would have thought Rudra would be the first one to get married out of the Oberoi siblings! lol.. loved the wedding. Cant wait how they are going to react when they realized they are married!! I also thought it was interesting that Shivay trusted Anika to check up on Om instead of his fiancé. I have been feeling a vibe that Shivay is playing dumb for some reason and he knows Tia’s affair. Idk. Its just a feeling. Unlike some of you guys, I actually like Om’s track. I know it is very sad and all but many people go through substance abuse issues after going through a tragedy and I feel like the creators are trying to create awareness about more deeper issues rather than just giving him another romantic track right away. Om is such a complex character and honestly Kunal does an amazing job of acting that part.

  20. kritika

    Hii ishqeees commenting after long time just becoz I met wide a small accident and after diwali so after long I have gone through all your comments one thing I really wanna tell all iskara fans guys ishqbaaz is not only about iskara they have 2 more lovely couples so just move on becoz vrishika is no more part of ishqbaaz gul mam will surely cast a gud and well desserving lead for om I really don’t wanna heart any Iskara fans becoz I myself is a big fan of iskara and plz guys dont stop watching ishqbaaz becoz this is effecting trp of show

    • Saku

      No di I won’t agree wd u…u r saying this show not only about ishkara but of other two couples also..but the thing is they r just showing 2 couples is still alone n no girl is finaled yet…n coming to ishkara unhe toh kabhi itna screen space mila hi nahi..

  21. kritika

    Sorry If I had heart any bdy but that was my point and it’s my last teen bday and I will be turning 19….

  22. Saku

    The episode was WOW for me….rumya sence were killing…
    But feeling very bad for om…plz reveal his secret fast don’t drag it more….
    Anika became fool again in shivayes eyes I think this only the game plan of tia to make anika fall low in shivaye’s eyes…

  23. ritika

    One more thing I forget to mention guys so less comments wake up ishqies before when I was not part of your group the no of comments were more then 200 or some time even more but day by day it’s decreasing which is not gud sign for our show and I request all iskara fans to move on and again Join the group just becoz of some crazy fans vrishika has to quit the and again we ppl are repeating the same thing wid aur show…and moving on today’s episode was gud but they shud stop annoying us wid this tia when I see this tia in any scene I start felling michmichi it’s high time she shud be out of the frame it was just a camio for 1 or 2 months but it’s already 4 months so now no more shitia only shivika

  24. Nainaa

    |Registered Member

    Hmm…. the episode is too good. Rudra is looking handsome and Soumya as usual looking very pretty.
    Why are they showing Om In such a tensed character ?
    And Shivaay he’s gonna scold Anika for doubting on that Tia.
    Why don’t they end that Tia’s role and show some cute scenes between Shivika?

    Guys read my ff and comment your views…
    Here is the link.

  25. shahabana

    What a episode guyz after long time a zabardasth episode loved it.
    Rumya they stealed thr episode rudyyy looking so handsome in the attire of groom and saumya cute beautiful bride. Today’s episode stars are only rumya. Waiting to see their reaction after knwing about their marriage it will be more fun and what will be oberois reaction on their marriage.
    Today there is no shivika scenes missed them.
    Hey guyz i tooo read in insta that shivika marriage will happen within one month guyz…. Anyways im happy bcz we can see their love thakkar.
    Guyz plsss try to watch ishqbaaz on tv 10pm itself only bcz so many are watching show on online its really effecting trp. I dntknw why this starplus is doing this they are airing the show on hotstar premium and show telecasts on other websites tooo bcoz of their careless trp is not increasing thats why online trp is in top position.
    And gk mam confirmed that she herself announce oms pair after confirming .
    Anyways good morning guys hv a nc day

  26. DaSha

    Hello dear friends!

    Only thing I wonder now is will Sumo keep mangalsutra and sundur as a part of this marriage for everyday life

  27. Sahanaa

    |Registered Member

    Gul khan n chandu confirmed that shivika marriage in november itself… bt i dnt want it to b a forceful marriage… or with any conditions.. i want it to b a simple and nice marriage.. atleast once in the history of indian tv.. let them marry happily and nt forcefully.. gul khan please dnt b ekta kapoor😓

  28. Naija gal

    Now that SKR has ended, why not shift the slot for Ishqbaaz? I don’t think the international viewership is considered for trps…so many great shows ended because of it!

