Ishqbaaz 3rd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Rudra gets upset with ShivOm

Ishqbaaz 3rd November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika says I have to test Shivaye’s trust. She says when he comes in, I will fall and see he holds me or not. He moves back. She falls down. Om gets close to Gauri. Saathiya…..plays….. Some time before, Om and Shivaye make custard. Rudra comes singing Lafzon ka yeh…. Shivaye says don’t distract us, we are working. Rudra says you didn’t call the one who will eat this. Shivaye says its not being made for you. Om says yes, caramel custard for Anika and jelly custard for Gauri. Rudra asks did you not make anything for me, stop, we shall go in flashback. He reminds the fight. He says you have thrown phone in tashan and now making custard. Shivaye says this is called marriage, first fight and then make up. Rudra jokes. They ask him to shut up.

Bhavya and Gauri see Anika. Gauri

says let it go now. Anika says every husbands tell wives even if they go to get vegs, Shivaye went to get you and didn’t tell me, he doesn’t trust me. Bhavya says he didn’t wish you to worry. Anika says wives have right to worry, he should have taken me along. Gauri says you should be happy I m back. Anika says I m very happy. Gauri says then forget it. They hear voice and see a lady talking about trust on a tv show. Shivaye says much has to be done to make marriage a successful and happy one. Rudra says I know it. Om asks really, tell us. Rudra says I will tell how to make a happy married life, I don’t know, I m not married. Shivaye says so elders say don’t say anything if you don’t know. Rudra asks them to make custard.

The lady says rest your doubts and take trust test, your own Chatur Chanchal Chachi/CCC got some samples of that test, watch this. A girl gets blindfold and walks. She slips. Her husband holds her. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya clap. CCC says see how husband saved his wife, it means she can trust him. Rudra says Goa music festival is coming, its tomorrow, will we get tickets or not, we always attend, we will not miss, I m booking tickets, we are going Goa.

Anika says we will do this trust test. Gauri asks what’s the need, Shivaye and Anika have trust, Om trusts me now. Bhavya says I doubt on Rudy, I mean no need to take Shivaye and Om’s trust. Anika says I need to take test. Gauri says what’s the need, everything is going on fine. Anika says no, I have to take this test. Bhavya says routine checks are imp. Anika says I m going to take Shivaye’s trust. She goes. Gauri says I won’t take any test. CCC says I know every woman can’t take husband’s test, she can take her own test by answering my questions. Bhavya says you said you won’t take test. Gauri says yes, I m taking my test, not Om’s. Anika says I will see if Shivaye passes in CCC’s test. Shivaye comes to her with custard She runs to room and says I will test him, I will fall when he comes, I will see he holds me or not. He says maybe she is annoyed, my caramel custard is with me. He gets in. Anika shouts Shivaye and falls back. He moves back. She falls on the ground.

Gauri says all my answers are right, what does this mean. CCC says if all your answers are yes, it means you and your husband have trust. Gauri says it means I completely trust Om. Bhavya thinks this test can be taken for friend, why am I thinking, Rudra and I have no friendship and trust.

Shivaye asks where is her attention, his dessert would have fallen. She says its limit, I m fallen here, you care for your dessert. He asks how did you fall. She says like everyone falls, you don’t care. He checks her leg. He asks are you fine. She says yes, I m good, I m hurt, how will I be fine. He says what’s this, you fell on me. She says I was taking your trust, you failed in trust test. He asks what. She explains that trust is imp, he would have held her if they had trust between. He says you mean we have no trust. She says yes, you would have taken me to Bareilly. He says it was emergency situation, if I sat to convince you, time would have passed, I trust you more than my life, how did you think of this. She says CCC, a tv show comes, the host… He asks did you do this test on tv show host’s saying. He lifts her. She says I will fall. He says I won’t let you fall, trust me, this stupid test doesn’t matter, we have crossed hurdles and reached till here, this is because of the trust between us.

