Ishqbaaz 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 4th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye scolds the criminals. Shivay and Anika beat the men. Some time before, the man says I have a great idea, they don’t know we are escaped prisoners, we will use them and leave for Mumbai, then police can’t find us, we will ask him to drive, he will get trapped. Shivaye asks what did you think. The man says sorry, we could have dropped you, but we did night duty its highway, if we fall asleep while driving. Shivaye says its fine, I will drive. The man says if he acts clever, we will kill him. He holds the gun. They leave.

Anika asks their names. Shivaye asks what are you doing. Anika says they are helping us. The man says I m Amar. Other man says I m Prem. She laughs and says Amar Prem, are you saying fake names. The men see each other. She laughs. Shivaye asks her to behave herself. She

says their name is such, Amar Prem. She tells filmi lines and laughs. She says you would have seen Andaz apna apna. The man says no. She asks what, its limit. She tells about the movie. Shivaye says thanks so much Anika for saying story, now they don’t need to say movie. She says even songs are left. She sings ye raat aur ye duri….. The man hold heads. Shivaye says rest now, you sing well. She says I will play radio. He says no, I need some peace. She says yes, they are giving same news again and again about prisoners. The man asks what. She says two prisoners escaped, radio is playing same news. Shivaye asks her to be quiet for some time. They reach police check post.

Inspector asks where are you going. Anika says Anika. Shivaye asks shall I talk. Inspector says take car aside, two prisoners…. Anika says I know two prisoners have run away. Shivcaye asks shall I talk. Inspector says I have to check car. She asks why checking, we have two forest rangers with us. The man gets angry. Shivaye asks inspector to check if he wants. Anika says its waste of time. Inspector asks them to go. He calls them out. Inspector sees the men in back seat. He says your side tyre has less air, drive carefully, there is no mechanic nearby. Shivaye drives. Anika tells about the cars not working well these days. She shouts police. The men get alert. She says I have seen much police today, even police is not finding thieves, if this was any B grade film, these forest rangers would have been thieves. Shivaye asks are you done. He stops the car. Inspector says my bike broke down.

Anika says maybe they want help like us. Shivaye says we can drop you. The man says we have no problem, come sit. Inspector sits in back seat with the men. He asks what do you do. Shivaye says I m a businessman. Inspector says I think you are Shivaye Singh Oberoi. Shivaye says yes, she is my wife Anika. Inspector asks who are these two. Anika says they are forest rangers, our car caught fire, we spent night in their guest house, this is their car, they are dropping us, they did night duty, they are tired, so my husband is driving. Inspector asks forest rangers in this area, whom do you report if there is an inactivity. The men lie to him. They hold the inspector and make him unconscious. Anika sees this in mirror and says Shivaye…. The man aims gun at her and asks her to be quiet.

Shivaye asks what happened, you are not saying anything. She signs him. Shivaye asks shall I drive or see your signs. She tries to get his attention. Shivaye says we are going home, not in any party. She thinks what to do, how to tell Shivaye.

She thinks of the code word oye oye…. She sings oye oye….. Shivaye asks what happened to you. She says what happened to you, can’t you understand this. He says its a song. The man says I think she wants to play Antakshiri. The other man asks them to enjoy the journey, as it maybe last one. The men ask them to play in teams. The man sings Goli maare bheje mein…. and laughs. He asks Anika to sing. Anika says yes, and sings oye oye…. Shivaye asks what happened to you, same oye oye, what’s wrong with you. She asks why did you forget. He says I remember the song, oye oye….. She says you remember why we have sung this song, I danced on it, why did I dance on it. He says I remember it, its our code. She signs him bending down. He gets shocked seeing the gun pointed to her back. They sing oye oye……. He applies the brakes. The man asks what happened. Shivaye asks Anika to jump. Shivaye and Anika get down the car, and run away.

He asks her is she fine. She says I m fine, but I was shouting oye oye, why did you not understand. He asks will I dream you are giving me warning, I thought you are singing. He says it was that time code word, you talk a lot, my mind will blow if I try understanding everything. She says you think I talk nonsense. She says its your mistake, next time if I sing this song, understand its some danger. The man shoots in air and asks them to come out.

