Ishqbaaz 3rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye searches for mills secret

Ishqbaaz 3rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye makes Anika sleep beside and gets up. He switches on his laptop. Roop says something happened which I didn’t imagine. FB shows Mr. Kapoor asking did you come here to ignite fire here, when Shakti and Tej stopped me for this work, they have sent you, so that I get blamed, they wanted to frame me and get insurance money alone, I won’t let this happen. FB ends. Roop says Mr. Kapoor was angry and called Tej and Shakti. FB shows Tej saying I m saying truth, I went to ignite fire but I just couldn’t do it. Mr. Kapoor calls Shakti and says you refused to burn the factory and stopped me, and then you have sent a family member to burn the factory.

Shakti asks what and sees Tej…. He thinks Tej has really burnt the factory. Mr. Kapoor asks them to come to factory. He says Oberois did wrong

with me, let them come. Roop thinks Tej and Shakti will send me to jail, what will happen to my child. She stabs him with a rod. FB ends. Veer asks what, did you kill Mr. Kapoor. Roop asks what could I do, I had to kill him to save my life, I knew Tej and Shakti would be coming any moment, I ignited fire so that Mr. Kapoor’s body gets burnt. FB shows. Roop igniting fire and running away. Tej, Jhanvi, Shakti and Pinky come there. Tej says I swear I didn’t do this. They go in and find Mr. Kapoor dead. Tej removes the rod. Roop clicks his pic. Tej says he is dead Shakti. Shakti says what will happen now, they will think we killed Mr. Kapoor. Pinky says police will arrest us. Tej says we have to do something, no one saw us coming here, we will leave silently. FB ends. Veer says amazing plan. She says they couldn’t know this. He says you have the pics, if we release it in press, we don’t need to do anything else, it will prove that Oberois have ignited the fire in mills and killed Mr. Kapoor.

Shivaye reads Kalyani mills’ foreman arrested, witness or criminal. He thinks who was the foreman. He checks the article and sees pic. He thinks why does his eyes look familiar, I should retrieve more info about him. Veer asks do you still have those pics. Roop shows him. Veer smiles and says wow, this pic portrays that Oberois killed Mr. Kapoor, what was Oberois reaction seeing you there. FB shows Roop asking did you kill Mr. Kapoor and burnt the factory. Tej and Shakti say no, we didn’t do this. She says I heard you both arguing today. Tej says we didn’t do this. Pinky says I took your baby to hospital, when I got here, we saw Mr. Kapoor’s dead body. Roop says I heard it, but police won’t believe this, leave from here fast.

Tej asks how did you come here. Roop says I saw you leaving hastily and thought to come after you to know the problem, just go. Shakti says I will activate fire alarm and come, night shift workers can leave, I don’t want any innocent lives to get in danger. He rings the alarm. Roop says I will come in my car, just go. FB ends. Veer asks why did you not leave. Roop says I had to keep Mr. Kapoor’s dead body away from fire. She digs soil and buries him. FB ends. She says I thought I would bury the body, but company’s foreman Harshvardhan Trivedi/Harsh came there, remember this name. FB shows Harsh seeing Roop and saying you have killed Mr. Kapoor. She says this was an accident, don’t say anything to police, my child will become an orphan. She coughs. He asks are you fine and comes to her. She laughs and hits on his head. She says you won’t survive, there won’t be any evidence against me. He says let me go, I have two young daughters, Anika and Chutki. She hits again. He faints. FB ends.

Veer asks Anika, the daughter of mills’ foreman, what happened then. Roop says Harsh was very loyal to Oberois, I thought he will tell them the truth, I got Harsh’s body outside, I thought if he gets conscious, I will put the blame on him. She makes Harsh hold the kerosene cans. She goes and hides. Police comes and sees Harsh. Inspector says maybe he ignited the fire or its someone’s plan, take him to the hospital. Tej gets Bhatia’s call and says I don’t know how the fire broke out in factory, we will try to compensate, I know many lost lives there, don’t know what was foreman doing there. He ends call. He says we had seen Mr. Kapoor’s body, but police didn’t get him, how can this happen. Shakti says why did he call us there. Tej says what was foreman doing there, did Mr. Kapoor call him there to ignite fire. Roop says leave it, you didn’t go to factory and didn’t see anything, forget it. Jhanvi agrees. Shakti hugs Roop and thanks her. He says we didn’t become good brothers, but you are fulfilling duties of a good sister.

