Ishqbaaz 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 3rd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye and Anika have some fruits and laugh. They dance on hum tum ek kamre….Some time before, Shivaye asks what’s that. Anika says Taj mahal, why are you asking me, I can see the same. He says I did mistake to ask you, don’t fight again. She says I did not say anything. He says we won’t talk now. She says fine. They reach some garden area. She likes the beautiful place. He asks did you say anything to me. She says no, I was talking to myself. She sings. He says you are singing in this situation. She taunts that he sings bad. He says this place can be dangerous too, we have no info about this place. She says oh, so this is the problem, you have no info. She sees some berries and plucks. She eats and says I m very hungry.

He asks do you know what’s this, it can be poisonous. She says

its fruit, tree can’t have info on it. She makes him eat it and asks how is it. He says its exactly like we get in supermarket. She says even supermarkets get it from trees, this is fresh, have more, I will pluck more. He says give me more. She gives him. She laughs. He asks why are you laughing. She says because I want to, why are you laughing. They laugh and get shaky like drunk.

They reach the house. He says Taj mahal. She says door is locked. He says we will break it. She asks him for keys. He says give me keys. She says I don’t have. He says I want keys. She laughs. He lifts door mat and find keys. She says wait. He opens the lock and says you would be thinking how do I know, I read novels, keys are inside flower pot, under door mat, so I guessed it. She asks did you come here before. He says no. She says it means you are fooling me, tell me with whom did you come. He says I did not. She says don’t lie. She asks how can you find the keys under door mat, it means you came here. He says you… She asks what, why are you scared. He says let me say, you think I m that kind of guy, I just found keys. She asks even then, how did you find out. He knocks on door. She says open it. They get inside the house.

She says you did not tell me, how did you know about keys. He asks stupid, don’t you watch movies. She throws keys. He says you have thrown keys. He shuts door. He says door got locked, when anyone comes from outside, door will open, what about keys, keys are out and we are in, Anika where are you, where did you hide. She teases him and laughs. He asks what are you doing there. She says I m hiding. He says I will hide and holds radio in front of his face. She says radio, we will listen. Hum tum ek kamre me bandh ho……plays on radio. Shivay and Anika dance, while the song matches up to their situation. He holds her in arms. She falls on the bed. He laughs. He sits by her side and sleeps.

Shivaye wakes up and sees Anika. He thinks you are right Anika, I m complicating things, whatever is between us is really good, I will try not to hurt you again, your smile always stays on your face. He removes the glasses off her eyes and looks at her. He lifts her and makes her sleep properly. He sits adoring her. He falls on the bed and sleeps by her side.

The important message plays on radio, about two prisoners running away from jail. Its morning, Anika wakes up and sees Shivaye sleeping. A bee troubles him. Anika tries to shoo it away. Shivaye wakes up and asks what are you doing. She hits the bee and he gets hit. He says its domestic violence. She scolds the bee. She says I m hitting honey bee. He asks do you think I m bee. She says wait, don’t move. He says its honey bee, I did not get my medicine. She says what could medicines do, would that save you. He asks who will save me. She says me, I m scaring it away. The bee flies off. They argue that they have shooed the bee away. He says you have thrown the keys, night passed, we are stuck here, if door does not open, don’t know how many nights we have to spend here. She says its not a bad place, we can spend our entire life here. She smiles. He says you are not serious right. She asks did you not see Qayamat se qayamat tak, Aamir and Juhi are lost. He says this is not film, its life. She says you are not Aamir Khan, anyone should learn from you how to puncture romance. He says so you are romancing with me, I did not know my wife knows romance. She says stop this 2 rs cheap talk, I feel shy.

He asks why, you liked this place. He gets close. They hear the message on radio, that two prisoners are still on loose, if anyone see them, contact police. Shivaye asks did you see, two prisoners have run away. She says we are stuck here. He says I m also getting prisoner’s feeling, can we go out of here or not. She says sometimes miracles happen, maybe door opens on own. The door opens. Two officers come. Shivaye asks who are you. The man asks who are you, what are you doing here. Shivaye says we came to ask for help, our car broke down, so we have spent night here, who are you. The man says we are forest rangers, this is our guest house. Shivaye says that’s great, we have no phone and car, can you arrange transport for us. The man says we will just come. Anika says I did not know my fingers have magic, I said door will open and it did. Shivaye says you think so, it was sheer coincidence. She says you don’t want to praise me. He says fine, I don’t want to argue, thanks. She says I m happy.

