Ishqbaaz 4th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Rakesh seeks help from Shivaye

Ishqbaaz 4th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says I apologize for all this, but it was necessary to show this to you, not just Abhimanyu is responsible, but me, you, all of you are responsible, when we circulate cheap jokes about women on whatsapp and laugh, many men like Abhimanyu get encouraged, our films teach such wrong notions, that if a girl smiles, its an open invitation, if a girl rejects you, it means she loves you, no means yes, stalking and harassing girls in films got glamourised, boys thinks its cool and its their birth right, unless we continue doing this, there will be many more people like Abhimanyu, if we have to change the society, it will start with us, we will take little steps, when a girl comes home and informs about a bad incident, her mum should support her, instead asking her not to reveal it to anyone, she should tell

her daughter to reveal the name of the offender, that man should be scared, not the victim, I just have one request, if you see any man insulting a woman, don’t make videos for social media, I advise you to teach him a lesson, beat him and send him to jail, its our responsibility to protect a girl’s respect, can we say ensure that no women feels unsafe in our presence, that’s our responsibility, I know what’s on your mind, its easier to say this, I admit I have made many such mistakes in my life, now I have a chance to apologize for my mistakes, not only me, Om Rudy…..

Omru join him. Shivaye says we three have unintentionally hurt you three a lot, we apologize for that, we apologize on behalf of all the men to women who became victims of s*xual harassment. They fold hands. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya look on and hug their husbands. Everyone claps. The reporter says the Oberos are known for the way they treat their female family members. Shivaye says this is what we call Ishqbaazi. Om asks what happened. Gauri says nothing, I wonder why good people suffer the most. A lady comes and asks can I meet Om. Om says tell me. She says I m Meera Arora, I m organizing an art exhibition, I want to present my art.

Rudra says Om you should react happily. Meera says but I have a condition, I like all the paintings, but I found this the best, I want your wife Gauri’s autograph on it, its not just a painting, but a symbol of women empowerment and her struggles, it proves that women can protect themselves and raise a voice against harassment, the painting represents all such women who never gave up. Gauri signs on the painting. Everyone claps. Om hugs Gauri.

New story: Bhaiya Sabse Bada Rupaiyya….

Shivaye shouts no, go away… Anika says its Shivaye. Om says why is Shivaye shouting. Rudra says maybe he is in any big problem. Shivaye calls out everyone. They all rush. Rudra and Bhavya take a hockey stick and gun. Shivaye says okay, my family has come, you can’t do anything now. He asks them to move the dog away. They laugh. Anika says you know something, we thought what happened to you and came by jet speed, you are scared of a sweet dog. Rudra says call him a doggie. Anika jokes on Shivaye. Shivaye says don’t laygh, you don’t know dogs are unpredictable, one may even die by a dog’s bite. Rudra jokes. Bhavya says I didn’t know you are so scared of dogs. Shivaye says I m not scared. Anika says yes, he just shivers. Om says relax, he is allergic to dogs. Anika asks who can be allergic to dogs. Shivaye says I m allergic to their fur, I take medicine for it as well. Anika holds the dog.

Shivaye asks Anika to sanitize her hands and also have a bath. Rudra says we had a dog named Buzo in childhood, were you the one behind its disappearance. Shivaye asks how would I do this, I m allergic to dogs. Om stammers and says he can’t do this. Rudra says Dadi says when someone stammers, something is wrong, tell me honestly, what did you do with Buzo. Shivaye says he used to bark a lot. Om says sorry but… Rudra cries aloud and sits on the dining table. He says my brothers are doggie killers, these hands which fed me pasta and pizza are stained with Buzo’s blood. Shivaye says we didn’t murder him. Rudra says you ordered hitmen. Om says we gave him up for adoption. Rudra says they separated my Buzo from me, I thought Buzo left me, I will never forgive you. Shivaye says forgive us. He asks who brought this dog here. Khanna comes and says he is their doggie. The guy says I m Rishabh, this is my brother Rakesh, we are your new neighbors, we moved here recently, we bought Mr. Mehra’s house.

