Ishqbaaz 3rd July 2016 Written Episode Update


Ishqbaaz 3rd July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivaye lifting the ghunghat. Anika and Shivaye get shocked seeing each other. Rudra comes there and takes their pic. Tia comes to give a surprise and gets surprised. Rudra says Tia got surprised Pinky, Dadi, Jhanvi come there. Pinky says who is this girl instead my high fashioned bahu. Tia says she is caterer girl, right baby? Pinky says caterer, she came for rehearsals, how dare she take my bahu’s place. Priyanka gets surprised seeing Anika…… Pinky asks Anika to leave. Anika keeps the ghunghat there and leaves.

Tia asks Pinky not to scold her, she did a mistake. Shivaye gets angry. Priyanka says she is my good friend. He says friendship or enmity, it should be done with equal people, there is a reason why junk is dumped on road, it belongs there, junk is not brought

at home. Anika stops hearing this and cries. She leaves.

Tia goes after Shivaye and asks him not to be upset, that girl did bad Karma, she will get punished. He says I m not upset, I m worried for Priyanka, she has to understand the lineage and class. She says I know Priyanka and Rudra disappointed you. He asks what did Rudra do. She says nothing. He asks again. She says promise, you won’t say Rudra anything, I guess Rudra planned this, he made that girl stand in my place, it was his prank, don’t mind this, he is just a kid.

Anika is on the way in an auto and cries thinking of Shivaye’s words. She sees the meter and checks money in her purse. She stops the auto and pays fare. She gets walking. Shivaye scolds Rudra for insulting Tia. Om asks Rudra to insult Tia as Shivaye likes. Rudra laughs and asks Shivaye how can you like Tia, which GF will gift medicines to BF. He teases Shivaye. Shivaye asks him not to do kiddish things and grow up. Rudra says I will always remember younger one when if I grow up, whats the need to grow up then. Shivaye says you will fall in problem by this kiddishness, those medicines are high end one. Rudra asks don’t I have right to say anything. Shivaye says yes. Rudra asks why, because I m not your own brother. Shivaye asks him to think anything. Rudra goes. Om asks Shivaye to explain Rudra with love, he is young. Shivaye says he has to grow up.

Anika walks on the road and recalls Shivaye’s bitter words. Dirty water falls over her. She goes home. Bua ji demands her earnings and threatens her to call inspector Madhuri. Bua ji asks where is the money. Anika says I came by auto today. Bua ji scolds her and asks her to get ration. She pushes her on the ground and says you are not here to eat for free, you are just road junk, nothing else.

Its night, Tia tells Shivaye about chef Leo. She says we are going in a party, I hope your mood gets well, you are thinking about Rudra right. He says yes, he is immature. She says you can meet him if you want. He asks are you sure. She says yes, I want your focus to be on me at the time of dinner. Shivaye goes to Rudra’s room and does not find him there. He calls Rudra and sees his phone there. He calls Om and asks for Rudra. Om says I think he went out, I was also calling him. Shivaye says his phone is here.Om says it means his anger is high. Shivaye says last time, he did accident when he was angry, we have to find him. Om asks where. Shivaye says I know where he will be. Rudra is at some pub.

Shivaye goes to Tia. Tia asks shall we go, do you have to find Rudra. Shivaye says if you don’t mind, can we have dinner some other day. Tia says its destiny, go. Shivaye tells Om that this is called understanding partner. A girl smiles seeing Rudra. He pulls a chair and she falls down. The girl’s BF gets angry. Rudra says sorry. The man scolds him for pulling the chair. Rudra sees Om and Shivaye coming there and gets confident. He asks the man not to get angry, and sit and talk. He pulls the chair again and makes the guy fall. He says I made your GF fall like this. The man says you are gone today. Rudra says beat me, who will save me. Shivaye and Om smile seeing his drama. Rudra asks the man to beat him and gains sympathy from brothers.

Om and Shivaye walk to him. Rudra says I m enough alone, but now we are three. He asks his brothers to attack. The man laughs. Rudra gets shocked seeing the goons holding him. Rudra sees his brothers sitting away relaxed. Rudra says actually, I was joking. The men beat Rudra. Om and Shivaye sit drinking and are cool. Rudra waits for them to save him. Rudra asks the goons not to beat on face. Om stops the goon and says not on face, he is a lover boy. He fights with the goons, along with Rudra. Shivaye looks on. The goon shoots in the air, and stops Om and Rudra. Shivaye reacts now. Shivaye comes in between. The man asks who are you, move else I will shoot. Shivaye says shoot and removes his jacket. Rudra says stop Bhai, he has gun. Shivaye asks the goon to shoot and walks to him. He hits the goon. Rudra jumps happily. He shouts music and dances. Om and Shivaye also pose as kung fu warriors. They beat the goons. Shivaye gives a look and gets his jacket. All the brothers smile and get together. Lafzon ka yeh……plays………. They walk in style.

Anika is on the road. A thief runs and collides with her. The men follow the thief. The vegetables bag fall down. Shivaye, Om and Rudra are on the way. Shivaye says whatever happened, it was not Tia’s mistake, it was that girl’s mistake, she looks innocent and is manipulative. Om says how, she got insulted. Shivaye says poor people don’t feel bad of anything. Shivaye’s car passes by, and crushes Anika’s chocolate. Anika looks on, while picking the tomatoes. She thinks it was just one chocolate for Sahil, and cries. Shivaye says there are no emotions for them, she would have tried if she got hurt, such people just has survival instinct.

