Ishqbaaz 3rd August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 3rd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishana entering Oberoi mansion. She says its bigger than I thought, its palace, it means servants would get travel allowance to go from one room to other. She sees Om coming. Om talks on phone and says if you know anything, inform me. Riddhima asks for Shivaye. Ishana hides. Om says we are trying best but not getting info. Riddhima says don’t worry, you are not alone in this crisis, I m with you. She hugs Om. Ishana gets angry and murmurs. She goes and vase falls down. Om asks who is there and walks towards her to see. Ishana hides.

Dadi calls Om and he rushes to her. Ishana picks the glass piece and her hand get injured. She says I did not do anything and broke this vase. The family sees news. Reporter says that chopper was of Oberoi industry, its suspected that people

present in chopper have died, but its not known who were travelling in it. They all get shocked. Dadi says this can’t happen. Tej says its impossible. Rudra cries and asks Soumya will this thread protect my brother even now.

Om says what nonsense are you seeing, we should find Shivaye, how will we believe this. Dadi says yes, you go and see yourself, its an lie, nothing can happen to my Billu. Pinky comes and asks what happened. Jhanvi says listen to me. Pinky says I don’t have time, Shivaye has come, I have to tie him thread. Jhanvi says his chopper…. Pinky says no chopper, Shivaye is here, try to understand. Dadi cries. Shivaye comes there and says Dadi….. They all get glad seeing him fine and smile.

Pinky hugs him and says here is my Shivaye, no one is believing you came back. Rudra says thank God, you came back. Anika gets relieved. Dadi cries and hugs Shivaye. Dadi asks about news. He says I m alright. Shakti emotionally hugs Shivaye. He says you scared all of us. Tej says thank God you are fine.

Shivaye asks Priyanka why is she crying, say what I taught you. She says I m strongest. Shivaye says Rudra just looks strong, but my sister has real strength, come here, stop crying. He hugs her and asks her not to cry, as he can’t see tears in her eyes, stop crying, else Om will start poetry. Rudra asks Shivaye how did he have this great escape. Om says Shivaye gets unwell at heights. Anika thanks Lord for returning Shivaye.

Shakti asks how did this happen, you were in chopper. Dadi asks how did he escape. Tej says someone tried to sabotage chopper. Shivaye says ok stop it, will anyone get water for me. Anika says I will get it. Shivaye stops her. She says don’t be scared, I m just getting water for you to drink. She smiles and leaves. Jhanvi says I will get lunch arranged. Ishana sees Om happy with Shivaye and gets relieved. She rushes and hides seeing Tej and Shakti, Pinky and Jhanvi. She leaves.

Dadi asks Shivaye to say what happened. Shivaye says when I got down chopper, it blasted. Om says you did not inform us. Shivaye says I picked your call, but I had to remove sim. Rudra asks why did he get down chopper before reaching Nasik. Shivaye says because of this girl. Anika asks what, because of me, have water. He says I m not thirsty anymore. She asks him to drink water. He says in hindi. She drinks water. Rudra asks why because of Anika. Shivaye says she collided with me and my papers got swapped, I had her papers instead my quotations.

He says I had to cancel meeting because of this letter. Anika recalls the papers swapping. Rudra laughs seeing the list and shows Om. Om also laughs. Dadi says you guys are laughing, show me. Dadi sees the cartoons made in list and smiles, praising Anika’s drawing. Anika says I will make yours too. Everyone laugh seeing the drawing. Shivaye says you are getting laugh, my deal got cancelled and I had to travel long distance because of her, and …….. Om says your life got saved……

Dadi says Lord sees intentions, not words. Anika says I also told you that Lord will not answer my prayers, I will have to see Shivaye’s face, I have to do Billu’s wedding planning. Shivaye asks Dadi not to call him by this word. Rudra asks Shivaye to say three magical words to Anika. Shivaye asks what. Rudra says thank you Anika.

Om says Rudra is saying right, you should say thanks. Rudra says I heard, when anyone saved your life, they have right on your life. Om says he is right. Shivaye asks don’t you have any work than strange logic. Dadi says they are not wrong, you should say thanks. Anika smiles and is waiting to say Its Okay…..

