Ishqbaaz 3rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Shivaye introduces his wife Tanya

Ishqbaaz 3rd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dadi asks who is this girl. Shivaye says she is Tanya, my wife. He tears Anika and his pics. Anika looks on. Some time before, Om asks Shivaye where was he, is he fine. Shivaye says I m okay. He hugs Dadi, Shakti and Tej. Pinky cries and says I wanted to see you, does anyone do this with family. Dadi asks are you fine. He says yes, what’s this girl doing here, she is mad and broke my car’s windshield, Om why did you let her come here. He asks Anika to leave from his house. Anika cries and asks what are you saying, I m Anika. He asks who Anika, I don’t know any Anika. Dadi asks did you go mad. He says I don’t know her. Anika says enough of jokes. Tanya asks what’s all this. He says I will sort this out. Dadi asks who is this girl. Shivaye says she is Tanya, my wife. They all get shocked. Reporters

ask when did he marry. Shivaye holds Tanya’s hand and says its time for my statement, I met with an accident 15 days back, Tanya saved my life and took care of me, we met and fell in love, and now she is Mrs. Shivaye Singh Oberoi. Anika looks on.

Reporter says Shivaye has come back, but he has returned after marrying Tanya. Tej says what utter nonsense, he is coming after 15 days and saying he married someone else. Om says he is refusing to identify Anika. Shakti says maybe he lost his memory. Abhay says sometimes person loses partial memory. Tej says we should call a doctor and check. Pinky says he is right, why did Shivaye change, call doctor. Anika says no, Shivaye can answer us, he is doing a drama, there is some big reason behind this. Om says like Tej had to become Peter being helpless, but Shivaye can’t get blackmailed, what can be the reason. She says I don’t know. Jhanvi says maybe he is Mahi. Anika says no, he is Shivaye, I will go and talk to him. She goes.

Shivaye asks Tanya to make herself feel comfortable. Anika comes. He argues with her. She says why did you get her here, its our room. He says its my room and she is my wife, what are you doing here, just go, Tanya needs to rest. She says you are worrying for her a lot, you are showing much tadi. He asks sorry, what’s this tadi. She asks don’t you know, you would know kanji eyes, michmichi… He says watch your language. They argue. Tanya says Shivaye… Anika says don’t worry, we argue such. He asks what do you mean. She asks why are you acting of not knowing her. She tells Tanya that Shivaye never admits his mistake, he will show his tadi to his wife and I m his… He says Tanya is my wife. She says we will discuss this later, see his anger is always on his nose, see the smoke out of his ears. She asks Tanya what will she have, tea, coffee or wine, will she have food, Shivaye always says guests should be treated well, he will feed you boring food, it will have no taste. He says stop it, you just keep talking. She says I m taking care of your friend. He says she is my wife. She asks him to end this drama. He says I don’t know you. She asks do you really don’t know me, its fine, I will make you remember everything. She throws water on his face.

He asks what was this. She says water. He scolds her. She says I m your wife, I will see till when will this drama go on. She goes to Om. She says Shivaye is in big problem. He says it can’t happen that he can’t identify you when he can identify us, maybe he lost partial memory, I will suggest we should talk to doctor once, we can get it clear. She asks him to call doctor. He calls the doctor.

The man says Shivaye cracked the deal, but the party is refusing to vacate the building. Abhay says I will take care of it, Shivaye is like my elder brother, I will solve this problem. The man says its big problem. Abhay says every big problem has a small solution, Oberoi is like my family and family comes first. Anika asks what’s selective amnesia. Om says doctor also feels Shivaye has partial memory loss, he doesn’t remember what happened in last one year, it means he remembers everything except…. She says me, it means he can’t identify anything, whatever was between us, he forgot, how can he forget our moments, his promises, I m going to talk to Shivaye.

Om stops her and says I understand he is not identifying you. She says no, he is acting, he can’t fool me, I know him well, he could sense me without seeing, he is not identifying me, there is something he is not able to say, his eyes identified me, someone has done this, he is doing this drama, I will know why is he helpless to stay away from me, that he is refusing to accept our marriage. Shivaye hears her. She says I have to find out why is he acting to forget me. He says I have to make her believe that I have really forgotten her and this is not any drama.

Shivaye tells Tanya that he did what she said and got her entry, he wants his proof now. Tanya asks him to wait. He says I don’t have time to wait. She asks him to wait for next instruction, she can’t say anything more. He goes. He sees Anika and his pictures on the wall. He recalls her. He forwards hand to touch pictures. Anika comes. He senses her and tears the picture. She asks what are you doing, did you go mad. He asks what do you want to prove. She says this photos are beautiful moments of our life. He says I don’t know you. She asks then how did I get these photos. He says you did photoshop, its your plan. She asks him to tell her the problem, they decided to face it together. He says I don’t know you, Tanya is my wife, do you get it.

She cries. He asks her to stop crying. She holds his hand and says you can’t see these tears, tell me you do care. He says I don’t have time for all this. Her mangalsutra gets stuck in his sleeve. She smiles and says you can lie, but not run from truth. He frees it and goes. She says you are acting to be Tadibaaz, you will soon turn to Sweet Singh Oberoi, my heart gets hurt. He asks her not to call him by such cheap names. He goes. She says if you are Shivaye, I m Anika, I will prove you didn’t forget me. Pinky smiles and says I couldn’t do this and it happened on its own.

Abhay gets a call. He says I m busy now, I will call you back, I m going to do my brother’s work. He leaves. Bhavya gets a blank call. Manav calls her out. She asks who is it……She ends call. Manav asks her to come. She says I will just come. She sees Rudra’s pic and says I know it was you Rudra. Chubby comes there and sees her with Manav. He misunderstands them to be kissing and takes their picture. He says poor Rudra, I have to show this to him, then he can forget Bhavya. Manav blows in her eye. He asks how can anyone hit phone in eye. She says I didn’t know. He asks her to come, his would be fiancee is waiting, she is lucky to get her love. She gets sad. He says well I must thank you, Shreya came in my life because of you. She says this is the least I could do for you, I should say thanks, I left you alone in mandap, even then you didn’t break friendship. She recalls leaving from mandap. Manav says I must say, you are not that lucky, but the guy whom you marry will be lucky. She asks are we not getting late for engagement now. He asks her to come. She sees pic and says I still miss you Rudra…..

Abhay comes to some place. He greets a man. The man says now Oberoi has sent you, tell him not to waste time, I don’t want to do this deal. Abhay asks why, they are offering big rate. The man says I want double rates, change the agreement. Abhay says you have killer attitude, business doesn’t happen like this. The man asks him not to explain him, else he will higher the rates. Abhay says you signed agreement and can go to jail. The man tears the agreement.

Abhay says okay, you won’t agree this way. The man asks him to do anything and pushes him. Abhay says I m going. He calls someone and says everything is in control, we got the property. The man asks are you mad, I will not sell this bungalow. Abhay laughs and says you will cry after 5 secs. The man asks what do you mean. Abhay goes away. The bungalow breaks by a blast. The man gets shocked and asks what did you do. Abhay says your bungalow is not left, none will pay you now, this land is illegal, sign now, I will give you 1 crore. The man says agreement was of 80 crores. Abhay says you have torn it, here is new agreement, I m paying you double as my mood is good, my brother Shivaye came home. The man signs and says you are much clever. Abhay says its experience. He leaves.