Shivaye says welcome to the neighborhood. Rishabh says I took him for a walk, but he came here straight, I hope you all are not much troubled. Shivaye says Anika, you are looking at them as if you know them. Anika says no, his voice looks familiar. Rishabh says I m RJ Rishabh. Anika and Bhavya say so you are RJ Rishabh. Om says I quite like your show. Shivaye says it seems everyone knows you, why don’t you join us for breakfast. Anika says yes. Rishabh agrees. He says I was nervous on my radio show and was wondering about the clothes, then I realized clothes aren’t visible on radio. Gauri goes. Om goes after her and asks what happened. She says I m feeling so restless. Om says memories are like almonds, if its bitter, you should spit them out, I know you can’t forget it, try to forget the pain, look there, we have such a lovely family, if you spend time with them, you will feel better, come on smile just a little…. smile. She smiles.

Rishabh says my fav interview was with Sachin. I was stunned to see Sachin. Shivaye says you mean Sachin Tendulkar. Anika says I have heard your show, I listen every day. Shivaye says it means Anika listens to your voice every day, so I wake up listening to you, your voice is good, but my wife plays it so loudly that my ears ring. Anika says everything I do looks loud to you, even my clothes. He says your clothes are too loud. She asks does my clothes scream out Shivaye…. Rishabh says your show is more interesting than mine. They laugh. Shivaye asks Rakesh are you okay. Rakesh coughs. Shivaye gives water. Rishabh says Rakesh just drinks boiled water. Shivaye says this water is good, its filtered. Rishabh gives water and medicine to Rakesh. Rudra says my brothers care for me the same way. Rishabh says Rakesh stays ill since childhood, his immunity is low, after we lost our parents, all we have had is each other, Rakesh is my reason for living, I can’t bear it if anything happens to him. Rudra says even my brothers can’t live if anything happens to me. Om says no, I would live well.

Rakesh asks may I use your washroom. Rishabh says I will take him. Shivaye says I will go, you are so obsessed with your brother, just joking, I will walk him there, come. Rakesh sees Rishabh and goes. Shivaye asks Rakesh to go ahead. Rakesh says he will kill me, please save me. Shivaye asks who will kill you. Rakesh says Rishabh will kill me, he has threatened me yesterday. Shivaye asks why will he kill you. Rakesh says he will hear it, he told me he will kill me, please save me. Shivaye says he maybe be joking, he loves you so much, how can he kill you. Rakesh asks why don’t you understand, he will kill me, please save me. Rishabh holds Rakesh and asks what secret were you telling about me to Shivaye. Rakesh says nothing. Rishabh says we shall go home, Shivaye I m lucky to have a neighbor like you, thanks. Shivaye says Rakesh is lucky to get a brother like you. Rishabh calls his puppy disco. Shivaye says just hold him, sorry, good to meet you guys. Rakesh folds hands and signs Shivaye. He leaves with Rishabh. Shivaye gets thinking.

Bhavya says even I doubt him now. Shivaye says I m absolutely sure that Rishabh is involved in Rakesh’s death. Bhavya says once we find out the murder motive, we can prove him guilty. Anika asks how will the motive prove that Rishabh is the killer. Shivaye says that’s not imp, we must stop Rishabh from going to London. Om asks how. Shivaye says I have a plan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Well done cvs

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  2. Hello everyone, wow I don’t see anyone’s can comments yet. Is something wrong with the page? Anyway the episode was nice with new storyline. I liked the part where ShivOmru apologised to Anika Gauri and Bhavya for their behaviour towards them in the past. Shivaay termed anika characterless with dhaksh case , Om also did that to Gauri with her teacher and Rudy also said to Bhavya that she was two timer and marrying manav. The bros finally realised they also were responsible indeeming women low in society.

    I love the cute little dog. It is so sweet. How will now IB turn out I don’t know. What is the storyline I can’t Guess except that it is a murder case.

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Sindhu di,
      TU is undergoing maintenance as server is attacked by some bug.They are trying to fix it.Anyway,I was glad that Obros appologised to their respective partners for their past behaviour but I would have loved it more if they did that in private,separately.And don’t know what will be the next story.Let’s see.

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    why till now not even a single comment is there

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      There was prblm with the opening system of Pkj..i mean TU page.
      So people couldn’t comment..