Shivaye passes by her. She looks at her. He goes to Tia and hugs her. Tia asks are you okay, I was so worried, I have send Reiki to you. Anika asks Rakhi. Shivaye says Reiki. Anika asks Japan Rakhi. Tia says positive energy. Shivaye says you all said right, I should say thanks, thanks Tia. Tia says please is all mine. Anika looks on.

Anika apologizes to Shivaye and calls him mad. She argues with him and asks him to get treatment by someone in her colony, whose one kick makes patient fine. He asks her to shut up.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Mukta

    So guys….finally our wait is overrrr…..Thankew Amena di for ur quick update☺☺☺☺

    Today’s episode was too emotional😥😥But d best thing is Shivaaye returned today itself☺☺Anika’s expressions were superb when he reached Oberoi Mansion👌👌👌👌She is relieved……

    Ishaana entered Oberoi Mansion👏👏👏👌👌👌But feeling jealous when Riddhima hugs Om😂😂😂😂

  2. Yashmin

    Lovely episode….. thank god shivaye is allright…i m happy to see ishanas jealous..

    Nice episode… asusual..

  3. Mukta

    One of d best thing is that today we get 2 know that Shivaaye even cares for sister…..just lovely bond👫👫👫between brother n sister😘😘😘😘

    Pinky was so emotional in today’s and yesterday’s episode…….

    When Anika says I’ll bring water….Shivaaye…. tensed😂😂😂thinking she will again throw water on him😂😂😂lolzzzz….👌👌👌👌Afterwards he was not happy that Anika saved his life….but was sad that he has to cancel his meeting becoz of her😕😕😕How rude is that!!!!!!😕😕😕😕😕

    • Roz

      |Registered Member

      haan,,,,,they never showed Prinku-Shivaaye bond lyk this before and I just loved it….So caring,,,,,best big brthr,,,,,,

  4. Varshini

    |Registered Member

    It was very funny 😁 when anika was showing faces when shivaye was about to see the list . Her reactions were so funny

  5. Zuha Fatima

    |Registered Member

    Just loved the 3 magical words, part👍👍 Shivaye`s expression was just amazing👌 I thought that there would be some Ishkara scene but😞😞 Still the kanchi ankhon wala billu rocked the show😊😊


      • Zuha Fatima

        |Registered Member

        The Ragsan one ? Yes I have completed 3 shots of it 2 are left! You will get them on my profile under the post tab still you want the links I will surely provide you!

      • Zuha Fatima

        |Registered Member

        Well di, it is a scene of ny favorite couple, AsYa from Qubool hai when they were seperated, and ny favorite scene, like that time, both hated to see eachother as the girl thought that the boy spent a night with a girl, on their wedding day when it was not so, it was a song track, when the boy comes to make her understand, but the girl is not in the mood to hear him and try leaving from there when by destiny her dupatta get stuck in his watch (that is what in my DP) and the song Kabira from Yeh jawani hai deewani plays….
        I hope it is cleared 🙂

  6. disha

    reiki japan ki rakhi anika she is do always funny things anika say thankyou to god for save shivaye

  7. disha

    reiki japan ki rakhi anika she is do always funny things anika say thankyou to god for save shivaye first time

  8. salsa

    3 magical words was the moment of the day…… 🙂 😀 😀 😀
    precap is just awesome…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. Ishita

    Hahaha……..funny precap ….😆😆😆 and shivaay Singh oberoi is just toooo adament yaar………nd roumya scenes were also just😘………..

    ND I waited fr ishkara scenes but no ah😢😓😓

    But the epi is superb nd amazing…………

  10. Mukta

    Rudra was as usual funny……say d 3 magical words 2 Anika😂😂😂😂😂😂Nice Rudra👍👍👍👍and after that Shivaaye’s expressions👌👌👌👌Just awesome…… What!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂and his dialogue….when some1 saves ur life then he/she has right on ur life👌👌👌Rudra…..u rocked as alwez👏👏👏

    But Shivaaye, instead of thanking Anika, thanked Tia…..and y…..coz she sent positive energy to him😕😕😕how???? By plane😕😂😂😂Anika’s reaction RAKHI!!!!!! JAPANI RAKHI!!!!!😂😂😂😂She is just awesome yrr…..and funny too😂😂😂😂😂