The man says we want paintings, we will have much loss. Om says I understand, my brother was missing, how could I think of making paintings. The man asks him to make it now. Om says its art, how shall I deliver many paintings. The man says its your problem, else we have to take legal action. Om asks him to reschedule exhibition. The man asks won’t you give paintings. Om says my brother is imp than your exhibition, sorry I can’t do this. The man says okay, we will see you in court. The men leave. Abhay hears them and asks Om about the problem. Om says I will manage it. Abhay says I can handle this. Om says thanks, I solve my problems myself. He goes. Abhay says you all are like my brothers, I can do anything for my brothers, anything, I have to do something.

Shakti does aarti and asks where were you. Pinky says Mata Rani heard me, she has made all my sorrows away. Shakti asks what happened. She says I was scared Shivaye can identify Anika, but she has got out from his heart, I have to make her out from this house. Tej and Jhanvi scold her. Pinky taunts him that he couldn’t become a good father. Tej says I have learnt from my mistake, don’t do this. Pinky argues with them.

She asks Shakti to take her side. Shakti says no use to take matter ahead. Pinky says Tej is acting to be Sadhu. Jhanvi asks Shakti to make his wife quiet. Tej asks Pinky not to get personal. Jhanvi says its useless to explain her. They leave. Shakti asks Pinky to shut up, it was her mistake even today. He goes. Pinky says they can’t see my happiness, just save it Mata Rani. She goes to her room. She checks her saree and says how can this get burnt. She reads a note and says who is calling me in mills and why, is that secret…..

Abhay sees Tanya. She says sorry, you are Shivaye’s…. He says family friend’s son, I m Abhay. She says I m Tanya. He says I know. She goes. Tej looks on and says what was Abhay talking to her. Abhay comes and asks you here, do you need anything from kitchen. Tej asks what were you talking to her. Abhay says I was explaining her, she will have no place in our world, just Anika will be Shivaye’s wife. Tej says its good you cleared it to her. He goes. Abhay smiles.

Shivaye asks Om did he fight with Gauri. Om says strange, you remember Gauri, not Anika. Shivaye sees Anika and Tanya’s reflection.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Misha_Mikul

    I’m so confused til how to describe today’s epi…whether should I say positive or negative????
    I just want to know what’s the raaz????? it gives scary vibes?? Mummy???

    Shivika moment was so heart breaking though she behaved funny sometimes!!???
    When Shivaay kept saying Tanya is his wife moreover the stupid media was too included, all were so irritating??I could feel Annika’s pain but what to do!!?? even Shivaay must be so hurt inside by calling a stranger as his wife infront his Heart(Annika)??I could his pain in his
    nd here some people starts bashing Shivaay for hurting Annika??Oh, come on dudes!! can’t you understand how Shivaay felt inside???
    If he takes care of Annika, he is such best pati, sweet heart, blah blah blah!!??
    If he makes her cry, then he is bad!!??
    Annika expressed the pain through tears but Shivaay didn’t!! That’s the only different but both are struggling!!????
    Annika is Shivaay’s everything!! the reason is like that which made Shivaay couldn’t tell about the truth even to Annika, couldn’t talk lovely to her, even couldn’t touch his wife to wipe her tears !!??? It was so heart breaking!!??
    If Annika hurts Shivaay under any blackmail,ex: by Pinky, means she was helpless!!??
    If Shivaay did the same, then he is stupid, idiot , dumb…etc!!??? Waah!! Great sense!!??
    Please don’t anymore!!??

    Okay Tanya’s face looks innocent, she isn’t for villain character??she didn’t even know how to threaten Shivaay!!??
    It seemed so funny!!??
    nd Abhay’s baby is must be Tanya!!? she helps him in this??
    Abhay, are you Good or Bad???? I think he tries to get Shivaay’s place??
    Besides, he said he will do anything for his brothers…. which is true here??????
    If i get to know that he was the person who hit Shivaay by car, then I will never leave him???

    AniOm moment was Good!!??
    Why no Rudi today??? I missed him!!??

    Shivaay pretended as he has memory loss, he forgot Annika but he also didn’t forget to ignore Pinky!! Lol???
    He could act as ignoring Annika but can never pretend to be good even couldn’t smile at Pinky???

    Shivaay isn’t good in acting, better he admits to Annika because she is 100% sure about his nautanki!!??
    Shivaay was like I have to be very careful with Annika but Annika’s bagad billa couldn’t bear when saw tears in Annika’s eyes??
    He was acting be rude to Annika because he knows this distance is just for temporary, Shivaay SAB KUCH TEEK KARDUNGA!!??
    When her mangalsutra got stuck with his chuffling!!?? It was tooo hurt to bear!!??
    Upcoming scenes are quite interesting..Let’s wait n watch!!??

    I thought Pinky has changed a bit but I was wrong..I’m a stupid!!??
    someone please Kill this evil!!!?? Hehexx.. there has already someone came right to get payback from her “old crimes”….??????
    Raaz-Pinky’s crimes-Shivaay-Abhey??? Very complicated!!???
    CVs, please unfold this mystery and sort it out soon and bring happiness in three couples’ life!!!???

    Precap- Lol…I told na Shivaay isn’t good in acting???He remembers Gauri but not Annika??
    He saw Tanya’s reflection on pool water else maybe he will tell everything to Om..!?

    Nitezz Dearss?? Tc ❤

    1. Dhwani_Naidu

      Go Misha go!! For the first comment yaar!!

      1. Misha_Mikul


      2. Logesh.M

        Link for 3rd part of “omkara ki dulhania “..plssss read and comment dhwani????

    2. Pushpa

      GMG….true misha..i can see how deply shivaye is hurt on whts he’s facing now..the anger is in his eyes and expresssion…wht stupid raaz is tht he said he hv forgotten anika…i know anika will sure win his love but the journey v hv to face to reach tht point…urggggggg….painful to watch too…

      pinky shld be poisened 2 dead..

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Hehexx..I knew that you would have seen his pain dear!!??
        The raaz is quite u said ShivIka will unite and solve this raaz soon!!
        but I’m damn after this raaz is solved, one more new raaz will be appeared??
        and Yeah, Pinky’s death is the only solution for Oberoi problemss?

    3. Labiba

      Go mish go…can I call u mish?? looooong comment….jitna bhura socha tha iss track ki bare main yeh utna bhura bhi nehi hai…upcoming episodes gonna be khidkitod ….

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Hehexx sure dear!!?
        Yeah, upcoming episodes will be khidkitod..Hopefully??

    4. AnuluvsIB

      Hey Go Misha Go!!
      Lol our comments are super contrasting.. I have blasted him as always and u have been a hardcore shivaayan!! ?
      If we met now, we probably might pick up a serious fight!!?

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Lol.. No Anu No!! Don’t taunt my baby???

    5. Nandhana

      I accept dear..I too was crying as shivay was suffering inside..I cant see my shivika in such pain…Oh god cvs please end this track soon…

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Don’t worry dear.. Track will be turned fun very soon??

    6. Piyuu

      go misha go

      1. Misha_Mikul


    7. Dear Misha
      Leenesh Matto (Rudy) Jammu Pe Gaya Hoga.Because Kuch Dhin Pehle Suna Tha He Is Going Jammu.Yestarday Insta Pe Uska Pic Dekha Fever Hai Likha Tha Tired Bhi Lag Raha Tha.I Hope Wo Aur Gauri Jaldhi Aa Jaaye.

