Ishqbaaz 4th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 4th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye, Om, Tej and everyone get shocked seeing Jhanvi ablaze. Om says my mum did not burn in this fire, but her good son burnt and died, you would have seen a stone becoming heart, but today you will see this heart becoming stone. Shivaye hugs Om and Rudra, and says I will make everything fine.

Some time before, Tej asks Shivaye to stop the drama. He says you have leaked this video, who will get profit by this, you did not wish this deal to happen and I go ahead of you, when you got to know Rudra is married, you used this video for your profit. Om says you are forgetting Shivaye cares for this family respect more than you, he did not do anything to stain this family respect, I regret I can’t say this about you. Tej says oh really, I will prove truth in 2mins, I m going to call channel head,

he will tell me how the news leaked. Om says please do it. Tej calls Mr. Gupta and asks how did you get the breaking news about Oberoi family, can you tell me how did your reporter get that video clap and info, text me that number on my mobile, thanks. He says message will come and we will come who leaked the news. He gets the message and dials on number. A phone kept aside rings. Shwetlana and Tia smile.

Shivaye asks whose phone is this. Anika says its my phone. She gets her phone. Pinky starts scolding Anika. Anika says but aunty ji, I did not do this. Tej takes her phone and checks. He says if you did not do anything, what is this video clip doing in your sent folder, very well played Shivaye, you did not go against your brothers and stood your wife in front, Shakti did you give this upbringing to your son, did you raise him to backstab me. Shakti says stop it, think and talk about my son, he never backstabs anyone, understand one thing clearly, my son is my pride, and you don’t challenge this. Pinky says Shakti ji you said right on time, Shivaye is a tiger, he is not one to backstab.

Tej asks really, you are denying even after knowing truth, Shivaye has sent this by Anika’s phone. Pinky says I m not denying Anika can do such cheap thing, but my son can’t do this. Anika says but aunty ji, I did not do anything really. Pinky gets angry and calls Anika worse than a dog. She insults Anika. Tej says I have no time for saas-bahu drama, have your phone Anika, just say why did you do this. She says I m saying truth, I did not do anything. Pinky shouts on Anika and asks Shivaye to end this marriage, and free them from this liar and fraud, why is she staying here, every day fights are happening. Shivaye shouts enough, I won’t hear a word against Anika now, I know she can’t do this, if any evidence is against her, I don’t believe it, Anika is innocent, whoever has to raise finger on Anika can do it, but remember he is raising finger on Shivaye Singh Oberoi.

Pinky says I told you this girl did magic on Shivaye. Shivaye shouts enough, stop wasting time on this useless things, better we find the person who leaked the video. Tej says okay, if I get to know you or Anika are behind this, then Tej will not sink alone, I will sink you and this entire Oberoi empire along. Shivaye says Bade Papa, you… They all get shocked seeing Jhanvi ablaze and running inside the house. Jhanvi falls down. Shivaye, Om and Rudra run to Jhanvi. Shivaye gets a blanket and puts on Jhanvi. Doctor treats Jhanvi. Priyanka cries and runs. Anika looks on. Shivaye asks doctor how is Jhanvi now. Doctor says she is out of danger, but it will take much time for burn wounds to heal, you have to take care of her, I will come tomorrow to see her. Doctor goes.

Dadi says what happened to this house, I did not imagine to see such day, elder bahu has… Shakti says I don’t understand what happened that Jhanvi had to take such big step. Anika comes and says Shivaye, I got this from Jhanvi’s room. Shivaye checks and says divorce paper.

Om sees the papers and looks at Tej. Shivaye asks do you want to give divorce to Jhanvi. Tej recals….. FB shows Jhanvi asking Tej to talk to Rudra and solve the problem, anger won’t solve anything. He says I m done with this, its all happening because of you, its all your fault. She says what are you saying. He says I m saying right, you could neither manage our relation nor children, so this marriage has no meaning now. He gives her papers and says I signed divorce papers, you also sign now, let’s end this for once and all. He walks out. FB ends.

Om says because of you, my mum is in this state. He holds Tej’s collar. Shivaye and Rudra stop Om. Om says I will not leave him. Shivaye says control yourself Om. Om says how to control, he has killed my mum and put her in this state, why did my mum bear all his tortures, because she loved this man, she broke to keep this house joined, you are a murderer Mr. Oberoi, you killed my mum’s happiness, I will not leave him. Shivaye hugs Om and calms him. He hugs Rudra and says nothing will happen, I will make everything fine. Priyanka comes and hugs Shivaye. Shivaye says we will not let anything happen to Jhanvi, we will take care of her, we will keep her happy, we will become her support, Om nothing will happen, this is my promise to you.

Shivaye asks Tej why did you do all this. Tej asks are you asking this, everyone knows my relation with Jhanvi is just a formality, how long can a person bear such relation for formality, let me tell you, Jhanvi is the reason for this, she has made my son against me, the truth is Jhanvi increased distance between me and my children, I don’t seem to understand why is Om reacting this way and why did Jhanvi do this, divorce talk happened when Jhanvi made Shwetlana fall down stairs. Shivaye says Jhanvi did not do such. Tej says I know it better what she did, no use to argue, Jhanvi and my relation ended now. Shivaye says it did not end, you are ending it forcibly. Tej says its my life, with whom I want to live or vice versa its my decision, its better if you all accept this, that Jhanvi and I are getting separated, come Shwetlana….

