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Ishqbaaz 4th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye thanks Anika for coffee and clothes. She says husband and wife have a principle, no thanks and sorry. She asks did you change so soon, I thought you are still having coffee. Mahi asks who will have coffee at night. She thinks he is imitating monkey. Some time before, Kamini asks are you mad, everyone would be finding you. He says I look like Shivaye, but I m not Shivaye. She asks are you running away bring afraid of an interview. He says when will you understand, I would have given interview about films and cricket, how will I say about business. She says what you want to do in life, will you do something, I m mad to think to make you something, but you don’t want to become something, as you are illegitimate, you will always be that. She smiles. He recalls the people’s taunts and says don’t

say this. She asks what shall I tell you. He says I don’t like to hear it. She says leave it, you say your Deva, he has given you chance to become Shivaye, else you can’t become anything, then hear people’s taunts. He says no, I will not become a drain insect, I will not come back in this hell, I will give interview. She smiles.

Anika says where did he go, he is not here. Soumya gets conscious and moves. She hits her head on wall and water pipes. Anika asks what’s this sound. Anika says its coming from here and sits to see. Mahi comes there from the secret passage and says from where is this sound coming, mum told she kept that fatty there, did that gas cylinder get conscious. He calls out Anika and asks what are you doing there. Anika asks where did you go. He says I had urgent call. She says I came to call you for interview. He says yes, come.

He gets ready. Anika asks him to come. He says yes and thinks to show mum that I m not less than Shivaye. Tej comes and asks where are you going. Mahi says to give interview. Tej asks are you going to give interview. Mahi thinks why is this uncle saying such. Tej asks what do you think, you are much smart or we are fools, that we don’t know. Mahi thinks this uncle understood I m not Shivaye. Tej asks are you sure you are going to give interview. Mahi says yes. Tej asks again? You gave good interview, you said well about GSC. Anika asks why did you not say you gave interview. Mahi asks I gave interview. Tej says if I did not see your interview, I would have come in your words, have a look yourself. Mahi sees Shivaye’s interview. He gets shocked.

Anika says you look much handsome. Tej says good job and pats his shoulder. Mahi holds his shoulder. Tej goes. Aniak asks Mahi why did you not say. Mahi thinks what will I say when I did not know. He says surprise is good, I have imp meeting. He goes. She says you will go in meeting, as your plan spoiled. Shivaye comes to her and asks what did he say. She says he was shocked, his plan flopped. He asks how do you learn these words, you were getting happy seeing that interview. She says why not, it was my husband’s interview. He says I gave interview and you got happy. He says yes, wife gets happiness by husband’s success, its a woman behind every successful man. He says husband does hardwork and wife takes credit. She says I did not say wife, I said woman, she can be mum, sister or friend. He holds her and says she can be wife too. She nods.

Mahi asks how can this happen, he tells such fluent English, I can’t say this even in dreams, he is real Shivaye, he went out and you don’t even know. Ranveer says what nonsense, he is still there, see. Mahi checks the tab. He sees Shivaye being at the dark place. He says triple role, I m here, Shivaye is here, then who gave interview. Shivaye says he will be troubled thinking who gave interview. She says they will know you have run away. He says no, they will think I m still there, camera was following me, I programmed it, the footage will loop and play, they will think I m there, but I m here with you. She says great, you are smart singh oberoi. He says his eyes will see something, mind will say something and something else will happen, we will trap him in his plan and he will accept everything.

She says his plan will fail soon. He asks do you have confidence on me. She says I know when you become Shark singh oberoi. He asks really. She says yes, I have seen all avatars of yours, remember what you did on chip’s matter and how can I forget your marriage stunt. He says yes, I remember, can we talk something else. She says yes. He says then talk about something, not that past. She smiles and says Aw.. He asks Aw, how did this come. She says from anywhere, but Aw. He says fine, but why did this come. She says because I find you looking cute right now. He says yes, Anika you should focus on fake Shivaye. She says fine, I m pitying on you, what will you do of him. He says you don’t feel for him, face is same, but person is different. She says yes, my original one knows to make him straight. He says rightly said, I will see him. They do his signature step and smile.

Mahi says there is something, how can triple role happen in real life, Shivaye gave interview, he has run away. Ranveer says it can happen that its old interview, if Shivaye comes out, he will get you arrested first. Mahi says very smart. Ranveer says keep this tablet to be content that Shivaye is there. Mahi says you did great work, now its necessary to keep eye on him, I have to take his place, permanent. Shivaye says I will make him out of Oberoi mansion, but first I have to expose him. Mahi says Shivaye should not come back in the 100 crores house.

