Ishqbaaz 31st October 2017 Written Episode Update: Ajay’s intentions get revealed

Ishqbaaz 31st October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says Ishqbaaz never get old, age gets high, but person gets old by heart, not body, one who has love in heart stays young for 100 years. He kisses Anika. Om says I m Omkara, Gauri’s husband. ShivOmRu remove turbans and come to their real avatar. Some time before, Bhavya asks the boy to tell Rudra to come and say what he has to say. Boy goes. Shivaye asks what happened, is there any fight. She says no, just a joke, go and talk to Anika, all the best.

Anika sits sad. Shivaye comes to her. She asks did I ask you to sit. He says you didn’t say either, what’s going on in life. She asks did you come to play Ghar ghar/house with me. He says no, padosi-padosi/neighbor. She asks him not to act cute. He says I m not trying, I m cute. She says you give cuteness on rent to kids, you have plenty

of it, and I m…. He says old….. He stops her and says sorry, I didn’t realize and joked, I didn’t know you are getting hurt, Bhavya explained me. Boy says Bhavya told you to come and say. Rudra says go and tell her. Boy asks Bhavya will she take card or not. She says no. Rudra says what, she refused again, do one thing. Boy says no, I m tired, take your card, leave me. He goes. Rudra says so much attitude.

Shivaye says Ishqbaaz never get old, age gets high, but person gets old by heart, not body, one who has love in heart stays young for 100 years, when we get old, we will smile same way, we will fight and love, Anika you are khidkitod beautiful for me, you will also remain the same. She says I don’t believe this, truth is when man gets old, woman doesn’t care, when woman gets old, man’s love gets off. He says this won’t happen in our case, our love will get deep, like hair get on your face, this will fall same way when you get old. Rudra and Bhavya argue. He tears the sorry card and says you just understand attitude, fine I m sorry. He goes. She says strange guy, he is showing attitude even to say sorry.

Shivaye says your eyes will be beautiful always, your cheeks may get wrinkles, it will proof how much we laughed in life, maybe we need glasses to read, but we don’t need any glasses to read each other, maybe we stop hearing, but we don’t need anything to hear heartbeat, we can feel each other. He kisses her hand. He says I m waiting for the time we get old, we can’t live without each other. She says I feel our old age phase will be beautiful. He says yes, we will make it more beautiful. He kisses her. She rests in his arms and apologizes. She says I felt you will change. He says its not your mistake, insecurity happens, in all relationships a partner is more good looking than another, in our case, I m more good looking, what to do. She says nothing can happen of you. He gets close. He hugs her. He says when we get old, we have to bear each other. She says I m bearing you a lot. He says I know its tough to bear a good looking man. She smiles.

Gauri comes to Om. She says I just came to say, this marriage is very imp for me, Richa’s relation and life are linked to this, I don’t want her relation to break, I request you, let this happen. He asks why are your eyes saying something else. She says just go without doing any drama. She goes. Saathiya…..plays………. He says how shall I go.

Ajay’s friend says you are young, handsome and good earner, you can get anyone, why are you after that woman. Ajay says who said I m going to marry, this sangeet and rasam are a drama, I have to celebrate suhaagraat with Gauri before marriage, I will break this marriage once this happen.

Gauri sees Om. Ajay comes to her and sees her staring at Om. He holds her hand and takes her. He poses for pics and says Gauri its better you happily marry, it has Richa’s happiness, smile. Gauri smiles. Om, Shivaye and Rudra look on. Shivaye asks Om to do something. Rudra says matter reached sangeet. Shivaye says Gauri is legally your wife. Om says we won’t do anything, Gauri wants to do this marriage, she told me to let this marriage happen. Shivaye asks will you agree if she says. Om says yes, she asked me something for the first time, shall I refuse to her. He does shayari. Rudra asks him to keep poetry in his pocket. Om says I m sure now that I just raised her problems, promise me we won’t do anything. Anika says if she loves you, why is she doing this marriage. Gauri looks at them. Om recalls her words. Anika says I can’t tolerate this. Om says no.

Anika asks did I come to see Gauri’s marriage, did I come to see you breaking, you stand here as Devdas, I m going to talk to her. She collides with a water. Anika’s wig slips a bit. Shivaye tries to cover up. Ajay says no use to hide, your truth came out, who are you. Shivaye says Dilpreet’s brother. Ajay shouts stop nonsense, tell me who are you, why did you come here, why did you get them here as relatives, Gauri do you know him, are you Omkara, who was Gauri’s husband. His mum asks what, Gauri’s husband. Om walks to him. Om says I m Omkara, Gauri’s husband. ShivOmRu remove turbans and come to their real avatar. Anika and Bhavya too give a stare.