Tej and Shwetlana start leaving. Om calls out Tej. Om says I have hated you till now, that hatred could not become lava just because of my mum, as I wanted to become my mum’s good son, today my mum did not burn in this fire, but her good son burnt and died. Om’s old moments are shown. Om says that Omkara who lived for relations, love and emotions, he died in that fire, you would have seen a stone becoming heart, but today you will see this heart becoming stone, remember one thing, stone never has a beat, stone just breaks enemies, if you don’t want to break, don’t come in front of me ever. Tej smiles and asks Shwetlana to come. Tej leaves with Shwetlana. Everyone look on.

Dadi cries and says divorce did not happen in this house till now, my house is breaking, don’t know whose bad sight caught this house’s happiness. Pinky says its just one, unluckiness mountain, since her steps came here, this house got bad luck. She turns and looks at Anika. She says shameless, you are still standing here and seeing our drama, are you having fun. Shivaye says enough mom….. Pinky cries and says you don’t understand me these days, there is still time, else I would have to take same step which Jhanvi took. She goes. Priyanka hugs Dadi and cries. Anika takes them along. Shivaye and Rudra see Om.

Anika says I m telling you since long that I need to talk, but your tongue does not get break. He asks her to say ahead of her usual words. She says its Shwetlana’s engagement today. He gets shocked and asks Bade Papa. She nods.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Yessssss????????? thank god writer thought about memory lose ??????????iam eagerly waiting fr dat episode where anika lose her memory …finally that old anika vl be back …because I can’t see SSO nd his mom keep on insulting anika ….y she tolerated so much
    insult’s bcz she loves SSO??? finally she vl be free from all kind of emotions which she had abt SSO nd his family ?????????????????iam so happy yar …as v know SSO loves his bad ideology nd family more then anika so its

    better she lose all her memory abt SSO … Few days befr I was worried bcz CV’ s had plan to express anika’s feelings to SSO happy no confession from anika …SSO took bullet to save anika but fr me its not big thing bcz even if anika was there in the place of SSO she would have done the same as v know many times she saved SSO nd his family … happy happy fr anika…..

    Coming to yesterday episode …omg kunal nailed yesterday ..I cried while om bursted his anger towards his father …
    I think ib tra

    1. Chithra
      Oh ya, they were planning for Annikas confession right. So may b I think this memory loss track is to trap Tia , after which confession may happen. Now it may not happen immediately, but may b she is the one to propose first n writers ll need time to develop the best idea sent by viewers.

    2. Sumi.SS

      Yeah thank god..right now thr is no anika love proposal track..othrwse she got anthr heart break..
      Lax aftr watchng NarBhi video on insta surely pani wala scenes shld take place in love proposal track..

      1. Yess no confession right now ..let them have confession after all problems solved

    3. Guys
      Do you think memory loss is AniRus plan to make Shivay confess his love n not for trapping Tia. Remember AniRu were planning together for Annikas confession. It’s actually them who were appearing in that video. So may b it’s related to that. Just a wild wild wild guess.

  2. * ib upcoming track is quite interesting …

  3. i have been silent reader can i join u

  4. Sumi.SS

    Again ful of drama..hopefully this is the last One….only one good thnk is episode was soo fast..tej is obsessed wth svetlana.. always blaming and pointng others..he can’t tolerate sass bahu drama fr a min..we r watchng this fr past 5 days..
    Pinky silly woman..crsng all her limits..she is not evn misng a single chance to bashng Anika.. jhanvi meernal mam went abroad fr a here they make her in serious condition..she was so strng aftr watchng tej and his mistress video.nw what happn to’s very clear..the whole drama only to chnge Om char for DBO..
    About promo most of the ppl happy wth this I can undrstnd..I am also want shivay to run behind anika.loving and caring side of shivaay..always we said ishqbaaaz is diff..nw a days they r showng it as typical show..Accident,kidnap,Sucide,memory loss all these drama wl happn in typical show..when Cvs get mess wth the stry lne or hv no idea abt the continuatn to overcome all that they create meangless drama..why ishqbaaaz can’t show smthng New as lyk previous track..
    If it’s a trap for’s very good twist..
    Hoping fr the best..eagerly waiting fr DBO..

    1. Sumi
      You are right. Tej can’t stand the SaaS bahu drama for a min n we are watching it for so many days ?? Lol…!!
      Also this is showbiz Sumi, so they ve to do such dramas for Trp, the CVs might ve pressure from the channel. The TRP of the show was below 2 from the start till Shivikas wedding. I still believe show had the best scenes before Shivikas wedding, before all this drama, but what’s the use there was no TRP, so producer might ve been under huge pressure to do something like this. Anyway, for me I believe drama is fine but major part should b fun yaar. OK let’s hope things are back to how it was without losing the TRP.
      But RoTiLana is getting on nerves these days yaar. Hats off to the ardent fans of Kumkumbhagya, the same negative characters are from I donno when, from the start of the show. Whenever I change channels, I see them only. Inspite of this the show is always in top 3 in TRP. Really dedicated fans. It’s not even 2 months n we cannot stand this RoTiLana.

      1. Sumi.SS

        Yeah dr… frnd was loyal fan of she shifted to kasam and ishqbaaaz..I thnk trp of show wl remain same becz serial aunties..I am also one of the fan of Abi and pragya..but hate the story cmpltly..dr

      2. Ya ya ??????even iam thinking the same how Kumkumbhagya is getting trp ????I can’t digest this fact ..memory lose, pregnancy track takes full year to solve
        ???????? …guys seriously believe me I never watched any serial from starting to end till today …my policy is…after conforming that it doesn’t create headache in my mind then only I watch episodes otherwise I vl skip that serial fr some days ?????….still I can say ib is the one which created crazy in me ..I think I never ever liked any serial like this ?????????…now iam thinking what made me to have crazy abt this serial ??????