    • shahabana

      Yes they where not concidering international viewers on trp and also not concidering Indian rural areas veiwers and also online trp also.
      They are making list of top shows only based on urban areas viewers. This trp is such a crap. I think they should change the time slot to 9pm bcz namkaran trp is anyways low so its better to replace with ib

    • Nansshivika

      |Registered Member

      Ya if in time slot is changed to 8 to 8.30 then damn sure trp will increase
      It airs at 10 because of tat many watch repeat telecast. Plz someone share this to gul khan on twitter or instagram

      • shahabana

        Nansshivika i already shared this problem with gul khan mam in insta but i dnt think she can do anything bcz time slot is in starplus hand they have to give a prime time for ishqbaaz. I know they wont change their slot leading shows airing time atleast they can air it on 9pm bcz namkaran trp is very low so they can air ib on 9pm


    |Registered Member

    Awsome episode… atleast rudra and soumya got married.. whether they accept it or not but for now atleast some fun in Inshaqbaaz, otherwise show was going around scerets only….

  30. JUHI

    Loved the wedding episode, Rudra and Soumya made such gorgeous grrom n bride.
    Agree—fed up withTia, want her out just hope Dhruv wont be the D of Tia…some jealousy will be good to see for SHivay.
    I also have a feeling Shivay knows Tias truth n is gathering evidence…its all connected to Gayatris murder, ie on day of his wedding, he will instead get married to Anika..
    Love Anikas boldness, she knows Tia is a liar and being honest person herself, Anikas is open challenging Tia cos Anika is not afraid of liars……hope it works well for Shivika..loved the previous episode where while placing Kalash, Shivay did not want to release Anikas hand…LUVED it…plz contnue with Shivika scenes, missing a day of Shivika scene males IB incomplete..
    LUV OM…the track shows real life issues faced by teenagers and is a good message on how to deal with it for viewers..

  31. nayaliCKAP

    poor om! Im really sad for him.atlast shivaay is trying to understand om.what has happened to shivaay? Normally he is able to understand his brothers but now he is just too busy or something? Rudy is acting crazy while om is burning inside him with guilt.still no reaction from shivaay except the call to annika to check on om! Om really needs a gf now.everyone else is enjoying their love lives but om…he is having a total breakdown.

  32. Veda

    |Registered Member

    Come to da TRP matr..I dont thnk SHIVIKA mrg is going to boost da TRP drastically…aftr all its a GEN Y show..nd its viewr grp gonna remain da same ,no matr wat da Curnt trck is upto….nd most of us r nt abl to watch da shw on 10pm v r eithr busy wid works,study,xam,wrk load or stay away frm home where tv is nt available(in my case) ,so dey hv to follow hotstar…as a reslt IB use to lead in online TRP chart…

    If u guyz go through da trp list u cn easly realise dat da max top rank holdrs r eithr SAAS-BAHU or MYTHOLOGY nd SUPERSTITION based serial….nd da total % of TRP is calculated adding both da rural nd urban sectr…nd in da individual TRP list of urban sectr IB holds its place widin top 10 bt in rural sectr its evn nowhere widin top 20….nd it wouldn’t b hapnd in near future(until it bcms QUBOOL HEY2 wid all dat rebirth,black magic,witch cliches)….

    And da 10 pm slot is nt da main obstacle…notwrthy dat top TRP holdr KASAM hs da sme slot nd @ past PYAAR KA DARD HEY nd MERI ASHIQI TUMSE HI also mangd to b in top 10 in regular basis aftr being telecstd on 10pm onwrds….da only prblm is IB ‘s plots,charectrs,story line all r fr gen Y only….

    V cn do nothng bt keep hope dat star plus vl realise da demnd of gen Y as well…nd wouldn’t let it b finished soo early like DAHELEEZ ND MANMARZIYA…fingr cross

    • Saku

      U r 100% ryt di…bcoz the viewers of this show are between 14-25 yrs & some r living r living in hostels so it’s not possible to watch it on telecast tym…n some of them prefer watching it on hotstar bcoz of their studies n all…& the another big reason for it is Kasam…as women’s like Saas bahu type serials….Aur kuch logo k yaha already serials fix hote all prefer to watch it online…

      Not only IB but all youth shows suffers from trp problem….