Roop says you are my own family, nothing else matters to me, I m leaving, take care. Pinky asks where are you going. Roop says Dehradun, I know my child has no place here. Tej says you don’t need to go, you can stay here, but your child can’t stay, we will make arrangements for him. Shakti says its difficult for you, we are helpless, we have to preserve reputation, you will have to stay away from your child. FB ends. Roop says I had just two ways, to get away from family or child. Veer says you chose your family. She says this was the only way to give a good life to you. She says I m angry with Oberois, they separated me from my mum for the sake of their false prestige. She says forget it, see this. He checks the article. Anika calls out Shivaye. He says I m doing work, you sleep.

She asks what’s the work. He says I was reading few articles about Kalyani mills fire incident, police felt the foreman has ignited the fire, but before police could take his statement, he….. Harshvardhan Trivedi. Roop says I knew foreman will get conscious and take my name, so…. Roop takes nurse’s disguise and goes to the ward. She smiles seeing Harsh and removes the oxygen supply. Harsh dies. FB ends. Veer says it means you did everything, you set fire in mills, you killed Mr. Kapoor and Anika’s dad, when you had strong evidence against Oberois, why didn’t you use it. She says I was waiting for right time, just Tej, Jhanvi, Shakti and Pinky would have gone jail, but now the foundation will shatter, Shivaye and Anika will get separated forever. He asks how. She says just wait and watch, how I ruin their lives.

Tej asks who called the media here. Shivaye says I called them to make an imp announcement about Veer. Roop gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Shivami

    28 June 2016 second episode of ishqbaaz.

    Anika on phone a lady on phone ask her surname

    Oh my god ?????



    So Sara raita roop ne phaila

    Mills me Aag, Mr Kapoor ka mout ,our Anika ka papa Ko bhi?????

    Dadi Ko heart attack aungi

    Lakein a Raaz kaise shivika Ko algh kaise karungi???

    Pls Gauri Anika ka sister relation track is needed sab Raaz is opening so is Raaz bi kholna padenga

    #raazbaaz good night

    1. hi Shivami dear,
      Congrats for being 1st…tc

  2. Fama

    Phel gayi raita!!

  3. Hi everyone,
    So bua killed Mr.Kapoor. And swetlana was helping her father murderer.
    So, foreman is Anri father only and he is alive.
    This bua is perfect criminal.
    All truth is reveled.
    @jeevi di- I m good di. How are u? Thanks di, I was not knowing that I’ll be 1st. Di I think I have seen ur comment once for welcoming me, thanks a lot.
    @Natty- Thanks for sharing ur POV.
    @arpita di- Thanks a lot di. Actually I was thinking to write it but was not getting time. And ya Ishkara were very good as individual.
    @Luthfa di- Thanks. Thanks a lot for understanding me. I used love Ishana’s cute acts a lot.

    1. Typo error anri’s father is dead

    2. you are welcome.

    3. Hi Ritu,
      im fine dear…tq n welcome dear.
      waiting wen swetlana get to know the real

    4. Even I loved ishana and Omkara bt not ishkara. Dunno somehow I cldnt accept their Jodi. Maybe it’s because he was satyavadi Omkara and she was a con woman.

  4. Aashika

    So finally KM mystery solved. So all the plan and murder is done by roop and blame goes to oberois and that foreman was anika and gauri father. Poor swetlana she made a huge mistake by helping her father’s murderer.. Don’t know what happen when shivaay and anika know this truth. Hope all goes good…

  5. Hiiiii mere khidkitod pagals……..
    Sry for not replying…
    Come to episode.
    Finalyyyyy she is back..she is back…. she is back……………………wooohhhh its prty time dor me..
    Yiu all got…I am.talking about my CHAND BRACELET….
    Finally..i missed her soooo much…
    And shivika..??????????????afyer sooo many days they are sleeping like this…..from.sleeping from sooo far to each other to sleeping with each other soo closely..
    Hiiiii.every day i fall in love with shivika nore and more..and more and more.

    2 Revelations are getting too fast Hope jaisa he waisa rahe..aur kuch na badle.
    Now we can assume two things.


    So Annika is Annika Trivedi…Nooooo
    I love or as Annika..only annika.
    Her father was loyal to oberois and she also proved it..

