Ishqbaaz 31st October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 31st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Om sits to inject drugs to his hand. Priyanka shouts no and rushes to him. She calls Ranveer and says I want to meet you to talk about that night. Rumi says Rudra dev we are now husband and wife. Rudra asks what. She says husband and wife. He gets shocked. Sometime back, Anika asks Sarla to pass measuring inch tape. Shivaye comes there. She asks again. He gives the tape to her. She holds his hand and sees him. Music plays…… He asks can I get my hand back. She leaves his hand and says I apologized to Tia, and I had to apologize to you, I did mistake by mistake. He says its okay, I know Tia, she can’t do such thing, we have complete trust, honesty is there in our relation even if there is nothing else, Tia knows what I feel for her and I know what she feels for me.

Anika asks

does Tia what you feel for her, its world’s toughest thing to know your feelings, if Tia knows it, wow… He says anyway I don’t give importance to feelings. She says I know that. He says I think you should also not give importance to feelings, don’t let it get high, Om quoted an old poet and told me, emotions made me useless else I was a man of use/work, don’t let emotions get high, I mean you are a nice intelligent girl, focus on dreams, not anyone else, I mean whatever you want to do, I can help you, in this city or other, in this state.

She asks do you want me to go from here. He says no, I mean I know your brother is here, so I was wondering if your family go to other state, I could help. She says my everything is here in this city. He says yes, but you woild have some dream, catering business, restaurant or marriage. She smiles and asks did you think and come that you will make my life today. He says I just wanted to help. She says thanks for thinking, its big thing, but I have habit to walk without support, I don’t want to leave that habit. She goes.

Rumi gets close to Rudra and makes him lie on the bed. She holds his hand and he gets nervous. A man/her supposed dad comes there and says sorry, I did not know darshan is happening here, I don’t want to interfere in your privacy. Rudra asks what, I mean uncle who else will interfere, you should hold my collar and kick me out and say don’t follow my daughter, promise I will agree to your all words. The man says no, don’t say this for Devi. Rumi blesses him.

Om cleans his hands. He recalls Priyanka’s words and sees blood falling on the mirror and statue. He then sees mirror and statue clean. Rudra asks Rumi what is all this, your dad saw us together on the bed and did not say anything, this is not normal. Rumi says I m Devi and nothing is normal, its not a sin that we lied down like this, we are now husband and wife. He asks what. She says husband and wife. He asks when did this happen. She says now, we slept together. He gets shocked and asks are you fine Rumi.

Om runs out of his room. He rushes out of door and a man passes some packet to him. Om goes back. Priyanka sees him and thinks why is Om looking worried. Om gets the drug and injection. He tries to inject the drug to his hand. Priyanka comes and shouts no. She throws the injection. He goes and throws the colors. She holds him and says you can’t do this. He asks what shall I do and cries. She hugs him. She thinks I will do everything now, I will not let you get trapped in drugs again.

Priyanka goes out and calls Ranveer. says I want to meet you to talk about that night. Its morning, Rudra wakes up. Rumi greets him and gets clothes for him. He asks her to understand, I sleep in class daily, a girl Garima sleeps behind me and Chubby also sleeps in last corner, if sleeping together means marriage, I would have got married to entire class. She says no. He says see you know, sleeping like this does not mean marriage. She says but our marriage happened as devi said. He asks why did you take my phone and shut door. She says even Devtas need rest. He says enough of rest, I need to go home. She asks whose house and holds his hand.

He says my house, Oberoi mansion. She says Devtas don’t stay in houses, Shiv ji stays in Kailash and Vishnu ji stays in Vaikunta, same way you will stay here with me, with your Devi. He gets shocked. She asks him to take his clothes, new life, new life partner and new clothes, you will stay here till we get married by all rituals, we are going to get married tomorow, then we will become Devi Devta completely, we will make temple of our name and our devotees will pray to us. He worries.

Ranveer asks Priyanka why did she want to meet him urgently. She says you were asking Om about that woman’s death. He asks you know something about it right. She says matter is…. Om comes and calls her out. He asks Ranveer to stop troubling his sister, what enmity he has with his family. Ranveer says not enmity with you, I have friendship with laws. Om says then don’t drag Priyanka in this friendship and enmity. Priyanka says I came here myself. Om asks her to leave. She asks him to listen. He shouts asking her to go out. She goes.

Ranveer says Mr. Omkara Singh Oberoi. Om says ACP, my sister is under treatment for nervousness and panic attack. Ranveer gets shocked. Om says your investigation and tactics to pressurize her is making her condition worse, if you try to do something like this, I will not come alone, I will get India’s best lawyers, when its about sister, I don’t care for uniform and chair. Ranveer says I can understand, when its about sister, brother can do anything, anyways what is the reason, for your sister’s nervousness and panic attacks, there will be come trigger point, I heard mostly its some accident which makes their state such. He asks did anything like this happened with Priyanka. Om says ACP, stay in your limits, do your work, no need to interfere in other’s lives, get it…. He leaves. Ranveer says I m doing my work Omkara Singh Oberoi.

