Ishqbaaz 3rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Anika and Viraj walk the ramp

Ishqbaaz 3rd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ramona scolds Anika. Anika says sorry, I didn’t know about it. Ramona asks her to get someone to fix the machine. Shivaye asks Ramona what’s all this, fashion show has to happen here, not any ice shaking. She says sorry, a stupid girl did this. He says that girl is from your team right, its much ice fallen here, is this your managerial skills, if you or your team do any mistake, this will be your career’s last show. She says yes Sir. He walks off. Gauri says I have to reach there before fashion show starts. Pooja says I m ready. Gauri asks why are you dressed up like this. Pooja says Shivaye said I have to pretend as his wife, I have to go along.

FB shows Shivaye saying Bua has Anika’s dad’s suicide note, she is still blackmailing me, I had to regard that girl as my wife in front of the world

as Bua wants this. Jhanvi says but Anika made your dad reach jail, will you bear that girl for the sake of Anika’s dad. He says whatever Anika did, her dad was innocent, I don’t want anyone to punish him with those blames, till I get that proof, I have to regard that girl my wife. FB ends. Pooja says I felt I should go with Shivaye and act as his fake wife, so I have worn these strange clothes. Gauri says you are a nice girl, you are thinking much for Shivaye. Anika checks the work list. She gets shocked seeing Omru, Gauri and Bhavya. Rudra and Bhavya argue. Om says we will argue later, we have come for a fashion show. Anika says if they see me here, no, I can’t come in front of them. She hides. Shivaye asks where were you, I told you to come early. Anika gets shocked seeing Shivaye.

Rudra says girls take much time to get ready. Gauri says you got late. Rudra says I was discussing with Om about number of overs in T20. Shivaye says fashion show will start in a while. Pooja comes. Anika looks on. Shivaye asks them to come. They go. Gauri’s earring falls. Anika says Shivaye got married to this girl, they all are together, it means they all accepted her. Pooja comes to Shivaye and asks are you annoyed with me. He says I have no relation with you, why would I be annoyed. She says I have worn these strange clothes to look as your wife. He says you aren’t my wife. She thinks you have to accept me as your wife in front of everyone today. Anika says if they see me, things will spoil, I will tell Ramona I can’t work in this event. Gauri says I lost my earring and goes back. Anika hides and keeps the earring ahead. Gauri gets glad and thanks Lord. She stops and says Anika…. She turns to see. Anika hides. Om comes to Gauri and asks did you get earring, what happened. Gauri says I felt I have seen Anika here. Om says Anika can’t be here. She says yes, you maybe right. He asks her to wear earring. They go. Anika says don’t know what’s my relation with Gauri that she sensed me, I wish I could meet and hug Gauri, but I can’t.

Shivaye and Viraj pass by and collide. Shivaye asks him to be careful, else he will have a fall. Viraj says my advice is the same, be careful. Shivaye goes. Pooja thanks reporters for coming and says you know what to do. Reporter says your work will be done. Anika says I can’t work here. Ramona says you already created a mess, I got scolding from boss because of you. Anika says I have some problem, I don’t feel good to leave event midway, I m helpless. Ramona says I damn care, why did you come then, who is crying. Kaya cries. A lady says Kaya slipped on the ramp and got a sprain. Ramona says Kaya was the show’s main model, she had to walk with Viraj, what shall I do now.

Shivaye welcomes everyone. He says I would like to introduce the players of super smashers today. Viraj asks Ramona about the model. Ramona says that model slipped because of Anika, you tell me the solution now. She asks Anika to pay for the loss. Shivaye and family get seated. They enjoy the show. Viraj says don’t panic, you walk the ramp with me. Anika says I m not a model, I can’t do this. He says something is better than nothing, think you created the problem, you can solve this, I m not at loss, it will be Shivaye’s loss, he will get insulted, after all its his team’s first event. Anika says no, this shouldn’t happen, Shivaye… I mean his respect shouldn’t get less. He says when I walk the ramp, people will just see me, don’t get nervous. Viraj comes there. He forwards hand to Anika. Anika comes there and sees Shivaye.

Shivaye gets shocked seeing her. Viraj thinks get ready for the surprise Mr. Shivaye. A man says this is Anika, Shivaye’s first wife, she is here in Shivaye’s fashion show. Viraj holds Anika’s hand. Everyone looks on. Shivaye gets angry. Viraj recalls Shivaye’s words. Shivaye drops the wine glass. Viraj and Anika walk the ramp. Viraj smiles. He holds Anika by her waist and pulls her closer. Shivaye stares at them. Omru, Gauri and Bhavya look on. Anika feels uneasy. Reporter says its surprising that Shivaye’s ex wife is walking the ramp with Viraj, is there anything between them. Viraj says I didn’t know Anika is Shivaye’s ex-wife, Anika has no value to walk the ramp, but when I held her hand, her value got high. Shivaye throws the table angrily and stares. Viraj gets tensed.

Shivaye punches Viraj’s face. Viraj falls down. Anika looks at Shivaye.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Finally shivaay anika aamne samne aa gaye. Omru gauri bhavya everyone literally forgotten Anika.shivaay anger when seeing anika with viraj breaking glass table phek dena shows his love for Anika viraj bhi headache hi hai but yeah finally aaj bua nahi thi that was so good and relief for my Eyes and ears Aaj Noise pollution se bach gaye. And mujhe lagta hai Fake chutki ki entry hui hai toh shayad Anika Gauri sisters hai ye Raaz bhi khul jaye i hope so precap was awesome kya punch pada viraj mein usey uski aukad dikha di shivaay ne

    1. Arpita6

      Hii Aaayush dear..congrats GAG..
      Yaa That was a relief to eyes and ears.
      Noise pollution ? ha ha ha.???. .nice joke…

      1. AAYUSH

        Thanks arpita ?