    My excitement on 190%
    I can’t able to.write anything.
    Just want to kill BHOOTNI…DANTO DANTO MAIN…..
    ?⛏⛏?FOR BHOTNI..
    she crossed everybody in cruelty..
    And Hope sutlu will know the real truth and do tie tie fiss of bua.
    And how brutally he killed Mr Kapoor and HARSH BARDHAN TRIVEDI.
    I am.just waiting when Anika will know the truth what will be her condition????????
    Will she suffer with Misunderstanding or Will she able to forgive oberois.
    You can watch it also on HOTSTAR..
    Ok byyy.
    too much sleepy
    P.S BANITA….i think moderation uncle has fell in love with your comment..??????????????

    1. Hi Arpita dear,
      wowww s dear happy to c our old kidkithod annika back n sply chand….
      Even i like anika as anika itself……
      Dear before killing her i want cut her throat 1st dear horrible voice worst than thirmada( choota Bheem)….. lots of

    2. Definitely the probabilities are more for ur first guess because he can’t accept anything like someone from his family would have done bad so I guess the upcoming twist would be love vs family and such a twist can occur only when ur first guess comes true

  6. Pushpa

    OMM.. if tht roop in front of me mummy kasam i’ll shoot ??
    her till dead..
    Kalyani mill….. roop put on fire
    Mr kapoor….. roop murdered
    Anika dad…. roop murdered..
    Such a devil she is and cm on cvs just need an answer for my question….seriously why is it anything goes wrong in OF it only falls back to shivaya and anika and not to anyone else…why..why…why..this KM the senior oberois r involved so thy shld solve it..happened way before shivaye anika were kids why must they suffer now…… not shivaye again…
    i hope shivaye will hv his master plan laid out to trap veer and roop…. but i dun know how shivaye going to handle the truth of anika dad death… tht will hurt shivaye and what will be anika say on this? Will she get upset and leave or she will stand by shivaye as just like she always say sirf Anika???? I like her to be sirf Anika….

    Roop your hell is just nearby shivaye will show tht to you & veer soon
    Get ready….
    Im so in confusedbaaz today because of this mill raaz…
    Hope this doesnt give impact to shiavye anika….
    I hope shivaye anika will find out the truth togetehr….
    Or roop confess….

  7. Oh my maathaaaaaa ?????
    All the problems.. bcz of bua !!!! ??
    Fire.. murder.. Anika’s dad death !!!

    So there wil be emotional separation btwn shivika.. As per that reports during fire accident.. it was Anika’s dad may have ignite the fire.. pls cv’s no more separation ??

    Sooo this kalyani mills raaz is full of misunderstandings.. when sakthi attended the cal he thought tej ignite the fire… Tej is thinking that mr.kapoor called Harshvardhan Trivedi to ignite the mill !! But all was done by their own sister..
    Atlast Is she married or not ?? She left veer??
    As roop said.. if the photos are out… Then the foundation of oberois wil be shattered ????

    I guess tia also thought that it was Anika’s dad who ignite fire.. ??

    Please cv’s .. start Anika and gowri’s track too.. want to see their sister bonding ???

  8. Dhwani_Naidu

    Heyaa guys!! My khidkitod pagals!! Haven’t seen yest and today’s epi.. My exams have ended and am really taking long breaks at home to relax my tired brain.. Will comment after watching the epi guys.. Read today’s written updates.. Woww!! Really excited tht KM secret and Aniri past revelation has started..

    P.s: Welcome as a registered member meri dost.. I hv msged u yaar..

    Will comment after watching today’s epi.. till then bye!! Love you all!!

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Dost,how are you?
      You must be so tired finishing all exams.Take more and more rest.I got your message yaar and replied back as well.I think you didn’t get it.I am new to all these and actually don’t know how to run some things.Hope you will help me to learn,won’t you?Anyway,waiting eagerly exchanging words with you.And welcome back with lots of love,hugs and kisses.Love you Dost????????

      1. Dhwani_Naidu

        Hii dost!!Am fine yaar.. No issues dost.. I will help you.. Will be back here regularly.. Love you so much dost ????

    2. Hi Dhwani dear,
      hru. hope u hv rocked all ur exams. relax deeply dear. r writing cet neet jee- mains etc exams wt dear. was missing u waiting for ur comment.. love u. tc

      1. Dhwani_Naidu

        Hii Jeevi!! Exactly.. will be writing entrance exams too.. But I will be regular here.. love you yaar.. tc ??

