Ishqbaaz 31st July 2017 Written Episode Update: Omru give hint to Shivaye

Ishqbaaz 31st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye and Anika have a moment. Rudra says if we tell truth to Shivaye. Om says no, we promised Anika, but there has to be some way that Shivaye gets to know it. Rudra says there is a way. Om asks what. Some time before, Anika slips in Shivaye’s arms. O jaana….plays…. They get seated. She thinks he will become Mr Stylish Singh Oberoi now, as if he is sitting in any five star. Shivaye does so and asks what happened. She says nothing. He thinks something happened so she is smiling, she won’t tell me on my asking. She says arrangements are great. He thinks does anyone praise self arrangements. She serves the food. He says this Linguine is delicious. She thinks what’s Linguine , can’t he see thick noodles, he is praising his food himself. She asks shall I serve Raita. He thinks now she

will make it fall while serving and then say Raita Phail gaya. She says sorry, Raita Phail gaya. He thinks I knew this will happen. He cleans it with napkin. He says we are okay, we should continue. He thinks she will ask for formality, shall I eat by hands, to get taste. She says like you have habit to have food by knife and fork, I have habit to have by hands. He says you can eat anyway you like. He thinks now she will out her fingers in the food straight. She mixes the food and eats. He cleans the food particle off her lip. O jaana…..plays….

He gets back to his seat. His imagination ends. He signs her about the food particle. She cleans it and continues eating. He thinks now she will call this Linguine as fat noodles. She says this fat noodles is really tasty. He thinks now she will lick her fingers. She says its so tasty, I will lick fingers. She does so. She thinks now he will see me and drink water. He drinks water. She smiles. He asks what, why are you laughing. She says ha ha is laugh, I m smiling. He says whatever, why are you doing this. She asks whose mouth is it, its mine, I can smile, laugh and sing song or bhajan, my wish, why are you smiling having fat noodles. He says its my face, my wish. Rudra clicks their pic and says Aw so cute, they are made for each other, they will understand when everyone say, I will upload, they got many comments and likes, why don’t I get such. He reads comments.

Ragini sees the pics on facebook. She gets angry and throws the tea cup. She calls Samar and says its time to execute our plan, if we get late, it will get too late. Shivaye says so tell me now. Anika says you say. He says you called, so say. She says you called me. He says why will I call you. She says to apologize. He says I did not do anything to apologize. She asks why did you call me, to make me have this fat noodles. He says its Linguine. She says whatever, why will I call you. He says you thought wrong about me and Ragini. She says Nagini is making you Pappu. He says don’t fight, why did you invite me for dinner. She says you invited me. He says wait, you did not invite me, Om… She says Rudra told me. They say Omru. He says I will not leave them. She says why don’t they understand, its no use to do this till you understand. He says you need to understand, not me. She says this is your problem, have your Linguine. She goes. She says she eats my hands and says I should understand. He leaves.

Shivaye asks Omru what did they want to prove. Om says you both like each other. Rudra says you guys enjoyed, I have pics. Shivaye says you got hidden and took our pics. Rudra says no, I was standing bit away. Shivaye says you guys can’t solve our problem, for a moment I forgot we are divorced, old memories overpower, but there is a bitter memory which Anika gave me that day. He says if a man just sees stain than the moon, none is unfortunate than him, forget that thing. Shivaye says I can’t forget it, she has hurt my family, you know what family means to me, would you guys do this if Gauri or Bhavya did this, would you two forget, no right, even I can’t forget, Anika and my ways parted, and we can’t walk together. He goes. Rudra says if we tell truth to Shivaye…. Om says no, Anika made us swear, but there will be some way that we don’t need to say and Shivaye knows it. Rudra says there is a way, but you have to do something. He tells the idea.

Rudra says maybe Om got mad. He compliments Gauri. Gauri feels shy to wear gym clothes. Rudra says you have to remove this dupatta, did Om say about perspiration. She says yes, he said he needs perspiration to become artist again. Rudra says Om got weird, anyways, start. They both start exercising. Om comes and asks Gauri what are you doing. She sweats and says you wanted this to become artist, perspiration. Rudra says you could have gone to gym if you needed this. They both start again. Om starts laughing and says not perspiration, I wanted inspiration. Rudra laughs. Gauri says I did what you wanted. Om pulls her cheeks and calls her cute. He says thanks for doing all this for me, but its inspiration. Om goes. Rudra says you are super cute and goes.

Bhavya says I have to keep this safe with me. Rudra comes and takes the packet, asking whats in it. She asks him to give it. He checks and says pendrive, you are a responsible cop and you watch pirated movies. She says it does not have pirated movies. He asks what’s in it then. She thinks to do something and smiles. She turns to him with a naughty smile. She says you want to know what’s in it. He says yes and gets back. She flirts with him. She says there is a big secret in it, kids don’t need to watch it. He says I m not a kid. She says you are not a kid. She touches him teasingly and says then I can show you what’s in it. He asks what other training did you take. She says you have made me helpless. She falls over him on the bed. He flirts.

He says this is wrong. She says don’t say anything, I don’t have time to waste. He says so you are wasting me, I m feeling used. She says kids don’t play with dangers. She gets away. He finds himself handcuffed and asks her to open it. She blindfolds him and says this is punishment as you don’t let me work. She goes. He calls out everyone. Shivaye laughs and says perspiration. They hear Rudra and come to his room. They laugh seeing Rudra. Rudra says Bhavya did this. Shivaye says your relation reached till here, I did not know you are like this. Om and Shivaye make fun of him. Shivaye says Dadi wants bahu to tie the family, but she did not mean tying such way. Om says if Pinky came, it would be Sanskar ki Oh my mata. Shivaye says if anyone else came then… and names. Om says what if Khanna came. Rudra says free me. Shivaye says sorry, we don’t interfere in anyone’s love life, Anika called me, Om says Gauri called me. They run. Rudra says are you my neighbor’s brothers, free me.

Its morning, Rudra asks Om to make sandwich. He asks him to do it well and apply jelly too. Om says you do it yourself. Rudra says I slept in hands up position all night. Om says don’t even think to ask me to feed you. Rudra says Shivaye would have fed me, brothers give life for each other, my brothers changed after marriage. Om asks what did we do, Bhavya did that. Rudra says you were having fun. Om says yes, why does this happen with you. Rudra says I don’t wait for inspiration like you. Om takes back the sandwich and says make your breakfast on own. Rudra says I m hungry. Om makes him say sorry and feeds the sandwich. He asks how did you get free of handcuffs. Rudra recalls asking Bhavya to free him.