      Ponky Phir Hamara BP Badane Ka Kaam Start Kiya.Waise Bhi Shivay Ki Life Pe GF Ka Entry Phir Aarahi Hai Sunne Ki Time Pe My Mood Spoil Hua??So IB Se Ek Break Liya Hai Ab.But Now This Ponky.Sabkuch Handle Karunga But Ponky Drama Can’t Handle?IAM Waiting For IB Good And Interesting Episodes Return ???But This Ponky ? After IB Good Episodes Return I Only Start To Watch IB.

      Take Care And Stay Safe?

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Owhhhh… Hope soon he will back!
        Today Gauri will come back??
        Hehexx.. You can’t expect for Happy wali Ishqbaaaz, if it happens also, max for 1 week, after then a new twist will be appeared!! so continue watching our show, dear!!
        soon everything will be alright???

  2. Riddhima

    Hai ishqiees….?????
    Vanakam kk …???????

    First so much happy to see om my om … Alone …?????? …romba santhosham om thaniya irukanga …?????….

    Shivay …again drama … LOssu lossuu memory lossuuuu ….. Aaaaa aaaakiiii aaaaa aaaaakkiiiku … Marathi namaku vantha jolly than … Pazhasalam maranthachi pudhusaga pirandhachi ……
    Lossu lossu memory lossu …
    Aaaaa aaaakiii aaaa aaaakikoooo ..
    Memory loss is a jolly ….
    All old are forgot born new …. ?????????….

    What to do other than laughing for this track …. ????? … Another way of showing fed up with this drama ….???????

    I feel more sad for shivay he is bearing so much pain .. Hurting anika kkowningly…. Hurting your loved one’s kowningly because of the forced situation …..??????? very bad ….

    Anika is perfect in her side … That patini role playing perfectly …nailed it ….??????

    And pinky pinky donkey …
    Never changing monkey ….
    Go to hell paakkkkeyyyy….

    Yara antha ponnu moojiya paru uusi moonji …apdiye moojiliaye kuthunga …someone punch on her face …???????

    Abby … The silent attacker …. pudhusu pudhusa kelamburagaiya ….

    New new comings of villains ….

    Rudy baby kadhan hai … ??? … Missing him…????
    Intha bhavya vera romba torture panra ….
    Bhavya is torturing more…????

    Live for shivomru ????? never changes …
    Hate for gk never changes …??????

    Good night iishqiees…????
    Iravu vanakam ishqiies…????

    Tu is back …old tu ….

    1. Riddhima

      Love *

    2. Dhwani_Naidu

      Om kuda gauri illadhadhu paathu avlo santhoshama??!! 😀 😀 English subtitles for ur tamil comments ellam bayangarama iruku riddhima..

      1. Riddhima

        Dhwani naidu …..
        Hai ….
        How are you ….
        Ama pinna om thaniya pakarthu evalo kashtama theriyuma …. Gauri kuda iruka scene lam paka romba kashtam ….
        Enaku en om mattum than venam …???????

      2. Dhwani_Naidu

        Am fine riddhima.. How are you.. Om enaku!!

    3. Labiba

      ?????? Ridhi baby hw r u??? I missed u a looooooot….. After so many days u came….

      1. Riddhima

        Labiba baby I am good …
        I texted you in IG …I think you didn’t see it till now ….
        Missed everyone in pkj …what to do ….I though to comment after shivika wedding but that CVS played bad game in shivika life again … That’s why ..

    4. Pushpa

      riddhi after so long..hw r u?
      tht is total gal i dun understadn this cvs cant come up with great ideas they can only think of bringing many gals in shivaye life…bulls#####..
      abhay is teh new villain now and i thik tanya is doign upon his instrution yaaar…what u say ..kooda irunthu kooli digging…my heart goes to shivaye foe being hurt totally..

      1. Riddhima

        Pushpa ….
        I am fine … How are you ….
        Yes they have only one concept … New Girlfriend for shivay and new wife for shivay …. That too only for shivay ..actually I’m starting Rudy was having more gf’s …but now shivay crossed all the records …. I am surprised …how the actors accepting what all the writers say … Or they just act for money they won’t think about audience views….

    5. AnuluvsIB

      Hello Ridhi.. coming after long pola..
      Totally understand ur state! This track will make us mad!!
      Cvs ku yen indha kola veri!!

      1. Riddhima

        Anu …
        CVS Ku kolla veri illa namala kolllanumnu veri adhan ipdilam panranga …. ?????…
        Yena panrathu …..
        Ama ama romba naal kaprom varen …

    6. Nandhana

      hahaha..i laughed on reading your comments..u r crazy dear…adhuayum pinky song…lol!!!!!!!

      1. Nandhana

        hahaha..i laughed on reading your comments..u r crazy dear…adhulayum pinky song…lol!!!!!!!

      2. Riddhima

        How are you …????

        Thank you ..

        Yep i am crazy amayaa ‘s sissy …?????

        Pinky samala ..pinky ninaicha apdiye ponnguthu … Unnai ninaikum pothu kavidhai aaruviya kotuthu …???????????????

    7. Shiv

      Yes riddhima pudusu pudusa kelamirkaanga let’s see n hope it will be interesting !!?abhay n Tania something fishy

      1. Riddhima

        Shiv ….

        Kelambiruchi ….

        Ama something fishy … Oru valaiya potu fish ellathaiyum pidichidalama shiv .. Varingala …. ??????

        Adada …puratasi madam Mache idha maranthutane … ?????

      2. Shiv

        Puratasi ma puratasi oru fishum pudika mudiyathu??

    8. Piyuu

      hi riddi…after so many days u came .hw r u?

      1. Riddhima

        I am good how are you … ?????

    9. Nila

      Oi riddhi?
      Back to hq?
      Semma happy ah pavam pa gauri ? mm nala enjoy panunga aprm gauri vanthuruvanga?
      Shivaay cross all the records???song for pinky ?????
      New entry pathi nerya pesitom so leave it .?
      Yep correct ah sonninga Shivaay really pavam pa especially he said na don’t cry ????
      Bhavya yep irritating ???
      Yaaa tu is backkkkkk???

      1. Riddhima

        Nila. .

        Ama ..chumma HQ …Ku vanthen romba naal achila …

        Oi yarukita gauri irunthalum illatiyum om entathu enaku mattum than …

        Shivay baby paavam …????


    10. Piyuu

      i’m fine riddhi

    11. Nandhana

      I m fine dr…kottatum.. kottatum…unnai enni paarkaiyil kavidhai kotudhu… kavidha kavidha..???

  3. AnuluvsIB

    Labiba Arpita piyuu krish banita push and Naija Gal,
    Very sorry after Thursday only now am logging into TU so missed to reply to comments on Thursday !

