Ishqbaaz 3rd December 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 3rd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dadi says even if you sell each brick of Oberoi family, you can’t pay price for sindoor, you maybe rich, but you can’t buy suhaag items. Shivaye says if the problem is by mangalsutra, I will remove it. Sometime before, Pinky asks kidnap? We have misunderstood Tia. Shakti says we have to think what to do now. Jhanvi says we can’t deny the fact that Shivaye married Anika. Pinky says its because Tia was kidnapped. Jhanvi says its Shivaye’s reception today. Pinky says don’t know what to do. Shivaye comes and asks whats the confusion. Om says we are confused, what to say, you married Anika or Tia. Shivaye says who said I married Anika, I mean we know I married Anika, but the world knows I married Tia.

Dadi says but you married Anika. Shivaye says I did not marry, I had to marry, I don’t

believe in it. Dadi says fine, you have no meaning for this marriage. Shivaye says this marriage is not marriage, I don’t believe it. Dadi says its marriage, not a deal, to change it if you don’t like it, id you don’t know difference between marriage and deal, I will say, what happens again and again is deal. What happens once is marriage, marriage is a promise of togetherness to be kept for seven births and its not broken. Shivaye says what about my promise to support Tia and marry her. Dadi says that was promise to Tia, what you gave to Anika is a vow by keeping fire and Devtas as witness. Shivaye says I don’t understand these old fashioned things. Dadi says fashion changes every day, the sindoor and mangalsutra is not fashion, its a tradition. He says its my marriage, can I decide I have to keep it or not. She says its Anika’s marriage too, we have to know her opinion, where is she. Priyanka says she went home.

Dadi asks what do you mean, this is her house. She asks Shivaye to get Anika. Shivaye says why, its good she left, it means she does not regard this marriage as marriage. She says I will talk to her, get my bahu here. He says don’t call her bahu, I will pay her a big price if you are feeling bad, it will be help for her. Dadi claps and says you became big businessman, you bought the world and going to buy relations now, relations are not so cheap that any rich man can buy it, think you have a sister, if anyone does this with Priyanka then… how will you feel. Shivaye says she is my sister, before this happens with her, I will burn the world, Anika is different, for us, respect is everything, for poor people, money is everything, I will pay her the price.

Dadi asks will you pay for it, tell the price for the sindoor you filled in Anika’s maang, tell the price for the mangalsutra which you tied in her neck. He recalls the marriage. Anika looks at her mangalsutra. Dadi asks the price of the wedding rounds, even if you sell each brick of Oberoi family, you can’t pay the price for pinch of sindoor, you maybe rich, you have no status to buy the suhaag things, I m annoyed with Anika to support you in this lie, I have to scold her when she comes here, go and get her.

Tej says I think mummy ji is saying right. Pinky says you will find this right, you have sympathy for Anika, I know why. He asks what do you mean. She says you wanted Shivaye and Tia’s marriage does not happen, so that the big deal gets cancelled. He says what rubbish, we are talking of Shivaye’s marriage, not business. She taunts him about Shwetlana, and asks why is he advising Shivaye to keep this marriage with Anika, you want him to be in this unwanted marriage, so that he has affair with Tia, you want to make him like you. Tej asks her to shut up. She asks him to shut up. Tej asks Shakti to stop her. Shakti asks Pinky not to talk other things, we are talking about Shivaye. Jhanvi says yes, reception is today, we have time till evening, Shivaye has to formally introduce his wife infront of he media. Om says we don’t have to decide, Shivaye has to decide. Rudra says what decision, marriage is done. Om asks Shivaye to think well once, before deciding. Dadi says its not time to think, come Shivaye. Shivaye says sorry, I can’t. She shouts.

Anika removes her jewelry. She recalls the marriage. She holds the mangalsutra. Anika keeps the bridal dress. Bua comes. She likes the jewelry. Anika says even if its costlier, its not ours, it belongs to Shivaye’s wife. Bua says you are his wife. Anika says I m not. Bua says so what, you helped him, whats the difference if he pays. She says I got tears and humiliation, its enough, I don’t want any price now. Bua asks her to think about Sahil. Anika asks her not to worry. Bua jokes and goes.

Sahil comes to Anika. She wipes her tears and asks did you do homework, go and get the book, show me. She sends him. She says you will not get bored in boarding school, there will be many kids, you won’t feel lonely. Sahil asks what about you, will you stay without me. Anika says I have habit to stay alone, you don’t worry. I m very strong. Sahil says you started lying. Anika says its not a lie, I can stay alone. Dadi says the one who has big sasural, why will she stay alone. Anika sees Dadi and Shivaye. Dadi says I came to take my bahu. Shivaye says I did not come to take anyone, Dadi got me here. Dadi says don’t listen to him, come. Anika says no, this is my house. Dadi says it was, now inlaws is your house after marriage. Anika asks but if marriage is done forcibly then…. Dadi gets shocked and asks forced marriage. Anika asks Shivaye did you not tell Dadi about your bravery stories.

She says Shivaye made me helpless to marry. She tells everything to Dadi. Dadi gets shocked. Shivaye says enough, say the complete truth if you want to say, I was marrying Agarwal’s daughter Richa, she filler her ears. Anika says I did not, Richa did not wish to marry him, he forced her and then me, he threatened to kill Sahil. He says I just threatened and did not do anything. She says you should have not got Sahil in between. He asks what about you interfered. Dadi says enough now, Billu did wrong, but Lord did right, you did not wish to marry, but even then the marriage happened, Lord and fate wanted to unite you both. Music plays…… They see each other.

Shivaye says I don’t believe fate and this marriage. Anika says even for me, this marriage does not mean anything. Dadi asks really. Anika says it does not mean to me. Dadi asks then why did you not remove this mangalsutra along with other jewelry. O jaana…..plays…. Dadi says I came to know what Anika thinks of this marriage, I got my answer. Shivaye says but my answer is still the same, this marriage is not marriage for me. Dadi asks why, did you not marry her, did you not fill sindoor and put mangalsutra, did you not take wedding rounds with her. Shivaye says yes, I married Anika, I admit I took wedding rounds and filled sindoor, put mangalsutra in her neck, but if the problem is by this mangalsutra, I will remove it. He goes to Anika. Dadi stops him.

Shivaye asks Anika to come home, Dadi gave this for you. He gives a box. Shivaye says I want to make you all meet my wife. He forwards hand. Anika comes there……

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Tanya

    Serial is good Ishqbaaz. But just for the TRP pls do not show a girl so cheap that she can do anything for money and clear the misunderstanding of Daksh matter. Women’s to respected pls do not show Anika that bad that she can do anything for money that’s really hurts. Girls have self respect and they do not do anything for money.

  2. Saku

    What the hell is going on..SSO u r impossible what do think of ur self haan..i m pitty on his thinking yaar…i mean he can he say anika is different??why she is not a human being??is she not a girl??…doesnt she has selfrespect???…for shivaye his family,his brothers,his sisters,everything his.. what about others??…i hate u SSO..u can’t let this happen wd ur sis but u can do this wd anyone’s sis??..waah this the great wall of shivaye..stone hearted..hw can he say that for poor money is everything..this nayi soch I guess…😡😡..but I think he forgot it was shivaye who was marrying tia for 1500 crores deal so like money more??..😡hate y shivaye now so much😡..
    Actually cvs totally ruined his mentality😡…

  3. Mukta

    |Registered Member

    @MISHRI DI Yes everyone is busy in some or the other work!!!!! Disha is having exams and busy in studies so she’ll not comment till February!!!!! And Nadiya di, nowadays, is busy in assignments and projects!!!!!! Bakiyo ka pta nhi mujhe!!!!!!!

    @RENIMA DI Thank you??? Kya aapko thanks bolne ki zarurat h Reni di?!!!!! I love u na!!!!! So no sorry and no thank u!!!!!!!

    @SAKU DEAR u told that u r happy today??! Why so??? Anything special????

    @SAMYUKTA I’m also fine dear!!!!!!

    @ABIHA DEAR Hope ur eyes r fine now!!!!

    • Samyukta

      Mukta dear I’m also fine and dadi…… U rocked nailed it today superb and dadi please advise ur billu not to do any stupid things and accept anika as his wife and why can’t sso can see tia s true face and Tia’s mom was saying that there company is going in loss and how can that silly thing is not know to sso and how sso crack crores deal with tias company confusion and tia please get lost of Shivaye life and there are no o Bros moment

  4. pinkzz venni

    I wish daksh created misunderstanding ends and shivnka express there feeling and together fight for oberios

  5. Shiv

    |Registered Member

    Uff I think Tv channel soaps couldn’t survive without hour long lectures, panel discussion , symposium , ppt presentation on sinthoor mangalsutra vivah bandhan ! Aww IB lost the charm n it’s uniqueness!!!🤔😡I dint find any ishq here!!! As mentioned earlier by an ishqies here we can change the serial name to ‘“yeh SHAADI KA KOI MATLAB NAHI HAI”’ repeatedly I am hearing this from Rudy shivaay n many more to come I guess!!lol

  6. Chandini

    |Registered Member

    Sooo much of talking about mangalsuthra and sindoor. It will take anika to come back to her normal avatar. Let’s home that phase ends soon and anika should slap sso so hard that he must agree he has donemistake. I hate sso to the core…but to hate someone also their performance should be awesome….and nakuul just nailed it.

