Ishqbaaz 3rd October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 3rd October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika comes running to Shivaye and says Billu ji, I got the proof, by which we can prove Tej and Shakti innocent. Some time before, Shivaye tells Om that Rudra is mad, explain him. Om says that brother is mad and this brother is worried. Shivaye says don’t start again, I took my decision. Om says there is still time, if you think you are not ready, you need time, then call it off. Shivaye asks do you believe in miracles, Tej and Shakti to be proved innocent depends on one thing, that any miracle happens, I know miracles don’t happen in the world, either their clearing off from this blame or my marriage can save our falling stocks, you are my best man Om, don’t lower down groom’s morale. Rudra comes and says I heard everything. Shivaye says Rudra, we…..

Rudra says what we, you made Om

best man, you proved you like long hair people more. Om smiles. Shivaye says are you mad, you know what you both mean to me, you both are my shoulders. Rudra says there is just some time left for your bachelor life, one hug is necessary. They hug. Rudra says Tia is coming our home, but I feel like I m doing your vidaai. Shivaye and Om ask him to shut up. Rudra says fine, we will go, I pray Tia sings song Mai Sasural nai jaungi, come, we will do your Bidaai. Om calls Rudra crazy. They go out.

Om gets Anika’s call and goes. He asks where are you. She says I m on the way, I can’t hear you. She says I got the clue. He asks what are you saying. She says I got clue, Tej and Shakti can be proved innocent, that clue is in CD. He asks CD?

Jhanvi and Priyanka get the bride Tia. Everyone smile seeing Tia. Om says I can’t hear you Anika. Anika says Om, tell Billu ji that I got the clue. Call disconnects. She says why is network not coming. Pandit starts mantras. Tia sits in mandap. Anika asks auto driver to drive fast, take u turn and take back route to Oberoi house. Om says if Anika got Tej and Shakti’s innocence clue, this is that miracle which Shivaye is waiting for. Anika says Billu ji should know this matter fast. Om says I should tell Shivaye. Soumya signs Rudra to smile. Tia looks at Shivaye.

Om walks to Shivaye and looks on. Shivaye looks at Om. Om thinks I m not sure of what I heard, right or wrong, if I tell anything to Shivaye and if this marriage stops, Pinky will never forgive me. He calls Anika. Pandit asks groom and bride to make each other wear varmala. Anika is on the way. Shivaye takes garland in hand and makes Tia wear it. Everyone smile. Tia also makes Shivaye wear the garland. Om looks on.

Everyone smile. Om goes to Rudra and says something. Rudra asks what, come we will tell Shivaye. Om says I m not sure I m right or wrong, if I m wrong, it will be big issue. Rudra says but he is our brother and we should help him. Om says I m not sure, don’t forget Shivaye took the decision. Rudra asks are you going or shall I say. Pandit asks the family to do ghatbandhan. Pinky does ghatbandhan. Rudra says before marriage happens, we have to say, come.

They go to Shivaye. Anika walks in and calls out Billu ji. Everyone look at her. Anika runs to the mandap. She says I have to tell you something. Shivaye asks at this time. Anika says yes, its imp. Om says yes, its imp Shivaye. Shivaye asks what are you guys saying. Anika says I got proof by which we can prove Tej and Shakti innocent, I can prove that CD and girl are fake, like China item. Shivaye asks where is the proof, show me. Anika says come. Shivaye gets up. Tia and Pinky worry. Tia says Shivaye our marriage…. Shivaye says Tia, I have to go.

Shivaye opens the ghatbandhan and Anika looks on. He removes the garlands. Pinky says Shivaye…. He signs to stop and says mom please…… Shivaye looks at Anika and leaves. Anika, Om and Rudra go after Shivaye. Tia looks on.

Anika says I m saying truth, proof is in CD, get that copy. Shivaye asks are you sure. She says yes, 200%. He says fine, I will talk to commissioner Kadam. He calls. She says I told everything by coming here, but I m feeling bad that marriage stopped. Om says no Anika, you did good. Rudra says not good, very good. Shivaye says okay, CD is arranged, I have to go and pick it personally, I have to change these clothes. She says even I need to change, I will take clothes from Priyanka, I just came wearing this in hurry. Rudra says I told you came in Shivaye’s life for some reason, you came on time, else Shivaye would have become Paraya Dhan, I feel like dancing. Om says Rudra…. Rudra says I mean I feel like dancing as we got proof. Soumya comes and tells Shivaye that Tia has come. Shivaye goes to talk to Tia. Tia asks where did my Reiki get less, why does universe not want that we marry. He says I know you are feeling bad, right now, my priority is to prove Tej and Shakti innocent, I can’t give to priority to anything else, I m clouded. She says ya, I understand. He holds her hand and says Tia, once they both are proved innocent, Oberoi’s industry brand value will be reinstated, we can do this takeover on our own, I don’t want to take your parents votes undue advantage. She says I understand, but how to explain mom, she thinks you will backout from this marriage, if you don’t need their votes. He says what are you saying Tia, you trust me right infact out marriage will happen in better situation, where your parents and my dad, Tej will be part of it. She says I understand, I think I should leave now. He thanks her for understanding his words and situation. Tia leaves.

Om and Rudra come to Shivaye. Om asks how was Tia’s reaction. Shivaye says it was pretty good, I told you we have good understanding. Rudra says yes, but not love, if she loved you, she would have killed you, there is just deal here, Dil is somewhere else. Shivaye asks what. Rudra says I mean I cleared the mandap arrangements, so that there is no bad memories and your focus is on proving Tej and Shakti innocent. Shivaye talks to commissioner and leaves.

Pinky tells Jhanvi that I could not talk to Tia’s mom, she is already in hospital, when I said I will get marriage date soon, she ended call. Jhanvi says I m happy, marriage did not happen this way, she was arm twisting us since beginning, does relations happen this way, I have no problem with Tia, the way her family is behaving, I have problem with it. Pinky says yes, they were doing wrong, you think Anika is saying right, will the blame on Tej and Shakti be proved wrong. Jhanvi says I hope so, I trust our children.