    2. Go aayush go congo on being first ,,and yah i also want ki gouri aur anika ki sister wala kissa bhi clear ho jaye aur aniri bonding aur bhi strong ho jaye ,,

      1. AAYUSH

        Thanks tania even i hope solets see what happens

    3. Luthfa

      Go AAYUSH GO.Congratulations on being first..?
      Shivaay is way to much possessive for Anika.His reactions were very much predictable.It’s only time can tell who has forgotten whom.In precap,punch was really good.Bua and her sound pollution free episode.Let’s see what happens next.

      1. AAYUSH

        Thanks luthfa its pretty much sure they both still had feeling for each other but because of Misunderstanding hatred feeling se zyada ho gayi hai lets see how story unfolds and what trp we get

  2. Hiiii everyone,
    I m back.
    Thanks for the update amena di.
    1) To how much extent are they going to drag this separation. I m fed up of this so called separation.
    2) Toothpaste ad needs Shivay bhaiya now. Phele isse inka so called useless senseless badla chaiye tha ab Shivay now chaiye. She actually needs doctor.
    3) This Viraj is also mad.
    4) I m planning to give contract to kill this Pooja and toothpaste ad to a contract killer.
    5) How can this Pooja even think of taking Anika di’s place.
    Many more are their but I guess these r enough.
    @AYUSH- Congratulation for bein first all these days.
    @ARPITA- Ya di I m also very upset with the reaction of Jr. Oberois.

    1. Arpita6

      Hio Ritu…welcome back yarrr.. finaly yiu are here..hope you are fine..
      Barac counts repeat also…i did not knew.
      Are you sure.??????
      And i think Episodes are going right..i mean they showed Shivika face to dace earlier i thought it will hapen on friday…
      Lets see

    2. AAYUSH

      Thanks ritu yeah even i dont like much separation viraj is literally mad . will try to watch repeat when i will be free rightnow college 6th semester exam going on so not possible hope trp increases

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Ritu,how are you?Welcome back.
      Don’t know what is the problem of cvs that they always go for second girl to show differences between Shivika.This girl is just so annoying.Can’t tolerate her for a second.I am waiting for tomorrow’s episode.It should reveal some future progression.Let’s see.Take care?

  3. Pushpa

    ” Thum mere patni nahi …… ??????? great joke 4u pooòooooja….
    As always shivaye u were owsm..

    Why did u hide anika? At least u can speak to OmRu or gauri…
    They way u spoke on microphone welcoming players & guests…u r wt yr style….
    Sorry viraj……. nobody……nobody touches Shivaye Singh Oberoi wife…. u r going to regret…
    The angry version ws outstanding heroji…. and yr concern yr care still there….. u cant hate her please admit that…. and anika u cant leave away frm him…. he hv to c u all the time in front of his eyes & u r his baby… luv will sure findnits way..just many thorns on the way…. hope soon shivaye & anika will clear their MU…
    Wht the hell….. 2nd wify arranged reporters hope tht will be totally chopped… why so mny ppl try to control shivaye…. hope he wont announce her as his wife…y 2rps cheapde… can v get her out….irritating…

    Sivaye senso meter transfered to gauri ????? Just kidding.. why anika… can speak to gauri…why u didnt…

    And wht the hell happen to jhanvi…. how could she even ask tht question ???? But i liked the way shivaye answered liberally…

    Precap….. beautiful…. bye bye viraj….
    Excited 4tomoro epi..
    Gd nite…

    1. Arpita6

      Pu di..i just want to break.Media’s camera..
      Hell irritating always insults insults and insults….
      Yaa Anger and possessive version of Sso is really different.
      And virju has to pay for this
      This chipkali should die.

      1. Hi arpu dear me too….I feel like smashing media and reporters cameras. Everytime I see all these villains and villaneous pay media the money and want them to insult shivaay and Anika.Typically the same. Here it is either Viraj the loser or Pooja the psycho

      2. Pushpa

        all the time media r nuts… me too wanted to break their camera.. both r evils….

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Pu di,
      Your Shivaay was looking absolutely killer in black.Viraj is gone.Shivaay and and his everything is very much intense.Be it his anger.Waiting for tomorrow’s episode.Have a hot Shivaylicious dream?

      1. Pushpa

        tell me… goign crazy everyday..
        btw hw is my dp… stunning dashing charmer…

      2. Luthfa

        Hot,hot,hot… to the power infinity?????????

  4. Sakash.

    Wow…Today episode is too good.But the way Viraj and Ramona behaved with Anika is so bad.After a long time,Fans get to see OLD SHIVAY SINGH OBEROI.In precap the way he punched Viraj’s face…It’s just mind blowing. Now don’t know how he will behave with Anika…

    1. Arpita6

      Sakash dear..welcome to pkj..
      eeven i too waiting how Sso is going to behave with annika. ..
      But i don’t think he will declear That Chipkali Durja as his wife..

      1. Sakash.

        Hello Arpita…Yaa if he declares then it won’t look good…Bcoz only our Anika looks Perfect beside Shivay…Jaldi yae misunderstandings khatam hojayae…

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Sakash,how are you?
      Me too is waiting how Shivaay is going to face and treat Anika.That punch was superb.Total smasher!Take care?

      1. Sakash.

        Hello Luthfa.I am fine dear & u?Yaa dear…Bye…TC???

