Ishqbaaz 3rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 3rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tia says Shivaye can be my way, not my destination. I don’t care he exists or not. Servant cuts the glass wall. Anika calls Shivaye. Some time before, Tia asks Anika where are your manners, don’t you know to knock before entering someone’s bedroom. Anika says someone’s, not own, manners also say not to go to anyone’s bedroom at night, what are you doing in my room, whom did you ask to sit with my husband on my bed, get out and show this noorjahan attitude somewhere else. Tia says Shivaye baby, see how is she talking. Anika says if you can him baby again, I will throw you. Shivaye asks what are you doing. Anika says what is she doing in my room. Tia says this is Shivaye’s room. Anika asks whose husband is Shivaye…. She gets in between and says mine, husband mine, room mine and bed also

mine, who are you, just a guest of free fund, go to guest room and sleep. Tia asks Shivaye to see her courage, why don’t you say something.

Anika says why will he say, I m talking, Shivaye is good that he did not ask you to get out, don’t you understand, you are stubborn like pickle stain. Tia says shut up, who are you to make me leave from Shivaye’s room, maybe you forgot Shivaye is going to give you divorce. Anika says tomorrow morning, sun will rise, will you start saying good morning from now itself, divorce will happen, it did not happen, till then Shivaye and I are husband and wife, before I ruin your respect, get out. She holds Tia’s hand and drops her out of the room. Shivaye looks on.

Anika asks her to leave. She stops Tia and says I have something for you. She gets slippers box. Tia recalls gifting slippers to Anika. Anika taunts Tia and says you need this more so that you know your place in Shivaye and my relation. Anika goes and shuts the room door. She smiles. She sees Shivaye sitting on the bed. Shivaye asks why are you standing there, come, sit near me, here…. She asks near you? He asks why, is there any problem, you just said, this is your house, bedroom, bed, your husband, come sit near your husband, in your room, on your bed. She smiles. He says oh my God, what happened to you, did you see your face. He goes to her and says I did not know tadibaaz girl blushes too. She says I brush daily, twice a day, see.

She shows her teeth and says my teeth shine like light. He says not brush, blush. She asks what does blush mean. He holds her close and says blush means…. shall I say. O jaana…..plays….. He holds her. They have an eyelock. They smile. He says you are blushing again. She says I don’t know what are you saying. She goes away. He sees her through the curtains. They see each other. She says what happened to him suddenly and what’s happening to me. He says what’s happening to me. They lie to sleep and smile.

The guys see Priyanka’s MMS and say its good. Ranveer comes to them. He beats them and hits the phone to break it. Its morning, Priyanka comes out of her tent. She looks around and gets shocked seeing the guys. She says Abhishek, what are you guys upto, what do you want. The guy says we want you and much more. She shouts for help and asks them to let her go. He says you thought you will get saved by calling your lover, we made MMS yesterday and will make feature film today. She shouts. The guy throws off her dupatta. Ranveer catches the dupatta and sees them. The guys misbehave with Priyanka.
Tia says all preparations are done here. Shwetlana says great, even here, its all done. Tia says then we will start the game. Anika says to whom is Tia talking, I have to find out. Servant comes in Anika’s way and says sorry, are you fine. She says yes, what happened to me. He says you had drunk Shivaye’s tea and then.. She says I m fine. She says maybe I can catch Tia red handed.

Ranveer says wrong question, I will save her, who will save you from me, how did you donkeys reach college, you got beaten up at night and forgot the lesson, same doings in morning again. He beats them. He makes Priyanka wear her dupatta. Tum mere ho…..plays……..She looks at him.

Tia says I came out of Oberoi mansion, Anika is after me, Shivaye is alone now, exactly where he should go, you can play your next move. Anika says why is she going to outhouse. Shivaye is in room. Servant gets a laser device and puts light on Shivaye. Anika looks for Tia. She says where did Tia go. Tia asks are you following me. Anika asks what are you doing here. Tia asks is this your bedroom, you have no right to ask me. Anika says I m sure you are cooking some khichdi here. Tia says that khichdi smell got you here. Servant uses laser at the glass edges. Anika asks what’s your plan, tell me clearly. Tia asks really, did you think I will tell you. Anika says what can I expect from you, I knew you won’t say, use your senses, think Shivaye trusts you a lot, you are playing tricks against him, you are putting someone’s child on him, even then he is ready to give his name to child so that your name does not get spoiled. Tia says your life may revolve around Shivaye, not mine, trust me, I have many things to think and do.