Shivaye says I got CD from police station, watch the window breaking idea. Rudra says pinch me. Shivaye asks what. Om says you were saying in Anika’s language. Shivaye says I said as she would have said now. Rudra says Om get guitar, I want to sing Do dil mil rahe hai.. Anika asks why are you murmuring. She calls it Phusphusi and Shivaye asks what is it. Anika says such words are called Phusphusi words, you play the Cd. Shivaye asks where is the clue. Anika says you watch it, there is the clue. Rudra says oh that one, I can see it a bit. She says its clear. Om looks at Rudra. Rudra says fine, I did not see it, I was saying for effect. She says see that poster behind the girl, Fukat Raja, it was solid picture.

Shivaye looks at the poster. Priyanka asks what picture is this. Anika tells about the movie, the girl who became ghost has worn white saree and sports shoes…and there is Icchadaari naagin. Om asks what does this has to do with this matter Anika says its related, this movie released last month. Shivaye says the girl in video said her suicide date is 26th July 2011, if this video is 5 years old, how did the one month old release movie poster is seen in this.

Anika says you don’t look smart, but you are. He asks are you sure this movie was released last month. She says yes. Rudra says yes, this movie last month, its written on net, it means this video is fake. Shivaye says it means this is plan to defame Oberoi family, if date in video is fake, then all contents in it will be fake. She says maybe this girl is alive, even now. They get hope.

Shivaye and Anika go to some area. She says its big area. Om says we have one clue, that poster, we have to divide in two teams and find the girl’s house. Anika asks Shivaye why is he running like a mad rabbit, go slow. She buys candy floss. He says its just 18 hours left for board meeting, we did not get any clue.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Sunehri

    |Registered Member

    Well the episode was good but bit dragging. . But anika was looking good in that dress 🙂 and rudra’s smile when shivaye called off the marriage 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 and the precap is really amazing .. can’t wait for tomorrow. .. and anyways how are u guys !?!? Fatarajo renima di dhruv bhaiya mukta di aliya di shivani di mukti di priya di shahabana di haya di sujina di troyee di piyali dI abhiha di richu di nitu di szfz mishri di roz di shama di and all ishqies I guess u all are asusual good

    Anyways keep going ishqbaaz

    Sunehri mehta ♡

  2. Tamanna

    OMG i can just imagine how shivaye would have said “khidki tod idea” & ridra would have gone mad !!! Rudra’s dialogues are the best !!! 😀😀😀

  3. Sanchi

    |Registered Member

    Anika was stunning today.
    I am dancing in joy literally because the marriage got cancelled. Anika rocks!! Rudra was equally great tonight😆😆😆

  4. Kavinnilla

    Lovely ,awesome when Rudy said heart somewhere and that phusiephusie and when Shivaya spoke anika language its amazing I loved it .it is making me smile .for next episode I have to wAIT for23hours .

  5. aahana

    Mad rabbit😹😹lol!!
    Guys please send reiki for my exam tommorrow. Btw how r u guys?
    First1 to comment here today.

  6. Malu

    Shivaay stops the marriage.shivaay and anika are in same work for finding proof.when both of them understand their feelings to each other hai,ishqbaaz fans

  7. Tridha

    |Registered Member

    Today anika was looking good. Finally she changed her hairstyle. Her dress was classy. I found her entry in the oberoi mansion similar to mallika.
    Bromance was good.
    Omru part was also good.
    I think cvs should show tia as a bad girl. I mean to say I felt bad for her. She is being showed as a good person. She understands shivay’s situation. She compromises for him. So I’ll feel bad if shivay hurt her.
    About the precap I wish om find his girl there. But it won’t happen.
    After ishkara I watch ishqbaaz only for om & bromance. I hope they will keep rocking in the future.

    • Veda

      hey tridha…me too.. 🙂 🙂 .da main reasn behind my IB obsession is nthng bt OM…nd da bromance nw a days it seems like CVs r cnfusd abt OM, mns how to incrs his scrn prsnce… 🙁 Im rly expectng sm more focus on his charectr,on his intensity ….

    • Rosu 25

      Ya….i felt the same about anikas entry…it was similar to mallikas……..and she looks gorgeous in that dress and her hairstyle was really good…..

  8. Yazhu

    |Registered Member

    Finally I got free to comment here…my project work really eats my brain…and at last after 4 days gap I’m commenting here…feeling good to be back…
    Coming to the epi…as always it was awesome…Anika saved the day…love Shivika a lot…oops Tia’s reiki backfired…Don’t know about the universe but I really wished this marriage should stop…I know many of Shivika’s fan would’ve wished the same…after all they’re the coolest pair…and Of course OmRu’s comment on Shivaye saying Anika’s language…hahaha…now Anika will again stay back in Oberoi mansion…hope this time SSO will keep his unbelievably huge ego aside and start express his feelings towards Anika…on the whole loved it a lot…ISHQBAAZ ROCKSSS ALWAYS…

  9. Yazhu

    |Registered Member

    After reading some of the comments in the previous episodes…I got to know that there will be no Ishana and Ishkara…I didn’t catch up with the news…can anyone say me what happened to Ishana’s track and her entry…

    • enasanzida

      we r also confussed .. don’t know what actually happened ? yes, u r r8 Ishaaa track the end but why -we r really don’t know …. every1 just request Insta/twitter bring back them… writter kitni baar love story change kiya Uff!Pehla Twinkle ka entry hona wala tha then say story change Finally entry Ishaana story Now they r say, story change :O

    • Shaza

      |Registered Member

      Actually they never said the proper reason for Vrushiak exit …they are like…. it’s cuz of the “fandom😏” ….and they said that Ishana’s track is over 😡😡😡

      • Yazhu

        |Registered Member

        Thanks for replying Shaza…saying fandom as a reason it’s too bad…I was looking forward for Ishana’s entry but now there’ll be no Ishana…it’s so bad…
        And I loved ur dp very much…even I’m a huge fan of Taylor Swift…it’s from ‘You belong with me’ right…it’s so nice…

      • Shaza

        |Registered Member

        my fav scene ..yea it’s from you belong with me ..when she came to the prom night ♥️♥️♥️’s my one f the fav Taylor swifts song ……and I was also super angry when they were blaming the fandom..firstly they gave us hopes that Ishana track is on a back seat and it’s a “creative call” and made us wait for a month and atlast no Ishana …..feeling so angry on them 😡😡😡….still hoping that Gul Khan and her writers 😏 Realize their mistake and bring Vrushika back soon ….

  10. Mukta

    @AMENA DI Thankew for ur fast update!!!!!!! This is the only hope I have till I watch the episode at Hot star!!!!!!!

