Ishqbaaz 31st July 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye marries Anika

Ishqbaaz 31st July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sahil’s mum says what’s special in Anika that Shivaye is running after her, he doesn’t love her, he will have just fun with Anika, he will marry someone who has a family, name and money, he will keep Anika as his mistress. Gauri says shut up, if you say another word against Anika, you won’t be able to speak. Sahil’s mum says everyone is talking about Anika. She taunts more. Gauri calls Anika and cries. Sahil’s mum says she didn’t answer your call, she would be busy with her lover. Gauri says where are you Di…

Anika runs. Shivaye comes in front and holds her. She gets scared. She says I won’t marry you. He says fine, I will tell everything to Gauri. He calls Gauri and says meet me near the chowk. Gauri asks who are you. He says just come here if you wish good for your sister.

Gauri gets shocked. Sahil’s mum says what happened now, where are you going. Gauri goes. Sahil’s mum says even she has run away now. Shivaye says your sister is coming to hear her life’s painful truth. Anika says no. He says you have to marry me. She says how can you decide such a thing of your life this way, I did that for Priyanka’s good. He says you have made Priyanka suffer, I will do the same with your sister. She cries. Gauri reaches there and calls out Anika. He says your sister….

Anika sees Gauri. She says don’t do this, please. Anika says don’t tell anything to Gauri, I beg of you. He says you have to make the decision, marry me or watch your sister’s life getting ruined.  Gauri calls him. He asks shall I tell Gauri, I think you don’t love Gauri, I can take the call. Anika says I m ready to marry you. She falls in his feet. He asks pandit ji to start the rituals.  Gauri sees the temple. She says maybe someine is getting married, Anika… no, it can’t be Anika. Pandit says puja got completed, you have to get up for the pheras. Gauri calls again. Shivaye holds Anika’s hand and pulls her. Mangalam….plays….. She stops. He lifts Anika in arms and takes the rounds. Gauri says he called me here and now he isn’t answering, what shall I do. She says I shouldn’t waste more time now, I have to find Anika. Pandit says now make the bride wear mangalsutra.

Gauri comes to Oberoi mansion and says I have to talk to Shivaye, call him. Maid says he isn’t at home. Om asks what happened, is everything fine. Gauri says call your brother, ask him where is my sister. He asks is Anika with Shivaye. She says yes, he forcibly took her from her marriage mandap. He asks what. She says he broke her marriage, you think you rich people can do anything with poor people, if anything happens to Anika, I won’t leave him. He says he is not at home, I m trying to call him. She says what shall I do. He says I will inform you, its late, go home, maybe Anika has gone home and you are finding her here, give me your number. She cries and feeds her number in his phone. She leaves. Shivaye makes Anika wear mangalsutra and fills sindoor.

Pandit says marriage is completed, you both are husband and wife from now. Anika sees her sindoor. He asks them to exchange garlands. Shivaye makes her wear garlands and throws money on pandit. He says that’s your fees. Pandit says its much. Shivaye goes. Anika runs after him and stops. He asks why are you following me. She says no, I m going with you. He asks why. She says I m your wife now. He says who said this. She says we just got married. He asks when. She says just now. He asks is there any witness. She says pandit ji is a witness, he just got us married. She asks pandit ji to testify that they are married. She says tell my husband that I m his wife. Pandit ji says its your personal matter, don’t drag me in this. He goes.

She asks why are you doing this with me, you broke my marriage and then you forcefully married me, why are you denying marriage now. He says you like to play games, I thought to see how much fun you get. She says you made a big mistake because of one misunderstanding, I have not got married alone, you also got married, Lord is the witness that you married me, that fire is the witness around which you took seven rounds with me, you have married me with all the rituals, you have vowed to be with me forever, you have applied this sindoor, this is an evidence that you are my mangalsutra, this mangalsutra is the biggest evidence, how will you deny this, tell me. He breaks her mangalsutra. He says now the biggest evidence of our marriage got erased.

She picks the black beads from the floor. She says you can’t deny this relation by breaking this mangalsutra, you can deny it in front of me and the world, how can deny it to your heart, your heart will always testify that you married me. He says its not a marriage, its revenge, for what you did to my sister, you broke Priyanka’s marriage, you didn’t let her become Suhaagan, you won’t become Suhaagan, no one will believe your marriage, because I won’t accept this, I won’t give you wife’s status, you will shout that you are my wife, but no one will believe it, as there is no witness for this, you will be known as Shivaye’s mistress. She gets shocked.