Shivaye and Anika come to them. He asks are you those prisoners, we are not related to you, let us go. The man says so that you tell police and get us caught, we will kill you. Shivaye asks Anika to run. Anika says no Shivaye. Shivaye says let her go. The man says she spoke nonsense and irritated me, I will kill her. Shivaye holds his collar and asks how dare you say this about my wife, I will kill you. Anika hits on that man’s head with a stone. Shivaye asks really Anika. She smiles and thanks him. The man says you are going. Anika slaps the man. Shivaye asks her why did she not go when he asked her to go. She asks how would I go leaving you. He asks her to think by mind sometimes. The man gets up. Shivaye lifts Anika and kicks the man. Shivaye says this is happening because of you. They both argue. She says its your mistake, you went to get info from orphanage. They beat the men. The man gets the gun. Anika says we are great jodi. The man points gun and asks them to stand quiet now.

Anika says no, and stands before Shivcaye. The man shoots. Shivaye goes to him and says how dare you, you know who is she, she is my wife. Shivaye tries to snatch the gun. Bullet gets shot. Anika gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. AnuluvsIB

    Where is amaya… am scrolling less as her comments aren’t there yet?
    And mouni hasn’t commented either??

    1. Amayaa

      Anu di. ……….. missing me ……….. or get scared by remembering my threat. …….. ( kidding ha ) ……..
      I m here only ……… Replied too on ur above sweet sa comment
      But moderation uncle is on duty …….. so taking much time for publishing it ……….

      No comment from my side today but full of reply is gonna come back to back………
      ………… thank u million dollar times for remembering Ammu. ………….
      …………….. ???????????????………………

      1. Archiya

        moderation uncle is on duty… lolzzz

      2. but wer is the reply fr me dr and thank u fr the dp today night i wil give u another surprise u know amaya u all r saying 9.3 is agood gpa but im not at all satisfied with that i was litrally crying fr 2-3 hours then mom said it happens so i have to satisfy myself i was expeecting something else

      3. AnuluvsIB

        lol I saw ur reply and I realised yaar.. this side I asked for you… and in the next couple of page refresh, I got ur replies.. I has already realised ki it’s coz of our bechare moderation uncle.. itne crazy comments jo moderate karna padtha hain!!

      4. Aastha_Reddy

        Ammu.. Its not moderation uncle..its administrative aunty…

      5. Ranilya

        Moderation uncle ne aaj mere first comment pe paani phek diya….
        Only my second comment got posted….
        Ammu…do something…
        And yes dear did you read my comment on 2nd may?? Mere diye hue task complete Kiya?? Muje tho lag raha hain thumne nahi Kiya.. .

  2. Heya everyone….Long time no see…
    I may be wrong but I have to let it out that isn’t annika now really appearing annoying and so noisy after these 3 epis…..I cud totally understand shivaay’s longing for sm silence today ???
    In the car scene even I was begging her to shut up???
    N before anyone misunderstands I must clarify that even I am a big shivika and Chandu fan but I felt it was too much of chattering for past 3 epis or maybe it’s my mood which isn’t right.????

    Anyways happy to comment after a long time and really enjoyed sso’s bhigi Billi avatar in these episodes???

  3. @Nivi dear, GNG.CONGRATS..

    @shab dear, congrats for your earthtod result..

    @@AKRTI DEAR, you just made me crazy like chatterbox….paka hua aam….????????????? your whole comment is hilarious like episode…..
    After reading your comments. .i am feeling more bad for those quodis and Sso…..??????
    She is right.. Sso should buy a high quality wali brain to listen his pyari biwi s nonstop talking. …

    @ammu dear, today i am telling you that didi is really inspired by you….nonstop bak bak..


    if Sdo will leave NKK IDEOLOGY forever. .then i will be the happiest giri of this earth…
    But what change will be in annika didi character. .woh jaise he acchi he..infact bahut acchi…then what change ???????

    1. Amayaa

      See Arpu. ……….. my bhaiya is constantly try to walk on de path shown by u ………… leaving his childhood NKK ideology. ………..
      Making u nd ur Anika didi de happiest girls of this earth no no not earth but universe ( sounding like TIA na ) ………. my bhaiya is inspired by ur thought nd ur didi is installed by my buk buk …………. what a combo …………..

    2. thank u arpu is that really a earth thod results ohh sooo sweet of uu

    3. Akriti

      thanx arpu dear….
      and I loved your comment also…and chatter box exactly right name for anika….and I am also wondering about the change in shivika……if SSO NKK ideology change then it was ok… .but the change in anika also…donno what’s was in the GUL’S mind… interview ke baad toh dimaag ka gangaram ho gaya hai….