        Yes I got ans its nothing but my favorite????????.. Anika????

      3. Lax dr im agree that trp increases if they shows dramaz only….bcz our trp aunties likes dramaz….if u want check the trp list….no good shows gets high trp….only dramaz and which has most negetivity that shows gets much trp….and u are right before ib used to give worthful episodes….but trp never got high….but when they added much negetivity in the show the trp increased….
        And u know what lax always in online trps only good shows gets good trp….bcz in online youths watches so….but in tv trp is depends on aunties more than youngsters….im really glad bcz online trp of ishqbaaz is always top1

      4. Haha Lachu….even I used to wonder how come Kumkumbagya’s TRP is always at the top….the villains have been the same from the beginning…..actually whenever I watch Tia’s planning and conspiracy, I am reminded of Tanu…..that chudail came permanently to stay in Abhi’s house after Abhigya’s marriage….same with Tia!! Atleast Tia is officially married to Shivaye….so she has the official rights I suppose!! Like MMZ, IB was one serial were we got to see so much of youth and a fresh concept….but now it has all turned out to be a turmoil of love, vengeance, hatred, mysteries, and hidden facts!! And again, a new show with the same characters and new ones…..I hate to think of the mysteries DBO is going to create!!

    2. Shabs…!!
      But the channel wants primetime TV TRP right?? Online TRP is good but ll channel b happy with that. Also It seems that Star considers Hotstar TRP apart from the BARC. I donno how true is it. If that’s the case then good. I know IB is a popular show, it has 3 repeats during the daytime which no other show has, nowadays even on Sunday they are going for that week’s marathon. Just worried why it does not ve enuf TRP during the primetime which is most important ??

      1. Lax dr u knowna….the mejority of ishqbaaz fans are youngsters… many are students or working viewers……so many are not able to watch ishqbaaz on prime time on tv beacause of their busy shedule and many stays in hostels… tgey watchen ib on hotstar… ishqbaaz trp is hihg on online….and tv trp is everage….and u are right in starplus ib is the only show which airs many times in day time….anyways our ib rockz

  5. I was mistaken from my last episode comment over the basing over the makers even though I clarified, ” EVEN THOUGH IF IT IS A DRAMA THAT OMKARA ENGAGED SWET !”

    Actually what happens when you add too much PEPPER and CHILI in the name of THRILL and SUSPENSE , it ruin the charm of show. Who never even care to check the CCTV footage taken in and around their home, now presented to us with a HIFI exposure plan, is too much . It is just like a so far SEASONED DUMB is being presented as UNIVERSITY FIRST to as. A slow and smooth change is dieatable, but not straightly FROM A DUMB to a SUPER HERO, particularly when more option available with you to portrait a character in the other way than predefined.

    If it was a finite serial, then over hearing the discussion going on between TIA and SWET is enough to end whole drama, but when we are make to be in INFINITE SERIAL, it may happen never and OF gets that secret after losing lot of money , fame, and staking life of all the members, and so why I told, VAMPS are DUMB and ML/FL are more dumb, no one is clever! But makers are serving all the nonsense believing us all DUMB, and we are accepting all the nonsense all the way, which actually should not be so. Nothing in out hand , it is a fact, but at least we can condemn only to stop them to serve more nonsense.

    MEMORY LOSS of ANNIKA either may be drama or a fact, but in both the case, output may be good. If it is drama, then TIA will be exposed, and if it is a fact, we get old ANNIKA in full form with all the attitude and SSO starving for ANNIKA’s acknowledgement alongwith the exposure of TIA.

    But to imagine even the drama of OMKARA wedding fathers mistress SWET is totally a nonsense. It expose the lacking of ideas of makers.

    As we know from GLIMPSE of fewture epis from spolers and youtube, it is confirmed, MEMORY LOSS is a temperory one…………………………………….

    to be continue………………………………

    1. ……………….and atlast OMKARA is going to be paired with GAURI (SHRENU PAREKH), and as we are going to get OF again UNITED, later or sooner, all VAMPS are going to be vanished from around this way or that way, but main objection from viewers is it all should be take place with mantaining thecharacter line of all, You just can not make one a SUPER HERO for a certain time only to expose culprit, otherwise whatever makers got so far may put them at back seat.

      I am not the fan of anyone, neither of ANNIKA or SSO or any character, but eventhough I am inclined to ANNIKA only for the reason that its a good MIXTURE of MATURITY and KIDDISH. She can show attitude to TIA , but when it comes over to PINKY and TEJ, she just refrain herself, that is her maturity. She can dance like a child after bashing SSO . She allows elders to disrespect her, but never allowed junior to insult her in anyway, and return everything what she got with addition. Her ability of a quick change over from KIDDISH to MATURE and vis-a -vis is amazing which is individual ability as SURBHI CHANDANA .

      1. I agree I agree ….yesssssss this why I love anika more then others …she has the ability to change herself from childish to maturity ..nd from maturity to childish..I hope this vl be continued ….

  6. buss buss epi…ye sso chopper ko chod kar buss ke peeche kab pada..jokes apart..seriously fantastic epi…shivaay supporting anika is epi n that one big shout kijiye the way he looked at pinky when she was scolding annika..he was like allmost to kill pinky …om u nailed it what a performance yaar..sso is soo obessed with anika that he was staring at her when she was walking towards her holding papers n nt looking to papers untill she signed him to have look at papers…lol..eagerly waiting for memory loss n hope he will make her watch their convo n dance in fruit punch party i think he might saved that video before deleting it…n shivaay hugging his brothers was the best scene yaar

  7. Saw the dbo promo and seeing shrenu seems lik funloving charecter lik anika kash voh anika ki behen ho chutki then chutki- omkara chutkara??…but her languag was differnt..i actually wanted that omshud have a simple and sweet luv stry or arranged marr but pata nhi ..