    • Saku

      Chandini di…ur dp😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍amazing yaar….from where I downloaded it…tell to me also…nd Congo u r register member here haan…dp😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😁😘😘😘😍😍😍

    • Chandini

      |Registered Member

      Saku dr i took the pic from a fanpage of kunal on instagram. And thanks for your wishes .
      Sumi I am happy that you liked the dp….ya these girls are going crazy and also making me to go crazy😂😂

    • Veda

      |Registered Member

      Yoooo SAKU..✌✌✌..obvoo…nd plzz registr urself..u cn dlt ur a/c aftrwrds wenevr u want…😇😇

      SUMI- 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝…wat to do..??!!??..”sabko malum hey aur sabko khabar ho gayi” k SAKU nd ME r CRAZYY…!!!!!😊😊😊

      CHANDINI… plzz..its nt us, its KUNAL who is driving u crazy…admit it dr….😜😜

  7. Meenu

    Today dadi stole d show n everyone’s heart…
    Ppl who were not happy about the show yesterday would be pacified by today’s episode…
    Portrays on rich n mean thinking… Poor n honesty on the contrary…
    Nice show..

  8. Veda

    |Registered Member

    And u knw wat guyzz Im alrdy tired of hearing “SINDOOR..SATH PHERE..MANGAL SUTHRA” again nd again nd again nd again…ooffff..😨😨😰😰😰..

    Nd after allllllllll these ANIKA was dying to hear some soft words frm SSO..!!!!!!!!!!!…seriously..????…. 😣😣😣😣..I felt so…she was pretending to b indifrnt bt her eyes was showing how much thirsty she is for SSO ‘s “KINDNESS”…

    Nd da biggest question his WHY WHY WHY DADI didnt gv a tight slap to her beloved BILLU……???!!!???!!!….likely this height of indulgence hs made him a man like this…

      • Saku

        Yes…instead of giving lectures on shaadi,mangalsutra,sindoor,phere,she might hv given him a tight slap on same side on which anika gave….
        Business deals crack kaise krte iss k saath agar thodi ladkiyo ko treat krne ki tamiz sikha dete toh accha hota…
        And whts wrng wd anika y behaving like typical amhala naari…she was a confident girl na??..


      ANIKA is under the influence of kind hearted DADI and her obligations in kind, she just can not disobey her wishes, order, or whatever you may say. Once she come out of DADI’s influence circle, then she will not look back, and simply will back to her original frame , that we saw yesterday epis in her convo with SSO, forcing him to tell the truth, and embrassed SSO.
      You might have heard that dilogue with ACP RANDHAWA, ” I AM ALSO FAMOUS IN BEHAVING BADLY “, and excatly she is like that! When she just stepped out of DADI’s influence and obligation, she will not look back.

      She is kind hearted , but equally very well know , how to make people to respect her, that we are used to see how RUDE and EGOIST SSO get irritated in convo with her?

      That’s the her way of treating the people in kind. Her character frame having a shade, BE KIND WITH KIND ONE, as with DADI, BE BAD WITH BAD ONE, as with SSO alike people! But in her BAD shades, does not have hidden bad hidden intentions, as we see in TIA’s character, so she can becomes BAD ENOUGH only to keep her kindness as it is!

      She can be BAD , but her intentions never can be so! Thats her limitation!

      • Veda

        |Registered Member

        Bt SHEKHAR dont u think now days she is being kind wid “BAD” one too..??..widin these 2 days after wedding ANIKA didnt gv a strng rply to SSO nt evn a deadly look….probably her soul hs considered SSO as her husband…probably CVs r sketching her charectr as a girl to whom these rituals nd SINDOOR-SUHAG-PHERE-MANGALSUTHRA matter nd make a huge sense… though its nt offence to admire our PARAMPARAS … nw lets c how she vl keep balance between self-respect nd suhaag..

      • SHEKHAR

        Basically she has been encircled among different kind of feelings
        One side her respect for DADI, other side ritual thinking over sindoor, etc, etc and her strong feelings FOR SSO which she could not name it so far. Over more what I feel is, IT IS HAPPENING ONLY DUE TO WHAT MAKERS ARE WISHING!

        Anyway, whatever it may be, bcz we just can no not work on any inconsistency, we can not walk along the INCONSISTANT MAKER like GK MAM having fond of doing new always after deforming any character frame.Makers may prove SHAKTI yaa RUDRA as man behind all these secrets and conspirancies! For that what they have to do”, give some flash back, and prove anyone as they proved DAKSH as stalker!

    • Sumi.SS

      |Registered Member

      Hi veda di..what did u said in yestrday updates..pls dnt say this again..misundrstng amid obros..can’t imagne di..😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

      • Veda

        |Registered Member

        Relax SUMI. relax..I was just wondering abt posblts…dont wry…its nt gonna b hapnd…. 😊😊😊😊😊

    • Rosu 25

      Same question….why she didn’t give a slap to billu???? Instead of long long dialougues she should have given a tight slap to him….

      • Veda

        |Registered Member

        ASH SAKU ROSU..yess…those pages long dialgs were nt needed at all…a SLAP would b enough to open his eyes….the language of love,dat importance of sindoor-mangalsuthra bla bla bla r all GREEK to him….

  9. Saku

    Hello everyone!!
    Reni di,Veda di,shahabana di,bshama di,Abiha di,mishri di,sumi di,Rosu di,samyukta,mukta,Sophie di,Angel,Deepika,archiya di,dasha,aahana di,shaza,disha di,Shivani di,razna di,he r u all??..sorry if I forget anyone’s name…
    Hw r u all??My ishqieess.. .

    @mishri di…i m here was u who disappeared suddenly…anyways hw r u missed u sooo much.. .welcone back..

    @abiha di…welcome back…i m fine yaar..sorry I replied on previous page but my comment didn’t got posted..hw r u??

    @veda di…my exams r rocking…hw r u?? ?..
    Nd u know what I m so happy bcoz my one paper got postponed so I will get more time….

    @Reni di…congrats yaar..sorry for replying late.. but I m so happy for u..may u get all the happiness in ur life..stay blessed…nd I will pray ur life will b full of ISHQBAAZI…

    Gud night guys…luv u all…

    • Veda

      |Registered Member

      SAKU…I do agree with ur previous comment…”Anika is different, for us, respect is everything, for poor people, money is everything, I will pay her the price.”….I never thought I hv to hear such a disastrous dialg…😬😬😬😬😬😬😬..!!!!!!!!!!!!!…a new name hs bn added to the list of psychos alng wid RUMI nd DAKSH..its none other dan SSO..👏👏👏👏👏
      bt stllll stlllll I cant hate him…nd nw Im getting angry wid myself fr nt hating him…COMPLICATED..😣😣

      nd on the previous page u said u wnt to throw a party if ISHAANA vl b back…grrttttttt….done…😁😁😀😀..I’l surely join u dr….finger cross….😇😇😇😇

      • Veda

        |Registered Member

        And He said, fr poor people money is evrytng.. nd he himself told ANIKA on wedding day dat “U DONT HAVE ANY IDEA WAT MONEY ND POWER CAN DO…”….awww SHIVAYE poor u r…literally…none cn b poorer dan the person who cant afford LOVE…!!!!!

      • Saku

        Yes veda di u can surely join me…i mean I will throw party nd u will b the one who’s gonna pay bills😂😂😜😜😜 I hope u won’t mind😊😊

    • Archiya

      hi Saku,
      I am dng great.. how r u ? I think i m interacting with u first time.. so wht r u studyin?
      ur so happy tat ur exms gt postponed.. u know i used to get so angry if any of my exams gt postponed 🙂

      • Saku

        Yaa do we r interacting for the first time.😊….i m studying in 11th std..nd I m 16yrs…wht about u??…
        Nd my exams didn’t got postponed but one paper got postponed that’s y I m happy😜..