Shivaye works. Tia says Shivaye is going to give you divorce, I m his wife in the world’s sight, this baby is also of Shivaye, I got what I wanted from him. Servant continues cutting glass edges. Anika says you are not doing this for Shivaye. Tkia says my mentality is not middle class like you, to do husband’s puja, Shivaye is small part of this world. Anika asks what do you want, why are you doing this. Tia says keep thinking, trust me, you can’t imagine what I want and why I m doing all this, Shivaye can be my way, not destination, his work is finished, I don’t care he exists or not. Anika gets shocked. Tia goes. Anika says it means Shivaye’s life is in danger, I have to call him. She calls Shivaye. She wishes he answers the call. Shivaye turns and walks away. The glass structure falls……

Shivaye answers call. The glass falls and breaks. Anika hears it and shouts Shivaye, are you fine.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Atlast, it has been come up, SHIVAAY is deeply in love with ANNIKA as soon as he found ANNIKA kicked out TIA from their ( OR HIS ???!!!!) bed room, that is what he was wishing. He didn’t take it otherwise, neither got angered nor annoyed, but fully admired of her this act. His , by sayings ‘ JYADA TADI MAT MARO!!”, handovering the rights as wife to ANNIKA, he realised, she is upto what actually he is !!

    What ever happened between them then, all was A HUSBANDS’s ADMIRATION for his daring and dashing wife who had used her rights over him out of his imagination THAN A ROMANCE! In these moments, Romance was there, only as a way to express his extreme ADMIRATION for his wife, nothing else.

    Indirectly he hinted her wife ANNIKA, what he want out of ANNIKA, and he is wise enough to let it happened what ever ANNIKA was doing . The way through which TIA disposed off his bedroom was to enjoy to watch. She almost made TIA speechless and clueless which enhence her dumbness only. She might have been cursing herself for gifting CHAPPAL to ANNIKA at the time of her signing the divorce papers.

    Don’t messup yourself these all moments with ROMANCE , it is still away but atleast we can feel the glimpse of hidden ROMANCE from both SHIVIKA. No doubt, both have STRONG FEELINGS over each other, but they just could not defined it as a LOVE. But whatever the situation, they like presence of each other around, and seeking this ever.

    I feel, TIA may take some hectic step to over come the ANNIKA, she will try to ride over ANNIKA, and will fumble down and may herself lead ANNIKA to dig a pit for TIA. SWETLANA is very right scaling her sister TIA, HER EGO PROBLEM WITH ANNIKA may spoil their master plan, that is what exactly going on .

    1. Hellooo Shekhar…nc analysis about shivika……sso fallen for anikas this boldness….romance is just started between them
      U know what just now i commented that where u missing….

      1. I used to travel a lot, almost 4 days a week, so sometmes could not comment timely.

        yes, from SHIVIKA, atleast SSO realised, it is love, and also confessed to himself, but could not loud out, that is his constraint, and also his struggle going on with TIA’s matter.

        But, the man who was getting annoyed hearing on love in initial epis, that same man giving his ears to hear love talks of RUMYA, isn’t it a great turn around? From other angle, isn’t it a meeting of SSO within SHIVAAY?!!!?????????

      2. read ‘ …meeting of SSO….’ as ” merging of SSO…..’

      3. U are right Shekhar….sso changed a lotz……he used to say shut up to his brothers and dadi when they talks about love….but now….its totally opposite….he is listning cureosely about love…now inner feelings of shivaye coming out from sso bcz of thadeebaz girl anika….im loving this changing sso more and more

    2. What a analyzer …hats off man ..I understand your job involves a lotttttttt of travel but don’t ever stop commenting..
      And shekhar help me ..tell me ….how to tell people [ 🙂 you ] that you are a fan of their writing (without being creepy ) :-D:-D

  2. I saw on many sites that vrushika is coming back

  3. Is it true or not ? Please tell me

    1. Ummm…..I must say almost all concerned websites are hinting it…..may be true. Let’s hope for the best

  4. Twana

    Shivika moments r soo cute!!
    Love them ?????
    Sakshii I blushed with Anika! ???
    Itz awesome!
    Hi guys, How r u all????
    I’m late today… I had an exam thatz why!
    Anywayz hope u all r doing fine! Waiting for Today’s ep… want to know what happened to Shivaay!!!

