Ishqbaaz 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 31st May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye shouts on Anika. He asks what’s your problem, why are you getting my mum in this, I won’t hear a word more, leave from here. Anika cries and leaves. Shivaye tears Ranveer’s garlands and throws him out. Some time before, the lady asks what name to write. Shivaye says Shivaye and smiles seeing Anika. Shakti asks Shivaye to come for a talk. They go. Anika sees Pinky. She thinks of Pinky. She goes to show her mehendi. They all get shocked seeing Priyanka and Ranveer coming with garlands in their neck.

Jhanvi gets dizzy. Buamaa holds her. Shivaye asks what’s this joke Priyanku. Priyanka says Ranveer and I got married in temple. Om asks what. Shivaye says I told you, I will kill you. He pushes Ranveer. Priyanka says please don’t do anything to him, this marriage happened by my wish, its

not his mistake. Om says you don’t need to be afraid, we know he would have blackmailed you. Shivaye picks a vase. Gauri stops him. Anika stops Om. Priyanka says he has not blackmailed me, this happened by my wish, he is not a bad guy. Shivaye throws the vase. He says he has tortured you, did you forget. She says I remember, he was helpless, he has no parents, Kamini raised him, he did what she said to pay her favors. Pinky asks is Kamini not his real mum.

Om says he is liar and fraud, maybe he said any story. Priyanka says he is saying true, Shivaye knew Ranveer and liked him before. Shivaye says I did not know his truth. She says there is no such truth. Om says we can give life and take someone’s life for our sister. Shivaye and Om get angry. Anika asks Shivaye to control his anger. Shivaye says stop it Anika, none will say between me and my sister. Ranveer says no Shivaye, its not between you and Priyanka, she is not just your sister, she is my wife too, if anyone talks to my wife in loud tone, I will not tolerate. He holds Priyanka’s hand. Shivaye gets angry and shouts Ranveer. Priyanka shouts and shoves Shivaye. She holds Ranveer. Om and Shivaye get shocked.

Ranveer says talk to me Shivaye, its not Priyanka’s mistake, I came inside your house, I took Priyanka and convinced her to marry me in temple. Pinky asks how did you enter the house. Ranveer says by back lawn door. Pinky says its always locked, it means someone has got him inside. Shivaye asks who have let him in. He shouts Khanna. He asks him to get back lawn CCTV footage right away. They see the footage. They see Ranveer taking Priyanka. Shivaye asks Khanna to rewind. They see Anika.

Shivaye says Anika…. Pinky smiles. He asks did you go in lawn. Anika sees Pinky smiling. Pinky says no, why will Anika do this, did Anika get Ranveer in. Shivaye says mom please wait. Anika says I did not do anything. He asks why did you go in lawn. Pinky thinks my arrow has hit target. She recalls telling Kamini to send Ranveer by back lawn door. Shivaye asks why did you go there. Anika recalls Pinky’s words.

Shivaye asks Anika why did she go in lawn. Ranveer says its okay, Anika does not need to hide anymore, she has opened the door and helped me. Anika gets shocked. Ranveer says if you were not here, Priyanka and I could not unite, you proved you are Priyanka’s friend first and then Bhabhi, thanks for understanding our love. Shivaye recalls Anika’s words. Anika says he is lying. He asks her to say why she went out. Anika says I went to see Pinky. Pinky says see she is blaming me again, what will I do in lawn, she says anything always. Anika says I did not mean this, I heard you talking on phone. Pinky asks are you spying on me. Shivaye says stop mom.

He asks Anika why are you getting mom in between, its clearly seen in CCTV footage that you opened the door, Ranveer said you got him in. Anika says believe me, I did not do anything. He says you always took Priyanka’s side and Ranveer’s side too, you know my family respect is imp to me, you ruined my family respect, you ruined my sister’s life. She asks do you think I can do such thing. He says I have proof in front of me. She says I have no proof, but truth. He asks her why did she go out. Pinky says she will say she was following me, ask Buamaa, I was here, Anika went, why was she in hurry that she just got mehendi in one hand and went. Anika says I did not get Ranveer in, Pinky…. Shivaye shouts enough, stop taking my mum’s name, always you get her in between, what’s your problem, I won’t hear a word more, leave from here. Anika cries and leaves. She goes to her room and cries. Nazdeek hai dil ke…..plays….