    2. Hi dearies,
      I think some problem with the page.. Yesterday night when I, tried to open it didn’t open..mostly I think some problem with the page.. Yesterday, cv showed women empowerment well.. But, if guys follow then it’s good..
      While Obro’s hugging their respective wives.. Shivika & Rikara were good.. But Ruvya my good plz improve in romantic scenes.. That chemistry was missing…
      Yesterday, rikara was cute.. I hope Rikara fans happy.. Then only question why always shivaay giving lectures.. What about other characters?? Even anika or some else could have speak.. Bhavya being a police cop she could have speak about the awareness.. But, big noooooo..our Cv’s like only shivaay..
      Bhaiya bade rupaiya.. Guys can you explain if anyone got the idea of the topic..
      Our great Tadi Bazz, bagad billu is afraid of dog.. Yesterday, ishqbaaz became beaglebaz,..
      Yeah, I can understand cat always doesn’t like dog.. Annika antics was cute.. I liked her dress.. There billu billi fights were so adorable..
      Yesterday, the show completed 555 episodes.. Still they rock in their chemistry.. Today, I’m eagerly waiting for Anika’s bargaining skills in buying her cutely shivika gonna fight for it..

      1. Yes kadhambari I was hoping anika and Om would also speak up. Bhavya would have handled such cases before but she did not say. They made shivaay the spokesmen. I don’t mind but cvs should remember not to sideline the others as well

      2. Yes dii..I too loved the hug.. .Iwas not able to cmnt for long..hope u nd it prince is fine….whats that chameli bargaining thing I didn’t understand

      3. Sindhu di..even I am also waiting for chameli part…
        Yeh Others should get a chance to speak.
        Since all the social track Sso is leading in English track Annika get something..
        Others are also there.
        In previous Ishqbaaz.if talk about shivika both were imp ..till vanvaas…then.Sso became total lead….

    3. Luthfa

      TU was under maintenance,that’s why.

  6. First ,4minits was superb ,,now i got it why shivay said yesterday that ..the matter is not over yet,,ok
    Sab se pehle mujhe bhi laga ki shivay itni bari bari bate fekh raha hai ,,ki hamesa hamare as pas ek larkhi safe mehsoos karna cahiye ,,aur to aur aurat ki izzat karna ,,yeh sab bat bilkul nahi suit karta obroi’s ko ..jab ki shivomru ne anirivya ko bahut hi hurt kiya aur charcter pe ungli uthya tha ,,..
    But that really 3bro’s ne apne apne respective wife ko sorry bola ,,and they should do that….which i like the most ,,,
    Dog ko dekhne ke baad shivay ka reaction????my god so funny ,,ok plz ha sso dog se darte nahi ,bas unko dog allergy hai yrr ,bat ko samjhne ki kousis koro tum log?????
    Rikara scean was nice ,yr but mai aur bhi kuch expect kar raha tha ,,cvs ko ek thora sa to sathiya wala scean dena cahiye tha,,,???
    Yeh rajesh aur rakes mujhe bilkul pasand nahi aye,,???
    Ab shivay murder case solve karega ,,kaya yrr thora space nahi de sakte 3obro’s aur obahu’s chit chat karne ke liye ek ke bad ek …….
    Mereko na bohot hi jada problem ho rahi hai yeh telly updates ki page khulta hi nahi ,,, pata nahi mai aur comment kar paunga yah nahi ….
    Bye guys ,,,???

    1. Not only you Tani..We also faced the same prblm……..
      Now tu page is alright…
      Yeh Sathiya song ko kafi din hogaye..
      even Oh Jana …ishq he aasun..wala part.

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Tania,how are you?
      You are absolutely right.In the past Obros had done terrible things with their respective partners and I am happy that they tried to rectify those to some extent.But I expected that they would do it privately.Anyway,SSO and Dog have old enmity.He was looking cute while fighting with it.And TU was undergoing maintenance that’s why it was not opening.Take care dear.Lots of love…..

