Ishqbaaz 31st October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 31st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Om sits to inject drugs to his hand. Priyanka shouts no and rushes to him. She calls Ranveer and says I want to meet you to talk about that night. Rumi says Rudra dev we are now husband and wife. Rudra asks what. She says husband and wife. He gets shocked. Sometime back, Anika asks Sarla to pass measuring inch tape. Shivaye comes there. She asks again. He gives the tape to her. She holds his hand and sees him. Music plays…… He asks can I get my hand back. She leaves his hand and says I apologized to Tia, and I had to apologize to you, I did mistake by mistake. He says its okay, I know Tia, she can’t do such thing, we have complete trust, honesty is there in our relation even if there is nothing else, Tia knows what I feel for her and I know what she feels for me.

Anika asks

does Tia what you feel for her, its world’s toughest thing to know your feelings, if Tia knows it, wow… He says anyway I don’t give importance to feelings. She says I know that. He says I think you should also not give importance to feelings, don’t let it get high, Om quoted an old poet and told me, emotions made me useless else I was a man of use/work, don’t let emotions get high, I mean you are a nice intelligent girl, focus on dreams, not anyone else, I mean whatever you want to do, I can help you, in this city or other, in this state.

She asks do you want me to go from here. He says no, I mean I know your brother is here, so I was wondering if your family go to other state, I could help. She says my everything is here in this city. He says yes, but you woild have some dream, catering business, restaurant or marriage. She smiles and asks did you think and come that you will make my life today. He says I just wanted to help. She says thanks for thinking, its big thing, but I have habit to walk without support, I don’t want to leave that habit. She goes.

Rumi gets close to Rudra and makes him lie on the bed. She holds his hand and he gets nervous. A man/her supposed dad comes there and says sorry, I did not know darshan is happening here, I don’t want to interfere in your privacy. Rudra asks what, I mean uncle who else will interfere, you should hold my collar and kick me out and say don’t follow my daughter, promise I will agree to your all words. The man says no, don’t say this for Devi. Rumi blesses him.

Om cleans his hands. He recalls Priyanka’s words and sees blood falling on the mirror and statue. He then sees mirror and statue clean. Rudra asks Rumi what is all this, your dad saw us together on the bed and did not say anything, this is not normal. Rumi says I m Devi and nothing is normal, its not a sin that we lied down like this, we are now husband and wife. He asks what. She says husband and wife. He asks when did this happen. She says now, we slept together. He gets shocked and asks are you fine Rumi.

Om runs out of his room. He rushes out of door and a man passes some packet to him. Om goes back. Priyanka sees him and thinks why is Om looking worried. Om gets the drug and injection. He tries to inject the drug to his hand. Priyanka comes and shouts no. She throws the injection. He goes and throws the colors. She holds him and says you can’t do this. He asks what shall I do and cries. She hugs him. She thinks I will do everything now, I will not let you get trapped in drugs again.

Priyanka goes out and calls Ranveer. says I want to meet you to talk about that night. Its morning, Rudra wakes up. Rumi greets him and gets clothes for him. He asks her to understand, I sleep in class daily, a girl Garima sleeps behind me and Chubby also sleeps in last corner, if sleeping together means marriage, I would have got married to entire class. She says no. He says see you know, sleeping like this does not mean marriage. She says but our marriage happened as devi said. He asks why did you take my phone and shut door. She says even Devtas need rest. He says enough of rest, I need to go home. She asks whose house and holds his hand.

He says my house, Oberoi mansion. She says Devtas don’t stay in houses, Shiv ji stays in Kailash and Vishnu ji stays in Vaikunta, same way you will stay here with me, with your Devi. He gets shocked. She asks him to take his clothes, new life, new life partner and new clothes, you will stay here till we get married by all rituals, we are going to get married tomorow, then we will become Devi Devta completely, we will make temple of our name and our devotees will pray to us. He worries.

Ranveer asks Priyanka why did she want to meet him urgently. She says you were asking Om about that woman’s death. He asks you know something about it right. She says matter is…. Om comes and calls her out. He asks Ranveer to stop troubling his sister, what enmity he has with his family. Ranveer says not enmity with you, I have friendship with laws. Om says then don’t drag Priyanka in this friendship and enmity. Priyanka says I came here myself. Om asks her to leave. She asks him to listen. He shouts asking her to go out. She goes.