Rudra tries to open the door and says this door is not opening, she took my phone. The men catch him. Rudra asks what happened. Soumya says Rudra did not come home all night, Rumi would have done something, I will call Rumi and ask. Rumi answers. Soumya asks where is Rudra. Rumi says Rudradev is with me. Soumya says let him be Rudra Oberoi. Rumi says when souls meet, old name and identity get erased. Soumya asks what are you doing with Rudra. The men try to catch Rudra. Rumi says its good for humans to not speak between Devi and Devta. She ends call. Soumya says I hope Rudra is not in big problem. The men remove Rudra’s shirt and put him in the bath tub. Rumi smiles. Rudra asks her what is happening. She says its pre marriage ritual, now your Shuddi will happen. The men give bath to Rudra.

Om asks Priyanka what was she doing, its good I came on right time. She says I was scared, I can’t see you in that state. He asks will you take all blame on your head, do you think I m so weak that I will let you take blame on yourself. She says no, I just went to tell Ranveer that someone is blackmailing us so that he can find that blackmailer. He says ACP is blackmailer, think he is always there when anything happens, he is laying trap for us, we do one mistake and say him truth. She recalls Ranveer.

He says he is just trying to scare you. She says he is scaring as we have reason to be scared, till when will we live like this, I can see you can’t bear the burden of that night, why don’t you tell Shivaye. Om says no, he has enough problems, you know him, he takes every problem on his head, he is finally marrying and doing something for him, I will not put my problems on him, promise me you will not say a word to anyone. She nods and asks him to promise, he will never take support of drugs. Om promises and hugs her.

Om takes the drug injection and sits to inject. Tej and Jhanvi come to his room. Tej shouts Om. Om drops the injection. Om gets shocked seeing them.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Sahanaa

    |Registered Member

    Yay!!!! Hello guys.. i m the same sahana. Its jst that i got an extra ‘a’ because of registration
    Well… coming to the epi, om was fabulous today. Even i was feeling his emotions.. todays epi was jst abt om n prinku.. atleast for me..
    Secondly many of us guessed ryt. According to spoilers the girl is randhawa’s sis. n he evn hinted it🙂
    Thirdly.. the current track is on the right path.. i feel there can b no other way to bring out om’s character.. past revealation is the best thing.. bt they cud hav jst made ishaana’s entry nw nt as a congirl bt as randhawa’s sis..
    Never mind.. lets jst hope for the best ishqies😊

      • Bshama1239

        |Registered Member

        I agree that ur guess is ryt .. She is ranjhawa sissy and he will not spear the murderer whom ever it is and it this epi I felt that kunal aka om was on fire I was feeling like junior tej oberoi is here and Rudra angry feels like SSO but that girl is still alive I guess hopefully she will be the lead or praying that if she is alive and she is not the lead so ishu saved her such track so come

    • Trisha

      U r rigth i also feel that the girl is acp ranveer sis after seeing today episode nd i have read spolier that the mistry man who hugs tia is acp ranveer i don’t known it ture or not but i always feel like it’s robin but in spolier write something else lets see what will happen

      • Sahanaa

        |Registered Member

        Hii trisha.. i jst hope its nt acp ranveer.. bcoz he shud b paired only opp prinku n i dnt want any affair btwn tia n ranveer🤔

    • Nithu

      |Registered Member

      I truly agree wid u whn om says baat behen par aati hein tho yeh kursi aur iss job ko (guys i forgot the dialogue) then acp says haa agar baat behen ka ho bhai kuch bhi kar sakta hein..( he says with a teary eye and rembers the accident…)im sure dint do gayathri murder cuz gayathri cud not be acp sister…logic..

    • Sahanaa

      |Registered Member

      I agree shama.. but cvs cud hav made ishaana as the victim of accident and then introduce her rather than making her a con girl.. anyways lets hope for the best😊

  2. Chandini

    Om 😢 what happened that made him go so weak….just curious to know his and prinku secret.anika is a great example for independent girls wow what an answer she have to shivaay😊romi..uff i am done with this psycho.

  3. Sanaya_malik

    |Registered Member

    Oh my god……I can’t see om like this……
    He is all helpless…..I was feeling like crying… should take shivaye’s help….
    Om is increasing the matter…..god knows wat will happen???
    And shivaye….he is always in his tadi. ….I mean if he can’t accept his feeling…..then y is he pressurizing anika all the time…..
    Billuji ka kuch ni ho skta hai…
    I m missing bros moment….