    @AAYAT u r most welcome here!!!!!! U know what, ur name reminds me of #Beintehaa…… I love that show veryyyyy much!!!!!!! Anyways welcome dear!!!!!!!!!

    @NIVEDHA Where were u busy all these days???? Really missed ur lovely comments!!!!!!!!! Anyways I’m good and healthy…… howz u doing??

    @MIFFED Dear u can click on “Filter” button and then on “Written Episodes”!!!! U will get the actual telecast dear!!!!!!!!!

    @AAHANA What should I call u??? I think u r elder to me….. so Aahana di…… how r u??? And u asked that who write these updates….. so it’s written by @Amena di!!!!!!!! Anyways I’m from Chittaurgarh, Rajasthan!!!!!!!!!!

    @PRIYA dear….. how r u??? It’s been very long we interacted!!!!!!!!! Howz u doing??? Studies r going well na????

    @RENIMA di sorry read ur ff right now!!!!!! It was just superb….. amazing di…… really a treat for Ishkara fans…… specially @Priya!!!!!!!!!!! Loving ur ff………

    @SAT How was ur result???? I know u must have rocked it sweetie!!!!!!!!!

    @PIYALI dear just tell me ur Twitter Handle na….. wanna chat with u!!!!!!!!

    @ROZ DI I’m good!!!!! How are you??? Hope healthy, fit and fine!!!!!!!!

    Missing @Nadiya di, @Kat di, @Aqua, @Ishika, @Ishita and many more missing Ishqies!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Mukta


    Coming to the episode…… can imagine how beautiful episode it is!!!!!!!!! Just going to watch it on Hot Star and will comment soon!!!!!!!!! Love uhh all….. Good Night……. Sweet Dreams!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Abiha

    Ahhhh….Atlast marriage stoped….thank God…….rudra is so funny …shivaye saying anika’s wordss….wah…..!! I just hope that pinky don’t misunderstand anika ….whole episode is sooo good…

  13. Tridha

    |Registered Member

    Guys please notice my dp. I got this pic from instagram. And when I saw this photo only one word was coming in my mind. It was “wowwww”. I never thought kunal & survi can look so cute together.( I m sorry if I m hurting ishkara & shivika fans. I m also a great ishkara fan. But when I saw this pic I was thinking why not omika & kurvi. I know sivika & ishkara are great in their own way. But agar kunal & survi ko ek jodi banaya jata to vo ek dhamakader, kidkitor, dhinchak jodi hota. These two looks so good together. OMG so adorable. Now I m hoping for them to be a off screen couple. So lovely omika.

    • Tridha

      |Registered Member

      OMG mujhe kuch ho gaya . Om holding anika’s hand & anika touching om’s face. So cute. Just like ishkara now I’ll started dreaming about omika. Omika will never happen just like ishkara. I should understand. I have gone crazy.😁😉😝😊

    • Tridha

      |Registered Member

      OMG mujhe kuch ho gaya . Om holding anika’s hand & anika touching om’s face. So cute. Just like ishkara now I’ll started dreaming about omika. Omika will never happen just like ishkara. I should understand. I have gone crazy.😁😉😝😊
      Guys don’t they look cute to u? I found their chemistry good. Hoping them to become a real life couple. Somebody tell me is survi elder than kunal or not? Are they just friends or something else,?
      They look lovely yaar

      • trisha

        yeh I have seen om holding anika hand in interview with rudra also nd that is interview pic naveratri special with telly masala with omru nd anika they have making soo much fun in that interview omru has given task to make anika beautifull by jewlleri guys u should watch that interview nd guys I want u to ask why nakul and surbhi never seen in any interview I want to see them in any interview

      • Mishri

        |Registered Member

        Arre cuuuute dp😍😍😍..lyk u said omika should not nd will never in real lyf thy will be cuuute…😍😍😍..and i noticed those two are verrry close offscreen..he hugs her alwayz…how i wsh thy get together..

    • RiyaDcruz

      |Registered Member

      Yeah u r r8 dear both look soooo cute 2gether nd surbhi is not elder to kunal actually surbhi is 2 months younger to kunal as she was born on sep 11 1989 nd he was born on July 29 1989…….

      • Tridha

        |Registered Member

        Mishri di, I found kurvi on instagram. Fans are calling them .Yah this name is funny. BTW the whole interview was so good. Trisha di is right. Leenesh was also there. But I was just watching omika. Their chemistry is so good. They are so comfortable with each other. They can make a powerful off screen & on screen jodi.

      • Shaza

        |Registered Member

        Ikr …I don’t want them to be on- screen but off- screen their bonding is awesome ..I’ve seen then ..and ur dp is so cute love if they would be a real life couple ..😄..yea Kurvi is kinda funny name 😂😁…

    • Veda

      Awsmmmmm dp yaa… :* :* Surbhi is Kunal’s bst frnd amng da IB tm bt most probably Bharti Kumar is Kunal’s real life grl frnd…. 🙂

  14. saira

    Little disappointed as I thought that shivaye and others will be mesmerized by anika looking so beautiful in that dress. But there were no such rxn. Also they showed anika in that beautiful dress only for a short time:(

  15. saira

    Had it happened like shivaye is about to make tia wear garland when shivaye senses anika coming and stops for the moment. Then anika hurriedly enters looking mesmerizing and shivaye can’t help staring at her and they have an eye lock and thus the rest continues.

    • Mishri

      |Registered Member

      I agree wen a person stops our marriage..whoever it is we dnt be mesmrised ryt???i was thnkng of if sumthng lyk sensing had hppnd it would be nice…bt he was soo worried abt his bros dat moment na so..but as u knw our anika alwayz believes in dhinchak entries!!!😂😂😂😂

  16. Naika

    |Registered Member

    I wasn’t interested in this serial before, but watching from first episode i started liking it alott tday episode was awsome.. Guys can i join ur group too?? I liked Shivika couple alott!! Guys can i join ur group too as i am biggest fan of this show!!!!