Pinky says Anika did mistake, but she wanted to do good, she is a poor orphan, she would have got sympathy for Ranveer, she does not know relations, she does not know we rich people see name, blood, family and status also while making relations, this can’t be undone, we will accept this. Shivaye says I will never accept this marriage. He tears the garlands off Ranveer’s neck. He holds his collar and drags him. Priyanka cries. Shivaye throws Ranveer out of the house. Priyanka runs. Pinky asks them to stop Priyanka, she can take any wrong step in anger. Om runs after her. Anika cries. O jaana…..plays….

Pinky says do anything Anika, it will happen what I want, every Saas dreams to kick out bahu, but I have courage and brain, I can go to any extent to hurt you. Anika says you can go to any extent, but you can never separate me and Shivaye.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. actually ishqbaz is the most watchd n favourite show this time. Every time diff types of fake spoilers came to ruin the show. I dont knw whats their problm! What benifit they get to spread such false n stupid rumours! Why they want to hurt the fans n audience of ishqbaz! just think guys gul mam has already told be4 that aftr ipl ishqbaz n dbo will b connectd through 2 sistrs . Now if anika leave om or exit 4m show hw it will happen! Also harnet mam told that this pinki’s drama is just an arc many intresting twist is coming up. We have to belive our directr,writr not the fake spoilrs which ruin our show. Be4 they also said that mallika will come 2 create problm,anika will b shot n takn 2 hospital, rumya will start their romance everything comes fake. There is no media inside the set so they r publishing thing according their wish. When the directr,writr doesnt cn4m anything 4m where this creepy news r coming!!! I dnt knw..!

    1. know many of you have read the spoilers. I read spoilers regularly. Yes you read it right . But my reasons for reading spoilers are not the same as yours. I read spoilers to make sure that it is not going to happen. If you can show me 1 spoiler that is true , than i can show you 100 false spoilers. Actually now i am thinking why do they even call it spoilers. Bcoz none of them are true.
      And i know many of you are not liking the current track. But just rewind the episodes. Tia, mahi they all were villains . But we simply love them. Ib actually make us love our villains.
      Guys the most funny spoiler that i have read is that annika will realize that she is pregnant. Like really. Kuchh bhi. They mean to say that at this stage when you know shivaye is angry on annika …. they will still consumate their marriage. Annika will be pregnant. She wont tell this to shivaye . Or they meaan that inspite of that shivaye will throw annika out of the house like really.

      1. Yeah…..u r ryt Shreya……few days back i mistakenly read spoiler on fb page….which was stating that Sahil will die…… also after friday epi…..poore 2 din ki neend udgayi meri……
        Uss din se maine written spoler ki headline padhna tak chhod dia…….
        Lekin yeh Aditi gupta waala spoiler kuch jyaadahi viral hogaya hai……..aur koi confirmation bhi nahi aayi hai…????????

    2. I know there will be smthing very nice at the end. Well in ib after every evil track something good happens. May after the end of these track, annika will call pinky as mom. Remember during mahi track when pinky a n annika hugged , when we all were expecting that mom word from annika but we did not get it. As per the current track how much i can foresee kamini will not leave oberois ,apparently she will be the villain . I think pinkys track,is basically for strenghthening the pinky- annika relationship . Abt aditi it will be false.
      The cvs have to give some update as ishqbaaz is one of the most watched serial and we constantly want to know the future twists. So they foolus. We read the spoilers bash ib and then after knowing the truth, we praise ib. So lets go wid the flow.

      1. Shekhar

        How nice of you!!!

        It’s really a good while reading it.

        I like to get you looking at end, and not at mid stuff.

        With whatever the end solution it come up, we will get them being more stronger.

        Its a fact that, in whatever the way they are treating outsider, just can not treat PINKT in that way. It require more better way good result oriented way while treating OF member.

      2. Nithu

        u relieved my heart………..

  2. This serial is a comedy serial nor gives any message. Starting ke Kuch episodes chhor do there is ony planning and plotting and the funniest thing is that sari duniya oberois ki dushman hai. Revenge lene valo ki to factory lagi hui hai. Kuch to sensible or realistic dikhao yaar

  3. Sejsmiles

    Aur kitna girogi pinky.. Wait lady..karma is around d corner. Chalo mahi aa jao.,

    1. Correct,waiting to c Pinky’s reaction that time.

    2. AnuluvsIB

      Am waiting for mahi too!!