Ajay slaps Om. Shivaye and Rudra get angry. Om stops them. Om gets beaten up. Gauri cries. Saathiya…..plays….Shivaye and Rudra close eyes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Dhwani_Naidu

    Am searching for a word tht wud describe perfectly today’s epi..
    Shivika scene awwwww.. I thought with the ongoing rikara track there wud be less of shivika and so shivaay wud clear mu in few minutes and there wud be no shivika romance.. But no I was wrong.. I don’t know how many minutes shivika scene lasted but I thoroughly enjoyed theirs.. Shivika is different.. They are perfectly perfect for each other.. I just enjoyed watching their conciliation..
    Am feeling so sad for my rikara.. Gauri u cud hv atleast heard what my om wanted to say to u.. Om u r doing the same mistake again.. Learn from ur bro how to behave with wife and how to reconcile with her.. Oberois never quit is what u said few days before but now u r ready to quit and tht too for a lame reason.. Having seen the spoilers I know tht this mu isn’t gonna be long.. But I just can’t see my rikara suffering.. Had tears when om got hurt… Waiting for next epi..

    1. Go Dhwani Go.Many many congratulations….

      1. Dhwani_Naidu

        Thank you luthfa.. So sweet of you..

  2. 1. Shivika’s scenes were nice today….. ☺☺☺
    Loved the way SSO spoke to her ??…. erasing her fear and insecurities……
    The last Bg music durning shivika hug Gave me DANDIYA FEELING (anyone else also felt so?)..

    2. My Omkara cried when Gauri said him to not create any TAMASHA….. ???????
    (Even I felt like crying seeing him in that state)…..????

    3.Ajaaaay….????????????????. U idiot, nonsense, Cheap, blo*dy, fool etc… how dare u eye Gauri with such low intention..????????????????.. I will plug out ur eyes…. ??????????????????????

    4.Omkara’s Shayari… ????????????????

    5. CVS plz looking at the editing dept….. Don’t jump from one scene to another with giving it a proper execution…. coz the intensity to the scene is lost ….. IT SEEMS AS IF THE AUDIENCE IS PLAYING ” GUESS THE NEXT ACTOR SCENE ” GAME…
    At times RiKara scene is going on and suddenly Shivika scene appears… at time shivika scene is going on and RuVya appears…. At time Ruvya scene is going on and Rikara appears….

    The audience keeping juggling between the scenes instead of enjoying it…….

    PRECAP- Omkara ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    AJAAAAAY…… ???????. HOW DARE U HURT MY OMKARA…. ????????????. This is for u…. ??????????????? ??????????????.


    Guys my exams are coming nearer…. so will not be regular… But will continue my surprise muh-dikhaai…… DON’T WORRY I WILL DEFINITELY COME TOMORROW TO FOR MY OM AND….. AJAY TOH GONE….

    1. Dhwani_Naidu

      Hi maahi, i think they are juggling scenes because they want us to see ruvya scenes.. Whenever there is a ruvya scene I change the channel but when I return to star plus there wud be shivika or rikara scene going on.. That’s why these days I don’t skip ruvya scenes..

      1. Dear Dhwani
        CVS Forcefully RuVya Ko Hamse Accept Karaneki Try Main Hai.Jaisa Aapne Bola RuVya Scene Ki Time Channel Change Karke Wapas Aathe Time ShivIka RiKara Scene Chal Raha Hotha Hai Aur Ab Aap RuVya Scene Miss Nahi Kartha.Yahi Hai Unka Trick Aise Ye Log RuVya Ko Hamse Impress Karvaane Ki Try Main Hai.But I Advice You.RuVya Ka Scene Bina Mind Dekhne Ki Zaroorath Nahi.RuVya Scene Ki Time Pe Channel Zaroor Change Karna Aur Phir Every Minutes Pe RuVya Scene End Hua Star Plus Channel Main Jaake Dekhna Aisa Karungi Tho Iam Sure Aap ShivIka RiKara Scene Miss Nahi Karunga.Hope You Understand My Advice.Don’t Take Me Wrong
        Take Care And Stay Safe?

    2. Nivedita

      Totally the editing was too awful.????
      Especially the Anda interruption of Shivika ????scene….why can’t they just reduce Anda screen space and end the audience misery.

      1. Dhwani_Naidu

        Anda? Who’s tht Nivi??