Bhavya asks him to promise he won’t interfere in her work. Rudra promises. FB ends. Rudra says I told her I will call commissioner and complain about her, so she turned to a cat from inspector. Om asks really. Rudra says yes. Shivaye comes and asks Rudra when did you get free from jail. Om laughs. Rudra says very funny. Shivaye says I hope you learnt your lesson. Rudra recalls Bhavya saying the same to him. Rudra says now I will not lose and find out what she is hiding. FB ends. Rudra says I understand, but did you understand. Shivaye asks what do you mean.

Shwetlana asks Jhanvi did she not sleep all night. Jhanvi says everyone is asking me about Tej, how to say he is no more. Tej comes with the knife and threatens to kill her. Jhanvi screams and wakes up. She calls Shwetlana and says is Tej alive, he was not in grave. Shwetlana says how can this happen, you good people have this problem to not bear any burden of guilt, you would have seen him in Tej, you are afraid as you did murder for the first time, come to my home. Jhanvi says I got scared by a dream, how can Tej come back. She gets a call from Tej’s number.

Rudra says we are talking about Anika, you don’t know something which we should have told you. Om asks are you sure. Rudra says yes, we have to tell Shivaye. He says Shivaye knows Anika, you know she does anything, she is also unpredictable like you, you know she is bit crazy. Shivaye says you mean to say Anika is mad. Rudra says I did not say, you always say she is mad. Shivaye asks what do you want to proof. Rudra asks Om to say now. Om says Rudra is trying to say, Anika did not do that intentionally. Rudra signs from behind. Om says maybe there are some other reasons or helplessness. Shivaye says its her mistake, she is my wife and should know what to say and when, she spoke of breaking this house and separating us, she called you… I can’t forget it, I accept she did not say anything such before, she ruined everything on that one day, she was an ideal wife, bahu, sister and Bhabhi, I had much hopes from her, everything ended, she broke my trust such that I can’t trust her again, I was going to propose her, she ruined everything, she did not just break my trust, she broke my heart. He goes. Rudra talks like Anika and Gauri. Om asks what happened to you. Rudra says Bhabhis…., Shivaye’s heart broke. Om says one who broke heart can join it.

Anika calculates expenses. Shivaye comes and says one zero is less, atleast do it right from calculator. She checks and says one zero is less. He says Rudra says right, she is really mad. She asks what did you say. He writes the figure. She says fine, but what did you say. He says human’s basic nature never changes. She says right, if human’s nature changes, it has some big reason behind it, but you won’t understand. He asks what do you mean. She says nothing. He holds her and asks her to look up. He asks why are you crying. She says just like that. He says you meant to say something. She says I have to go and leaves.

Shwetlana asks Jhanvi to take medicine. Jhanvi says no, I m not ill. Shwetlana says calm down, what happened. Jhanvi says Tej’s call came on this phone, I can prove it. She calls back. Shwetlana says its your imagination, you are panicking, take this medicine, you will feel better. Jhanvi shows Tej’s incoming call. Shwetlana answers the call. She says hotel manager got the phone in lobby, your number was stored as wife, so he called you, relax.

Pinky comes to Shivaye and asks did you talk to Tej. He says no, he is out of town. She says I know what’s happening, he is roaming by work excuse. He asks on what basis are you saying this. She says I have two eyes and a heart eye too, I know what’s people doing and hiding. He asks and Anika, what is she hiding. She asks what do you mean, did she say anything. He asks what do you mean. She says I mean did she do something that made you feel she is hiding something. He says don’t know but are you hiding something from me. She says no, you are asking me. He says you said you know everything about people’s doings, how do I know why Anika did that, I did not see her like that before and after that day, why did she react in such a way, there would be something, what happened, are you hiding something. She recalls blackmailing Anika.

Tia says I felt very bad that day, but just Anika could take such a strong step, you would have realized how much Anika loves you and what big sacrifice she made for you. Om makes Gauri’s painting.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nivedita

    1)Enjoyed Shivika???? after such a long time.. their interactions had magic and comedy both..
    2) was a tad bit disappointed that the linguini wiping moment was SSO’s imagination..but no matter what that was hot.????
    3) Ani’s every expression during the dinner was so adorable..felt like pulling her cutie pie cheeks and keep staring at her like SSO..?
    4) Nox’s blue eyes too were ?? and his expressions over Ani’s dining ????
    5) Rudy spying on them was so cute..???? and his expressions adorable too..
    6) glad Nagini scene was short..
    7) skipped BH and some Jahnlana parts…but boy that one scene of BH touching Ru’s face was major creepy and psycho like esp with her tacky lip colour and scary eyes…
    8) RuRi perspiration scene was hilarious..???? Shrenu really did look super cute today..and I loved her makeup..????
    9) Om pulling her cheeks ????
    10) SSO and OSO teasing Rudy in the bedroom was hilarious! ???? Poor Rudy..and the morning breakfast scene of OmRu was hilarious too..?
    11) why why why the scary witch keeps getting scenes?????? I can keep stating this to eternity..because I hated when SSO in his chat with OmRu equated her in the same level and AniRi..???????
    12)loved Jahnvi’s blue outfit??. But am not digging this part of Jahnvi..
    13) Sutlu was so tolerable today, idk why??, I guess BH overshadowed her in it tejlana plan? I feel it maybe because of the meds given to Jahnvi.
    14)ROARS ruled today.. loved all of them to pieces..?? Ani definitely ruled,???? but Gauri was cute in her short bit..( she brings more to her few mins scene than the on and on scenes of BH????) and SSO in the first and last scenes..????.
    15) Rudy’s Dialogue about Ani being mad..??????
    16) glad OmRu r finally hinting about Ani’s majboori..but of course our dense SSO..
    17) felt so sad about SSO’s Dialogues about his ?
    18) Rudy Dialogue on bhabhis..?
    19) ani and her calculations and kharcha..?? but seriously she owns the house, why does she have to pay the doodhwala and other groceries for the household? ?? Kuch jama nahin..
    Plus where is she gonna get the money..Ani SSO both looked ?? in the bedroom..
    20) glad SSO is going in the right track..
    But he’s still so oblivious of Dinky..?
    @Archiya Congo on your OS competition writing win! ??

    1. LAX

      U r definitely the Monday girl..!! GNG ???
      2. Thank God it was Shivay’s dream. It was smoking hot n I loved it. Pushpa would ve died on the spot.
      11. Oh ya. Shivay hamesha kuch altu faltu bol detha hain. So don’t mind.
      16. Is it OmRus trick to bring Tia in the picture? I had a different thot altogether.
      19. Bhagvan..!! Annika n her 2 rupee kharcha

      1. Pushpa

        lax i was dead already watching his charming dashing stunning look..the way he looked at anika……and yes his kanji eye…..oh god killer yaar….