      • Veda

        |Registered Member

        u r rt Saku….wen our IB hd strtd its jrny KASAM alrdy mangd to attrack a huge % of viewrs in da same da popularty of KASAM hs bn affectng IB’s TRP snce da prili stage….

    • shahabana

      Yes its true always sas bahu dramaz are in top in trp along with super natural series and youngsters are busy they watches their fav shows on online when they gets time

      • Veda

        |Registered Member

        Yup Shahabana…dats y KRPKAV/IB always tops da online TRP chart..coz these r genY shw…xceptn is YRKKH…

    • Bshama1239

      |Registered Member

      Veda di 100% percent agreed nowadays I am somewho managing to watch it@ 10 itself but I think what is stopping gul mam to change the time slot I know its not easy but this will be favorable to both ends @ CVS and fans
      I don’t want it to stop … N I don’t know what is CVS plan but I personal feel that the time is wrong other than that everything is accepted…

      • Veda

        |Registered Member

        STAR PLUS wouldn’t chng IB’s slot dr…coz dey always wnts to gv priorty to da SAAS-BAHU serials…coz YHM,SNS,YRKKH these r da reasns of STAR PLUS’ notabl viwershp nt IB…so dey wouldn’t let IB to share prime time….

  33. Tridha

    |Registered Member

    I love the way shivay was taking care of om like dekho voh thik hai na, use akela mat chorna, just make sure uske saath koyi rahe.
    As per a vdo there will b shivkara moment today. Shivay will get to know abt drugs.
    Gul has confirmed shivika marriage in nov. She has also said that she still hasn’t finalised a girl for om.
    Waiting for next week to c shivomru dancing.
    I saw a pic on kunal’s instagram. He was with jhanvi, tej nd ridhima. I think ridhima is with ishqbaaz team. As per a spoiler ridhima will re enter. I don’t want ridhkara.
    #missing sahil #missing dadi #missing omru. #love ishkara

    • shahabana

      Yes i saw in insta kunal posted a picture with ridhima tejanvi. I think its reentry of ridhima. Dntwrry they wont make ridhkara pair they will make their breakup officially.
      Gul khan confirmed that she herself inform about omkaras pair when it will be finalised.
      There is good news in ishqbaaz fb page admin stopped to posting IB episode before tv its really good job.
      And Ib has small difference with rival show kasam in trp. If starplus wont air ib before telecasting then it will definitely bring a good trp for ishqbaaz. But this starplus wont they where busy in selling their shows.

      • Sahanaa

        |Registered Member

        Thats great shahabana.. the major dip in tros is due the episodes being viewed before its original telecast..
        I hope wverything gets fine😊

  34. nithu

    Happiee for Rumya marriage, they look so cute especially rudy was awesome, the way he looks. But I feel bad for them what they would do after getting conscious afterall they are not lovers, it would be very difficult for them to accept the truth.
    And writers plz bring some brightness in Om’s life.

  35. neha

    Hello all !!
    Coming to the current track, IB is doing pretty well. Its fast paced incidents, strong story line, superb acting, fun elements, great dialogues, bromance, couple romance, suspense…(and the list is endless) makes it unique.
    Still viewers’ demands are endless and many don’t seem satisfied. Each couple here is fully capable of being solo leads of any other show. In this case, instead of liking IB as a serial, viewers have rather FANZONED it. They want more screen space of their favourite couple. Since day 1,of all the female leads, only Anika was introduced. So shivika started first. Ishkara fans had objection about their less screen space. Even Raumya screen space was less but very few cared about that. Some OVER EXCITED ishkara fans started hurling abuses at the producer(which made the matter worse). Instead of being too much critic about things, let us praise them. Patient Raumya fans are getting a lovely Raumya track now(sabra ka meetha phal mila unhe).

    Many complain that shivay is more inclined towards Anika and blindly trusts her while ignoring his brothers. Ofcourse, he should trust her for whatever she has done for him and his family cannot be described in words. Anika has WON Shivay’s trust with her good deeds. Had he not been caring, he wouldnot have been quick enough to call Anika and ask her to keep a check on Om.
    30 min is too less to show each detail of each character. And whatever happens, i am still loving the show and undoubtedly no saas -bahu drama can create the magic as it has done on the young viewers.