      • Archiya

        Oh srry I misread I gues.. one paper postpone is really a treat.. am ur enjoying by commentin here. ..N I hve luckily finished all my studies dear… m an software engineer.. wont tell my age.. u will stop chattin wit me(wink wink)

    • Samyukta

      Hi saku good morning hope u have a nice day and I can understand the happiness of exam postpone we feel like party just enjoy dear And have a good day all ishqies

      • Saku

        Not was….my exams r still going but I m a shameless fellow still commenting here😂😂😜😜…
        I m fine di…

    • Angel

      Hello,saku!i m happy that u have not forget my name.thanks a lot dear……….
      I m r u?plz reply…………..
      Well,which class do u read in?plz let me know…………

  10. Akansha

    |Registered Member

    aww.. hope shivay can soon understand the truth…i dont want him to keep hurting anika… waiting fr daksh entry to make shivay realise his love fr anika..

    hey Ishbaazians… hw u alll m happy finally shivika are married… have a happy weekend guys

  11. Samaira20

    |Registered Member

    Ssly now I want daksh to come back…I just want daksh…he is better than this tia….and I m not liking this bechari anika….I loved her bindass vala attitude….they literally ruined her character…..hope so everything get clear btw shivika…..

    • Nithu

      |Registered Member

      Yes samaira…i really want daksh to come back asap for his lady love…i think..daksh..can tc of anika..more than..shivaye…all mu shd be clrd…and want our anika..back in her bindass vala attitude…irritating shivaye..evrytime….

  12. Catherine

    Hi guys I am new here.but really shivaye so selfish how can he do with anika like that now in precap he forwards hand to tia not anika and introduces tia as his wife and daksh comes and get shocked to know about shivaye-anika wedding and challenges shivaaye to get anika and rumors are there that he will kidnap her no shock becoz the herobcan stoop so low the why not the villain sorry guys if I said wrong really hate shivaaye he should be the best selfish man!!!!!

  13. Mini

    Dadi was awsome and while explaining the meaning of marriage editing was awsome and final mangalsutra part I liked it and one thing shivika’s misunderstanding clear kardoo please

  14. Riya

    Shivay foreword his hand n Tia hold it….Wht nonsense is going on….plzzz unit shivika….now instead of love they hate each other…

  15. Ragini

    i feel Anika should have made her point more clear. She is still has her hopes for Shivaay. Inspite of him treating her in the most disrecpectful and shameful ways, she is still pinning for him. It is one thing to love a wrong person, but a whole lot of other to have your self respect be thrown away. Anika was shown a independent and self made girl. where has that gone. it is simply pathetic the way she is shown crying for Shivaay.

    somehow for me this doesnt make sense.

  16. fathima

    omg what the hell is going on in IB. hate u a lot shivaay. stupid singh oberoi. ntg to comment yaar. mood kharab Kar diya. dadi is only one who pays justice for her character. atleast pls clear all this misunderstandings till this year ends. anyways hope upcoming episodes will be gud. hi ishqbaazians and my tamil ishqies. thank u for quick update ……….

  17. Mouni

    |Registered Member

    well shivaye continues to go very low … that’s sad for him because he will slap himself hard for every word he said when the truth comes out .. its like digging his own grave
    even if he has feelings for anika he did show today clearly in front of his family that he has no respect for her , the way he talked about her was ugly in front of OF , he thinks that his sister is better because she got money and anika is a trash for being poor .. thats very bad shivaye , hope you will remember every word and regret and remorce will eat you like fire …
    enough is enough , anika should not stay a minute after the reception even for dadi’s sake , also am tired of dadi forcing anika back to humiliation , she should understand the situation and leave anika alone
    because she feels that she owes dadi too much she can’t say no to her and that will not be good for her dignity
    in a spoiler l read that he will give her a gift that will turn out to be divorce papers and in a video l saw tia insulting her l dont know if its before or after the reception
    now am convinced that the best option is divorce , she must sign those papers , this marriage is ugly and has nothing to offer her , shivaye did not accept her with his family and will not accept her at the reception so why will she stay anylonger ??? we need to see strong and determend anika not crying weak fragile anika , am sick of it already and hope next week episodes will have a new begining for anika , for now am not really concerned with shivaye because his beliefs are like that from the start , am more worried about anika , l dont want this mess in her character to last any longer she needs to be out of OM/OF ASAP

    • Jub_jube

      |Registered Member

      The thing is that even if his sister were to do cheap things or sleep around, I have no doubt in my mind that Shivaay would find a way to forgive her and in doing so create a narrative where she was powerless/helpless and somebody else forced her to act in such a way. What really puzzles me is that he has known Anika for a while now, to the point that they should be able to talk about their issues. I see her reaching out to him and giving him the space to express his feelings and he just shuts down. It feels like this one misunderstanding apparently shattered all faith that he had in her, which for the record must not have been much at all.

      I’m just angry at how cheaply he behaves. Shivaay can always rationalize the things that rich people do, but constantly looks down on those poorer than him. He is a businessman, and everyone he deals with is interested in money. From Richa’s parents who were looking to get paid a huge sum and have their bankrupt company revived by Shivaay in return for selling their daughter, to Tia’s mom who wanted to trade their support on a deal in exchange for her daughter’s marriage – the end goal being to usurp his property. The hypocrisy is all too much, every rich person to date in the show has been interested in gaining money or esteem regardless of cost, the exception being Malika who already has her fortune. They all want money yet it is a sin when poor and middle class people go after the same. Do they not have dreams and aspirations? Can poor and middle class individuals not want to better themselves?

      Truth be told I knew he didn’t deserve Anika before, but now he just seems so unworthy of her! If you love somebody you do not disrespect them the way he has disrespected Anika. You seek to protect the people close to you, and not humiliate them. How is that family supposed to treat her, should she move into the house?? They’ll remember what he said and act accordingly I’m sure unless he goes through the great trouble of admitting his mistakes. You are right Mouni about this marriage being an ugly thing, it truly twists my insides to see things shaping up this way. For the sake of her dignity and self-respect, regardless of whether Shivaay finally gets around to seeing what’s right in front of him and learning the truth, Anika needs to leave.

      I’ve loved these two for so long and rooted for the couple, but I can’t do that anymore at the expense of a woman’s pride. He needs to do some serious soul searching and I’ve made up my mind to only read recaps if things don’t turn more positive next week; what the makers of the show are doing is NOT the Ishqbaaz I want to see.

      • Mouni

        |Registered Member

        so true , l feel like sso dont deserve her now with his type of mentality , he needs to go throu major changes in his personality and then go after her trying to win her love back , am not very happy with the spoiler that says that daksh will kidnap her and sso probably saves her , l would like to see another twist where anika is getting ready to marry daksh after divorce and in the same time tia’s truth will come out that will devastate sso to the core

      • SHEKHAR

        For all member of OF, except upto some extent RUDRA and DADI, have two different measure , one for family and other for outsider , and accordingly they act and react, and SSO is not an exception.

        In their measure,


        AND IF


        These diffeerent measures are commant to almost all SUPER RICH family , with exception unquoted.

      • Jub_jube

        |Registered Member

        I wish we don’t have to endure any more of this kind of behavior from Shivaay to get a happy ending for Anika. If we do then it honestly wouldn’t seem worth it to have them end up together.

  18. Luna

    |Registered Member

    Dadi is irritating me now…why is she forcing Shivaye and Anika to stay together even after knowing that Shivaye forced her for marriage??? Seriously, this type of marriage has no meaning, neither ethically nor legally..,Shivaye has not given Anika any vows bcoz vows r given by heart, not just by mind and this marriage isn’t legal until it’s registered but lets just leave it, can’t expect so much logic….and why Anika agreed to go to Oberoi mansion after facing so much insults??? She should just leave this family on there own bcoz they don’t deserve her…Let Shitia live together as fake husband wife…They r perfect couple made in hell…and plz show more of Rumya and introduce Om’s FL ASAP…it’s better than watching this Shittx Shitia drama.

  19. Susmitha

    Disrespecting the girl views about her own marrige is a big sin than anything.please let Shivay know about his mistake sooner.

  20. Lax

    Annika, cry cry itna cry, karte hain kaayi ko.. I know Annika has to come out of that zone. But after seeing the spoilers, I am worried if we ll get to see that old Annika any time soon. Shivay’s character was already a mess, but now with all the rona dhona Annika’s character is being butchered. Feeling really sad for Shivika. Being a SHIVIKAN, I never thot I would say this, but CVs better concentrate on other tracks now.
    P.S- Everybody at the mansion should know Shivay ne kya kaand kiya hain, at least OmRu should.

  21. Shiv

    |Registered Member

    Uff I think Tv channel soaps couldn’t survive without hour long lectures, panel discussion , symposium , on sinthoor mangalsutra vivah bandhan!!!🤔😡As mentioned earlier by an ishqies here we can change the serial name to ‘“yeh SHAADI KA KOI MATLAB NAHI HAI”’ repeatedly I am hearing this from Rudy shivaay n many more to come I guess!!lolhope rumya story won’t disappoint us like shivika!!!

  22. Veda

    |Registered Member

    CHANDINIIIIIIIII….ur DP…..!!!!!!…😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍…OK OK..control… 😯😯😯😯😯😯😯 dis a stl frm da shrt flm “And it happened dat night”…??