  17. iamsofianeak

    Gul talked about a girl confess her love to a boy !!! i think she want to make Anika confess her love first , noooooooooooooooooooooooo it will be borring ! we want shivaye first

      • Shaza

        |Registered Member

        Ikr ?.i don’t like it when girls confess ..that also when here the boy had a,ways underestimated her , insulted her …it should be the boy who would first apologize and then confess ♥️.😔 it should be like shivaye should try to win over her …..hope Anika doesn’t confess or fall first…I what shivaye to go crazy behind her ..,and she not caring …😉😄

  18. Kimberly

    I can’t believe that Omru r such horrible brothers that they r happy with Shivaye’s marriage being called off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Shaza

      |Registered Member

      wow ..ur back ..the great Kimberly ….was missing ur awesome comments yar 😂😜…yep they are unique , and awesome..that’s why we call them as bro’s …u didn’t know ? 😱😂

  19. trisha

    I can’t see today episode howअनिकाlooking कया
    वोहो सुनदर दिख रहि थिई

  20. Rufina

    In today’s epi…i feel like tia is acting. .see how can a person be soo understanding. ..i doubt on it n already there is clue too…i think she may be spy telling the things happening in Oberoi mansion…n when marriage was called off…rudy khush..mei khush..sab log khush….

  21. Rufina

    When shivaay said anika words..i was like pinch my I hearing right?? rudra stole the epi..his time of humour n those funny dialogues..It was awesome. .

  22. Rufina

    @Aahana pls say ur age pls..

    @Uf the marriage is called off..i hope it won’t happen ever..

    @iamfianeak I too want shivaay to express his love first..not anika..hoping for the best..

    @Naika of course. .u can join..welcome.

    @Riya..kya.surbhi’s birthday is September 11..oh my birthday is also the 11 September. ..

    Good morning to all ishqies..have a great day ahead. .keep smiling. .

  23. Mishri

    |Registered Member

    RICHU DIIII!!I TOLD U!!diz is how anika enters…DHINCHAK ENTRY!!!😂😂😂billu jiii!!!..i loved it yaaar!!im soo happy anika is back to her teasing mode..nd shivika fyts are back wth a bang!!!😍😍😍..the precap was kinda fun too..finally out of oberoi nd anika mansion aftr ages!!more shivika.more fun!!😍😍😍..anika and rudra are sooo happy lookng bcoz of d weddng flop!!😂

  24. Thilini

    Hi all i am thilini from sri lanka. I’m fan of ishqbaaz since begining. I used to read ur comments daily bt didnt got time to comment here.
    I am a fan of shivomru. I was tired with ordinary love stories. But ishqbaaz is special. I love the brotherhood they shared. And anika also awsom.

  25. chithra shetty

    He he iam dam happy dat marriage canceled ha ha ..eagerly waiting fr next episode hw anika vl take part in proving tej nd shakti are not involved in that case

  26. S.P

    Hi everyone.. Gd mrng..i hope all remember me very happy bcoz marriage is cancelled..waiting for today’s feeling like family here..wen am cmntng vl feel dat am talking to my sisters😊..stay blessed..all d bst to evry1 Hu r writing exams..i dnt remember d nmes yaar am sory..enjy d day..

  27. Shivani

    |Registered Member

    thank god marriage vcalled off.anika is looking in this dress.her entry is little bit filmy.tis is shown a nice girl ,I felt bad for her when shivay refuse for marriage .rudra is amazing yar.that epic dialogue “shivay is going to become paraya dhan”.overall nice episode

  28. Shivani

    |Registered Member

    the way anika described movie is very funny.the girl who became ghost has worn white saree and sports and ichadhari nagin is also involved

  29. Rosu 25

    Anikas entry was superb….she looks beautiful……..and the way she called”billuji”…. I just loved the part…
    last part of the episode was too funny….especially rudra and anika…. Precap is also good….really missed their nok jhoks last few days… it started again…so expect more shivika scenes in coming episodes…

  30. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    i have a only i saw the epi in hotstar..

    the dress wore by anika.i have seen it somewhere in real life..i mean some actress have wore it..i didnt get whom??

    if anybody have also saw like me then do say me the actress name..this is the qn gng on in my mind..

      • Tridha

        |Registered Member

        Hey priya di I watched it. But I was only able to see the pick. But I could not hear the ishkara vm. May be because I don’t have any instagram account. So sad. Tumhe kya answer chaiye. Mai kuch samjha nehi.

    • enasanzida

      have u any news Ishkara ? do u think trend main kuch hoga ? have u any twitter & instagram account ?

      • Tridha

        |Registered Member

        Ena di maine bohot search kiya. But there is no chance of vrushy’s re entry. Gul khan is having fun with nakul & survi. Don’t know what will happen next. And priya di what about the petition yaar?

      • Priya15

        |Registered Member

        Di.. I don’t know abt anything.. There were chances of petition success and All.. But I don’t know it l work or not.. As trending of edkv and petition sab kuch waste hogaya. Agar edkv ki producer jo fans ki khadar Karte hai vo hi.. In sari cheezo ko nazar andaaz kardiya.. And I think I don’t want to say abt Gul khan in this matter (I can’t able to control myself when I speak abt this lady).. Khud samaj leejiye pls. Varna Mei kuch Bolungi aur Gul khan ki so called fans aajayenge uski support karne..

    • Shaza

      |Registered Member

      Really it’s awesome ….tears rolled my eyes while seeing the missing ishkara more badly. 😢…I never ever cried so much for any couple ..not even when beintehaa ended ..idk why always tears roll my eyes when I see ishkara pics and vm’s ..older episodes , especially the heart says wala episode……Ikr ….petition and all we tried so much for EDKV …and all waste and it’s gonna end 😢…..and Vrushiak also There is like 0.0000000000001 chance …….that is only if Gul Kahn and her team ( harneet Singh ) realize their mistake that they have lost a gem ……and a u June story that they could bring to raise TRP high 🌡🌡🌡..they are fools to remove her …actually she was never serious with Omkara story …..
      Sorry guys …whenever anyone ask about Ishkara and all …I wrote a big comment on them …but can’t control feeling yar 😞😞😞

  31. Mayank Agrawal

    Sorry to say guys but by seeing yesterdays episode i Gonna hate this show, no story line no characters are there just rotating again and again two characters only, No stroyline No twist is there….i stopped this….the one and most serial jo abh tak ka best mujhey lagta hai vo tha Pyar Ka Dard hai meethe meetha pyara pyara the best serial every day new dramma and fantastic cast every single cast is awesome……….soo buy guys wont be part of your family now