    • Luna

      |Registered Member

      Neha dear, Vrushika didn’t left the show bcoz of Ishkara fans, the fans on social media who spoke bullcrap about Gul only represent 2 to 3% of audience. They can’t pressurise the channel or the PH. Gul has only used Ishkara fans as a scapegoat by putting all the blame on them.
      And as for fans demanding more Ishkara scenes, there was nothing wrong in it. The story was promoted as a story of 3 brothers so people want all of them to get equal screenspace. But forget Ishkara or Rumya, even Om and Rudra weren’t getting proper SS. Ishana was not accepted by TRP audience only bcoz of less SS of Ishkara. Had Ishana would have got proper screentime she would not have left the show. People are bound to get disappointed if u will promote something else and show something else For 3 months Shivika was the centre of attention. It’s only this month that all brothers are getting equal SS. We all love Shivika but we wanted to see the story of all 3 brothers as it was shown in the initial promos.

    • shahabana

      Im agree with u neha. I love shivika rumya omkara equally love more shivomru and im sure they will bring best for omkara also and definitely ishqbaaz is 100% better than other crap shows

  36. shekhar

    Finding TIA betraying him, will SSO burst over TIA?
    Take a look at scene!
    Finding ANIKA at door step of his home for leaving out DEV, he shocked, his all blood get stopped to flow, his eyes over looked everyone around him except ANIKA, his ears get chocked to hear except ANIKA! The girl to whom he just get retired saying his views for DEV and denied PRIYANK wishes to meet DEV once for all, was standing with DEV along with his sister and hided from me! All his blood get started to rush to his mind, he found his heart getting emptying, thinking how did she dare to do this going against my wish?
    and we were become the witness of him showering all of shitts over ANIKA in a volcanic anger.
    What made him so anger?
    would he got anger if TIA was there instead of ANIKA?
    Perheps, SIMPLY NO!
    BUT WHY?

    • shahabana

      Well shekhar i will tell what i understood .
      Shivaye got angry with anika about prinku dev matter bcz he trusted anika and he feeled betrayed and he thought after his objection also she doesn’t cared about him.
      And another thing is shivaye cares very much about family and he bursted out his anger on anika bcz he loves his family more.
      And shivaye always affected by anika for everything thats means anika is very important in his life and when we loves someone we burstout our anger on them.
      Coming to tia matter shivaye will feel betrayed .but more than bursting out on tia he will feel guilty about he doesn’t trusted anika.
      For shivaye his family and anika more important not tia

      • shekhar

        “We loves some one, we burst out our anger on them!”
        well said!
        So, that’s why, he will not burst out over TIA getting betrayed by TIA!, that is what the way SSO charector framed!
        what he can’t give, that he does not expect from TIA. We saw it, he never asked about her MIL knowing that she got hospitalised, and never visited to look after her.So why, he does not expect TIA’s concern for any of his family member. It is simply a GIVE & TAKE relation, lacking of any types of feelings including ANGER!

    • Archiya

      hi Shekhar,

      I always look fwd to ur comments.. they always seemat an different angle than others..and in depth analysis
      I am sure he wont burst out on TIA, he may feel betrayed by TIA and bad that he did not trust Anika.
      He loves Anika and trusts an cares her, so when she went against his decision he just burst out, which happens only with the ppl v care n trust abt
      and he has none of the feelings for TIA
      Sometimes i feel TIA is rite to have a BF, as she is a nice gal and shivay does not love or care for her, every person deserves to be loved atleast by the person they r getting married to.Of course its wrong that she loves someone , an is getting married to someone else.

      • SHEKHAR

        Yes TIA is nice, and whatever she is doing, is against her will, and she expressed it straightly to her mother when she forced TIA for a night hold at OM. She also feeled guilt in the way her wedding was took place by pressure technique. .She is simple natured , basically innocent . Otherwise she never could have asked her HUBBY to be thankfull to ANIKA for saving him from CHOPPER CRASH. But unfortunately, demands , needs or what ever it may be of her mother made TIA complex .She never found herself comfirtable either in OM or with anyone.

        She may be truthfull to his HUBBY, and in SSO life she might feel her place as ROUND within SQUARE.

        But , being a educated girl, she could have confronted her mother for the matter, and could have analyses the consequencies of such CHEAT , but unfortunately it seems she had done nothing and simply jumped in the FIRE onjly to get burn.

