Ishqbaaz 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 3rd April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mahi dances in the party. He drops. Shivaye says we will trap him in his plan, its going to be the Oberois versus him. Om says we will do what you say. The brothers join hands. Some time before, Mahi says I don’t know father’s name, no name, only shame, I got a rented house on house name, I got a mum on family’s name, the mum who hates me, I have no respect, everyone call me a dirty insect, it crawls and people give it respect, none call it illegitimate like they call me. Mahi cries. He says what a man is this Shivaye, he is great, everyone in this house loves him, they say what Shivaye tells is right, Shivaye Shivaye….. like he is Lord Shivaye, he is Ram, and I m Gangaram, don’t think I m drunk, Shivaye drinks much bhaang, I can also drink, I m Mahi.

Shivaye looks at him. Mahi says

you look good, I m feeling sleepy, I will sleep, its good AC air. Shivaye says its chance to leave and goes. Mahi says no, I don’t have to sleep, Shivaye won’t sleep, how much did I drink, how much am I talking, my head is aching, I know a way to get this out. He goes in party. Rudra asks what are you doing. Mahi dances weirdly in the party. Anika and everyone look on. Mahi falls asleep. Everyone look at him.

Rudra says enough, I can’t do more acting. Om says I wish to settle scores. Pinky says think of me, I was so worried, he stayed as Shivaye and was enjoying party. Shakti says that’s fine, but where is our Shivaye. Pinky says my Shivaye has come. Shivaye comes. Everyone smile. Om and Rudra go and hug him. Lafzon ka yeh….plays………. They see Mahi.

Rudra says I missed you a lot, when I hugged him, I felt something is missing, I did not get love and care. He cries and says I thought how can Shivaye change, I did not know you will be changed completely. Om says thank God you are safe, I did not think there will be such day when we three are not together. Shivaye hugs them and says this can’t happen that we three are not together. They smile. Shivaye says none can make us separated. Pinky hugs Shivaye and cries. She asks are you fine, why all problems come on you. He says I m fine, are you fine. She says now I m fine, thank Lord you came back fine. He says credit goes to Anika, if she did not doubt and told Khanna to trace phone, maybe I would have not reached here.

Pinky sees Anika and recalls insulting Anika. She says I have always cursed you, I told you many bad things, I thought you are my son’s enemy, you saved my son’s life and did big favor on me. She kisses Anika’s hands. Everyone smile. Anika says please aunty ji. Pinky says thanks for making Shivaye meet me, sorry for troubling you so much. Anika says please, don’t say this, you are a mum, mum’s anger is respected. Pinky hugs her and asks her not to cry.

Rudra says why are we bearing him, why don’t we give him to police. Shivaye says then we can’t reach the people who has sent him, he is dangerous, we want all info about him, we have to play till then, this person thinks its easy to take Shivaye Singh Oberoi’s place, we will show him how big mistake he did by coming here, we will trap him in his own plan. It will be Oberois versus him, we have to stay united, none can make us lose if we are together. Om says we will do whatever you say, we are with you. Shivaye, Om and Rudra join hands. Shivaye asks and you, Jhansi Ki rani, you have to be strong. Anika nods. Rudra says we will have O bro moment. Shivaye says no, we will have Oberoi family moment. They all say Dil bole Oberoi.

Anika goes to Mahi and sees him sleeping. She says he is still sleeping, I wish to throw water bucket on him. She goes. He gets up and says my head got heavy, I should not drink so much, liver and head’s Gangaram happens. He recalls Rudra feeling him bhaang. He says I did not drink, Pahelwani made me drink, if Om and Rudra have to drink bhaang, what’s the benefit to be rich. Anika comes and asks did you wake up. He thinks can’t you see. She asks him does he not remember what he did in party, we were stunned. He thinks I failed my plan. He asks what happened. She says you did not do anything by keeping holi party, you sat in a corner, as if you went in any 2rs function. He asks me, I became MJ yesterday, Bhaang was strong, I had much. She says who told this to you, this did not happen, this happens all years, you enjoy in holi. He says you are joking. She says why will I joke, you don’t trust me, I have proof. She shows video of Mahi sitting calm and everyone dancing.