  23. Lashanth

    Hi,Iam new here…I’ll accept the reasons for shivays hate and behaviour with anika as if he was right(MU)…i (we) also know when he knows the truth he bends to the core as he have true love with anika ….but from the creators iwnt to know wat abt anika as she was true and loyal always ….she needs to get justice….but how could she luv shivay after all …..maybe she can stay in OM only for the respect towards shaadi and dadi…..sry if I hurt sumone by questioning abt ur fav show

  24. Sophie

    Why did tia enter now??? Let her be off and shivaay’s role is that of hero or villain. Y r u behaving so silly that too about ur marriage
    Creating more confusions and less solutions. Get back Anika’s bindass attitude. Don’t feel like watching the serial daily coz of too much confusions created

  25. annu khatwani

    its not expected from shivay.its really bad to see rude shivay singh oberoi.i want anika as bahu of shivay family with all rights nd power as a shivay’s wife.i wish it would be possible as early as possible😕

  26. Archiya

    From yest i thght nt to watch IB, but smehow i am in frnt of the TV by 10.. Addiction is really bad
    I just read a few comments above… most of them feel dadi did good/justice.. bt i dont think she did, ya i agree all the lecture on marriage was really gud.. bt i felt dadi shld have given a tight slap to shivay after knowin hw he forced anika, may b even befre tat.. he was so arrogant.
    I wish tat they added a scene where Sahil confronts Shivay an gives him properly for hurting his sister,sahil is anyways leavin the show, so atleast one interaction of shahil n shivay shld b shown,shivay has to feel guilty as he had called sahil invalid/disabled.
    So Mr.SSO no one can do anythin to ur sis, bt u can do to other sis.. only ur sis is a woman, and wht abt the life of the woman u have spoilt.. i just hope they wnt show anythin wrong happening wit Pinku.
    he says poor ppl r behind money, and wht abt u shivay, u r also marryin for money.. no doubt ur nt gonna get anythin as tia herself is bankrupt
    Now i badly want Daksh to be back. pls cme soon.. Anika is alone

    • Mouni

      |Registered Member

      am with you on this , dadi should not force anika to return to the OM where only pain and humiliation are wainting for her as l saw a video where tia is indulting her and shivaye choosing tia in front of the press , anika should leave and gather her dignity away from them and even if she really gets kidnapped as some spoilers say l dont want shivaye to know about this

    • Sumi.SS

      |Registered Member

      Same here..I am also decided to skip ishqbaaz fr 3 days..what to do..whn clock came to 10 o clk..suddnly my fngrs went to remote and chnged the chnl to starplus..

  27. Luna

    |Registered Member

    Hey Renima!!!!!!!!! how r u sweetie???? just saw ur comment from previous page…..well, I’m really happy for u dear….may u get all the love and happiness in ur life….Well, in my words love is something amazing which is beyond words to express…I’ll say that love is sacrifice and unconditional…when u fall in love u don’t expect anything in return….love gives u pain but there is happiness in this pain too and those who ever fell in true love will understand this happiness….Love u Renima…God bless u!!!!!!

  28. Lashanth

    Sry I frget to mention one thing …..may be its my feel….as per 2days episode anika shares sahil abt the life of boarding school as if she knows well abt it……

  29. Bebo

    I want to know one thing
    why didn’t anika call daksh on the day of marriage??? After all he was her fiance.. When in real she wasn’t ready to marry shivaay, y did she not tuk a hell frm daksh to stop her forceful marriage? Daksh as an obsessive lover of anika would definitely have done something to stop that marriage.. Though he’s a stalker but as per anika he’s her best friend first and then fiance.. Maybe I am just taking it as reality but forgot this is just a fiction..!

  30. Reshma

    Fhat the Wuck !!!! shivaye enquired about Dev when Dev”s parents came for a proposal for priyanka… When tia left writing a note, is he such a dumb to hold tia and bring her back to oberoiiii mansion.. Hadn’t he enquired about the same. Where his thinking gone????

  31. Luna

    |Registered Member

    Okay guys, I know that everyone is annoyed with this stupid track…so lets have some positive discussion here…As Gul has said that Om’s FL will enter this month(though I’m still doubting it) but lets hope it’s true bcoz it’s high time now….so guys suggest some names about actresses who u want opposite Om…Here are mine:
    Smriti Kalra(itti si khushi fame)
    Adaa Khan(I know that she’s doing that snake show but still)
    Nia Sharma
    Jennifer Winget(again I know that she’s doing beyhadh but still, sorry)
    Sanaya Irani

    And these are the possible tracks through which she can enter the show:
    1. Om’s FL will be Sister of ACP who got injured by Om in car accident.

    2. Om’s FL will enter as his lawyer to fight Om and Prianku’s case.

    3. Om’s FL will enter as Tej or Shivaye’s business rival.

    4. Om’s FL will enter as Anika’s sister chutki to take revenge from Oberois.

    Plz tell me which track u want to see…it’s just for fun guys so plz mention ur opinions…if u can think of any other actress or track then also u can tell.

    • shahabana

      Hellooo Luna dr
      Hey i liked second one i really wish oms lead will be a lawyer who will fight for om prinkus case
      And about who will be his lead i liked all ur choices but i really dont want Nia sharma had his lead bcz i really dont like her…i just told my pov no offence….i will add another actress in the list thats Tejaswi prakash..her pair with kunal work well…anyways swaragini is ending so i really wish to see her…once again its my wish only…hve a good day dr

      • Saku

        Yup shahabana di me too don’t want nai Sharma I don’t like her…nd tejaswi prakash is gud choice as I too like her very much…

      • Angel

        Me too,shahabana dear……..
        R u fine now?hope u r fine.
        How is ur condition now?plz inform me.i m really very scared………
        Plz take care of ur health……….
        By the way,who is more nice,nia sharma ya tezaswi prakash ya swaragini?let me know ’cause i have never seen swaragini…………
        Ok.take care of urself……..
        Bye dear .have a good night!

      • Angel

        Well,shahabana,what do u do?i mean,whats ur profession?i m a student……………..i read in class 8…….have a good night.

    • Archiya

      Hi Luna,
      I like the 4th option, n sorry bt fr me none of the above.. I want someone totally new n different fr om.. just as intense as him

    • Uf

      Hi Luna dear,
      Main chahtha hum ki anika ki sister chutki ki character main om ki love lady entry karrein.kyunki abhi Jo anika ki saath ho raha hai iss insult se main chahtha hum ki uski sister entry karrein. aur uss sso aur uski family ko theen chaar baathe sunake un sabkhi bolthi banth kare.agar aisa Kuch hoga tho bahuth maza aayega.and I want tejashwi Prakash wayankar for om love lady character.but guys mujhe na ek doubt hai.gul khan shaayad om ki love lady ki character ke liye surbhi Jyothi ko select karne ka chance hai.I know wo malika ki character main enter kar chutki hai.but patha nahi mujhe aisa lag raha hai ki wo shayad om ki love lady hoga.after all surbhi Jyothi,surbhi chandan,neha Laxmi Iyer gul khan ki favorites hai.iss liye chance bhi hai. but guys main nahi chaahthi wo om ki love lady ki character pe entry Kare.I really want tejashwi Prakash wayankar.aap main se kithni log chahtha hai tejashwi Prakash wayankar om ki love lady ka character karrein tho gul khan ko bathaayiye uski baare main.and gul khan se poochu wo surbhi Jyothi ko om ki love lady ka character pe re entry karvana chahtha hai ya nahi.kyunki agar uski re entry ho saktha hai tho vrushika ki bhi re entry hona chaahiye.
      Agar main kissi fans ko hurt kiya hai tho IAM REALLY SORRY.
      Thank you

    • Renimarenju

      |Registered Member

      Luna…thanks 4 the wishes and support….really i can’t express that how much am happy right now and each and every one of both families are just asking me to come back early as possible and now am waiting to end this year soon that i could take leave and go home ……ok enough..else i will open much…..which is not right here ……naa…..

      Well luna u asked about omkara’s new lead……and i really want adda khan to be paired with omkara……i love adda’s acting skills as i loved her much in amrit manthan serial as the princess….and i want to suggest another names….1. Eisha Singh- [dhani- ishq ka rang safed]
      2.Nikita Dutta [ Suman-ek duje ke vaaste] 3.Harshita Gaur [Sanyukta- Sadda haq my life my choice]

      • shahabana

        Helloooo renima
        All ur choices for oms lead are best i tooo liked all that
        But i really wish for tejaswi prakash…

  32. Ash

    Dadi should’ve slapped Shivay. He’s become a disgusting person. To force someone like that. To say he actually loves Anika, what a joke. You’d die for the person you love, not torture them. I wish Anika leaves and Shivay marries Tia. Then Tia will take half the property n leave, then Shivay will know what he did. Honestly, after all this i hate Shivay. Even if what he thinks about Anika were true, he had no right to behave that way with her. So if someone isn’t what ypu think they are, you’ll force them to do anything. I wish to stab this damn irritating Shivay. K want the stong Anika back. Not this silly girl who’s bearing everything. She can say to Dadi, yes i respect this mangalsutra but not this relation and i will remove it when i get the divorce or something like that. I hate Shivay.