    • mishri

      Rudra om and daadi is definitely going to bring them closer…..they are all just amazing… them and their love talks…😍😍😍😂😂..and yea mukta di shivaaya was just sooo rude to anika..sometyms i hate tia nd ridhima for spoiling shivika and ishkara tia is bettr..😠

  11. Alekhya

    I know it’s really late to mention but to say shivaye got anika rid of bua because bua sold the house so she will think that anika and sahil have no where to go and will not return to the house

  12. neha

    Today’s epi was epic!! Anika… words for her. Mr Calculator and her chemistry always make me smile. 😃
    After yesterday’s SERIOUS epi, today we had lots of reasons to smile.😃
    Anika calling him BILLU…and his reaction…. hahaha…!!!

  13. Roo

    I have a little bit of jelous on u guzz cause i couldn’t watch the epi… thanks amena for such a fast updating..

  14. srini

    Hloo guys i m a silent reader of ur comments.wt an episode man super bagad billa s always bagad billa.precap was adipoliiiiiiiiiii

  15. Roo

    i want ridhdhima to get lost from this show.. when she hugs om!!! if i was ishaana i surely will hit her so badly… don’t you think gyzz!!

    • Enasanjida

      Again again i m confused .. Ridima & Ishaana – nice girl. Ridima – Om relation 2 year..deep love story may be. Avi thaak ki jitni episode hui hain – ridima & ishana both r nice girl & both prblms different .. Ridima want her carrier best & ishana prlm home paisa. Ridima ka character main – aisa kuch dikhaiya nahi hain – ridima used or gaming Omkara. As lyk tia character main samaz ata hain – Tia don’t love Shivay… .

    • Rose

      Enasanjida no need of confusion.ishaana is a nyc girl.Her situations made her do all this .I don’t lyk riddhima.she is cheating on om from the day onwards they dating.she is using om for her popularity..

  16. ishika

    Okie so frstly the precap man😂😂…shivay Is like ” so done wth Anika..”…. Bechara water and Anika togthr alwys gives him a shock….anika drnking water ws a kickass she didn’t gv him bhao😆…then ofcrs dnt cl me tht name..n Anika ws kya billu ji?😂…her reactions while shivay ws showng th cartoon made pprs…😜😤….n yes three magcl wrds were th highlght of tdy’s epi…ok 👌 thnkgd shivika is bck…half n hour wthout shivika scenes r really a loss…eager fr nxt epi…who will brng him on line evn aftr saying sorry cz he is khiska hua😂😂…love them…😍

    • NadiyaShah32

      |Registered Member

      And that scene oh I laughed sooo much ..When she DRINKS THAT WATER HERSELF N Shivaay’s expressin is like …..WHAT THE WHACK!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂

  17. Luna

    I wonder how IshAna will live in Oberoi mansion. Oberoi’s aren’t fools to let anyone stay in their house without checkling their background and as we know that Ishana is a con girl so she must be having criminal records and also be quiet famous in police department.

  18. Sriranjani

    |Registered Member

    Guys in that drawing
    anika wrote it as:-
    1st paper- Billu ki Shaadi
    wedding List
    with shivaay’s face one both edge. In the 1st face she make a devil who gives out fire like a dragon and on the 2nd face Billu ki eyes gives the fire out 😂😂😂😂😂✌👌
    and on the 2nd paper
    Billu sits on the floor and anika stands where it was written that
    “Bagad Billa Singh
    Oberoi Kisi ke Aage
    nahi Jhukta… ”

    😂😂😂😂✌✌👌👌👊👏👏👏#ROFL Guys #Anika Rockzzz😍😘😘😘😘 #Shivika and everyone rockzz in today’s scene❤💕

    • Mukta

      Thanx dear for making me laugh more☺☺☺☺I couldn’t see d episode…. I didn’t watch a single episode till now😥😥😥Even there is network problem so I even can’t watch it on Hotstar😥😥😥😥

    • NadiyaShah32

      |Registered Member

      But I must say …. she is very good as a cartoonist!!!!