She says who will say you are in holi party, are you Shivaye or anyone else in his place. He asks what do you mean. She says we felt you are not Shivaye, but his duplicate. He gets tensed. Tej comes and asks him why did he not get ready. He asks why. Tej says you have interview today. Mahi asks my interview, yes. Tej reminds him the topics, demonetization, GSC and finance bill, get ready fast, they will be coming. He goes. Anika says what clothes will you wear, I will get it, the country is going to see your interview, it should be A1, tell me which color will you wear. Mahi thinks what interview will I give, I heard this word for first time, I will be gone. She asks for color. He says yes, color is Gangaram. Pinky comes. Anika says he was shocked hearing about interview. Pinky says fine, but I can’t do acting, I wish to beat him. Anika asks her to control anger. Pinky says I can’t act of this love. Shivaye says you have to act mom.

Mahi goes to kitchen and thinks how to give interview, I will leave. Shivaye says you have to do, Mahi will be thinking you and Anika are my weakness, but truth is you two are my strengths, you can’t fall weak, we have to find out what he did by becoming Shivaye, whom he made victims. Anika says channel people will come, I will see where that duplicate got hidden. Mahi thinks to leave fast. He moves the refrigerator and sees a secret passage. Anika comes there and does not see him. He enters the passage. She thinks did he run away.

Ranveer says Shivaye is still there, see. Mahi sees Shivaye in the dark room and says who gave interview. Shivaye says he will get tired thinking who gave interview, I will make him out of Oberoi mansion. Mahi says Shivaye should not come back in that 100 crore house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hi guys I am very happy that pinky accepted anika as her bahu amazing nakuul nailed it what an acting sir today after long time we have seen o’bros and oberoi family movement ???anyways I am getting late for school bubye guys

  2. Wowwwww i just cnt beleive this….in a single episode so much awwww moments….all thanks to cvs….
    1. The real shivomru obro moments….its after very long time obro moments with original obrose….and oberoi family monents also shown….thats superb…so dil bole oberoi….everything is perfect only saumya is missing….
    Dont know will gauri will enter ever on this oberoi group….
    2. Anika- pinky milan…..finally the most awaited moment….pinky netho dil kush kardiya….
    So oberoise are together to trap mahi….thats good…but poor mahi….shivaye its not mahis fault….try to figure out real culprits…
    And secret paasage in fridge also….i cnt beleive this….is this oberoi mansion or any booth bangle….so many secret passages….
    In last page ishqees croseed more than 700+ comments…ohhhh my ishqees…..i think its record on tu page…go ishqees go….keep it up guyz….
    And in last page Renima, KiKi, chithra wished me….thanks a lotz guyz for ur lovely wishes….i couldnt reply on last page bcz no feeling well guyz…sorryyyt

    1. hi Shahabana …its awwwwwww…DIL BOLE SHIVOMRU!!!!!

      1. YAa pushpa its dil bole shivomru…….for lijis sake adding mahi also…dil bole shivomru and mahi…..

    2. Shabs!! So much in a single episode.. yes u r right!
      Gauri isn’t going to enter atleast in the near future.. they show no signs of syncing the tracks!! Somehow, as shrenu was never a part of IB, om love track seems so out of line.. that u don even miss Gauri here!!

      1. Yaaa anu u are right gauri is never part of ib then also i want to see all three brothers with their better halfs….it will be treat to watch….dont know whats they where showing in dbo….its full of swetlana tej- jhanvi crap….reading update also boring…

    3. CVS thought to make you happy for raising your status from ” SINGLE” to “TO BE DOUBLE”, and they comprise so much happpy moments in a single epi as an fairwelll gift to your status being SINGLE!
      ??? ???