  7. Banita

    Hlo PKJ…
    Good Morning…
    First 7-8 min was good….
    Totally agree with Shivay whatever he said…
    I m happy that Obros asked forgivness to Obhous… But unhappy with Rudy’s reaction… I expected some lines from him also but…
    Shivay said wo sb saari s*xual harased women ko un men ke taraf se maafi mangte hain… But why?
    Maafi toh un logon ko mangene chahiye jo ye kaam kiye hain…
    Gouri chiraiya’s autograph… U deserves this…
    Shivay scared of dog…. I can understand u bhaiya… How it feel when…. I know he dont scared he have alergy. *wink*…
    Wase toh scene was hilarious… Hahaha… But sacchi bolun toh i was thinking myself in place of Shivay…
    Shivay – Arre wo toh jayda bhukta tha na…
    Ru- Bhukte toh saare kute hain….
    Shivay bhaiya’s pehela pyaar Khannaji… I think peheli baar Shivay khannaji ko bulaya nd he came at last….
    New neighboure…. Kuch toh locha hone wala hain….
    Wase he said right… Shivika ki nok-jhok wali show toh sbse jayda interesting hain….
    Gouri is still upset about that thing… Which is normal… I hope Om nd family will fully pamper her nd make her mood good….
    Aur ek psycho… Why cvs..?? Why?? Why u r soo obssed with psyco that in every track u bring at least one pshyco..!!!??
    Okk now i will tell a insidence of my life… Well it may be funny… I think…
    So when i was in 1st stnd. school was in morning… So once scl jane ke time my brother was with me , wo mujhe scl chodne jaa raha tha… Toh humare ek neighboure ki doggie suddenly mere picche pad gaya tha… I was weared white unifrom nd that doggie was also wo white wala baalon wala doggie tha *Yuck*… That time dog nd mere bicch tom & jerry wala scene ho gaya tha… Toh when that dog came very close to me i started shouting nd….
    Nd meri chilane ke wajhse wo dog wapas back kr gaya…
    When i started cring my borther said me , “Tujhse jayda toh wo dog daar gaya tha”…
    Nd when main phirse scl jaa rahi toh meri street ki saare log bahar aagaye the nd sb ek ek kr ke mujhe puch rahe the “R u alright baccha?” nd mera idiot bhai sbko question back kr raha tha , “Is that dog is alright?”
    From that i understood 2 thing…
    1) Dogs r very bad… Nd still now i scared of dog…
    2) Saare bhai stupid hi hote hain… Huuhh…
    I don’t hate pats , but i don’t like them also… Wo apne jagha thik hain toh i m also f9… Nahi toh…
    Nahi toh…. Toh kya… Bhaaaaggggggoooooooo…!!
    Okk sry pkj for my bak bak…

    1. Hey bani…its too funny .Even I am hell scared of dogs..I don’t know why.. probably according to me dogs r the most scariest thing..than any other creature..
      What to do Dr..CVS r very fond of physos they bring them again nd again…
      I loved Rudy me antics…he was saying na those hands which made me pasta is stained by Bruno’s blood…I was laughing for long hearing remembered me of the physo Danton wali buas track….???

      1. Banita

        Hlo Sneha….
        Me scared of all animals i think…
        Me too remind of DWB…
        Nd Rudy was super cute in d dinning table scene…

    2. ????????Ha ha ha Bani…teri toh puri chop hogayi……
      Thoda difference rahe gayi..
      Bachapan se I love dogs ,cats monkeys( that is why my frnds calll me bandariya??)..
      Btw teri bhai no teri aur bhi chop kardi..?????…
      Dar mat..tu hamari Shreni Banita Samantray he…
      Love you soo much.

      1. Banita

        Arpu u love #bandar…!!!?????
        I m scared of monkey more then i scare of dog…
        Becz when i was studied in class 8th that time a full gang of monkey (bacche budhe sb) mere picche pad gaye the… That time mein jo speed mein doodi thi na uss speed mein main Olumpic ki marathan race jit jati….
        Nd ab bull ke saath mein vi ase kuch hua tha toh i just dont like animals…
        BTW how do U know my surname??? I never said it….

    3. Oh bani but the dog is lovable my dear

      1. Banita

        Noo dii dogs r not good….

    4. Luthfa

      Hi Bani,
      To be very honest,I would have loved to say them sorry differently.The way they asked for forgiveness,did not please me.And I agree with you on Shivaay’s asking forgiveness on behalf of those men who harassed girls.Looked odd to me.
      You know na cvs are obsessed with psychos?I can understand your feelings.Those who fear pet only they knows what they feel while facing those type of problems.But I must say,your brother is really naughty.He should not have done that.Anyway,take care.Lots of love….

      1. Banita

        Yeh Lu…
        If they ask forgivness differently then may be accha hota… Shivay only said all these things…Omru didnt say anything… Ru toh sry vi nahi bola…
        Yeh those who scared of pets only can understand this…
        Arre i told na my brother is a stupid…

  8. Arpita6

    Hiiìii mere khidkitod pagals. …

    TToday page was not opening ERROR ESTABLISHING DATEBASE CONNECTION was showing…And I became tired and fell asleep. Now I am here.