  5. Ooooo my god ,today’s epi was superb ,,???i just love this ,finally the time arrived and shivika face each other lovely ,,,???ok so
    1-i love aniri bonding and gouri’s senso meter work on anika lovely ,yah anika you have a special reletion with gouri ,,
    2-this janvi ,mujhe pata tha pinky nahi to kaya janvi to hai anika ki borai karne k liye ,this senior obro’s bahu are just rrdiculous ,,?????
    3-this viraj hmmmm inteligent ,,bohot achese use kiya upne dimag ko ,,nice but yeh tune jo problem i should say strom apne upar bulaya hai usse to use koi nahi bacha sakta ,,
    4- finaaaaallly ,,oh god that time when anika come on the ramp i can’t express my feeling ,mai us bakt nervous vi thi happy bhi thi aur excited bhi thi ,,sab mix ho gaya tha,,mai to beth bhi nahi sakti thi chain se ,,
    5- this viraj crossed all the limit ,,ab to teri khair nahi ,you insulted anika ,and how dare you????to touch anika you blo**
    Precap-woooww lovely shivay ,,???very good ,he deserve that punch???

    1. Hiii Tani…
      Hope Sso a perfect OMM of that virju.
      Lets see

  6. Wow MU raises day by day.. Cv’s made our Anika has cheapdi and humiliated publicly.. There were no plan.. Omru didn’t bother to know about their bhabhi..
    SSO rocked Viraj shocked… How will anika face SSO.. By seeing this I feel first separation was far better than this.. At least omru was with her.. Now I think everyone will MU her.. How come gul said no separation..
    They made big chopsy to Anika’s character..
    How come Anika became ex-wife still he didn’t publicly announced his marriage with Pooja right?
    Feel very disappointed because Cv’s are spoiling the character of Anika..

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Kadhambari di,
      You are absolutely right.Cvs are now hell bent to butcher Anika’s character.The way they projected her today,looked seriously bellow the mark.Don’t know what they are thinking.What made Gul to declare no separation is a seventh wonder.Anyway,take care di?

    2. Dear di..that chipkali Durja was talking with media na. That is why those stupid people were saying Annika as ex wife.
      I am alsi very dissapointed that Cvs always humiliating Annika.
      She dont deserve it..
      Plz Cvs…dont ruin the essence of show…
      Why can’t Annika ba strong yarrr….
      Always she get insulted..either by oberois or by media..
      Realy these media are hell irritating..

    3. AAYUSH

      Thats true Anika was so strong when the show started but creatives has butchered her character lets see what happens next.

    4. I agree Kadhmabari. They butchered Omru’s character. Unless it is all planned and Omru Know something about it. If it is not planned then I am more upset with cvs for wasting Omru’s character. More screen space could be given to them as they go in search of their bhabhi.

    5. Vidyakrish

      Ya IAM agreed with u. Because they says after some days only how it’s possible to get divorce in a couple of weeks or month. Sivay marry that lady for bua sake only. Bua destoryed Anika dad fake suicide note then there is no point to have that lady in oberio mansion. I can’t understand the story. Let’s wait and see

  7. Arpita6

    Hiiiiiìii mere khidkitod pagals. …
    Clam.down Arpita…calm down..aaj mera fun mood haya tel lene..main bhi gaye tel lene..i need som oil or water or whatever so yhat i can control my anger….
    .kya Likhu? ??..
    O what is this.
    Ye Namune aate kahanse yarr?????.kyun aate he..kaise aate he????…Chudail Remona, Chipkali pooja…Virju… know what you don’t deserve to be a human…
    I know these are just characters but i am really getting angry…
    Janvi..Another Namoona..Why yiu just don’t die..i can’t believe i am saying this but pinky pinky should be alright iss janvi ko Koi comma main pahuncha do…like seriously. …Whats your prblm yarr.Annika never said anything to you..always respected you but you failed..
    Sry to say..but seriously i am strted to hating these oberois ( ye log gjanta mere pasand the jo aab honge)…
    Sry SSO FANS.plz dont be angry on me..but whatever Sso said that he wants to save Anni’s father blah blah I felt like yiu are mocking at annika ( i know you didn’t said like that)
    But sry…I felt it sooo bad..i mean You can do whatever to save yiur family or other family. .
    What about Annika????..Why her position is always in danger in yiur life..? ?????? Why She always be held in a insecure position. .why??? Why ??? Why??????.
    Now come to this chudail..Mar ja..only one thing i can say.
    We got angry on them on whom we have right..
    So you have right on you are angry on her…
    GOT IT.thnx for calming me…i was soo much angry on janvi and this chipkali durjoa.
    And what is she saying..MAIN ISS SADI KO MANTI HUN….
    Fake marriage ko manti ho..
    CVS Marriage is not a joke……plzbe care ful.
    This virju….. What he is thinking himself.
    And Cvs..what are showing? ??? HAVE yiu lost your idea….ANNIKA IS NOT A THING……
    She is a human…may be she us a fictional character but we have some attachment towards the character. ….WHY SHE ALWAYS BE HUMILIATED..
    Obetois humiliatied her sooo much..was not that enough……
    And what type of player is this virju..considering girl as a commodity. ..
    MAY BE NOW I AM IN FEMINISM MODE.But i really felt bad by seeing Anika like this
    And ANNIKA..plz take stand for yourself…….
    Yu taught us the importance of self respect bit always put this at the shake of Others..
    No need to do this..PLZ DON’T COMPROMISE WITH YOUR SELF RESPECT … plz…….
    Sso’s eyes..Damn.i got scared…???????????..

    I think Sso ka Annika Senso meter Gouri ke pass he..
    .and When Sso saw Anika lie this…I remembered WELCOME movie..
    control…..Control..???????i was saysaying Sso and mysekf my self CONTROL… CONTROL..
    Try to lightened up mood.

    1. Calm Arpita sissy.. calm !!

      Don’t worry at end of this anika wil realize her position in sso’s life, that it will be only ANIKA?

      I wish.. tomo sso wil say.. to viraj… ” How dare you hold wil wife’s hand! ??