Dadi asks Pinky did you talk to Billu. Pinky says no, his phone is unreachable. Dadi asks her to call Anika. Pinky says she left her phone at home, they did not say and went. Dadi says don’t worry, they went alone for the first time, let them enjoy. Pinky says they will enjoy when Anika comes home, I planned such thing, Anika will see.

The man says they don’t know we are escaped prisoners, we will use them and reach Mumbai. He apologizes to Shivaye. He says he had night duty and can’t drive. Shivaye says its fine, I will drive. Inspector stops Shivaye and says we have to check car. Anika asks but why, we have forest rangers with us.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Gayathri.visu

    Hilarious episode….. NaRbhi nailed it!!
    Berry scene….out side in socalled Taj Mahal scene….jealousy Anikaji……inside in so called Taj Mahal scene….hide n seek game….shivika’s cutest dance…..shivaay’s himself talk n caring for Anikaji…..morning shivaay’s slap due to bee…….romance talk(only so very upset)……anikaji’s (so called)magic powers….and their cute argument….. TOTALLY KHIDKITOD EPI!! Except last 2 min scenes….

    @MANYA wow! New member in Milkha singh class… Congrats dear… GO MANYA GO!!

    @MAAHI ALL THE BEST FOR UR EXAMS DEAR…. I miss ur poems. Fantastic poem Omkaraji!! Ur analysis is short story dear…. I liked it.

    1. Thank you @gayathri…. Yes the episode was just awesome….. Narbhi just nailed it…. Best part was when the bee arrives and anika starts her Hand karate… shivaay domestic violence…. LoL… Bechare shivaay ko pahle apni biwi se kick and then slap mila…. Aage pata nahi kya kya milega…. ????????

  2. guys read this….
    This one is fantastic……
    Don’t know from where they get skills to write such a wonderful article n poem

  3. @Manya dear, you are in milkha mode…congrats. ..and you arecthe one who was writting a ff…am i right….

    @maahi dear, awesome lines d suno..pinky ponky ko chod do jasie maine kiya …uski baare main soch kar mood off mat karo…shivika ko socho…accha rahrga…

    And Best Best Best of luck for your exam..i will really miss your shayri. .come back soon

    @akrti dear, take care of yourself properly. ..pehele your injury and now bukhar… very bad.

    @Anu @asthababy @sekhar bahiya @nivi @lax @archu and all my frnds love your comments. …

    @lax dear, mujhe lagatha ki sirf mujhe laga ki bilu bili ko kiss karega..but tumhe bhi laga..yaaa ek kiss snivarya hota he…but but but fuzion ne sahi kaha..that
    ” the person is staring you without desiring ” is true love. Tumne padha he kya fuzion ki latest article.”Gajab Love story Of Ajab lovers”

    @ammu dear, your radio didi bada gadbad..otherwise we get to know bilu kya karna ja raha tha..??????


    Yres my wish is coming true.bili and bili will ride champa??? ye ye.


    Wow……..Can’t wait for it….

    1. Thank u dear @arpi….
      Even the face of pinky gives me blues…..
      And yes hopefully my exams goes well….

  4. Sejsmiles

    I just hope Pinky’s drama doesn’t stretch too long. Shivaye shld know sooner than later that his mom is playing games to separate anika frm him. This in turn shld make Shiva’s dislike his Mom. Moved away frm her. Also waiting for mahi track to pick up

  5. Yesterday’s episode was khidkitod ?????????? sso’s novels helps him alot. Anika’s suspicion on sso “aap pehle bhi yahan aa chuke hain na,aisi jagahon pr toh ladki saath mein aati hai”sso’s expression like someone accused him for murder???? and the way they enter the house my CID cuties.

    And sso’s expression when anika asked him that how did he know that the keys were under the door mat. His dialogue”tum hindi pictures nahi dekhti!!STUPID awww???????he was looking like a KG class student who is laughing on his classmate on not watching the right and cockroaches ?????? shivaay is looking so cute in it

    And there dance left me spellbound . They r looking me more narbhi’s than shivika. God his s*xy dance moves and anika’s cuteness almost killed me .