They reach home. Rudra wears glasses and says Om, you look like Dadi. Dadi slaps him and says I m Dadi. Dadi asks why are you wearing black glasses. Rudra says shayari. Dadi removes glasses and sees his wound. She asks did you fight. Rudra says not me, Shivaye and Om were fighting, I went to save them. She says shut up, you cry on mosquito bite, what will you save them, tell me how are you hurt. Rudra says on my heart and blames Shivaye. Shivaye says dramatic, tell him Dadi not to risk himself next time, else I will kill them. He gives him medicines. Dadi says see Shivaye loves you. Rudra says I have seen his love, Tia has come in between, he is not like before. Om smiles and kisses Dadi, saying good night. He goes. Shivaye tells Dadi that Rudra is big Dramebaaz, don’t worry. He greets Dadi and goes. Anika cries sitting on the road and recalls Shivaye and Bua’s words.

Shivaye asks Sahil to give tissue. Sahil asks him to take it himself. Shivaye scolds him, and Anika throws water on Shivaye’s face.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Mukti.H

    Nice epi…
    Rudra is very funny and cute..
    Om saying that face pe nahi loverboy hai na… It was awsome…
    Feeling sad for anika as uski bua is very zalim….
    Getting interested..
    The brotherly bond is the highlight of the show… Hope it remains always…

  2. Tbh I don’t like the actress who plays anika, the chemistry between the two are very poor but other than that the show is overall very nice and the concept is very different which is entertaining. Hope they keep it up & please replace surbhi

  3. Waiting for anika and shivaay to get together

  4. bakwaas serial bakwaas …………
    kitna bura lagta h ye nakkul mehta aur surbhi
    i dont like any character of this serial a big flop serial it should be hate this serial a lot
    bakwaas fight to karte surbhi nakul aur logo ko acchi lagti nonsense……..

    1. U just shut up u r bakwwas and which type of serials do u like saas-bahu serials and btw first learn English-it should be hate this serial?? and if u don’t like this serial then y r u commenting here just get lost

    2. SilentReader

      Yea,,,,,go and see ur Saas-Bahu drama,,,,This serial is not for u,,,,,#IshqbazzRocks

    3. Ur bakwaas……. go and see ur saas bahu serial?

  5. nyc episode ….this serial showcases vry good comedy …..tia-universe nyi chata hm saath dinner karein hahaha…..

  6. I love this serial!! I don’t want this serial to end like dehleez because of trp??

  7. Sriranjani

    OMG!! I get angry on Shivayy But I am waiting for that scene when shivayy gets to know about anika’s painful life and he feels guilty. I want that episode when he learns the truth and his head bow down to her…

    1. Nice episoded??
      Bohot din baad acha serial aaya h

  8. Goms

    I think am in love with this serial… ?? today’s epi was good..but I hate the brother’s conversation in car..
    (“poor people don’t feel bad of anything, there are no emotions for them, she would have tried if she got hurt, such people just has survival instinct.”) And i also hate that bua ji ‘s character in this serial..she looks lyk lady hitler to me..

    On,rudra,shivaye pose as kungfu warriors??background music was good..

    Siblings care, love and protection was superbly described..

    Om, rudra,shivaye,dadi,anika,sahil actings are good..hope this serial will go well..and shivaye fall in love with anika..

  9. its overall a cool episode,
    par yeh serial mujhe aur meri lil sis ko IPKKND yaad dilararaha hai
    but heroine ki problems kuch zyada hi hogaya

  10. Shivaye should get to know how anika is

  11. I want disha parmar with nakul mehta replace her did not like surbhis acting

  12. Its getting better and interesting day by day… And hero heroine luks gud….

  13. Onethingis tat hero shd improve his style n class… Like arnav frm ipkknd

  14. Rhimjhim


  15. Om is really a very nice actor n he looks way better than anyone else in tht show… Nakul ko yeh character Lil bit unfair….. Anika s doing grt job… Frank attitude with filled emotions… Bas thoda walking n pose zyada unnecessarily dikha rahe hein

  16. Good seeing

  17. Very interesting show abd its only the first week!! Looking forward to seeing it daily, come on folks lets keep ratings up!!

    If people dont haven’t good to say about shows then just dont say anything. Actors work very hard to earn money and have a lot of pressure from work schedules give them a break and stop calling them bakwaas!!

  18. Interesting. .. my favorite character is om. relaxed n humble. I felt really bad for Anika. I am interested to see how this egotistical shivaye falls for her wo a surname hehe?

  19. Superb episode…….keep rocking..

  20. Superb Serial,,,,,,,,loved it

    1. Hi roz how are you yeah episode was nice

    2. Hey r u the same roz from SSEL updates.

    3. yea Rose it’s me,,,,,and hai jaz,,,, 🙂

  21. After long time such a beautiful serial on tv.waiting for when shivaai will fall for anika

  22. Nice serial….. after ek hasina thi, this is best… loved the role of rudra and om….. keep it up….

  23. Is surbi is elder than nakul?

  24. show is nice
    new serial I like it

  25. OMG I’m in love with this show!!!!!!!! I’m dying to see how Shivaye is gonna fall for Anika. Shivaye’s gonna have a real tuff time convincing Anika when he falls in love with her after all the hurtful things he said to her!!!!!

  26. Narendran

    This show is cute!!I love this show!!Baa is bad!

  27. love tis show. the eay brothers bond is simply awesome

  28. I love Leenesh mattoo’s charmingness

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