  19. Kat

    Well well well what an episode!!!! A combination of Emotions & nok joks!!!!!!! Latet part of the epi was just EPIC!!!!!! Rudra my cuty rocked the epi with three magical words & Shivaay owing his life to Aniku!!!!😂😂😂😂😂 Shivaay’s reaction!!!! Just priceless!!!!!!!! Anika is the star!! She stole the show with her drawings of billu ji!!!!🐱🐱🐱 Omg the faces she was making!!!! Billu ji was so uncomfortable. He just used Tia as an escape plan!!!!! And the precap!!!! Oh my my!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😄😄😄😄😄😄 Aniku is so bold to argue with him like that!!!! Her theory oh Billu getting a kick from a donkey to cure his mental illness!!!🐴🐴🐴🐴 That too from a local man from her colony!!! She is literally driving him nuts!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 After yesterday’s sort of depressing epi, today’s epi was like eye candy!!!!!!

    Hey all my co ishqbaaazians!!!!!!!!!😃😃😃

    • NadiyaShah32

      |Registered Member

      😂😂😂😂😂😂 I feel today I shud stay at my cousin’s house as I am sure I will laugh like a manaic n then my parents would glare at me(as they normally do when I watch Ishqbbaz)😂😂😂😂😂😂

      • Mukta

        😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Then u should surely stay at ur cousin’s home😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  20. Iamsofianeak

    |Registered Member

    Omgggg i loveee this show 🙂
    Feel bad for anika , shivaye should thanks her bc she saved his lifee …
    iSHANA GETS jealous looool
    Rudraa is so funny

  21. mishri

    I tell u anika looked almost jelous when he hugged tia and thanked her instead😂😂😂…the precap was just tooooo guyz dnt u all think that these days shivaay act nervous around anika…?????i mean u shuld hav seen his face when she apoliges in d precap and when she tld shell bring water😂😂😂😂😂😀😀😀 was soooo cute…and pinky was soo good too..m actually strtng to like her…rudra cried today the little roumya scene was cute😙😙😚

  22. RANdomfANCreationz

    |Registered Member

    OMG Anika u r too good haha that drawing 😛 and the last part haha Anika is getting jealous seeing shivaye n Tia hug 😛 loved the brothers bond and all the 3 pairs r just amazing Anshi (Anika-shivaye) , Ishkara (Ishana-Omkara) and Rudmya (Rudra-Soumya)

  23. Roz

    |Registered Member

    “When anyone saves ur lyf,they hv the right on ur lyf” Rudra said something philosophical for the first tym,,,,I was nt able to see the epi,,,,bt I’m glad that Shivaaye returned soon,,,,I will watch it on hotstar and then will comment

  24. Roz

    |Registered Member

    Rose,,,,U asked me abt imDb,,,,I gave reply to ur commnt yesterday,,,,bt it got posted after a long tym….

  25. Roz

    |Registered Member

    Abzz,,,,I guessed right na,,,,,Shivaaye returned after 1 day,,,,hope u were able to see this epi,,,,

  26. Mukta

    Gud morning friends☺☺

    How r u…..Kat, Ishika, disha, mishri, Sriranjani, Ishita, Roo, Neha????

    And Nadiya di, Abzzz di, Priya, Khushi, Mahi, Roz, Rose, Rosie, Prishu and all others…… where r u all??? All ok na????

    BTW today’s episode was just awesome👌Anika just rocked today👍👍

  27. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    A funny epi for me after billu returns.. And ishu jealous.. Great..
    @CHIRAG bhai.. If u see this cmnt then do say wts Imdb rating plss.. Reply bhai??

    • NadiyaShah32

      |Registered Member

      Priya baby… Imbd stands for Internet Movie Database is an online database of information related to films, television programs and video games.
      U do one thing…Type Ishqbaaz in google, on the right hand side will be written Ishqbaaz 10/10 Imbd…click on that…U will be required to sign up that..then rate thys show(obvio we all will rate it as 10 on 10☺️☺️☺️) Thats all..Thys will help the show to gather gud reviews!!