Sahil’s mum asks how did you get this sindoor in your maang. Anika says I got married. Gauri gets shocked. Om asks is this true. Shivaye says that girl doesn’t matter to me, I don’t want to talk. Sahil’s mum asks whom did you marry. Anika says Shivaye.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Banita

    Hlo PKJ….
    HRU all???
    I was unwell from last some days that’s why i couldn’t come here…
    nd @Lu sry yr i couldnt convey ur msg here becz i myself fall unwell after sometime of our convo nd How is ur health now dr??
    Now coming to epi ,
    This Beast Singh Oberoi is much moreeee dangreous then before one…
    Last time d forced marriage wasn’t this much sensitive like this time…
    Means last times also SSO forced Anika , but ase sbke saamne bejaati nahi kia tha… I know at first he didn’t accept her in front of everyone was insult for Anika , bt this time whatever he did to stop Anika-Nikhil wedding is just unbearable for me….
    Nd “Shivay Singh Oberoi ki rakhel” I just hate this line… For d first time i hve a problem with this script… Nd Gulneet se toh problem hoti hi rehti hain humari acc to track… LOL…
    Now i m just waiting for Guilt Singh Oberoi… I always love to see Guilty Shivay becz in guilt he will do lots of cute nd sweet things for manawing Anika…
    Last time i didn’t got that becz Anika forgave him soo easily , but this time i want to see him more guilty for his dids , do lotsss of sweet things , say sorry many moree times…
    Nd overally at least 1 week toh iss Guilt Singh Oberoi track chahiye mujhe….!!!
    Well after this forced marriage we will get our Khidkitode Anika back , but just hope she will be remain khidkitode also when Shivay ask forgivness to her nd will not forgive him easily….
    Shaadi khatam hone ke baad maala pehnana konsi shaadi mein ho raha hain….!!!!?
    Well @Gul ki show mein ho sakti hain…
    But sacchi mein from last 2 days epi was really heart wreching….
    Nd tomarrow it will be more….
    But whatever it is Narvi nailed their part… Today Nakuul’s beast part was Suberbbb…!!!!
    Gouri , chiraiya d way she entered OM with daring , that was nycc…
    Today i just like Rikara part only….
    Precap –
    Waiting for khidkitode Anika , but i don’t think we will get khidkitode Anika in nxt epi…
    P S –
    Warning to all of U… Don’t any of u dare to bash my Shivay bhaiya if u want u can bash CVS as much u can…
    GN PKJ…
    Coming part will be more interesting…
    KEEP WATCHING IB ON TV everyone… TRP is need for our show…

    1. Hiii Bunny..
      Finally you are back..
      Wekcime back with lots of love dearie….
      Yeh even I too hate this line..
      Listen I didn’t bashed your Shivaay bhaiya..🤣🤣..
      FIR VARMALA….my head was spinnning..matlab kuch bhi..
      Maariage is like always game for ishqbaaaz…
      Even i am.too waiting for guilt sungh oberoi
      We saw his worst side.
      Now wanna see his BEST side..

    2. Luthfa

      Go Banita Go.Many many congratulations with sweet love….😊
      Welcome back to PKJ with band-baja and much love.How are you now?Hope you are recovering.I am all okay.Thank you so much😊

      1. Luthfa

        About the episode,yes,Beast Singh Oberoi is back and this time intensity is 4 fold in contrasting with previous one.Me too is looking forward to watching Shivaay’s journey of redemption.Just hope cvs are not going to spoil it.And varmala thing,I was thinking the same.Only Gul knows what is the real reason behind it.Hehehe…😂😂😂😂😂
        Take care.Lots of love😊

  2. Arpita6

    Hiiii mere khidkitod pagals
    Love VS Destiny
    Chapter – 32…..
    Today i think I should not make any sad comment..bcoz I know all are totally devastated. .broken feeling….very much sad…
    So from starting..
    Chachi……you think Annika is ordinary girl….😂😂😂..Annika is different. Sso can hate her.hurt her.kill her ruthlessly. But he can’t let go her..if his hate is strong then his love will be more passionate… He hated her like never before. He will love her like never before …..
    And you whatever. If Cvs will remember and will show some mercy. .then Chachi… you will be die in Sso’s hand..yaad rakhna.

    Today Our Show is most unique. Bcoz whatever Sso done is always done by Vilians but today our hero did it..that also more scary than any vilian…😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂..
    your misunderstanding your anger can be justified Ok..I AGREE.
    But in anger what yiu have done…will ever you realise that what sin you made……??????????????..

    I liked rikara Scene…..Om’ calm nature was really good..and this is what I am missing.this is the real sweet om……….I liked this version of om..