  9. How did everyone know Annikas parents when she herself is not aware of this Hope shivika r not separated please

  10. Hiiii everyone

    How are you’ll???
    I missed you’ll ☺

    I couldn’t comment coz I was admitted in hospital for 3 days ????? and was on complete rest I couldn’t do anything I was so sick and I had to go to doctor for regular checkups Plz pray for my speedy recovery ❤

    I haven’t watched ishqbaaz for a week
    And what is this that I’m reading kalyani mills revelation woooowww hopefully we get to know alot all more so looking forward

    So anikas surname is trivedi yohh finally we get to know hers and gauri surname

    Take care ??

    1. What happened dear? How are you now?

    2. Hi Omaira dear,
      hru. hope ur geting well. take care of ur health dear. health is 1st. its ok dear can watch it later in hotstar.. sure prayer for u dear. lots of love. tc

    3. Dhwani_Naidu

      Omaira.. take rest dear.. don’t worry yaar.. you will be fine.. You can comment after you get well.. Take care of your health.. Lots of love from me and gpkj.. take care..

    4. Luthfa

      Omu,what happened to you?Just take rest and don’t stressed yourself up.Everything will be fine.I will pray to God for your fastest recovery.Take care.Lots of healing wishes.Love you?

  11. Annika and shivaay taking revenge story what is the difference between kapoors there in past what happened that is not matter for present and future shivaay love is most important

  12. Pui

    Hi guys….
    Finally 6 mahine wait karwane k baad kalyani mills ka secret bahar nikal gaya..
    Waise Roop uss short dress mein bilkul LOL lag rahi thi…????
    no offense intended.
    So ab yeh bhi pata chal gaya ki Anika and Gauri sisters hai and they belong to the Trivedi family. Chalo theekh hai koi nai. But Anika and Gauri jaisi hai waise hi acchi hai. They dont need the Trivedi surname, they are better without it. Khair, now they are the Oberois.
    Kaash SSO ko yeh sach jaldi pata chal jaaye.
    Dear SSO,
    Jab aap yeh sach ki revelation karoge, toh please hospital ka ek bed ready karwa lena kyunki Swetlana ko yeh jaanke heart attack zaroor ayega ki woh apke Dad ke murderer ki help kar rahi thi. Aisa nahi hai ki hum chahte hai ki uske saath bura na ho, hum chahte hai ki uske saath jo hona hai wo ho, but actually uski jab insult hoti hai na toh bahut maza aata hai.
    With fake concern,
    This must be the best track after first Daksh drama in Ishqbaaz because all the other tracks were kinda predictable and u know what I wanna say….
    Kitne der baad jaake CVs ne apna matha lagaya serial mein. Abhay yaar, kahan ho tum ? Yeh sab start tumne kiya and jab sach bahar aaya toh tum gayab ho ? Aise thodi chalta hai.
    This was again an epi with lots of BIG revelations….
    1. Roop was ultimate criminal.
    2. Mr. Kapoor was killed by Roop and not Oberois.
    3. Anika and Gauri are supposed to be sisters.
    4. Anika is a Trivedi, daughter of Harshvarfhan Trivedi, foreman of Kalyani Mills.
    5. Swetlana ki sach sunne k baad tai tai phis jone waali hai. ?
    Now the track gets slightly interesting of they show some logical sequence and not drag the track unnecessarily.
    I guess I’ve said twive more than reqd.
    See uh all some time later.
    Good ni8.
    Love u all.

  13. Riana

    I dont want to discuss anything about that disgusting squirrel !!!…
    She killed Ani’s Dad…
    Harshvardhan tridevi…
    She killed Mr Kapoor !…
    She killed more than 100 people in that accident !…
    She calls herself a mother !!…
    Shivaay pls find out this truth soon !…
    Gauri & Anika’s relationship of being sister is true…So happy that my months Old Os came true in real life #LETS TAKE SELFIE GUYS GUYS DAANTO DAANTO MEIN !! ?????????
    Anika dear pls after knowing the truth do slap that ***** ! Atleast we will be relief ! Pls dont say that time that “Aap mujhse badi hai main aapko thappar nahi maar sakti” ?????
    Anika pls uss ***** ki chehre ki GRAHADISHA badal dena !!! ??????????????