  28. Mukta

    Today Anika just nailed it and she will do it in next episode also😂😂😂What Billu ji😂that was just fabulous👌👌SHIVIKA rocked yrr…..for me without them, ISHQBAAZ is incomplete like in last episode no SHIVIKA scenes were there but today CVs just fulfilled d thing☺☺Love ISHQBAAZ and SHIVIKA😘😘😘

    • NadiyaShah32

      |Registered Member

      Oh It was such an entertaining episode…I watched the repeat telecast too at 12.30a.m😂😂😂😂 My Babies ShiVika r gems!!!!😍😍😍😘😘

  29. shahabana

    Hellooo gd morning guyz. Thank u amena for update. Anyways super episode. And shivaye is shivaye he cnt change that’s so soon.

  30. nelka

    Guess what !!! I have a feeling that billu will kiss anikuu to stop her chatter box .oh i wish my dream may comes shown in the precap aniku keep talking and billu says’ stop’,but she is not going to stop teasing ….so as a solution billu will kiss her….just my imagination…

  31. Haya

    wow… suprbbbbb….oh god a big hats off to the script writers to give such stunning dialogues to anika… she’d a gr8 job yaar…i even forgot to blink my eyes while watching shivika’s dhamaka scenes… rudra ki magical three words.. HE IS SO FUNNY.!

  32. Mukta

    Guys yesterday we planned a game… comment on 3 Oberoi bros qualities in today’s episode…… so here is my opinion….

    *Shivaaye : Cares and loves his brothers and sister very much – The Best Elder Brother, Dedicated towards his work.

    *Omkara : Loves his brothers, Emotional, Honest toward every relation

    *Rudra : Loves his brothers, Funny but in today’s episode as he said “When someone saves ur life, then he/she has owns it” shows that even he can speak serious lines😂😂

    These r some +ve qualities of them but Shivaaye has some -ve qualities also like he is very rude…..can’t even say sorry to d person who saved his life😕😕😕But anyways I love him😘😘and obviously Anika too😘😘😘

    • NadiyaShah32

      |Registered Member

      Okk so I am also in
      Here it goes:
      Handsome, fair but not so tall😂😂😂
      Meet Mr. Know it all
      Humility and gentility is alien to him
      Wants everyone to agree to his whim😡😡😡
      Never-bending, non relenting
      Not even the fun to forgetting
      His manner is sauve
      His style debonair😉😉😉👌
      Yet the one who knows how to care😇😇
      His brothers r his life 😘😘😘😘
      N lady baba his wud b wife😁😂😂😂
      He has the wrld at his feet😏😏😏
      Still won’t accept hsi only defeat
      That a beauty of a rare kind
      With a curvy body and funny bend of mind
      Has stirred some deep buried feelings
      And has brought his heart to a kneeling💑

      Personality is staggering, mysterious n coy🙌🙌👍
      Who is that yummy green eyed boy
      Dadi’s BILLU or the eldest heir to Oberoi
      Or he is our Anikas’ LOVE N Joy💘💘♥💝
      No Guessing at all
      Give it up for Baghad Billa or Shivaay Singh Oberoi😎😎
      Intense deep eyes that speak a thousand words 😌
      Smile that makes world go blurred😜😜😋
      Charming,Dashing n a Brooding type
      So Creative and artistic widout any hype🙏🙏✍️😱😱😱
      How I love his luscious hair
      So bouncy n So much flair😹😹😹
      When he stares at you
      You are not able to move😩😩😊😊
      Heartbeat notches up and high❤️💕💕💓💖
      Ur knees go weak n mouth goes dry🙈🙈🙈
      I oh so want to hug him all
      Galz wud die fr him but he shud just call😛😛😛😛
      Do we know him??
      Bouy Bouy!!!! He is our OMKARA SINGH OBEROI!!!☺️☺️🙌👏💋