    • Mukta

      First of all Mayank bhai….. if anyway u r not liking the show, then also u can comment here and remain in contact with us!!!!!!!! And secondly, what’s there in new twist n turns!!!!!!!! I think the storyline is going on very nice…… at least for “Shivika fans”!!!!!!!!! After that it’s ur wish….. do what u want!!!!!!!!! Bbye….. if u leaving!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Shaza

      |Registered Member

      If u don’t like it then don’t watch na …anyway I think this show is going smoothly ..and no one wants problems everyday ….come on it’s a nice serial ……but it’s your wish ….but there is nothing in the show to hate it also….and usually ppl don’t like the shows which have so many problems and stretch and this show doesn’t stretch problems and that’s the best thing abt this serial … anyway do what u want …..bye bye

    • shahabana

      Really mayank if u dnt like then dnt watch by the by show is going on good way and who want to watch everyday drama if u want drama there are so much shows in Indian television full of drama k do what u want brother its ur wish

  32. Sunanda

    Nice episode. Anika is superrr
    Shivayy used Anika words is super
    Precap is soooo funny for Anika nd Shivayy
    Cute nd funny couple

  33. Asritha

    Ohh always anika is helping oberoid’s family she is perfect to billu ji
    And I like anika and shivay couple so much.

  34. Mukta

    Just now watched the episode…… mind blowing yar!!!!!!!! First 2 mins OBro moments….. as usual…… heart touching!!!!!!!! Rudra was just amazing…. “Aapne prove kar diya ki aapko lambe baal wale log pasand hai”….. hahaha….. Rudra is damn cute yar…… ” Tia shaadi kar ke hamare ghar aa rahi hai, lekin mujhe lag raha hai ki main aapko vidaa kar raha hu”….. solid dialogue!!!!!!!!!! And that ShivOmRu hug!!!!!!!!!! Then Annika ki dhamakedaar entry…… mazaa hi aa gaya……. aur Rudra ki happiness….. superb!!!!!!!!! Rudra was so happy!!!!!!!!! Pahla bhai jo apne bhai ki shaadi tootne ki khushi mein nachna chahta hai…… mind blowing!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that CD part….. so funny……. how Annika described the movie!!!!!!!! And that “Khidki tod idea” by Shivaay…… Ishq ka rang chad gaya SSO pe!!!!!!!!!!! Rudra giving the effect….. haha…… hilarious yar…….. super duper episode!!!!!!!!!!! And one more thing…… Annika was looking gorgeous…… aur kuch bhi kaho Tia to bahut bekar lag rahi thi…… I mean seriously yar…… wo normally isse thik lagti hai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Koi nhi……. special focus to wese bhi “Shivika” pe tha!!!!!!!!!!
    Love #Ishqbaaz
    Love # Shivika
    Love uhh all my sweet #Ishqies!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Abiha

      Heyyy mukta u asked why m sooooo happy….it is also bcz of ishqbaaz ….but the main reason is that my dad came home after one n half year ..n m soooooo close to my parent bcz m elder than my siblings….so m soooooo happppyyy…n also m free now bcz my collage will start in few days…n enjoying…

    • Abiha

      Mukta i think now i’ll forget that how many simillarities we have yr……
      @i loved beintahaa ….sooo much….n ayat name is one of my some fvrt names….n yeah i also remembered aliya’s sister ayat…
      @ i lved dahleez started to watch but 1 month starlplus’s signals got soooo low that i was not able to watch to i stoped n when the signals become good then after few episodes it ended…

      God know how many more we have…!!😂😂😂😂😂

  35. Haya123

    |Registered Member

    Epi was dAMNN SUPRRRrrr..
    dHAmakitHAr ENTRY of ANIKA was the “centre of attraction ” of the epi..
    I’m so happy 4 shivika.. anyways MARRIAge was called off.. It’z good..
    aGAIN A NEW WORD “pushpushiiiiiiiiiii ” Anika ROCKzzzzz.. 😀
    Omru.. convo was soo funny..
    i thnk trp wil raise 4 current trackz..of ishqbaazz. .. 😛

  36. Kiki

    I’m happy that marriage was called off. Why are they showing Tia as a goo one? I’m confused. I loved the Dinchak entry of Anika. Shivika is back. Rudra u nailed it. Om is really a matured person. Love Ishqbaaz a lot… I hope Pinky won’t hate Anika . I really loved the precap. My loved ones are on mission. Shivaay looked nice with that goggles.

  37. Mukta

    After watching today’s episode….. I thought ki agar Oberois ke life me Annika nahi aati…… toh what would have happened with them!!!!!!!! Like….. she is Fire Brigade for Oberoi Family…… jaise ki Tarak Mehta, Jethalal ka hai….. lol!!!!!!!!!! Rudra ne sahi kaha tha…… “Jab kuch samajh nahi aaye to uspe chod dena chahiye…… arey Annika pe!!!” and “Logo ka mission hota hai Pani Bachana, Bijli Bachana par Annika didi ki life ka mission hai Oberois Bachao!!!” Truly, she is solution to all problems in Oberoi family!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tridha

      |Registered Member

      Mukta di u have asked my age on the previous page. I m 13 & u?
      And u r true. Anika ka mission hai “oberoi bachao”.

      • Shaza

        |Registered Member

        Hey ur 13 ..really ? …I was calling u di from so long then ….I thought u were 18 or something ..btw I’m in. 9th , I mean 14 years ..mukta di is 16 or 17 ….so I do t need to call u di anymore 😁..

  38. Rubina

    |Registered Member

    Hey guys good morning how are you all
    Yesterday’s episode was superb just now I have seen the episode
    It was good that Anika came in middle and stop the marriage
    Not then bichare shivaye life would have gone in hell

  39. Tridha

    |Registered Member

    Did anyone noticed that yesterday om wore the same dress which he has worn in the first ishkara hand hold. Kisiko yaad hai? If not then look at renima di’s dp. Iss dress dekhke mujhe ishana ki yaad aa rehi hai. Oh missing her a lot.

    • Priya15

      |Registered Member

      Ya dear ur absolutely right.. Even that’s Wt striked me wn I first saw it… I got glimpses of scenes… I offed it asap….

      My ishkara lives n my heart…. They l always be…


  40. Sweetu

    Episode waa nice.. but I wanted shivay to stare atleast a while at Anika.. she looked awesone. . He did nt even eye her once
    Its nice they have returned back to their normal form.. but I hope they will show more romance between anika n shivay.. if they focus only on comedy the charm will b gone..