  14. Luthfa

    Truth(perhaps) has seen the light of revelation finally.Main culprit who did everything is emphasizing that whatever she had done only for her child.To ensure his safety and to give him a better life.She had to part witn her son and went through all the sufferings of life.But Roop is nurturing a big illusion inside her heart.For whom she did everything,that Veer,her son can betray her any time anywhere if necessary and for his own interest.Veer proved this thing many a time.So,her son whose acceptance was rejected by the Oberois can reject his own mother who gave birth to him.Roop very selfishly killed that person who was the father of two little girls and they had no-one except their father.Roop literally made them orphan and their life got destroyed.How Anika and Chutki made through life,it’s known to everyone now.Those innocent souls suffered without doing any mistake.Now she is intended to shake the foundation of OF by separating Shivika.This is her second illusion.Shivika has reached such a height in their journey that it can stand anything and anyone to safeguard their relation.Because their love is not selfish like hers.Roop’s crimes are such that every punishment will fall short while offering justice.Her apt punishment can be her two illusions.Her son Veer and his support for her past deeds,Shivika’s broken relationship because of KMM.Elaborately,Veer’s betrayal for whom she did everything and Shivika’s intact relation after facing KMM trial………………………..

    1. Pui

      Hey Di ! Finally tumi registered member hoye cho ! Congrats !
      P. S – Don’t mind d mistakes ?

    2. Dhwani_Naidu

      Hiii Dost!! When I saw the holi epi, I had seen veer sending off Tia, calling her bechari.. I feel he has some softness in his heart but is forced to do these against his cousins by his mom.. May be he does this all to stop hearing his mom’s taunts.. I haven’t seen all epis at once.. So this is my view after seeing holi’s epi.. I know I may be wrong as I haven’t seen other epis.. What is ur view dost??

      P.s: I didn’t receive ur msg yaar??..

    3. yeah very true Roop Bua must be bowled over with her own son betraying her, bcas right now it is only the two of them who know the truth of KMM. and our shivika will surely stand strong together no matter what, they have proved to all that nothing ever can come in the way of true love.
      all hope on ishqbaazi of shivika.

  15. Riana

    Not *accident* sorry KILLING BY LIGHTING FIRE ON FACTORY !!

  16. My head is twisting with this revelation..Sara Sara Raita Roop ne phail diya..
    How come one can be that cruel.. If dadi comes to know about her daughters crucial behavior she will definitely get heart attack..
    For selfish motive how many lives gone..
    Because of her Kapoor sisters, Annika, Gauri lost their childhood happiness.. And shivaay have suffered a lot..
    I think gayathri was also murdered by Roop..
    So it’s Annika and chutki trivedi but I like& I love sirf Annika or shivaay’s khidki thod Annika..
    Harsh trivedi was loyal to oberoi’s and even his daughters proving it..
    Bua is chantoomai hai.. She just manipulated her brothers that Annika’s father and Kapoor is behind kalyani mill fire incident..
    Roop Bua is dangerous than Tej & pinky..
    I just hope shivaay finds the entire truth..
    I don’t think our shivika will get separated.. But they will emotionally get hurt due to this truth.. But they will fight together with their enemies and find the real truth… There is no proof against Roop how shivika will get to know about Roop Bua’s real Roop.. ??
    I just want Svetlana and Annika must break the teeth of Roop.. Annika must kill her with chandhini.. ????? or else Svetlana must use her science knowledge against roop??
    I just can’t see her smiling face with that face full of teeth is hell irritating.. She is a physician ???
    Just love shivika’s progression in bedroom from hatred to liking and now subtle love.. How caring shivaay wow.. ??❣️??
    He just said foreman eyes is like known one.. Yeah Offcourse u would he is your khidki thod Annika’s father.. ??
    No idea will Cv’s come up with anri relation or simply gonna drag this one..
    As per Lalit sir latest post shivaay in rain with painful tear of raazbazz..
    Will he misunderstand Annika’s father has culprit..? If so he will breakdown so badly.. No idea how Cv’s gonna show… Full of secretbazz..

    1. Kadambari akka chandini would suicide if it touches Roop bua. ??..

      1. True that.. But at least Svety must use her science knowledge on Roop.. I want Kapoor sisters & trivedi sisters must do a ti ti phis for Roop Bua..