      The apple of his brothers eye🍎🍎🍎
      Every luxurious car he has to buy🤑🤑🤑

      He lives for gymming BUT Nevev fails grinning😹💪💪
      Wants every hot chic Smarming😛😛
      To claim him as her Prince Charming
      6 pack ab n a sense of humour so fab!!
      Just hear him out when u feel drab🤗🤗🤗
      He will make u laugh so hard
      Leave world, u will frget u were eve jarred😔😪😂
      An angel that he is 😇😇
      Whom U cannot miss
      The cutest gummy bear🐻🐨
      Sometimes clothed n sometimes bare🙈🙈🙈
      Woot Woot!!! Oye Oye
      He is RUDRA SINGH OBEROI👏👏👏👄☺️☺️😍😘😚

      • Mukta

        Di…it’s just awesome, fabulous and what to say….no way to express how impressive is ur way to express😜😜😜😜Just loved d poem👌👌👌👌

      • nelka

        Wow di.ur skill is mind blowing.matching with om…billu’s intro is superrr fun…pls make a poem about 3 girls alsoooo….plsssss…it’s request darling ….😻👸🐻💪👨👩

      • NadiyaShah32

        |Registered Member

        Thank you so much my lovelies!!!..Its really sweet of u all to ..I am overwhelmed😍😘😘😌😌
        Nothing serious..just an attempt at poembaazi coz i am in Luv wid ShivIkaIshKraRoumya’s ISHQBAAZI!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

      • Sumo

        |Registered Member

        nadiyaa.. god u got d words rite girl….
        such a talent u r.. loved it a lot.. thank goodness I dint miss it.. hahaha.. loved the billuji’s part.. 😍😍😍😍😍

      • mishri

        U are awsum unbelievable amazing and fantabulous and allll in 1…u impressd me😲😲😲😲😲😲😙😙😙

  33. shahabana

    What a showyar. Everyday im just wainting for ishqbaaz. This show had everything bromance romance comedy emotions. This is full of package show. Awsome story with awsome cast. I just love ishqbaaz.

  34. shit

    Finally, Billu is back. Anika’s expression was mindblowing. The way she offered water to Billu but actually she needed it more. Although subsequently and in precap it looked like overacting. Is she doing it to suppress her feelings. Don’t do it Anika. You are known for speaking to ur heart. Just do it. Looks like Tej is not happy. Is he behind this.

    Somebody also asked about my ID. Doesn’t matter. Content is important. Isn’t it?
    Waiting for OM-Reedhima-Ishana triangle.

  35. shahabana

    I dntknw why but i also feels that tej is behind these accident if its became true then the family will break.

  36. ishika

    Hey hi mukta😊…in gd..r u ok??..yes I’m jst waitng fr tdy’s spoiler they said shivay will jst ask hr to get out cz he cant win wth Anika..😂..n nvr did he win !

    • NadiyaShah32

      |Registered Member

      Hey Ishiqa hw r u gal??😍😍😍😍
      Yesterday u talkd about some tellychakkarvideo where anika n om r mimicing Tej n That Swetlana..I cudn’t find it anywhere.😩😩😩..Can u plz give me the info or post the link hea…🙏🙏🙏

      • ishika

        Ya nadiya I’m good…ya jst type ishqbaaz instagram in google..n the frst link it is click it n thre u go…by th way in mesmerzd th poem..sending u postv energies nadiya baby😍😂 or I shud say Reiki!😂

      • ishika

        ND yes let me knw in tdys episode did u see It or not…n tht shivika collage too😂…well th spelling is though ur addition of q (ishiqa)….made it look a bit s*xy😜 though I look like a micky mouse😐😂 no doubt!!

    • NadiyaShah32

      |Registered Member

      Thank you Ishika baby!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😍😍😍😍
      I just found the video n yea i ALSO GT UR REKHI…SENDING SOME FRM MY SIDE TOO!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂
      😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥 GOD bless u!!!
      Yea I saw the collage..its beautiful n that video on Kunal’s insta where he is cutting the cake, all r njoying except our poor Anika as she is on a diet!!😭😭😭😭😭
      They r irritating her 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  37. NadiyaShah32

    |Registered Member

    I am really sorrY if my post above is too long or unintentionally i hurted nyone…Its just my POV!!!
    AND PLZ feel free to laugh at my trial to be a poet
    I am also laughing AT IT.. hahahha😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  38. Sumo