Its night, Anika gets coffee for Shivaye and says your Saira Bano. He says Americano. She says yes, why this smile. He says I got a smile seeing situation, my house, my bedroom, but I can’t go to my room, I can’t make my coffee and can’t get my clothes, you had to get my clothes, thanks for this coffee and clothes. She says husband and wife have a principle, no thanks and sorry. He says it was something else in film, its friendship’s principle. She says you can never praise me, I m going to apply balm, Dadi has pain in her knees. She gives clothes and goes.

She comes to room. Mahi eats grapes. She asks did you change so soon, I thought you are still having coffee. Mahi says I was keeping grapes, who will have coffee at night. She thinks he is imitating monkey. He thinks maybe Shivaye drinks coffee at night, she will ask questions. He says I will have it if you say. She says no, I will get water. He says I will make a call till she comes. He goes.

She gets water. Shivaye checks file. She thinks what’s he seeing in my Shivaye’s file. He asks her to give phone. She thinks see his courage, am I his servant to give phone. He says phone… She takes phone. She gives phone. Her bracelet gets stuck to his watch. He says your bracelet… and holds her. She asks what are you doing. She takes fruit knife and says if you touch me, I will cut your hand and make you Sholay’s Thakur.

He asks what are you doing Anika. She says Shivaye… He says obviously…. She cries and hugs him. She says fake Shivaye was here some time before, I thought its him. He says I saw him going out and came to take urgent file. She says I can’t do all this, imposter is staying here well and you are staying by hiding. I can’t do this acting, do something. He asks are you Anika or any fake Anika came. She asks why are you saying so. He says because my Anika was not weak, we have gone through a lot, you never fell weak, you are not my weakness, you are my strength, how will I manage this alone. She asks is there no way. He says I will do something to make fake Shivaye out of here, we will start this mission tomorrow, happy now, stop crying. He wipes her tears and says I will go, where are you going. She says with you. He holds her hand and says come. They leave.

Mahi says I have to do drama to make Shivaye’s wife out of room, I will get angry without reason, and scold her, she will cry and leave. He goes to room and asks Anika what are you doing. He does not see her and says she went, Lord listens to me. He thinks to be careful.

Anika asks what happened to you Shivaye, you said this safe won’t open till your eyes are scanned. Mahi thinks Kanji eyes password, did Shivaye not get anything else. Tej asks him to do it. Mahi thinks he fell in big problem.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Piyuu

    fantastic episode..ab cvs ko kya hoga ithne saare khushi ek saath diya hai muje dar bhi legtha hi cvs ki buri aadath bhi hi ek week acha episode denge next week buri episode denge…aaj full shivika moments …shivika conversation shivika waist hug scene was awesome..shivaay interview mei looking handsome..anika shivaay ko past ke baare mei nahi batha vo sunn na nahi chaahthi…shivaay ki possessivenes loved it.

  3. @rajjo dear thank you sooo much.And last toh Sso tumhara jija ho gaya .meri annika didi, astha baby ka shivay bhaiya , Anu liji ka maahi aur archu ki pyari annika aur bhi sabke sabkuch he I don’t remember. But it is good @lax and rajjo dear I was also thinking the same but ye IB he jo mila khush raho.

    @astha baby sooo sry maine tumhe baby nahi bulayi.but kya karu. Main tia toh hu nahi na ??????
    Aur raat ke 1 bajhe tumhare andar chudail ghush jati kya ??? Kya baki ja rahi ho tum dubara asi baat ki toh tumhara sur fod dungi main????????.mujhe nahi pata tumne aisa kyun kaha par main tumse request nahi nahi order de rahi hun you have to make fun of me.I real love it.
    Tumhari comments itni acchi lagti he fir bhi.koi tumhe kuch bhi kahega.toh tum aise bukke jaise muh fulake bethogi kya ???? Soo just chill. And ek kiss bhi bhej rahi hun accept karlena.Ummmmmmhhhhhhhh?????????????? and keep commenting. Ok. And your analysis is really fantastic.
    @puspa dear, thanks.
    @archiya your dp is darwaza [email protected] dear,I am also blushing yarr.Actually maintoh abhi tak 213 episode se bahar nahi nikli. That was one of the hottest scene of shivika after holi sequence. @astha baby , dubara senti mat hona.And I have also same doubt. Ranveer ko detective wali kaam ati he ki nahi???? Esse toh accha meri annika didi.he. and KYA KIYA TUMNE ?????????????????? bhagwan ko shivika ke romance ka messenger bana diya !!!!!! OH BETE KI???????????????????????????? I am still laughing.?.
    But I am missing my buddy I mean rudy.where is rudy.?????????,
    Aur ye pinku , krishna , sumi ye sab kya sanyass le liya IB se????? Itna kuch ho gaya fir bhi ye log gayab,,??????? Baat kya he ?????
    @angela dear, don’t give me heartattack.