    3. Lakshmi Siva

      Hi Mahi! Y they telecasting only 20 mins

    4. Renimarenju

      All the best maahi dear…..well if u like rumya then pls check my two shots for rumya here is the links , this is the third time i am writing on that pair….really eager 2 know ur views on is the link

  3. Pushpa

    Loved todays episode..shivaye hv nailed it…??
    Shivaye ws so cute yes as he said…he is not trying but he is cute..handsome..tht smile drwons me …all those words r so mesmerizing…today his voice ws so luvly ….words so touching so so passionate so deep his love 4anika … just smiling here looking at both if them….each and everyword spoken r frm yr heart shivaye…and anika i told u na..both of u as shivaye said will live life as hw u guys r will b loving eachother as hw it is today…??lines below….

    2days the bestest lines …i hope i got these lines correct..sorry4gramatical error..sounds beautiful in hindi…
    ” Tu meraliye khidikitod hoopsurat…apbhi essehu…or yakin mano mera ….barsobath salobath sathiyo baath..thum essehuu hoopsurat hoopsurat rahogi” wt his eyes closed…awwwwww i fall dead many times for this….shivika r just superb jodi meant4each other 4janam ja nam….

    Rudy im loving yr character here…and tht bubbly boy..oh god feel like pullying & cuddling both of his cheek…

    And agn gauri making mistake 4choosing her friend but not om…and this 2rps cheapde ajay just wt2sleep wt her….my foot…wait ShivOmRu gona throw u out just wait& watch..u r done here boy dun keep hope….

    Anika wig fall and truth came out but its good tht the cheapde now knows thts gauri husband …

    Precap… tomoro v r gona c fighting fighting bt om is getting punched but ShivRu cant do anything…oh nooooooooo

    Its full of ishqbaazz today…
    gd nite gals….

    1. Good Morning Pushpa di.
      In Twitter @1970Pushpa ,is that you?

      1. Pushpa

        Yes dear thts me…..yrs?

  4. Arpita6

    Hiii my all khidkitod pagals..agter thrusday i was missing…?? my health is good i recovered but stil weakness…so i am eating fruits ..and all SHAKTIBARDHAK thing???… muh ka test bhi feeling michmichi snd i think now my comment will be short hcoz of heavy stress of study but i will come here…
    So now
    He wgy they are showing annika a budhhi yaa i onow bbcoz today shivaay made me emotional with his talks..i was just speechless. ..and i think every body has a issue with old age and i am also happy that they are showing this real fact but still i feel that this track was not needed here..i mean they can show this later, for now they could show annika in beautiful punjabi lehenga..she will look breathtaking, i am sure, and thoda bahut romantic moment bhi miljata…?? but Cvs are Cvs.—
    Today shivaay was really good and annika also i just love their part bcoz it is the real or true value of love which is never get old but with the time it became more and more stronger,deeper…

    Rikara are going good.

    —-????for rubhya…..

    Today segment -can’t understand should i laugh or angry ….?????????…why they are hiding the fact from.annika and bhabya…maybe after seeing episode i will understand it… ????

    Ok pagals byy..good night and have a beautiful dream..

    1. Good Morning Arpita darling.Don’t worry,I have prayed for you.You will recover soon and become fit. Till then,take care.

    2. Renimarenju

      Don’t worry arpu ishqie, have some protein shake from our casanova rudy , u will feel better and then come with the dabang gauri’s andaz and stay as khidkithod ishqie…….Get well soon….Take care dear… I am also having health issues, for my left eye which is killing me and strange thing is am straining myself by using cell phones, which i am not supposed 2 use now…..Just couldn’t stop myself from coming here , that’s why i made an entry……Well i really loved shivika moment yesterday and another thing is it came as part of the story only and apart from necessity of making her as old, we should think abt sso’s perspective on his khidkithod wife anika and i really appreciate cv’s for giving such a beautiful scene……And no offence, i 2 want 2 see shivika romance as well as anika in beautiful punjabi patiyala salwar suits, lehangas and all…..

    3. Dear Arpita
      Bahuth Acha Laga Aapka Comment PKJ Pe Dekh Kar.Main Aapki Baare Main Sochthi Thi.Aapka Fever Ab Kaisa Hoga Aap Teekh Hu Hoga Ye Sab Sochthi Thi.Iam Happy And Relief To See Your Comment In PKJ.Please Take Care Of Your Self.Without Your Comment PKJ Is Incomplete So Take Care Of Your Self And Eat Well Take Medicine On Time And Keep Rest.
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