    Ye Lakit sir dara dete he.I knew ishqbaaz is notbgoung anywhere but his caption was making me restless.Finally after 12 pm I became relaxed…aadata dete he yarr

    Aur Nahi Ab Aur Nahi..

    Oberois are realy lucky to get wives like their partner…And thanks to Cvs they Make obros to ask forgive from their partners.
    1 Shivaay
    I can forgive him for all past deed.. ( still it was difficult for me).But one thing I can’t forgive him when he said MAA KA DARD SIRF WOHI SAMAJH SAKTA HE JISKE PASS MAA HO..this words hurted me….so this is unforgivable words..

    Om was very much rude with gouri till DBO end..He said ZAHER KHA KE MAR JAO LEKIN TUMHARA NAAM KULPATRI MAIN NAHI AANI CHAHIYEm…that was so painful


    He was soo rude with soumya and accused her for everything. …
    And then He unsulted Bhabya..also..
    He also rised finger on Bhabya’s character. …

    Good Loved Sso words….ye instead of making videos we should teach lessons to tjose manner less people..
    But when media said that line oberois are famous for treating their female member of families ????????I thought they are mocking… (sry i laughed so badly)


    Of course Sso bilu he toh doggie se darega..but most hilarious was when He said I take allergy pills and Annika said KUTTE KI DAWAI..?????
    And also Sso said You touched Doggie Wash yiur hand with sanitizer then in hand wash and take bath using sanitizer ..?????…..Sso …bilu aur doggie ka not so easy
    I am really feeling bad for Rakesh…HHe is gonna die

    Ok but I am laughing. ..SSso apni family prblms solve karenge plus padosh ke murder mystery bhi solve karenge….???????.
    OOk.this is going not bad..but now I want big and strong track withour stretching. .I mean a big vilian and all are dealing with him..or Whatever unfolded tracks are left they should complete now….
    Otherwise people will get bored.
    I know he is like bahu of SP..but others are also there….na….
    Ok aab Sso leading kar rahe e.toh karne do…
    llets see on which topic this track is based .
    Tc you soooooo much all of you..

    1. Oh dii I loved it cmnt

      1. Hiii sneha dear..
        Sry yarr..most of the time you mentioned my name in your comment but I coukd reply you.
        Welcome back to pkj..
        Kaisi ho tum??????????….
        Thank you yarr.

      2. Hey arpu dear..what happened? Whats the need of sry nd all….i didnt ever felt like that…u used to reply to my cmnts always..anyways Thanku yaarr…I am great..hope u r also fine

    2. Arpu dear sorry I have to ask you to translate this in English. You said you can forgive all of shivaay’s bad deeds but you can’t forgive the words he used. You wrote in Hindi. My hindi is half past six and I am struggling to understand the vocabularies so if you could translate that in English I will know what you are saying. So sorry my dear for having my brain as a hindi coconut husk

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Arpita,
      I agree with you totally.They forgave their husbands but I can’t forgive them.The way these Obros had tortured their partners with their words was unbearable for me though it was a fiction.Particularly Shivaay’s those words which he told to Anika regarding one night standing with Daksh before marriage to the exposure of real incident.Yeah,me too was thinking that media was mocking as to that.Shivaay is scared of Dog.His stunt on the table was hilarious.His glorification is nothing new.But others should get chance.Let’s see what happens next.Take care.Very nice analysis.Lots of love.
      P.S.That IB’s off air rumour was just so irritating as well as heartbreaking.Fans had sleepless night due to this.Twitter has become battle field literally.Started with montage hungama and now SC and SP fans throwing mud at one another.I had asked something to you in previous page.IB is going to complete 2 years.Do you have any plan to celebrate it?Share your thoughts.

  9. Banita

    Finally TU ki error error game khatam hua…
    Kal se yeh bakwas game chal raha tha iska…

    1. Yeah ,bani thank god yeh khatam hua,,mujhe to lag rahatha ki yeh page ab kabhi khulega hi nahi ..mai bhi bohot jada paresan ho gayi thi iske waja sai ..
      But now everything is alright .thank god………

      1. Banita

        Haan Tania…
        Main raat ko 1:30 ko vi open ki but tb bhi error dikha raha tha…
        TU satak gaya tha…

  10. Vidya Saraswathi

    Shivaay and dog part was so nice. Anika action on seeing dog was so cute.????