  4. Vivikhta

    Hola. everyone! Before I start my bakbak my dear sweet ishqies, submitting…

                                            LEAVE APPLICATION

    To:the insane and insanely awesome and beloved PKJ family

    From: Your dear Lil  sis Vivikhta…better known as FM 92.7

    Subject:Arey kya subject…up ar likha hai dekh lo?

    So my dear PKJ femilee . ..Iwant to submit a leave letter application for a time period of 17 days from 5 may to 21 may…as iIhave mentioned earlier…iItis mmy mama’s shaadi on seventh may. may….although iIlive in kochi, my native place is llucknow. tomorrow at twelve Iwill b catching a flight to lko and only come back to kochi on 21 … There will b electricity and Internet connectivity issues as iit’sUP after all and also the fact that my grandparents, aunts, uuncle’s, etc. Don’t live in exact lucknow but smaller places near it… SOsadly ???????
    I will not b able to comment and reply mostly as Iwill b busy meeting my relatives..iI get to meet them only once a year…
    But guess what guys? U won’t b free from my third degree torture like bakbak completely because of my mom’s Vodafone internet after seventh… will comment in a while..but am so happy that  at least I won’t miss IB..I mean for half my visit..U see, half the days, will live at Nani ke ghat. .and after wedding and all at Dadi ke ghar. .and thankfully my paternal grandparents r biiig fans of IB and DBO….unbelievable right? I mean such old folk enjoying IB and all..actually
    they r jabra fans of Nakuul Mehta…that’s why they started watching it..They r the reason because of which I got hooked onto IB…One look at the punch party moments..and I went back to hotstar and watched all the episodes in 2 days…And now, I can also experience how it feels like to b in your all shoes…Matlab we have 2 tvs at home so I never worry about being embarrassed during shivika ‘ s blush moments…but now….sigh…
    Okay, enough of my finally, signing off with the longest leave letter in history. …
    P.S. Guys, hope u miss me…no better miss me! Kidding but..I will miss u all a lot…???????????????
    P.S. all my comments today were supposed to b posted yesterday night

    1. Pushpa

      hey dear go and have fun darling…
      but technology na everywhere&anywhere&anytime is available….so try to get connected while enjoying the wedding….

    2. Archiya

      Vivi baby
      tats surely the longest leave letter i have read
      will miss u …

    3. Surbhi Sharma

      Vivi , will miss aur AIR 94.7 (part 2) fm so muchh . ???
      And this was truly the longest leave letter i’ve ever seen . ??

      Come soon . ????

    4. Ranilya

      Leave application accepted….but with the condition that ul b a guest visitor to IB TU page as n when possible…

      Have a fun filled trip n celebration…..bindaas masti karo….