  8. Antara

    Ishqbaaaz | Anika Loses Her Memory here is the link

    1. Uf neha finally u made shekhar to reply on ur comment that to with emotionally blackmailing….i have to say neha u are a drama queen…..actually girls are like this including me

    2. Sory Antara actually this reply is for neha sharma….but its mistakenly comes in ur reply box…..sorryyyy

  9. @Liji, Archi— Thanks Guys….Jobless person ko cheer up karne k liye :). And learnt this new word in malyalam ‘Shabdhareka’. 🙂

    @Liji — Its just that Im not talking to Shekhar. (as if we r friends Lolzz 🙂 ) He never respond to my comments :(….(ye padhne k baad he shayad koi reply kar de #hopeful 🙂 )
    Mouni n Shahabana ki lang Shekhar kabhi bhi out of context reply nhi karta. Bad v bad

    @Liji and Jessica — To our Optimistic Gals: Thumps Up… The way you are managing things at your end. Awesome….

    @Lax, Mouni k sense of humour ka kya kehna

    And gals… .if u r nt loving this track then cm to my place alampur (Himachal) holidays leke. 🙂 🙂

    1. it is not like that the way you think. I ever reply , and even commented when ever i found it necessary to comment over. I got very less time during travelling amid of lots of social works, thats why some times I found impossible to go through all the comments. Particularyly, I invariably reply any question arised in my comment.

      Requested all, pl TIME MANAGEMENT is the main constraint for me to reply in the way some may wishing for.
      Right now, I spared few minuites amid of lots of work beside me finding you annoyed over me, but rest assure, intention never can be that what you asked for!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. Yayyyyyyyyyyyy……Kisi ne reply kiya mujhe Yayyyyyyyy…

        So Mr Busy Personality sorry to bother. And thanks for your precious tym. 🙂 🙂 Mai kabhi bhi annoy nhi ho sakti 😀
        See ye gals ka emotinal blackmail hamesha kaam aata hai B-) Lolzz.
        Thanks again for sparing these few minutes to respond. 🙂

        P.S—And gals sorry for the typo ….its Palampur nt alampur 🙂

      2. Wow ….Neha finally my bro gave reply to you ……
        You don’t know befr you Iam a big fan of shekar bro nd I already told this few months back……..
        He is a Jus’s amezing writer analyser ….?????????

      3. Hi! Shekhar I also like your comment. Shila

    2. Archiya

      Oh my Neha!!! Shekhar has actually replied to ur comment… Akhir Tumme shekhar se reply Karva Liya?? an tat too such a sweet reply?

    3. Archiya

      An wow ur from himachal .. Always wanted to visit tat place.. May b someday I surely such a nice feeling to know ur from there

    4. Neha…..I have always wanted to visit Himachal!! I guess someday i will come and ask for a Neha Sharma in Palampur okay?? 😛 😛 😀

      Shekhar is strictly an analyst….he never replies back or writes any friendly talks!! But, I think today is your day Neha….I see Shekhar has actually replied to you!! Dekha…isse kahte hain women power….jo chupchap apne kaam se kaam rakhte the usse bhi humne aaj majboor kiya!!! Just kidding Shekhar….no hard feelings dear!!

      But thanks buddy for taking some time from your busy schedule and replying to the comments…..we understand and we are not annoyed at all!! Its just we have become so used to your comments, if we don’t see them for one day…its like we have missed something important!! So never bunk submitting your analysis ok!!

      1. Hey Neha..!!
        Thanx for the invitation. I love traveling n ll surely visit Palampur but donnno when.

        @Liji, At Palampur, you should ask for specifically for Neha Sharma who is good at emotional blackmailing. ??
        Juz kidding Neha..!!

      2. Sis I want to visit himalaya ..


    5. Neha u are a drama queenyar….finally shekhar replied to ur comments….women power….and liji u are right shekhar never comments or replies to out of topic…..and dntworry shekhar we never feels bad….we can understand that u stays busy…

    6. Ufff these gals naa I tell you ….they r so jealous. B-) (H)..Im on Cloud 100 🙂 🙂

      Liji, Shahbana, Lax, Mouni, Archi—Gals no need to mention Emotional Blackmaker, n Drama Queen Neha Sharma. Just share your email Ids, or I’ll share mine…. I’ll send my address 🙂 🙂 … Waise bhi Im leaving for Gurgaon in a day or two for Job hunt…. again 🙁 huhhh

      Jokes apart yaar seriously meko achha nhi lagta tha jab Shekhar reply nhi karta tha. 🙁 Grrrrr

      But Im feeling gud today. Mai roz Shahrukh ko Tweet karti hun saare fans ko reply ata hai, meko chhod k 🙁 Jab Shekhar ka reply nhi ata tha tab bhi yahi feeling aati thi ki kisi fav Celeb ko msg kar rahe ho but usey kuch pta he nhi 🙂

      1. Sumi.SS

        Today U rocked it neha…such a lovely and cute comments

      2. Neha…..i tooo likes shekhars comments a lotz.. .but u are a crazy fan of shekhar dr….and neha today u rocked it with ur funny comments….just keep it up dr

      3. Neha….best of luck with the job hunt dear!! And drama queen overacting thoda kam karo….varna next time Shekhar reply toh kya comment padega bhi nahin!! 😀 😛 😀