      2. Pushpa

        lax just look my dp..its killer hot look…

      3. Nivedita

        @Lax.. thanks.. 16) I think OmRu were just independently thinking to bring Shivika together.. I dk what else they have planned..I do think your idea on Tia is correct..

    2. Pushpa

      GNG…bang on 1st yaar…
      i died looking at shivayes expression yaar..specilly the dream scn aww if only thats real..another shivika luvly moments….yes nivi his blue eyes..oh god he killed me..see my dp sp cool dashing s*xy eyes…..
      i too think it tejlana plan to get rid of jhanvi…and hope so much thts backfire..
      i felt so sorry for shivaye he’s hurt totally….and he got some message from shivomru convo&anika so i think he’ll start looking for truth & tia is also telling giving him more info..hope for the best today..

      1. Nivedita

        Haan hope for the best Pu.. love your Dp .????

    3. Nila

      ?Go Nivi Go?

      1.yup ?????? too ?
      7.ha ha I am really scared & I hate CVS they using that tan tan BG score for this Bhavya ???? same BG yesterday they used for Rumya in Tamil IB?
      19.same doubt Nivi???
      I agree all ur points?????
      And ya shrenu I love her too (precap?)

      1. Nivedita

        Thanks Nilu.. I missed the song on Rudy BH..??

        Shrenu cute..?

        Ani in OM with OF is lil ott. But 19) totally kuch bhi.?

    4. Lve_surbhi

      Gng di .?

      Konsa dream di . I think I have to read it as I missed some parts .
      The dinner date was awesome .
      Ani and her calculations … Meri tarah . ??

      Hope shivika reunites soon .?

      1. Nivedita

        Thanks Surbhi. I hope u re-watched..same hope for Shivika.

  2. Nila

    ???hai pkj???

    Tu(head quarter) became weak????y less cmts?
    Silent readers do comment guys?

    1.start with Shivika??? their mind voice????? cute I love it (lingi Vingi)??? that romantic scene was a dream(romantic! ???)not fair

    2.Rudy takes pic I knew it before this is the reason for yuckini’s anger ???????that comments:Shivika rocks yup ??????????

    3.Ruvya Romance I really sacred???????

    4.Shivomru: Ya true Shivaay if I was there I too react as same but plz don’t be pappu kuch socho ?

    5.Rudy using his bhabis words?????

    6.OM ???????????????????? OMM ur smile (laughing) kills me today???

    7.Rudy & Gauri & inspiration lol love u guys?????? so cute scene OM pulls her cheeks????

    8.jaanvi ??????confusion no cmts?

    9.Shivika room:Finally shivaay ko kuch hint mila thank god?

    10.Pinky her hair style OK today & (meen nu thaana poi net la mattuthu??????????)

    Oh OMM universe girl wapas aagai??????? but for good

    Tamil IB
    Rumya scenes??????
    Soumya throws water on Rudy???

    I am waiting for Shivika reunion plz jalthi karona CVS?

    1. Pushpa

      hey nila nila….what ever will be will be…teh comment fill flow dont worry…
      epi was good i skipped rudy bhavys scn..oh god wht cvs trying to achieve…..
      waiting for TIa entry

    2. Nivedita

      I think active readers r all chatting in hangy.

      That’s why TU mein itna sannata Chaya hai.. plus a few r hanging out in IPK3 page too..?

      4) yeah the worst part of all this is Mr. SSO being so pappu..what is the use of his tadi, if he can’t he shown as smart?

      Glad Universe girl came again to hint to SSO and probably get him to sort things ?

      1. Nila

        Yup nivi
        IPKND3 oh OK??
        That BG score is the same one they use for pani scenes of shivika?

  3. Aastha_Reddy

    Gul Khan realized with out them together, how much more fun or kitchen scenes she added, audience is not going to accept whole heart when their lovely favourite Shivika are not together officially,when a black shadow named as Ragini is trying on with her irritating trap and when Pinky has irritated audience by her more cheap work and lost her old charm of being a mother,so finally she is trying to pack the MU between Shivaay- Annika up to hell and decrease the distance between them. All her plan worked so far but Aditi Gupta characterised as Ragini still failed to impress audience by her role. clearly Shivaay Singh Oberoi don’t like Ragini at all, he just accept her friendship when he was left heart broken. The unfolded story went some where else then the first spoiler they show after the three months leap, but it was for good, good for the audience. Gul made another blunder by creating the unnecessary Ragini raita and now she and her team are tying to collect the same. Seriously there was not any necessity yo create a character like Ragini , never.
    Shivaay Singh Oberoi has successfully passed every state, became a family for his Annika, tried to keep her happy, helped her brother, most importantly he left his ego behind and accepted Annika as his wife, fought for her, stayed with her in their fight together against their enemies, evilness. This man has passed each level even they together changed the universe ki bachchi Tia Kapoor together… then why the hell in the spoiler they make us afraid, gave us heart attack by saying a new love in Shivaay’s life?? The truth is Shivaay Singh Oberoi has fallen in love for the first time with his Khidkitod Annika, his soul mate. There was no need of any other girl like Ragini in his life, not now nor ever. I will laugh at Aditi Gupta if she goes on saying she was a co-actor to Nakuul Mehta in ishqbaaz !!!
    About this episode….. I hope I am not dreaming or imagining scenes lol!!! Shivaay has reached his maximum peak in ishqbaazi.
    Tia- journey form evil to angel is a mile stone for this character.
    The psycho Ragini, her obsession for a second hand husband of Annika, Shivaay and her planing plotting is clearly a plan to make this fight as their another fight together against evilness, a new one for both Shivaay and Annika to new complete Shivika with more amount of respect. He is still SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI and she is still ANNIKA but they together managed to become SHIVIKA after so much of fights..tadi..tadibaaz to Ishqbaaz…

    1. Nivedita

      Agree Asthu totally. Ragini track wasn’t needed.. unnecessarily they pissed off audiences with a parallel lead track..

      Glad we got good Shivika scenes again..

      But Astha– we r getting Shivika this week because Nox will b on vacation after these scenes..idk how much CVs realise Shivika importance..? but they did understand the naftrat for snakini..though whatever they showed about snakini I liked ( except when SSO made a pappu of himself — by trusting snakini those scenes I thoroughly hated)

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Nivedita…they have once again created another round of mystery.
        In other serials they shows leads trapped by other evil persons after leap but here our Shivika are not trapped still by any fake fiance or Yukini. It made Ib different and special.

    2. Nivedita

      What I mean is I liked snakini only when AniOmRu were making her pappu..but not when she was manipulating SSO..