    IF PEOPLE WILL HATE THIS..then also it has to be ok.bcoz NARBHI totally killed it.Sso’s darkest Ruthless side and A broken Devastated. Hurt..Angry…Helpless Annika…..
    Both Noks and Chandu totally killed
    Anyone can wish to kill Sso and can connect to Annika’s pain directly. .

    Harneet ji it can creat a big issue bcoz breaking of MS was take it on very happened in other shows I agree but this actually crossed limit. ……
    And Annika’s touching feet of Sso.
    You have to write it…….

    And Sso you are the biggest vilian and biggest hero of your love story..

    Plz refrained from comments like I AM.ASMED OF THIS SHOW..i know they make it worst.
    If yiu want guys yiu can take break bcoz whatever happened is not easy to watch.but plzplz.
    ..Don’t spread negativity. Plz….
    Mere pkj mere liye itna karo.plz.
    And kya jodi banai he Destiny ne for Annika MARRIAGE is everything. …….the word mistress is always like a nightmare for her.but now her condition is so bad.she is hearung this word from her own husband
    And Sso who hates those THIRD WOMEN in a realationship now totally trapped in a web of lies.
    Just waiting how MU will clear??????
    Qhat will be Annika’s NEXT MOVE???
    How Gouri will react to it.when she will know tryrh about marriage
    .i am really looking forward for nexts…
    And muchmore..plz lets not create issue regarding breaking of MS..
    Otherwise it will be difficult for all of us.
    Hope you guys get my point.

    Best part D & P were not here..
    Waiting for tomorrow. I know today they Annika’s humiliation but stillhope some khidkitod part will come too..
    Annika needs to give back to Sso.
    What if she will herself say ( AFTER MU CLEAR)
    Hamari Saadi kab hui ???? Wil be .EPIC.
    Kya imagination he Arpu..😀😀😀..

    I tried so much not to cry.but last part..I break down..seriously. Chandu..di you are you lots.

    Then plz watch 18th and 19th june 2018 episodes. Yiu can get it on hotstar. … will able to understand.

    And In ishqbaaz marriage is always not valued at nothing to be surprised. And MAIN ISS SAADI KO NAHI MANTA. . Comon dialogue. ..sun chuki ho.
    So this also nothing.
    And personal my POV.last time sahil blackmailing was more scary than this truth blackmail ( totall my pov.)
    i will not force or request anybody to watch.if you are ok then watch if not ok then take a break.listen some good music ….if you will feel it is wo th watching then watch.
    Loveyou pagals..


    1. Banita

      Heyyy @Arpu….
      I don’t think there is any issue on MS breaking… Becz it’s common in serials…
      Issue banane ke liye toh aur bahat saare things hain….
      Well , i m also eagearly waiting for d epi when Anika will say this line… But pata nahi ase hoga vi ya nahi…!!! If this will happen na then meri saalon ki iccha puri ho jayegi Guilt Singh Oberoi ko dekhne ki… LOL…
      But why feeling like sbse jayda stress tu hi le rahi hain…!!!?

      1. Bani my dear.
        Meri bhi dream he to see a guilt Sso.
        I am not streesed about show at all.
        Just become sacred from.negetivity…
        Thats it.
        Main toh dekh rahi hun..both on tv and hotstar..
        Amazing performance..

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Arpita,
      Episode was absolutely stunning with power packed performances of Narbhi.If not for their acting then I would have loved to change the channel to avoid such heartbreaking scenes.I am hoping for a khidkitode Anika and she shouldn’t spare Shivaay that easily.But don’t know what cvs are planning.Anyway,take care.Lots of love😊

  3. when will they show sso’s guilt mode?
    this marriage is more terrible than d 1st forced marriage😟😥
    annika ki fate kisiko na mile enemy ko bhi nahi😢😢😭😭😭
    rikara convo & scene was nice😙
    i’m waiting to see shraddh of daksh,payal and chachi😏😏 inn logone toh mere anika di ko pareshan karke rakh diya hai

    1. Maagi…same here yarr..
      No no shradh..uski atma bhi tadpna chaiye.
      All three kk payal
      Kamina Daksh..
      Ghatia Chachi.
      Ye no one should get fate like Annika.
      Just want D to be exposed soon..baki toh apne aap hoga.