Gauri sees her bag and says Om is so good, he got my belongings. She sees the photo. She says Jiji, my life got happiness now, but its incomplete without you, I don’t know where you are, but I have missed you every day, my half childhood went away with you, I don’t want anything from life, I will just pray to Lord that he makes me meet you. Om comes to her. He says life gave us a chance again, I thought why don’t we start this with some sweets, I made jelly custard for you, taste it. He feeds her and asks how is it. She says very nice.

Shivaye applies ointment to Anika’s ankle. She says I will apply. He says fine. She says I m hurt and you are not applying this. He says you have become like typical wives seen in daily soaps. She says you are also such typical husband. He says I m one and only SSO. She says when you become tadibaaz bagad billa, you look cute. He says fine, how do I look otherwise. He jokes. Rudra knocks the door and says I booked tickets. Anika asks what tickets. Shivaye makes her quiet. Rudra says I made impossible possible, more money got spent, but Goa is on, open the door. Shivaye says talk slow, Rudra is outside, I m spending time with you. Rudra says maybe Shivaye slept, but he doesn’t sleep so early. He knocks and says I m your sweet Rudy. Shivaye says I have to talk to you, I didn’t hear your strange vocabulary, if Rudy comes in between… Rudra says its okay, I will go and give good news to Om, I will come back. Anika says fine, we will start talking. He applies ointment. They talk. Music plays……….

Abhay sees video and says just this man will be knowing about Kalyani mills fire incident, I have to find him, according to employment details, this man was the supervisor, I have to find him. Some shadow passes by. He looks at Oberois’ pictures on the board. Om feeds custard to Gauri. He gets close. Rudra knocks the door and says I booked tickets. Gauri says Rudy… Om stops her. Rudra says omg, why are they not opening the door, its not proper night, its not their mistake, they both got old and paraya dhan. He kicks the door and goes. Gauri asks Om why did he not let her open the door. He says I want to spend time with you, without Rudy and Shivaye, because I want to talk to you, and share all my feelings, so Mrs. Gauri Omkara Singh Oberoi, will you give me some time to talk. She smiles. Saathiya….plays….