    1. Vidya dear..
      hamari Annika toh cute he hi..cutest girl..I love her…

    2. Luthfa

      Anika is always cute….

  11. Episode was very nice.. when obros apologize to their wives .

    Shivay words are absolutely correct..
    Whatever, who ever said anything about women .. nothing will going to change in this world..

    All wil do same mistake s ..

    It cant be achieved with one or one family..

    But it will surely achieve, if one person from every family change their perspective abt women..

    Hope that day will come soon

    New story

    Ha ha, Shivay scared of Little dog.. so funny

    New mistery..

    Very sad to hear ,Rakesh died..

    Shivay feels guilty..?

    Hope they will solve with their super brains..

    1. UB dear..if all will solve this prblm together then it will be ok..
      Sso’s scary face was soooo funny

    2. Luthfa

      Hi UB,
      Yeah Shivaay said all those correctly but the scenario won’t change so easily.We need to work hard.Let’s hope for the best for us girls.Now it’s murder mystery.Oberois have become CID.Let’s see,how they are going to solve it.Take care.

  12. Wow now I see comments pouring in! I was so surprised that there were no comments at all and I was thinking whether I was on the right page. So it was the system problem I see.

  13. Whatever this murder plot is cvs have to try to make it interesting if not audience will get waned by it so I really hope they bring in some suspense. Meanwhile I also want cvs to develop the ishqbaazi of Shivika, Omkara and Ruvya. It has been awhile seeing all their nok jhok.

    I hope Rikshab escapes to London and I want the 3 couples to go to London to solve the murder case. While there I hope the three will have some romantic moments. None of the couples ever had any honeymoon at all or couple holiday. Each time they were always bombarded with problems.

    1. Sindhu…..di…plz dont expect
      ….London..three couples…romance..
      This is gul khan show..????abroad is not possible here..

      1. Oh really Arpu dear. Gul will never have any shoots abroad???oh how sad. So they only could go as far as Goa. Not sure if that was Goa or it was just the props and stage set up. How sad?? well at least they should show some nok jhok of the 3 couples. I am missing all those man. Remember Arpu when Mallika was there they played the ghost and to see which bros were scared and it was so funny because we had also the seniors who were actually scared of something. That was such a cute episode. Anika frightening him with a toy snake and he caught her hand and there was a flicker of romantic moment oh how I miss those beautiful moments. It just sends tingle in your spine.

    2. Ohh so sweet of u dear…london… Oh my matha?????i cant even dream it..I also wish all of them to go on honeymoon.. If not honeymoon just a world trip nd if not world trip then even just a picnic…?????

    3. Luthfa

      Sindhu di,
      I don’t think cvs will give us any foreign track.For the time being they are busy with showing social problems.I am expecting some major track along with couple romance.Let’s see.Take care.Lots of love.

  14. Stupid i hate IB.I don’t know why did gul replace saumya and ishaana.From that point i hated the show

    1. Manu dear I understand your frustration but this is how the story will move on and you have to accept it. Bhavya is getting better in her acting skills and I think give her a chance. If you really hate IB then watch other shows that have sowmya or Ishana acting in them.

  15. Episode was good and anyways Shivika arguing with each other is cute in front of anyone is loved

  16. Nikita_jai29

    Episode is good.. But i feel other characters has been spoken it makes more better….
    Making shivaay high is quite disturbing… New track is interesting…

  17. Mimi ❤ Why Can't Rikara get long Scene!!!

    The Episode was great but this question always get in my head WHY RIKARA CAN’T GET LONG SCENES !? I mean we know they were wallpapaer for long time but now u start to give them scenes which is GREAT but it is very short and don’t have feelings..if u saw when Omkara tell Gauri what happens? ..he give her advice to spend time with family ?‍♀️?‍♀️ Seriously writer and Gul ?? she need him not the family and the scene were too short…. am starting to feel Rikara will never get a track because this track should be having more Rikara but writer and Gul mam wants family time ?? …Which is mean they will let Gauri feels better with time without showing us Rikara so much boring in the show ? …Am done if they keep ignoring rikara I will keep hoping this show to go off air ? …No Rikara..No IB for me.

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