      1. Wowwww shekhar…….loved this gift from cvs….hope we will get this type of episode as a gift from cvs in every weaks….
        But shekhar when u are mentioning about im going to loose my single statuse im feeling like crying….i will miss my singlewood badly…

      2. Shabs.. don worry.. when it come to shivay mahi or IB we are all still well within singlehood! Ok ?

    4. Archiya

      ur back… how is ur time between marriage fixing phase going on.. i know we will see u less now as u will be more on phone.,(wink wink) ,

      1. ARchu maina vaise ladki naheehu….jo her wakth phonpei rahegi…path nahiyar jabse engagement hogai thabse mera thabiyath teek nahihe….and marriage date is also very near….so not getting time to comment much dr….but im trying to read all ur lovely comments…

      2. Archiya

        oh Shabs
        take care dear… an get well soon… u need to enjoyy ur wedding

  3. Piyuu

    congrats akansha dear

  4. Piyuu

    superbb episode…finally got obro moment aur saath obro family moment bhi loved it…pinky ko kya hoga maine expect nahi kiya ye tho achi baathei aaj dil kush …mahi you made me cry …oberoi ne saath milkar plan banaya mahi ko trap karne mei shivaay bechara mahi us mei koyi galti nahi usse hurt na karo…precap acp ko nahi patha shivaay escape kya acp hai yaar…

  5. Piyuu

    @archu dp is jhakkas

    1. Archiya

      Thanks Piyuu:)

  6. @ Akansha dear, congratulations.
    @rajjo dear,I am totally fine.
    @puspa , yarr ye shivika ke beech rift dekh kar mera sar pehele ghum chuka.he.ab aisa mat karna.
    @astha baby.mujhe nahi pata tha ki tumhe pinky itni pasand he.OMG ??? but your analysis is khidkitod.
    @archiyadear aaj sdha narbhi dp. Trust me I was really expecting this from you. Really they have a nice bonding in both offscreen and onscreen.
    And tumhare thought bahut acche he.but ye IB he jo mila ussi se kaam chalao. Lekin ye hoga.pinky annika ko GC ke baare main bolegi lekin woh din thodi dur he.
    @ liji dear, tumne sabka naam yaad kiya
    that is really nice.mere toh naam yaad nahi rahete.BUT I AM FEELING BAD FOR YOU. Actually tumhare liye nahi tumhare khannu ke liye, sabne uska naam liya lekin abhi tak koi usse personally thank you nahi bola.yaha tak usse toh holi main hi nahi dikhaya.
    @sekhar dear, once again you rocked with your analysis.
    @ranila dear you are right.
    @Akriti dear, plz don’t call me di.sun ne main awkward lagta he you all can call me arpu. Mere dost bhi mujhe yahi naam se bulate hain. Ok.
    A grand welcome with a tight bhi naye sadyashya iss pagalo ki jhund main samil hue he. Keep commenting and enjoy the fun. ?????????
    Actually liji dear, mera bhi same haal mujhe bhi nahi pata ki IB. ki ab repeat telecast kab ho rahi he.
    And one more thing , ye hotstar pe toh pehele 6 pm bajhe sirf premium atta tha.Ab direct episode hi dikha dete he kya??? Ye fir mere phone main kisi ne gadbad ki???? Mujhe kuch samjh nahi aa raha. Agar aisa hua toh fir trp ke liye khatarnak he ye.
    @mahi dear,your sayari is awesome. Keep writing.
    Sry agar main kisi ki rply nahi kar pai.
    Kya?????????,, IB is out of trp list !!!!!!!!!???????????? heartattack karaoge kya?? Waise itni negativity hoga toh trp cum hoga hi. Gul maata ko thodi aajal toh aayegi.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Arpita ..Pinky mujhe kitna pasand hai tum soch bhi nahi sakti… Annika ne kaha na…Maa ki gali sar ankhon par… she is my brother’s mom yaar….. I just wanted her to respect Annika…which she did …so maaf kardiya Pinky Mom ko..
      Thnx. darling..

    2. Archiya

      just out of curiosity.. how were u expecting that out of me???