      4. Thanks kudiyo, for ur lovely shovely msgs.
        Liji- thanks dear for ur wishes …zarurat hai zarurat hai ,sakht zarurat hai 🙂
        And u knw what Shekhar ek baar jhanse mai aa gya, dubara nhi fasega. Thanks to u gals grrrrr , itna emotional blackmail blackmail bol bol k Sara kaam kharab kar diya mera 😀 Lolzz
        @Lax, Mouni: even meri sixth sense kehti hai ki it’s a trap for shivay. 🙂 ..just to realise his feelings for anika ..rudra ka plan hoga

    7. Neha dear..!!
      Emotional blackmail bol bol k saara kaam kharab kar diya??? lol lol
      And best wishes for your job hunt?? Right thing ll come to you at the right time so pls don’t worry if things are not so good now, def. something better is in store for you. So chill, don’t miss to ve fun, aise hi Bindaas rahana..!!??

  10. Achaa lga jab shivaay ne anika ka suppport kiya

  11. Hii everyone…. till now i was a silent reader used to read all ur comments M a vry big fan of ishqbaaz i lyk d whole cst of ib bt anika n om i luv d most…. Actually after watching d new promo n reading all ur cmments i couldn’t resist myself frm sharng my views yes i ‘ll also be happy if anika really losses memory n Shivaye running behind her bt i hv a strong feelng tat all this is shivika’s plan to xpose tia bcz in one spoiler it showed tat shivaye saw her falling n jst walked away n he’s obviously nt lyk tat fr him if anika would hv jst fallen there only then also he can’t stop himself n now she fell down d stairs n he jst walked off….. so i think its their plan
    Guys sorry fr such a long cmment at d vry first day i wnt to be a prt of this family..

    1. Hiii shree fr ..and eveyone are happy for memory loss yaar pehele baar aisa hoo rha hoga…

      1. Hi Ros…. Thanx fr acceptng me yea,u r right it’ll be fun to watch bt its also necessary to end d tia track at least i mean if makers wnt to keep tia’s track n show it in other way bt at least xpose this pregnancy track n then that she is married to robin then i think this saas bahu drama will also end bcz i watch this serial only n luv it to d core n don’t wnt to hate it bt if they drag this nafratbaaz track then don’t know wat to do

  12. what’s is going on my ishqbaaz… feeling sad for om, how could he engage with that idiot shameless woman Shewetlana, i can’t tolerate it..
    I don’t want om’s character to change..

  13. Interesting…

  14. Mona146

    pinky and anika……… worst make up.

    1. Mona146

      tia is looking like mougli and absolute jungli janwar.

      1. Hehe???????????

  15. Hii guys ,Balika lax mouni,archiya,shhaban a liji dear sekhar bhaiya and allof my lovely commenters such main kal ke episode se main frustrated ho guys make me happy and all of your comments are amazing.woh log serial pe dhoom macha rahe hain aur aap log yaha pe ???????
    And ros dear I’m totally agree with you ye syad peheli bar hua ke hum log memory loss ka track dekna chah te he.And I really really really hope ki gouri annika ki behen ho.becoz both are bubbly girl.sayad gouri ke pas uski surname he (gouri sharma) but fir bhi woh annika ki chutki ho.agar aisa hua toh dekhne main bada maja ayega.dono sisters dono bhaiyo se shaadi karenge.syad mera expection kych jayad hogaya.And chutki+omakara=chutkara ??? lol so funny name yarr.
    And welcome dimpi dear keep commenting ?

    1. Hiii arpita dr u know wat i m also xpectng d same to happen i mean gauri should be shown as anika’s lost sis it would be fun may be nt so sooner bt after some tym they should bring this twists…..yes this is much of my xpectatn bt really i m intrested in knowng anika’s past n her chutki makers should reveal it sumtime

  16. Mouni

    there is many spoilers saying that anika will really forget sso and that will shatter him , tbh l really want to see that happens it will be awesome to see him trying desperately to make her remember him and we might have our long waiting confession
    BUT as l said before it seems to me like a plan shivika did to trap tia and maybe swetlana too , the accident looks fishy , he didn’t push her , he was holding her , no stairs scene like when swetlana fell , all that made me suspicious but anything can happens in IB so any scenario would be interesting to see

    1. It is always better attitude to cross a bridge when we reach there! Some times we miss a straight way in worry of a GAP ahead!

    2. Sumi.SS

      Yeah lot of spoilers mouni..In promo also they dnt show tia clearly but she is thr..w
      Be also i am hoping that it’s their plan..if it’s true.k..aftr so long tym and lot of fmly drama we hav some fun and cute shivika fights..

      1. Mouni

        its true that we hated the past drama but its something that must happend , pinky is showing her jealousy and also under tia’s control so its normal she would do troubles
        tej is under swetlana and he is no more interested in his family bcz also his sons are not into buisness like sso

    3. Mouni
      Saw the new spoiler video. Memory Loss is a plan, donno if SSO is involved, it’s shown as Rudr n Annikas plan. Donno more details.

      1. Mouni

        yesssss lax , l saw it too , so cool , anru rock , and true its still confusing about sso but lets not forget in the promo it shows he is the one ” pushing her ” so l guess he is with them but l would love if he dont know and anika will be like ” who are you ? ” lol

    4. Mouni
      Yes both ll b fun to watch but imagine if SSO don’t know abt it n AniRus plan backfires. Now Shivay is supporting Annika at any cost. What if he gets to know that she has no memory loss n it was all drama, the trust he had on her ll also b broken n Pinky ll b like ‘dekha I told u Shivay, she a fraud, she has some intention’ . I know this won’t happen, but it’s Shivika, anything can happen. Pls don’t b too hopeful.