Ranveer says Mr. Omkara Singh Oberoi. Om says ACP, my sister is under treatment for nervousness and panic attack. Ranveer gets shocked. Om says your investigation and tactics to pressurize her is making her condition worse, if you try to do something like this, I will not come alone, I will get India’s best lawyers, when its about sister, I don’t care for uniform and chair. Ranveer says I can understand, when its about sister, brother can do anything, anyways what is the reason, for your sister’s nervousness and panic attacks, there will be come trigger point, I heard mostly its some accident which makes their state such. He asks did anything like this happened with Priyanka. Om says ACP, stay in your limits, do your work, no need to interfere in other’s lives, get it…. He leaves. Ranveer says I m doing my work Omkara Singh Oberoi.

Rudra tries to open the door and says this door is not opening, she took my phone. The men catch him. Rudra asks what happened. Soumya says Rudra did not come home all night, Rumi would have done something, I will call Rumi and ask. Rumi answers. Soumya asks where is Rudra. Rumi says Rudradev is with me. Soumya says let him be Rudra Oberoi. Rumi says when souls meet, old name and identity get erased. Soumya asks what are you doing with Rudra. The men try to catch Rudra. Rumi says its good for humans to not speak between Devi and Devta. She ends call. Soumya says I hope Rudra is not in big problem. The men remove Rudra’s shirt and put him in the bath tub. Rumi smiles. Rudra asks her what is happening. She says its pre marriage ritual, now your Shuddi will happen. The men give bath to Rudra.

Om asks Priyanka what was she doing, its good I came on right time. She says I was scared, I can’t see you in that state. He asks will you take all blame on your head, do you think I m so weak that I will let you take blame on yourself. She says no, I just went to tell Ranveer that someone is blackmailing us so that he can find that blackmailer. He says ACP is blackmailer, think he is always there when anything happens, he is laying trap for us, we do one mistake and say him truth. She recalls Ranveer.

He says he is just trying to scare you. She says he is scaring as we have reason to be scared, till when will we live like this, I can see you can’t bear the burden of that night, why don’t you tell Shivaye. Om says no, he has enough problems, you know him, he takes every problem on his head, he is finally marrying and doing something for him, I will not put my problems on him, promise me you will not say a word to anyone. She nods and asks him to promise, he will never take support of drugs. Om promises and hugs her.

Om takes the drug injection and sits to inject. Tej and Jhanvi come to his room. Tej shouts Om. Om drops the injection. Om gets shocked seeing them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Dear friends, please, answer me Anika is going to leave the show?

    I apologies, but I hardly get what is told in this spoiler because of the language. Please, help me to understand.

    1. I hope it was a roumer everybody like anika character she should not quit???

      1. And one more thing please anybody conform it was a roumer because I contact digest????

    2. Diyaa

      Hi DaSha, the room says that since many viewers do not like Surbhi opposite Nakul, the producers will bring a new lead and Surbhi will be removed from the show. I think this is fake news and was made just to get views on you tube.

      1. Diyaa, thank you so much!
        Hope it’s just the rumor 🙂

    3. To remove SURBHI from IB does not make any sense particularly for the reason referred in clip on YouTube. She carried almost 70% epis on her shoulders . CHARECOR of SHIVAAY is if becomes the subject matter for a discussin then it is only due to the extra ordinary acting of SC! It is different matter that for a personnel
      issue, some one remover her!

  2. this romi is making rudra mad.why is she after rudra???just to make him devta .what will they do after becoming devi and devta????om should share his problem atleast rudra or anika.anika is very mature and her advice is always feasible .prinku and om are haunted by their past .they should share with dadi .she is sensible person

  3. Hello Ishqies… Wishing u a wonderful month to all…
    Oh no, Om taking drugs… This is not good he should share his problem with his brothers, the beauty of this show is bond among brothers but it is missing nowadays… They hide their feelings and problems from each other.. Om and priyanka hide very big problem, Rudy hide his misunderstanding between him and soumya, Shivaye hide his feeling for Anika…
    And Dadi is not shown for few days y and this ACP the one who is the brother of that girl is it true…
    In btw that Rumi irritates very much…

  4. This whole Romi track is really stupid and irritating….how can Rudra even be afraid of her….

    Kunal’s acting was superb….but again, Subha is’nt convincing…her dialogue delivery is very bad.