  4. Lijince

    Shivaye ki sissies……..AAJ KHUSH TO BAHOT HOGEY AAP……aapke Shivaye bhaiyya ne SSO roop dharan kar liya….grrrrrrrrrr!! If I start bashing, it will end up ruining my sleep and then my morning… let’s come to the point……in the video it was shown as Ranveer first escaping with Prinku and then Anika opening the door……which means the door was already open when Ranveer entered……why can’t SSO rewind a little bit more and check the whole footage??? Itni experiences ke baad bhi koi kaise itni dumb ho sakthe hai?? ?????

    Gabbarji Gabbarji…..sarkar……2 aadmi nahin…..ab 3 aadmi hai…….ek Monky ek Kameeni aur ek Dumb Singh Oberoi…..6 goliyon mein 4 goliyan sirf dumbo ke liye… ok??

    Gayatri… were saying about a new villain….I think its Buama’s Ratan Tata… who will be appearing as the new villain?? Any news galzzzzz……I hope somebody as charming as KT and Daksh will be the new villain…..????

    Surbhi…..I have a good news…..maybe you already know about it….but I knew it today……IB is back to the 5 pm slot…..donno when Suhani ended…but today I got lucky to watch IB @ 5 pm….yaaaayyy…..just hope it remains the same for a long time…..not any other serial @ 5…..pls Star Plus… have already made OMM of my lunch time……atleast chein se tea break lene deejiye!!

    1. Lijince

      Missed to mention about Kameena Ranveer and his wife…..Prinku what were you thinking when you decided to marry that kameena?? You knew all the truth about Ranveer…..then why were you silent when Ranveer told that Anika helped you in eloping?? And how can you think of doing such blunders without thinking about your family……you behave like a cute pu**y and look at what you have done…….leave your bros….atleast should have cared for your mother gal!! I wanted Shivaye to slap Prinku instead of Ranveer….or atleast Anika should have questioned Ranveer when he was accusing her……that gal is another dumbo…..grrrrr!! Aata majhi satak li…..????? so am stopping it here!! Bad night gyzz!!

      1. Cheequ

        Aur Prinku ki story ka inspiration hai hamarey woh audience jo ranveer ko bina koi sazaa miley accept karne to tayyar hain..
        uski bewafai, chori, prinku torture jaye bhaad mein..

        Cvs ko zaroor lagta hai ki life mein har pyaar ki katha dard ki katha se hi shuru hono chahiye..

    2. AnuluvsIB

      6 goliyon mein 4 goliyan sirf dumbo ke liye… ok? Lol
      Deal ok Liji!!! Absolutely ok!!

      Liji today all Shivaayans are also very upset with him… every body are the guest members in sso bash club today! We never wanted to se this day though!!

      Looks like u changed ur DP back to the angry devasena from shivika!

      On ur pt1 abt annika coming in later.. I noticed it too! But I thought it was an editing mistake!


    3. Aastha_Reddy

      Liji… you are right yaar. From Shivaay sister club. i am happy. After this Prinku drama, may be next year on SPA- 18 sisters from pkj will be nominated as Prinku lost that right lol…#positive nayi soch. What else!!!

    4. Cheequ

      Dumbo ko marke kya hoga? he needs brain surgery to fix the gaps in his logic! ?
      And ek goli kafi nahin for inky pinky monkey– usey toh til til kar marna chahiye! ?☠️
      Aaj Cvs ne dikha diya fans sirf pappu banane ke liye hain.. and the cvs original thought of spreading warmth and cheer has been turned (after their 1 yr work Anniversary) to spreading hate and tears..??

    5. Lijince tere muh mein dairy milk Silk…….ib is back in 5:oo pm slot……..yippieee….??

    6. Surbhi Sharma

      Di , for sso mode I am happy but not for what he did . And especially that dinky donkey . Hate her .

      Di , I didn’t know . Thanks for telling . So happy , 5 pm repeat is back . Yayyyy !!! Kuch toh Acha hua . ???? .
      And really hope they don’t stop , kyu ki I know for atleast 2 or 3 months most probably I’ll be missing ib at @10 . So , no tension .
      Star plus ne kuch toh reham kiya hum pe . ?