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Maagi,
      It will come dear.We just need some patience to wait till then.And I think Daksh’s chapter is going to end soon.Take care.Don’t take stress😊

  4. Luthfa

    Have read about mighty,powerful Greek Gods who can do anything,can play with anyone’s life as per their wish.They live far away from human reach and hardly appear before them if not necessary.Today get to watch such a God who is very much Human by nature and has turned out to be the God of a simple girl to decide her fate all by himself.And the name of this God is-SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI.He has become the ultimate creator and destroyer of Anika Trivedi’s life with much pomp and power or should I tell out of blind desire of so-called revenge.Greek Gods never heard the plea of humans and do whatever they feel like to do with them.How much a person tries to avoid his fate but there is no escape route especially for girls.Those Gods treats human girls like their accessories and on receiving refusal,make their life worse than hell.Same act has been enacted through Shivaay Singh Oberoi to accomplish his vendetta on Anika when she has rejected to follow his command.How helpless she was to go with all the rituals of marriage!Marriage was not only a bonding of life time for her but something so precious and valuable to cherish and that just couldn’t happen to her.Her dreams have ruined at the hand of one ruthless,absolutely merciless Shivaay Singh Oberoi the God of those moments of marriage.But let me tell you,I have compaired you with a Greek God as your actions compelled me but you know the most funniest part?That is you are not a God in true sense but can become through your power and position like you did few moments back and here is the fun-You are a human,every inch a human.So,wait for that day when someone else becomes the Lord/God of your life and starts taking decision without caring a straw for you,whether you live or die.It’s really fun to be a God but difficult to be a helpless human and,you are going to realize it soon,real soon.

    1. Lu …i don’t know greek god..and Sso.
      But now Sso is totally a mad beast.
      And his ultimate motive is REVENGE..
      Now this revenge will make his life hell….too.
      His guilt will not let him live…….

      1. Luthfa

        I mentioned about Greek Gods of Greek Mythology.If you read then you will find how horrible those Gods are while treating human girls for their own purposes,in the face of rejection or any other cause.How Shivaay is going to mend the broken heart of Anika,I don’t know.But his heart will definitely break into countless pieces for sure,after the truth revelation.

  5. yeah saab dekhne k lye himmat ki jarurat hai…I don’t know mujme kaha se ayi ki mai bhi dekh lya…baas kijiye makers..aab aur kitna drag karogi..iss week mai bhi kuch nehi hoga. don’t know next week kya hoga. about he break all the limit of hate..I just want to ask that will he forgive himself for his wrongdoing..can he forgive himself for ruining a girl’s entire life when the girl is totally innocent, moreover he snatch all the respect from the girl who was trying to save her sister whom he claims her daughter. anika was pleading holding his feet…l hope ki jald se jald hume phirse ae hi scene dobara dekhne ko mile paar iss baar annika ki jaga shivay hona hoga.
    I know although omru bought annika in om shivay will make her life by torturing. N I am very much sure that now shivay will announce his marriage with tia n ask annika to do the arrangements to insult her just to the core. and again we have to tolerate the unnecessary shadi drama. N iss baar dadi bhi mujhe nehi lagta kuch karegi.
    makers se aab mujhe kuch umid nehi. I am sure iss month mai just annika insult hogi. aagar makers ka man ho to shayed next month se daksh expose track start kaar sakti hai. paar friends…ye jaruri hai ki daksh expose ho kuki iss track bohot jada chal chuka..aur jabse redux start hua tabse sirf daksh, daksh aur daksh…baas kijiye aab…aagar jadhi iss daksh expose nehi hua to mujhe nehi lagta ki trp increase hogi…
    whatever good night…

    1. Just waiting for Expose D .
      Relax dear…calm down..
      Sending you some ice pack..

    2. Luthfa

      Relax dear.Don’t take any stress.Everything will be fine.Take care😊

  6. Guys can someone please remind me what secret was Shivaay treathening Annika in telling Gauri? I missed some episodes and i cant remember. Thank you!

    1. Antara dear.Aniri Mom Vansundhara Trivedi is living as a mistress of a rich man named Kamlesh Malhotra…
      But Annika hiding this truth from Gouri and told her that her Mom is dead..and to prove this..every year she is doing her Sradh…
      Now Sso get to know about it.
      And threatening Annika to tell the truth to gouri…….
      That is why Annika became bound to Marry Sso.

    2. Luthfa

      As Arpita said😊

  7. I don’t know how many hate this beast SSO but i love this SSO to the core especially from past two episodes because i always love to see forced marriages and love -hate relationships in daily soaps don’t think i am pyscho like daksh but i like love -hate love stories NOKS nailed from past two this forced marriages was more scary and intense form first one one

    1. Noks bhaiya totally nailed it as a vilian….

    2. Luthfa

      NM was superb BUT not Shivaay.