    3. Pushpa

      astha…..i luved your comment ……fabulous dear agree to all of them….yes Shivaye Singh Oberoi is the same shivaye as ever with full of tadi but now he hv become ishqbaazzz…
      but astha my heart cry fro shivaye yesterday…..he is hurt so much because of anika…… but im happy at the end he got some clue to start finding why anika did that……waiting fro TIA entry today….

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Pushpa…hanky for you to wipe your tears. Just go hug and console my bhaiyya..I know your hands are itching.

      2. Pushpa

        you read my mind…

  4. Guys so bad only 130 comments
    We used to get more than 300 on weekdays
    But this is weekend
    Don’t stop commenting ishqies

    Today’s episode shivika was awesome
    Annika didn’t looked that bad as I thought may be because of darkness
    But I loved the settings
    Shivaay imagining a romantic moment can’t believe

    1. Every bit of shivika
      I loved Rudy and shivomru joking of him
      Poor Gauri why all are making fun of her badd
      last MEI aagayi pinky
      Atlast SSO got to know something from Tia baby……thank god baby
      SSO start your investigation
      Today’s was perfect with all blend just want this

      1. Jhanvi is stupid woman
        How to worse the character ask from our CVS
        First Tej then pinky now Jhanvi
        Janlana together

    2. Nila

      Same feeling yaar but u know in weekdays there r 300+cmts for previous episodes(not now)& 600+cmts in weekends but now days cmts r decreasing?

      I too love the candlelight dinner setting???

  5. Hii guys✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋ This is MAAHI here…… How are u all doing??
    1. I didn’t feel anything new in Shivika’s dinner date session….. But enjoyed the pov of shivika for each other when they were eating ……

    2. Gauri was looking so cute in the workout attire….☺☺☺☺☺
    GAURI’S PERSPIRATION wala INSPIRATION for Omkara….. LOL….?????
    Gauri and Rudra’s convo and then their workout…. LOL…??????

    3. Omkara laughing whole heartedly…… #HAPPYKARA…..?☺?☺?☺?☺?☺
    OMKARA PULLING GAURI’S CHEEKS AND SAYING HER U ARE SO CUTE..☺☺☺☺☺… AWW…. Gauri’s expressions when Omkara pulled her cheeks ….. ??????? Even I also wanted to pull gauri’s cheeks….


    5. ShivOm saw Rudra with handcuffs…. ??????
    Shivaay saying ” UPAR SE NICE …. ANDAR SE SPICE”…… LOL…. ??????
    Rudra saying PADOSI KE BHAI to ShivOm and his expressions……?????
    Omkara saying to Shivaay ” Agar KHANNA me dekh liya Rudra ko aise toh ? ” ….. ROFL……?????????

    6. OmRu’s breakfast convo…… amazing…. ????? When ever these two duo are together they nail each and every bit of the scene…… ?????
    Omkara saying to rudra ” yeh saari cheeze tere Sarah he Kyun hot I hai ? ” …… #NAUGHTY KARA. ???????????
    Rudra replied ” KYUN KI MEIN AAPKI TARAH INSPIRATION KE WAIT NAHI KARTA ” ….. Rudra rocked Omkara shocked….. ??????????

    7. ShivOmRu convo….. I can really feel shivaay’s pain ……
    LOVE U AL LOTTTTT OMKARA ???????? ……… U ARE THE BESTEST….. ?????

    8. Skipped TejAnviLana scenes….. useless… .???????

    9. Shivaay doubting Pinky….. yeh yeh…. ?????

    I don’t know why Cvs are not giving any screen space to gauri…. Even in previous week also hardly got 30 mins of Gaurikara scenes in total from 3hr 20 min scene….. On top of that always showing bhvya in every other scene…. Totally pissed off with this….


    Ishqies…. @nivi @nikitajai @lax @anikaa @pushpa @rani @riddhima @anu @archiya @arpita @swathi @bela @yazhu @navz @nilash @nila @astha @amaaya ….. how are u guys….
    Sorry for not replying u guys from past few days as I am busy with my assignments and studies….

    @ASTHA – Dear I can never forget u ….. From today onwards u are my VEERU and I am ur BASANTI ( for this dailouge – sunno dunno pkj walon …… ). Yaad aaya dialouge….

    @Pkj – I have seen ur post on instagram for kunal’s birthday…. It was just lovely…..

    LOVE U ALL…. PKJ ……

    1. Nivedita

      Agree about everything you said, except ok BH…she was still scary today for me..

      I agree I don’t know why Shrenu is not getting enough scenes..she was totally a doll today..I forgot to mention Shrenu’s expressions when Om pulled her cheeks.. seriously her expressions were adorable..

    2. Nivedita

      Looking FWD to your shayari..

      I don’t think SSO doubts pinky..he just got started on the track of Ani is hiding something..nothing else..imho..cause per spoiler Queen of pkj dinky will not be exposed soon..

    3. Pushpa

      u forgetting allyour shayari now a days maahi…wha happen…current IB track doesnt give you any inspiration to write……i can imagine the track is not appealign at all..

      pinky ponky dun know when will be exposed….

    4. Aastha_Reddy

      Maahi…not fair..mere jaise hot-thin-s*xy girl (Ragini ki spirit held me here lol) ko tum Veeru banana chahti ho..Nahi…main Veeru nahi banungi. I am glad as a girl…not a boy.

  6. Riddhima

    Hai ishqiesss
    Vanakam kk ?????

    Thoroughly enjoyed. .shivomru ….?????????

    Shivika superb they both their understanding …. Soo nice to watch …

    And omru … ??????????? I am sure I am dam sure ..omru is the best pair in this universe … Best chemistry … Wat a expressions … They nailed it each epi …omru ka scenes ????????? I loving it ..and falling for them ..

    And bhavya yuck … Leave my Rudy baby he is baccha … Will kill you if you go near him …idiot ..such a cheapde you are ..dare to touch him or take advantage ..??????
    My poor Rudy …????????
    ..mei hoon na ..don’t worry …

    Recap … Starting Tia part was nice … Waiting to see shivay knowing truth. .and ending ..can’t tolerate it ..

    Kk ..haha …
    Rudy asking. Sorry to sumo in shivay ‘s style and Om’s style ..but anika wins in her style …????

    Good night ishqiies …
    Iravu vanakam …

    Kaadhu sillunu visuthu kaadhal imputu than
    Saaral sangadhi pesuthu kaadhal imputu than ..
    Idi minnal adikithu..manasukulla
    Parthen en nenjikula enna sogam parthen …????????

    Air is soo cool love is like that …
    Rain trops are singing song love is that …
    It’s lighting and thunder in my heart ..
    I saw that a good feeling in my heart ….

    1. Nivedita

      Yeah I loved Shivika knowing each other so well too..?