  33. S.D.

    Guys if you don’t like the current track then wait and watch all the episodes at once after a few weeks. You may find that in the grand scheme of things this was all justified and necessary. I would like to have a bit more faith on GK. I’m pretty sure Shivika are gonna be divorced. Even if Shivaay marries Tia after that, the marriage won’t be valid as she’s married.
    Even then I don’t think they can truly redeem SSO’s character if he repents afterwards. I just don’t.
    I think we need a proper separation track so they can grow as individuals. Their issues did not crop up over the course of a day and obviously won’t go away so easily as well. Let’s wait and watch.

  34. Vinayak

    An interesting episode. I think that Shivaay will understand the feelings and honesty of Anika, when he will know the true colour of Tia.Tia has made a big plot to rob Shivay, which, ultimately will be exposed.
    Let us see how story turns. May be Anika will find out more about Tia.



    TIA is the gal to realise SSO how much his ideology is shitting. To make him realise this, only TIA like gal coming from NKK ideology is workable, and so let her to be with SSO. No doubt DADI, in a diagonalic orthodax way, made both agreed to be with. I am not amazed, why she is supporting ANIKA at this stage, because, since the first day she heard how ANIKA confronted SHIVAAY while cracking his car’s wind screen, she keep taming a wish of ANIKA being DIL of OF, which she expressed in many way, and when she wisely opted to meet ANIKA, and came to know reality, she decided there and then, ANIKA and ONLY ANIKA will be wife of SHIVAAY, and I don’t think, any OF member will go against her order including SSO and TIA. So, TIA is literally out of picture, though it is too early to conclude anything looking at the track record of MADNESS and INCONSISTENCY of makers. In my POV, TIA’s truth , if through her own obsessive husband DUSHYANT would come out publiclly, right from there FREE FALL of SSO along with whole OF will start, let’s see what happen, but , I am sure, FREE FALL is not far away. Coming time will suck all the POWER, EGO of SSO alongwith whole OF and then only they came to know something about what is HUMANITY.

    Almost for all , DAKSH is villain, but unfortunately i just could not reach to any conclusion only due to one reason, during first attack, there were two person were involved, one infront of MONITOR, and SECOND ONE in ANIKA’s house. Makers exposed one infront of MONITOR as DAKSH, but who was in ANIKA’s house is yet to exposed. Only after exposure of that 2nd man, DAKSH can be judged. But it is seems to me by all logic TIA and DAKSH are not together.

    • shahabana

      Helloo SHEKHAR
      Actually yesterday my mood is very bad but when i saw ur joke on shitia and baby i laughed very much….its tooo good and i never expected that joke from u…anyways bcz of this stupid shitia track we got a good joke from u shekhar

    • Mouni

      |Registered Member

      totally agree with you shekhar , tia is the one who has the ability to change sso and l hope robin the obssessed hubby will be the one to expose her in front of all and then as you said the free fall will be so hard not only because sso will know he was cheated on but he will see that the hard slap comes to break all his beliefs , he will not only be targeted in his money but mostly in his ” brain” the real source of his pride

    • Veda

      |Registered Member

      Rt…there wr two persons dat day…nd ANIKA hit the intruder’s hand nd I think sm cut mark is gonna remain on his/her hand which vl play a big role to identify the prsn in near future

  36. Mouni

    |Registered Member

    well after a good glass of milk am starting to cool down and think diffrently …
    – we are angry at this track because we never experinced such negativity in IB before and this started only about 5 episodes ago so its not long track but an intense one and the biggest purpose of this l think is to make shivaye realise the huge stupidity of his mistakes and how much his beliefs are blinding him …
    we may see the OF as unthoughtful ppl , arrogant ungratful with anika but lets see things clearly ; they are the BIGGEST LOSERS in this case
    for anika its her pride and feelings who got hurt and am sure she will gain power again soon but the OF have a lot to face ;
    1 – the TIA CASE , this girl can create a huge scandal to them when she is exposed and they will look like idiots for being fooled by her
    2 – OM CASE ; om killed a woman who happend to be the inspector’s sister , so they will face a lot of trouble probably jail too
    3 – AUNT RUP ; that evil woman probably killed gayatri and will return to ruin their lives
    4 – DAKSH too can make a mess in their lives as he is a psycko and probably will take revenge from sso
    5 – TEJ’ mistress is also evil and was planning to enter the OM
    all these cases and maybe more are put on hold due to shivika wedding so am thinking they will return soon after this drama is over
    so compared to them anika is a winner , OF have a lot to see and suffer


      I am trying to out come of all your 5 points, it is my speculation only,
      1_ TIA will make them down to the earth
      2_OM’s LOVE may emerge from ACP’s sister accident case
      3 & 5_RUP and SWETLANA will leads us to all three past of TEJ, SHAKTI and ANIKA
      4-DAKSH will be there only to make SHIVIKA union perfect, either with his good or bad intention. I never DAKSH dangerous enough!

    • Sumi.SS

      |Registered Member

      Yeah mouni.u r right..shivika track is not so a few day they wl move to all the track whatevr I said.
      Om nvr killed any grl..that acc was made by prinku..Om is keepng this secret to save prinku..
      But Acp said that rup was out of cntry while gayadri murdr..
      Really excited to knw the reason behind all the mysteries track.

      • Mouni

        |Registered Member

        wow was it prinkou the one who killed the girl ?? DID NOT SEE THAT
        as for gayatri , rup could send anyone to do the job that’s eazy for her , and there is a character they show only once when rup visited him in jail , he may turn to the biggest villain in IB

    • shahabana

      Im sure om is not culprit
      And about gayathris murder it will be rup swethalana tej shakthi or someone else to
      Or that gayathri will be alive anything can happen

    • Sumi.SS

      |Registered Member

      Yeah..mouni..thats very sure..during ACP blackmailng scene they wr shwd a few scenes of fb in that om was drvng the car befr the brdge and ask prinku what gft she want frm him fr her 18 th brthday..she replied dnt want anythng..aftr that In black and whyt effct thy wr shwd the acc..At that tym prinku only sit in the drvng seat..

  37. Tahima

    |Registered Member

    When anika was talking back to shivaay i could see a bit of the old anika back. I cant wait for daksh to return. It will make the track more thrilling and less shivika hate will happen, We can hope so

  38. shahabana

    Hellooo my dr sweet ishquees
    How are u all..sorry im not replied most of all comments yesteday…
    SAKU dr im not really well feeling cold and little fever…
    RENIMA why u are saying thanks dr no thanks and sorry in btwn frndz dr be happy dr
    ABIHA welcome back to ib family dr
    Coming to the episode what to say about this baagad billa he wont change what he thinks poor peaple doesnt had a right to live peacefully and respectfully….he and his stupid idiology…what he told if its happened with priyanka he will burn the world….what he thinks anika is not a humen being…
    And what he says that poor peaple wants money not respect…not poor peaple but a rich peaple like sso are hunger for more money thats why he behaving like a heartless person
    In this show initially they showed that sso had a heart problem but i think he doesnt had a heart thats why he is behaving like this
    This is not the ib which i loved they ruined it

  39. shahabana

    K i agree sso is heartless then why they where showing him brainless too…i always thought that sso is clever but im wrong he is very dumb thats why he is not understanding tias cunning plans and manipulations…really sooo dumb…
    And om and rudra why u guyz are not understanding tias evil intensions.. Guyz all u remember rudra easily identified ishanas intensions and game plans when she tried to trap omkara…where is that smart agent rudra…why he is not understanding tia is trapping sso…
    This is not the chatecters they initially showed sso omkara rudyyy all are behaving like dumb and stupids…even Anika also behaving like dumb and abala naari….
    Ohhh im not understanding when they will end all this mess…im fed up of this stupid track

    • Mouni

      |Registered Member

      hi shahabana , the thing is sso is not really dumb but kind of blind , he believs that ppl act according to their social statut , tia is rich and sophesticated so in his mind tia’s character is perfect and good and because anika comes from low class her character will be bad .. he already said that to OM once l think when tia told him anika is obssessed with him
      so sso behave according to his beliefs not his brain and even OF does that too , they never tried to listen to anika and verify the infos because they believe the same as sso even if he is the only one that says is outloud

      • shahabana

        S mauni actually u are right…sso is blind in status and money….for him money is everything and he devides peaple by their financial and family…really this sso is big phsycho than daksh and rumi