  4. Krits

    |Registered Member

    Guys I think that this murder track is introduced for the comeback of ishana as om is lying and will soon understand there are situations where people have to lie and he will remember ishana’s word ki iss duniya mein jeene ke liue chehre pe chehra lagana padta hai

    • Kalika

      Ishana is gone …. forever… stop living in lala dream land. Omkara would have been the ideal s*xually confused character, what a plot it would be if Omkara’s journey was one of self discovery as a homos*xual, he has all the angst and emotion required for it.

  5. Sahanaa

    |Registered Member

    Hey ishqies!!! ATTENTION PLEASE!!!😆
    i would love to write an ff bt only after nov 15 after my exams😉
    As my ff is for all the ishqies over here.. i wud want u all to select a suitable title for my ff from the following options and the MAJORITY wins!!!😊
    1) hamsafars😍
    2) aur pyaar ho gaya😘
    3) tu mera humdard hai😙
    4) shaayad yahi hai pyaar😚
    My personal preference is SHAAYAD YAHI HAI PYAAR.. n therefore my vote to d fourth option..
    Pls all readers do express ur views and make me happy☺

    • Kalika

      Please don’t, the FFs you people write are absolute crap, they make me weep, so many plain brainless Jane’s thinking they can write…. I blame Stephanie Meyer and EL James

      • Sahanaa

        |Registered Member

        thnk u sooo much for d comment dea.. bt i m hurt
        PPS: SPREAD LOVE..
        PEACE 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Nithu

        |Registered Member

        Excuse me..dnt you ever say like know how much effort we writing our ff…jyst to make you guys happy…writing ff makes us to imagine things…

      • Nansshivika

        |Registered Member

        Yes kalika if u don’t like it don’t read it. Who told u to take stress and.weep. u just go through real series. And ff all have their own spark . it’s their love for ishqbaaz they r doing this. If ishqbaazians don’t like it then they won’t comment on it. But many ff are getting good fan following. So don’t impose ur ideas in negative way. Its really hurting.

      • shahabana

        Kalika if u dnt like ffs then dnt read it but plsss dnt discourage peaple if they want to write whats ur problem be mature dr

    • Archiya

      Hi Sahana,
      Pls share the prologue of ur ff,m sure u will get comments whether to stop or continue.I do read a few ff’s an they r really gud
      Also I vote fr 4..I love tat song

    • DaSha

      Sahanaa, dear!

      Please don’t be hurt by someone who does not know you! I’m sure you have many people who appriciate what you do and they will like to read your FF story 🙂 I’m almost sure sometimes screenwriters check FF to find new ideas, if not for this show, perhaps for another. So just take the name you like and start! 🙂

    • Diyaa

      |Registered Member

      Hi Sahanaa. I like your choice but I like Aur pyar ho gayaa too. Either is good. Looking forward to reading your ff. And dear, why would anyone in their right mind, mind you writing an ff or taking a poll. I mean, TU website provides space for ffs. I have read some I really liked, some I liked less but never felt that ANYONE should not write an ff. I wish them all well and admire their creativity and patience to write. My simple logic is that if I don’t like sthg. I avoid it rather than weeping over it 😉. Waiting for your ff and good luck for your exams.

      • Saku

        Sahana di dont get hurt…we all r with u….u just continue with ur writing….
        N title i like AUR PYAAR HO GAYA….

      • Bshama1239

        |Registered Member

        I go with diyaa it will suit u and writing a ff enhance our thinking as well as personality we get friends gang here and due to demotivating readers we feel it..but I guess everyone can’t motivate that’s OK everyone has different taste …
        Sorry if my words hurt anyone

    • Archiya

      See Sahana…u alreay have so many ppl waitin for ur ff an supporting u.. all the best n lookin fwd to reading it..

    • aahana

      Sahanaa i think 3 is nice..btw u name wt wtever u feel like..n m waiting for ur ff n dont waste ur time,net n attention for those who dont understand ur point on smthing. All d best dear for both ur exams n ff. Looking forward to ur prologue 🙂

    • nithu

      Hi Sahanaa… Good evening dr… Plz don’t get hurt by the words who discourage u..And I go with option 1 Humsafars- soulmates…

      And for the people who don’t like Ff’s plz just don’t read it, if u don’t like it y u waste ur precious time in that…

    • Shaza

      |Registered Member

      I like they 4th name very much 😊♥️”Shayad yahi pyaar hai” and why will we get offended di , it’s awesome when we get a new ff , a new story to read so it’s like pleasure for us , and the bets thing when we apricots ur awesomeness u can read and reply 😄😊😁….from 15 November u will start 😔😭😭😭
      My exams starting from 19th November I know again but we have FA every month 😭😭😭😭..I really wish to read ur ff yr , but I won’t be allowed to even watch the ep hardly I’ll read the WU that time then how will I read ff 😭😭😭😭…but I know ff is gonna be awesome , so I’ll read it all together ( reading together is kinda lucky and unlucky too , lucky cuz u don’t need to wait , u lucky cuz you’ll be reading late )
      So after my exam finish and I’ll read then I’ll wrote a big giant comment , ok ? 😊😁