      1. Dhanu…..ok..i am trying to calm myself..
        But wamt to break all those cameras
        I know that day will sure come but when?????..Annika’s position is Sso life is always in danger..
        Sso ke bhi saadi ek se aur biwi 2 3..
        Ok i am kidding …
        And this virju ….Hand…nHe directly hold Annika’s waist…..
        Sso ka gusssa..uffff i can imagine .?????.

    2. U r absolutely Right arpita ji

      1. Hii Sawthi dear..welcome to.PKj…
        Thnx yarr.

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Arpita,
      Shivaay never fails to impress us be it his hotness,romance or words.The way he mentioned those words about Anika’s father looked like he was enjoying being blackmailed.And the members of OF always present before us their special nomunapanti time to time.I just hope Shivaay behaves well with Anika.I am excited for their face off if there is any.Take care?

      1. Lu..even i am too excited for it..
        Lets see…
        Yeh These Namunas are hell irritating….

    4. AAYUSH

      Calm down Arpita. Soon everything will be alright when Anika will know Shivaay marriage was fake and shivaay will know anika didnt complained Misunderstanding are bound to get cleared just waiting for pinky auntt to come out of coma And yeah todays episode showed Possessive nature of sso for Anika

      1. I know Aaysh ..but when..just waiting ..waiting and waiting…
        Hope soon everything will be fine

    5. Now now dear Arpu calm down. Something good will happen. Not to worry. Yesterday’s episode was just the start of their jealousy. More to come

      1. Hope this marriage siyaapa will end….
        Can’t handle it anymore..

    6. Pushpa

      i also thought the same shivaye sensometer transferred to gauri….
      i dun know…. u know hw media react… mayeb he will announce tht psycho but i hope not… why dun tehy talk and sort it out cm on cvs give us a break and shivika tooo….

      1. yaa di.Shivika need some break.
        Btw…Your Dp is looking super duper hot.
        Killer dp.

  8. Hello pkjs
    I’m new here but old to ib
    Ok coming here today actors nailed their jobs
    Uss virju durju ko mein maar dungi how dare he to touch sso ki biwi ko finall shivika face off tomorrow arpu di I love your comments aise dete hi rehna
    Okk gud nt pkjs
    Mann bhar ishqbaaz

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Manu,
      Welcome to PKJ family with band-baja.Keep commenting and join us in spreading love.Take care?

    2. Hiii Manu.
      Wecome to pkj..
      Keep commenting and enjoy the fun..
      Thank you soooo much..yarr..i will try to entertain pkj more…
      Love you

    3. AAYUSH

      Hello manu welcome to our group Virju toh kal shivaay se bhi pitega so dont worry about that and keep commenting daily

    4. Welcome Manu123. Nice you could join PKJ family

  9. Now I think pinky is far better than jhanvi and please gauri go to botox kumari get the injection which u brought for om and now get for pinky to come out from coma I can’t see anika suffering like this with out any mistake SSO u r amazing man viraj cleanboul with single punch

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Pooja,
      How I wish what you mentioned turn true!Let’s see.That Viraj is a fool.Got his life dangered.But that punch of Shivaay was awesome?

      1. Let’s hope for the best and this viraj he himself make his life terrible

    2. Pooja dear.yaa Right..
      That injection is much needed right now..????…
      Yaa Annika is suffering sooo much without her fault..very heartbreaking see like this.
      I love Smiling face of Annika.not crying..
      Cvs…plz make Annika happy

    3. AAYUSH

      Yeah pooja even i think pinky is better than jhanvi and yeah botox kumari??

  10. the much expected episode…
    Anikaaa… Surbhi ? hate that sad face of her though !!!

    For first few mins.. really felt bad for anika yaar??? when she said… She is the girl whom shivaay married , everyone together it means they all accepted her????

    Hey new fake bride i said you know.. yu can never ever can become mrs.sso ??

    Janavi… Really?? Aft watching everything, yu are saying that… ??? ??very bad!
    Now they gave the reason why that fake bride pooja is still in OM!

    Wow JEALOUS SSO !! ??

    So everyone knows that anika became shivaay’s EX?

    Cricketer Mr.viraj, yu made a biggest mistake by holding hands of shivaay’s anika.. yu have to face the sso now ??

    The best is gauri’s sensometer for anika?. #sistergoals?

    Precap precap ?????

    And sorry @arpita i made copy paste of your name it came as arpita6! ?

    1. Sso’s hatred transferred to anger towards viraj ??

      I still believe it’s planned.. bcz he knows roop did this… And she who stood with him everytime can’t move as easily.. ?

      I wish at the end of this anika’s doubt abt her position in sso’s life wil be cleared! It will be one and only ANIKA!

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Dhanu,
      Me too felt really very bad for Anika and her helplessness.Don’t know what she went through that time.And you no na,members of OF are number one selfish people.Forget about them.Anika will get to know her place in the life of Shivaay very soon and I hope cvs have planned it likewise.Let’s see whether it’s a plan or not.Take care?

    3. Dhanu dear..
      Same also still thinking it is a plan…..
      Agar hui toh party karenge..nahi hui… toh nothing..hamari tie tie fiss hojayegi .
      Chalo thik he maaf kiya…??????
      These media can do ANYTHING…….means anything…..

      OM people are gone mad…thete is nothing to love them..

  11. Day by day i am hating IB more n more.No rikara scns,no shivomru scns,no ruvya scns,no family scns. Only shivika’s love hate drama again…… Today i am commenting for the first time n thought that i will comment regularly,but i think i will just stop watching IB………..