  5. Banita

    Episode was Good…..
    Just Aaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Today Shivaay bhaiya was Fully turned to Cuteeeeeeeee Singh Oberoi…
    Shivaay – We will make our old age phase more beautiful… Awwww!!!!
    Loveee this sence moreeee……
    Today like Gouri’s outfit… She looks more Beautiful as usual….
    OSO was turn to Devdas Singh Oberoi as told by Anika…. He tried to fulfill her her last wish… BT common man u came to take ur bride so just go for it yr….
    At last reality came in front of everyone….
    Bichara baccha???? Dono ke beech faas gaya?????????
    Gd n8 pkj……

  6. To my lovely Shivika:

    “How do I love thee?Let me count the ways.
    I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
    My soul can reach,when feeling out of sight
    For the ends of Being and ideal Grace.
    I Love thee to the level of everyday’s
    Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light.
    I love thee freely, as men strive for Right;
    I love thee purely,as they turn from Praise.
    I love thee with the passion put to use
    In my old griefs, and with my childhood’s faith.
    I love thee with love I seemed to lose
    With my lost saints— I love thee with the breath,
    Smiles,tears,of all my life! — and,if God choose,
    I shall but love thee better after death”.

    P.S. Shivika talked about their old age and how they would spend it but they did not mention about their children,parenthood and everything related to it!How come?Were they shying away or cvs intentionally avoided it?What am I talking? Haven’t got the first night yet and I am thinking about their grandchildren! Stop right now Luthfa!

    P.P.S. Was it necessary to insert Ruvya in between Shivika?In what way Rikara story is progressing I am not able to get it.But segments looks promising. Let’s see…

    1. Dear Luthfa
      Main Ab Thak Yesterday Episode Nahi Dekha But Written Update Read Kiya.ShivIka Apni Future Life Ki Discuss Karthe Time Meri Mind Pe Same Thought Aaya Ki ShivIka Ko Baby Nahi Chahiye Ya CVS ShivIka Ko Parents Nahi Banana Chaahthi.ShivIka Ko Parents Banthe Dekhne Main Mujhe Koi Problem Nahi Don’t Know Baaki ShivIka Fans Ka Thought Kya Hai.But Parents Banega Tho Unki Relation Aur Beautiful Hoga.Jab Pari Aaya Tho Main Socha Kaash Wo ShivIka Ka Pyaarasa Baby Hotha.
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

      1. Dhwani_Naidu

        Me!!! ?? Even I too want to see shivaay and anika as parents for shivika and ansh.. But I do think if there are babies then the drama can’t be dragged for long.. I fear there will be more leaps and of showing the babies as grown ups.. Then their story will progress instead of shivaay and anika alone.. Already in 20 mins there is no sufficient ss for all 3 couples and for their prbs.. If their babies grow up and if their stories proceeds then ib will show us their love story and we’ll get to see less of shivika, rikara and ruvya.. These 3 couples will get old according to the story and probably if there is less trp the CVS will murder one of the main leads.. And we have to see the next gen’s love story only.. This is what tht has happened in all other serials.. I know this will happen in ib also but I don’t want this to happen in the near future.. I may be wrong but this is my opinion chechi..

      2. Dhwani_Naidu

        Chechi, I understand ur advice.. I do juggle between channels when there is ruvya scene.. But sumtimes ruvya scenes end so quickly.. So even when I return to star plus and if there is ruvya scene continuing, I doubt if I had missed any shivika or rikara part.. That’s why I dont skip nowadays..

  7. Misha_Mikul

    Shivaay Shivaay Shivaay Shivaay Shivaay Shivaay ??? please marry me!!! ????????
    He just made me restless!! Made me to yearn for a hubby like him, and I know I’ll never find him!!??

    Shivika scene was so heart warming!! ❤❤
    The way Shivaay consoled Annika ??
    His every word and the depth of feelings in his every dialogue , Woowww ???
    I was engrossed in his so heart melting talk!! ❤?
    Nakuul Mehta ❤❤❤
    Annika looked pretty!! ?
    Who did make hairstyle to Shivaay? Looked not nice ? but Shivaay was handsome ??

    Ajay Buffalo thinks himself as a hero ??
    Him along with his funny hair look like 80’s “I’m a disco dancer”?? but showing attitude as hero plus villain to OBros!! ???
    Poda wig mandayaa ??
    How dare he rise his voice to SSO!! ?
    I was like “Aiyoo paavam” this comedy piece is gonna receive a Beautiful gift from Shivaay and OmRu ????

    Obro moment was too Good!!
    The way they removed their getup and faced him as OBros plus the bgm…. Goose bumps!! ???

    Precap – Loved the way Shivaay shouted!!
    It was so heart touching when ShivRu turned their face as they couldn’t see Om was beaten!! ???
    Om just kicked the disco dancer!! ??
    Then your brothers will join !!??