  41. aahana

    I thot im d frst1 comment here lol😋😂😂
    All d best to u too @aishoo m sending reiki to u too n thx for ur reikis @mishri n @mukta
    @mukta n @rufina..m 17(will turn18 next month) m from chandigarh,punjab
    This is my second showafter dehleez. I dont watch hindi soaps much as i thot sare saas bahu melodrama vale hote h😑 but y do dis star plus air off d shows dt r worth watching?

  42. sri

    hi guys i am new hear i am big fan of ishqbaaz if u don’t have any problem then can i join u r group …. please

  43. Disha

    |Registered Member

    Good afternoon
    hope all fine
    Episide was Amazing obros moment
    rudra so cute like kids bhaiya paraya dhan se bach gaye he alway make me laugh. My fav part when anika reach at oberoi mention
    Marrige only called off still not break
    I felt like abhi lady baba aur iski reikis ko aur jhelna hai

  44. Shaza

    |Registered Member

    Good evening everyone ….I was out of station and couldn’t watch or even read the WU update of ib …whole way I was thinking what must’ve happend in ib …atlast I watched the ep on hotsar as I’m back …….Rudra is 😂😂😂👏🏻👍🏻….awesome …u have proved it that u like ppl with long hair more 😱😂😂….can’t stop laughing ….Anika’s entry was 👏🏻👌🏻….thank god ShiTia marraige didn’t take place …but shivaye promised her ..felt a lil sad for Tia though ..but still couldn’t stop laughing when she said …seems like my reiki is not working 😜……but I think any parents will be worried if the groom will postpone the marriage like this …

    The precap … was sout of funny 😉…shivika teamed up ……of Roudra would be along with Anika ..he would be like ..give me also the cotton candy na ….and both would forget about the work 😂😜….waiting for today’s ep ….

  45. Nivedha

    Hiii all ishqbaaazians
    Good afternoon
    Renima di super poem about tia
    Sorry for late reply
    See you all ishqbaaazians later bye
    Missing ISHKARA track😭😭😭

    • Abiha

      Heyy nevidha d … r u d…?R u busy that ur not commenting here frequently…or due to sadness bcz of ishkara track…

    • Tridha

      |Registered Member

      Zarasi jindegi hai aarman bohot hai
      Haumdard nehi koi, insaan bohot hai
      Dil ka dard sunaye to sunaye kisko,
      Jo dilke karib hai, wo bohot dur hai
      This lines really suits ishkara , missing them a lot

    • Tridha

      |Registered Member

      Zarasi jindegi hai aarman bohot hai
      Haumdard nehi koi, insaan bohot hai
      Dil ka dard sunaye to sunaye kisko,
      Jo dilke karib hai, wo bohot dur hai
      This lines really suits ishkara , missing them a lot. Thank you priya di for the link.

  46. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    Did anybody saw Gul khan reply to fans???

    Pata nahi Har vakth kyun aajathi hai fans ko bashan Dene???

    Hare yr Agar fans ko bashan Dene Mei ek ganta aap apne story par concentrate karega na toh.. Aapki story line top Mei hota.. Aur aapki show Mei kisiko Bahar bejne ki zaroorat hi nahi hoti?? Trust me try this u l get a better rslt…

    And this soo called shivika fans.. I don’t know wts their problem… Aap log kyun ishkara ki peeche hi pade ho??? Aapki prb kya hai.. Aap logon toh aise react Kar rahi ho jaise ki ishana NE aapki shivika ko parbaadh kardi… Really those fans who r saying new lead for om.. I m asking u all one thing.. Agar Anika show chod Kar Jaa rahi hai (this l not happen.. Bcoz Gul apna show off air Kar sakti hai lekin uski survis ko kabhi chod nahi sakti.. After qh ki rishta jo Juda hai).. Ab shivay ko Naya lead… Toh kya karoge aap log.. Hurt hoga.. Toh just stop it…

    GUL ko brain wash karna bandh Karo.. Ig PE jaake dekhiye frns.. Pehle 3 lines Gul ki show ke baare Mei appreciations Dena.. Then yeh Bolna ki shivika was AMAZING.. Last line par end karte hai.. Pls bring new LEAD FOR Om… Wt the..??
    If u r n love with shivika just see ur job of loving don’t care abt om…

    And I know Gul l agree with her shivika fans… Ha…

    This cmnt is for shivika fans who is always behind ishkara. (not for all shivika fans.. Bcoz I know shivikaa fans Mei bhi kuch log hai jo ishkara ko pasandh karte hai)

    P. S.. If u don’t believe go n check ig of GUL khan… Drama dekho some shivika fans Ka…. Guys.. I swear.. Ishkara fans r also not active in asking for new ishana but they r so active in selecting new girl..

    • shahabana

      Heyy priya how are u dr and what to do dr we cnt change such fans dr not only in this show there are so many othrr shows fans also does this stupidity dr we cnt change them dr so its better to ignore them

    • Shaza

      |Registered Member

      Ikr ….here I’m still having hope that Vrushika will be back 🙏🏻😌…..Ikr shivika fans ..if surbhi got changed then they are gonna be angry ..but after all QH ka rishta hai …😏….so she won’t get changed…….lets hope for the best ….I expected Om’s love story to be the most unique one cuz Gul khan never came with a charector like Om or Ishana ….and I’m sure if she would continue ishkara it would be a legend 😌♥️….
      Cuz shivika , in her most of the serials it’s the same story ..and we all have a idea about how their story is gonna be ,…..but ishkara was totally unique , if Ekta mam , would have charector like Om and Ishana I’m sure she would make an awesome story out f them …but Gul khan is not ready to show new love stories….sorry if I hurt shivika fans ( even I’m a shivika fan , but more of ishkara ) …don’t know now how Om’s Kiev life is gonna be …..

      Roumya also they are not showing much..

      Actually she can’t handle 3 stories together …….🙄😏

      • Priya15

        |Registered Member

        Each n every word of urs is true.. GUL is obsessed with shivika that’s y shivika fans praise her and in the course of praising those people take for granted and asking for their fav opp om.. Those people r impossible yr.. Irritate karte hai..