  5. ?.. don’t cry Anika,be strong ? to face all your problems !! if your…. in- law’s think that she is very smart ….than show it her that she is wrong… Ishqbaaz between shivaay and Anika will never end.. make sure she understands that clearly​.
    What a bad mother- in -law ?… what a drama!!!!????? queen . I feel like killing her!!!!!! .

  6. Shekhar

    I apologize all those who feel, I am not answering to them against their responding

    comment to my comment, and feel me somewhat unsocial . I admit that I am unsocial, and

    can not be used to be social due to many reasons including time factor. It happens that, IB

    is only the serial in which I am active, and due to my self being analytic, I spend my more

    time which is available for IB in construing my comment , and just can not go through all

    the comment, and can not respond head to head. I just can not think not to response

    intentionally for any weird reason that one may think, but it is my constraint, and pl. bear

    with my constraint.


    All of sudden everything has been changed, The shivaay ,standing under the LOVE


    and ANNIKA just could not say anything on her part satisfactorily, and SSO get her out of

    his sight with PINKY smirking behind him. All his love evaporated like camphor and ANNIKA

    rushed down to her room with full of agony. PINKY’s plan was so perfect , and so wisely

    manipulated that it seems neither SSO could have got it nor ANNIKA, and it seems , it’s the

    end of a beautiful SHIVIKA LOVE STORY.

    The brainless and beast SSO could not test RANVEER on his mathematical logic meter , and

    after giving a little chance to ANNIKA, concluded and stopped her from speaking anything

    for his mother, against his mother, and ordered her to out of his sight swaying his hand at

    her in air.

    Is it all for today?


    This is all what CVS wanted to see us and to get us conclusive on wrong side, proof is in

    precap. Usually precap are always illusive, but this time it is not illusive.

    After getting trapped by PINKY and RANVEER with KAAMINI, and badly bashed by SSO , what

    she is saying to PINKY, see at

    “…Anika says you can go to any extent, but you can never separate me and Shivaye.”

    And all That is bluntly , and challenging PINKY with ice cold tune!!!!!

    Some may think, I am being over positive, I am siding CVS, but simply it is not so. Before

    judging this EPI, took a look at back EPIs and what I found some discrepancies in

    responsing expresions as to the situations are not dietable to me. May be some where I

    might have missed something , and concluded otherwise.One never can be perfect all the

    time, he miss something being illusive, and judging wrongly

    1. AnuluvsIB

      It is ok Shekhar! U don have to apologise for not replying with an analysis long comment! ?

      I am now missing our earliest drama queen Neha at this moment though ?

      1. Shekhar

        I am in confused state!!???

        Should I buy your TAUNT or your ACCEPTANCE of my apology?!?

        Anyway, no one should miss anyone, its me here only to manage my activity upto satisfactory level within my hand reach.

    2. AnuluvsIB

      Stay confused! ??

      1. Shekhar

        Stay confused!

        Ha ha ha……….??? ????

        Ok, but your no curses will adversely affect me!

  7. Gayathri.visu

    Its not ishqbaaz, its villianbaaz, OBSESSEDBAAZ! Now I m regreting for trusting Ranveer.
    @NEHA, see he proves me wrong! from now I don’t like/believe ranveer, if he turns good character also.

    Shivaay, I didn’t expected this from u. Anikaji can’t see u like this, but fault is urs! PRINKU, U TOO BRUTUS?!


    Sorry guys no mood to reply.

    1. Wait…Someone from Oberoi family was in contact with Kaamini.H e did not know who??Kaamini told Ranveer to run away with Prinku when Annika would keep the door open at 7PM.Annika opened the door and went to check the lawn.Meanwhile Ranveer entered and ran away with Prinku.Might b he had seen Annika in the lawn so he thought Annika helped them……

    2. LAX

      Same here. For me IB means Shivika n Shivika means IB. Cannot think beyond it.

      1. Gayathri.visu

        somehow I convinced myself. Let’s wait for upcoming episodes.

  8. Mrunmayi Ingale

    Yuck yuck and yuck for pinky…. She is such…. Like seriously sometimes I just think pinky is from such a reputed family and she is doing such chepdi things….. She thinks about khoon khandan izzat like really blo*dy b*t*h do u behave according ur so called KHANDAN…?? go to hell pinky… But shivaye how how can u believe a Faltu CCTV footage and shout on MY ANNIKA how dare you do that…. I really loved but today hate u hate u a lot…… Issqbaaz was the first serial which my whole family watch together we all would love this serial because ISSQBAAZ means something different….