  8. Luthfa

    To The Concerned One:
    Everyone,who would comment on today’s episode in PKJ,go through this comment once before starting to bash,kill SSO with words-
    1.This is a show which are meant for entertainment and we should watch it like that without worrying much.
    2.Don’t take unnecessary stress over ongoing situation because those are temporary.
    3.Bash,criticize do what you want but do in remaining in decent limits.
    4.Stay away from spreading all sorts of negativity.
    5.Most Important Point:If you are finding it hard to watch,feel free to avoid IB for mental peace and move on.There are 800 hundreds shows are going on.Choose one or few,after your hearts and chill……Thanks in advance😊
    P.S.I am missing the fierce members of SSO bashing club of PKJ-(Anu,Archiya,Liji,Lax,Rani)di and Pro Vivikhta dear.How time flies.Would love to get you guys back😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

    1. Luthfa

      Feeling so sleepy so typing mistake happened.
      #which is meant for entertainment.And forgot to add P.P.S.
      Bash cvs as much as possible and stay cool.And another thing,it’s not that I am unaffected.My experience with IPKKND 1 has taught me how to handle such situations and not to mix reel with real especially with your own life.So,let it happen the way it wants to and enjoy the fun.Good Night 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴

    2. Ha ha ha Lu full on same same thought…
      We should stay calm and waiting for upcoming…
      Lets see…
      Thnx for saying all this.
      Love you

      1. Luthfa

        Same pinch.Me too is waiting.Love you too😊

  9. Mimi 💗Om know Gauri is name !!!!!!!

    Hi family how are u ????
    One simple question how Om knows Gauri is name 😐😐😐😐!!?????? He never talk to her after the bathroom scene so how 🤷🏻‍♀️🤨.. and I liked Rikara scene a lot finally see the caring omkara after long long long time 😍🙃.. thanks Gul Mam and good luck in ur new show 👍🏻

    1. Riana

      @Mimi… Anika said many times that her sister gauri and chachi is waiting for her…maybe that time he came to know 😊

    2. Don’t know…

    3. Luthfa

      Hello Mimi dear,how are you?Welcome back to PKJ with lots of love😊
      Om is aware of her name through Anika.Nice to have you back😊

  10. abhi I too love that
    waiting for more hate vs love scenes of shivika aswell as rikara and ruvya . miss u guys

    1. George dear..

      Cant say much but NARBHI totally totally nailed it…..
      Amazing performance…

    2. Luthfa

      Don’t know when their love story will start.Let’s see😊

  11. Why is this serial showing different aspect of the same as earlier.what is the point in this carp serial.Pls stop this show…a man with Jonathan only playU with people’s lives…Shivay need to open his self centred ego eyes to see the truth…hope he suffers.just to satisfy his ego he has destroyed another woman…he is no better than dirty daksh…Pls stop this crap serial

    1. Dear..if you don’t want to watch..then plz take a break..
      And for kindness plz stop saying to end serial…
      And it is redux .so it has to be reboot of everything.but in different way..
      Even I want Sso to be guilt….
      But not that we will start showing hate..
      Plz no negetivity plz

  12. Marietta Mama

    Stupid SSO!!!

    1. Woh toh he… 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣…..
      Waiting for Guilt Singh oberoi…

      1. Luthfa

        A big one😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  13. Hi all… Yday episode.. Omg both acting was really awesome guys… They 100 % King n queen of acting.. Wat a performance ya.. Superb…
    As arpita said SSO is the biggest villain n lovely hero… He will get both awards… For sure..
    Nxt I’m waiting for some happy moments of them.. Bcos so sad for 2, 3 days…
    C u guys… 😍

    1. Hiii Jeesie dear….
      Ye Narbhi nailed it…
      And how are you ???.
      Welcome back to pkj..

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Jessie,
      Yes,their acting was mind blowing.They were just perfect yesterday in portraying all those emotions.Me too is waiting for some good sequence after all these mess.Take care😊

  14. Nati

    What kind of nayi soch it’s? A girl to protect her family again surrender herself not herself but her dreams..

    You made Anika bend infront of you glancing high but you have forgotten eagle who flies high and build it’s nest to top , too touches the ground for it’s survival.

    Secondly Shivaay thinks he won by bending Anika but it’s his huge, the biggest lost of his life that he won’t be able to count in digit as non gadget is yet invented to count ” A drop from eye”


    1. Luthfa

      Can’t agree more.Well said😊

  15. Nikita_jai29

    I am very disappointed with the cvs why they have to do the same as others melodramatic dramas….
    Didn’t watch the episode only reading updates…

  16. Nikita_jai29

    I am very disappointed with the cvs why they have to do the same as others melodramatic dramas….
    Didn’t watch the episode only reading updates…

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