  5. Hey guys how r u all?? Srry didnt get time to wish u gys A VERY VERY VERY HAPPY DIWALI TO U was not working n i was busy for diwali prep n there is my cousins engagement after 2 weeks so have alot f work.
    Abt d epi……i think dy r dragging these twists now.atleast dy shd end dis romi crap now been lot f time now!!n i think roumya mrg will happen within 2 epis. N surely oms lead will enter now in this track(i feel so guys dont ques me wd asking where i read it.its just a wild guess but dont bash me for being it just a guess)
    I think dasha is right…..i hv noticed dt whenever shivaye tries to help anika n she replies so bluntly dn it hirts him kuki he expects same response frm her as he cares for her alot n now hv started taking stand for her(during acp interpretation) but he somewhat feels bad whn anika dsnt gv dt much imp to jis ques or deeds…..(dis is wt i felt i may b wrong) Kz its shown dt anika dsnt feel much for sso(right now) n shivaye is trying to sense her feelings for him dts y he keeps on trying n using some heavy n deep dialogues to gauge her reactions.

  6. Tridha

    Roumya will get married soon. And they will marry in wedding dress not in regular cloth. During their marriage rudra will kiss her on cheek and hug her. Also in the upcoming episodes shivay will come to know that om is taking drugs. They will share a emotional bond.
    But I got nothing about shivika. I m waiting for rumya marriage and shivkara bromance

    1. Veda

      ohh Tridha..u made me damn happy..finly gonna watch Bromance again…I was dying fr dis…

  7. Nice episode.
    Wt that dirty romi is dng

  8. Take a look on the conversation between SHVIKA in the epi. Its importance can not pushed in mnd by reading it in the way it is written in TU, but I am trying it to make you read as that convo happened.
    Piercely looking straightly into his eyes she asked” My everything is here…….” taking a enough pose she (ANIKA) added”….in this city!”
    These few words are , in my POV, are insisting, her past is lying somewhere in same city. The way she said these few words, situation in which it was slipped out, may lead this IB story through many twists!
    OM is now a days fighting with , rathar getting crushed between contradicting images of himself! He just does not want to tell any lie, not want to slipping out the strings of truth at any cost, and on other side his love for sister PRIYANKA does not allow him to follow what he used to do so far! Lot of conflicts are going on between his conscious and subconscius mind, and get distress, and in the distressed state when he confront ACP RANDHAVA, a different and UNIQUE OM surfaced which he never used to be. As of now, his own words said to ISHANA are pinching his soul and get his wounds more deep. He just want to forget, what was his ideology, what he spoke to Ishana, what he was thinking of truth, how much he is touchy to for anyone’s pain! He just can not alive with such conflicting ideology in which he is now, and he find its solution in having drug!
    I really appreciate KUNAL for his acting, expression of a man vised between two far ends images!

    1. S i tooo thought same thing when anika is saying “my everything is here only ” i think she included her billuji also in this line with her past and family.
      And ofcourse kunal rocked in yesterdays episode its really painful to see om like this he is struggling btwn his idiology and practical life.
      And i want to say another thing shekhar that’s u are a best analiser

  9. Renimarenju

    Hello ishqies….how are you all ? ? well am feeling bit better now and within few days i will be alright….guys…..actually i missed many episodes of ishqbaaz….any way from thu to sat i have put leave as part of check up and guys…..i will comment once i sort out all things…..

    Guys…..hope all enjoyed diwali…..

    And i have updated my pridev ff….well i think ishqies didn’t like pridev pair…..please comment on it guys….

    1. Renimarenju

      please comment on it….i know most of u didn’t like pridev as per show now focussing on priveer only…..and my ffs are short also…..but guys….please comment

    2. Hiii renima its glad to knw that u are getting fn now tc dr.
      And renima i dnt read ffs much now im following sats ff only but i will read ur ff for u and iwl will comment after reading ur comments k byyy tc

  10. Nansshivika

    Romi story is irritating and rudra crying and being afraid is just stupid and making me angry and kunal awesome his acting kills the show and surbhi quitting then no ishqbaaz coz she is from day 1 change in shivay is due to her whole family is affected due to her many of obro moments are due to her. Ishqbaaz is running bcoz of nakul leenesh kunal bromance and surbhi and nakul chemistry. Already they are apoiling bromance with all 3 involved in their own personal lifes and if surbhi is out then gul khan has to wrap up the show. What do u guys think?

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