    Nitezz Dearss!!??sweet dreams, Tc ?

  8. Aastha_Reddy

    1. you will be always my khidkitod Annika..may be hairs will be grayed, teeth will fall,wrinkles will come still…We will fight like this and create happy moments for us..and laugh in our old days!!! Khanna..Book more 1000000 mobiles,999999 car window glass, 100000000water glass and if possible bring wholw Ganga-Godavari-Brahmaputra river’s water in Oberoi mansion..ts needed..
    2. You deserve this type of sorry!!! Kaash ek baar iss type ka sorry Soumya se bhi bol diya hota na…aaj pakka tu bhi Ishqbaaz bann chuka hota..But see Rudra Singh Oberoi…cvs are using you as a helper!!! great cvs!!
    3. Omkara…Achchha wo kal chappal.maangegi de dena..taaki tere gaal par pad sake do char chamat..kal apne bachhon ko lekar Gouri apni Behen Annika ke ghar ghumne aayegi will be MAMU to those cute cute bachha of Gouri!! Here came the Mahaan shayar!!! Sacrificekara!!! Dumbkara..
    4.Bhavya…Poor she is trapped for her job… Again Mahaan kaam!!! abbe oye Kuddi..apna salary thik se lena iss Rudra se.
    5. Annika… she is the most matured one among them all and cvs again made a pappu from her..Seriously!! Come on cvs grow up!!!
    6. Gouri… hey sankarji…iss chirraiyya ka raksha karna!!! Aage toh kidnapping ka smell aaraha hai!!!
    7. Ajay… it feel like he was on a competitions ki kiska baal zyada hilta hai… Chippda is jealous of Omkara’s long silky hairs..
    8. Those two aunties reaction should be there when Annika removed her grey hairs!!!
    9. “Bhai par haath uthaya toh..tu nehi yaa hum nehi”—- its action time Oberoi industry ke bearded goons… Obros were looking like goons only.. ek toh Billi jaisa aankh, doosra tarzan jaisa baal aur teesra body builder..

    1. Good Morning di. How are you?Missed you a lot…Oberoi industry or bearded goons!LOL!

      1. *Oberoi industry ke bearded goons!

    2. Medha

      So funny comment Lit Sis……?????

    3. Dear Aasthu
      As Usual Your Comment Is Khidkitod????3.Om Banegi Gauri Ki Bachon Ki Mamu??NO….7.Ajay Ka ‘Kiska Baal Zyada Hilts Hai’ Competition?9.No1 Billi Jaisa Aankh Wala Goon No2.Tarzan Jaisa Baal Wala Goon No3.Body Builder Goon????
      Please Regularly Comment Karna And PKJ Ka Comment Ka TRP High Karne Main Help Karna?
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

  9. Hiii pkj epi is so pure tdy emotionbaaaz loaded tht 8min of shivika scene stoled tdy epi i want these type of sso talking abt ishqbaaaz is bliss while seeing tadibaaz in tami ib ???????????????????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤?❤❤both sso rockssss want husband like sso who consoles after fight like is million thingssss???in world omkar im crying man what a performance ur face to reveal emotions???????????????????????????????i cant control tearsss my obros never quite easily tht ajay i will kill u stupid cheap atmi eyeing gauri like animal i will beat him and kill him if he get in m hand om just maro tht idiot and take ur gauri happy wth upcoming tht om takes gauri in armssssss an Shivaay has anika in arm for divert her im waiting to seee tht ???????????????????????? shivika rikara makes the bst of ib ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ lastly ruvya i love rudy no doubts he is a dramaking?????????????tht punjabi boy giving pappu to ru hahaha ??????
    I cant watch ?????beat him shiomruv❤❤
    One for all all for one????????????????

    1. Pls translate the om shayari pls

  10. TH,where is my comments?

  11. I think shivay was the only person who got equall love and hate from fans because fans hate shivay when he disrespects or hate anika and fans love shivay when he showers love and care on anika from the starting of ib i was excited to see shivika love because omri and ruvya have some similarities but shivika are dead opposite and didnt have any similarities but i love the way shivika love progressed each time it was beautifull and now shivika are example for pure love and i was eager to see shivika after marriage because shivay was not romantic or filrt before marriage shivay was angry young man but after marriage shivay became so romantic and naughty really we all loved this shivay i thought om or rudra will romantic after marriage but shivay overtook omru in this matter

    1. Dear Abhishek
      Yes Shivay Ki Character Ko Fans Ko Tarafse Pyaar And Nafrath Bhi Mila Hai.Aur Main Bhi Shivay Ko Kabhi Hate And Love Karthi Hu.Ab Tho Shivay Ko Like Karthi Hu.I Think Shivay Singh Oberoi Is Best Character In Nakkul Mehta Acting Career
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

  12. Nivedita

    All I can say is Shivika rocked, Anda sucked, waiting for a wedding 2 of theirs..