      ShivOmRu were superb today!
      Precap glad about Tia reveal

      1. Riddhima

        Nivi ..

        Shivika rocked …

        Shivomru ..????
        Precap … Waiting …. ..

    2. Pushpa

      riddhi….the dinner ws owsm yaar my kanji eye shivaye looking dashingly handsome…loved every moment…………but did u see hw deeply shivaye is hurt….broke my heart dear really broke my heart….

      1. Riddhima

        Pushpa …

        I had tears when he said dil thod diya
        … Felt bad…. Very much hurt …had tears when he said it so emotional …

        My paavam shivay …see anika what you did to my shivay …????

  7. Pushpa

    Tanha adhoora sa……Khaamosh lamha sa..Tehra hua hai dil yahaan…..Mehsoos kar le tu…Jazbaat ki khushbu…..Khud se karun kya mai bayaan
    … fav lines…shivika beautiful moments…romantic eyelocks…feelings….their love never fade forever????….

    ..its suppose to b a romantic dinner but turn to b funny..cute…both just know each other very well…but what to do anika hv hurt shivaye so much he just cant forget&forgive…..

    today my heart cried 4shivaye…i think this is my shivayes mental stage..?

    Anika u broke my heart and injured my soul
    U left me injured all bruised to stay
    The day u left me and went away anika….
    I dun hv word 2say u broke my shackles of happiness i wanted to build wth u anika….my heart ws broken2million pieces….and the worst is breaking my trust tht day left me alone …depressed..and i hate myself all because of u anika…. i hate u because u make me to hate u…i never stop loving u but i just stop showing my love2 u. ….???? shivomru convo…he was abt to cry ….i jyst couldnt take it ??

    Loved all the shivomru convo….i thought rudy gona say it..&i think shivaye got the message…human’s nature changes, it has some big reason behind it, u won’t understand…. .. when he said “look at me anika&she shake her haed says nooo…tht tears ….shivaye confirmed it when anika cried….thts shes hiding smthg… superb scn

    Gauri ws so cute till om pulledcher cheek playfully….
    Skipped bhavya handcuff rudy scn…

    Tejlana torture to jhanvi is unjustifiable…too much to torture someone who is helpless&weak mentally and physically…

    Wht the wuck?? Pinky one again…..i just hope pinky wont plan against wht shivaye’s finding on anika….

    Precap…..i luv it….waiting to hear wht Tia hv to say…i dun want to put high hopes cause cvs sure wont say it all…but she will sure tell shivaye some of the truth…..lets wait& watch

    Its shivayebaazz 4me today…he is deeply hurt..
    Gd nite gals

    1. Pushpa

      Sorry gals it went too longgggg

    2. Nivedita

      Aww..I too felt sorry for SSO that convo with OmRu about Anj..??

      Yeah I loved that bedroom scene when Ani wasn’t looking at SSO..glad he is going on the right track..

      I think Tia’s words will only raise SSO’s suspicions that Ani is hiding something.. adequate for the spoiler parts but nothing more.

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      Pushpa…pause..go back…reply..what did he said..-” She broke my heart”…You should rejoice..Shivaay Singh Oberoi..the great stone wall has realised he have a heart…now weak and broken too!!!
      Hugs you…

  8. Misha_Mikul

    Hi my Pyaari Family ❤❤❤❤
    What’s up guyss? hope all are Fine !!???

    Well,, the continuation of ShivIka scene❤❤ Awwww?? today again “O jaana” duet vers played?My heart was like really melting when listening to Duet of O Jaana?? It was so light to listen.. Best Ever!!??
    Kind request to all the broken relationship n divorced couple in this universe, watch our ShivIka and learn what is Love actually???
    You just can’t find a perfect Love Book than theirs❤❤❤
    Aww…that rice scene was his imagination??? Shivaay was so cute in that moment?? Romantic dream while he was woken??
    Shivaay didn’t guess but surely hoped what Annika was going to tell or do next??? Lol his expressions?? Annika’s smile???
    Linguine?? sounds funny and cute???

    After Rudi uploaded their pics, that comments and one of those “ShivIka Rockzz” Hehe!!??
    Rudi-Gauri were so cute???

    Eww..RuVya’s romance..It wasn’t romance so skipped!!??? Then the way ShivOm teased Rudi??? Hehexx Shivaay’s damn cutest punch ???
    “upper very2 Nice, but
    antharr full of Spice” Lollllll?????

    ShivOmRu conversation…..Rudra had tried something but couldn’t??
    Shivaay’s confession?? “my heart was broken”?? Ermm..Mine too?? Heart Touching moment???

    ShivIka conversation was Awesome!!??
    particularly Annika’s words which gave a clue to Shivaay about separation??
    Annika’s teary eyes??? Happy to hear this ques frm Shivaay to Annika “tum roh kyun?”?? Oh God! After soooo longgggg time????

    and finally Shivaay-Pinky conversation!!???
    hope Shivaay has found some disturbance+fear on her face.. He noticed!!??
    Pinky facela marana beethi n her MV “does Shivaay find the truth”? Haha??? it will be happened soon, cheapde!!??

    Precap- Love u Tia baby!!!? Thank u!!? RiKara intense moment, Awww❤❤

    Nitezzzz Deariezzzz?? Sweet dreamz?? Tc??

    1. Nivedita

      Lol Mishu.. seriously..Rudy BH romance was attack of the trolls..?? total skip..even 1 accidental peek was puke worthy..

      Mishu a spoiler Queen said that SSO won’t find about dinky extent in Ani exit I am sure Dinky fear did not that scene SSO had barely started processing that Ani is hiding something nothing else .

      I loved that nice..spice Dialogue too..??

      Haan ? of SSO was so palpable.

      Nice Advice to all broken couples..? but some things aren’t meant to last..

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Nivi.. 1 accidental peek was puke worthy..Lol ?? True actually!! me too felt the same???

        Ahh! did u watch another spoiler? in that, Shivaay got knowing about his illegitimacy truth plus Pinky’s betrayal but he was in drunken.. definitely he will not remember anything in the next morning… Shivaay wants to find out the reason behind Anika’s drastic step on that day….. Hopefully he will get to know someday soon.. Enough is Enough.. Pinky has to get exposed!!!

        Yeah some things aren’t meant to last .. Agree??

      2. Nivedita

        Haan Mishu..I too want SSO to know the complete truth on Pinky..soon..but idk when that will happen .?

    2. Pushpa

      hey misha thts a good statement…” all the broken relationship n divorced couple in this universe, watch our ShivIka and learn what is Love actually “…my heart too was broken misha ..well all willends well he knows anika is hiding something and today TIA will confirm that…great

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Hi Pushpa?? Yeah!! hope so.. all have to be alright but must happen very soon..
        Thanks to Tia??