    3. Arpita……yaad karne wali baat nahin hai….700+ comments kuch 4-5 baar scroll karte karte some names got stuck in mind…..bakki thoda hamein pehle se pata hai….. 😛 😛 😛

      And I missed to mention Khannu’s point in my comment…..really yaar….Shivaye ne kitni baar Anika ki tareef ki……bas Khannaji ke naam lene ka alawa unko bulake personally thank you nahin bola….neither Shivaye nor Anika……not fair na! Yehi difference hota hai Shivaye aur Mahi mein…..agar Mahi hota tho Khannu ko 2-3 jhappi-pappi bhi dete aur dil kholke thankyou bolte…. ? ? ? ?

  7. Look at us!! 130+ comments overnight..
    With no shivika moments.. we might be PKJ.. but we are no bunch of ididots looking just for shivika moments and intimate scenes between them.. what we are looking for is meaningful entertainment.. emotions and fun..
    Be it o bro moments.. or funny convo between.. ani Sahil.. or ani Ru.. or Sahil sso.. emotional moments like pinky ani..
    CVs/Gul…. you have a very sensible loyal fandom out there.. and u better not disappoint them!!

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Anu…if you rember I wrote about this maturity in IB yesterday..yeah this is the standard we expect from IB…
      I love your new name for us …PKJ.. I kept this name for us to welcome new members.. and you managed to get a shortcut to it too…lolz…
      Gul ki taarif tadi se kar rahi ho…!!!!

      1. Yeah Astha.. I do see ur comments yesterday.. these comments are a reflection of yours..
        And PKJ.. yeah.. typing completely seems strenuous.. PKJ is way easier..?
        Gul ki taarif with tadi! ???

    2. i too agree with u…………..

    3. Archiya

      Anu dear
      so completely agree with u..

    4. Yaa anu dr im agree with u totally….what u said its what majority of ib fans wants to see….

    5. Yeah diya, shabs and archu.. giving episodes like yesterday shudn be a lot of trouble.. especially with a cast that they have.. as much as we deserve it.. the cast also deserves a good storyline!!

    6. Ya Anu….by chance Om appeared yesterday and we got to see Obros moment after loooooooongg time…..I wish soon they will show us Obros with Obahus moment…..Obros with Mahi and Sahil will also be a treat to watch…..pleeeej CVs make it happen!!

  8. hi all my dear frnds archiya,anu,richu,astha and all of them …’s epi was really good……..and all my fans i want to convey a wonderful day to all……

    1. Richu

      Hiii dear!!?the episode espaecially the Anika-pinky part ive watched it almost repeatedly

      1. Hi……richu……

    2. Archiya

      hi Diyas,
      ur fans????? i thght we all are here are just IB fans

      1. Sorry archuzzzz. It was a mistake I want to say all fans…….

      2. Aastha_Reddy

        Your fans… !!!! may be a typing error to friends….or a side effect of summer season.

      3. Archiya

        Its ok Diyas
        no need of sorry… was just teasing u dear 🙂 take it lightly

      4. astha dear it’s not a side effect ….mistake happens to anyone even to u……

      5. archiya dear u will be always a good frnd for me yaar even a sweet didi for me??but i will be their on DBO page if u want to talk to me …i will be their for u always….archuzzz my sweet frnd for ever

    3. Hello diya! Ur fans? Best typo ever ?

      1. sorry yaar it was my mistake…..i am not tying any more in IB ……because astha’s words made me hurt a lot……mistake happens to anyone it’s natur’s gift……..sorry everyone….try to forgive me….

      2. hello yaar it’s my last day on IB ……archiya and anu

      3. Archiya

        It’s OK dear.. M sure astha did not mean anything bad.. Or to hurt u.. M sure all were just teasing u.. Don’t take it so seriously.. N keep commenting here

  9. marry a person who is not rich but with a good -hearted and who has a humous sense…so u will be always happy……do u think it ever……………………………….those who agree with me share ur taughts because money will come and go but happiness make u smile always……

  10. Richu


    Not only these but pinky……..thank godd u accepted anika..????
    Ab aayega khel ka asli mazaaa??

