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Anika asks Shivaye does he not care by anything and if she calls him Billu ji. He says I don’t care of any of your words. She throws water on his face. Some time before, Anika asks the staff to remove non stick utensils, big kadais are useful, I will set kitchen. Shivaye looks on. Maid says Shivaye won’t like it. Anika asks who’s the owner, me or Shivaye, it will happen what I want, food will be made in desi ghee in these black kadais, vegs will come from stall, rice will be white, not brown. She asks Shivaye why is he staring, is he getting anger, he would be wishing to throw black kadai out, do it. He says it does not matter to me, I have stopped cooking. He asks servant to send breakfast to his study. Anika says I m making breakfast today. She makes food. Rudra and Bhavya look on. Shivaye sees smoke

alarm ringing.

Rudra stops alarm and asks what did you do. Bhavya says I have to send this lighter for fingerprints. Anika asks why are you talking like police. Bhavya says we were just saving you, see the smoke. Dadi asks why is so much smoke here. Shivaye says cooking is happening on high flame. Anika asks do you care, and cooks. Rudra says keep going, Shivaye will react, he can’t tolerate this. Shivaye says give me cornflakes, I think breakfast won’t be prepared today. He goes. Anika says this plan also gone waste, what to do.

Rudra tells Bhavya that Anika ruined Shivaye’s kitchen, even then he did not say anything, it means Shivaye has something for Anika in heart and none can separate them. He sees Pinky and says this is love bond. Bhavya says Anika can go to jail for trespassing Shivaye’s property. He asks how do you know police things. She says I have seen police movies. He says we will watch more and they go. Pinky says if Rudra is saying true, Anika will stay here forever.

Anika comes. Pinky insults her. Anika asks what’s the time, you have no appointment, next time take appointment to talk to me. Pinky laughs and asks her to fly as much as she wants. She says remember I can throw you out. Anika asks by what right, I m not your bahu now, I m owner of this house, don’t waste my time, I have much work, I have to throw some waste things. She says next time take appointment to talk to me and leaves. Pinky says fly as much as you want, I will cut your wings. Shivaye says we have to play our move before Samar takes a step. Pinky comes to him. She asks him to do something of Anika. He says I have imp things than her. She says someone is supporting her, how did she get so much money to buy this house from Omru, she has trapped a rich guy.

Shivaye walks in corridor. Anika sees him and talks on phone. She says aw, so cute, you are so good, I m lucky you are in my life. He thinks she is talking to her fiance. She says Rohit, sometimes you talk such things, stop praising me. He thinks of old moment and says Rohit is not her fiance, he is the one who danced with her. Rudra asks Shivaye what’s this and shows the flowers. Shivaye throws petals. Rudra asks is anything troubling you. Shivaye says yes, why did they keep artificial flowers instead real ones. He goes. Rudra calls out Anika and says I think this matters to him. She says he will not show it, we have to do something big. He asks what.

Ragini says I was preparing for marriage, my engagement broke. Pinky asks why are you crying, Siddharth lost a girl like you, you better deserve guy. Ragini says I m very upset. Pinky says Shivaye is also worried, since his ex wife came back, he needs his friends. Ragini gets ready and says I m coming to do friend’s duty. Pinky says fine, come soon.

Shivaye sees Anika’s phone and says I will see who is this Rohit. He calls and hears Rohit. Rohit says I will send money, don’t worry. Shivaye says she has find ill mannered guy, it means she has definitely moved on. He calls Khanna and asks him to find all details of some number. Anika asks what are you doing in my room. He says I came to take some files. She says you should have asked, how could you come like this. He says I will get my things shifted. She thinks nothing is affecting you, where is your anger and Tadi. Rudra collides with Ragini. He says last week my watch broke, I was very upset. Ragini asks what’s the point.

He says your engagement broke, why are you so happy. She says actually, I m from those who don’t express pain in front of others. He says I did not know this. She thinks he looks much smart. He thinks she looks much clever. She says you have put on weight. He says no way. She says you should eat cucumber to lose fat. He says I m not fat, you have that wood. She says not lakdi, its kakdi/cucumber. She says Shivaye and goes…. He says I hate this girl. Bhavya asks why. He says I don’t get positive vibes from her, Kakdi wali Makdi, she is fraud. Bhavya says then she will go jail. He says how do you do all this, come.

Shivaye takes his stuff. Anika says this is acting, you are being Sadhu, I have come back in your house, I got your room and ruined your kitchen, you are showing as if you don’t care. He says it doesn’t. She says you are acting. He says you come here or not, it does not matter to me. She says I left from your life, did you not care. He says no. She says I came back, even then.. He says never.

She says you are not Shivaye, you became Billu ji, I called you Billu ji. He says I don’t care of your saying. She stops him and throws water on his face. Shivaye silently goes. Anika says what happened to him, he has made a stone wall around him, how will I break this wall.

Anika says I m falling…. Shivaye holds her hand. Anika tells Pinky that she will come back in Shivaye’s life. She gives challenge and says Shivaye will get me back in his life with respect as his wife.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. hi every one
    iam too late today iam busy with my presentation work

    astha Amazing comment…… U r writing about SSO Situation so good. ‘Shakti of shiv n Rudra’…..part is nice

    he simply does opposite making ANNIKA frustrate! yes shekhar bhaiyya he is reacting in opposite direction
    may be he was trying to confession from annika side (i think)

    nakul got two awards
    Best actor & best onscreen jodi
    Surbhi for fitness
    I am so happy mainly for best jodi &nakul best actor they deserve the awards
    iam eagerly waiting for the results of awards after iam voting the categorises

  2. Our Anika is back in Oberoi’s mansion. But please change anika’s hairstyle and dressing.

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