  5. Vivikhta

    Was getting over the tears that choked my throat after the thought of bidding u all bye….sniffle, sniffle(Amu dear..U seriously have some competition here for Miss.Drama Queen title..Welcome to IGD. .India’s Got Drama!)
    Okay, now on to the replying part..will b in Arpu mode tonight…
    @Shekhar bhaiya…loved your analysis on sso ki feelings while looking at sleeping beauty Anika…
    @Astha di…you analysis was also india breaking as always…waise, how was your mission to leave chemicals in pinky’s room?But guess what…pinky is so poisonous herself that she , must have neutralised the effect of your poisonous chemicals. .And all your ffs…arm full of happiness and also os..his kindred khannaji..will leave my looooong comment there later…
    @Lachu di…as I have already said..,yayyy! (In Jackie shroff style in the Sony ad) U registered…my life is all fine..Thank god. .and yes..I know only I can compare Shivaay to risyashringa.???? .They both r innocent (not the former perhaps) but their parents r definitely not..
    It’s always a treat to read your comments yaara…And read your comment about Gul ‘s interview. ..just hope against hope she doesn’t scrap Rumya. ..already ishkara ki tie tie phiss ho gayi , ab Rumya bhi? NAHI…The reason I liked ishqbaaz was because they perfectly show how opposites attract..e, a believer of NKK falls in love with an orphan..A Sach ka bf falls in love with a congirl..and a fitness freak falls for a chubby and feminist gir.
    l…They also raised issues like this..which r important to society ..but now…Anyways. .
    @Archu and @Akriti dear your comments were also awesome but more than that KTDP! U guys seriously r pros…Matlab Archu dear..U r the undisputed dp queen…I l???????? Nakuul ‘ s expression in the still. ..
    @Manya dear and @Nivedita di..Both of u ..couldn’t congratulate in the last 2 GNG! And GMG!
    Oh bete Ki! Yaha pe to abcd ulte order me Jaa raha hai. next might b GMG! So Lax di..maybe u r the one HAAN?
    @Shabana dear…my pyaari dost…9.3 CGPA! ???????????????????????????????? Wo hoo. ..U go gal! Very high marks…All the best for your upcoming future too…I knew it ki u will pass with flying colours..
    @Amayaa dear…finally Teri baari aa gayi. .day before u were crying na, vivu doesn’t reply to u and Aaj sun…
    I always read your loong comments..but kya and all…but it am sure one day it will b GAG..After all tu second to aa hi gayi…U know am so happy to know that someone missed me..Btw, don’t worry..U r not the only one who hates 2 in your gang..Matlab saala shopping kaun enjaay kar sakta hai!? Dimaag ka dahi ho gaya,..But have to accompany mother india. ..But I guess we r endangered species…who don’t enjoy shopping..
    @Nilash di…bahut hasi aa rahi hai na…smirk smirk and all..dekh loongi. .even u will have to shop some day …and when u upload your ff…Pls PM me the links..
    As am very busy so no time to read ffs,.but I will red yours surely…
    @Astha di..same applies to u..PM me the links..
    @Arpu dear..your comments r another treat to read…
    @Liji di…kahan gaayab ho aap…and seriously..They do stuff like blocking websites in your office? Matlab mere yaha to teachers also wattsapp in their free time..After finishing their work of course..
    @Anu dear…your baby is so cute..hiding like shivaay ..aawwwww! But Yaar, u r accusing me of changing sides and yourself singing peaens in sso ‘ s favour ? Okay..I get it that he is so cute ..especially because it’s nakuul. .it gets hard to b mad at him…but don’t go too soft too!…bash him when needed..and praise him too…It really hope u r not joining Astha di ki gang….Matlab agar sso is arrested for a hit and run case, her gang will probably say that the victims were at fault because they came in the way of shivaay singh Oberois car..????
    @Vishakha dear..a big warm hug to u! Sorry couldn’t welcome u earlier…U seem to b Astha di ki partner in science..lab partners..lolzzz..but loved your comments…keep watching IB..We all r like family here..,
    @Rani ,@Shree dearies. .how u doin’?
    @Surbhi dear…hope u r able to watch IB now ..and no bin bulaaye mehmaan in your home…, u guess WHAT? U r not the only kumbhkaran ki behen. .count me in too..Matlab holidays ke waqt to I can never wake up before 9:30…even Ihave stopped asking my mother about why she
    Mother about why she didn’t wake me up because if I do…my mother india turns to angry bird..
    @Mahi dear…am angry at u because u thought we will b angry at u…whatever your name is, mahi or Mohini. .I just know that u r the sweet cute and friendly shayar of tu short our . .. Omki shomki. ..guess what…mist of us don’t use our real names I my real name is Karnika (guys don’t kill me for not telling this)
    But I write Vivikhta….
    Anyways, also a big welcome to Shaana and Stuti dear…
    All the others..hope u r doing well…guys pls vote for shivika in spa…and Lax di and Nilash di…U all shud get bravery and loyalty awards for your stunts..shivika ke liye ki ch bhi..
    Anyways, bye guys..episodic comments only after seventh…
    P.S. All this was supposed to b written yesterday bight. .

    1. Nilash

      Vivi tussi jaa rahe ho tussi na jao…
      Please come back soon these 17 days will be long like hell for you as well as for me…..
      Vivi whatever your name is I will call you Vivi only…… and award to me… awwww
      But if I get caught in the stealing process my parents will give me the best award… a tight slap… think creating fake IDs and stealing their phones to vote never thought before to do something funky like this….. hope god and all my PKJ friends will save me….
      Hasi nahi abhi Rona aa raha h you should come back soon and I will surely post the links on your wall as well as will be sending personal message to you
      And lastly I posted an OS please read it once whenever you get time and network. The link is below

    2. thank u vivu my small own sis of same ur age couldnt wish me like this but u r metured more thn ur age thats good keep it up dr

    3. Amayaa

      So my buk buk partner or better known as FM 92.7
      here ur partner or better known as all India radio is responding. ……..

      All set to give a radiotor performance in India ‘s got drama
      Tough competition. ……..right. ……….
      Wait and watch. ………. Who will gonna crowned as miss drama queen
      My best wishes is with me …………???…………. what think ………….
      I’ll say my best wishes is with u. ……….never ever………..