  11. Anyone pls tell me the meaning for”Tadibaaz n Pahelwani” …

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Tadibaaz- full of attitude.
      Pehelwan- A man who have very strong muscles…

    2. Shanmathi… tadibaaz is person showing attitude.. and pehelwan is like body builder.. or person with good physique..

  12. Pixie

    Hey guys I’m new here !
    I am a huge fan of ishqbaaz and DBO!
    Can I join your group?

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Hey Pixie… welcome to PKJ…

    2. Hello pixie.. welcome ?
      Keep commenting!

    3. Archiya

      hi Pixie .. wc to r lovely family

    4. hi pixie…welcome yaar

  13. Hii ishqies… A big wala jaadu ki jhaapii… To you all… 700 comments…. Superbbbbbb….. Guys.. Agar ib ne in near future or bhi aache khidkhi todh episode on air kiye na… I am sure comments 1000 cross hope jayega…. I wish ki mere ye wish jaldi puri ho…

    1. Hoga nikitajai.. 1000 comments zaroor hoga! Am waiting for ur wish to be puri too!

      1. Thanks anu dii…

    2. Archiya

      what a coincidence.. u know wht today again while driving to work.. i was thinking of this… ke we shld set a target of 1000… i m sure v will meet it

  14. I think intead of showing two shows they can show only one of 1 hr.i really want anika nd gauri realize that they both are sisters.

    1. Richu

      Yes ur right…and two show..watching them both i difficult sometimes

  15. After a long time i felt like DIL BOLE This Is “REAL ISHQBAAZ”
    Episode was Mind blowing missed soumya in dil bole oberoi family moment.
    Superb analysis as always Astha.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Thank you Firdose….
      yeah this is ishqbaaz….our lovely show….

  16. guys please tell me if you know… is there any change in star plus schedule from Thursday?? I’m not Indian. my TV schedule shows Ishqbaaz will telecast on Thursday 6pm n DBO 6.30pm.

  17. @ashlyn @shreya @ranilya @aastha di @shree @mouni di @gayathri di @anu di @archu @nita d @diyas @lijince @nithu @nikitajai @lax @chavi di and @piyu @arpita di thank you so so much for ur lovely wishes I am overwhelmed
    @pushpa di thank you and sure listening my voice will cum very soon @shabh Khan thank you dear and pls don’t call me Di yaar u can call me ishu
    @pixie welcum to our ishquies family u no need to ask dear.

    @nita d sure one day I will send my voice

    guys can anybody tell how to register in TU

    anybody watchin starplus dopahar show I like ek aastha aise bhi the show is awesome

    chalo byee gtg for my singing practice
    by everyone luv u all till 1 week I will be busy with my new band so sry I can’t comment till 1 week 🙂 :*

    1. Akansha congrats dr for selecting as a singer in band….sorry for late wishes….all the best for future

  18. OK I will not call anyone di..
    and am very happy that you all respond me
    and also happy to see real obero moment after a long time par ye om ko bas thori hi der k liye laye aur chulbul aka gauri ko bhi nhi laye yahi dekha Dete unhe kyuki Dbo me to Sirf ye log swetlana ko hi dekhate hai kam se kam yahi dekha Dete kuch romantic moments aur dekha Lete hum and I miss saumya also very much aakhir rumya aur omri ki bhi toh pehali Holi hai but I want some kitchen scenes also yaar kitne din se ShivOmRu ke kitchen scenes nhi hue aur wo gana “zindagi mil ke bitayenge” I love that song but episode was very good because aakhir pinky ne anika ko sorry bola use Mafi mangi aur teeno Bhai kitnee Dino Baad Saath me thy But I love Mahi yaar uske liye bahaut bura lag raha hai ….

    but one more thing yaar jaise aaj pinky ne vo sab yaad Kiya Jo usne anika ko kaha tha toh vesa hi kuch shivaay ke saath bhi Hona chaiye means ke shivaay ko bhi ye ahasaas Hona chaiye ke uske anika ke saath Kya Kya Kiya aur use Kya Kya kaha like sadak ka kachra etc etc .kyuki aaj tak usne kabhi bhi vo sab soch ke guilt mehsus nahi Kiya Na is liye what do you think about this guys

  19. Pixie

    Thank you guys for the warm welcome!
    Yesterday’s episode was fab! Loved it!