    1. Archiya

      darwaza tod dp.. thks dear 🙂

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      You are welcome .. aajao meri phookka jaisa Saar phodne…
      wow!! kiss for me!!
      Thank you…

  4. Amazing episode all shivika moments were so cute from tomorrow shivay is officially gonna start his mission to expose Mahi. I did not get one thing How come this Mahi & Kamini Know about this Secret places in Oberoi Mansion recently they have come here & they Know all the secret places.
    I don’t think ACP Randhawa & mahi are so dumb that when ever they are watching the CCTV Camera if they see same video again & again they will have doubt & go there to check in that case they will come to know that SSO is already escaped from there so shivay should be quick to expose mahi.
    Mahi looks so cute but this stupid kamini is using him no mother will let her child feel that he/she is illegitimate but this Kamini she is always taunting him & i don’t think she is real mother of mahi

  5. Arpitha & Astha your analysis is good dear.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Thnx. Firdose….

  6. Anika and Shivaye you guys are awesome 🙂

  7. Hey guys… I’ve started a page for fiction.. if you’re interested in ishqbaaz fiction you can go and like my page..

    Ishqbaaz fan fiction by Nandhu in Facebook..

  8. Aastha_Reddy

    I promise every friends that I will not be sad-sad from today.. I never was this type..but a fan of Shrenu Parikh accused me of stealing her name from IPKKND-2 as Astha in DBO page… I ignored it that time…
    Shrenu may be Astha but I am elder then the fictional character Astha….from IPKKND -2.
    Should I accuse star plus for stealing my name for their new show…”Ek Aastha Aisi bhi”???
    Its all is just coincident…. only.
    Then yesterday’s the same fan accused me of making fun of her English knowledge … showed me as the sole reason of her leaving IB TU page…when I was just teasing her…
    So only I got sad.. not now… thnx. for all your concern…
    Love you all….

    1. OMM Astha….you scared me with the earlier comment….ek naam ka naam mei itne confusions and emotions……ayyo Raama…..naku aa idea ne tattaledandi….. (sweetheart don’t tell the meaning here…..I know its nonsense….my colleague always says this dialogue…..but context differs….so its our secret..ok ???)

      But on a serious note, just because someone feels insulted on our joke you don’t have to feel so bad about it…..I mean if it was intentionally done then you better feel sorry but if it was unknowingly done then you can apologize and that’s it….baat khatam… should not carry unnecessary guilt in your heart baby!! The problem is some people are not used to so much love and goodness… we stay away from them!! Cheer up and no more rona dhona ok!!

    2. That’s our Aastha.. leave aside all this and get back dear! ?

    3. I afraid, that person may be myself, and then I refrain my self from commenting until your this commen clearing out that , that was not me!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. Wonderful episode

  10. @anu dear,@shabana [email protected] firdose Thank you but firdose tum beech beech gayab kahan ho jate ho.
    Oe Astha baby, Tumne meri comment padhni bhul gayi ho kya ??? Maine tumhe bataya tha na ki meri ek cousin simrun ko tumhara naam bahut pasand he I also love this name aare chod na logon ka kaam he kehena, so dubara aisi tuchi luchi 2 rupee thing comment ki toh I swear I will kill you.
    Mera nasm bhi arpita he.Sahil ek episode main kahatha ki uski meri naam ki ek girlfriend he infact meri naam wali toh uska pehela pyar he toh fir.!!! Mujhe toh bada maja aa raha he ye baat jaan kar.
    Tumhe toh khush hona chahiye ki tumhara naam kitna accha he. Atr collar utha ke thodi tadi dikhao ok. Love you sooooo much. ????

  11. Lax…..I watched 3 pm telecast of DBO…..not bad huh….I mean Buama made Swet prepare masala roti……nice to see Swet under pressure….. ????