  12. Hello Arpita,banita,jeevi,ayush,luthfa,afna,beauty,sindhu dii,pushpa dii,billu ji,niya,beauty,ishitha,chaithu dii,dhawani,kadambari,and all Sorry l know l miss of guys……How r u all
    l am back after two weeks……..But my ishqbazz. …
    ….What’s happening here……..I am lost…..
    And please don’t make this viraj as a psycho for anika plz……….
    shivaye anger was awesome when he see anika with viraj……….
    Gul mam …….Why do you separate my shivika. ….This is not good…….
    Why always shivika suffering………..Rikara and ruvya are also free…….
    Try to create problems for them too……feeling jealous for them
    Gauri ‘s sensometer has also start working…….for her sis……..
    This pooja is so irritating too….
    When they gonna start aniri track…………..
    If they are going to continue this….ishqbazz will lost lot of fans……

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Jeni,how are you?
      Welcome back with lots of love.Everything is now in confused mood.And I think cvs love to see Shivika suffer in this or that way.Rikara and Ruvya are also there but makers can’t make them work or act upon on anything.Anyway,don’t worry.All will be fine.Take care.Lots of love?

      1. AAYUSH

        Hi jeni welcome back i think Ye fake chutki ki entry matlab Anika gauri sister hai ye vala track unfold hona chahiye ab not sure about it though lets see what creatives have decided

    2. Amenah faruk

      Only dem pls mentioned my name too?

      1. Amenah…we remebered you…
        Love you.

      2. Next time sure…..l am sorry ..

    3. Hiii Jeni dear..welcome back with a tight hug..
      Hope you are fine
      Virju is not a psycho. just want to defame Sso by using Annika..thats it..
      It will not continue..i think it wil be cover up soon.

    4. Hey Jeni how are you? Glad you are back.

  13. Dishani01

    FB shows Shivaye saying Bua has Anika’s dad’s suicide note, she is still blackmailing me, I had to regard that girl as my wife in front of the world
    as Bua wants this. Jhanvi says but Anika made your dad reach jail, will you bear that girl for the sake of Anika’s dad. He says whatever Anika did, her dad was innocent, I don’t want anyone to punish him with those blames, till I get that proof, I have to regard that girl my wife. FB ends.

    i like this i love this sso…
    sweet singh oberoi ..
    cute ..
    shivay shivay shivay shivay shivay shivay shivay shivay shivay shivay shivay shivay shivay …
    this charecter i think when this serial start very selfish for his family.. very very much selfish but now he changed and my heart change .. he is like jug fruit … outside anger but inside like little baby … cute baby…
    how this possible .. he maintained this oberoi industry … wow shivay shivay .. best charecter but nobody understand like this person … ????? love you shivay

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Dishani,
      So,you are drooling over Shivaay and going all gaga.Not bad yaar.Carry on?

      1. Dishani01

        Dear .. my sis also suprice i always scold him like old annika now i price his charecter..??

    2. Dishu….
      If yiu are really loving So then..ok..keeep it up.
      But don’t know why i felt you make fun of him..
      Don’t take seriously. I just got confused
      Can you plz clear it.. ????

      1. Dishani01

        May be … i think you’re correct i never learn English probably … so i never now how to discribe my feeling that’s why it turn as fun??

  14. Luthfa

    Really have to appreciate the guts of Anika today for saving Shivaay’s reputation.That reputation of her Husband was very much valuable to Anika rather than her humiliation and degradation in front of a bunch of useless people.This is same Anika who never hesitated to stand for Shivaay and his reputation.Even now when she has forgotten him and discarded his existence from her system totally.Ok,all is fine.But what about her own self-respect,self-esteem and reputation?How can she forget she is going to face something which she is not supposed to face?Just because Shivaay’s reputation was at stake she could not even protest on her behalf and respect?In the past she taught many goons and unwanted people tight lessons,showed their real place even she did not spare Shivaay Singh Oberoi when he tried to hurt her self-respect and reputation then what happened today?Her deep buried rules to protect Shivaay surfaced suddenly and automatically she chose to work on it.Like Shivaay is programmed to protect his family sacrificing anything,likewise Anika is also programmed to save the respect of Shiivaay at any cost.Time and again she placed herself before countless questioning eyes only to save OF and the reputation of Shivaay.And history got repeated again.The difference is now she is out of Shivaay’s life.She walked out herself from the relation with Shivaay willingly without giving him any chance to explain that seemingly betrayal.Then why she is doing all these?Anika should confront herself if not Shivaay.I am sure she has enough guts to question her conscience and heart that what she actually wants to prove to herself and to the world…………………………………..

    1. Lu…to be honest for a time..i got angry on Annika.
      I know those diffo Remona and virju..forcefully
      Make Annika all these.
      But for a chng. She needs take a stand for herself..
      Its high time.
      I want that fierce and Bold Annika..

      1. Luthfa

        Arpita,what Anika did in the name of saving Shivaay’s reputation is not justifiable for me.She stood for Shivaay but forgot to take stand for herself.I wanted to see at at least some protest from Anika’s side before Shivaay would take floor that’s it.Bold Anika and her return has become a distant dream.Anyway,let’s hope for the best.

    2. True Luftha. When it comes to shivika both can be strong headed with each other but when one is in trouble the other can’t bear it. They Ho all out to save one another. They are both trying to do the play hard to get act.

      Nice analysis dear. Waiting for SSO to punch Viraj today

      1. Luthfa

        Sindhu di,Shivika can be loggerhead with each other but they never fail to protect the other whenever it’s necessary.That’s the essence of true love and hidden respect.But I am disappointed in Anika for presenting herself like that.Me too is waiting for that punch.Thank you so much for the compliment.Love you.

    3. Pushpa

      lufi… sometimes i do think why women r humiliated in all soap dramas… why???