  17. This is his expression of his love which he was feeling long, long before ANNIKA started to feel her love for SHIVAAY, that is ” KOI BHI SABOOT JO ANNIKA KE KHILAAF HO OOSE MAN NAHI MAANTA! : same meaning that of he used for OM at te time of proof for raping SWET. It is just to mention , how far he had been travelled the distance on the LOVE JOURNEY.

    I am sure, also want to make all you sure, HE WAS SEKING HER PRESENCE AROUND HIM RIGHT FROM THE DAY HE CAME TO KNOW SHE HAD ENCASHED THE CHEQUE AND USED THAT MONEY IN HIS WEDDING PREPARATION!, that is his start of FALL FOR ANNIKA which could be seen how much he was curious to keep ANNIKA remain present during RAKSHA BANDHAN which was witnessed by OM himself .

    Right from the RAKSHABANDHAN , he also made assure, SHE IS ONE WHO DOES NOT CARE WHAT AND WHO SSO IS, after denying him to come over for work during rakhsa bandhan, but came then only after the DADI’s request ! And at that time he was feeling damn insulted by ANNIKA and hided her denial from both his brothers. His heart was beating for ANNIKA but MIND was playing with NKK jaap!, which is badly hurted by current scenerio going on in OM. Some where and somehow, deep in his heart, he is sure, his MOM PINKY is wrong, and refrain her from insulting ANNIKA.

    SSO is there amid of OF, but as soon as when matter turn around towards ANNIKA, he becames the SHIVAAY and stood around her as a shield. Any how, just before ANNIKA came over to him, he was talking with PI , that shows he is also smelling some mal practise in OM, he has doubt over TIA, and over SWET, but just can’t connect two with each other, and in my POV, it is still far away.

    BUt any how, I wish, makers shoudl distract the too much SUSPENSE and THRILL which are not essential in story to keep the charm of story line. VAMPS are and were never stylist and wise enough to avoid SMIRKING which spread only hates among viewers at the cost of intelegency of LEADS CHARACTERS.

    MEMORY LOSS and OMKARA engaging with SWET may be the part of SHIVOMRUANI plan, but should be played in the decent way to justify their track characterisation so far. To dragg the story by keeping VAMPS onj screen is invariably a nonsense stuff to serve.

    1. Its a well analysis about shivayes feelings for anika….its true that shivaye has fallen for anika a long ago….he is not accepting this truth bcz of his stupid idiology….and sso always wants anika around him….i know tej said thus to taunt pinky but what ge said its exactly reality that now shivaye cnt live without anika….thats the reality and pinky have to accept this truth later or now….and shivaye never gives any explanation if someone points fingur at him….but he never leaves to give explanation if someone points fingur at anika…..and shivaye doesnt need any proofs to prove that his brothers are truthful and niw he dnt need proofs for anika tooo….i have to say….sso changed a lotz now

  18. Memory loss* not looks!! Damn autocorrect

  19. Sumi.SS

    Ohhh guyzzzzz memory loss was drama..AniRu plan….I can’t wait for that scenes..surly it’s got to be lot of fun.

    1. Really ?????

      1. Sumi.SS

        Yeah true dr..check this link..
        Not sure but i thnk this is Mission SSO by AniRu

      2. Sumi.SS

        Not sure dr..In next segment tia also thr..may be the trap fr we hv to wait..

    2. Heyy sumi dr even i tooo cant wait to see this memory loss drama….its really going to fun to watch this aniru dever bhabi jugalbandhi….

    3. Mouni

      yes , will sso be with them ?? l hope not , more fun if he does not know about their plan

      1. Guys.. Guys.. Guys..!!
        Do you think memory loss is AniRus plan to make Shivay confess his love n not for trapping Tia. Remember AniRu were planning together for Annikas confession. It’s actually them who were appearing in that insta video. So may b it’s related to that. Just a wild wild wild guess.

      2. Mouni

        its hard to guess lax , we have 2 options ;
        1 – sso is with them so the purpose is trapping tia
        2- he is not with them and they doing it also to trap tia and / or love confession
        but the drama that is and will happen in OM is a lot to handle for sso , will anika and rudra add to that by creating a huge accident with lots of blood for confession ?? and how will aniru do when sso bring a doctor ?? he must be with them in their plan so that he can speak to the doctor or else he will find the lie easy since she is in his room
        so am saying maybe all 3 are together to trap tia ?? I HOPE SO

      3. Sumi.SS

        Yeah dr..U r right.. lot of cnfusn..i thnk we hv to wait..
        if it’s AniRu plan our cuties shld excecute their plan smartly.becz at the same tym they hv to tackle SSO and tia..sure we can see billu ji carng and loving side of Anika..Mrs.kapoor cant manipulate him easily..shivaay desrved this..In some how he know abt it as usual he may get anger on Anika..I wsh plan dnt get backfired to our cuties by tia..
        If shivaay invlved in this plan we miss shivaay lovng and carng’s very easy to excecute the plan.surely the wl trap in their plan..
        In both of this we hv chutkara frm pinky drama..guyzz

    4. Yaaa sumi u are right….i dnt know why aniru are planning about this memory loss drama….but we viewers will get some funny and good episodes if makers will take it smoothly…..and most important is we will get some break from pinkys unbeareable dramaz….