    Issqbaaz means three bros who love each other trust each other…. There masti majak just loved them . and their loves I didnt expect from shivay to make my ani cry??????

    And if shivaye and annika get seperated then, up to now I am not able to forget soumya and now ani NO NO NO I will stop IB ??? Plz CVS like there is some limit yaar such dram this drama is boiling and spilling out of your Patila of IB and audience too its getting too much drama to handle??

    For now I just hoping that shivika don’t get separated…. Or this serial would be hell….. Useless I would kill everybody to let the separation…

    And honestly I didn’t like the girl oppsite to Rudy the story is good interesting but I didn’t like the actress (no offense to the actress haan) sry but I can’t forgot my Soumya…

  9. Archiya

    Gud morning Ishquies
    There was nothing to comment today,did not see the episode an don’t want to also, buy I see many rumors on this page… Guys there is already lot of negativity in these days episodes, by believing in rumors we are just adding to the negativity… Let’s just keep watching IB… Things will eventually unfold…

    No offense to anyone.. Just trying to spread some positivity

    Below link, harneet tweet

    P. S the day another gal comes in, there will no shivika an no IB.. An more than half the fans will stop watching… M sure CVS would not want that

  10. Nivedita

    Btw I feel the CVs definitely peeked here, cause all Priveer Prinku Dialogues seem to have got some inspiration from here..

  11. @thank you @asthababy @surbhi dear,

    @anitaaa333 no not economics but i am thinking ki sociology ko honors sub pe rakhingi…

    @archu dear, a very good morning to you and all my pkj frnds

  12. Archiya

    My dear PKJ family.. Please don’t b so sad.. I replied this for most of u.. But it’s a lil tough to reply to all..

    V have got such good episodes.. So let’s excuse iB for a few days…

    Now come on cheer up all.. A big group hug to all of u.. Love of love ?? ? ?

    1. AnuluvsIB

      Archu! I saw the tweet too! But I guess it was before this Aditi Gupta thing came in..

      Any which ways, we need some one to lift us up when all of us have drowned in gloom! And u did it today!
      Thank you! ???

      Will not give up on IB, if not for CVs atleast for PKJ! Our PKJ!!

      1. Archiya

        ur wc dear.. yeah an tats the spirit.. PKJ zindabad !!!!!

    2. Shekhar

      So atlast I found some one cool here , at least!

      1. Archiya

        Not cool as such.. but i decided not to get affected by it.. thats it 🙂

    3. LAX

      I can see u unusually cool. Even if I take a break from the serial I won’t quit PKJ.
      Also like Anu said this tweet of Harneet was before the whole Aditis new entry thing.

      1. Archiya

        yeah a lil cool today… may b bcoz i did nt see the epsiode.. just the highlight, an i have decided not to get affected by it anymore 🙂

        sorry for the confusion.. i thought the tweet was the latest , but i seriously doubt they will bring anything between shivika, an as i said if someone comes most of them will quit IB including me 🙂

    4. Surbhi Sharma

      Huhh Archu . Feeling calm and positive too . I promise , I will never leave ib and even if I leave for some reasons , I will never leave pkj (sapne me bhi nahi) .
      And big big big tightttt hug to you . ???

  13. hey ishquies good morning all this page is full of negativity today all r really very angry i guess but harmeet singh mam said believe rumors at ur own risk so b4 anything we decide we should be aware if it is true or not yess
    and i got admission in new school it starts frm 5 th june im soo excited fr that really becze i got 2 and half month holidays fr my 10 it was really very boringg haan no vacation justt sittiing at home these 2 months made me really very bored now im super excited to go fr school so wen my school starts my sleeping time becomes 9:30 haan if not 10 so never on the earth i can watch ib if i start going to school its not really a tough task fr me its habituated fr mein my 10 th just with WU i wll know the storys and i will know todays epi by 7-8 pm itself so i can know if the epi is good or not if it is not good i can control myself frm not watching really im very happy that im not adicted fr ib its very imp fr my future
    and im not having any hotstar membership actually i know 1 site wer they will provide written update by 6:50 or upto 8:30 some times they wont but wth this site only may days even though i dnt watch i used to comment here eheh
    so funny f meee now im soo excited to go to school i will be free in evening hours i cant comment frm monday i guess then i can surely reply u all if possible last few days im soo free like this byee

    1. Cheequ

      Shab congratulation on starting your 11th! ??????