  9. Guys emotions ko side kardi he maine.

    1.Royal Ignore to Sautan bani Saheli part..????..

    2.Tej in Janvi dream.sry guys but i found it like funny..Actually i was laughing. …???????…

    3.Shivika…tonly this jodi can do OMM of romantic date koi other couple hota toh iss romantic place ka accha fayada uthate but our shivika is unique ??????..

    4.their thinking part was most awesome ??????. …..

    5.Sso imagination. …????????.hot hot hot..haan.btw SSO FULFILLED HER WISH LATER… ????..

    6.Rudy is always like representer of fans…???…iyne saare comments really? ??

    Yarr annika catring karti he.
    Noodles toh pata hona chahiye na….??????..

    8then. Shivom teased Ru…Spice…???..Sso this line is suits you….

    9.Gouri was super cute…????????????…rudy didi OMM of his two bhabis ek toh annika ko romal.jaisi dress aur gouri ko aisi kapde..?????????????……..

    10.then Shivomru..convo was meaningful. ..

    11.Sso jisne dil toda usi ke paas bhagkar chaleaaye…???????…..

    12.then So Didi gave a hint to Sso…but Sso’s Upar dekho..and didi’s sar heelana…oh God..that part is still killing me….

    13 SSO finaaly your bati jal hi gayi…

    14.Pinky ‘s OMM kardi Sso ne.

    Now ponky also gave a hint to Sso.USSNE KUCH KIYA HE KYA JISSE TUJHE LAG RAHA HE KI ANNIKA TUJHSE KUCH CHUPA RAHI HE”…hope Sso will think about it.

    15.Finally Sso itne dino baad pinky ponky se acche se baat ki…Pinky notice kiya ki nahi.

    16 tej toh Sso wali diolgue mardi…????..TTEJ SINGH OBEROI KI JAAN ITNI ASSANI SE JAYEGI..?????.

    17 bhabya is hell irritating me..rudy is full ok with me

    But not bhabya….sry rubhya fans no offence to mansi…

    18.kabhi socha nahi tha but i am telling it ( still i can’t believe ) Thank You Soooooooooooooo Much.? tia…………

    Love you.. (sayad first time and last time kehe rahi hun).

    P.S-Shivika hug is coming..????? today spoiler looking like dragging just they want to give some space to Mr ghunralu. …..?????…..

    And heard that media is banned for this it true?????????????????

    PPS.Sso is so heart broken
    …???????????????…when he will get to know the whole truth he will more shattered…..

    And om pulling cheeks of houri..???????? that part….

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Arpita….jaane man aah!! Teri Didi..meri bhaiyya… so hot ki my tv screen is.. still safe. but I can’t give guaranty and we have to say-” maine kuch nahi dekha!!!” after watching every thing.

    2. Pushpa

      u r absolutely right….only shivika can be hot & s*xy and drive us to the tip with their romantic moments just by holding eachother & tht eyelock…TIA will tell him today i think part of the truth….

  10. Prajkta

    Awww the Shivika dinner date was superb ???? fallen in love with them once again…. How well they know each other and Shivaay’s imagination is touching skies ???
    Rudra clicking photos and then the comments were so true as if we all have commented
    Good not much of Nagini but scared of her plan ????what is she planning God knows
    Gauri so cute ? becoming inspiration for Om…. How cute when Om touched her cheeks ????
    Bhavya as usual not liking when she goes close to Rudy…. Stay away from my Ru… Otherwise have this, ????and why the hell is she wearing those jackets… No fashion sense, and they were Gauri’s jacket when she was Chulbul ????
    Tej’s death still mystery
    Jhanvi-Svetlana was ??
    Pinky getting worried so good ????
    Finally Shivaay will use his so called brain
    Precap ??????
    Rikara rock…. Shivaay get thinking man

    Good night to all lovely ?? ishqies
    Lots of love ❤️? ??

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Like I said always..Shivaay bhaiyya’s brain goes for hibernation and its rainy season so his brain have to come out with frogs.

      1. Prajkta

        ???? so true

  11. Hi pkj Family how are u all
    Ha finally shivay mind is thinking (working)
    But he is asking pinky oh noooooo
    So let’s hope shivika reunion very shortly with out dragging much

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      hope soon..very soon. With out them together…Shivaay will not be able to fight Ragini trap.

  12. LAX

    Another quality episode I feel.

    On the romantic dinner date, Annika binging onto the food was so uncool. I know it’s funny. But still they could ve kept it more pleasing.
    Again what was that red mark on Annikas neck?? That was also bothering me thru out the dinner.

    RuRikaras perspiration part was really funny. Gauri is really cute yaar. Rudr is the best Devar. But oh ya totally hated Oms laugh this time. Gauri got so less screenspace today.

    Somehow Bhavya looked beautiful to me. Donno y. But again not Ruvyas intimate scenes.

    When Shivay said all those lines I felt as painful as a stab. I realized that am totally team Annika even though I felt bad for Shivay. Cannot see Shivay keeping so low opinion of her. And Shivay was going to propose her yaar….!!! Something we were dying to see. Pinky, I feel like killing u. CVs, plz reunite Shivika asap. We definitely need a beautiful confession from Shivays side.
    Oms chaand Dialogue was perfect.

    Obbro scenes in Rus bedroom was cute n funny as usual. Rudrs padosiyon k bhai ho?? Lol..!! ??? Rudr tied to the bed reminded me of Romidevi incident n in turn Soumya.

    Jhanvi is worried even when she is alone. @Nivi, I dont think it’s TejVis plan. That is disappointing.

    Ok, so Shivikas dialogue was the first trigger. Loved both of them in that scene. And Shivay who are you discussing it with? Pinky. Koi aur nahi Mila tha kya??

    Precap- I feel Tia is under the impression that Shivika went for a patch up seeing those pics uploaded by Rudr and hence said things which will serve act as a catalyst. I already wanna see tomos episode.
    Rikara- It was not inspiration or perspiration it was definitely seduction. Reminded me of Rose n Jack from Titanic ??

    P.S.- Somebody shared the other day that Nakuul is going on a vacay. But he is very much on the sets I feel. If anybody has any info about it, plz share.

    1. Nivedita

      Quite right on the precap..about Tia and Rikara..( though I loved the seduction scene..since waiting for Rikara scenes for so long…but i.found it a bit cheap that they are going for seduction as inspiration..?)

      Yeah I. Back to tejlana
      CVs will never think anything out of the box like tejvhi..?

      Haan Oms laughing at Gauri was a bit off..