    • Archiya

      Agreed Shahabana,
      Just like other serials, male characters r dumb n female helpless.. I just hope IB wont crry the same fwd … Anika has to jump bck stronger.. IB is unique .. an it shld b kept lik tat

  40. Kiki

    |Registered Member

    Good morning friends. ….
    I really liked dadi yesterday. I don’t know when will the misunderstanding be clear. Rudy is soon sweet… I liked that ‘double shut up ‘ 😁😁
    Shivika’s argument was serious but I enjoyed it as it reminded me the old shivika. I’m waiting for Daksh. I think it will take time to see the bindass Anika. I don’t know why I couldn’t hate Shivaay. It maybe because of Nakuul Mehta 😙😙😙
    I completely hate Tia and her mom 😠😠😠

  41. NABANITA626

    |Registered Member


  42. Archiya

    I felt so bad fr anika in the last few episodes n the spoilers, tat i just wanted to enjoy the prev anika.. so visted hotstar.. an they have these few short clips of r lovely anika..
    i was laughin like anythin seeing them.. i want this anika back badly..puttin the links here if anyone interested

  43. Disha

    |Registered Member

    Good Morning Ishqies
    How r u all
    Missing u all so much
    About show not happy with ongoing track
    It’s good shivika got married but the way shivaye abuse and forced anika .
    And then whole family blame only anika
    Now tia also back still he trust tia shivaye become stupid singh oberoi
    Hope u all are fine
    Have a nice day
    Take care

  44. Tara

    Hopefully there is still a way for the characters of Shivika to return back to their original personalities n attitudes.

    Anika- plz no more crying for her, if anything make her stronger with this experience so that she is an inspiration for anyone going thru tough times in real life- male or female
    My POV- anika needs to leave OM n even the city and make a place for herself where she becomes successful on her own, then Shivay will need to beg for her forgiveness n want her to return back to him.

    I especially find the mentality of male amazing- if its their sister no harm can come to them but treating another female like Shivay did is acceptable? just cos she is not your sister or family?
    I’m sorry I don’t find any logic in that type of thinking.. wonder why r they promoting this behaviour in the show?..especially after women empowerment n equality in early episodes.

    With the show, I think they will show the lowest of low that Shivika can hit before they start to rise out of it…unfortunately the fans will suffer with it cos although u know its fiction n only a show, watching the show creates an emotional bond n hence strong emotions will rise within fans, after all we r humans with feelings …….especially Anika’s suffering n the unjustice in the hands of Tia, DAksh n the OF.

    CV’s plz clear MU btw Shivika , only then can we happily move on to OM n Rudys RL otherwise it will feel incomplete.

    PLZZ GET RID OF TIA for good, I hope that even Dushant aka Robin leaves Tia in front of everyone after exposing her truth, hopefully he realises that Tia is selfish n gold digger n he will never be happy with her cos he loses trust in her.

    I’m still only reading the updates n not watching episodes unless some positiveness comes back , however…
    Really looking forward to future episodes to know how Shivay n OF will come out from the hole they dug themselves into…..there is a saying Karma is a B****H…….LOL

  45. MP

    guys I saw video . at the night of reception tia and sso r hug each other just like they really love each other.But how how .????? tia ka to patta hai ki acting ki dukan hai …but SSO how can he feel for tia.. jab ki Saadi anika said ho chuki haii… really I can’t watch this .. later dadi ati hai n tia ko HAmja ti hai ….. etc…

  46. shivani

    I felt nakul is portraying grey shade character of sso which is neither positive nor negative.pinky is a selfish person whcich herself belong from illiterate background so we can’t expect anything good from her but what happened to other family members why they are behaving like a dumb .sso is not accepting because she doesn’t fit in his so called standards.he is just a pathetic buisnessman with cheap thoughts whom could descend so low for the sake of so called reputation and buisness.he said he can’t tolerate if someone does same with her sister .isn’t anika someone sister/daughter???it is said that a person behaviour is a reflection of their upbringing so as shivay .I am sorry to say pinky failed as a mother and a woman .on the contrary,jhanvi taught their children to give respect .dadi should have given a tight slap to sso for his misdeeds and why she is pushing anika to accept this marriage ???isn’t she aware of her grandson deeds???
    tia is a useless woman with no self respect ,can’t sso investigate how she reach there and who had kidnapped her???no he won’t because he blindly trust tia instead’s better if anika marries daksh instead of this guy .did he forget that anika had kept her self respect at stake just to save him from getting arrested.did he forget that she proved tej and shakti innocent by bringing truth of that girl ??did he forget that she had saved his life once???even animals are grateful then sso

    • Mishri

      |Registered Member

      Don’t even get me strtd on pinky!!!! I never xpected her to behave dz cheap!!!shivaay has inherited his moms talent..and the way she behaved with tej!!?very bad…classs!!??my foot!!!!!she spoilt her respect right there.!!jhanvi is d actual practical one in d family…composed..datz wat she is…she didn’t fight with pinky… Shakti..god a baby!!!!DAT one!!omru children..no1 respects them….EMPIRE!!!!MY FOOT AGAIN!!

  47. shahabana

    MP dr i tooo saw that vedio which u mentoined…
    Seriosely guyz im not seeing any dufference btwn sso and tia now….bcz u can see tia is already married then also she want to make a relationship with sso bcz for his money…and sso he knows he is also married with anika then also he is with tia….now whats the difference btwn sso and tia…i think tia is better than sso bcz tia loves her hubby she is playing all this cunning games bcz of her mothers pressure then also what she is doing its wrong…but sso he doesnt had any pressure then also he is not accepting bcz of his cowerdness…he doesnt had any guts to accept infront of world that anika is his wife…
    Now for me shitia are made for each other couple in all way

  48. Joey

    Want to see the fall of Shivaye and the rise of Anika…Dadi should not force Anika and respect her decision… Anika should stand on own and repay the amount given by dadi eventually Shivaye might know all the truth and undergo the pain which Anika goes through now..

  49. ghosha

    @Luna lwould like to add to ur list pooja sahu(thapki pyar Ki). Her talent n beauty is wasted in dat show. Sheis d most beautiful girl in tpk n looks stunning in modern clothes.
    I also would like to add ishani sharma(humko tumse hogaya hai pyar kya kare).she is an amazing actress. Natural..

    Well idon want smriti, tejaswi Prakash or Jennifer. They always makes me bored.just my point of view

  50. sn

    this shivaay is going too much…he only values money no relations. I want daksh back then only he will know the value of anika.. I want shivaay to beg anika for love idoit…I can’t hate him I love him tat much y he is doing like this really hate this… om and rudh r really awesome… rudh will call anika bhabhi I am excited for that… I hope they will support anika…

    • Veda

      |Registered Member

      Go to MENU option on home page..there u vl get an option to register on it…put ur details, like user name,mail id ,passwrd etc then cnfrm it nd its done….u vl get a welcum mail frm TU

  51. Rosu 25

    Dadi wasted her valuable time by advicing the selfish heartless brainless shivay Singh oberoi…..she should have slapped him….this is also waste of time but fans like me gets some satisfaction….

    • Archiya

      Mouni .. I felt he looked awkard, bt dont knw whts anika sayin.. so depends on tat. He might feel a little guilty only wen anika is hurted a lot may b his mother.. just a guess

      • Mouni

        |Registered Member

        me too l felt he looked different in the bedroom and dadi was walking away smiling and he looked weird when she was talking so am hoping she was speaking about divorce

      • Athira

        I saw in SBS that dad I want anika to stay with SHIVAYE in his room. Rudra ne Tia KO wahan se leke jaata hai. Air dadi ke jaane ke baad anika room set bahar ja rahi hai tab SHIVAYE asks why r u leaving she is suffocated

    • Mouni

      |Registered Member

      hi athira , sorry l dont understad the language but did you mean that dadi wants anika to stay in shivaye’s room and then he asks her why are you leaving ? she tells him am suffocating ?? lol that’s what l anderstood
      but its interesting that he cares why she is leaving

  52. Rosu 25

    @reni….hi dear….how are u????I know u r happy….I was little busy so couldn’t read previous days comments but now I read ur comment……..I am very much happy…really a good news…….I think the most awaiting days are just near to u…..may God bless u… prayers are always with u…..BTW do you know Malayalam?????

    • shahabana

      Hellooo rosu
      Heyyy reniude amma malayaliya so avalk malayalam ariyam and reniude native place mangalore so aval kannadiga…so half malayalium half kannadigaum
      Onnum vijarikalle njan reply cheidadin
      So njanum kannadiga plus malayali

      • Rosu 25

        Hey shahabana….endu vicharikkan….satyam paranjal thanum malayali aanennarinjadinte shockila njan…..