      And don’t get offended by some ppl who try to discourage u , just go on , I’m sure ur gonna rock di ✌🏻️😄

  6. nayana

    romis part was most irritating oh my god wat happnd 2 om? actually wat happnd in that accident night why is this ACP pressurzing everyone ? wat is his interest 2 this case TOTALLY CONFUSED

  7. Tridha

    |Registered Member

    Felt sooo bad for om. Loved prinku – om bonding. One thing is clear- the girl was ranveer’s sister.
    Romi part was irritating.
    About the precap I m hoping tej will scold om. Nd they will share a good father son relationship


    |Registered Member

    Ha ha ha…. Rurda part was so tense and funny…😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 and lesson for all boys & girls – do not judge book by its cover😃😃😃😃

    Om part and telly spoiler is making me think again if its gayetri murder investigation or something else

  9. Bshama1239

    |Registered Member

    Hello buddies hope you all celebrated an eco friendly diwali festival…
    Secret revealed….
    Ranjhawa is connected to this case as his sister was murdered…
    Om please don’t consume drugs again today I liked priyanka protective nature towards om
    SHIVIKA today less … Rudra and romi crazy ..
    Precap omg….
    Jab Baat bahan pe aati hai dialogue and anika dialogue mujhe sahare ki Aadat Nahi hai…
    I feel they are simply dragging the track

    • Diyaa

      |Registered Member

      I agree. None of the stories have gone any further. Om and Prinku still tensed, Ranveer still playing ganes with them, Shivaay still blind to Tia’s truth, ShivIka still in the same place vis a vis their feelings for each other, and Rudra still not realizing that one call to the mental asylum and he will be free of Rumi!!! My patience is running thin.

    • Bshama1239

      |Registered Member

      Hey guys anyone saw the new promo nayi soch by starplus anika ,was there plz do clear my doubt in that promo anika was in a showroom or office I guess ??? After SHIVIKA breakup some chances of it huh?

      • Archiya

        Even I felt the same on seein the promo.. looks lik anika is gng to strt something new bussiness on her own..

      • Sahanaa

        |Registered Member

        Hey dea.. bt i dnt think it has anything related to the show.. it was just shown as nayi soch as an initiative by star plus and in the show she is wedding planner right.. so they cud hav shown like she is very hard working n all
        I dnt know.. its just my guess

  10. Diyaa

    |Registered Member

    So looks more and more like the accident girl was/is Ranveer’s sis. How can it be Ishana cis we know Ishana had no brother. I think this is a new character. The only progress, Shivaay is now past being enraged at Anika. He was not even angry with her anymore. Chalo, Kuch to huaa!

  11. Archiya

    Murder mystery
    So the gal who is mudered is ranveer sis,bt the acp came fr gayatri murder case, bt looks like now he is investigating his sis murder,if she is dead tat is.So om taking drugs an pinku attack is bcoz of this accident.
    I really liked the way om portrayed his depression/frustation, it must b really so diff to cope with something lik this, he showed very well how ppl cant cope up wit things in their life n move
    towards drugs

    Shivika –Shivay reacted so camly today an easily forgave anika.. he
    appreciated her also….so much of change in him.. I did nt understand
    what was shivay triying to imply by his
    words. Did he want anika to go away, or trying to find out abt her family.
    .wht was it.. anyways liked anika
    dialogue abt her

    Coming to Rudy.. I thght atleast at some point he will get angry, slap or scold romi an get out frm thr…bt he is totally dumb,first he ran behind her beauty n now he iss nt able to get out
    of it,looks lik soumya will cme fr his

    But the story is dragging. . Atleast on roumya part… bt I guess tia truth will cme out an roumya marriage will happen at the same tat then anika will b arranging roumya wedding

  12. arshi

    I feel like crying r8 now!!!!! Way happened 2 our OM!!!!I thought he’ll be able 2 handle it!!! He’s strong!!! But the fact is….he’s not…. Once Shivay comes 2 know that I’m is thinking of reconsuming drugs coz of Randhawa, he’s surely going 2 kill ACP Ranveer… Beware Mr.ACP…& this time it’ll be Shivika…not SSO alone…I so very wanted entry of Om’s love in this ongoing track…coz its completely about him… Hope for the best…. #omkara#loveishqbaaz#missishkara#missishana#comebackvrushika#waiting

  13. Anjana

    |Registered Member

    It hurts to see Om like this.. :(.. Anyone else wouldn’t made us feel so much.. Poor chap..

    And Romi.. Modern devi(s) dress like this, is it? Weirdo!