    And his soft glares at anika. I thought that ab toh pakka kiss karega but asusual saari soch ka gangaram kar diya ???

    And my most fav part sso pr domestic violence??????????? she was trying to help him out but he was……. The way he was blowing that bee”ja,ja,ja”and when that bee blown away . His expressions awwwwe????????yesterday cuteness was overloaded on shivaay I thought ki kaash main sso ko kiss kar paati because he looked like a “shona babu”????????????????

    Episode was very good and hilarious . Both narbhi’s deserves best actor and actress award???

    And about pinky unke baare bolna matlab dimaag ka gangaram karna so just kept her aside

  6. Mehakchalag

    watch this
    isko dekhne ke aur pyaar ho jayega narbhi se..uff unki pagalpanti…khidhkitod video h yeh.DEKHNE KE BAAD

    1. Shanaa

      narbhi….may faav…
      love u guyzzz

  7. Shanaa

    yeaterday’s episode was awsome…
    cuteness overloaded…
    narbhi nailed the episode..

    shivay its difficult to handle ur wife when she is jealous
    it was really cute to see shivika knocking the door

    loved the way shivay shout chaavi…
    oooh shivika playing hide and seek….lol…from pati patni they turned into kids..

    shivay’s lip sink with song was spr..
    shivay ur expressions when u dance was kidu…

    anika. just…u can look cute in that spects….

    shivaay…..iam sure u r not going to leave anika..the way you looked @ her was just wow..
    not only ur tongue,but also ur eyes talked @ that time..
    in that 2 mintute u made me emotional shivaay….from fun to serious…
    bhayya my love to u got increased…

    the way shivaay cared anika’s hair…lift her…made her comfortable in her sleep…wow to bring happinesss on her face……shivay u deserve to be best pati…

    honey beee u took away shivays peace sleep & thank u for binging more fun….
    shivay singh oberoi getting beaten by his

    beat @ head was nice..hope shivay will get his sense and forget about nkk…

    now radio have become swargathile katturumb..

    todays episode was superb excluding pinky part…dadi on ishqbaaz mode… loved u for ur sayings…plss teach some of ur values to ur bahu…

  8. Piyuu

    lax today i saw ur comments .thanks dear for reply .

  9. Piyuu

    mahi all the best for ur exams.

    1. Thanks @piyuu..

  10. LAX

    Just heard GULs IV aired on Sabras radio. I pretty much enjoyed it.


    1. The focus shifted from 3 brothers coz the numbers were constant n not elevating. They were forced to take this decision coz of nos. It’s definitely gonna focus on the brothers romantic angle now.
    From what she said I felt that the focus has shifted from brothers but we ll still get Obro moments.

    2. Rudrs love story ll start post IPL but they going for the reverse formula this time, the girl will be arrogant n the boy ll b laid back.
    My doubt- Does that mean they are scrapping off Soumyas character? No way. I don’t want that to happen eventually also. Triangle love story is fine but ultimately couple has to be Rumya.

    3. After IPL, IB/DBO ll ve crossover episodes. The shows ll run parallel.
    @Arpita- Gul did not say they are going to be connected by the sisters. But we can still be hopeful.

    4. Ipkknd 3 is a new show on star plus starring Barun Sobti n Shivani Tomar as leads. Show ll b launched post IPL.

    5. When asked why Ishana track ended, she said that the love story was not hooky enuf n the chemistry was not working for her.
    I somehow cannot agree with that. Though I liked Shivika more, am sure Ishkara had a lot of fans. People love them as much as they love Gaurikara. I loved that concept of two people with different principles falling in love. Om could ve married Ishana just to save her from a particular situation like how Gaurikas wedding happened. Eventually could ve fell in love with her. That’s my feeling, but ok totally the makers call.

    6. She praised NarBhi a lot. She said NarBhi is so Shivika.

    So guys until IPL is airing, we may get filler episodes. May be by then this Pinky track ll also be sidelined hopefully.

    1. Shanaa

      lax di..,this pinky is unsahikable and unporukable
      whats the connection between ib and ipl..???