      • shahabana

        Hellooo rosu
        Than endina shok agunnad than ketittille logatth ed muleilum oru malayali undagumenn
        Enyways im two in one malayali plus kannadiga
        But enikkum malayalam vayikkano ezudano ariyatthilla samsarikkan mathrame ariyathullu
        Heyyy i tooo like malayalam movies verymuch…latest mohanlal movie pulimurugan superb…enikk malayalatthil ella nayaganmarude moveium ishtama…koodudal ishtam mammutti ,deleep ,prithviraaj ,dk salman, naveen pouli

    • Renimarenju

      |Registered Member

      Rosu……am fine yaar…..and yeah almost path is clear…..still some lines to cross…..but now am blessed with elders……and feel am so lucky……now…….and i can understand malayalam as my mom is a malayali……and some how i manage to speak malayalam… actually i watch malayalam movies….from childhood… understand the language… favourite actor is always mohanlal…….but not able 2 write or read malayalam……

  53. Mishri

    |Registered Member

    Shivaaaaayyy!!!dn he’s crossing his limit!!!he will be verrry hurt wen he gts to knw anika is innocent!!!m sure he won’t introduce anika as wife….anika did right by telln dadi evrythng…and WHY dd sahil go missing???shivaay is yet to c him!!!anika has to become her oldself…shivaay has to grow up!!!RU and shivaay is not at all true to thrslvs like thy claim….thy don’t tell evrythn to eachothr!!!!!no equal screen space!!!!worst week ever!!!!no jokes no story no flow whatsoever!!!

    • Mouni

      |Registered Member

      did you notice shekhar that sso looks a bit different in the bedroom scenes ??
      am guessing this will happend after the reception ( hope so ) but he did look uncomfortable like its the first time he starting to realise he did something wrong or is it my imagination ??

      • SHEKHAR

        ha ha ha ……………….

        Since 1st day SSO find himself uncomfortable with ANIKA!!!

        He find himself comfirtable with ANIKA only while he was scolding or insulting her!

        He can abuse ANIKA, slap her, kick her, being comfirtable but just can’t say sorry/thank you or any soft talk comfirtably!

        That is SSO !

        Only ANNIKA can wake up SHIVAAY sleeping in body of SSO!

    • Shiv

      |Registered Member

      Lol!! Literally Rudy had to drag her out of room!! It looks like she ditched robin don’t want to come out of room !! Rudy my fav!! Still I cherish that dialogue he told at the mudhikai fight time ‘ angels do exist❤️😍

  54. Bshama1239

    |Registered Member

    Hello ishqies……
    @ mukta,MP,shekhar,renima di,Veda di ,saku,mouni,roz,kiki,disha,ruchi,archiya,sumyukta, Luna di, chandini ,nithu and many more….🙋🙋
    Coming to the episode
    I felt that this matter is unnecessarily dragging I know you all are hating SSO now but in his dialogues I sensed that his in pain becoz if we hurt our loved one we also get hurt yes his dialogues were harsh for anika but his eyes were simply agreeing the facts which dadi was explaining but as usual he covered it with his POV khoon khandar middle class and what not.

    I loved when dadi said toh billu ne kiya woh galat tha per jo usne👆kiya woh Sahi tha …. 😍😘
    The way anika looked at shivaay was seriously amazing ….

    Zindagi hai ek aphasaana jashbato ka
    Jashbaat koi dil ka haal baaya kar jaaye
    Labh joh use kehne se katraahe
    Aankhe joh use yui hi baya kar jaye
    Mohabbat se khubsurat hai woh safar joh alfazo se baya na kiya jaye……

    • Sakshii

      |Registered Member

      Hello shama di…y so late today???..
      Nd ur dp is nice u know what just an hour ago I downloaded same dp…
      Btw I m same saku..i got register here so my name sakshii…as they were not accepting saku so


      I thought a lot more, and after looking a convo and expression of all DADI, ANIKA and SSO i made some guess work, I am not sure, but may be it might have worked.

      As it happen in election, sometimes public do not like a particular man. and to make that particular man defeat, he voted any other person without caring that other man is right or wrong. His aim is not to let other one to get win, but to make a particular man get defeat, he let other one to win by giving his vote. This is called a negetive vote for other man .

      Samely, TIA is getting negetive love of SSO, because SSO simply does not ANIKA to have his love for ONS reason.

      I think, this theory may work!

    • Mouni

      |Registered Member

      HI , true that his eyes were sometimes expressing pain but he covers it fast ..
      all his MU comes from that ONS and the money daksh handed to anika , before the wedding sso looked really broken and sad

    • Veda

      |Registered Member

      Welcum SAKU… 😘😘
      nd SHAMA just an hour ago I was talking abt ur DP…there are soo many OMKARAHOLIC here.. nd take care dr…

      • Bshama1239

        |Registered Member

        💘yup dear its Om and I am still suffering from cold but thanks for concerns and yaa I agree his giving jaw dropping looking😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍💖💖💖

  55. MP

    u r right shahabana. there is no deference btwn tia n SSO . both r married now . they cheat their partner. now no interest in ib. ……my favorite shows r IB but not now… then mahek I think its better than IB.also beyhad..l love this show bcz its different … something new .. Anyway guys how r u all??

  56. Abiha

    *mukta ….m eyes r fine now…
    *Saku ….m fine ….how r u..?
    *samyukta how r u..?
    *disha ….how r u..?
    *shahabana d …take care of u..get well soon…

    @renima d I don’t know why ur solo happy ..I’ll visit privious pages…
    But m having some idea so congratxxx d…

  57. Bshama1239

    |Registered Member

    @ SHIVIKA situation

    Try not to stress over the shady people who betrayed you I know it hurts but the truth is that they were always shady they’re never going to change and now you’re actually much better off now because at least you know who they’re really .
    Shivaay character is like an onion I know its sounds weird but did you all observed onion has many layers within it similarly shivaay has many layers which makers are trying to portray now we should wait for shivaay lovable side…..
    Jab andhero se gujar jaye tab hi toh logo ko mohabbat ki manzil mil paye…

    • shahabana

      Hellooo shama
      I agree sso is like onion he has many layers and shades in his life and charecter…
      U know what actually im hating sso then also i love him…we loves and hates the charecter which we can feel…

  58. Renimarenju

    |Registered Member

    Hello Ishqies……
    chandini,chetna,fathima,varshu,aiswarya,akshaya,asmitha,cuteprincess,naaginforever,nikki and other ishqies………how are you all ?????????????????

    Well ….i didn’t see the episode as i didn’t get time and from the written updates and though now i got a break….from your comments i feel nothing new has happened except emotional dramebaazi….so am not interested to watch the episode as every ishqies are upset with the track…….so sso will announce tia as his wife….nothing new….ishqies…for him every relationship is a deal…..only…..and let give a chance for lady baaba to make sso as a puppet in her hands…..and let sso face some miseries in life as when she will use and throw him he will realise anika’s worth….it will take time and most probably cv’s will drag it for two or three weeks……and after that mr.sso will understand the value of marriage…..and he will regret….
    and then only we will get the worth watch of ishqbaaz….

    And the soul of ishq has vanished from the show as luna mentioned rumya scenes can offer that thing….by the way what happened to acp randhawa…..priveer track??????????????? so like dev ranveer has also gone.?????????????


    1. ROOP
    2. ISHANA
    3. RANVEER

    Handover the list to CID Inspecor daya and abhijeet…may be they can find these people…..and they will solve gayatri’s murder case, omkara-prinku’s secret etc…..

    Fed up with this track….really it is just spoiling time of relaxation and spreading negativism only……

    • Mouni

      |Registered Member

      hi renima , you are right , nothing new as sso will only accept tia for this moment , me too l want her to make him like a fool then after the truth comes out he will cry over his stupid beliefs that led him to this
      but am hoping this week is the last time we will see sso like this with anika and after the reception am hoping for a new begining for her away from OF and even from dadi who will try to make anika stay while its clear that this marriage is not real for shivaye and his parents and they will never accept anika , it would be unhealthy for her to stay there after the humiliation of the press conf
      l hope they wont drag the conference too long and just make it for tomorrow ep , l want to see major shift in IB starting from tuesday

    • Sumi.SS

      |Registered Member

      Hi di..vry happy fr u..I wsh all ur desires cme true vry soon..keep smile frvr..
      U r crctly said di..nw days thr is no fun..misng our old anika and rudy soooo much..

    • Abiha

      Hey renima d….now I checked…congratulations d ….m so so sooooooopooo happy for u…may u get allllllll the happiness in ur life…
      M fine …hope ur r also fine…

    • Chandini

      |Registered Member

      Hi renima di. ..this is the first time I am texting you….but first of all I have to say this I am a huge fan of your ff about ishkara and tejvi. I was a silent reader then but I loved it to the core….I was disappointed when the ff end…..I am very very sorry for not commenting at that time. It was one awesome ff I have read and I will always rember that it was such an heart wrenching ff😍😍.