    How many times till date have I tried giving up on this show.. and not once have I been successful!
    Top Dimaag ki dahi moments
    —Announcing that besharmi is wife in front of press.. This was heights! The moment he put hands in her shoulders, I felt like breaking his fingers.. the moment he said Mrs. Sso I felt like punching his face and knocking all his teeth out!
    — tearing the photos! Had hain.. even if he doing all this to save annika, this is not the way!! He can kill her instead!! He is hurting her too much! If he says I was dying inside to while doing all this, I’ll choke him that day I tell u!
    — Om’s Shivaay blackmail home walon se nahi hain dialog! I mean really om?? Like really?? MrsK, Romi, ACP, Daksh and the list is endless!
    — Giving SSOs BG score to that choocha! Ok I might bash sso totally but his swag n style will stay unmatched! How dare they use sso music on him!!
    — Topping the list is Pinky’s sense of satisfaction.. though it is not real happiness I can’t stand her smirking again! and the way she raises her voice .. arrgghhh!! I am totally against men hitting women but I really wished shakthi pops slapped pinky! Am glad sso amidst this drama is still maintaining to hate pinky..
    Top fav moments, though a few
    — anikas attitude esp the bedroom convo with tanya.. happy to see her taking this up with a lot of will… but again tired to see her doing this always.. problems ke upar peoblems!!
    — loved the way he cudn stand her tears!! But the moment he declined his feelings, I wished annika caught him by collar and slapped him!
    Now what’s that note on pinky’s wardrobe? What’s the Raaz??! What was Mr and Ms choocha talking? One curse enters disguised as boon and the other enters as a curse openly?
    Whatever it is, they shud have shown shivika together.. this is a typical Ektha type TRP aunties track!! Drama overload! Makers end this soon.. ? or atleast involve annika in it! Even we r tired abt reopening sso bash club again n again… tired of seeing home butchering his own promises to annika.. next time let him promise her…
    @fiza- poor gal as soon as she saw this track, PMed me and asked me not to scold sso! Sorry gal! Ur bhaiya crossed all limits!

    1. Dhwani_Naidu

      Same pinch Anu.. Even I have tried many times to give up seeing this serial.. But I end up watching it again and again.. Yeah more blackmailing villains and every time Shivaay bhaiya says tht he doesn’t like someone blackmailing him and at the end he finally gives in to their plot..

    2. Labiba

      Its ok anu di … Don’t say sorry…??? n today I’m khidkitod happpy Cz u nd ridhi commented today in pkj…???

    3. Trp episode! Not as bad as I thought. Guess the money used for ippknd will now go into Ishqbaaaz.

    4. Pushpa

      anu dear hw r u..after so long entry..great coment
      no bashing shivaye here ok anu……..cant u see hw much he is hurt from his eyes , anger he’s showing & his expression….the hv to dance as for that stupid OF raaz …im a little upset with shivaye too but i cant hate him because he’s hurting himself and anika too…..why is it hv to be always shivika in trouble …..but i dun understand 1 thing here why cvs always put the target on anika and not anyone else…except pinky is there anyone else dun like anika???????

      NO BASHING SHIVAYE PKJs u hear me out gals…… much as anika is hurt shivaye is even hurt deeply fro doiign thi sot his love …….anika will sure will his love…bu tv hv to suffer watching the stupid track till then..

    5. Banita

      Heyyy @Anu di….
      It’s fine di… Happy to see u after a long…..
      Yeh how much we try but ended in watching it only….
      And totally agree with @Pus di no bashing to Shivaay bhaiya…..

    6. Piyuu

      anu its ok u dont say sorry yaar….
      om’s black mail hone wala dialogue sunkar muje hassi aayi
      pinky ponky never change i hate her i also wished shakti papa slapped pinki

  4. Pushpa

    Happy our old TU pg is back..thku .
    A:Ma Anika S:I dont Know any Anika….
    Tanya saved me& v fell in love…..another raghini ist???
    pity shivika everytime their lovestory about2began somethingbad happens?? why? Why? Why? Cvs u guys hv major love failier or u dun like2c ppl in love???

    He dont remember only Annika but he ignoring pinky..✋✋great4tht i mean4ignoring pinky…..shivaay u better band karo ur acting…tell anika as she said she’ll help u solve it 2gether…he said he hv to prove tht he hv forgotten anika…why?wht the hell is going on???this time its tooo much…the bedroom convo confirmed shivaye is acting…ic tanya2waiting4 instruction????frm who???? Abhay????

    Imagine how bitter the raaz might be 4Shivaye2 chose to hurt his love Annika after all their love confessions..vows…killed her wt his romance….2conceal it if he is faking,.. its hurting both shivika..

    Luved Om ani convo…
    Well why anika r u stupid…u shld know the gal is watching every step shivaye takes..whn shivaye tear the photos he can sense u he wanted to wipe off yr tears bt something stopped him…who? whn om confronting u why cant u sense him stdg at doorway??…cmon anika wht happen to yr khidikton thinking…put yr thinking cap gal….and act smartly please…dun spoil it….

    Todays epi?Kabhi khushi kabhi gum ?Why I’m Iaughing at everything? Its funny shakti ji why u nvr give pinky one slap !!! Im waiting2c tht…pls tell when if u dunt ill sure shoot her2dead…pakka promise…

    Abhay….mmm…wt his bhal looka like shivaye bt u xan b shivaye ….muchimichi feeling Is he good or bad !? Handling OB business trying2b in everyones gd shoes…Im confuse….everytime telling oberoi is my family they r my bhaiyas…does he hv any connection wt tht stupid gal?? Im sure something is tanya key in abhays hand!!!!! He is our new villain to add onto the list….

    And here obrois quarelling…bt i salute jhanvi..u r owsm throughtout the show gd mother..and tej hv changed but pinky???$#@%€£¥

    Precap..he’s hurting anika cause the 2rps chepde is always at the back ground….
    Its full of mixedbaaz feelings..
    gd nite gals

    1. Dhwani_Naidu

      Hi pushpa.. This Tanya looks like some puppet in the hands of some villain.. She isn’t like nagini.. And with this abhay.. Yeah even I am thinking of the same.. He is trying to please everyone.. Kuch toh gadbad hai seriously..

    2. Banita

      Yeh @Pus di….
      Same pinch…. This Abhya give me michmichi feeling from starting only…. and he can’t never be like Shivaay bhaiya….. not a little also….
      Agree with u much Shivaay hurt Anika that much he hurt himself….. Hope CVS don’t drag this track much…..

  5. Arpita6 the biggest liar…he said that shivaay can’t be blackmailed..??????????..Best jokes.. So Gayatri,Mrs Basist,( Chip jiske pass thi). Tia’s mom, Daksh, Nayantara…all rhese people took Sso’s permission to blackmail him.????????.
    2.Media ki Memory loss hogayi he..??????..Annika ke bare main puccha hi nahi..
    3.Sso is faking clear thank God.

    4 pinky proved that she will never change and she wil always call annika as manhoos??????????????????????????????.

    5 I am dam sure this baby bali and uski baby aaka dhaniya akka tanya… mile huye he.. How dare he to copy sso..Sso ki jutti ki layak nahi he…tu.samjha..Usko jyada screen Space!!!! Gulneet ka dimag kharab hogaya he kya???.

    6.i am angry on Sso bcoz he is doing same mistake that annika did and he always do..but i can’t blame shivika..both are suffering soooo much..difference is Annika is showing her pain..and Sso can’t do it but if this raaz is related to annika then i will support Sso..but If it is once again that raaz isfor his family then just one question WHY YOUR RELATIONSHIP WILL SUFFER..!!!!!???????????, Tadibaaz bano but it doesn’t mean ki you show yiur tadi to only annika…..not to yiur enemies? ????