    2. Hi Kadhambari akka,
      she is danger than voldmort… my eye will b bless to c swetlana n anika doing omm of roop…
      May b proof may b in photo itself. while clicking photos her reflection on any thing like car glass… tht will b noticed by shivka just my imagination…..
      may b 1st shivaye misunderstands tht ani father behind all n still support her becoz she was innocent n child nothing to do with anika…
      later truth revels in same way anika support shivye n arrest bue for the crime.just my thought.. love u

  17. Hi guys, soo the entire raaz is shown……. Soo roop is behide all the crime….. the more irritating is she saying her self as great mother nd did all to for sake of his son……. I think for sake of fb( teenge they changed bua) shivaye give this case to CID within one day they find entire truth….. want to give a tight slap to her tht my 5 fingerprint fall in her face…… cannt bare her irritating acting specially her voice…….. waiting wen swetlana get to know the real truth….
    If im nt wrong anika n gouri sis will revel wen the kmm get reveled wen they mention anika n chutki name as tridevi daughters………


    1. You are a malayali???

    2. sry its tri vedi

  18. Everybody is talking about how Roop bua is so damn irritating and cruel while I’m breaking my head over the fact that veer is younger than gauri which makes him younger than Anika and the same age as somu and rudra or maybe even younger than them (yest Kapoor says he three daughters.) Bekar mean somu veer ko bhayya bhayya pukar rehi thi?.. they should have brought this “baby” as somu and rudra’s child and our attar butter Aryan as veer (I know that’s cruel but atleast the time frame would have been right ??)

    And is our Anika the only one with that name? How does tia and swetlu know it’s her. I just hope they will show aniri truth before the grand Revelation. Shivika and rikara both should go through the same pain.. but I don’t think they would separate. Shivaay and Omkara would have issues more than aniri but I think aniri will be able to handle them and the truth.. they are ishqbaaz and not nafratbaaz. If there is a separation it would be to know the truth. Atleast that is what I would like to believe..

  19. Sorry typo error.. It’s physco auto correct is killing me..

  20. VHM

    Today , with this revelation of KM the serial has broken all previous records of illogical things being shown….

    1 ) Age difference between veer , oberois, kapoor daughters and Trivedi daughters

    2 ) when Pinky knew who is father of Anika, how come she said that Anika has no NKK after Mahi’s exit episode was telecast

    (Fine later may be roop would have said Pinky that Anika is Trivedi’s daughter, but more recently when Pinky was exposed even then she insulted Anika about her blood)

    3 ) i really wonder Oberoi’s are handling so many business with this sort of brain…they don’t trust eachother and they are trusting Roop now

    4 ) How in the world can Annika be the same Annika and Chutki be the same Gauri?

    (My name us Harika and my brothers name is Sunil….my cousins name is Sunil and his sisters name is Harika)

    5 ) why the hell are senior Oberoi’s hiding the truth from junior Oberoi’s , when they know Shivaay will believe what they say rather than what others say.

    6 ) Anika and Gauri as of now are co-sisters, how come they never spoke about their families ..

    (Come on when two girls sit and speak, they speak everything starting from their families till presidents family)

    7 ) in between Abhay came to avenge from Oberoi’s , but in whole KM raaz there was nothing said about RAMESH OBEROI father of Abhay Oberoi..instead Mr.Kapoor was being involved

    8 ) Shivaay promised to help Tia, Tia knows KM secret as well as Anika’s family secret..then why is he taking pain of applying brain…he can ask her to reveal

    9 ) Roop is waiting for subh muhurat from 25 years to expose Oberoi’s..that’s funny …she was sent to jail, insulted, she joined hands with Gayatri and did what not and why for power, money..instead she could have sent the pics and blackmailed Oberoi’s (without letting know who is doing so)

    10 ) most importantly..whom does entire cast and crew of Ib think fools to be? Viewers or Themselves?

    Whatever it is, just to kill half an hour of my time i. A day doing absolutely nothing, i watch this serial …as this serial has given me Pkj…SSO and dher sara pyar…

  21. I want to doe after watching the s*** How do you guys watch this???? I feel my time wasted watching thus serial

    I liked the 1st part….

    So Roop is the root cause of all…where is Vishal?

    Dadi was during fire as shown in the epi. 22 nov 2017

    And what happened to Unnao’s supervisor and Shukla from where cctv footages were raided?

    How is Vishal related to all this?

    So Annika’s father is that foreman named HarshVardhan Trivedi…He was carrying some gifts in his hands as shown in the serial

    For whom was those?
    Was there any special occasion that day?

    We know that police did not get Mr. Kapoor’s body from the mill …how it went to the car?