    It’s so sad n frustrating that the CVs spend time dressing up the Oberois for fake weddings, but never give good weddings to the leads….

    Shivika were ????❤❤?? cuteness Ka apex..n the editing I’d Anda scenes..were pointless…irritating and totally a mood killer! ????How do you expect good TRPs with stupid Bhavya?

    Thanks to the camera team for the gorgeous blue lighting..though where were u when doing the horrible Shivika red BGrade movie lighting confession..
    No wonder if rumours were true..SP had to axe those scenes..

    Ok CVs please buck up n stop irritating us with Rudy’s romance irritating in the midst of other two audience fav couples..??

    Can’t even thank all IB CVs properly coz of the height of irritation with the Annoying Anda scenes..totally tested my patience ..n in future may stop me from contributing to your TRP..

    Sony has got quite a good thriller with hot n cute characters opposite to your series right now..which will likely take away all your straggling loyal fans too..if you don’t pay heed to the repeated requests to scrap Bhavya..

    You alienated all audiences with Swetlana illogical track on DBO..Kamini n VillainBaaz track on IB..
    Now it seems with Bhavya u want to kill the remaining TRP loyalists too..

    Good job with losing your audiences interest in the show
    No wonder on IMDB IB will never rise to even 6/10 rating..despite your gorgeous and talented Shivika,Rikara and Rudy.

    1. You think so much,IMDB and all?You are a true blue IB fan di…

      1. Nivedita

        Yeah dear? ..I invest too much time on IB..?

    2. Shekhar


      It is the story of craps more , and lesser the focused one. We find many track without any end, and even those all track were never meant to left on out wild imagination at far end too. How much a person think over, he just can not connect any dots they posted randomly all over the story. Talking smartly across media and to give the stuff accordingly , both are different issue for IB. They started it with bang and going to end it losing any pace and rhythm with, and leave the impression IB is breathing high in the anticipation of new life. I personnelly believe , its the end of their talent, and they must stop IB particularly when your mind had reached to it the maximal for giving any logic, otherwise viewres may get you out through TRP

      If we wiggle our head over unfinished track, then we have no other way than to giggle over.

      COCKTAIL is good for the change, but never can be the part of habit pne should have. They DRAGGED kitchen to the class room of talented, highly qualified individuals where in they are seeing the mental status of character while they acting and reacting other, and these KITCHEN was being busy with dismantalling the physical stuff around, and an ODD COCKTAIL beat them all their four.

      Anyway, there is no wheat left in their mind which can even console us. They have enough kankar to beat our logic at L, R and C!

      1. Renimarenju

        IB Cv’s can do anything shekhar…….Now they will drag the story with ajay, dulhaniya track and all….Once rikara will be normal, u will see new entry in ruvya story and then they will extend it for bringing heroism in rudy…….Already prinku[ shubha] has decided 2 quit the show because she said that her character is not getting screen space and there is nothing left for her in this show…..So no need 2 focus on her…….After rikara union, they will show gauri-anika sisters bond for sometime and we will see some emotional side of anri bond and once their tracks get over, we will see shivomru’s moments with anrivya for some episodes which will be filled with humor rather than reliability and without logic we can enjoy them for while just like scarybaaz, drunkenbaaz, paribaaz and don’t know what baaz will be awaiting for us…..

      2. Nivedita

        Lol Shekhar! So right our logic is beaten LRC and Dimag Ka dahi ho Jaye..

        But no track is closed properly.. feel so sorry for the elder missing Oberois too..the Kalyani mills mystery should have been resolved well at least..
        by maybe giving the elder Oberois once a week screen space..instead of Bhavya..I would prefer Kalyani mills resolution..

        And all past mystery resolution in smaller doses..

        I agree with all your comments above..

  13. Forgot to mention :
    Loved the way Ani kept her head on Shivaay’s chest near his heart.So much serenity,warmth,assurance and every emotion a wife can feel!Keep it up.

    1. Dhwani_Naidu

      Yeah!! Even I too liked it ??

  14. Sunanda12345

    Awesome for shivika today..,shivayy words r soooooooooo cute ??????precap ?????