  20. Tue said Roby just Fate & luck does not gives us all the thing we need to work hard to get all the things in Life.Every one Dream about Perfect house & a perfect Life to make it as real we need to work harder & that’s not every one’s cup of tea.

    1. Agreeing with you

  21. yeah You’r right Abha Sometimes even i think instead of Spin Off they would have given Complete one hour for IB that time we would get to see more obro moments ,Shivika,Rumya, Gauri & Om Scene plus Anika & Gouri sister Bonding many more things
    But now its not possible

  22. Hi ishquies… How r u all dears..
    Just I’m read all ur comments n analysis yaar..its good n I want to rply to some friends yaar..
    First of all I agree with anu n astha..only shivika moments won’t entertain us we want all funny emotional …I mean total family entertainment in a creative way..which we r witnessing in IB.. Yaar
    Ya I agree with shekar baai..ur solution of acceptance without nkk,money etc..,

    Rajjo,Nita..guys I too feel d same yaar only d outsiders know well about d secret passages in OM n mainly they r d only persons utilising those secret way..lols
    About sterday janvi’s dress is d result of d designer ..I think designer mind go gangaram like mahi is it archiya n anu..

    By d way archiya ur narbi dp is awesome..
    Shree ..I agree with u too having something fissy about masked man n d girl who helps SSO ..I think it will be revealed soon in further episodes..
    Mouni ur thought of pinky talking to anika abt grandchildren.. Lols…but nice soch yaar..

    Roby ..its true ma…shivay dint just hav luck n fortune…but his hardwork n talent…well said yaar.
    Astha reddy ur analysis is beautiful.. I agree with u.
    Same confusion raises to me too yaar ..tej is gud in IB but worst in dbo..I think according to CVS they r in upstairs n won’t know wht happen there n here in IB they pretend to be normal n sweet..friends I want to say dis situation in anikas slang but I don’t know like ohh Betti ki..I’m sorry yaar if I said wrong..

    Riddhima..I always loved ur crazy funny comments in Tamil n especially d apt songs u choose for everyone in IB.. Superbbb yaar..u always makes me laughter crazy dear..thanku n today’s song engal veetil Ella naalum kaarthigai…nice..keep going cutie..

    Yes..lijince..we r all a certified PAGALON KI JHUND…

    Congratulations… Shabana…how r u feeling alright ah..? My wishes to u to have a happy married life na..
    And all d others pkj’s i loved all ur comments yaar ..keep commenting ..take care..

  23. Lachu, Shabu…correct me if I am wrong… Sumi missing for many days?? I don’t remember reading her comments in the last page also…..

    1. She isn’t Liji.. u aren’t wrong! It’s been way too long since we have heard from her!

    2. Liji
      Missing for many many many many days.

    3. Yep… Read your reply… And I agree to disagree with you… Just because you have tools doesn’t mean your hard work isn’t nothing… Rudra and Om to has the tools and foundation given by their ancestors.. But they didn’t have the interest in it… Shivaay had interest and he had done everything he can… He is smart and great… Just because it’s his family business then it doesn’t mean his work and brain are all in vain.. If he didn’t do this much work and dedication then the passed on tools by ancestors would be nothing now…

      yeah, I agree Mahi had a very bad childhood and was emotionally abused by Kaamini but what is Shivaay’s fault in this… You can see it in the episode that even though Shivaay sympathies with Mahi but he will not tolerate him creating trouble for his family… He always put family above everything.. And That’s the quality I admire in him the most.. Instead of taking revenge and going after Oberoi family he should have studied well and worked hard…

  24. what they dont know that shivaay is ran away from that spot what fake is this

  25. It was 250th episode of IB yesterday. Congrats all the fans n the crew. ??

    @Liji- This is the Insta page of the actor who plays Khannaji.