Rudra says I will come out on one condition, if you two come with me to Goa music festival, I booked three tickets. Om asks why three, we are five. Rudra says see Dadi, we three used to go before, now Bhabhis have problem. Anika and Gauri say we have no problem, you guys go every year, go together. Shivaye asks sure? Anika and Gauri push Shivaye and Om in the pool. The brothers laugh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Dear Friends
    Yesterday Episode Start From O Bro Scene With Rudy’s Drama Baazi???
    ShivIka Scene ? Oo Anika Fall And Shivay Only Care Custurd?? ShivIka Expression On That Time?? Specialy Anika? Really Love The Way Shivay Take Anika In His Arm It’s Really Cute Moment Aww??? Rudy ShivIka Ki Room Ki Bahar Baath Karthe Time Anika Bolna Start Kiya And Shivay Uska Mouth Close Kiya That Is? ShivIka Moment??
    Jab Main ShivIka Moment Aise Enjoy Kar Rahana??????????????? Thab Abhay Scene Aaya Tho My Expression Is Like???????????? Aisa Hua.
    Child Hood Pe Tho Gauri Didi Bulatha Na Badi Hoke Jiji Hua.Anyways That Scene Is Very Nice ?? Good That IB Team Gauri Ko Apni jiji Ki Baare Main Yaad Hai Bhi Dikhaya.Dekthe Hai Aage IB Team Ko AnRi Past Pe Kithna Interest Hai.Anika Ko Sirf Sapno Main Chutki Aathi Hai Aur Thab Yaad Hotha Hai.Gauri Ko Pic Dekhe Aage IB Team Bina Sapno Ki Chutki Ki Yaad Anika Ko Dilaye.One Think Is Very Sure Jab AniRi Ko Patha Chalega Na Wo Dhono Sisters Hai Tho Wo Scene Bahuth Emotional And Interesting Hoga.Bahuth Emotional Heart Touching Moment Hoga AniRi Ka Sisters Unite Scene.Hope Writers AniRi Sisters Unite Achi Se Likhe Aur Dikhaye.AniRiVya Scene Main Bhi AniRi Ki Bonding Zyada Attract Kiya Hai.Bhavya Is Good ?.But Anika Gauri Ko DEVRANI Bulathi Hai Tho Kuch Ajeeb Feel Hotha Hai.Ab IB Team Audience Ko AniRi Sisters Hai Hint Dene Ki Baath Unko Anika Se DEVRANI Bulana Stop Karna Hoga.Wo Gauri Bhi Bulatha Hai Tho Gauri Bulana Acha Hai.Gauri Tho Sirf BAUJAAI Bulatha Hai Tho Okay.But Dhonoko Patha Chalega Ki Wo Sisters Hai Thab Gauri Usse Jiji Bulana Start Karega Sure.Thab Thak Ke Liye Anika Ko Gauri Se Gauri Bulana Acha Hai.
    OmRi Scene And Custard Feeding Each Other Scene Is ???.Om Bhi Shivay Ki Tara Gauri Ka Mouth Close Kiya? Omkara Ka Lovely Taking ??
    Rudy Boy Ka Frustration”Dhono Bhayi BUDDA AUR PARAYA DHAN Ho Gayi”??
    Precap GAYI SHIOM PAANI PE?Ab Pool Pe ShivIka Romance Nahi O Bro Moment Bhi Hoga??Let’s See OmRi Romance Hotha Hai Pool Pe??
    Yesterday Segment Dekhe Kar Mujhe Hasi Aaya Dho Baath Ko Dekha Kar
    1.ShiOm Goa Journey Ki Beech Car Stop Karke Apni Biwiyon Se Phone Talking Pe Busy Hogyi Aur Rudy Iritatte Hoke Dhono Ko Wait Kar Raha Hai Dekh Kar ??
    2.Naag(Abhay) Naagin(Swetlana) Ka Meeting Pe.Swetlana Abhay Ki Haath Pakad Ke Close Ho Raha Hai Aur Abhay Iritatte Hoke Usse Push Kiya(Small Push But l Like That Scene)?
    Jab Abhay Jaane Se Pehle Bola Na Main In Oberoi’s Ki Life Pe Zehar Kholunga Thab My Mind Pe Ye Thought Aaya Ye Naag Hai Kya?Any Ways Wo Dialogue And Uski Kanjhi Eyes Is Not Less From Any Naag??. Swetlana Bhi Kisi Naagin Se Kam Nahi Hai Aap Logo Ko Patha Haina.
    Hamara IB Ek Family Show Hai Aur Uss Main O Bros Ko Aise Ek Short Dress Wali Ki Saath Enjoy And Dance Karthe Dikha Raha Hai.Aaj Tho Ek Segment Pe Rudy Ko Ek Ladki Ki Saath Dance Karthe Akhele Dekha. I Think Dream Sequence Hai.But Aisa Scene Dekh Kar Tho I Feel Ashamed For Writers Jo Aise Scene Dikha Raha Hai.Ab Dusri Fandom Ko Hamara Show Ka Mazak Banane Ke Liye Ek Chance Mila.Fun Ki Naam Pe Aisa Scene Dikha Ke Ye Log IB Serial Ka Respect Spoil Kar Rahi Hai.Kya Respect Hoga Dusri Show Ki Saamne Hamara IB Ka Dusra Fandom Ko Mazak Udane Ke Liye Insult Karne Ke Liye Ye Sab Ek Chance Hai.Wo Log Hamara Bhi Mazak Banayega.Jobi Mujhe Feel Hua Main Wo Share Kiya I Hope Kisi Ko Meri Iss Baathon Se Hurt Na Hua Ho.But Ya Of Bros Ki Uss Enjoy Scene Se Main Hurt Hua Hai????
    Take Care And Stay Safe?

    1. Arpita6

      Uf feeling like watching episode again…after reading your comments
      ….. and about dancing part with that girl

      I am just waiting to see Aniri reaction after knowing truth….but i think.obros ko aisa nahi karna chahiye but what to do..tali he na..????