    5. Guys..!!
      SSOs shocking expression seeing Annika is confusing me. If he is a part of this plan, why should he b in shock or may b he is acting so coz Tia is right there. So probably SSO is also involved in the plan. Aaaagh..!! Am so confused ?? No other option but to wait for it to get aired.

      1. Sumi.SS

        Yeah lax..Om is also thr..we hv to wait..but guyz nvr believe any web page mention anthng abt AniRu plan..

  20. Sumi.SS

    Ohhh guyzzzzz memory loss was drama..AniRu plan….I can’t wait for that scenes..surly it’s gng to be lot of fun.

  21. Hi archiya, arpita, mouni n lax….. hru all…..

  22. If this memory loss drama starts i will stop watching ishqbaaz….. wts ur call on it arpita archiya mouni n lax….

    1. It ll b fun yaar Pinku..!! I think it’s going to b humourous track.

    2. Mouni

      no you must watch it , bcz its fake and even if its real it will be fun

    3. Archiya

      I believe unlike other serials this is gonna b fun.. I hope Shivay is not included.. It will b more fun.. Let’s wait n watch.. I have lots of hope from IB.

  23. i like today’s episode it’s soooooi intresting

  24. I am new …..l already comment….please ..count me as a friend…

    1. Archiya

      Wc rane. Keep commenting

    2. Sumi.SS

      U r most wlcme rane

  25. Hi pinku I’m totally fine and don’t worry dear,it will be fun to see. And ishqbaaz is a special show toh woh kuch aur hi dikhayenge.but there are many parts.
    Ye toh confirm he ki he ani ru ka plan he par thoda confusion he.
    1Sso ko iske baare main pata he ki nahi ye pata nahi.
    2.Sso ko pata hoga toh kya woh iss plan main inn dono ka saath denge.???kyoki jab bhi aniru koi plan karte hain Sso usse mante hain par stupid plans etc etc kehete rehete hain.
    3.chalo manliya ki Sso ko pata nahi iske barre in toh annika ki ye halat dekh kar unke hosh udayenge. Aur jab unhe pata chalega ki ye ek daa tha toh unhe bahut hurt hoa bcoz ek MU ke bajh se woh kaisa react kiatha woh toh ham sab ko pata he. Uskal dil toh sach main toot gaya tha. Agar aisa hua toh accha hi hoga.
    But I want ki iss plan main ghr ke sare youngsters involve ho sumo aur prinku bhi.
    Are rr nafratbazz o ki jeet dekh ke mann bhargaya he.aab ishqbazzo ki jeet thodi dekhado.???

  26. Rane dear we all are friend so keep commenting on this and enjoy the fun.
    Waise kaamal he yarr !!!matlab Sso annika ko itna hurt karte hain lekin koi baat nahi par annika toh koi galti karti nahi.aur agar usse koi galti ho bhi gayi toh Sso ke dimag main raita failjata he. Woh annika ko hurt karenge ye chalega, par annika usse jarasa kuch bhi kehediya ya kuch kardiya woh nahi chalega.!!!?????

  27. So d memory loss drama is aniru’s plan…..if it is fr jst to make luv realization of sso then fr now he’ll be tensed n we’ll ofcourse njoy d scenes bt as said sach ko bahr aana hi hota h so once d truth is out he’ll nt frgv anika bt if they xpose tia then he might frgv her bt nt whole heartedly so in my pov this should be a plan to trap tia n sso should be included…… i really wish sso to be involved in their plan n his tensed actng in d video should be jst in front of tia

  28. I hope this plan is to expose tia. So pinky stops insulting anika.

  29. Thanks…Archiya &Arpita…and i am agree with ur comment totaly….let me told u l am a mad fan of IB..and shivika mostly…kuch din bad omri ki v fan ho jaungi….isme koi sak nehi….l love rumia..also..and i want to be one of those stupid gf of ru…

  30. memory loss drama..coming…egarly waiti??

  31. hi my name is anupama iam big fan of ib first tia pregent drama now meomry loss drama serial goes to kukum bhagya 2

  32. Hii guys…I am new here…can i Join u all??

    1. Archiya

      Welcome Akshu.. keep commenting

    2. Sumi.SS

      Wlcme Akshu.

    3. Mouni

      welcome dear

  33. Hi arpita archiya mouni n lax thank u so much for ur replies guys…. ok i will cont watching… becoz u all r purana fans from day 1 so u ppl know better…. i am so fed up with this memory loss ka drama…all serials hv it…. this show is very diff so i started to watch n stopped rest all…. but u all r so lucky yaar u r watching this show from day 1… i wish i did tht too…. super fans ho tum log…..

  34. Woohoo…!! 200 comments after so many days. What a coincidence, IB has just completed its 200 episodes. And I think out of this 200 comments, 100 are my comments ????

    1. Sumi.SS

      Yeah cheers…lax..aftr so long tym its crossed 200..but i wsh all the senior ishqees shld comment after DBO.come back to TU pages..guyzz
      Present ishqeees keep commenting ur views.

    2. Archiya

      lolzzz Lax… true after so many days.. an ya 100 must be ur comments only 🙂

    3. Heyyyy lax itsss true after so many days its reached more than 200 comments….and yaaa may be 100 will be urs only….
      And sumi u are right old ib members are missing. ..i think im the only one person commenting from the old ib members….
      And u know what guyz for a time comments reached 580….and everyday its used to reach atleast 300 everage….hope after starting of dbo all members will be back

  35. Many speculations are going around in air over MEMORY LOSS and SWETKARA , but I would like to make comment only after it gets aired coz in past we saw many promo , VC and went through spoilers without any front and rear references and we wasted lots of time after it.