  5. Shekhar…..where are u?
    No comments today…..missing ur comments….ur fan Shiv also missing from yesterday….

  6. Hi.guys this fantastic episode & i like most in yesterday anika diagolues priveer song i think priveer will have love marriage only not force marriage and ha i am telugu nithya hi

  7. Dialogue writers of Ishqbaaz are mind blowing !!!!
    i loved this hilarious one the most Anika were told Tia ..Kal Subah suraj ayeega toh kya tum ab se good morning .. goodmorning bolne shuru karegi ….

  8. Verryy thanks for your fast updates 🙂 Why don’t you record the conversation between Anika and tia ., so that you will have a proof against tia and then throw tia out of oberoi house …

  9. sakshi di ..u cn call dil..mein aaj tak serial sse r character se kabhi obsessed nahi hua ..shivika n ishqbaaz mujhe pagal honeki mazboor kar diya

  10. read as call me *

  11. Christina

    Hi guya not a new one but not regular commentor too…acoording to spoiler helly shah is going to be the love interest of om…is ut true??????
    Plz do reply it plz

  12. She was scared after SHIVIKA MARRIAGE), and could not set at her default image, and was getting herself in most discomfirt state. She entered in OM with her default image, but at that time DADI’s provided her comfirt by acknowledging her and was behaving being within her character frame . But as soon as she started to feel some strange feelings, of course good one, she find herself in discomfirt, and just could not keep herself within her character frame and all we were used for losing ANNIKA. SSO’s split personality made her state of mind , and eventually heart even moving like a pendulum of a clock between two threshhold love and hate, and we were getting ANNIKA ignored, insulted and badly hurted. I noted, when ever she was feeling for SSO, she was losing the pace with herself with which she was used to alive within her character frame. Situation was becomes more tedious when she was rudely forced marry SSO, and it seems, we lost ANNIKA for ever, but no! , she tried hard to rose from the ASH like phoenix, but she badly needed ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of her entity thyis time from SSO himself, and not from anyone else including DADI even to act and react in such a state of marrital hidden status, she badly nidded a little space to rose proudly without which ANNIKA just can not survive from the situation in which she was forcebly pushed in. Now when SSO find the circuimstances going against him, and his family name, and also when he realised his ideology getting crashed down and find himself almost totally helpless , a experienced a RAY OF HOPE emerging out of ANNIKA , he just , knowingly yaa unknowingly, willingly yaa unwillingly, he gave it to ANNIKA, ” JYADA TADI MAT MARO’, and bluntly ACKNOWLEDGED her infront of TIA herself which changed the equation of SHIVIKA from its base and coming in her original form, she kicked out TIA from her ( THEIR!!) bedroom with return gift!!!

    The dumb TIA just could not understand the meaning of few words of SHIVAAY BABY delivered after the divorced paper signed by ANNIKA, and left the impression that SHE WAS BORN TO BE DUMB ONLY!!!

  13. Guys it’s confirmed that Vrushika won’t return to Ishqbaaz as Hellyshah has been roped in for the role of Ishana.. 🙁 today’s SBS segment had shown

    1. I only want ishana (vrushika) opposite omkara (i know im being silly)

  14. Surbhi Chandna aka Annika ,u r awesome,u were amazing as Haya in Qubool hai,used to watch only to see ur acting,u played a dumb character but u portrayed all ur emotions, here also,u rock,u r my favourite actress on TV right now…

  15. There are news that helly shah will play the role of omkaras lead….i dntknow if its true or not….but if helly shah enters ib… I will just skip her part….i really dnt like her….i know many helly fans will be angry reading my comment but i have my own choice….i will just skip now helly shahs part in the show….i wanted to see omkaras story….now i dnt want….im not bashing any actress…i respect her….but i have likes and dislikes….if someone is sad about my comment im sorryyy but i cnt hide my feelings….ohhhh i just wish she wont enter ib

    1. it is not confirmed dear relax our vrushika will be back

  16. I don’t like thz serial

    1. If u dnt like dnt watch….who is forcing u tooo watch

  17. I know that im being silly but i only want ishana (vrushika) opposite omkara and no one else…

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