      1. Dear Arpita
        Thank You For The Compliment
        Iam Also Waiting For AniRi Reaction
        Aur Aapka Busy Life Kaisa Chal Raha Hai Ab.I Hope Aapko Kuch Free Time Mil Raha Ho?
        Take Care And Stay Safe?

    2. Banita

      Hii di….
      Di me also waiting 4 sisters reunion… Yeh yeh bahat hi emotional hoga….
      Love ur comment di??????

      1. Dear Banita
        Absolutely Right.Waiting For AniRi Sister Milan???
        Thank You?
        Take Care And Stay Safe?

  2. Dear uf3335 I am sorry I don’t know
    Ur name…but I always used to love ur beautiful and eloquent comments… Ur each and every words are so beautiful and heart touching yaar. I am also terribly missing our cutiepie somu but kya kare this CVS humari soumya ko bhul gaye lekin hum nahi bhul gayi aisa kabhi nahi ho sakta yaar…nowdays Rudy is word bolkar mujhe irritate karaha hai mein bachelor Hun I am not married ….pls Rudy aintha kabhi aisa mat kehna …I couldn’t tolerate this yaar. u don’t miss her and forget her but we are all missing her so much….love u somu cutiepie…

    1. Dear Janu
      Thank You For Reply My Comment ?
      Main Bhi Upset Hotha Hu Uska Khudko Bachelor Bolne Wala Dialogue Se.And Very True Rudra Aur CVS RuMya Wedding And RuMya Story Bool Jaaye Ya Yaad Rakhe.But We Always Remember Them And Never Forget RuMya And RuMya Cute Story??
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

  3. Aisha I have to agree with you. I am also not sure why Anika’s dressing is not up to the mark. I really agrer that Gauri is dressing well and she has got good colours. For Surbi the designer gives her black or dull colour or table cloth costume. Who is the dumb designer who can’t think of giving good costume for Anika. She is the main female ead in this show please designers give her better costumes and she is Shivaay Singh’s wife so tbere must be some standard in her dressing. Even dadi, Jhanvi and Pinky dress well though they are in saris.

    1. even i agree that the costumes for anika’s character are not upto the mark. Although Gauri’s character has better colors for the costumes but she repeats them so often. Wish that the makers change their wardrobes soon. Also just to add that anika isnt the only female lead; this story is about 3 brothers so all of their lady loves’ are the leads.

  4. Anikaa

    sb suno suno suno…..bohot zaroori news leke aayi hoon…

    isse pehle apne aap ko introduce kar leti hoon….zaroor sb bhul gaye honge….yahan bohot din pehle anika naa ki ek ladki thi….jisse aaj sb pkj bhul gaye….voh aur koyi nahi main hoon….

    bs bohot intro dediya apna….pata hai kisiko koi interest nahi hai mere baare mein sochne ke liye….isliye apni bak bak stop kar thi hoon….

    lets move to imp news



    1. Dear Anikaa
      Ab Aage PKJ Pe Aana Wo Bhi Regular ?
      Main Read Karunga.Now Iam Busy
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

  5. Shivika are the lead pair that’s why they are given most of the awards and they are nominated for other awards also.Even if it is the story of three brothers annika and bhavya cannot be called as equals.Ofcourse annikas dresses are looking weird and cheap.When shivay is getting very good costumes why not annika?

  6. Hi good morning all
    Happy Sunday everyone

    1. Dear Chaithu
      Happy Sunday To You
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

  7. Arpita6

    Astha baby…good job yarr..keep writing like [email protected] DRAMA QUEEN ANNIKA we all remembered you…and miss you and thank you soo much for sharing this……

  8. Ita awards ceremony started
    Wish them Best of luck for narbhi &ib

  9. what utter saddos

  10. Wow nakul got the best actor award and IIB got the best serial award .Congratulations!!

  11. Dear Friends
    Kisi Ko Patha Hai ITA AWARDS Main Best Jody Ka Award Kisko Mila Hai?
    Come On Friends Keep Commenting And Reach Over Comment Number 200?????
    Take Care And Stay Safe?

  12. HI UF,
    There is no best JODI award i think because i voted so many times there is no nominations for best Jodi…

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