    Don’t know how true it is….let’s hope by next week Mahi will be in OM as Shivaye’s bro and not duplicate!!

    1. Written spoiler.. can’t be trusted.. yet if happens.. will be good.. track is most likely to proceed only on this direction.. but not sure how long we have to wait for this..

    2. LIJI
      From the story so far, it is obvious, mother of SSO and FSSO may be either PINKY or KAAMINI, but two are brother by blood relation, and 99% SHAKTI is father, if CVS do not serve the nonsense in the name of TWIST!

  27. Aastha_Reddy

    Lax… Liji toh gayi…
    Yeh Khannaji toh bade chantumai nikle.
    Liji… link click karne se pehle paani ki glass samne rakho… behosh ho gayi toh kaam aayega…

    1. Aapki Shivaye bhaiyya se achha hai Astha….. look how cute he is……doley-sholey bhi hai….8-pack bhi hai…AWWWWW my Golu Molu Khannu!!!

      Behosh tab hoga when Shivaye will showoff his 6-pack…. 😛 😛 😀

  28. thank you shabhana di

  29. Good evening… Ishqies…. 320 comments not bad……. Archiya dii…. We will do it… Bs khidkhi todh episode ka intjar h…. And astha dii… Don’t get any michmichi feeling.. I love you only and I like Rudy antics… Without his antics ishqbaaz is incomplete…

  30. Hey Lijince thanks for the link dear just hope Kamini’s truth will be out by nxt week & we will be able to see Both Shivay & Mahi as oberoi brothers that’s Much better instead of making Shivay as illegitimate child of someone else & Pinky not being his real mom, they should show that Mahi was taken away from someone else.

  31. Aastha_Reddy

    I agree Roby….. he could have ran away from home also… he can beat others for Kaamini why not for his basic right..!!!!
    Better he should have come to any orphanage to manage and settle his life in a positive vibe…rather then takind revenge on Shivaay…..

  32. Renimarenju

    Hey my pretty lovely gorgeous charming 200 + Ishqies……..How Are U All ??? Finally in office got a break and am commenting here…….First of All Hearty Congrats 2 All Ishqies for breaking record of Friendship Day’s 580 comments……Now 707 comments is our target……Hope soon we will be able 2 break it and will reach to 1000 comments…..
    By the way miss wonderful ishqies……mukta, nadiya, vinnu,dil, dhruvv, mukthi,stuthi, razna,veda,krishnaa,shiv,sumi,zuha,rufina,sunehri,shaza,devga, disha, shivika, shivikajam,ishika,naaginforever, sree ranjini, MP,shakaib, chetna, nivedha, harshan,anulydiya,aarya,aiswarya,sat,piyali,mishri,priya15,fatarajo, riya, mariya, rosu,roz, rose,aqua,luna,nelka,navi,haya,nazneen,monique,admin,ankita,jazz,nikki,abihaa,aahana…….. Where are u sweeties ??? Since Shivomru…..had united 2 find out the truth of Maahi…..I am
    giving the list of missing ishqies 2 them…..Hope they will find our ishhqies and will bring back 2 our family……Seriously Miss u guys…..Pls cpme back…….