      Uff Gauri was super cute like they said. ??
      I missed seeing the red mark today, but on Fri episode– it did bother me..
      I think it’s either some clothing mark, allergy, bug bite or something else..( not spoiling the teen minds here).?

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        You already sent dirty thought to teenage mind Nivedita… they will imagine scenes and incidents now after reading you..

      2. Nivedita

        @Astha Lol! ?

      3. LAX

        Om getting inspired from that was a lil meh..!!

        Something else..!! Lol..!! ???

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Lax…he will go soon for his holidays. Not gone till now.

      1. LAX

        Hope that won’t affect Shivika scenes.

    3. Pushpa

      lax…u too notice tht red mark on her neck???? mee too thinking and mind went wild……wonder what is tht? LB ? i broke down lax the hurt is so deep shivaye just said it she broke his heart….i was drenched totally…when will the truth come out…cvs please dun dragggggggg…..the truth please now….dun hurt shivaye a lot… hurts me too much.

      1. LAX

        Mind went wild..!! Lol..!! ???
        I too hope they won’t drag.

    4. Sejsmiles

      Noodle k sath Lol Lol..who planned d menu.

      1. LAX

        I think we should try that.

  13. Forgot to say Gouri is looking super duper se bhi upar hot

    ..and that sleping pose..

    And om eyes….???????


    Not happy with episode.. though it had commedy, emotions, drama..but something was missing…today it was more commedybazz than ishqbazz…
    Anyway precap looks interesting.. lets wait

  15. Go nivi go
    Hi astha nice comment about shivika relationship
    Ragini character is not so much impressive just irritating CVS just added scenes when ever they required

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Thanks Chaithu… For me Ragini is a total alien out of place in ishqbaaz. I don’t hate her but I feel she is unnecessary.
      Aditi- mujhe Pardesh mein….se nikaal diya gaya hai.. ghar mein khaane ke liye bhi kuch nahi bacha ab.(sorry Aditi fans).
      Gul Khan- Ale ale meri ex-chudail..come I will adjust a place for you in Ishqbaaz. You can earn a few bucks here for your food and clothing.

  16. Archiya

    Amena is back.. Thanks dear for the written updateToday episode was so good..i loved it ? ?

    Dinner date was not romantic, but what more proof we need that no can understand shivika better than them.. They r just perfect .an made for each other

    Gauri an Rudy scene was too good, perspiration..writers hats off to u, such a simple word an u could make a complete scene out of it..but who said u need tight an short clothes for workout…anyways gauri was looking tooo cute, especially when om pulled her cheeks

    Ruvya scene was simply stretched, an Why Was Rudy behaving as if it’s his first time, he is supposed to b experienced with gals rite.. Loved the shivOmRu scene that followed

    Felt bad for Shivay today, when he said she broke my heart, wish atleast once he would have thought, that the so perfect Anika why she did what she did, loved it that still anika tears bothered him, when he had just given a lecture to his bros abt their paths being different

    Thanks to GK finally Shivay has got some doubt, an I did not think I will ever thank Tia… But thanks Tia… Atleast for giving a lil hint.. M sure I won’t tell him everything…

    Shvet seemed so cool after a murder… But I loved her look.. She looks stunning in anything that she wears..

    A big big thanks to Ishuyamjha, Zaveesha, Dini,Kavinda, Fati, Debdutta, VHM, Sofiya, Nikita_jai , ananyagour, Sagithya, Alekhikha, Dhar, pooja, Nita, poonguzhali, preetha, fenil, Ankita, UF, kriti, Sairish, Astha,,IQRA222,Aradhya,gayu,anu16,Lax,kikiki,Tejaswi who voted for my OS, I won the 3rd place. Without all your votes this would not have been possible.. I know many of you are not here.. But this is the only place I know to thank you all…lots of love ? ?

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Congrats Archu.. hugs you.

      1. Archiya

        Thanks Astha.. hugs back to u 🙂

    2. Pushpa

      first congratulations archu….that was great…luv u always i was a little late to vote but my vote is there ok……lots of hugs to you…
      for me the whole epi…dinner was owsm shivaye as always dashingly handsome…
      i could only sense 1 thing yesterday.. i felt sorry and hurt fro shivaye….his heart is broken to pieces…i though tears gona flow but tears flow our frm my eyes..that was a emotional shivomru convo…

      1. Archiya

        thanks dear …love u too (hearts) an hugs back to u 🙂

        u n ur love for shivay… u can see only shivay all the time.. but yeah i felt bad for shivay too.. first time he spoke abt his heart ..

    3. Piyuu

      congrats archu…….lots of hug to u……

      1. Archiya

        Thanks Piyuu.. lots of hugs back to u 🙂
        love ur DP

  17. why gauri got so less screen space?????today ruvya were shown for almost 9
    min.gauri was shown only for 2:5 min.i just dont understand why ruvya gets so importnce.nobody likes them except for few.i dont mind shivika getting more importance as they are the soul of ishqbaaz.but why ruvya gets more screen space than rikara.even in the previous episode ruvya got more sceen.dont know thos horrible couple with bhayanak chemistry gets more sceen than my super cute rikara.cvs plzz stop showing dayan bhavya everywhere.i just hate her.dont know about others but i will never accept her.hope rikara will get their deserved sceen in upcoming episode

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Its important to give more screen space to Rudra’s ishqbaazi @Bhavya. other wise he will be left just as an uncle and never a father. They are giving space to Rudra and his love not Bhavya.

  18. i meant ruvya as the horrible couple

  19. Lids

    My Issues with this family;
    Finally, SSO might get to know the truth, but of course at the end he WILL (and everyone else in that family) will forgive that stupid so called mother Pinky.
    Tej is not dead, so he and his stupid mistress will make jhanvi go mad, will either put her in a mental hospital, jail or make her commit suicide. So he wins. Again, no one will forgive him. Wth!!! Is wrong with those people!!!
    This is want I want, (even if it doesn’t happen) I want SSO to find out that his so called mother, CAUSED and is THE ONLY PERSON at FAULT for his divorce. I want Dadi and Shakti to also know what Pinky did. (Other family members already know). So I want Shakti to “threaten” to divorce Pinky so she can feel what Anika felt and loss her respect in society. Telling her that he will marry his real mother. Pinky will die!!! Pinky and Tej need to pay for their bad deeds. If nothing happens to them, as much as I love the couples, I will boycott the show. There are so many other tracks that they can do.

  20. Ranilya

    Hello everyone…

    The best part of the episode was ShiTia in the precap…..
    Mayb Tia is under the misconception that Shivika have patched up….. could b the online pics Rudy uploaded…… But good that she spilled the beans…..
    Unless Shivay is given direct leads he cannot solve problems…..

