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Ishqbaaz 3rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pinky asks Tia will you wear the dress I gave you for puja. Tia says of course. Pinky asks about jewelry. Anika says I know, Tia will wear the one she got in gift. Pinky asks gift. Anika asks don’t you know aunty ji, Billu ji gave beautiful gift to Tia. Tia says when did I say Shivaye baby gave me that gift. Anika says Tia you said personal gift, it means Billu ji…. Shivaye looks on.

Sometime before, Pinky says its first couple puja of Shitia, I m very excited Anika, did you get all puja items. Anika says yes, pandit ji sent me list, I got all items. Pinky asks about cushions. Anika shows her. Pinky says Shivaye won’t sit on this cheap cushions, not nice. Anika says I will make covers for cushion, just tell me color by choosing from this shade card. Jhanvi comes. Pinky asks for bright


Jhanvi asks why are you worried for puja, who sees cushions in puja. Pinky says I see it, its first couples puja of Shitia, its important puja. Tia and Shivaye come and greet them. Pinky shows strawberry pink color for cushion. Tia says its nice, but tacky and loud. Pinky says I have two suits of this color. Tia says I m sure this color suits you. Shivaye sees Tia and says mom, I like this color, vibrant color looks good in festive season, made this color. Pinky asks Anika to make cushion of this color, keep kalash well, its main kalash of puja, it should face east always. She asks Anika to move towards idol, it needs east facing, move upwards, left, ahead…. this girl does not understand. Shivaye goes and holds kalash along with Anika. They see each other. Music plays…. Tia looks on.

Shivaye and Anika keep the kalash in centre. She takes her hand away. Pinky sees the kalash and says you both placed Kalash on perfect place, bless you.

Priyanka talks on phone and asks why are you calling and trying to trouble me, if you call me again. Then I will complain against you. She ends call and sees Om coming. Om asks ACP? Was it ACP’s call? She nods and says he started coming college every day, he was saying he will drop me home. He says he won’t listen like this. She says no need to do anything, you said right that day, ACP has no proof against us, else he would have not sat quiet, he is shooting in darkness, he thinks I m weak and will break down easily, I will say what he wants to hear, but no, its not like that, Priyanku Pahelwan is the strongest. Om repeats it, Priyanku Pahelwan is the strongest. He asks her to go and rest.

Rudra gets in his car. He gets Rumi’s call and says sorry psycho, I m on international roaming and can’t answer your call, all lines are busy and don’t call again. Soumya smiles. He gets shocked seeing Rumi coming. Soumya too gets shocked. Rumi wears bridal red clothes with cool shades and jewelry. She smiles seeing them.

Ranveer calls Om. Om asks him to say. Ranveer tells Om’s shayari he read on Om’s blog, about words lying and pics saying truth. Om asks did you call me to discuss my shayari. Ranveer says no, I called to do my duty, but said this as it was fitting well here. Om asks what do you mean. Ranveer says I mean I have sent some pics, see it carefully. Om checks pic and asks who is this boy. Ranveer says he is that woman’s son, the woman who you killed, you snatched his mother, you have cleanly hidden your crime, this boy became orphan because of you, you should be ashamed. He ends call. Om sees the pic…..

Rumi walks to Rudra’s car. He gets tensed. Soumya asks him to relax. Rumi signs him to down the glass. He asks you here. She says I came to drop you to airport. He says I always drop myself. She says I came to bless you too. He says courier the blessings, bye. She says I will come along in your car, why is Soumya coming along. He says luggage is more, so she will help me. She asks why is your family not going to drop you. He says good question, its puja at home, brothers cry and can’t drop me. Rumi says fine, you go, I will follow you in my car. Soumya says what the hell… Rudra says same here…..

Pinky asks Tia will you wear the dress I gave you for puja. Tia says of course aunty. Pinky says you always listen to me, you are so sweet, just like cows, which jewelry will you wear. Anika says I know, Tia will wear the one she got in gift. Pinky asks gift. Anika asks don’t you know aunty ji, Billu ji has given her a lovely gift. Pinky says Shivaye started giving gifts, he gave me weight machine on my birthday, I cried all night. Shivaye says mom, I did not gift jewelry to Tia. Anika says aunty ji, he is being shy, I have seen that gift. He says you see anything. She asks why are you taking matter somewhere else, I just said I saw gift with Tia. Tia says yes, but when did I say Shivaye baby gave me that gift. Anika says you said its personal gift, personal means Billu ji.

Tia says personal means, my mom gave me that gift. Shivaye looks at Anika. Anika says maybe I misunderstood. Shivaye says always right. Anika says atleast I try to understand, I m sorry Tia. Jhanvi says Thandai is here. Anika serves it to everyone. Pinky likes it and says mummy ji gave recipe right. Anika says yes, Dadi ji told me about it. She says Dadi said its imp puja, if Tulsi ji’s blessing is there, love will always be there, else never know when someone cheats in love, right Tia. Tia asks how would I know Anika, I m not cheating anyone. Shivaye looks on. Anika thinks Tia is very clever, she proves me wrong everytime, I will expose her, but I have to find out who is D.

Rudra races his car and sees Rumi following. Soumya says airport got behind. Rudra says I know. She asks where are we going, Rumi will doubt. He says I don’t have passport and ticket, police will catch me before this psycho. She says genius, where are we going. He says I m just trying to make her tired, so that she can go back. Rumi calls him. Soumya asks him to answer. He says you answer. She puts on speaker. Rumi asks Rudra where are you going. He says airport. She says this way goes to Pune. He says I was catching flight from Pune, there was no direct flight for Greece from Mumbai, you are wasting time by coming so far, your devotees would be waiting. She says yes, right. He says its wrong to upset many devotees for one. She says I will bless you. She gets her jeep stopped. He asks Soumya to end call. He says bye psycho.