  15. lov u guyz
    reply me

    1. Welcome to PKJ family Angel,keep commenting…

  16. MAHIRA

    Hi ishikies

    So finally MU between Shivika is cleared, despite the lovely cute SSO words and the beautiful scene of their romance, i just feel fed up with this age’s topic, after Ruvya, which i could understand rudra being young and immature, Annika turned a real exaperating oldy with this irreasonable insecurity.
    Thanks God Shivaay has cleared it all
    Rikara … Becchara Om and stubborn Gauri, she’s bilkul her sister’s tadibaazi
    And oh God another Daksh !!! I told you @aniru , there is much Daksh kind of men

  17. I agree. I do believe that some of the Shivika scenes are so drawn out that you lose the plot. whilst Rikara scenes are so rushed that you may miss it if you blink.

  18. I agree. Poor editing I do believe that some of the Shivika scenes are so drawn out that you lose the plot. whilst Rikara scenes are so rushed that you may miss it if you blink. Rudra adorable.

  19. Oh wow!!! Such a nice episode. Just loved Shivika’s hug and reassurance. How beautiful he penned his words. Amazing!!!!

    Om getting beaten in the precap and Gauri standing there only watching. At least quickly run to him. Shivaay and Rudra are so helpless and can’t do anything. Shivaay’s face in the precap was very desperate and hurt to see his brother getting beaten.

    Rudra’ s part was cute. I loved the little boy. He was so cute just like little Rudra.

  20. Sso is one of the best characters in indian Tv .He is not like the typical kind of a hero he has all the shades in annikas words saurangi .He can be so loved one day,the next he will do something when we hate him to core he is so human he is arrogant, selfish revengeful and extremely rude still we love him why?

  21. Hello Abhishek,

    Shivaay Singh Oberoi is a born Ishqbaaz. Ishqbaazi runs through his veins.He is the grandson of greatest Ishqbaaz Prithviraj Singh Oberoi.He will always pass with flying colours…

  22. Dear TU,where is my comment?

  23. Riana

    Haaaaayeeee hayeeeee Omkuuuuuu ?????????…Ajay is an a**h*le ???

  24. Yes I agree Jane…

    sso is one of the best character in indian television ..he is the best brother ,best husband,best son,best friend, best lover, best father he is the best villian too …some times we love him a lot ,sometimes we hate him,we will cry for him , sometimes we cherished him sometimes we pampers him for his childlike attitutes, sometimes we admire his tadi attitute….nakuul bhaiyya is the best forever…. Today episode 10 minitues shivika scene was mind blowing today Shivaay bhaiya stole the episode like always he did.???????? in these rikara track I was badly missed my shivika but today i enjoyed a lot. Shivaay bhaiyya mischieves, romance,concerns ,love ,emotions it’s amazing ??????????rikara scene om pls don’t cry I could nt see tears in ur beautiful eyes ….om cutiepie don’t loss hope and gouri will always urs …Ajay donkey how dare u touch our gouri.I will cut ur hand … But I know shivomru will definitely rescue our gouri and dilwale dulhaniya utake lekar jayenge….

  25. Just one more thing I wanted to tell that NM is the best, without him I don’t know how Sso ‘s character would have shaped .I love both NM and SC but nakuul definitely is the best.

    1. Dear Jane
      I Also Think Same.Nakkul Mehta Ki Ilava Koi Aur Shivay Singh Oberoi Ka Character Achi Se Nahi Kar Saktha.Hats Of NM For Making SSO Super???????
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

  26. Sukirti

    Nice Episode Like Always..

  27. Aniru

    Cuteness bhandar… episode was good except scene juggling. I felt the flow went down due to that. Om one day ishqbaaz one day devdas. If Gauri said to believe what she say, he will ignore her feelings. Wah. I liked when Rudi said “O apni poetry apne jeb main”.
    I don’t know why Cvs are tarnishing characters. I felt they are trying to ship Bhavya as much as possible. All frame Bhavya.
    Its easy to convince Ani. Is this the magic of Shivaay. Gauri said that she is marrying Ajay for her Friend. Om did not realized her helplessness.
    A smile on Gauri’s mom when Oberois Identity revealed. I wanted to ask if Gauri is happily married, if any creep approach and blackmailed will she agree to marry that person in order to save her friend