        Wt can we expect from Gul khan fans same as Gul… U know sometimes they compare shivika with arshi it makes me hell angry.. Arshi is evergreen.. I just wanna say those fans say shivika is like arshi.. Open ur blind eyes n see…

  47. shahabana

    Hello gd evng my ishqbaazians hope all are good and coming to the episode i really loved it .rudra is correct if tia loved shivaye then she would feeled bad for dealaying of her marriage but she didn’t i hope this shitia marriage drama should end for permanently and loved my omru they where awsome as always and my ishqbaaz rockz and waiting for today’s episode

  48. Abiha

    @renima d ….m feeling sad d …bcz m not able to read ur ff d…the reason is that as my dad came home after long time so the guests n friends of my father are coming to meet ….n i m busy d….i just got little time so i thought to reply my sweet sisters…


    Atlast DIRECTOR tinted the image of ANIKA. What ANIKA left the impression over viewers upto 1st oct, and specifically in epi on 30th sept and 1st oct , director has washed out. ANIKA had many option to inform OBEROY family right from the SECOND at which she realised the fact of CD to the early morning like 9!0 she might leave a message on mobile for TRUTH OF CD, (2) she might reached early in the morning that was also her duty to reach at wedding venue as a WEDDING PLANNER and (3)If in anyway supposed she could not successed in both , she should have discuss with any of OBEROY MEMBER in private, but DIRECTOR behaved like ANIKA has no any other option than to SHOUTING about CD exactly at the time of wedding going on and Director, even after having so many option prefer presenting ANIKA shouting out and wiped out the image of his CHARECTOR ANIKA like a third rate LOVER whose only aim was to SET herself instead of TIA.

  50. Abiha

    @renima d ….m feeling sad d …bcz m not able to read ur ff d…the reason is that as my dad came home after long time so the guests n friends of my father are coming to meet ….n i m busy d….i just got little time so i thought to reply my sweet sisters…whenever i got time may b at tonight i’ll read n will comment ….n d ur saying that u posted last two parts….is ur ff ending…??m confused d….may b i’ll not able to comment on every part but will comment at latest part u posted….is it ok d..?

      • Abiha

        Renima d m sad bcz of u …u r saying that u r my di na at once…n secondly u r saying sorry n plz to me…😕😕😟😟next time no sorry n no plz just say what u want d….i’ll never mind ….but if u said sorry n plz then i’ll b sad…so decidd d what u want…sad abiha or happy abiha..

  51. Abiha

    @Heyyy S.P d m fit n fine d…..also soooo happy ….

    @priya u asked na that who is kashmaira irani……?she played the role of samayra(Sam) in manmarziya…

    • Priya15

      |Registered Member

      Omg I. Don’t need Sam as om’s pair… Pls.. A big noooo… U know one fan requested Gul to make her opp om.. Di.. Is she sister of sanaya Irani??

      • shahabana

        Priya and abiha im very fn guyzy. S priya kashmaira irani is sanaya iranis sister and she is good but truelly i dnt want her opposite omkara .i never discourage anyone but kashmira opposite kunal it will definitely wont work and priya i like all three couples of ishqbaaz but to be honest i like shivika most but i liked rumya ishkara to. Im not connected to ishanas charecter much but after ishkara comfrontation i really waited for ishkara story but gul khan disappointed me and if its not ishkara plsss bring any good choice for omkara dnt want Kashmira irani and i love ishqbaaz and i will watch this show for my shivomru and shivika rumya not for gul khan and im not any producers fan

      • Abiha

        Don’t know yr is she the sister of snaya irani or not……but yeah i too don’t want him opposite om…even i think that no one can do better except vrushika….yr but what we can do…m a biggggh fan of ishkara n shivka ….i lv them equally yr…i too like rumya due to thier cuteness…

      • Shaza

        |Registered Member

        Really !?…she is a awesome , talented and beautiful ..I love her ♥️…but not opposite Om .
        ..NO……..who said This??????????? ..that she is opposite Om ……..many ppl spread rumors ….maybe it’s just a rumor
        “Ain’t it funny , rumors fly ? ”
        B4 someone told it’s Nikita Sharma
        I think it’s just a rumor …..
        Hope Gul and her team realize their mistake that why have lost such a Gem and bring Vrushika back ..still hoping

  52. IshqbaazFan

    i just love the serial but i worried about omkara ka love track…………….oh god plz help this serial producer and director to make more scenes for omkara.I am waiting for omkara ka love track badly.plz Gul khan gi plz understand omkara ka fans frustration.

  53. Shivani

    |Registered Member

    why this story is not heading towards raumy and om.though I love shivika but they should equal space .gul khan can also make shivika only lead of this show in the starting

  54. Shivani

    |Registered Member

    gul khan is not clear about the story of om.first yukti kapoor,disha parmar,niyati fatnani,now kashmira anyone left ??she is a confused creature.

    • Haya123

      |Registered Member

      yup! u r right.. there is no progress in om’z life nd roumya’z life.. wat the HELL is going on..?????? iN THE BEGINNIG ..ISHQBAAZ was started as a story of 3 BRO’z nd their LIfe’zz..
      bt’z totally changd.. shivika became the lead pair.. 🙁

  55. Mini

    Hii am new in this and I listed in tellymasala that anika marry om and I know this is rumour but when I listned this it gave me a heart attack and but after that I don’t know but I can’t controlled my laugh
    I hope it is a rumour 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  56. sri

    hi everyone thanks for welcoming me

    and guys i saw a spoiler that ishana is not quting the show

    if u want to check then watch at youtube

  57. Tridha

    |Registered Member

    Sorry mini my comment got posted in ur reply box. But I also heard it. I heard anika will marry om not shivay. I know omika will look good together but it should be ishkara & shivika. Hope it will be a fake news . If gul khan do that then what will happen to me??? I m still hoping for ishkara.
    Another news is anika will say ILU to shivay first. She herself has said it. Don’t know what is in her mind?it will look so awkward if anika purposes.

