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Ishqbaaz 3rd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dadi says even if you sell each brick of Oberoi family, you can’t pay price for sindoor, you maybe rich, but you can’t buy suhaag items. Shivaye says if the problem is by mangalsutra, I will remove it. Sometime before, Pinky asks kidnap? We have misunderstood Tia. Shakti says we have to think what to do now. Jhanvi says we can’t deny the fact that Shivaye married Anika. Pinky says its because Tia was kidnapped. Jhanvi says its Shivaye’s reception today. Pinky says don’t know what to do. Shivaye comes and asks whats the confusion. Om says we are confused, what to say, you married Anika or Tia. Shivaye says who said I married Anika, I mean we know I married Anika, but the world knows I married Tia.

Dadi says but you married Anika. Shivaye says I did not marry, I had to marry, I don’t

believe in it. Dadi says fine, you have no meaning for this marriage. Shivaye says this marriage is not marriage, I don’t believe it. Dadi says its marriage, not a deal, to change it if you don’t like it, id you don’t know difference between marriage and deal, I will say, what happens again and again is deal. What happens once is marriage, marriage is a promise of togetherness to be kept for seven births and its not broken. Shivaye says what about my promise to support Tia and marry her. Dadi says that was promise to Tia, what you gave to Anika is a vow by keeping fire and Devtas as witness. Shivaye says I don’t understand these old fashioned things. Dadi says fashion changes every day, the sindoor and mangalsutra is not fashion, its a tradition. He says its my marriage, can I decide I have to keep it or not. She says its Anika’s marriage too, we have to know her opinion, where is she. Priyanka says she went home.

Dadi asks what do you mean, this is her house. She asks Shivaye to get Anika. Shivaye says why, its good she left, it means she does not regard this marriage as marriage. She says I will talk to her, get my bahu here. He says don’t call her bahu, I will pay her a big price if you are feeling bad, it will be help for her. Dadi claps and says you became big businessman, you bought the world and going to buy relations now, relations are not so cheap that any rich man can buy it, think you have a sister, if anyone does this with Priyanka then… how will you feel. Shivaye says she is my sister, before this happens with her, I will burn the world, Anika is different, for us, respect is everything, for poor people, money is everything, I will pay her the price.

Dadi asks will you pay for it, tell the price for the sindoor you filled in Anika’s maang, tell the price for the mangalsutra which you tied in her neck. He recalls the marriage. Anika looks at her mangalsutra. Dadi asks the price of the wedding rounds, even if you sell each brick of Oberoi family, you can’t pay the price for pinch of sindoor, you maybe rich, you have no status to buy the suhaag things, I m annoyed with Anika to support you in this lie, I have to scold her when she comes here, go and get her.

Tej says I think mummy ji is saying right. Pinky says you will find this right, you have sympathy for Anika, I know why. He asks what do you mean. She says you wanted Shivaye and Tia’s marriage does not happen, so that the big deal gets cancelled. He says what rubbish, we are talking of Shivaye’s marriage, not business. She taunts him about Shwetlana, and asks why is he advising Shivaye to keep this marriage with Anika, you want him to be in this unwanted marriage, so that he has affair with Tia, you want to make him like you. Tej asks her to shut up. She asks him to shut up. Tej asks Shakti to stop her. Shakti asks Pinky not to talk other things, we are talking about Shivaye. Jhanvi says yes, reception is today, we have time till evening, Shivaye has to formally introduce his wife infront of he media. Om says we don’t have to decide, Shivaye has to decide. Rudra says what decision, marriage is done. Om asks Shivaye to think well once, before deciding. Dadi says its not time to think, come Shivaye. Shivaye says sorry, I can’t. She shouts.

Anika removes her jewelry. She recalls the marriage. She holds the mangalsutra. Anika keeps the bridal dress. Bua comes. She likes the jewelry. Anika says even if its costlier, its not ours, it belongs to Shivaye’s wife. Bua says you are his wife. Anika says I m not. Bua says so what, you helped him, whats the difference if he pays. She says I got tears and humiliation, its enough, I don’t want any price now. Bua asks her to think about Sahil. Anika asks her not to worry. Bua jokes and goes.

Sahil comes to Anika. She wipes her tears and asks did you do homework, go and get the book, show me. She sends him. She says you will not get bored in boarding school, there will be many kids, you won’t feel lonely. Sahil asks what about you, will you stay without me. Anika says I have habit to stay alone, you don’t worry. I m very strong. Sahil says you started lying. Anika says its not a lie, I can stay alone. Dadi says the one who has big sasural, why will she stay alone. Anika sees Dadi and Shivaye. Dadi says I came to take my bahu. Shivaye says I did not come to take anyone, Dadi got me here. Dadi says don’t listen to him, come. Anika says no, this is my house. Dadi says it was, now inlaws is your house after marriage. Anika asks but if marriage is done forcibly then…. Dadi gets shocked and asks forced marriage. Anika asks Shivaye did you not tell Dadi about your bravery stories.