    • Veda

      |Registered Member

      Renima..evrytime I jst gt amazed to c ur attachment wid TU famly…u always mng to drop atleast one comnt evn after damn busy schedule…. 😊😊😊

  59. Mouni

    |Registered Member

    l was rewatching the ep of the 24th nov and shivaye was parcticly crying in his monologue after daksh convienced him about anika ONS , he looked miserable and pitiful
    l had to do that to release my tension about tomorrow ep where he will depress us all in the press conf

  60. Luna

    |Registered Member

    Thanks guys for giving your opinions..Renima, even my first choice is Adaa Khan for Om’s love interest and if Om’s FL has some grey shades then Adaa will nail in that role..well, I’ll add two more names, Nikita Dutta(Ek Duje Ke Vaaste) and Tridha Chowdhary(Dahleez)

    @Uf, I think that if Om’s FL enters as Anika’s sister then no one will know about it except the viewers…So we can’t say about her dynamics with Anika or Oberois.

    Lets hope that Gul fulfills her promise this time and brings her before this year otherwise if she again fools us then I’ll get that she has no plans to show Om’s story.

    • Mouni

      |Registered Member

      good plot , anika real sister is a good thing
      l once had a crazy idea that maybe anika is related to the inspector and his dead sister but it will create major drama again between shivika

      • Luna

        |Registered Member

        mouni, I don’t know if u know it or not but Ishana was supposed to play Anika’s sister who wanted to take revenge from the Oberois bcoz they did something to their family….but that track never happened(don’t know why)…now again there are rumours that Om’s FL will be Anika’s sis….so I think they will show this track.

      • SHEKHAR

        After proposing TIA again, when SSO wished to help her to develop her own business, she simply denied and looking deep in SHIVAAY’s eyes

        SHE SAID

        ” MY EVERYTHING IS HERE ONLY,…..” took a pose and added “…… IN THIS CITY”

        in HINGLISH

        ” MERA SABKUCHH YAHIN PE HAI..’ took a pose and added ‘…..eesi shahar me!!’

        In this convo, i feeled, may be wrong, but when she took a pose in between, I strongly feeled, she wanted to shift attention of SSO from the word YAHIN PE HAI to in this city. I have a strong doubt, her past is connected with OF any how!

        It was only a convo made so far about her past!!!!!!

      • SHEKHAR

        In that convo, I feeled her OTHER SHADE which she is hiding almost through out the


        I was feeling, she was not denying his offer, but by denying, she was laughing at his

        such a offer at one angle and challanging him at other angle simelteneously.!

        Her expression were so differently awesom, which I never seen in any epi.

    • Mouni

      |Registered Member

      wow l did not know that luna
      it still could happend that ishana is anika’ sister and maybe she finds something about tej or shakti doing something bad to their family , it would be really intersting to see that OF ows their fortune to anika and her sister l will love that

  61. Luna

    |Registered Member

    Hi everyone..,good to see u Abiha…I hope u r fine….well, about the current storyline I will only say one word: CRAP….@Renima, plz also add the name of Shwetlana in ur list…seriously, cvs have forgotten many characters and tracks and showing us typical sappy melodrama…..All have bashed Shivaye here which he deserves but I think Anika is also at fault…I don’t want to say but I will say that Anika has no self respect…there was no reason for her to go back to oberoi mansion….she says that she doesn’t believes in this marriage but still doesn’t removes the mangalsutra…she still has feelings for Shivaye even after being treated like shit by him….Anika’s character is completely ruined.

    • shahabana

      No dr i cnt agree that with ur point anika doesnt had any self respect….anika has self respect and thing is that she has feelings for sso…for her its not easy to forgot her feelings for him or not easy to forgot her marriage with him…may he hurted her verymuch and humilated also…then also she cnt forgot him or her feelings for him….this feelings are verymuch comlicated..sometimes this feelings wins over self respect tooo….truth is that anika may hate shivaye but she cnt hate him bcz of feelings and anika may love sso but she cnt love him bcz of his humilation…truth is that anika knows shivayes charecter…then also she will expesct love care from him…truth is that anika loves sso….so for her its not easy to move on in life leaving him bihind…for anika everything matters which belongs to sso…for anika mattera shivayes hatred and love both…if daksh will do anything but it wont effect anika…but shivaye and his behavior and which belongs to him thats all simply effects anika bcz she loves him

  62. ghosha

    Crap…crap…crap….really feel angry towards dadi..yeah. Instead of giving two tight slaps she is giving lectures on mangal sutra chutki sindor blah blah blah. Only thng worth watching in yesterday’s episode was pinky – tej face off.

  63. Mouni

    |Registered Member

    so ishquis is there a new video ? promo ? spoiler ? that shows shivaye on his knees begging or not yet ?? l think we deserve to see at least 4 episodes of a total sso humiliation

  64. indera sanichara

    This serial is getting so annoying to watch. I don’t know what the writers are thinking but what they did with Anika was so shameful and disrespectful. Anika walk out of that marriage don’t feel sorry for Dadi it’s your self respect you need.


    One blow of black smith is enough against 100 blow of gold smith.

    It may be happen so as above within next few epis.

    We lost ANNIKA under the odd circuimstances all around where she just can’t breath even, and am feeling, she will simply walk beneath the open sky having clear vision all around, leaving everything behind.

    SSO said on her first entry in OM


    And, now, at any time, ANNIKA will find, HOW MUCH SSO WAS RIGHT??!!

  66. Trips

    Sso has gone dump. ..cnt he sense the truth behind Tia’s kidnapping? Anika warned him many times but still….. and BTW sso ever goes to his office?or he just cooks at home and preferred to sit at home. Cnt digest this. Come on ….

  67. priyanika

    i hope Annika will not fall for shivaay that much soon.she is bold enough to face her problems.shivaay need time to know what he do to thz girl.and he open his eyes to see tia malpractice etc etc

    • Mouni

      |Registered Member

      sso has a heart after all ,waiting to see what he will do because he is starting to realise he is married to anika but am seeing that anika is the one having a probleme dealing with this witch is a good thing , we want him to run after her and try hard to correct his mistakes

  68. MP

    The upcoming episode of Ishqbaaz will show that dadi forcibly ask Shivaay and Anika share one room on wedding night.Anika recalls how Shivaay blackmailed her for Shahil’s life and got married with her forcibly and refuse sto stay with him.Anika sleeps near to swimming poll while Shivaay tries to divert his mind reading books and suddenly he notices as Anika feeling cold.Shivaay covers her with blanket which makes Anika surprised and sleeps there only.In the morning, Shivaay and Anika ask to come soon for ritual where Shivaay tries towake up Anika but she does not wake up due to in dep sleep.Drama galore for Shivaay and Anika in marriage ritualShivaay manages to wake up Anika and dadi gives saree to Anika wearing it for next ritual.Shivaay and Anika share some reude look and go away from each other.Will Tia let Shivaay and Anika perform marriage ritual silently?

  69. Renimarenju

    |Registered Member

    @ Chandini…thanks 4 the compliment and am glad that u loved my ff…..

    @ Veda…..i will drop comment whenever i will get time as this is my big family of ishqbaaz….and i can’t keep distance from my family and i will try my level best 2 comment here

    @ Sumi @ Aahana and @ Rosu….thanks a lot ishqies……

    @ Luna….i missed daksh also….

    @ Saku, bshama, mukta….am fine ishqies…..

    @ Shahabana …..happy to read malayalam comment……[eniku keralam varale ishtamanu, school vaccationsl njan ente mummyde veetil [kasargode] mikavarum spent cheyarundu…i hope my malayalam is ok…]

    @ Mukta…..@ Mishri….@ Richu…how are u ishqies?

    Let see what will happen today in ishqbaaz…..

    • shahabana

      Hellooo renima
      Really nit bad dr a tually ur malayalam is good
      K we will wait and watch what will happen in todays episode

  70. aarosh

    i think the episode which shivaay tries to wake up anika may be somewhat relief after watching these many serious episodes

  71. nithu

    Even after knowing the truth, dadi didn’t even scold shivaye for what he did with Anika, she said gave lecture to them… I just read the spoilers shivaye is going to announce Tia as his wife, we know he has no values for marriage but what about others especially dadi, she know about the truth. Anika just say I am strong but infront shivaye she is totally dumb…

  72. arshi

    Maine aaj tak shivay jitna kadoos insan ko nahi dekha.itna neeche kaise gir sakte ho apne faide. Keliye usne anika ka istemaal kits .uske seene main dil hain ya pathar

  73. Luna

    |Registered Member

    Guys, Sana Sheikh(Krishnadasi) has been approached by IB makers to play Om’s FL…Well, she’s only approached but she has not confirmed yet so it’s not official.

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