      Thank u so much partner for appreciating me. ………but I don’t think it will happen ever……….. GAG but not for amayaa but for Anu di. ……….
      Heyyyyyyy vivikhta here everyone missed u nd will miss u too ………
      But ya I was genuinely missing my buddy. ……nd will miss again ………
      Shake hand nd hie – phie. ………… shopping ki oohhhhhh my mata …….
      No no we r not endangered. …….. we r vulnerable dr…………nd soon gonna extinct. ……….
      MISS U ……… COME SOON. ………

    4. Surbhi Sharma

      Vivi , ab toh sachii me lag rha hai I am big kumbkaran. And Welcome to kumbkaran group (though, aisa koi group nhi hai ) . U know at holidays I get up at 11 or above . Usse pehle ko chance nhi . ???
      And ,u know kitne dinno ke baad yersterday I watched ib peacefully .

      Bye !! Have a happy journey !! Enjoy !! Be happy !! Will miss you !! ?????

    5. Ranilya

      I’m fine ….but have been a lil busy these days so couldn’t reply….
      Have good time at Lucknow…

    6. AnuluvsIB

      Vivi!! Have a great time.. and come back soon!
      Nahin nahin don worry!
      I will never move to sso behen club!!
      We will give him all the bashing when we find he deserves that!

    7. Akriti

      thnx a lot dear……
      infact your dp is also jhakaas….

      and it is first time in history of TU page…..17 days leave….it’s such a long time….but definetly we will not miss you…. because miss unhe karte hai hinge bhool jaate hai….aur hum tumhe kaise bhool sakate hai…….

      come back soon…be will be waiting

    8. Shanaa

      vivi,thank u for the warm welcome…
      that means a lot…

      bye the way iam loving ur cute drama..
      carry on entertaining us… 🙂

  6. Amayaa

    Aage aage dekho hota hai kya

    Jo bhi ho accha ho ……..
    Pink panther ke bina ho. ………
    Shivika ke liye ho. ……….
    Arpu ki didi khirkitor ho ………..
    Maahimaniacs ki wish puri ho.. ……..
    Maahi ki Oberoi mansiontor entry ho ……..
    Nkk ideology ki gangaram ho ………
    SSO ‘s bash club ki zarrorat hi na ho ……..
    SSO ‘s sisos club Mubarak ho. ……….
    Liji di ke khannu ji ki tareeph ho………
    Om ki shairie ka come back ho. ……….
    Rudy ki dumble wapas ho. ………
    Gauri Anika sisters ho……….
    Sumo paratha missing na ho. ………
    Pinky ponky satyanaas ho. ………
    Oberoi family puri ho……….
    Ishqbaaz trp me sabse upar ho. ……..
    Ammu ki buk buk continue ho……….
    Pkj club exception over mental ho. ……..

    Kaisa laga ……….. hai na ekdum PKJtor ………..???…………

    1. Wow @amu….. zabardast…. awesome….. Its just the wish list of all the ishqies…. well done ….. kya baat kya baat…??????

      1. Amayaa

        Well said
        Wish list of every ishqies. ………
        Ammu ki buk buk continue ho. ………
        Who will wish this di ……..
        Thank u so much for praising me ??

    2. amaya dr today ur bhabi wants to beat u in bak bak oh my goddddddddddddddddddddd how much she speaks na

      1. Amayaa

        Dekho na Shab
        Ye Vivu kam thi kya ……… ab to Anika bhabhi bhi mere se competition kar rahi hai. ………vote for me ………okkkkkkk ……….

        I m all India radio
        Vivu is big FM 92.7
        What will gonna name her ???????? Wondering! !!!!!!!!!!

    3. u missed prinku dr

      1. Amayaa

        Ya Shab I missed her ……….okkkkkkkk………
        So prinku fearless ho ……….