      You dont need hotstar membership nowadays to watch IB- its available for free at 5:00 pm on hotstar app. And of you dont have a slart phone you can watch on website.

      Ek hi baat hai lekin:: you young gals dont watch all this crazy negativity and romance cycle: because it will give you weong ideas about romance..
      Dard hota hai pyaar main, aur takraar bhi:: par in real life if pyaar is like current 2-3 months of IB:: ( OSO, SSO, RSO. ranveer and Tej) then waise pyaar se door rehna hi accha..
      Only SSO thoda accha tha pehle but faltu drama ke liye SSO ki bhi bali chad gayi..
      Dont b sad if you cant watch Ib much.. enjoy your new classes..??

      1. ohh realyy tq fr saying this but im habituated to get rid of ib thanks cheequ

    2. Cheequ

      Lol typos
      *if you dont have a *smart phone

      Good that you are trying to get rid of IB addiction..

    3. AnuluvsIB

      All the best shab!! Have a great start in your new school dear!! ??

      1. thank uu anu akka im excited too goo

    4. LAX

      All the very best dear. Wish u a very good year at your new school.

    5. Gayathri.visu

      Congratulations Shabz. All the best for ur new journey.


    Now this news… tooo much writers..
    I quit this show full and finally..

    Must read this-

    Anika to leave show and new partner for shivaye..?????????

  15. Cheequ

    Aaj PKJ page mein sab pe matam chaya hai..
    Hamein air Annika ko Cvs ne bahut rulaya hai..
    Kash ek saal purane IB ke din laut aate..
    Toh hum sab fans itna SSO pe na toot padte..

    Mere pagal jhalle beheno aur bhaiyo..
    Mujhe nahi pata kab tak Pinky drama IB mein Rahiyo..
    Par maine purane episodes dekh kar aaj thoda mood banaya..
    Aur “serial competition” ke stories padhke acche sapne dekhne ka khwab sajaya..

    Ok pkj sorry for this lukha poem.. par competition padhna zaroor- kyunki kumkum bhagya ke entries win kar rahi hai.. IB/ DBO ke writers ko vote karke jitao please.
    Rules: rate out of 10 and write: “I vote for it” in the comments.
    Stories: page 1,2,3 for IB/DBO entries

  16. Chavi

    Hi good afnoon ishquies..
    How r u dear…
    Yvonne codner..
    Aysha sana..
    I am aheli..
    Mrunmayi ingale..
    …all ur comments are acceptable ah..?☺
    Friends am feeling unwell …

    Me too feeling bit sad of sterdays episode ..but friends don’t get upset yaar!!as always ishqbaaz show us many twists n turns n ends up with good n exciting note..?☺?n always surprise us with unexpected happiness in their own style …na
    So let’s be cheerful till Pinky’s revelation..we have to bear it yaar with little ??☺patience my dear pkj…

    N friends don’t get upset reading false rumours ah…as we r all ardent fans of ishqbaaz know..

    Love u all dear pkj’s…let’s all have group hug ah…

    Archiya..shreys..n few ishquies…thanku for lifting up mood of
    pkj members ah..?☺?..

    U r true astha..we r addicted to in..?

    Arpita..once again congratulations for d results yaar.. N all d best for ur future.. Dear?☺

    Akriti ..I too loved sad version of o jaana
    ..njoy ur vacation dear..?☺..

    Shab..njoy ur school life n ur studies yaar..n all d best?..

    Shekhar need of apologising yaar..☺
    Asusual ur analysis is awesome…
    I too agree with u DAT in today pracap..showing some positive vibes in upcoming tracks..
    Let’s hope all ends well..ah..

    N thanku archiya for d link..

    1. AnuluvsIB

      Take care of ur health chavi dear!!

    2. Mrunmayi Ingale

      Hope so yaar???… For now fingers r crossed and hoping for good… Because now I am not able to wait for next..

    3. Mrunmayi Ingale

      And haan take care of urself dear chavi…

    4. Gayathri.visu

      Take care urself dear..