  14. Veda

    |Registered Member

    oh OM.. !!!!!!…I cant tolert his pain….it makes me cry…..😢😢😢😢😢😢😢… he needs sm suprt nw….a prsn mst b damn strng to protect hs lovd one frm all odds nd to take all da blame on himslf knowng dat he wld hv evn death sentce…yup,he is strng bt badly needs sm suprt rt nw…he is strsd,worried,restls nd alone…these all r makng hm tk drugs wat he said abt nt to tl da matr to Shivay sounds logicl..

    nd I dnt thnk Tej and Janvi notcd Om takng drug….if dey do thn obvo da questn wld b arisd dat “WHY”..nd sms like da matr isnt gonna b rvld towrds da whole famly so soon…Im nt sure although..

    uuffffff ye ROMI….dont thnk I evr noticed such an irritatng charectr so far…plz end her chaptr rt nw…nd y did RUDY spnd whl nt wid hr…?!?..ok ok lt me guess..RUDY is litrly a baby,so prhps ROMI sung a LODI to mk hm slp nd he frgt all fears nd slpt…mns…seriously..?????…😬😬😬😬

  15. Trisha

    Rumi is like psychatric patient ,she thinks herself as devi nd her fmly also treat her as devi ,someone send her to mental hospital for her futher treatment

  16. Nithu

    |Registered Member

    Guys i think that rudra will marry a day or two….wating for their marriage…cuz cant bear romi at all i hate her smile for the starting cud she think that she is devta…and can she think rudra bro of shivaye singh oberoi..can bcom her devta…cuz u no guys sso can do anything to save his brothers…i think now sowmya will come to save rudy..instead he marries her

  17. indera sanichara

    Come on Rudra punch the Devi in her face and run like hell. What a weird storyline.So annoying

  18. SenuThilini

    Hi all. hope u guys are doing good. I am a huge fan of their brotherly bond and feel something missing of their bond in current track. rudra not came home at night but shivay doesnt know. Previously they used to share a great bond. bt nowadays i missed it 😢. rudra used to sleep with either om or shivay. But he is missing whole night and phone also off. Because of the om’s situation he can forget. bt why shivay. he is busy with anika.

  19. Jdomadiya

    |Registered Member

    I agree yes rudra NE body kya sir dikhane k like banayi hai
    Come on he can just run from that devi
    Loved the way shivay’s plans for anika future but don’t want om to be drug addicted anyways overall nice episode 😍 l

  20. DaSha

    Hello dear friends!

    I was analyzing Shivay and Anika’s behavior last 15 episodes (after he scolded her by mistake and then saved her from goons) and I have good news and bad news. Let’s start with good ones:

    1. He “officially” admit that there is something between them. In episode 107 when he was under painkillers he told OmRu: “There is something between us… She risked everything to save me, how can I pay her back?… Usually I can feel her… I feel she is here”.

    You remember, OmRu used to tease Shivay about confrontations with Anika and he was always denying it in a very intensive way. In episode 111 when Om says that Shivay is hiding his own feelings Shivay just simply sad “That’s not true”. And last time in 118 when Rudra was asking Shivay what would he do if something happens to Anika he did not even denied his concern.

    2. Shivay takes care and he wants Anika to need him:

    *Anika was fixing that light panel and was going to fall, he rushes to save her.
    ** Anika says: “I’m Ok, I can take care for myself”

    * He tries to take the fruit basket from her to help and getting hurt.
    ** Anika says “I don’t need your help… I have a bad luck. Stay away from me or you going to be hurt”

    * He catches her when she was falling down during KC decorations and asked: “Will you fall again if I go away?”
    ** Anika says: “I can take care for myself”

    * He was catching her when she fainted. And was insisting on taking care about her, making her rest, scolding for not taking care about herself.

    * He scolded OmRu for not taking care about Anika (when she was locked in a hot room and they could not find her).

    * After hot room Shivay told he knows Anika is independent but asked her not to stop him when he was putting ice and caring about her.
    ** Anika says: “Please stop, you anger make this ice melt”

    * Shivay offers his help for her business catering, restaurant etc.
    ** Anika says: “Thank you, it’s a big thing, but I used to walk without any support”

    Every time he wants to take care about her, she refuse.

    3. Shivay cares about what she likes:

    * Shivay knows ACP Ranveer investigation can destroy her reputation, so he protecting her from ACP questions.

    * She tells she likes Oberoi tradition when everyone keep fast for KP and he does fast this day. As Shekkhar noted Shivay says “It is not fast for Tia”.

    * She feels uncomfortable while modelling for Tia and trying wedding clothes and Shivay stop this story and apologies for Tia.

    4. He feels something strange and awkward so he tries not to talk about it, but he wants to know what are Anika’s plans, feelings:

    * Double meaning talk when he was taking basket and hurt his finger.
    Anika: “It’s a little thing!”
    Shivay: “Never knows when a little thing become a big problem”
    Anika: “You are already wounded”.

    * KC morning at the table when Pinki was asking Anika what she decided about the fast and Pinki says “She is not going to do fast to get a husband, she does not want to marry” Shivay got relief.