    * And about episode……Wow……the much awaited Family Oberoi Moment happened…….After a long time i felt Ishqbaaz as Real Ishqbaaz …….One 4 all and All 4 one….Without shivomru it’s really hard 2 watch ishqbaaz……Am waiting for the action of shivomru and am sure we will be rewarded with khidkithod episodes…..only. The most notable moment of yesterday’s episode
    was Pinky is back…..The real pinky whom i loved a lot her straight forward, simple way of talking and always whenever she realize her mistake we will see her admitting her faults without any ego ……Really i admire that quality of pinky a lot…..Usually we will point out other;s mistakes, but @ first we should look back ourself and try ourselves 2 rectify our mistakes……
    I loved the way she hugged anika ……There is no gain without any pain….And though it’s late anika and pinky got united and as shivaay mentioned his mother and wife as his strength i wish these bond could stay strong forever…..I don’t want pinky 2 be in a blind fold again which will unknowingly create anger in me against pinky…..Hope cv’s wont disappoint me…..
    Loved rudy a lot, his tears touched my heart a lot…..”bhaiya…kuch toh missing ho raha thaa…..woh pyaar, woh care…..” Rudy u just nailed it……Hats off….And omkara’s eyes…..when he was staring shivaay and shivaay was staring him i regained that best man- great wall feel which always inspired viewers and made so many people as their fans as well as admires of their characters….Words were not necessary 2 express but their eyes conveyed it well…..Hats off 2 kanchi eyes and magnetic eyes of shivkara….Now i really want some quality shivkara moments in the show…….Hope soon my wish come true…….
    * And what’s the secret passage’s secret ?? Really, it seems bit stupid…..Is it necessary 2 place secret passage in each and every room……And if yes, then why they didn’t show it early ?? I think oberois may have built it 2 rescue their illegal money or valuable things from income tax,,,,Just kidding….guys….Oops!! seems i have given an idea 2 them…..If cv’s will read it…..pls don’t do it…..Can’t bear such things in IB……..

    * @ sekhar….the way u mentions characters are really out standing….I really liked the way u justified pinky’s character….And u did a wonderful job by giving a message …..One should acceptance should be done from heart, not form brain……I must say u are a good observer of Ib…..U notes even the small things and often describes it in ur perspective as well as u will justify it in a unique way…..Sorry i never replied on ur views…..But certainly i will read ….it and another thing…..U reminds me Miss Critic Luna……Only…..Actually luna examines and criticise only, its’ really hard 2 get an appreciation thread from luna regarding the show…But that what’s make her comments and views so special and am much attached with her…..Some times when i see ur comment as too long and may be i will be engaged in work or lack of time, to be honest i will not read it completely….But just go through it in a glance only…..Later on weekends i use 2 check all previous days written episodes and will read wonderful comments….only…..Sorry …..yaar…..
    * @ Shabu……U feels nervous…..won’t u ?? Tia elli ?? Gotha ninage ?? Certainly u need reikis ……
    Shabu baby.,……Don’t worry…..reikis tumhein heal karenge…u will feel better…….

    That’s all 4 today….bye guys…..

  33. Pinky anika se maafi maanga.aap log nahi chaathi shivay jo anika ki saath shaadi ki dhin kiya uske liye maafi maange.aap log phirse wo epi dekho jiss main shivay anika ko shaadi ke liye kaise majboor kiya daraya dhamkaya tha.vilan ban gaya tha wo uss time.aaj wo anika ki saath ache se rahtha hai iska ye mathlab nahi hambhi anika ki tarah Boole shivay ki galthiyon ko.ek baar shivay anika ki saath kiya hua har insult aur bad behave yaad karo.main tho CVS pooch raha hu.aap logo ko agar shivay se’ I love you anika’ bulvake propose karne ka plan hai tho, pehle shivay anika se harr galthi ke liye maafi mangne ki baath propose karo tho acha hai.agar propose karne ka plan nahi hai tho maafi mangne ke baare main socho.shivay ko bhi anika se maafi mangna chaahiye.shivay kuch seekhe tumhaari mom se kaise apni galthi ke liye maafi manga.ab tumhaari bari hai.

    Pinky anika se maafi manga hua dekh kar tho mere dil pe ye baath aaya ki shivay abi thak apni galthi ke liye anika se maafi nahi maanga hai.patha nahi aap logo main se kithni logo ki dil pe sawal aaya hoga ki shivay kobhi anika se apni galthi ke liye maafi mangna chaahiye?main sahi keh rahi huna frendz shivay ko bhi apni galthi ke liye maafi mangna chaahiye na aur guilty hona chaahiye na.

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