    5. Anitaaa3

      Hi Chavi..U remembered my name nice of u???? my fav emoji for u

    6. Anitaaa3

      Take Care of ur health and Get Well Soon

    7. Nivedita

      Hi chavi!
      Great positive message! But in this week has been a downer!

  17. Oberois in yesterday’s episode be like….

    Shivkara (to Ranveer): maar dia jaaye yaa chhod dia jaaye…..bol tere saath kya sulook kia jaaye……???..????????.

    Jhanvi:yek kya hua,kaise hua,kab hua…..??

    Prinku:Husn hajir hai muhabbat
    Ki saja pane ko
    Husn hajir hai muhabbat
    Ki saja pane ko
    Koi patthar se naa
    Mare mere deewane ko
    Koi patthar se naa
    Mare mere deewane koko???

    Shivaye(to Annika):Achha sila dia tune mere pyaar ka…….yaar ne hi loot lia ghar yaar ka….???.???????

    Annika:Kise pucchu hai aisa kyu……bezubaan sa yeh jahaa hai……????

    Zombie Pinki:khushkhabri aisi mili hai uchhalne lage hum havaa mein…..poori hui dil ki tamanna bara hi asar tha dua mein…….

    Omkara(to Gauri): bach ke rehna re baba……bach ke rehna re……bach ke rehna re baba tujh pe nazar hai……

    Gauri:jaasoosi jaasoosi mardo ki gali mein……..????????..

    Pinika(in precap):get ready to fight……?????

    Cvs:hum pagal nahi hai bhaiya……humara dimaag kharab hai.???…??????

    Viewers: ib sehat ke liye tu toh haanikarak hai humpe thori daya toh kar hum nanhe baalak hai???…….??????

    1. AnuluvsIB

      Kise pucchu hai aisa kyu……bezubaan sa yeh jahaa hai…
      Akshu.. last time when the played this, annika was facing the worst in her life.. this time looks no less.. hope today’s episode cheers her up and us too!!

      1. Yeah….hope so…

  18. Lijince

    Gyzzzzzzzz….is it true?? Is Aditi Gupta coming in IB?? YYY?? She left PMHMD or what??
    Please Gul ma’am…..don’ make IB another QH……..just because we are tolerating Amrapali doesn’t mean that we will be ever ready to tolerate others also……please don’t do this to Shivika fans ????????…….I think you should seriously think of QH Returns……so that you can see all your favorite vamps back!!

    Oberoi Dada kasam…..if Aditi is going to enter IB I will be seeing only PKJ……no IB!!

    Riddhi, Gayatri, Shiv, Anu…..let’s stick to the Tamil IB……that will be good for our mental health!!

    1. LAX

      She is not there in Pardes anymore. But look at Guls big heart, she is the best employer. Whenever one of her ex employee is jobless, she offers them job. Mahaan Mahila hain woh.
      I think we should seriously bug these CVs. I am planning to go for a Twitter account only for that.

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Lax.. even am considering getting a twitter account for this!!

        Liji! Thank god we have this Tamil one coming in for a rejuvenation..!!
        As u said.. no IB only PKJ! Let’s decide after today..

      2. Nivedita

        Anu Lax- I highly doubt any of our pleas will work. For over a month pinky has been bashed, but to no avail..
        And when Harneet singh has got comments a few weeks back about some track- she straightway said don’t watch if you don’t like the plots..

        Par we can try and see what happens..

    2. Gayathri.visu

      Liji di
      yes, u r right! I m also with u.

  19. Mehakchalag


  20. Piyuu

    Gud Afternoon Ishqies…..

  21. Mehakchalag

    Top 20 Hindi Programs (Urban) Impressions (000s)
    Zee TV’s KUMKUM BHAGYA : 6552
    Colors’s NAAGIN – SEASON 2 : 5374
    STAR Plus’s OBEROI SPECIAL : 4671
    Colors’s SHAKTI – ASTITVA KE EHSAAS KI : 4645

    1. AnuluvsIB

      Just saw that Mehak! Amongst the spreading negetivity we have some good news!! Reeeelly happy abt it!
      i don expect this, as even maha sangam had some villian baazi.. I think despite villian baazi seeing shivika and obros together has made the difference! Hope makers understand this!!

  22. Piyuu

    all the best shab….