      • Tridha

        |Registered Member

        I saw it on ishqbaaz instagram. May be the page has been removed now. It must be a fake news. Agar gul khan mai itnisivi akal hai to wo yei kabhi nehi karegi. I think the real matter is – kunal & survi was really very close during a navratri special interview which happened yesterday ( u can see my dp). They were behaving like gf,bf & so close like touching, staring at each other. That’s why fans created this rumour

    • Priya15

      |Registered Member

      Yeh fans ko koi aur kam nahi hai kya????ishkara ko chod diya….bash karne ..le liye om …ika ko….ek no.ka pagal hai yr….chup nahi rahte kabhi…ya it l be rumour..bcoz u know na..gul toh shivika ko ju jaan se pyaar karti hai…she cant live without them…

    • Roz

      |Registered Member

      No dear,,,,hws it possible,,, Om-Anika,,,,Om sees her as his bhabhi,,,must be another fake spoiler,,,,,fed up of all these fake spoilers

  58. Roz

    |Registered Member

    How come Tia is soooo understanding that she was convinced by Shivaaye so easily,,,,kuch tho gadbad he,,,,,,

  59. aahana

    M gud @renimarenju
    I think they will show 1track at a time. Like dy eill finish wd cd track dn expose tia dn shivika propose and then will start wd om’s love life..i too liked ishana yr but d way mala bela track went it was too predictable and boring. Director had alot of ways to continue wd ishkara but they didnt. They could have shown ishana in a diff light even after d confrontation. Ending ishkara track then and there wasnt a clever move!! I soo wish om ki love story bht achi ho afterall hes my fav character💞💞

  60. Tridha

    |Registered Member

    Ashish kaul will soon enter in ishqbaaz . He will brought alliance for priyanka.
    Today episode- some funny moments, then shivomru will go to police office,may be police will want strong proof, anika will eat a ice cream or this type of food,uske nakme ice cream lagega & shivay will clear that with his own hand ( romantic moment), sahil will phone anika & say ” hello amika didi kya hua, bagad billa pherse pareshan kar raha hai” phone will be on loud speaker so everyone will hear that. Aj sahil again soumya pe fida ho jayega, love angel ka parda phas hoga but not before rudra before prinku, rudra will become detective rudra, shivika Wil hold each other’s hand today as a symbol of working together to save the senior oberoi’s. They will search the whole place what was shown in the precap.
    It’s a big episode.

  61. Roz

    |Registered Member

    Shivaaye realllyy reallly didn’t want the mrg to happen that’s why he left with Anika as soon as she said that she got the proof,,,,,He didn’t even ask her what is the proof/how did she get it,,,,,he completely trusted her,,,,Pinky shud understand Shivaaye’s heart and shud stop this mrg as her son will never open his mind

  62. Renimarenju

    |Registered Member

    Hey my Ishqies….This Tia’s Reiki is irritating me guys….I want Anika to expose Reiki through her Raita…..Then Khidki Thod Drama and want to see Shivaay’s anger…….How many of u want to see some thing like these??

    • shahabana

      Renima i too just want this tias rekhi drama to end and want to see shivayes reaction after knwing tia babys truth

    • shahabana

      Haa renima i tooo want this tias rekhi drama to end and want to see shivayes reaction after knwing tias truth

  63. nikki

    Ha roz kuxh tho gadbad jarur hai i think ki woh under stand karne ki acting kar rahi hai per woh kuch aur hi chahathi hai shayad.

    Good evening to all ishqiues .

    Abhi aur 4ganthe hai yaar i think that ki jab woh dhonom dondrhhe thab kuch tho hoga shivika ke bich hiana guys.

    • Tridha

      |Registered Member

      Kuch nehi bohot kuch hoga nikki di. Maine episode update dia hai upar. Check it. Shivika gonna love today’s episode but what will happen to a ishkara fan like me??

    • Roz

      |Registered Member

      He na,,,,,,kuch tho gadbad he,,,,I too felt soo,,,,,Maybe she z acting ,,,,else kaun aise karthe he

  64. manu

    Helloooo all the ishqbazians I know no one remembered me because I have not commented since veryyyyy long actually exams r going on and the main reason having a very very very big problem yr I don’t know what to do?????

    But whenever I see the epi of ishqbaaz all my tension run away yr seriously this serial jist loved it todays epi also loved it anika was lookong beautiful in that dress and rudra say to anika that acha nhi bohot bohot achaa kiya superb aand when tia said to shivaya aboit that reiki and universe dialogue I was laughing like hell and haaa how can I forget when rudra says assea lag raha hai mai aapko vida kar rah hu was funny and he best part was shivaya saying khidki todh idea O M G shivaya singh oberoi saying anika’s language aasar ho raha hai pyar ka and I don’t know u all know or not but today only I read that in he nxt epis shakti’s and tej’s innocence will be proved and shivaya will give all the credit to anika and I have also read that shivaya will confess his love to anika and this wilm be veey soon and ishana’s entry is not so far so its a good news for ishkara plus shivika fans….

      • manu

        Ya diiiii I read it can be true or may be not don’t know but hope its true….o think u r a big wali fan of ishkara am I right????

    • Veda

      yup dr…Im a biig fan of ISHKARA nd a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig fan of KUNAL…!!!… :* :* :* I badly wnt to c hm as a ld,nt as a side rl…nd only OM’s love trck cn brng him on focus

  65. Renimarenju

    |Registered Member

    In the journey of life we ishqies made a family here

    Spectacular family with amazing members

    Queenlike sisters and kinglike brothers are here

    Boundaries are weak to break our bond

    All Ishqies love to express their feelings and opinions here

    Zonal frontiers may differ but we are connected with ishq

    To feel Ishq…Watch Ishqbaaz…To express Ishq…Comment on TU….
    We Ishqies are One for All and All for One

  66. shahabana

    I dntknw its true or not here some are commenting omkara will marry anika if this happened i really stop watching this show bcz i really dnt want to see any stupid love triangle bcz its happens almost every sereals now love one brother and marry another one. I really liked this show bcz there is no any love triangles so its better if they make shivika permanent and bring back ishana for omkara, i think this gul khan should take some stories from ffs for ishkara story

    • Roz

      |Registered Member

      Di,,,,,,seriously,,,,u trusted that spoiler,,,,!!!!….Do u thnk that Om will fall for his honewaali bhabhi….no way

  67. prink

    Hi guys…i here that aashish koul enter ibaaz as a new family member of chhabras…priyankas inlows….is it true or not plz tell me

  68. MP

    What….. Anika ki saadi or om se!!!!! Nooooo.. Never….. Phir shivaye ka kya . Hogaa. And someone comment that ishana vapas aa rahi haii. Good… But omika no..noo. I think its 200% fake spoiller

  69. MP

    What…. Anika ki saadi orr om se noo nooo… Never. Phir shivaye n ishana ka kya hogaa. Someone comments here that ishana is not quiting the show. Good.. Wait for her.. … But yaar omika…. guys kya ye ho sakta hai???? i think noo. It’s 200%fake.

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..