    7 And what was need of media? ?once again annika got insulted…I FELL IN LOVE WITH TANYA… like really shivvay????? I love you tak annika se nahi bol paya.ab media ke samne these 2 rupees thing… why…… is only bcoz of annika’s unconditional trust on you..she was 100%sure that her husband can’t be wrong..i wish yiu will understand it and tell everything to yiu real wife..

    8.Sso ko pinky suit mat do..jab bhi pehenta he na paani girta he iske upar…but shivika room talk with tanya.. ????..seriously i really enjoyed that part..and it was clearly visible that Sso was controlling his laugh and also his emotions. .. Annika knows him ver well..SSO …YOU CAN FOOL WHOLE WORLD BUT NOT ANNIKA…

    9..Anikara..kaash Om apni biwi ko samajh pata..thank God they talk ..but om s thinking that sso suffering from memory loss.

    10 Sso get emotional seeing photo but as he sensed annika he teared photos…Senser meter high he iska…

    11.Chandu di yiu nailed in that emotional scene the way anni was pleading Sso..i was crying soo badly..when my mama saw me with teary eyes..i was thinking Aaj toh tu gayi but some how i manage i lied that something big was in my eyes and i rubbed it. If she get to know that i was crying seeing a serial..meri toh gangaram ho jati..Look chandu what yiu have done to me…

    9..Sso can’t see anni cryingnow i want badly.shivika emotional scene where both are crying on each other sholder. ..plzplz…koi de do aisa scene…

    10 i think tej is getting suspicious about babybali..babybali and dhaniya will make good couple..???..

    11 Precap.Sso almost caught…?? but as we know aisa kuch nahi hua..

    12 today segment made my day..i want this anni.. ???..aand i think annika ki jindegi asi hi chalijayegi Sso ki life se chipdi nikalte nikalte.. height roh nahi lekin ladki bahaut he..

    13 glad that PKJ . comments was good in yesterday. Hate or love but plz comments.

    Sry for typos. .

    Long comment…???

    OLD Tu page is back in my phone…….aanyone…????????

    1. Dhwani_Naidu

      Dhaniya???!!!! *ROFL*
      Yeah old TU is back..

    2. Piyuu

      pinky pnky never change man kar raha tha usse thapad marne ka
      muje bhi yakeen hai ki baby bali n tanya mili huye hai..he copying shivaay .shivaay ki jutti ka layak nahi .he never be like shivaay. bali ko dekh kar i feel michmichi.

      yaa old tu is back i’m so happy

    3. Dear Arpu
      IB Ki Current Track Kaisa Hai I Don’t Know.But Your Comment Is???

      1.Om Ka Dialogue Tho Hamare Liye Funny Hai.Shivay Ko Koi Blackmail Nahi Kar Saktha?
      2.Media Ko Memory Loss Hua?
      8.Sach Main Pink Suit Pehnthe Time Shivay Ki Upar Paani Girtha Hai?Your Memory Is Good
      9.Om Ho Ya Shivay Apni Wife Ko Samajhne Main Dhono Best Nahi.
      11.Anika(S C) Emotional Scene Pe Mujhe Bhi Rualthi Hai Kabhi Kabhi??
      13.Abhay And Tanya Is Make Good Couple?I Hope GulNeet Unka Setting Karaye.

      Arpu Main IB Ki Episodes Dekhu Ya Na Dekhu. But Iss PKJ Family Ko Regularly Visit Karne Aur Comments Karne Ki Try Karunga. Visit Karne Main Kabhi Nahi Boolunga.I Just Waiting For IB Interesting Episodes.Jab Interesting Episodes Aayega Main Sat Ko Mon To Fri Episodes Ki Baare Main Comments Karna Start Karunga?

      Ya Old TU Is Back?

      Take Care And Stay Safe?

  6. thank god shivaay do just acting. but its hurts.without saying anything annika understands shivaay’s helpless situation.
    i like the way annika explains shivaay’s tadi. poor shivika
    abhay is new villan??! where is rudy? who is tanya???
    plz some one kidnap pinky for some days. i dnt like to see her.
    abhay and tanya plan to destroy oberois????

    1. Dhwani_Naidu

      May be, abhay is the new villain!!

    2. Pushpa

      hurts a lot poo… im too hurt looking at shivaye’s condition…..who ever the new villain is im sure gona shoot him/her to dead..shivika is the best ..

  7. If yesterday’s one was headache epi, then today’s is amrutanjan epi..
    Such a relief to know that shivaay is acting.. For all ishqies who wanted to stop watching IB, don’t do it… Shivaay is just acting.. Keep watching ib..
    One cud see the love shivaay has for anika even though he tries to act… He tries to stop her tears.. Goes to touch her then stops himself.. Omg tht scene was very emotional.. His pain when he sees anika crying cud be seen from his eyes.. All ishqies don’t stop watching IB..
    I just hate this pinky to the core.. I think she is never gonna realize her mistake.. Here in namakaran there was this another saas who hates her bahu and did things tht wud separate her bahu from her son, just like pinky thought of.. But now she has changed just for her son and has started accepting her bahu.. Why don’t u do like tht pinky.. U r so keen on ruining ur family and ur son’s happiness.. Just hate you.. CVS pls do smthng tht will change Pinky’s heart and make her accept anika..
    Bhavya is back.. Oh god 🙁 🙁 No Rudy today?? Oh god again 🙁 🙁 No gauri also 🙁 🙁 🙁 Om anika convo was gud.. Sensible zulfi singh oberoi also concentrate on ur prblms.. Ur wife was missing for more thn 15 days.. And u don’t hv time to look for her??!!! Precap : Shivaay bhaiya got caught!! Maatnaan.. And there was this tanya behind anika.. Maatuvaan..
    Maatnaan maatuvaan maatnaa maatuvaan.. 😀

    1. Pushpa

      hey gal…i pity shivaye more cause he’s alwys caught in between….well anika will win his love but to see both getting hurt is so painful 2watch yaar…..i hate thsitrack but i’ll still watch for myshivaye….

      1. Dhwani_Naidu

        I know u will always watch IB for ur shivaay.. Let’s wait.. Track starting nalla illa than aanalum paapom.. However shivika will unite and make omm of Tanya and tht unknown villain.. But we have to wait for tht..

  8. I am also confused…I cannot understand…y he is doing this drama…which video shivay saw before his accident…it’s like some mysterious sequence…I wanna know abhya is positive or negative…he is Doing favour for oberoi family…but y he lied to tej…he talked about anika…she has no place in this world…it make confuse track…lets see what will gonna do future part…I really miss gawri…when did she go…where did this rudy gone…I wanna see all hero and heroine together to solve this trouble…this track is really confusing me… now bavya and gawri with anika…they can easily solve this mysterious..y shivay hiding from anika…y he is acting with her…..Tanya gonna play negative role…she looks like innocent…but I think she is current evil for oberoi family….

    1. no need Plz..Rikara nd Rudra needs to first sort out their own problems….Everytime they run in to help Shivika..This time its absolutely not required..Let Shivika solve their own problems…

  9. I’m missing shrenu very much come back shrenu dear….

  10. Aniru

    Where is our Rudi boy today? Lee went for vacation? Missing Gauri. Atleast they showed Bhavya. But she did not wear mangalsutra and kumkum. Why????

    Gauri, please come back soon and AniRuRi expose this Abhay and Tanya. Abhay has something in mind. SSO will never blast a home for 10 crore rupees. This is to make those gunda’s against SSO. To tarnish the business reputation. Now he & Tej are so much into family matters.