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Unshahikable and unporukable!! ????can’t deceive her better Shana!

      2. LAX

        IPL is the TRP eater. So what ever they do now ll not ve the effect coz of IPL. So all their trump cards ll b played after that.

      3. Shanaa

        @anu di.. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
        @lax it..thank u.. 🙂

    2. LAX
      Gul ki ye IV aur kaha milengi.please help me.GK ne soumya ki baare main kuch nahi bola hai kya.i hope RuMya story end na kare.

      1. LAX

        Guls IV can be downloaded from the Twitter page of Raj Baddhan.

    3. AnuluvsIB

      Lax #2 I feared this and looks like it has happened! Rumya were so magical! I cannot see Rudy with any one else yaar!
      #4 wow can see Barun again! But who is this Shivani Tomar.. I dunno abt her..

      1. LAX

        She was doing Tanus role in Kasam for sometime. I am not her fan.

  11. Hello everyone guys my music band won the award for singing competition I am very happpppppppppy today

    how are u all didn’t remember me kya very bad 😉
    jst kidding
    and Thanx shana dear

    coming on serial I wish ki anika belongs to very royal family who can takeover oberoi empire like rajput’s den pinky will understand…..
    wen pinky will accept anika as DIL Becoz she belongs to royal family den anika should reject dat proposal dat she don’t want to become the DIL of OF
    I want to see crying face of dat stupid pinky

    shivika everytime nailed through there acting

    and guys voting kar rhe ho na for our shivika and omri SPA is coming on 28 may

    1. LAX

      Oh ya.. I know u…!! Congratulations

    2. Archiya

      u are the same gal who was selected in a band for singing rite.. u got invisible after tat

      1. Archiya

        Congo dear

  12. NABANITA626

    Hey guys star parivar award nominies has published…….
    Anikka is nominated as#favourite patni#favourite naya sadasya#favourite digital SADASYA….
    Shivay is nominated as #favourite pati#Dec digital sadasya…
    Anikka shivay nominated #fav jodijodi#fav international jodi….
    Omkara nominated as#favourite naya sadasya
    Gauri is nominated as fav PATNI and#Dec naya sadasya……
    I am frightening from those Naira and Kartik because in all the catagories where shivika nominated they are also nominated………
    And kairas popularity is also so very much………….

  13. Piyuu

    thank u surbhi.hws ur leg pain i think u feel better now take care.

  14. Chavi

    Good afnoon ishquies.. Hi all..
    About episode… No words yaar..its awesome…fantastic n beautiful…
    I totally enjoyed every scenes of shivika??…except d face reaction of pinky in d last moment..

    Friends… Today all ur comments represents u too all njoyed shivika jungle wala scenes.. Dance..hide n berries effect.. Each n every scenes ah..I too?..
    Anu…ur comments?…I too laughed when shivay hided after radio yaar..even my kids used to hide d same way?? under pillow,book,bucket..ha ha..

    Shekar ur analysis is awesome yaar??…

    Lax,nivi,shanaa,prerna,arpita,maahi,gayathri,simrat,shistuti,nitad,Luna,vishakha,ranilya,nilash,surbi,pushpa,riddima,piyuu,amayaa,123,arshi,mouni,diya,akansha,labiba,antara,rajjo,bela,archiya..all ur comments n analysis ?…
    Nabanita..thanku for d information yaar.. too waiting yaar.
    Aryaraju,mehakchala link is?..shanitia os is nice yaar..
    Astha meri Jaan..awesome yaar ur words…unknowntia difficultia..roadside hangoveria…u reminded of my college yaar I used to talk such type of words ??☺..nice ah..
    Su-16..welcome dear..keep writing yaar..
    Akriti..take care of ur health yaar..get well soon..

    1. AnuluvsIB

      Under pillow, book bucket!! ???
      Yeah right!! ?

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Hey Jhansi ki Raani..I am happy I reminded you your happy time during college..

    3. LAX

      Thanks Chavi
      How r u??

    1. im soo sorry its wrong link if u have so much intrest check it fr urself my hall ticket no is 1721128727 and i got 9.3/10

      1. Shanaa

        congratulations shab….we need treat…
        i too have written class 10 examination…iam waiting for my results..