  28. Renimarenju

    Finally watched yesterday’s episode in television……I find it as absolutely a hurry burry episode were as everything were like glimpses of romance only. I am highly attached with the shivika moment, don’t know why when shivaay said anika ” Actually wait kar rahan hun anika uss moment ki jab hum donon boodhe ho jaayenge aur ek-dusre ke sahare ke bina chal nahi paayenge” it touched my heart and i was crying throughout watching them…..It made me 2 remind my parents also were as my di got married and her bidaai was going on , mom said that next turn will be for renu and once she also gets married then only ur paapa and i will will be staying as together in this home….My di teased them and said it’s good mummy , u and paapa can go for second honey moon……And i find my mom smiling before us but from her eyes it was clear that she was weeping from heart…. As am missing my parents and love badly knowingly or unknowingly i felt much emotional and don’t know why it made me 2 remind so many things of life……Such a touchy heart wrenching scene…..Age only affects our physique, the truth is that when we fall in love with some one more and more we start loving that person beyond of age limits and that feel will always be high bearing ups and downs, pains and twists of life….It will never go from us ……For rikara, i liked om’s expressive eyes when he said “Jo ho raha hai usse hone de, agar aisa hein toh tumhari aankhen kuch aur kyun keh rahe hein” And gauri replied “Filhal aap hamare baat pe dhyaan deejiye aur yahan se chale jaayiye “…..U know what gauri, omkara already gets hurt with lies, but he lied as dilpreet for bringing u back to his life since he has fall in love with u…..And this love can make any one as mad, confused and it can make a man 2 go for any extent and that’s what u are witnessing in him……Ur words may be crafted and polished, but ur eyes are not capable of suppressing ur emotions as when we looks in eyes it will convey our state of mind and it’s too hard 2 put in our hold…..I find gauri’s eyes which searched for omkara’s affection, but it were helpless since situations demanded gauri 2 plead omkara’s exit as she don’t wants 2 see her husband gets hurt…..
    Regarding ruvya, I find a kid of stubbornness in rudy’s eyes because he wants 2 prove that he can also show so called attitude 2wards bhavya and i felt him as adamant only……Bhavya also did the same attitude only and didn’t find any sort of improvement among them……It has become a competition among ruvya to show each other that u are wrong and i am right …..Or if i am wrong, then u are also wrong only……They really need 2 grow up……
    Ajay…..No need 2 tell abt him, as another villain like daksh who is nothing an extra dish in the show which is been served by weird cv’s and we are supposed to tolerate him……Don’t know in total How many villains are wandering in IB ?? I like one and only swethlana who was the initial villain of Ib and made me 2 become her fan with her daring traits ……No matter whatever cv’s are experimenting with swethlana, she is definitely a part of Ishqbaaz and i really wants 2 know the hidden dark chapter of oberois through her…….In the half an hour episode, it’s hard 2 highlight all characters and i wish IB could return to its 1 hr telecast only……But like any other shows, Ib is also a serial and when all are getting half an hour only, we have 2 accept it’s half an hour time slot……It makes me 2 miss certain bonds which i liked in Ib and apart from romance , i want 2 see some worth watching family moments also……
    Hi Ishqies, how are u all ???? I will come back when my ill eye gets recover completely….Bye….enjoy ishqbaaz and spread the feel of Ishq…….Love u all

    1. Dear Renima Di
      Happy To See Your Comment On PKJ? And Your Comment Is Awesome As Usual?????
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

    2. Nivedita

      Hi dear good to see u here..

      Hope your eye will heal soon..

      You are so right about the Shivika moment..

      And the pain in Gauri’s eyes..

      I enjoyed a lot of yesterday’s episode..but editing in the Shivika scenes was terrible…

  29. Nikita_jai29

    It is good episode. For shivika.. Rikara is also nice.. Rudy is most cute in the episode… Maahi dii all the best for your exam.. Astha dii.. Your comment is so good

  30. episode is SHIVIKALICIOUS…. and shivaayyyy .. why man why are you doing this to me?? u know that i cant get a guy like you in real life then why are u setting such #husbandgoals.. i’m feeling like karo tho iski jaise bandhe se shaadi karlo warna single hi teek hai… oneday with ur these #husbandgoals u will fill totally in my heart that there will be no place for others….. shivika are always bliss to watch.. today’s rikara scene is emotional.. as always love my rudy boy especially when he said ‘ ae poetry apni jeb mein rakh do’ u and ur timing are just awesome.. precap is …mmmm kya kahu… om is waiting for gauri to react.. but loved shivru the way they controlled their anger and were hurt to see om getting hurt sereiously they are #siblinggoals….

  31. shivka scene was really very cute. so much to learn for all couples. We grow old together gracefully – Perfect. Wow. very beautiful.
    Rudra is real fun to watch. infact Rudra & Anika together are real fun – with a topping of shivay
    But somehow omkara & Gauri are boring alone. when they complement shivika and rudra, they get moving.
    Omkara & Rudra go well with their anika babhi.
    And Shivay is incomplete without Anika and vice versa.
    Any which ways, Shivika Rocks Ishqbaaz. enjoying the track. love to see more of shivika.

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