    But I didn’t understand the ABC of what Om and Chulbul are doing…..they are searching for a doctor who is related to Swet in some way…..but what are the snakes doing there?? Are they doctor’s pets or some mysterious plan of Swet?? Leave it… least interested in DBO track….but pls update me when Buama does such brilliant things….Buama is such an adorable saasuma yaar…..loved her bonding with Jhanvi!! I don’t like her but seeing Jhanvi’s liking towards her am forced to like Buama…. Akkad Bakkad Bambe Buama…..????

    1. Liji
      Ok it’s a long story..!! Once upon a time there was a Chulbul who was stabbed by Om by mistake. Then this doc came to the mansion for treating Chulbul after which he sees Svetlana n gets nervous n escapes from the spot. Doc is shown scared of Svetlana n he knows Sevts one out of hundred Raaz. Now Om gets suspicious n thinks of meeting the doctor, whom by then Svetlana arranged to kill using some cobras. I donno if doctor died or escaped.
      Rajavembala aanu attack cheyyune enn aanu paranje, pakshe moorkhante design okke aanu kaanikunne. IB/DBO thanne it’s all about mask n fake, eni moorkhante vesham ketti rajavembala vannathaano enn ariyilla. Veruthe Rajavembala yude Manam kalayan.

  12. Shiv

    This episode was really wholesome with sum of all equations!!! It’s always a bliss to watch shivika romance ?!!i think mahi iris scan will match to an extent if they are identical twins !!! Then everyone will get baffled!!!?

  13. After all, even after having lot of money, a lot power to do, a lot stuff to enjoy, and a lot option to enjoy otherwise, THE LEADING PERSON OF OBEROY GROUP INDUSTRY is not the exception for having the JEALOUSY feelings!!!

    We kept seeing, SSO, LITERALLY after a GAL having NO REPUTATION, NO NAME, NO KHOON, NO KHAANDAN, NO EDUCATION evenafter himself engaged with another gal ! , but that gal has the POWER to affect him in all the way! That gal made and still making him jealous for having the right over her!!

    JEALOUSY is the other side of his love for her, and he is not an EXCEPTION. It is well said, when you start to keep losing something, then it is value which draw your attention first of all, then its your imagination which describe all those scares causing by that losing, and made you run to catch it again only not to lose again!

    Eventhough, all the crap they introduced in the serial, SHIVIKA is the COUPLE to enjoy in the consistent way , but unfortunately I am losing the grip from over the enjoyment i was getting from this SHIVIKA now, the reason is weird but valid, that is ANNIKA’s ANTICs has already been lost it’s charm afetr being the wife of SSO and DIL of OF.

    It was a charm to see the fight between a GAL and BOY in love, but after marriage, it is CRAP for me atleast!, that is not unusual! Being a DIL , harrasment from FAMILY MEMBER is a usual things, which just can not be the subject of interest and anxieties for me atleast. I thought initially, IB is exception in serial and will keep me away from usual SAAS-BAHU DRAMA, FAMILY DRAMA, but in vain! it was my thought, i will not come across usual happening in IB, everything will be served in an UNIQUE way, but then realized, GK is also not an best EXCEPTION, certainly she is BETTER EXCEPTION, but not BEST!

    Any how, then I made compromise, and trying to get least worst out of all these crap, and keep go on!

    1. True.. their charm will be less after marriage..
      Thats the reason I atleast didnt want them accept each other too soon.

      Now I at least want them take it slow 😉

  14. hi…all ishqbaaz members sorry archuzzz…..i came back because of ur words and i will talk to u because ur words never hurt me…yaar u are a true frnd i came to know …..because true frnds can identify each other where ever they are…..i loved ur pic so much love u so much…
    urs lovingly,
    anisha arnak sharma ………{diyas}

  15. hi…astha dear it’s okay yaar….i am a foolll…don’t be unhappy because of me….i said it simply but yesterday i was too hurted but today alright good baby…let be frnds…if u say yes only i will believe u forgive me or i will just leave this page forever….i will comment tomorrow only after ur reply….

  16. is it alright dear…..sweet asthu… dearest frnd be with me always….
    in friendship their is no sorry,thanks or anything so u can give me a yes….
    and always along with some comments…when i came 1st on DBO page u invited me and u know my real name is anisha then i got archu as my frnd so now u both are my frnds….and all IB and DBO fans are also my frnds…a big hug to alll……..

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