    ShiOmRu– Shivay’s question to OmRu…..’would they forgive Gowri or Bhavya(she was not needed here though) in similar circumstances?’…… No never they wouldn’t…….
    Shivay has a valid point here…. I totally agree with him….
    When the person you trust most breaks your heart, the wound is deep…..its very difficult to heal…. none other can mend it expect the one who caused it…..but Still unless the reason behind is very strong, the heal would still have a scar…….to remind u abt it time n again….

    Shivika/Narbhi– as superb as ever…. more than the candle light dinner I liked the bed room scene/convo…. the dinner part was not upto the mark, though hilarious….. Anika’s fall was too artificial again….. What did she mix with linguine?? Mashed Aloo subzi???

    RuRi– too good… poor Gowri…

    Why r they showing Jhanvi as an idiot???

    Bhavya– enough of her!!!!
    That manacle part was irritating…. Dint enjoy much of the Obro jokes too….

    OmRi– I dint like the precap part at all….. Gowri being the inspiration this way….. Its a ‘no’ for me….. I dint know Om was an Italian artist! I dont remember seeing him getting inspiration from girls!
    They are uncessarily forcing OmRi romance….

    Omri in my opinion cannot show the charm Shivika show…..

    I couldnt enjoy the Precap though I liked Tia’s convo…. All thanks to the Spoilers!!!! Shivay knowing the truth from Anika under intoxication n forgetting everything next morning has totally pi**ed me off!!

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Kamgaroo girl.. same irritation here too. He forgot it or Ekta Kapoor’s spirit entered Gul’s body!!!

    2. Pushpa

      i love it too ….TIA entry truth will be out soon rani ..

  21. Finally some kind of good thing happened no tdy going to happen…. Thanks to whom omru? Tia? Or anika?? Ufff sso took so much tym to realize what anika hiding something ???little bit logic less but its ok somehow this week vl get full of shivika ?????nd again yukini nd ponky not going to expose soon I feel…
    Ani’s tear bothered sso ??????????????that’s what I liked in the entire episode…..

    Coming to gauri ????she looked cute tdy ????nd dever nd bhabhi?????????…. Always blessed to watch rudra in ib.. Wow ?????his dialogues ???????????…

    Coming dinner date of shivika.. That dream sequence of sso ????????too hot.. Glad that dream is of sso not ani?????????abhi bi kuch kuch chalrahahai??????…. Nd their funny talks omg ???????
    Again our ani is an stunning amazing nd awesome expression queen nobody can beat her…. Top class expressions ????????hid nd seek came is coming up.. Again going to see Ani’s awesome jokes nd expressions ??????
    .. Week began with khidkithood episodes hope vl get what we wish…

    Coming to sultana iam curious when did sultana became soo good ????may be its plan of tej nd sultana to trap janti….

  22. Nandhana

    Omg..omg.. beautiful episode.. Shivay on mission to find truth.. waiting for the day of pinky exposing..great we are on track..Tia baby love you darling..
    Ridy..(gauri+Rudy)..what a combo.. hilarious..
    Omri..cutie pies????
    Kitchen comedy.. looking good..
    Atlast omru gave a hint wonderful work boys..
    Pinky (thavalai than vaayal kedum)hahaha..
    You fell in the dig which you dug…hahaha..
    You deserve it ponky donky..
    Yuckini what to tell..but one is confirmed that she is going to do something that bring our shivika together…
    Hoping for good upcoming episodes..
    Dil bole ISHQBAAZ ? ? ?

  23. Sulekha sulu

    Hiii ishqies,GM
    Lovely epi…..especially shivaay’s dream….he started to dreaming about romancing anika……rudy is always rocking…..Like gauri’s prespiration……ruvya scene is good…..shivom joking……and a useless tejvi sultlu scene…….OH MY MATA lady ur countdown starts ready to become wid dialogue ‘oh meri shivaay…. this girl is mad…the poor people will show their true identity….’ but guys their is no news about shivaay knows his truth I mean he hear all in bhaang next morning he don’t remember anything.And also shivika’s hide & seek is coming when shivaay ask about anika about her fiancee….he start to dig the anika truth..
    @Astha I agree wid ur comment..there is no need that naagini’s enter…there is no other girl needed in shivaay’s life to share his feelings or..anika is all for him other girls can’t come in his life with much important..Anika is very important for him….she is his responsibility….this things made erase due to ragini’s enter….wish she will exposed soon

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      If they give me permission, I will kill that Naagini soon. She is just a head ache… hume dard bhi hota hai and marte bhi nahi hum sab.

  24. @Nivi dear, congrats. …….. agree with you bhabya is hell irritating. …

    @lax dear, bhabya looked beautiful to you….don’t know but i think her eyes makup part was good aaj jyada vamp kali makup wali eyes nahi thi sayad..

    @asthababy hamne kuch nahi dekha…. but har baar main sab kuch dekhti hun..baar dekhti hun…hazar baar dekhti pe bhi hotstar pe bhi……??????? your comments. ….

    @Archu love your comments AND CONGRATULATIONS. ……..YARR…many more award will come. Keep writting like this……..Good luck……

    @Maahi dear waiting disparately for your SHYARI. ………………………??????…….

    @AKRITI DEAR don’t know if you are reading our comments then i am requesting you plz come back……….

    @Annika dear, (lo naam bhi liya tumhara)…

    @SEKHAR BHAIYA i am no no we are missing you…

    He where is anu dear??????????????

    Mouni bhi kab se gayab he…blushing queen..

    Chavi dear where are you??????????

    Vivi you also missing…….

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Arpita…hum log good good girl hai(wink)!! Hum kahan kuch dekhte hain. Hum to bass tadte rehte hain Ishqbaaz ko.
      I got it now…the main contributed are missing and this lead us to a large amount of comment fall this weekend. Hit with bang back girls…Here take gulcose biscuit to gain energy and write comments.

    2. Pushpa

      hey who is irritating..

  25. omru are the best cupid in shivika’s love life love them so much
    annika she can’t stop her tears today in front of shivay nice scene

    this time sso use his brain and give us unexpected surprise ……………shortly.
    interesting precap….

  26. 1.Dbo had been very well merged with ishqbaaz but d tracks that were promised on ishqbaaz has been forgotten.
    2.Samar-Ragini:In d promo if ishqbaaz,it was shown Anika having a coffee shop and Shivaay proposing Ragini in front of d shop….Annika burnt Shivaay’s car and Samar got attracted to Annika in return….The current situation s V still don’t understand d reason behind creating their characters…Ragini s still on screens but Samar s totally wasted…
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    3.Tej-Shwetlana-Jhanvi: Don’t know what CVs r trying to show??CVs need to b reminded dat Illogical story was d reason behind failure of Dbo…
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