    4. Amayaa tu kahan gum ho jaati h beech beech me …. I’m angry on you for that and maine ek OS post kiya hai tune to padha v nhi hoga aur agar baad me kahin aur se pata chala to mere upar gussa ho jayegi…
      Chal jaldi se ab uss OS ko padh and comment kar…. achha nhi laga to theek hai comment mat karna but next time agar tu phir se gum ho gayi to teri Nilash di kabhi bhi tujhse baat nhi karegi and tujhe pata hai ki mai aisa nahi kar sakti to next time se gum mat hona
      Mai tere wall par post karne waali thi and phir tera comment dekha wo bhi itna neeche….
      And those lines are universebreaking…..
      But I’m still angry on you

      1. Amayaa

        My god …….. mere antics MUJH par hi ………
        Don’t be angry na …….. I’ll read it nd comment too in usual ammu longgggggggggg longgggggggg comment style. ……….
        I’ll not say anything more as I have to go to ur OS nd read it as fast as I could ……..otherwise I ‘ll gone ……..
        Let me search it

      2. AnuluvsIB

        Ise kehthe hain taste of ur own medicine!!
        Kaise laga amu!!?
        Mujhe tho bada mazaa aya Nilash comments padke! Way to go Nilash!

    5. Surbhi Sharma

      Ammu , ye toh ekdum khidkitod aur pkj todh tha . Sab cheez tha , ab now I hope all this happens …??????

      1. Amayaa

        YA Shubbu I hope that too ………. Kaash aisa sach me ho jaye. ……..
        Thank u nd I m glad that u like my rhyming song. …….

    6. Aastha_Reddy

      Astha di ke body mein blood na ho.. saari blood kaan se nikal jao…
      yeh song kaisa hai…

      1. Amayaa

        Oohhhhhhhh my mata Aastha di
        Y r u saying like this ………
        Blood me blood na ho ????????
        Don’t say such ……..

        I have a better line
        SSO ki shield uske saath ho

    7. Archiya

      WOw Amayaa.. now that was something.. really good.. its khidkitod

      1. Amayaa

        No no
        It’s PKJtor ?? Thank u Archu for liking this. ………

    8. Ranilya

      Ho ho ho….jo amaaya chahe wo sab ho….

      1. Amayaa

        Aise mat bolo
        Aapki wish puri ho gai to aaj mai definitely first ho jaungi which is just impossible. ……..

    9. AnuluvsIB

      Wow ammu!! Complied wish list..

      1. Amayaa

        Thanks Anu di
        See Maine Maahi ko bhi add kiya ??

    10. Akriti

      amayaa dear…
      o my god….
      all india radio gives a funny beutiful khidkitod lines yaar….
      it’s the wish of all pkj members…..
      hope tumhari wish PURI hoo …

      and a new wait PKJtor….

      1. Amayaa

        Thanks Akriti ??

    11. Mehakchalag

      kash apki har khawiesh puri….
      or kya gaana likha aapne..ek dum khidkitod..

  7. Piyuu

    achu nyz dp

    1. Archiya

      Thanks Piyuu 🙂

  8. Piyuu

    ammu ur bhabhi bilkul thumare jaise

    1. Amayaa

      Piyuu thanku thanku ……

  9. Thanx pushpa di and AnuluvIB

    my anika is good singer she sing better den shivaay
    I remember dat episode wen shivaay became omkara and he sung dat song phoolon ka taaron ka God Wat a voice bt my shivika are the bestest actors

  10. Piyuu

    funny episode…anika thum kithne bak bak karthi ho kaidis ka dimaag ka gangaram kar diya iss se bhi better hoga vo jail mei rehna.. oye oye part,stunt scene was nyz..stunt scene mei bhi dhono jagada karthi hei..shivika is khidki thod jodi haddi thod jodi hei.

  11. and guys i also read somewhere that international viewers can also vote for all categories but they do some kind of trick clearing cache something and doing again dont know does anyone know??

  12. Akriti

    5 more comments for completing 500 comments…..go akriti go you can do this yaaar….but it’s soo confusing…itne saare comments padh padh ke reply karne me sachi me puri dimaag ki kasrat to jaati hai….issliye kehate hai akriti sabse last me comment karegi you aisa hi hoga… it’s my fault…chalo mai bhi @amayaa ki taraha apne aap se hi buk buk kar rahi hu….koi nhi koi nhi….TU page me sab chalta hai…infact we are pkj….

  13. Dats so sweet of you akriti thank you so much dear 🙂

  14. Chavi

    Hi good evening ishquies.. How r u all dears…
    Today too I enjoyed d whole episode ah..its hilarious… N we can see shivika’s continuous protectiveness n caring each other…their love…awesome ??..
    I’m sorry ishquies I can’t able to rply all ur comments ah..coz I’m in get together with my college friends.. Yaar..hope u too enjoy dears…take care.. Love u all..

    1. Shekhar

      CHAVI SIS,

      Just enjoy your day, and have fun out of it! Its all right.

    2. Shanaa

      good evening di..
      iam great…

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