    |Registered Member

    okay about the game….
    1. shivaye- a shrewd businessman but super caring brother , son n grandson .. does not believe in love but has a soft corner for d girl who is highly irritating(to him of course) . I think shivaye is d perfect example of today’s working India .. dey do not believe in love n r focussed on career but finally dey find a perfect partner..
    omkara: he is a emotional , philosophical, artistic .. actually his calm n serine nature brings out d best in him .. he is a pure soul n highly Carin.. he loves his brothers a lot but he loves everything else too.. I mean be it a stranger ( ishana) he is concerned for everyone ..
    rudra: he is a sweetheart.. he is just lyk us.. a young carefree early adult college going guy who thinks life is all about having fun. he is d youngest so has been pampered a lot.. he loves shivaye dearly even more than om ( my assumption) n cries lyk a baby when in crisis .. he is charming n handsome..

    dis is my way of characterising dem.. 😊😊😊😊

  39. renima

    Hello ishqbaaz viewers , i was not able to watch the show for last 3 days due to work load… only just now i watch yesterday’s episode on hot star… am happy that finally they are showing rudra- sowmya track… today they will defenitely show om- ishana track also…

  40. renima

    Hello aqua, nadiya and mukta.., ishqbaaz is progressing… but my ishq has no progress…. i tried lot to find out what is going on his mind… but …. you know guys nowadays in our meetings i always say something about ishqbaaz….and then starts arguments…. finally he said that he will also watch ishqbaaz… with me only for one day since i always talks about ishq…

  41. disha

    episode starting some emotional but after shivaye come back it really funny anika give good name to shivaye baged billa and one more from dadi billu rudra and anika bonding very good as brother and sister

    • NadiyaShah32

      |Registered Member

      It is beautiful Rudra Anika n even Om’s bonding BUT i wanted to kick Shivaay when he thanked Tia baby instead of Anika.😡😡😡…She felt bad!!!😭😭😭😭

  42. neha

    I am sure Tej is definitely upto something. I guess he is behind all those attacks.
    Got to know that pinky’s character to turn negative in the coming epi.
    Anybody knows about the spoilers??

    • NadiyaShah32

      |Registered Member

      Nothing new..Just that Shivaay will ask Anika to get out of his room😤😤😤
      Hmm even I feel that Tej n Pinky won’t change so easily.🤔🤔🤔.They r snakes in disguise👿👿👊👊👊

  43. renima

    Mahi and i will watch ishqbaaz on august 7-friendship day…. am very much excited…. he will not argue on that day….we are going to celebrate 5th friendship anniversary…

  44. renima

    Thanks for the kind advice…. how many serials are named with ishq… ishq ka rang safed, ishq unplugged, ishqboondh, rabba ishq na hove, salam-e- ishq, tashan-e- ishq, yeh ishq haaye and finally our ISHQBAAZZZZ……

    • NadiyaShah32

      |Registered Member

      Ishqbaaz surpasses all of them.. though ishq ka rang safed n tashn-e ishq were initially also gud…..I really hope it rises on the TRP charts too!!!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  45. [email protected]

    episode was good. Anika’s expression was awesome ….

  46. renima

    I don’t want pinky to be negative….. pinky cares for jhanvi is too good to watch….. no more pain for jhanvi….

  47. shahabana

    Hey nadiya shah,very gd poemyar. Its very gd,keep it up baby. Ur english also very impressive. Im impressed with u and thank u for gd poem.

  48. pragya

    It was a epic….
    Awesome episode yar….billu …ishana….rudra…omie…and our Anika……….it was super….seeing them….

    • NadiyaShah32

      |Registered Member

      No issues..We will accept ur comments too😂😂😂😂😂
      Just pulling ur leg😉😉😉😉
      BUt plz do comment..We all wud love to intereact wid u!!!!☺️😘😘😍

  49. pragya

    Entry of billu…so cute….superb…..for the first time its anika feeling from the heart…spark started….❤ ❤ ❤😊 and that to water scene was super…anikka u rock……pinky be aaj dil jethleya. …ishana ne be dil se chathi thi…ki shivay gar lote…..the moment on said to shivay that Thu jinda ho to uski vaja Anika…Shivays reaction is nice… escape from say ing thank you bagad billa ne tia. Ko use kardiya……par uske reaction for reki and raki….love you shivika. …….. Precap….ankia thutsi great ooh……..