      2. Aastha_Reddy

        Hey Shabana…Congratulation with many many hugs and kisses ..For your khidki tod result…Have a bright future.

      3. Amayaa

        Shab ……what’s de need of link dr………
        Nd no need of checking ur result too …….. u told us that’s enough. ……

        A biggggggggg bigggggggggg bigggggggggggg ……………..TO INFINITY. ……………CONGRATULATIONS dr. …….
        So glad to know ur result ………it is superb. ……….
        9.3 CGPA is not a small grade but a very difficult one to acquire. ……..
        Very good. ………keep it up ……….
        Party to banti hai. ………???………
        So tell me my dr madrassan when r u going to give treat to us ……..I m waiting. ………
        Do one thing. ……..pack food items nd send it to Delhi from Hyderabad. ……………..okkkssssssssss …………
        Don’t forget……….. ( kidding dr ) …………
        Enjoy ur day nd thank u so much for sharing this fabulous news with us………

        Tune to Ek dum Char Minar breaking result diya hai …………
        Now wait for my Red fort breaking result ……….

        U r lucky. ……….ur results came early. ………..I have to wait so long ………. nd dr I think u have confusion about de system of result of my board…….
        Last time u asked me nd I answered too ……….but may be it didn’t get clear. ……… I m telling once again
        I m from cbse board nd CGPA system is used in my board too….

        Again congratulation dr……….my madrassan. ………
        This is for u
        GSG – Go Shab Go ………..??………..

      4. Shanaa

        @amaya same too from cbse board

    2. AnuluvsIB

      Congratssss!! Shab!!!!
      U owe us a Party!!
      Awesome score!!

    3. thank uu aaastha di , shaana dr and anu akka im sooo happy today

    4. thanks amaayaaa dr im sooo happy now

    5. LAX

      Congratulations…!! Party tho banthi hain..!! ???

      1. thank u lax di party tho banthi hai i will give party fr whole pkj okssssssssssssss in pinky style

    6. Archiya

      Shab dear
      many congratulations..

    7. Anila_Kannath

      Congratzzz shab dr. khidkithod result wid yesterdays khidkithod epi. congratzzz. Waiting 4 treat yaar

    8. Ranilya

      Congrats shab….?????
      Waiting for the party…..

  15. Chavi

    Congratulations to shab n saidha dears..???
    All d best for d future yaar..??

    1. thanks chavi and fathima
      im shabana di saidha is my mom name u can call me shab and once again thank uu

  16. congrats shabs and saidha….. all d best for your features swt heart

    1. thanks akansha dr i will give party fr sure

  17. Any one of u know trp of the weak if yes please say the list with trp rating

    1. LAX

      IB has only a TRP of 1.9

  18. Thanx lax 🙂

  19. Piyuu

    congrats shab…

  20. Piyuu

    congrats akansha.

  21. yes you are ri8 archu I am dat same girl 😉 Wat to do dear rehearsal rehearsal and only rehearsal on Tuesday only I got holiday…. from Monday rehearsal start and thank you so much archu and btw your dp awesome
    Thanx piyu dear

  22. Lijince

    Hello gyzzzzzzzzzz…….how are you?? ALL IS WELL!! Mera toh mann karta hai ki “well” mein khood jaoon……I am with my guests touring in and around TN…..and my laddoo is like a butterfly when she’s out of the house… didn’t get time to check the messages or anything…..lotzzzz of love to you all!! ??????????????

    Yesterday’s epi was too good na…..I mean only 1 scene of that “seedhebaalwali” lady…..hardly 2 mins……but didn’t the CVs disappoint us somewhere in the middle…..I mean kind of giving us high hopes and then showing only 1% of what we expected…I donno maybe as usual its my expectations…….but I felt the Shivika scene a bit dragging after the song……but no probs….chalega!! Btw what fruit was that?? Does it really give that drugged effect or that was one of our CVs discoveries???

    Precap: Yeh naye log kaun hai……phir se nayi villains??
    Not sure if I will be able to watch at 10….if not will watch tmrw at 6…..ok then…..missing my PKJ chats…….loadzzz of love to all!!!

    PS. Shekhar…..will comment first once I return to my form!!

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