    Main point is how when SHIVAAY may reach to the END point of its love journey . It is very obvious, the main hurdle in his lover journey is no one he himself SSO, all other hurdles are only fillers, if SSO shaded his NKK wears from over his entity, and let the emerged out SHIVAAY, on other hurdle would have find the space to stand amid of his LOVE JOURNEY WAY. And as it is a serial, NKK was there to stretch the string unto infinite length as the makers wishes for. So i would not like to blame any one for being hurdle in SHIVIKA LOVE JOURNEY but SSO only.

    As we all know, OMRUSHI, TEJVI , PINKYPRI are being trapped by this or that person, and drama can not go long in the style now going on, and DBO is about to be aired, in my POV atleast all VAMPS track will be get ended either temperorily or permenently to portrait the story OF RUMYA and OMRI with differents villains with differents shades other than SHITTING SMIRKING .

    SHIVIKA track has a SADISTIC shade as a whole

    RUMYA track has a FUNNY shade as a whole

    it will be interesting to see with what shade OMRI track is being served to we all.

    OM has many ability to show out of which almost nothing has been shown so far, Unto today both OMRU are being as the SHADOW of SHIVIKA track, and nothing markable screen space has been allotted to them, but after DBO having aired, both will may have enough SS to show off their ability. For IB , SHIVIKA is the focus, while in DBO, all three OMRUPRI may get enough FOCUS.

    OM was being portraid as MAN OF TRUTH , but all was limited to his comfirt zone, and makers conveniently deformed his character frame. He wanted SHIVRU frank to him, but himself was frank only in his convenient zone in the name of not to give stress to others. Deep down he is the man who never dare to demand the help of anyone else including his own family which made him totally INTROVERTY instead of FRANK which he badly expected from others !!!

    This contraversy made his entity vertically splitted like SSO, but with different aspect. How makers portrait his this SPLIT PERSONALITY will be interesting!!!

  36. Mouni

    well guys there is some news saying sso is not part of the plan but not confirmed yet
    but for me it still confusing , if he pushed her without knowing the plan , how aniru will know where he will push her and prepare the mattress where she fall on ?? and when the doctor come and finds no injury how will they do ?? sso has to be a part of the plan to make it eazy
    but if he is not we will have a lot of romance as he will do anything to make her remember him again and am not worried if he finds out but l hope it does not backfire on rotilana , they must never know this plan or else we will see tia in the OM another 200 ep

    1. Tia will stay for another 200 episodes in ib….ohhh no plsss dnt say anything like that mauni dr….. Reallyyar i cnt bear this tia more now….
      And mouni… insta there is a vedio in which leenesh is saying that this memory loss drama is aniru plan and sso doesnt have any idea about this…..but dntknow its true or not bcz leenesh always gives funny answers

      1. Shahabana
        Leenesh ki interview main wo ye bhi bol raha tha ki,rudr aur soumya kabhi ek nahi hogi.kya ye sach hai kya?..????


    2. Mouni…I am having the same doubts….how will Rudy know the exact spot where Shivaye will push Anika?? Shivaye must be a part of it or otherwise AniRu has done some intelligent planning….And Anika is lying down in the middle of the hall in the spoilers and Shivaye comes from the stairs at one end of the hall….Anika must have fallen from the stairs in the center of the hall…..then why did Shivaye take the stairs at that end?? Maybe he wanted Tia to see Anika’s condition and he went to call Tia… we cannot be sure that Shivaye is not part of the plan!! That’s what I feel…when will this epi come….tmrw or Wednesday??

      The whole day I have been thinking of this memory loss drama and am going mad with my work!! Can’t wait more….

  37. Hey guys this is shree here i hv been cmentng here frm yesterday bt i think till now i hvn’t became ur frnd……i m a crazy fan of ib n ofcourse a loyal viewer hv been watching it since 27th june d vry first day when ib strted( actually tat day was my b’day so remembered d date :-P)….. Cn i think myself as a prt of this family…..waitng fr ur comments also i m totally cnfused about anika’s memory loss drama i hv mntioned my views on this earlier in this page so wat u all think guys

    1. Shree….welcome dear!! And there are no formalities in this group dear… can join us and comment anytime!! If we didn’t reply, don’t take it as if we have not accepted you… or the other will definitely reply to you…so chill!! All IB fans can comment here anytime without asking any permission….all are welcome!

    2. Archiya

      Hi shree..
      I don’t usually prefer commenting on spoilers.. So just welcome to the family an keep commenting

      1. Hii everyone… Yea i also don’t believe on written spoilers bcz most of them doesn’t happen…… n after thinking so much now i also wnt sso to be nt prt of d plan actually at first i was thinking about d cnsequencs of once d truth will cum out bt baad ka baad me dekha jaega fr now at least it’ll be fun to watch let’s see wat d makers hv planned

    3. Sumi.SS

      U r most wlcme shree..

  38. He shree dear,we all are great friends bcoz we all are crazy fans of IB btw welcome to our big ishqbaazians family ????? keep commenting and enjoy the fun ????
    And memory loss is ani ru ka darwaza tod plan but But I’m also confused ki iss plan main koi aur samil he ki nahi.

  39. SHEKHAR dada your analysis r just mindblowing…what do u do??just a interest..?

    1. Dear Rane,
      Shekhar dada naseeb waalon ko he reply karte hain. 😀 (ahem ahem)
      Waise FYI he is a very busy man, travels a lottttttttt (work), social worker and yes a Great analyst.
      Baaki kuch aur pta chale to plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz do lemme knw 🙂 🙂

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