    Was is this the same chemical factory Tia was mentioning?

    What is the age of all the childrens?

    Did not they enquired about Roop’schild when Pinky mentioned in the RatJaga epi?

    If police did not get Mr. Kapoor’s body from the mill he might be alive

    Moreover I noticed that the machine in the ICU went off and there was no straight line so There is a chance that Mr. Trivedi is alive

    If Roop knew Mr. Trivedi has 2 daughters didn’t she enquired about the 2nd one?

    I want to bang my head in the walll for this silly serial

    But my head is more important than this serial

  22. Fama

    I am just speechless about the revelations, I mean we’ve been waiting for months to know the truth and now just within 24hours the whole mystery is revealed by the culprit herself aur voh bhi danto danto main….. anyways no complaint am happy that we can at least have a sigh of relief that we know the real culprit behind the KMM
    Coming to the episode, it was sooo nice to see Shivika together sleeping so closely after a hell lot of a time and I just felt relieved to see that shivika is together without thinking about any future problems (probably) before Shivaay could wonder where he have seen those reflections of his sasural’s eyes in someone, without realising that the familiarity is actually in his wife’s and possibly Gauri’s
    What I dont get about Roop is that she had already destroyed her family by the time she decided to leave her son , then in what way has she chosen her family over her son. She first planned and implemented a plot to destroy the Oberois and also separated her child from herself in the name of giving him a luxurious life but rather ended up turning him into a rakhsas!!!!
    I hope there will be a latest twist in the latest drama and either Anika’s father is actually alive or a member of her family like her dadi/dada
    Also eagerly waiting for Anika-Chutki reunin moment!!!!!!

    1. Aur bi kuch raaz Hain… shayed cvs nhi dekha rhi……..issme bi kuch Hain laagta Hain mujhe……. itna jaldi raaz end hoga…..

  23. Cheena2001Cp

    I don’t understand that Annika,Gauri and Saumya are related to Oberoi’s from the very beginning [as revealed], Annika and Gauri are married to Oberoi’s kids! Why the hell Saumya isn’t married to Rudra? , from where did Bhavya come in the picture!?? This spoils the whole essence of the revelation!!!
    Don’t ask me the logic but it is a probable logic! LOL!
    I wish Annika and Gauri get to know this soon and no separation please!

    1. Ib me koi logic nhi hota…..bass dekh sakte Hain….cvs khahi se bi jor dega story….km raaz mujhe acha nhi laagyi… eaisa laag raha hain kuch toh Hain jo missing Hain……

  24. Yeah jeevi you too became detective Bazzi.. While reading your comment I just remembered how Annika and sahil saved Tej & Sakthi from false murdered accusation.. From that movie poster “Phukhat Raja”. I hope from these pics let shivika get some clue of the real culprit Bua..

  25. But factory me to blast hua tha na?? I remember one scene where it was shown as blast and there was no fire before blast ..confused

  26. Nikita_jai29

    Golmal h bhai sab golmal h….
    What is this… Cvs has lost their mind…. Lets wait what is remain in the show….
    Good comments harika dii…

  27. People don’t mention their children pet names, while talking about them with their higher authority
    V all have pet names but when our parents introduce /ask us to introduce ourselves to their colleagues v mention our original names only, I even felt wierd when he said anika and chutki like original name of one pet name of other.
    Though writers have given a clue that it’s gauri chances are there that they can change it according to their wish for they have a poor memory
    PS :this is my guess that’s all

  28. finally the Kalyani mill mystery is out. but the sad part is that only Roop Bua the real culprit and her wicked son veer is aware of the same. so how would the oberois ever come to know the whole truth.

    hope there was another witness.

    few questions, the KMM is around 20 to 25 years old. then how old is shivay, anika, omru……..

    always thought that shivay was 33 as in one of the episodes his 33 birthday was to be celebrated & anika around 25 – 27. so means at the time of kalyani mills episode either anika and gauri were babies.

    but when they became orphans they were around 7 to 8 years.

    and even if the kmm took place when shivika were kids why would they separate for errors done by the elders, which ofcourse we know is not true.

    both shivay & anika parents/family have not committed any crime,

    shivika must backfire roop bua and veer plans in such a way they will come to an end forever.

    and hope to see new tracks – newness in IB.
    not forgeting that anika & gauri relationship yet to be revealed.

    waiting for the KMM to end quickly.

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