    * KC evening in the car when Shivay takes her home and thinks she is going to tell him she likes him. Shivay “Don’t say that… You know some things better stay closed, we both know it”, and his face after when Anika says “So you are going to run away from truth all your life?”.

    * Today 119 episode when he asks what she want to do he says “marriage” and looking at her face to see reaction.

    Well, it looks like Shivay analysis after all 🙂 But in fact I think, friends, our dreams are going to be true, at least those of us who thought Shivay should realize is love and attachment to Anika first. 🙂 We are going there, he is tensed, he wants to be important and caring for Anika, but she rejects his attempts.

    This actually brings us to bad news:

    1. Shivay knows nothing about Anika being adopted and not having parents. I don’t know for sure if it’s so much important in India (I’m from another country) but I believe it is, especially for Shivay. He was super furious about Dev illegal birth, even being accept by Chabra family Dev was not good enough for Shivay.

    2. After his marriage propose to Tia in 110 episode again she turns back his words about blood, class, family status etc. between them.

    3. She is very independent and only super strong feeling can make her to start to dream about being with someone. She does not feel it for now, just confusion. The way she was describing to Malika her desire to find love one day makes us feel she wants this feeling to run both ways with 100% perception of her situation.

    4. More Shivay will come closer to loving her, more she will run away from it, even if she will love him she would feel of not being equal in his eyes because of her family. She loves Sahil, he is her only family (and this awful Bua) and she lives for him, she is emotionally ready not to be married never. That’s why she smiled when Shivay mentioned marriage).

    So we have to wait 50-70 more episodes to make Shivay to start to overcome his prejudice and to start to open his heart to Anika. Oh, I think it will take him all (after things he had said) to make her believe they could be happy together (100 episodes at least more to mentioned 70).


      DASHA mam, yes ” He takes care, he wants ANIKA to need him”
      But always, ANIKA left him in mesmarised, shocked, distress, nervousness, confused like mixture and he never found whether he is getting from ANIKA or not what ever he is wishing for! He always find himself on looser side, and gets only a good feeling ,which e can decide only, that is MESMARISM , and for else ones what he get he is not able to get it whether it is good or bad! He get paralysed what he gets from ANIKA, but he just can’t walk along with, even though it pains it, he likes it a lot!


      In this epi, first part of SHIVIKA is important, it tells everything what ANIKA actually is , and what SSO see a mirror image of his own feelings, thoughts or whatever is going on in SSO’s both mind and heart, in ANIKA, and we found him totally in TRANS when ANIKA left him atlast!

      He painfully said “…..’we have complete trust, honesty is there even if there is nothing else!!!”
      I would like to say, he poured all hi pain in vein literally, he left only to get cry!!

      • DaSha

        Well, I thought it was more pointed he wants her to be like him. Like “I don’t pay attention to emotions and you, Anika, shouldn’t “. Like if he did not want her to feel something he denies in his life because it’s too risky for him to play the game if he doesn’t know the rules. So he chooses his comfort zone – Tia.

        Shekhar, I love your comments, you are very good in understanding Shivay character! Sometimes I think you wrote it :))

    • shekhar

      ANIKA apologized both SSO, TIA and stopped probable consequencies and there by she confirmed her STAY in OM, bcz she know, even TRUST and HONESTY for what about SSO is talking about, is also not there, and she just can not left him with accute pain as an end result of the consequences of TIA’s truth. She just can not leave any stone unturned!!!!

    • Samm

      |Registered Member

      you put it into words so beautifully! It will be too much if they fall in love all of a sudden, but i just hope they don’t have one of their serious kinds of fights anytime now.

  21. Sanaya_malik

    |Registered Member

    Right now in show…..all three are their own story……and it’s difficult for fans to digest this much suspense…’s long I have not seen shivaye cooking with his bros……their poolside chit-chat….i missd it…..and that she dont even left one chance to irritate audience…….I think tia ‘s truth should no out now……she is very annoying…….and gul mam do something for om…….he so helpless right now…..I can’t see him like this……

  22. Lids

    I can’t wait for the moment when shivaye finds out about Tia….. his words…. ” I know tia really well”, ” she will never something like this”, “we trust each other completely “, “there is honestly for sure”. Yeah right, can’t wait how he will treat Anika after that.

  23. Richu

    |Registered Member

    Hello gud mrng all….
    Mukta abiha sat Luna shaza disha shahbana renima diii samyukta yazhu saku shama dhruv Bhai muktiii Shivani haya kiki nithu edsanjida diya Manik mayank sunehri piyuuuu Nikki dhruvvv sahana Trisha Trisha Veda anjana liya zuha mishri roz rosu…………….
    Got time after many days to write all of uzzzz names😙😙😊

  24. Saku

    Omg!!!!!..nononoooo dont do this wd om..he has already suffered many things b now this….agar shivaye ko pata chala ki om pirse toot raha h toh puri dharti hila dega!!!!…aur ye jane k bad ki iss wqt wo om k saath nahi tha then om ki halat ka jimmedar wo khud ko samjhega!! This is wht we call obro bond….