      • shahabana

        Archiya dr everyone needs love and care in life. Tia also has a full right to share her love with someone. She can love or marry anyone she wants but what is the need to play with sso life she is clearly cheating sso and she is doing this with some motivation. So by her own wish or by her mothers pressure whats she is doing is completely wrong. I think its a shameless

    • Veda

      |Registered Member

      @SHEKHAR ur prediction hs cm true in today’s epi…TIA is actually a 50shades holdr…she has a masterplan to trap ANIKA…😮😮😮😮..

      • Shekhar

        Today behaved like a VAMP, which was actually not required. You see, TIA was deaf and dumb before 2-3 epis making mistake after mistake only to ANIKA have the proofs. And now GK deformed her character and we got TIA all of sudden clever enough to make trap for ANIKA! Its just the shitt

  37. Luna

    |Registered Member

    Roumya marriage was too good.. Tia is getting irritating but Shivika marriage is also on cards this month so Tia will also be soon out of picture…. But what about Om???? her female lead is still not introduced…. I love Ishkara but Vrushika will not come back so better make Om bachelor forever so that we girls drool over him till infinity, lol

  38. Nithu

    |Registered Member

    Guys in instabi saw riddhima she was standing beside om..i guess on monday we ll be seeing her….soo again ridhkara

  39. Disha

    |Registered Member

    Good afternoon
    Hope u all fine
    My tweet got like from surbhi ma’am
    I was so happy when I saw that like I just forget
    My all tentions for a moment
    About episode It was so cute soumya looking beautiful in bridal wear
    Both so cute finally rumya get married now shivika’s turn
    Dont know about om hope they soon reveal that secret

  40. Chhaya

    Feeling bad for omkara…can’t see tears in his eyes.
    Soumya is looking so preety in bridle wear.
    Waiting fr tomorrow’s episode eagerly… To watch T and D’s secret.

  41. Deeps

    I will say what will happen in the future. riddima again comes in Om’s life. She comes to oberoi mansion in the puja. I noticed it when they were showing rumya scenes on you tube. I m not sure how she will come. But I think it is bcz of the video message that on sent.
    Next about rumya. They enter the house in rajasthani costumes.he he he he. They look so funny. Everybody in the house get shocked and stares seeing them.(it is the when I saw riddhima)
    Next about shivika. At the time of puja tia and shivay come along. Shivay sits near the hawan. Thereby tia gets a call and she goes from there(I think it was of her so called D bf). Anika was also standing therethereso shivay without seeing pulls her hand and make her sit near him in the hawan. Then he says that this is the girl I m going to marry. Anika looks along and then pull her her from shivay to stand up and there heads gat stuck by each other.
    Yes dhruv is coming as shivay friend in this show and anika will go to pick him up and then dhruv will fall in love with anika in first sight. Eagerly waiting for it.
    I felt rumyas marriage very funny. Thank god one of the marriage gas completed.
    Shivikas marriage. Hilarious. I will kill the writer. Last time I felt it when ishana went away. Not this marriage now. For gods sake

  42. Divya

    Star Plus Show Ishqbaaz Anika gets successful in exposing Tia before Shivaye (Nakuul Mehta) so he breaks marriage with Tia
    In the forthcoming episode, the show to witness high voltage drama as Anika turned spy for exposing Tia.
    Finally she gets successful in exposing Tia before Shivaye and Shivaye gets shocked.

    Shivaye did not expected that Tia will bitray him like this, he decides to break marriage alliance with Tia.
    Shivaye then decides to marry Tia and announce his marriage with Anika.
    Tia gets angry with Anika
    Tia gets angry as she her motive will not get completed if she does not get married with Shivaye.
    Tia gets angry as Anika exposes her and broke her marriage.
    Tia thinks that she will not leave Anika and she will have to pay for what she has done.

  43. neha

    Luna dear,
    I agree that each and every viewer of IB wanted to see all the 3 love stories and a little less screen space of ishkara and raumya might have dissapointed the fans. But the point is whether it is really possible to start all the stories at one go??? Ishkara and raumya had started slowly but beautifully. We must be patient enough to let producers deal with the characters and reveal things slowly. Now, even Priyanka and Acp have been getting somewhat equal screenspace and i am sure it must have happened the same with ishkara.
    And the promos have never deceived us. Sooner or later all the 3 rather 4 love stories (including that of priyanka’s) would have blossomed. And as far i know, Vrushika didnot quit the show by herself rather due to “creative call” the producers decided to terminate the track. The producers didnot use Vrushika fans as a scapegoat in my point of view because if they had any personal problem with Vrushika they wouldnot have roped her in for the role. If only 1000 fans from all over India repeatedly sent hate messages; it becomes difficult to tolerate this kind of behaviour; this spreads negativity.
    By the way, past is gone and we must spread positivity so that the serial runs smoothly and entertains us.