  15. what the heck yaar jhanvi doesnt see her and her husbands mistake what right does she have to comment on anikas character. hope they dont turn her into an old pinky who used to insult anika

    1. Jjayasri dear welcome to pkj..????..
      Kya baat he nahi. !!!
      Durung last separation we hate pinky ponky to the core and loved janvi
      And this time we are loving pinky ponky and hating Janvi.
      Ye waqt kya kya karwata he …..
      Just want that janvi to die..
      Stupid lady

    2. Absolutely Jayshri. I felt like slapping Jhanvi when she accused Anika. Her Husband is worse than anyone who almost auctioned off Mansion and Shivaay saved it. No appreciation for what Anika has done to the family. To me the Oberois don’t deserve shivika at all. Their problem have to be solved but who cares what happens to shivika. Jhanvi could have tried to find Anika and unite shivika but no she only accuses her.

    3. Luthfa

      Jayshri dear,when selfishness overpower someone’s rational thinking,people start to behave like Jhanvi.OM and it’s Seniors are pro at it.They never forget to amaze us with their peculiar demo of selfishness.

  16. Hi guys I’m new to this site
    Many people would not be liking this track
    Just i want to share my opinion about this track
    (Shivaay singh oberoi) his life is a journey where he travels with his anika
    About the relationship between shivika is always a journey
    Shivaay to say a simple sorry took a enormous time tat too he said wen she went away (dev and priyanka drama) from him
    Nd too realized tat he became an ishqbaaaz wen anika was insecured in her relationship
    (The first separation) and she went away because of pinky blackmailing
    And after shivika reunion still he didn’t confess it was anika who confessed first even after her confession still he took time to confess her (as billu was so shy) nd he recorded a video for her. Nd not to forget to say anika his biwi he took atleast 1-2 months
    After shaadi also he was he took time to confess
    As he is not a man of words but man of actions

    This track is a reboot of separation track where Shivaay, anika, pinky was involved
    And tat time both of them are victims
    Same here is followed

    But the difference in this track will be the same persons who are involved but tat time pinky was determined to separate them but this time she was determined to not to separate them

    Each time Shivaay do a mistake and anika supports him or give a solution. She was his neev as he said

    But wen he tries to correct his mistake she gets insecured or she ran away from him
    (jungle track in tat track he clearly says to her tat he is trying to change, as she fought with him for searching about her past tat time she was so insecured nd he was trying to feel her secured)

    Another track is the separation where he was ready to marry her but she thought as his pride would get affected she sacrificed her love as she knows shivaay is fond of nkk
    But tat time he was trying to rectify his mistake bt she couldn’t understand so she went away from him
    As anika said she can fight with the world bt not with him

    The same track is followed here where again he was trying to rectify his mistake by choosing anika over his family nd to make her happy bt again she misunderstood nd went away as she knows his family comes for him always nd he will do anything for them , the beauty is tat she supported him in every situation (goa track, aryan track in these track he chooses his family) the same may be followed but if you slightly change ur view they are not same wen they were in first separation track
    He is not hating her but he is slightly disappointed as she didn’t give a chance to speak
    And where anika is also devastated as she knows he can do anything for his family then why not a marriage
    (the video where he confessed his love will be used i think)

    As shivika is always a journey
    In their first separation their
    love became strong

    In this track anika will become no 1 in his life
    (as love is always strong btw them bt the right which she asked during the goa track which he refuses to give will be highlighted as it is an important issue btw an husband nd wife)
    First separation they evolved as a strong lovers
    In this track they will be evolved as strong husband and wife

    Tracks or scenes may be unnecessary or similar bt later nly we know the significance.

    The journey of shivika is always unique as
    Shivika doesn’t invent any new things bt they discover

    1. Dharhu dear..
      Welcome to pkj..
      Dear.whatever you said is 100% true..i agree..
      And yaa i am not against this track..
      Just Wish both Shivika will rralise their mistake specially Sso…..He needs to share prblms with Annika..
      And Annika has to secure her olsce in his life..
      Waiting for their Reunion.

      1. Thank you ?. Yes waiting for their reunion
        This track is needed for shivika especially Shivaay as sharing problems with your wife is very important in a marriage nd anika to confront wen it is needed nd her value in Shivaay’s life. This is the result of this track
        But don’t know how they are going to execute. May be the confession video will be highlighted here

  17. Sorry guys but what nonsense?
    What happened to Gul mams NO SHIVIKA SEPARATION ?
    It sure as hell looks SEPARATION to me
    Im sorry but cvs are just playing with Shivika fans emotion…

    Om n Ru …seriously no emotion for their Mother like Bhabhi…ROFL

    If cvs wanted to promote Anika as more than a housewife, then they should have made Shivay encourage her to set uo her own successful business…fashion line or event management….thats like nayi soch with the best husband award….not thiz BS..doing modeling in majboori. And marrying again/ or 2nd wife in the house….why is he so easily manipulated?

    Cvz Plzzz bring Shivika back together soon, clear mu and reunite AniRi as sisters otherwise once again lost fans will never comr back again like the first separation we lost so many fans who did not want the extreme emotional roller coaster ride….

    Plz my comments are not meant to hurt , just dissapointed. Its my personal feeling.✌

    1. Zara dear..welcome back to pkj..
      Yaa right..but what to do.Cvs are making insult of Annika..again..and again..and again..
      Want to give solid punch on those media people..
      Pagal kahike..
      But stil Gul Nam.clearly saus No separation means something is coming up..we have to.wait

  18. Today’s episode is very promising. This is what ishqbaaz is. Both anika and shivika will insult one another and they both only have sole right to stay annoyed and angry but when that’s ame insult comes to Anika or shivaay both will try to support and jump for another. This is what true love is all about. She doen’t want Shivaay’s respect to be any less. So she still loves him. As for Shivaay he will not want to see anyone touching Anika. His anger raged. I am waiting for tomorrow’s episode. Viraj you asked for it. He still does not know he is dealing with SSO.
    He deserves that punch on his face.