    Now i personally think that there r so many suspence n story r going at same tym n this is so confusing…I mean shivaye k life mein kuch aur chal raha h….tia secret bf/h….rudra romi…rumya jealously…om secret acp games…..but abhi tk ek bhi twist inhone pura nai kiya
    …jaldi kahi isssa na ho ki jyada suspence k chakkar mein roz roz wahi dekhkar veiwers hi chakkar kha kr girjaye 😂😜…

    I don’t understand one thing that ACP is here for Gayatri murder case ryt toh uspr dhyaan dene k bajaye om k past k piche kyun pada h…..kyunki ye acp bhi janta h ki om ka gayayri murder se koi lena dena nai h….

  25. Nivedha

    OMKAARA nailed it
    Kunal’s acting was fantastic😍😍😍
    Ishqbaaaz is now on track
    And please I need Ishana ‘s character
    Missing her badly😭😭

  26. Disha

    |Registered Member

    Good Morning
    Why they dragging track
    Shivaye trust on tia
    I can’t see om in this condition
    Romi completely irritating
    Now losing my interest
    Hope CVs will change something good

  27. shahabana

    Ohhh no i just want this romi track end soon she is just irritatingyar really im not irritated with tia and ridhima this much but this rumi im really getting mad seeing her dev devtha crap.

  28. shahabana

    Poor omkara what’s happening with him really its very pain to see him like this finally prinku atleast tried to help her brother i liked its a lot and acp im sure he has some personal connection with this accident and acp also cares for priyanka nc to see this

  29. Sasha

    Hey guys… I am an silent reader from the beginning of this serial.. 2day I would like to say hi to all the Ishqbaaz fans 🙂 I am from TamilNadu 🙂 Can I get some new friends here 🙂

  30. shahabana

    In yesterday episode shivika is just short and sweet i liked it a lotz and yesterday we got to see new face of sso he is so calm in yesterday episode its very nc to see him like that and again anika proves that she is strong and she doesn’t need anyones support love shivika a lotz

  31. Rosu 25

    Episode was good except this rumi part…..what is this Devi devta crap😤😤….really irritating.😡😡…..end this track soon…..and bring rumya more closer….

  32. shekhar

    They discussed, celebreted, enjoyed the WOMAN EMPOWERMENT for a while, and then left it aside! Tej himself, as a eldest , overlooked the views of DADI, his mother , most realistic and generous person so far, and stampped the decision of SHIVAAY to kick out ANIKA from OM without giving a second thought to it! But ANIKA DOES KEEP CONTINE with it, and simply denied the SSO support saying” I am used to walk along with out support, and does not want to leave that my habit”
    Shocked and mesmarised SSO was lookin at ANIKA with his KANJI eyes thinking how he can over come her talents, her strong willpower, self confidence? He never came in touch a girl like ANIKA who never used to bow down to any situation, person or difficuities. He is used to be in contact with women submissive, committing to which she does not want to committ, getting disress, depress and seeking man’s help in trouble! But after entry of ANIKA in his life, and then in OM, he faced all types of
    havoc in his thoughts, mind and heart . He found himself mentally shattered arond her, becomes the witness of his own beliefs getting demolished from its base. And now he wish to make ANIKA to do thouse things for which he , STRONG WALL, can not do. He offered his help in distress which was simply denied! He tried to show what he has lying in his relation with TIA! But knowing that, there lies nothing in that relation as SSO believe, and apolizing him for TIA matter confirmed her stay in OM for her next action!

    • Diyaa

      |Registered Member

      Hi DaSha, the room says that since many viewers do not like Surbhi opposite Nakul, the producers will bring a new lead and Surbhi will be removed from the show. I think this is fake news and was made just to get views on you tube.

    • shekhar

      To remove SURBHI from IB does not make any sense particularly for the reason referred in clip on YouTube. She carried almost 70% epis on her shoulders . CHARECOR of SHIVAAY is if becomes the subject matter for a discussin then it is only due to the extra ordinary acting of SC! It is different matter that for a personnel
      issue, some one remover her!

  33. Shivani

    |Registered Member

    this romi is making rudra mad.why is she after rudra???just to make him devta .what will they do after becoming devi and devta????om should share his problem atleast rudra or anika.anika is very mature and her advice is always feasible .prinku and om are haunted by their past .they should share with dadi .she is sensible person

  34. nithu

    Hello Ishqies… Wishing u a wonderful month to all…
    Oh no, Om taking drugs… This is not good he should share his problem with his brothers, the beauty of this show is bond among brothers but it is missing nowadays… They hide their feelings and problems from each other.. Om and priyanka hide very big problem, Rudy hide his misunderstanding between him and soumya, Shivaye hide his feeling for Anika…
    And Dadi is not shown for few days y and this ACP the one who is the brother of that girl is it true…
    In btw that Rumi irritates very much…

  35. Luna

    |Registered Member

    This whole Romi track is really stupid and irritating….how can Rudra even be afraid of her….