    OM has given him good answer. But he has planned something. Lets see if he land OM in trouble. Abhay also tried to manipulate Tej saying he was trying to advise Tanya which was a lie. In order to be Oberoi’s good books he is telling lie.

    If Abhay & Tanya planted by someone??? But who? Who is threatening Pinky. Is SSO is also aware of the same raaz about Pinky or there are two different raaz. IB Analysts anybody have an Idea about it?

    Is SSO protecting Anika from trouble by avoiding her. I think yes. He wants to keep her out of this. We do not know what all happend with him in 15 days. May be the villains were planning to destroy Annika. CVs, in this case, please prove that my synopsis is correct. Otherwise, I will lose my bacha kucha respect for SSO. If he chose his family’s dignity over Anika’s, then he is not fit to be a partner.

    Still I did not watched yesterday’s episode and today’s declaration. A big clap to all girls and boys of TU who had watched.. I cant see Anika’s tears and insults. It pierces my mind. But I loved Annika’s voice modulation when she said “Aap aise kaise kar sakte hain? and “Mera dil Dukhta hai”. I do not know how SSO could control his feeling in front of his love of life… He has lot of courage. But I wish he show that courage to the villainbaazi. I wish, this time he properly punish them for all the tears both had shed.

    1. Bhavya did not get married to Manav that day…She realised her mistake after slapping Rudra….Coming to ur 2nd question,I think there r 2 secrets 1 which Shwetlana has threatened Ponky..Yesterday if u remember when Shwetlana came to meet Pinky and Pinky refused to help her,Shwetlana threatened her abt something…2.Abhay nd Tania: They might b related To Ashok nd Gayatri’s secret..He clearly said that since childhood,I have witnessed the power of money…Tej was related to something that happend in factory 25 years ago nd abt Ashok turning a rebel so lets watch nd C..

      1. Aniru

        Thaks Neha. Hope these raaz turns out well. This time I hope Obros and Obahus will solve the issue together.

  11. Guys I want to know can someone tell me whether Surbhi Chandna calls Nakuul ‘AAP’ or ‘TUM’ in real life? This is a very stupid question but I am just curious :p

    1. i think she calls him “tum”

      1. U sure?

  12. Where the hell is Gauri!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. U sure?

  13. thank god shivay is acting.. i thought his has memory partialy loss. and that pinky never changes. shakthi uncle.. you should slap her infeont of tej and janvee. how could she speak to her husband’s elder brother like that.. plzz ib makers make our wish true one day.. ?? i don’t like pinky.
    todays the shivika moments are soo emotional.plz aolve this secret soon and reunite our lovers.. ❤ waiting for tommorow’s epi..

  14. Banita

    Seriously I don’t like this shed of Shivaay bhaiya , who blackmailed by any one…. I want my old Shivaay bhaiya back…. Shivaay Singh Oberoi with full of taadi for out sider (As told by Aasthu di)…
    Now coming to epi ,
    Shivaay introduced Tanya in front of family , that’s OK but why in front of media….. and media wese toh bahat hi sawal puchta hain , BT didn’t asked any thing about Shivika’s weeding

    Shivika’s convo in front of Tanya????? Anika almost told all name of Shivaay bhaiya….
    Panika is Backkk , ab SSO ko Panika hi sambhal sakti hain…..
    Shivaay bhaiya teared d photos after sence Anika…. and both got emotional…. Shivaay bhaiya didn’t told BT it clearly seen in his expression… He can’t see tear in Anika’s eye……

    Pinky ponky pagal ho gayi hain…. Shivaay bhaiya ignored her still she didn’t understood he is acting….. I think Pinky only suffered in partial ml…..

    Shivaay blackmailed….
    Tanya told they have to wait till d next instruction…. It means she isn’t d main cupid…. Then Who’s d main cupid????
    Now someone blackmail pinky , first Shivaay now Pinky….
    And this Abhay finally we his saw evil smile….
    Everything related to that mystery letter only…. Now we can just wait and watch now…. Don’t know What’s going on Gulneet mind…. May be at last we loving this track like other track…. So I just want to say don’t loss hope girls and don’t stop watching ib….

    Gd n8 pkj…..

    1. Pushpa

      bani hw r u…sorry didnt reply many of yr comments been busy yaar…
      cvs hv chopped shivaye character totally….abhay i think is the silent villain here…the waiting is killing me so much…i can t c shivaye getting himself hurt deeply by hurting anika…..cvs shld unfold this asap…

      1. Pushpa


      2. Banita

        Uff sry di want to replay u BT in confusion ended in replay myself only….

    2. Banita

      Hii @Pus di…..
      I m fine di… What about u????
      It’s fine di work comes first….
      Same here di , me Also didn’t like the way Shivaay bhaiya hurting himself by hurting Anika….

  15. Tdy epi solved all doubts of ib fandom tht shivaay doesn’t got memory loss i cant see shivika fight and separation anymore i cried when shivaay cant contrl his feeling it is really emotion?????????????tdy full if confusion abhay i love u bt i dono ur positive or negative character bt eventhough i love u ur so hot sso fansss mafi bole apki???????????bt he cant match sso anymore ???????????no one frst crush always sso nxt tht bagvas ladki taniya go to hell no way i wanna break ur face and kill u innocent villi ????????????????????loved aniom convo babies?????????????anika looks beautiful with mangalsutra ani back with kidikithod idea she is the frst to find sso is acting bt cant believe it becos of sso tadi ruvya boring rudy wr r u??!????missing u ru?????yyy bavya shld fight with rudy and miss him stupid track
    Plsss someone kidnap or kill pinki ???????????sso gives pappu to her????????????????????loved it my sso????
    Upcoming im waiting?????yasssss tanya wait for getting pappu by shivika
    Ib is full of raaz nowadayssss wat will be tht video and pinki raaz ????!
    Rikara is gauri runaway with tht master????????????no offence?????rikara fansss just kidding shrenu get well soon come back with bang baby
    Waaaaah billuji got caught tanya im gonna kick u on tht pool bagvas ladki??????

    1. Pushpa

      meenu…..i think abhay is the villian here yaar
      i’ll sure kill this villain for hurting shivika…but why anika?????? some else dun like her tooo……this stupid OF raaz our shivika hv to suffer…

    2. Aniru

      I think Abhay is not against Anika. In Sahil case he was genuinely helping him. I think he is a against Oberois. Here few things I noticed. Guys please tell if I am wrong.
      1. Dadi got a call after police station incident. If it was a friends call, why she went out to pick up.
      2. Dadi did not inform anyone about Abhay’s arrivals
      3. Only Dadi certified that he is Abhay. Even she has not seen Abhay before. Also, she mentioned that she thought the person who was coming might be in the age of OM/Shivaay. But Abhay is more or less same age as Rudi.
      4. Mehandi wala was late and Abhay bought the type of mehandi Shivaay wanted. Somebody inside OM must have told him what Shivaay wanted.
      5. He told Anika to consider him as friend not Devar.
      6. He separated Anika & Shivaay during the frame incident instead of pushing them together.
      7. He was so eager to be in Oberoi’s good books. If he is genuine, he should not have told lie to Tej (yesterday episode).
      8. Abhay was the first one told partial memory loss. I feel somebody in OM has planted him

      I hope CVs will not show Dadi is bigger gamer than Pinky.