Anika says tell me name by D letter. Tia coughs. Pinky asks what happened. Shivaye asks are you okay Tia. Tia says ya I m fine. Pinky asks why. Anika says actually, someone had child yesterday in my neighborhood and wanted to do naamkaran tomorrow on Dhanteras, so any name by D. Jhanvi asks boy or a girl. Anika says son. Pinky says its easy, keep Dharmendra. Anika stares at Tia and smiles.

Rudra tells Soumya that you could have soared few parathas. She says it was so yummy, so I had it. He says wait, I parked car here, where did it go, look there, one more rich man driving a car like me. She says its your car, not similar one. Rudra calls out to the man to stop. Rudra and Soumya run after car.

Om sits seeing the boy’s crying pic and recalls Ranveer’s words. He thinks I snatched a mum from a boy, what have I done, I did mistake and an innocent got punished, its tough to stay with crime, and impossible to stay with crime guilt. He cries.

Rudra and Soumya stop and get tired. She says we will take tab. He asks what an idea, shall I send pigeon. She says call by phone. He says battery got dead. She says my battery will also get dead if we walk like this. He blames her for leaving her phone in car. She says if you did not leave car keys in the car, this would have not happened. She asks what is that. He says it looks a cottage. She says I can see that, we will go inside, there will be phone for sure. They go and see decorations, mandaps. She says I think someone’s marriage is happening. He says there won’t be two mandaps, I think shooting is happening. An old man comes and talks to them. Rudra asks him to talk in Hindi. Soumya says I will talk, we came from Mumbai. The man thinks where are their clothes. Rudra says we have to file theft report. The man thinks their wedding clothes got stolen, and says its fine, small thefts happen. Rudra asks is it small thing for you. The man says yes, I will get other for both of you.

Rudra and Soumya ask both? The man asks does your family know. Rudra says no, that’s why we came here. The man says we will unite/meet you. Rudra says no, we already met. The man says but society’s approval is needed. Rudra and Soumya ask society approval. She says no uncle, actually… The man asks Bittoo to get something to drink. Rudra says Bittoo is coming, thanks. She drinks and makes face, asking what is this. Rudra says whatever, drink it, don’t ask. He drinks and makes face. He asks the man what was this. The man says Desi home made. He asks Bittoo to give them clothes. He asks Rudra and Soumya to get ready. Bittoo and Nita take Rudra and Soumya. Samuhik Vivaah board is shown.

Anika says all puja items are here, I will ask Pinky again. She sees Tia talking on phone and says maybe she is talking to D. Tia asks are you mad, why do you want to come here, if anyone sees you, universe does not want you to come here, its already a scandal by your gift, I handled the situation, you can’t come here. Anika says Tia is very cunning, she is marrying Billu ji and romancing D named human. Tia asks what, you will come here as courier boy, you are mad. Anika hears this and says its limit of shame, she is calling him home. Tia says okay baby, I will be waiting, see you. She goes. Anika says its good chance, I will expose this D secret today.

Rudra laugh. Rudra and Soumya dress up as groom and bride. Bittoo asks them to come fast and marry. Rudra and Soumya walk to the mandap, and look drunk. Anika asks Shivaye to see. She shows Tia’s sandal and purse left on the floor. Tia stands somewhere else. Anika looks at her shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Renimarenju

    Guys…sorry as i went hospital today ….. and still i have health issues….. sorry in advance as tmrw and sun also most probably i will not be able 2 comment as i have some personal work also…bye ishqies….will try 2 update ff…but can’t assure….thanks 2 all ishqies 4 commenting on ff…

  2. Nainaa

    Hey!! Guys check out my ff…..Read it and comment your views…
    here is the link…

  3. Nice and cool episode.nice seems between rudr and soumya.please find the mystery behind the tia who is the unknown person.

  4. jaldi update kiya karo plzzzzzz…..yrr

  5. Veda

    I blv dis too..I commntd on a previous page dat da accidnt is nt justifying OM’s charectr…coz dey didn’t evn try to find out da grl’s body…how did dey cm to a conclusn dat da grl s dead nd dey need to close da chaptr..!!!???!!..dr was posblty of hr to b alive,svrly injured…nd dey r nt common ppl..THE to cl da police instntly nd find out da grl was nt a big deal fr dem…bt dey didn’t do nythng…jst escaped…frm dr responsblty,frm da truth,frm dr guilt… how cn dey do dat..??!!??..wat dey did is nthng bt a crime…commit crime accidntly is nyhw accptabl bt to hide it intentionly frm da entire wrld is damn brutal…
    nd how can OM inslt TEJ fr nt being truthful to his famly,knowng dat he himslf is n da sm boat…!!??!!..its more surprisng to me,mainly wen its OM…

  6. T for Tia and D for Dev?? Dev’s entry & exit although was dramatic, his link is disconnected suddenly with Priyanka. Also whenever Anika witnessed Tia with someone, Reyan was also in Oberoi mansion. So are Dev & Reyan upto something?
    Secondly, no family background is shown of Sowmya. Who are her family. Who is her brother who once she said was no more? What is this suspense?

  7. Veda thank you soo much sweety for the Kunal interview. It just gave me a sense of relief that It is confirmed that a new girl is coming for Omkara.

  8. Veda thank you soo much sweety for the Kunal interview. It just gave me a sense of relief that It is confirmed that a new girl is coming for our Omkara.

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