    Kunal’s acting was superb….but again, Subha is’nt convincing…her dialogue delivery is very bad.

  36. aahana

    Hey guys how r u all?? Srry didnt get time to wish u gys A VERY VERY VERY HAPPY DIWALI TO U was not working n i was busy for diwali prep n there is my cousins engagement after 2 weeks so have alot f work.
    Abt d epi……i think dy r dragging these twists now.atleast dy shd end dis romi crap now been lot f time now!!n i think roumya mrg will happen within 2 epis. N surely oms lead will enter now in this track(i feel so guys dont ques me wd asking where i read it.its just a wild guess but dont bash me for being it just a guess)
    I think dasha is right…..i hv noticed dt whenever shivaye tries to help anika n she replies so bluntly dn it hirts him kuki he expects same response frm her as he cares for her alot n now hv started taking stand for her(during acp interpretation) but he somewhat feels bad whn anika dsnt gv dt much imp to jis ques or deeds…..(dis is wt i felt i may b wrong) Kz its shown dt anika dsnt feel much for sso(right now) n shivaye is trying to sense her feelings for him dts y he keeps on trying n using some heavy n deep dialogues to gauge her reactions.

  37. Tridha

    |Registered Member

    Roumya will get married soon. And they will marry in wedding dress not in regular cloth. During their marriage rudra will kiss her on cheek and hug her. Also in the upcoming episodes shivay will come to know that om is taking drugs. They will share a emotional bond.
    But I got nothing about shivika. I m waiting for rumya marriage and shivkara bromance

  38. shekhar

    Take a look on the conversation between SHVIKA in the epi. Its importance can not pushed in mnd by reading it in the way it is written in TU, but I am trying it to make you read as that convo happened.
    Piercely looking straightly into his eyes she asked” My everything is here…….” taking a enough pose she (ANIKA) added”….in this city!”
    These few words are , in my POV, are insisting, her past is lying somewhere in same city. The way she said these few words, situation in which it was slipped out, may lead this IB story through many twists!
    OM is now a days fighting with , rathar getting crushed between contradicting images of himself! He just does not want to tell any lie, not want to slipping out the strings of truth at any cost, and on other side his love for sister PRIYANKA does not allow him to follow what he used to do so far! Lot of conflicts are going on between his conscious and subconscius mind, and get distress, and in the distressed state when he confront ACP RANDHAVA, a different and UNIQUE OM surfaced which he never used to be. As of now, his own words said to ISHANA are pinching his soul and get his wounds more deep. He just want to forget, what was his ideology, what he spoke to Ishana, what he was thinking of truth, how much he is touchy to for anyone’s pain! He just can not alive with such conflicting ideology in which he is now, and he find its solution in having drug!
    I really appreciate KUNAL for his acting, expression of a man vised between two far ends images!

    • shahabana

      S i tooo thought same thing when anika is saying “my everything is here only ” i think she included her billuji also in this line with her past and family.
      And ofcourse kunal rocked in yesterdays episode its really painful to see om like this he is struggling btwn his idiology and practical life.
      And i want to say another thing shekhar that’s u are a best analiser

  39. Renimarenju

    |Registered Member

    Hello ishqies….how are you all ? ? well am feeling bit better now and within few days i will be alright….guys…..actually i missed many episodes of ishqbaaz….any way from thu to sat i have put leave as part of check up and guys…..i will comment once i sort out all things…..

    Guys…..hope all enjoyed diwali…..

    And i have updated my pridev ff….well i think ishqies didn’t like pridev pair…..please comment on it guys….

    • Renimarenju

      |Registered Member

      please comment on it….i know most of u didn’t like pridev as per show now focussing on priveer only…..and my ffs are short also…..but guys….please comment

    • shahabana

      Hiii renima its glad to knw that u are getting fn now tc dr.
      And renima i dnt read ffs much now im following sats ff only but i will read ur ff for u and iwl will comment after reading ur comments k byyy tc

  40. Nansshivika

    |Registered Member

    Romi story is irritating and rudra crying and being afraid is just stupid and making me angry and kunal awesome his acting kills the show and surbhi quitting then no ishqbaaz coz she is from day 1 change in shivay is due to her whole family is affected due to her many of obro moments are due to her. Ishqbaaz is running bcoz of nakul leenesh kunal bromance and surbhi and nakul chemistry. Already they are apoiling bromance with all 3 involved in their own personal lifes and if surbhi is out then gul khan has to wrap up the show. What do u guys think?

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