    Tomorrow he will get Anika fired and gets her to work for him at Oberoi mansion so she is under her eyes rather than at some modelling place with some men.

    I still think it is all planned. In the FB, he could have just not bothered about the suicide note but he still wants to clear Anika’s father’s name. He told Jhanvi that Roop is still blackmailing him. So until he gets the suicide note, I think this drama will continue between Shivika. Whether Omru is involved I am not sure.

    I always feel that between Anika and shivaay there are always unspoken words that is their communication. Without communicating each knows what both of the are going through.

  19. What Anika should not see she saw which is Pooja and Shivaay and the rest going together. But what Anika should have heard she did not hear which is when Shivaay shouted at Pooja saying she is not his wife.

    I don’t mind anything but I just want Pooja to be out. She is irritating soul. Why shivaay gets psycho women? First Ragini and now Pooja…..

    1. Sindhu di want to kill That chipkali Durhoja..
      Me too still feel its a plan..lets see.
      And more waiting for next episode desperately…

  20. Amenah faruk

    Awesome nice job shivay u have come back to ur real u… But am feeling bad for anika…..I don’t lyk diz separation to be to long pls let dem be together soon….Nd pls give gauri Nd bhavvaya a chance to show dere own acting not only anika… Even dem de ar our fans Nd de ar part of de show too.. tnx…Amena from Nigeria???

    1. Hii Amenah ..dear..
      Hope you are fine…
      Hope Shivika will together soon.

  21. Banita

    Gd mrng pkj….
    Epi was very good…
    Just dont like d way that gaddha use Anika to insult Shivaay… Cvs what u really want to show in Anika’s character…!!!? Once she was one of d nayi soch female lead od SP , but now…?
    Janhavi again u prooved me ri8… U r 100% applicable for place in No.1 in my hatered list for ib…
    That gaddhi Poo… Did anyone notice her dress at d time when she was with Gouri nd after that??? That black patch… It’s really cracked me badly… I can’t understand in this way thay insult that dress or insult gaddhi Poo…!!??
    Nd Gouri , itna taras maat kho uss pr she is here to take ur place only….
    Finally saw some Rikara nd Ruvya scene…. 2min ke liye vi mila toh sahi….
    IB’s sensometer vi kya kamal ki hain…!!!! Kabhi iske paas toh kabhi uske paas… Itna accha sensometer toh metal detector ka nahi hoga…
    That lady whatever her name how dare she to insult Anika again nd again… I just wish ki SSO usse end tk fired krde… So that her mouth will be shout….
    Now i m saying onething only..,
    Uuthade ree deeba…
    Arre mere ko nai re baaba…
    Pinky ko uuthade….
    Precap – I m badly waiting 4 it…
    10pm jaldi jaldi aajao….
    Come on bhaiya thodi aur jorse.. Come on…

    1. Banita

      From last page comment….
      @Arpu , if Omru considered Anika as their mother toh they only considered Shivaay as their father…
      So if i say in straight , simple nd clear then now Shivika fans r facing / feeling d same thing about Omru that what Rikara or Ruvya fans bahat pehele feel krte the about Shivaay… Both things r same just situations r different…
      @Mona dr , i m agree with ur some of points , but NOT in all those points that u told in ur comment…
      @Lu , Agree with u yaar whatever u replayed on my comment only…

      1. yaa you are right. Bani….
        Ok A random.thought came on my mind.
        It van be a plan or cant be…but if it will happen..then… . .????????
        I can’t imagine Sso ki toh lag jayegi..

    2. Hlw too notice that dress part..
      About sensometer.???????right right…100% right..
      I want more punch for virju.. this is not enough..

      1. Banita

        Yeh Arpu want moreee punch… But gaddhe ne toh ek hi punch mein gir gaya….
        OMG!!!! If Anika will declare…. Tabhi tohhhh….!!!!
        Pata nahi yaar , kese kese chiz teri dimag pe aati hain… But haan agar ase hua toh POOP KI CHOP ho gayegi….
        BTW teri gussa kaam hua ki nahi..??? Wase vi SSO ki high voltage gussa abhi chal raha hain toh tu thoda saant ho jaa… Nahi hue toh vi koi baat nahi aj ka epi mein punches dekhne ke baad saant hohi jayegi…
        Love U dr…

    3. AAYUSH

      Yeah banita even i feel Ramona should be fired and usey uski jagah dikha dena chahiye sso ko anika se aisa behave karne ke liye I hope trp acchi aaye bas

      1. Banita

        Haan Aayush… Shivay Singh Oberoi ke biwi ke saath ase baat krne ki kimat….
        TRP , pata nahi aj trp kya hoga… Just waiting 4 some hr more…

    4. Banu dear the cvs made Anika cheap by walking on the ramp. If it is a plan between shivika, then I really feel sorry for Anika because she has to go through a lot of insults in public. Even if it so not a plan, I do feel sorry for her because she is not a cheap skate woman and for Sahil she has to bear the insult instead of letting shivaay to lose his respect as threatened by the stupid good for nothing Viraj

      1. Banita

        Heyy Sindhu dii…
        I dont have any problem that she walk in ramp… I just dont like that she walk in ramp with that gaddha nd he humiliate her… Just want to kill him , but koi nahi Shivaay bhaiya will do that work…
        nd How i wish to see Shivika walk together in ramp…

    5. Pushpa

      kill her for me bani…tht pooooooooo… damn irritating

      1. Banita

        Okk dii…
        Dont worry we will kill her very soon… Kuch aur din jine de dete hain uss gadhi ko…

  22. Sulekha sulu

    Hiii pagals any one remember me….Anu di ,nivedita,astha,mahi,arpita,shekhar bhaiya,…..missing u all Arpita is here How r u after long time I am here…..