She says Shivaye made me helpless to marry. She tells everything to Dadi. Dadi gets shocked. Shivaye says enough, say the complete truth if you want to say, I was marrying Agarwal’s daughter Richa, she filler her ears. Anika says I did not, Richa did not wish to marry him, he forced her and then me, he threatened to kill Sahil. He says I just threatened and did not do anything. She says you should have not got Sahil in between. He asks what about you interfered. Dadi says enough now, Billu did wrong, but Lord did right, you did not wish to marry, but even then the marriage happened, Lord and fate wanted to unite you both. Music plays…… They see each other.

Shivaye says I don’t believe fate and this marriage. Anika says even for me, this marriage does not mean anything. Dadi asks really. Anika says it does not mean to me. Dadi asks then why did you not remove this mangalsutra along with other jewelry. O jaana…..plays…. Dadi says I came to know what Anika thinks of this marriage, I got my answer. Shivaye says but my answer is still the same, this marriage is not marriage for me. Dadi asks why, did you not marry her, did you not fill sindoor and put mangalsutra, did you not take wedding rounds with her. Shivaye says yes, I married Anika, I admit I took wedding rounds and filled sindoor, put mangalsutra in her neck, but if the problem is by this mangalsutra, I will remove it. He goes to Anika. Dadi stops him.

Shivaye asks Anika to come home, Dadi gave this for you. He gives a box. Shivaye says I want to make you all meet my wife. He forwards hand. Anika comes there……

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sso has gone dump. ..cnt he sense the truth behind Tia’s kidnapping? Anika warned him many times but still….. and BTW sso ever goes to his office?or he just cooks at home and preferred to sit at home. Cnt digest this. Come on ….

  2. i hope Annika will not fall for shivaay that much soon.she is bold enough to face her problems.shivaay need time to know what he do to thz girl.and he open his eyes to see tia malpractice etc etc

    1. Mouni

      sso has a heart after all ,waiting to see what he will do because he is starting to realise he is married to anika but am seeing that anika is the one having a probleme dealing with this witch is a good thing , we want him to run after her and try hard to correct his mistakes

  3. The upcoming episode of Ishqbaaz will show that dadi forcibly ask Shivaay and Anika share one room on wedding night.Anika recalls how Shivaay blackmailed her for Shahil’s life and got married with her forcibly and refuse sto stay with him.Anika sleeps near to swimming poll while Shivaay tries to divert his mind reading books and suddenly he notices as Anika feeling cold.Shivaay covers her with blanket which makes Anika surprised and sleeps there only.In the morning, Shivaay and Anika ask to come soon for ritual where Shivaay tries towake up Anika but she does not wake up due to in dep sleep.Drama galore for Shivaay and Anika in marriage ritualShivaay manages to wake up Anika and dadi gives saree to Anika wearing it for next ritual.Shivaay and Anika share some reude look and go away from each other.Will Tia let Shivaay and Anika perform marriage ritual silently?

  4. Renimarenju

    @ Chandini…thanks 4 the compliment and am glad that u loved my ff…..

    @ Veda…..i will drop comment whenever i will get time as this is my big family of ishqbaaz….and i can’t keep distance from my family and i will try my level best 2 comment here

    @ Sumi @ Aahana and @ Rosu….thanks a lot ishqies……

    @ Luna….i missed daksh also….

    @ Saku, bshama, mukta….am fine ishqies…..

    @ Shahabana …..happy to read malayalam comment……[eniku keralam varale ishtamanu, school vaccationsl njan ente mummyde veetil [kasargode] mikavarum spent cheyarundu…i hope my malayalam is ok…]

    @ Mukta…[email protected] Mishri…[email protected] Richu…how are u ishqies?

    Let see what will happen today in ishqbaaz…..

    1. Hellooo renima
      Really nit bad dr a tually ur malayalam is good
      K we will wait and watch what will happen in todays episode

  5. i think the episode which shivaay tries to wake up anika may be somewhat relief after watching these many serious episodes

  6. Even after knowing the truth, dadi didn’t even scold shivaye for what he did with Anika, she said gave lecture to them… I just read the spoilers shivaye is going to announce Tia as his wife, we know he has no values for marriage but what about others especially dadi, she know about the truth. Anika just say I am strong but infront shivaye she is totally dumb…

  7. Maine aaj tak shivay jitna kadoos insan ko nahi dekha.itna neeche kaise gir sakte ho apne faide. Keliye usne anika ka istemaal kits .uske seene main dil hain ya pathar

  8. Guys, Sana Sheikh(Krishnadasi) has been approached by IB makers to play Om’s FL…Well, she’s only approached but she has not confirmed yet so it’s not official.

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