  16. Navz

    Frst d happy moments:Anika in bedroom scene giving Khidkitod ans to shivay and her talk wid tanya.
    Shivay couldn’t see Anika in tears…this scene is d best scene of todays episode for me.
    Aniom …talk was cool..their bonding.
    Irritating scenes:shivay announcing that tanya as mrs.SSO….chiiiiii…placing hand over her shoulder and holding her hand…stupidsso.huhhh..
    Tearing photos….i know it was difficult for him also..but icouldnt digest it.
    Stupid media….these ppl really have a memory loss…these r d same ppl who did so much hungama for shivikas marriage and none of them asked abt his marriage wid Anika.
    Uss abhay ko itne imp.kyun and that BGM…i hated when it was played for him.
    Most irritating:pinky ki smiling and smiriking face..i cant tolerate them totally.iam soo happythat in datdrama alsoshivay avoided pinky.
    Doing all such nasty things and have nastythoughts howcan she raise voice on others…huhh..thinking abt her spoils mymood.
    Mystery:soo tanya is not that mysterious lady in shivaays marriage??!!
    Still notgetting clarity ofabhays character…is he positive ornegative??!!for me he isgiving many negative vibes.
    Areabhay and tanya known to each other??!!i feel they are a team!!
    Ab pinky ki bhi ek raaz hein!!!iss ghar mein sabke piche ek raaz chupi huyi haein!!mad ppl.
    Saw somevodeo spoilers..Anika troubling tanya…… hope this track will be interesting.

    1. Aniru

      I think Anika’s idea to tease Tanya will backfire. First of all, SSO is with Tanya. Anika has to plan big. Harming someone is not Anika style. Now Anika thinking only how she will make SSO recognize her. She is not seeing the bigger picture. I want my Ani back. AniOmRu to solve the SSO puzzle. And Tanya is not after SSO, She does not seem like villain. She was just coordinator between SSO and mystery man/women.

  17. Wth yaar..!! I thought this bhavya will b married to manav and go and it will b perfect 4 Saumya to return.. i really miss rumya jodi??.. i dont lyk bhavya 4 rudra.. pls brng Neha aka saumya back for rudra..
    And 4 god sake instead of bringing new girls 4 shivaay pls concentrate on om and gauri relationship.. they have not proccede yet. I luv rikara jodi verry much..
    Pls gulneet mam listen to our requests

  18. Today episode too good I totally enjoy it shivika nailed their expression. just like before said anika bhabhi baaki TV bahus ki tarah nahi hai . isliye shivika pair sabse alag hai.shivaay bhaiyya can’t see even single teardrops in her eyes …shivaay bhaiyya mind blowing expression wow …….thankgod the new girl don’t love shivaay bhaiya…rudi haldiwala episode mein bolatha zyada meeta sehad keliye achi nahi hoti yeh toh bilkul correct nikla the new is a grey character. I think sahil was kidnapped by this new guy .kyunki haldi episode mein saahil ke saath acha behave kiya after that he gave something to sahil and shivomru obro moment bachelor party mein bhi intrude kar raha tha.I thing this new guy motive is not only seperated shivika but he will trying to create havoc between shivomru bond baar aniomru will team up and find the secret.shivika room talk with new girl it was full on masti . when anika bhabhi talked about sso and his tadi attitute I think I think he would have definetly enjoyed well in his heart ….pinki ko toh oh oh my Mata honewala guy past
    have connected with pinky .uski past secret khulne waala hai I am so happy.shivaay bhaiyya aap anika bhabhi ko pappu banane ki soch rahe ho, let me tell u one thing anika bhabhi ko Koi bhi pappu bana. Nahi sakta, aap toh bilkul bhi nahi bade aaya anika bhabhi ko pappu banane ki kuch aur soch lije.tabhi wo kuch aur mission keliye tayaar hojaayange so don’t try to fool her.this new guy how dare he meri shivaay bhaiyya ki tarah attitute dene ki.acha bhi ya bura attitute I would loved only shivaaybhaiya no one is like him ……mein hamesha soch tha hoon memory loss wala track is so boring and hamesa Rona Dona hero heroin anti track and hate one another ex lover issues but mein I forget ishqbaaz have been something different .kuch alag honahi tha na .I totally loved the new version of partial amnesia nadak shivaay bhaiyya has saw the picture and sensed anika and her mangalsutra entangle with his shirt that was too emotional I literally cried a lot.atleast woh dono saath mein hai and know each other well that was really nice …..isiliye I enjoyed a lot … u shivika

  19. Something is wrong with writer just bringing girls in Oberoi mansion to make their life hell, can’t they show something else, boring stopped watching read here and don’t want to waste time there are many sensible tv series. This show is like plastic flower, has beauty but no fragrance, after these many months still this series not in top 10 also, in between it was not in top 20, and look new show on colors they easily make trp charts.

  20. Please cut this crap…raaz after raaz.memory loss etc etc..what after all those vows shivaaya was insisting on…how foolish it is now that he can’t even share a single problem with Anika. How badly this drama is turning out…same crap…if its not Tej with another woman than its Shivaaya with another woman….I mean how many times he is going to get married and betray Anima….please stop this drama .Anima why do you enjoy getting insulted every time…do you not have any self respect…walk away and Shivaaya will come to his problem is that big that he has to forget his wife. I am getting fed up of same story line.And where is Gauri…whilst all this is happening..surely not still at her English classes…another crap baseless story line

  21. I don’t understand why the writers keep repeating the same sequence again just with different characters of the same family. And why is it that we drama has the heroin and hero get married and never have suhaga raat. Every Indian drama has something that comes between them on the marriage night. With Shivaay and Anika this is the second time around and still the marriage can not move forward. It is either the writers have no more imagination and probably need to look for a different career. The producer needs toget other writers. The show has too much repetitions.

    1. S u r right beki I was too thinking the same writers ka dimark karb ho jaatha.

  22. I was happy with today’s episode compared to Monday episode. Monday episode was really terrible if that was true I would have died but how can shivay do this for anika and the next twist is about dadi which pinki reads it I totally confused. I guess the trackis going about shivay child marriage crime I hope that shivay will solve the problems waiting to see united shivika ?????????

  23. Muze lagrah ha ki yeh ladka Roop ka beta tho nahi.kuy bhia ke liy shabkuch karega bolrahi h yaar.
    Muze iss baat ka kushi h ki anika abi bh strong h aur nahi cry kar rhai h
    Upcoming episode very interesting aur fuuny hoga muze lagraha

  24. Arpita6

    Sry i can’t reply…

    @Misha Congrats…Go misha Go…

    @Pusi…ok i will not dcold Sso…Sso ke liye nahi….tumhare liye. ????..but limit cross hogayi toh meri galti nahi he…??..

    @Anu.. yaa…i agree with yiur views…FELL IN LOVE WITH really. …….

    @Aniru…yaa …..if Sso is protecting anni..then it is good..otherwise……..Sso ki gangaram main karungi…..

    @Kritika…Surbhi di aka chandu di Noks bhabiya ko AAP, TUM, TU sab bolte he….dosti main sab chalta he…

    @Dhawani dear,DHANIYA. Is perfect name for her…i am just waiting what name annika will choose for her…………..