    1. He Sulekha….welcome back yar..
      After soo many months..i think..
      How are you my dear?????
      And jinka naam.tumne liya na..all are gone ftom.PKJ..
      Btw. Glad to see yiu here.
      Love you soooooooo much

  23. Shivay ki first wife&ex wife?? divorce hui hai kya??

    1. AAYUSH

      Kavya abhi tak toh nahi hua na hi hoga??

    2. ?????Kavya dear..only Cvs can give the answer of this question.
      But without divorce anything can happen here…..??

  24. Haii everyone …it’s long tym since I have commented…???I enjoyed today’s episode… Coz all the tym good things cannot happen in a love story… So I enjoy this as I cud see shivikas intensity….the best par was gouri sensing anika????I luv dat ….well how are you everyone…hope all doing well???and waiting to see our tadibaaz bagad bills SSO ???

    1. Hi Shana…how are you????..
      Yehh waiting for Tadibaaz bagadbilla mode of Sso.

  25. One day Cv’s shows that Anika and Shivaay are best couple, one day they create so much distance between them. When there is love how come there is no trust why did Anika left Shivaay without thinking anything. Cv’s are just fooling us. The character were created by you people are treating them as trend setters this what trend setting. When there is so much love trust and understanding come along with it. Ideal case they should not get have any mis understandings.

    1. is the biggest issue in shivika love story.
      Just hope after this…chaos…Shivika’s trust on each other will be strongest than anything..
      Both need a self realization…….

  26. What the f**k did i just watch? It was really an intrusive episode. I was outraged when i saw Anika in such situation.if the serial is about ishqbaazi, trust, understanding etc then why do they separate shivaka every time? If i remember correctly, they had separated 3 times and this is their 4th one. Yet no trust and understanding they have gained so far. Chalo, i do get why they make entry of new persons in shivaka’s life cause suspense nahi tou serial nahi. But why do Anika become the victim every time? Why not gauri and bhavya? To be honest, serial started with 3 brothers so dont show ishqbaazi of shivaka only. And gauri is Anika’s sister then she was also supposed to be hurt when the truth of her dad was revealed. Then you could separate Anika and gauri from their husbands. This way Shivika’s fans won’t get bored. God knows what more are in store for us by Gul ma’am.

    1. Ishqbaazi’s fans* not shivika’s fans.

    2. Shivi..dear…
      Homestly i don’t want all three as victim.
      Can’t say sbout bhabya..ok.she also faced insults.
      But Anika and Gouri both faced soo many insutls we can’t evrn imagine.
      Their spouses specially Om…..who wanted gouri to die by drink poison..
      I don’t want These ladies to compromise with their self respect..

  27. Poor anika not only anika , shivay also. Dono pagal hai na kuch ek dusare se chupate na itna raita phelta , ab smato

    1. Both spread raita na.both have to sameto it..
      Lets see.

  28. Shivaay introduce pooja as his wife infornt of media in future what is the position annika she himself think shivaay wife or anything else. Shivaay first introduce tia his wife next his fiancee ragini next Tanya his wife now its turn to pooja etc but even annika introduce anyone his husband

    1. Aditi dear..
      I am sure Sso is not going to declare that durhoja as his wife…
      Lets see.
      Both are wrong..both are right..
      Both suffering too..

      1. Hii dear..welcome to pkj..
        Yeh..they should get some screen space rather than these vilians.s…

  29. Shivaay didn’t do anything for annika he do anything for his family only. Even he didn’t stand for Annika till today. He never teach a lesson to viraj then once again he prove that he is for family only

  30. Nikitha singh arora

    I think it would be better if om ,Rudy gouri,and bavya ko Kuch zyada scenes dena chahiye kyumki,there are so many fans for them also .so if they give Kuch scenes to them the show will became more higher in trp

  31. Hi’s been long time i haven’t today i must say episode was jst awesome..but plz ab bahot hogay shivika ki separation i mean aur kitni baar dekhna padega unki separation..i jst hope pinky ko jald se jald hosh aaye par aisa nahi hoga..nd guyz yaha ham kushiya manaraye ki aaj hamara bagad billa us viraj ko marne wala lekin aisa nahi horay maine ek spoiler me pada tha ki shivaay ki maarna vo sirf uski assumption hain reality main toh wo viraj ko congratulate karne wala hain aur uss pooja ki bachi ko media ki samne apni wife announce karne wala hain..kash ye spoiler jooti ho..i dnt want dz to happen??

    1. OMG Super smashers k captain ki himmat ki daad deni padegi . ” Ab aaj k episode main : SHIVAY: tumahari himmat kaise hui Shivay singh oberoi ki biwi ko haath lagane himmat kaise hui . and
      Anika : oh bete ki fel gaya rayta .

      Just kidding good after noon every one i didn’t commented from two days because my phone got hanged . Ishqbaaz i love it whether it is bad or good .

    2. Nimisha dear..welcome back to pkj..
      Plz don’t believe on any spoiler..they are just hell iritatting..
      And yaa rejoice time As Sso is going to do gangsram of that virju.
      Waiting for today..desperately.

      1. Ya arpita6 i hope aisa hi ho..?

  32. True we are Ishqbaaz followers not shivik. But here more than ishqbaaz, Shivaay always thinks with his brain then he don’t understand small thing this all game plan by Roop. As Roop can manipulate Shivaay she can even black mail Anika, Roop has played game plan with full family but family memeber not able to understand Anika is innocent in this. Why are they blaming again. Moreover after creating such true connection between Anika and Shivaay how come on these reason they are getting a parted. Really don’t understand what Gul has stored for us.

  33. Nikita_jai29

    It is good episode… Excited for the precap… And after reading the synopsis i got more excited

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