  50. Pall

    I just love the show. Hope writer will not convert it in saas bahu type and love the acting of shivika.

  51. disha

    In the upcoming episodes we will see how the increasing closeness between Anika and Shivay irritates Tia.Shivaay is recently seen inclining more towards Anika than Tia.Shivaay is seen just liking Tia but love has just started striking him crazy as he cannot stop imagining Anika inall the sequences.The only thing that is missing in the relationship is the realization on both ends that they are in love.Will this realization ever

  52. ishika

    In twitter update they Sai tdys fght will take place cz Anika will call him ill mannered..n she WL get inside his room without his permission fr asking for a thnks…n he WL ask HR to get out..then u knw abt the..shivika fight😂..then later on omrushivay..will sit bsde th pool n talk abt grls 😂..whre omrudra will decide to get shivay realize abt his feelings…😍..n hs heart gonna beat soon fr Anika…my b in a week or few days😊

  53. ishika

    Well I knw I gving a lot of updates at one go bt Last one peeps😂
    U remember zoya faruki aka surbhi Jyoti aka anika’s real life bst frnd who has gifted her tht bracelet whch she wears…she has posted a video whre she states tht show me kafi raita fails Hua hai…aur use barhane aa rahi hai Malika kabir Choudhary…she is entering in th show….i hope she wont pop in btwn shivika🙏….cz alrdy they r stuck wth their egos I dnt want a pillar nw fr gd sake😐

    • NadiyaShah32

      |Registered Member

      Though i LOVE Surbhi Jyoti too but I don’t want a love traingle of 2 galz n one guy😕😕😕😕😕…It shud be 2 guys n 1 gal n Shivaay shud be the to burn wid jealousy fr our Cutest Anikaa!!!😃😃😃😁😃😂

    • Enasanjida

      But entry how & why ? Shivika jodi hoga ( dadi try ; Om – Rudra try thats shivay understand his feeling) now its urgent Ishkara jodi increase.. Bcz this jodi have no idea. How r they pair ? Audience confused- Ishaana- Omkara love story & also Ridima character ..

  54. NadiyaShah32

    |Registered Member

    😩😩😩😩😤😤 If ShiVika is gona fall fr one another so soon….then what will be their storyline in future..oh!!! plzzzz It shudn’t be the regular saga of forcible marriage n then love-hate relation😒😒…I feel they shud focus more on IshKara n Roumya so that we can have a balanced story fr all the 3 couples…That way it will b more interesting!!!🙏🙏🙏

    • Enasanjida

      100% r8.. I agree wid u. Some site – say ; which jodi u think lyk best jodi ?
      And its ans Shivika ( why not ). Each episode main inko dikhata hain.. Baki dono jodi kam ati hain epsode main. So ; itz unfair say ; Shivika.

  55. NadiyaShah32

    |Registered Member

    Okk So I am logging off…Love u all..Njoy the most rocking show Ishqbaaz n yeah I request do share ur views, n opinions hea…The ones who r just the silent readers too ..Trust me it will strengthen our bonding n its really fun…After all we r Ishqbaazians!!!😎😎😎😎😎
    One fr All
    All fr One!!!✊✊

  56. Vinayak

    A superb Episode. Although Shivay didn’t thank Anika for saving his life, there will be deep down love setting between them.
    Wish they realise their emotions.
    Thanks Telly Update.

    • Enasanjida

      I think – Shivay rival. & Ridima hate those person family .. May be ; really don’t know.

  57. Roo

    haiii guyss!!! i’m in the hostl now & i won’t be able to watch any epis till septmbr nw on… soooo sadd… what to do!!! hope you guyzzz will keep me update of every single moment of ishqbaazz…????

  58. Roo

    ohhh god!!! what to do.. i’m nw in hstl n nt able to watch any epi of ishqbaaaz.. plz keep me update guyzz..

  59. Enasanjida

    Guys r u heard a breaking news – Surubi joyoti ( which we have last seen Qabul hain serial – Zoya) . She will be entry in this show Ishqbaaz ..

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