    • shekhar

      I get through vdo, and it seems GK wishing to put a full stop to shivika track via JEALOSY track, let it be like that, and may be GK might have find it best out of many option. But particularly I believe this jealousy track as a deformed forced marriage. SSO charector when framed as a business tycoon and alligned as a GREAT WALL, jealousy track not fitted with the way he has been framed. Any business tycoon just may have competitive feeling, and must be there to be a business tycoon, but can not get along with JEALOUSY feeling longlast. JEALOUSY make choked his mind veins, make his eyes shut and compell to do those things which he should not do, and at last nothing left except ASH. SSO has already ego, blood, khaandaan, lineage types shitts and you are going to add one more bunch of shitt . Instead, he needs all his existing shitt drained out to lts last drop. He should be left all alone looking with teared eyes at his crashed and shattered miss beliefs with which he has been get along till today. He should realise that what he had lost in life and how did he keep continue killing own human feelings. Feeling of love should be flow on his own against all odds. JEALOUSY track is just like a slope from over which any weightless can roll . By using jealousy track, you will make SSO weightless, who roll down to ANIKA, without realizing ANIKA a real reason of sudden fall of SSO.

    • Shekhar

      I went through clip, and it seems me A JEALOUS TRACK is framed for SHIVIKA, let it be so, but personnely I blv, to reach ANIKA, if you made SSO to use JEALOUSY TRACK type slope to roll on, is against his image you made so far,GREAT WALL OF SSO!, and certainly he will roll down to ANIKA with all types of shitting ideology, ego, weird nature, rudeness. Let SSO him self coming out from gutter leaving all shitt behind and let him follow DADI’s advise, IF YOU WANT TO WIN SOME ONE’s LOVE, YOU HAVE TO LOSE YOUR HEART FIRST! Let his heart to ride over his mind’s belief which are wrong. I personnely blv , jealousy track is deformed forced track. You just can not belittle the charector SSO by using jealousy track, no doubts its a easy way but very cheap for a strong charector.

  44. Tridha

    |Registered Member

    Ohhhh nooooooo ridhima is back. The spoiler I gave is absolutely true. She is back. Om was unconscious. Shivay says him to open eyes. But he didn’t. That time ridhima comes there and calls him and om wakes up.

  45. Renimarenju

    |Registered Member

    Hey ishqies…..gud evng……all

    *It was so cute 2 watch them……on screen…….that marriage part was simply good 2 watch….. loved it ……

    *And still this “d”……omg!!!… long it will take 2 reveal this d????? and guys….now a days tia is not mentioning any thing about reikis ???? how is it possible guys ??? her universe will allow her to live without saying any thing about reikis…..

    * And anika….make it fast….please spread raita on lady baba’s reiki…..i wish agent rudy also

    join with her in this mission ” D: THE MYSTERY “…….just kidding…….

    * Dadi….am hardly missing her and sahil also…… the way what happened to bandri bua ?

    * Guys…now they have forgotten roop also ?After gayatris death why she has not come up with the new plan to attack oberois…..waiting for that….

    * And omkara-prinku bond was portrayed very well on screen….i liked sso’s concern for omkara as always he stand as the great wall for him…

    * I want more sso-om scenes which always offers the worth watch!!!!! isn’t it ???


    * And i just expect om-prinku secret to be revealed fully in the show with much dhamaka …..waiting for that moment eagerly…..

    And ishqies…..mukta, nadia,shaza,rose,rosu,roz,ridhima,shivika,richu,piyali,shivani,nivedha luna,haya,shahabana,kiki,nithu,mary,meena,enasanjida,disha,priya,aqua,niharika,neha, nazneen,archiya,sekhar,tharu,tridha,trisha,saku,veda,bshama,mishri,devga,jarra,krits, maahiswit, pawan,dhruv, maanik,diya, liya,lijitha,yazhu,sahaana, razna, chaya, himagiri, nelka, navi,sat, kat, jazz, dil,ooshi, abiha,aahana,anusha, nikki…….how are you all?

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