    Ok today hotstar synopsis -Oberois received threat-Om and annika excute their plan to put an end on Shivaay’s act.Tej janvi shakti and pinky meet after receiving a threat..Who is behind it????????..

    Pagals don’t miss today episode. .thriller aaj pura.. switch on your tvat 10 pm…

    @Pinku….tumne dhoka diya mujhe. ?????

    1. Pushpa

      thanks 4not bashing shivaye not now not ever u got tht….luv u

    2. Yeah I noticed that she calls him aap most of the times but sometimes she slips out tum so I wanted to know whether that was fun or does she actually call him tum. Thank u for replying!

  25. I am sorry to say about this har baad Pe CVS ko kyun bash kar rahi ho? first episode mein anika character ko bash kiya all were against shivika pair and gradually they were become one of the best Jodi even international too.and second ishkara track uspe bhi some of them CVS ko taunt karthe the most of the people don’t want ishkara kyunki ishana character was kehne pe CVS ne ishana character ko bhi change kiya phir bhi sab CVS and gul Khan ko bash kar rahe the and third fans felt they didn’t gave proper storyline to omru CVS fans keliye spin-off bhi start start karthe the trp down karan they did 1 hour episode ….fourth shivika seperated by pinky, fans had opositioned and bashed CVS for shivika seperation. In other serial lead character seperation track hero heroin they even met after 1 or month uska fans bhi oppositioned for this but CVS ne fans ke baad suni for example kasam ,sasuraal simar ka,yhm yrkhklh,kkb they gives important for only trp more than fans feelings.all serial ke liye only important for trp.but ishqbaaz team fans keliye sabkuch kar raha hai . last month Se negative character kami thi and full of masthi wala episode phir bhi trp steeped down so low in the history of ishqbaaz. The channel warning gul Khan and gaved I week time to increase trp..isliye gul Khan bring shivika shaadi and partial amnesia track.I don’t want bash CVS and gul mam .I only requested to them.pls give some rikara moments instead of introduced a lot of negative character .rumya pair will not happened but atleast show Rudy only with obromoment and less ruvya track .

  26. sorry friends very sorry for my poor grammer mistake pls forgive me I was typed in wrong words .in other serial mein CVS ne fans feelings kabhi nahi suhi .they gave only important for trp like yrkkh yhm kkb ssk kasam etc .pls support our ishqbaaz team and don’t bash them.they are trying hard to increase trp.sorry for all agar galat bol diya I am very very sorry all of u.

  27. Hi all, I would not say that yesterday’s episode was bad. At least we saw tadibaaz Shivaay and tadi Anika having exchange of arguments which was nice to watch. Gauri must be still not well. If she comes, she will be able to help Anika with this confusion.

    Now that it has been established as most of us guess Shivaay is acting. I do feel.sorry for him. What I find disgusting is why do Oberoi men succumb to these woman villian?.Aren’t they stronger?

    Anyway, my heart do goes out for Anika nd Shivaay. Poor Shivaay!!! He had so many dreams to be with Anika and was eagerly waiting for the moment. How painful for him to see his love and his life standing infront of him and he can’t even hug her and tell her everything. He probably is not even able to share anything with her. He maybe watched 24 hours.

    Someone has switched the plug on and Tanya is dancing to the tune. That someone could be Roop or Tia’s mum. It can’t be shwetlena as she is only interested in the locker key. Tia’s mum was blackmailing Shivaay with the video. We never knew the conclusion of that video. It could be this video that Shivaay saw. What is inside, no one knows. We have to wait maybe for 2 weeks before truth is out. This is going to go on for awhile. Abbey and Tanya are just executing the plan but someone else is behind all this.

    I also think that Shivaay is not able to tell Anika anything as perhaps Sahil is being watched. The blackmailed could have threatened Shivaay that is Anika knows the truth then Sahil would be killed. He wants to protect both Sahil and Anika and he is truly at lost. Definitely when you watch the episode you can see the pain in Shivaay eyes and he can’t even cry. He wanted to touch the wedding photo and he can’t even do It.

    I don’t understand what is Raaz? I also.don’t understand why Shivaay said when he was at the door that he is not doing drama and for real Anika can’t live with him. I am not sure of that part.

    Maybe best Anika leaves Oberoi mansion and try to investigate the mystery from outside. She may get some clues this way then staying in that house. She could het Rudra to go with her and they can follow Tanya or Shivaay and see what is happening.

  28. Ek cutki ML less, separation less, misunderstanding less, evil Pinky less,sweet, cute, lovely Shivika scene ki keemat tum kya jano cvs baby? Don’t know whether to laugh or get irritated on cvs for making the great wall of SSO such a blackmail prone hero! There is a proverb which goes like this – if any ring which is made of gold breaks,it would not reduce its price.Here hero is made of Diamond which takes so much heat to reach its melting point but cvs made him like some plastic made statue that can’t stand mild heat. How could you cvs? I felt hurt when I saw that Shivaay never takes Ani into confidence for his errands. How wonderful cvs? They think this will fetch them trp. Though I am bashing them but secretly hoping this turns true. Unite Shivika asap.Shivika’s latest situation reminding me of this song –
    There are some rivers which never find its seas
    There are some seas which remain always silent and still
    My crazy heart has become numb like this
    A storm is raiging in my heart
    My loved one is close as my heart yet she is a stranger to me…
    Special Mention :Pinky will never learn her lesson
    This Abhaay seems to be the mastermind behind this (my opinion )
    No matter what happens Oberois will be Oberois (sigh)
    Zaveesha dear,thank you so much for welcoming me in this pkj family. Love you ???

  29. Nikita_jai29

    Hii ishqies… Yr what is trying to show CVS… Pinky old crime, abhay is good or bad,… My gut feeling is that he trying to be good in front of om members… And hiding his evil motive…. Poor girl Tanya.. Looks innocent…
    I am fed up with this type of thing to increase trp… Actually this things caused decrease in the trp….
    Keep commenting on ishqbaaz… Keep watching.. Keep calm.. Love ishqbaaz.. Love pkj…

  30. By the way, where are you Archiya di and Aastha di also gayab from tu page?Mouni di I miss you so much,plz come back.
    Cvs made us open bash club instead of blush club!What have you done to us cvs?Come what may I will keep loving Shivika and by default IB!

  31. Ummulkhairi Aliyu

    Well I think abhay is definitely involved in this conspiracy, And todays episode will be worth watching insha Allah.

  32. Nikita_jai29

    Ishqies.. We have only two weeks to make ishqbaaz again slot leader… Please watch on TV….

  33. Dhwani_Naidu

    Ek dum khidkitodh episode… Omg khidkitodh anika taunting billuji and her efforts to make him confess tht he is just acting were just superb… Dadi u were just awesome.. We need dadi like u 😛 😛 Anika bhabhi u are tooooo cute, tooooo superb… Shivaay bhaiya ungaluku idhu thevaiya??Had u shared the truth with anika bhabhi taunts keka thevaiye illa.. But this is nice… It’s fun to look at u both fighting..
    Yeaayyyyyyy gauri is back.. Om pls don’t jump to conclusions without knowing the complete truth… Gauri planning to propose om.. @riddhima santhoshama?!! U wud be soo happy 😉 to see gauri proposing om right 😛 😛
    Precap: at first, my rxn Woowwwwww.. Then this stupid Tanya came.. Timing sense jaasthi for u??!! *duh*

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