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Ishqbaaz 4th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivaye asking Sahil to pass a tissue. Sahil asks him to take it himself. Shivaye asks do you have a problem, are you handicapped. Anika throws water on Shivaye’s face. Some time before, Anika talks to Sahil on phone and asks him to promise he won’t cut cake, you will get a party today. She ends call and says I promised him, but how will I get money for party. She serves wada sambar to a girl and stops her from eating. She smells and tastes it. She says wait, I will get another one for you. The café owner lady sees this and says you do my loss, this won’t work, you will do your loss now.

Tia talks to the servants and tells about vase, whereas servant thinks she said upvaas/fasts. She clears the point to him. Rudra and Om talk that there is 15mins –half an hour for

explosion and bet. The lady tells Anika to fill tender and manage this college canteen. Anika gets glad and says everything will get fine if this happens, but aunty I don’t have money for tender. The lady gives her tips amount, just decide and Lord will make way, fill the form. Anika fills form and gets sad when it comes to write her father’s name. The lady says they have to make you run canteen, not your father. Anika thanks the lady. She thinks she can celebrate Sahil’s birthday with this money. Tia gets some call. Rudra says its just 5mins left now. Om says wait, there is still time. Shivaye comes and asks what are you talking. Rudra says look there, you have seen how Lady baba has scolded servant. Shivaye asks what problem you both have with Tia, engagement is special occasion for every girl, Tia wants perfect things, Tia is very calm and composed. Tia gets angry and scolds a girl. Om says you were saying something, calm and composed. Shivaye says you guys are impossible and goes. Rudra asks Om to give him a car till evening, I m going to collect my second prize. He goes to that girl and asks her to share her life’s problems with him. Om signs him.

Tia cries and tells Shivaye that she should have not scolded that girl, its my bad deed, I m a bad person. Shivaye says no, the girl did not do work right, you are going to become Oberoi, you deserve the best. Om serves her tea and Tej gets irked seeing this.

Bua sees decorations and scolds Anika. Anika asks Bua not to do anything today. Bua removes the balloons and decorations. Sahil gives her electric shock. Anika asks Sahil what did you do. Sahil says Bua was saying she got shocked seeing all this, she got a real shock.

Tej tells Omkara that I have seen you with Shivaye, you don’t feel difference between brothers and servants. Om says I feel strange that you don’t know this difference. Tej says Shivaye treats you like a servant, he gives you orders. Om says its called rights. Tej says when it comes to power, brother is your biggest enemy. Om says Dadi taught me brother is biggest friend. They argue. Tej says Shivaye chose such a girl and family that he will raise in height, he will become owner of 1500 crores. Om says life is not a race, I will be glad if Shivaye gets ahead, I will run to make my brother win, not to make him lose, I won’t let you snatch my brother from me. Om leaves. Pinky hears them.

Sahil says Bua will be unconscious for two hours. Anika says she is elder, don’t worry for party, I will make a great cake for you. Sahil asks Aloo puri. She says fine, I will learn from internet. Anika starts preparing and asys I will send this to Nilofer bakery for baking.

Tia dislikes the cake and scolds the chef. Dadi and Om smile. Dadi asks whats happening. Om says Tia tried so many cakes and not liking anything. Dadi says enough of this, I will order cake. Dadi orders a cheese cake and cheese bun from Nilofer bakery. Anika gets the cake delivered. Dadi gets Anika’s cake. Anika says this is not mine and calls the bakery. The man says your order got changed. Sahil says its fine, we will cut this. Om tells Dadi that I will order another cake. Dadi says no, see how people praise the shop, not cake. She goes to Tia and says I have made top chef make this taste, have this and say how is it. Tia likes Anika’s cake and says grandma I love you, this is great. She tells Shivaye that universe has sent a great cake for them. Shivaye refuses. Rudra asks Shivaye to have it, he will get positive energy. Rudra tries cake and likes it. Te makes Shivaye have it. Shivaye likes it. Tia says its fine then, I will want this cake, grandma got this from a five star. Shivaye says I understood this chef would be really good. Dadi says taste comes from makers’ hand, this cake is from a small bakery. Tia says universe taught me a new lesson, that bigger places don’t always mean better taste, I want this cake. Shivaye says I will make a call and order this. She asks him to personally go and get it. he agrees. Dadi says I will come along.

Shivaye asks Dadi why is road narrow. She says when car gets big, road gets narrow. He says Lord gives everything to one who is deserving. She says bakery has come, stop. He says this place is dirty. She asks him to come. Dadi talks to the man about the cake. He says sorry, we did mistake, we did not make that cake, a girl stays nearby and she made that cake for her brother, that cake was just baked here. Dadi takes Anika’s address. Tia calls Shivaye and says I want five layer cake and our photos on the top. Shivaye says think its done.

Shivaye goes to Anika’s locality and gets his clothes spoiled. He rings the bell. Sahil’s birthday party is going on. Shivaye enters and kids run out spoiling Shivaye’s clothers. He asks Sahil to pass tissue. Sahil asks him to take it. Shivaye says there are no manners here, you guys throw junk on guests and don’t pass tissue. Sahil asks him to take it. Shivaye asks do you have a problem, are you handicapped. Anika throws water on him. Shivaye gets angry seeing her again. He recalls the past meets. She also recalls how he insulted her. He asks her to apologize….. she looks at him.

Anika says don’t force me to shout. Shivaye breaks the glasses and says I will not forget this insult and not let you forget. Jhanvi slaps Pinky. Tej and Shakti decide to live separately. Pinky says Oberoi’s mansion will get divided. Dadi and Shivaye look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. In love with this show??

  2. Yar this show is awesome but I seriously don’t like Anika. I wish Surbhi Jyoti had played that role. She was perfect but not this Surbhi Chandna. I wish Charlie chauhan and mrunal thakur are the other two heroines.

    1. No kila..Neha Lakshmi Iyer(Najma) n Twinkle Patel r the other 2 heroines

    2. yaar my sis is also saying mruna thakur shoud be taken

      1. Ikr they r reallly much better…i dont like this chandna at all…she is not suiting that character..Surbhi Jyoti wud hv done muchh muchh better yaar

  3. Yeah I totally agree with you Kila, this Surbhi Chandna is not worth this role. Surbhi Jyoti would have been extra ordinary! I also lik the other two. I wish they are the heroines!

  4. Oh…thnku amena di…i was wtng fr the update …. Episd was gud…:):)

  5. Mukti.H

    I love… This show… Its getting me attracted like badtameez dil

    1. but hope it doesnt end like adtameez dil

  6. I dont think surbhi is matxhing for bakul mehta.

  7. Even his wife is not perfect for nakul,could we change it.

  8. Goms

    Not bad..
    This drama day-by-day increasing my curiosity to watch this show..

  9. Superb serial,,,,,,, hai Jaz and Rose

  10. i love it thiz show fantastic…

  11. just a gentle request of replacing the lead actress anika with a person who deserves the role…..i would be greatly obliged if the request changed into reality………n yes the show is worth watching!!!!!luv it

  12. Nice show. And i seriously agree with navya.

  13. loving this show like anything, it’s awesome. I wish this show never ends at all????????

  14. Kunal jaisingh is super cool. He is my favourite among the three main leads.l lyk him very much…

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