    1. Ib me aditi gupta ke entry ki news sbs, sbb ne bhi di hai but anika exit nai kar rahi

  23. Very upset with today episode.
    I won’t comment be coz I’m very upset with the epi n also the latest spoiler (iam feeling very stress)

  24. Piyuu

    riddi all the best for ur exams

  25. Ib me aditi gupta ke entry ki nwez sbs, sbb ke section ne bhi dii hai. Iska matlab yeh news bilkul sach hai. Oh noooo

    1. Bhagwaan kare Aditi koi aur achha project mil jaaye aur woh ib mein naa aaye bas………????

  26. Nivedita

    Hey PKJ and Ishqbazians– I hope this cheers you all up–
    Oberoi special gave IB/DBO 6 the place in urban TRP- up from 11th for IB..

    I am happy just because of the golden Tues and partly cool wed episodes of Oberoi special! ?

  27. Nikita_jai29

    Hi ishqies… Plz don’t pay attention on the stupid spoiler….abhi spa m ib n seven award grab kiya… Or SC n gk ko award k liye thank you bhi bola… To relationship between actor and producer k bich accha hi h… To phir Anika kahi nhi jayegi….
    And sabke comments acche h… Shekhar bhiya… Aap k analysis ek dum superbbbbbb ho te h…
    Chavi dear you forget me….
    Astha dii don’t b sad… Oh Janna….
    Maahi dii.. You are right… Points to be note sso…
    Lots of love and care to all pkj members..

  28. Aastha_Reddy

    Collecting Energy to watch tonight cat fight. I will send all of you too.. Quanta quanta..

  29. LAX

    Watch this.
    Gul Abhi tho samajh jao ki 3 bhai saath hain thi baath hain

    1. yeah right

  30. Piyuu

    new entry ki news fake ya true?
    bathavo na please

    1. Bhagwaan jaane……koi confimation nahi hai….par sbb sbs aur sbas waalon ne news di thi ki aditi ki entry hogi……..sab kuch bhagwaan bharose ?????????

  31. Gul has posted a video saying thanku to viewers as ib got trp of 3.2 dbo 2.8 inthe video its shivika gaurika and ruvya thanking us but I wonder the trps of other showss


  33. Hi guyz it’s me stutii….i kw i m tooo late coz Maine beechme telly updates padhna chor dia tha coz pprs n new session study etc…but I don’t think ki kisi ko mai yaad honga???pr fir bhi hello….vaise Mujhe na ib ki latest michmichi wali news le ayi..???????ab kya hoga…aur yeh pinky to sasuma ka naam kharab kr rahi hy…….?pr yaar usse koi puche ki agr har saas apni bahu ko nikalna chahti hy to apne bete ki shadi hi kyu krati hy…ek kamre me band krke rahke apne bete aur khudko. …pinky ko na tia hi milni chahiye thi ache log usse bardash kaha hote hy bechari pinku ki life kharab kr di usse ran veer ki wife bna dia sirf apne evil vo kya kehte hy apne svarth ke liye?????????chalo pinky ke liye galiyan aur shivika ke liye taliyan Humesha bajti rahe and don’t forget this stutii the one and only ko?????????

  34. Mrunmayi Ingale

    Hey m sorry but I don’t know so m asking what is PKJ???? please if u read my comment plz reply as I didn’t understand that….

  35. Hey what is this PKJ and CVS . I don’t know and ya ab ib m Jo saas-bahu drama chal rha hai wo ek dum bekaar hai . Hamesha kisi bhi villain track ke baad achcha dikhate hai , maybe ki pinky and anika Ka relationship nice ho Jaye . Shivika trust khatam hota ja rha hai.

    I watched today’s episode it’s not good, it’s very bad . Pinky told anika that shivaay is not her child , he is kamini-shakti’s child . Mahi is his bro . Kamini was shakti’s mistress . So she gave birth to twins. Anika gets to know about that pinky had opened the back lawn’s door to let ranveer enter .

    Shivaay was shown in the episode when he was in his mehndi function’s dress and after that he was not in today’s episode. He was shown in precap . So, best wishes guys . Hope,anika and shivaay don’t get separate. And pinky accept anika as her daughter in law.

  36. Chavi

    Thank u anu..mrunmayi ingale..for ur regards..ah?☺
    Not like DAT Nikita..?…pardon me yaar..
    Astha…what is quanta..quanta?..I heard it in maths…am I right yaar?..???

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