Ishqbaaz 31st January 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye hides the truth

Ishqbaaz 31st January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye gets a call. He gets shocked and says what….. okay…. Anika asks what happened. He says it was a call from construction site, I will just come. Rudra asks is it imp than my marriage, go later. Shivaye says its urgent, I will just come. He reaches the construction sites and sees the ShivOmRu name board burning and falling. He gets shocked seeing the fire breaking out at the site. Anika calls him and asks is everything fine. He says yes, why, there are network issues, do you have any work. She says there is much work, we are confused about the theme, give us idea, everyone is confused, everyone should know Shivaye is doing Rudra’s marriage so well. Rudra says we will make my friends stay in seven star hotel. Shivaye says it will be done. He ends call and cries.

He says I feel

like everything is slipping off my hands, I had to leave home and stay away from family, I thought to start new family in Goa, but it…. He calls Shakti and says its me Shivaye, how are you. Shakti says how can I be being away from you, you will make everything fine, I know, but why are you worried. Shivaye says I m not worried. Shakti says everything will get fine. Shivaye says the harder I try to solve things, its getting more complicated, am I doing wrong. Shakti says my Shivaye can never be wrong, you are my pride, a good son, good brother and good husband, Shri Ram also went to vanvaas, don’t know what problems he faced, when he came back to Ayodhya, we celebrate Diwali on his return even today, when you come back home, that day won’t be less than Diwali, promise me, you won’t stop trying. Shivaye promises and says I will keep trying. They cry.

Veer and Tej see Shivaye. Veer says he is devastated by first strike. Tej says he is from Oberoi family, he won’t lose so soon. Veer says even Lord doesn’t support my enemy. Shivaye comes home. He calls someone and scolds the person. He says if a fire breaks out by short circuit, how much time does it take to settle its insurance claim, don’t you know your policy, I need its info, call me back. Tej sees him. He laughs and says I m getting solace seeing Shivaye like this, businessman of the year is on road today. Shivaye asks what nonsense, will I lit the fire myself, you are making excuses, if I don’t get my insurance money, I will sue you. He turns and sees Anika.

Veer says we need to empty Shivaye’s bank account. Tej says it will be done. Veer says we need his bank account details. Tej says we will get it easily. Veer asks how. Tej says Shivaye writes his bank account details in his diary, its in his safe. Anika asks what happened. He says business related talk. She asks is there any problem. He says no, everything is okay. She says jeweller is here, we have to final the jewelry, Dadi is calling you, you are Rudra’s elder brother, Bhavya’s wedding dress and jewelry should be from our side. He says yes, you are right. She says come, we have to final everything. Lily says cracking the safe’s password is easy for me. Veer says you talk big things, you know forgiving is not my style. Tej says we will be connected on phone. He gives her bluetooth. She goes. Tej says Shivaye will think to spend crores on marriage, he won’t even have a penny, it will be great fun, then my foolish sons will understand the power of money.

Anika asks Bhavya to try the earrings. Gauri says its matching with mehendi dress, keep it. Rudra says Bhavya isn’t getting married alone, ask me too. Shivaye says I think Soumya deserves the first nek, she convinced Bhavya. Om says else Rudra would have become Devdas. Soumya says no, I did this for my friend. Dadi says I was worried for Rudra, will he be after girls or fall in love. Tej says entire family is in hall, come inside the house by the back window. Lily enters. Dadi says Bhavya has sentenced him life sentence, you need to stay with one girl all your life. Om asks isn’t he allowed to look at any girl. Dadi says no. Shivaye says not even friendship. Dadi says not even hi and hello. They smile.

Lily says I m going to Shivaye’s room. Gauri goes to get water. Lily hides. Gauri asks who is there. Khanna comes and says Dadi is calling you. Gauri goes. Om asks Rudra what’s wrong. Rudra says weather is unpredictable here, switch on the fan, its hot here. Om says AC is on, of course I will switch on the fan. Rudra drinks much water. He thanks Gauri and says get more please. Anika says Rudra is so excited to spend entire life with Bhavya. Om jokes. Anika says just show durable jewelry, its for entire life. Gauri says yes, like marriage. Lily says I m in Shivaye’s room. Tej says okay. Anika makes Rudra sit with Bhavya. Om says you have be sit together and be together all life. They all say he has to be with Bhavya all life. Rudra says fine, I m feeling suffocated here, I will go out. They laugh.

Lily opens the safe. Rudra comes there. Lily says I think someone is coming. Shivaye stops Rudra and asks what happened. Lily says Shivaye is outside the room. Tej says get me the damn diary. Shivaye asks why are you nervous. Rudra says no. Shivaye says you know you can’t hide anything from me, you can confide anything. Lily says lock opened, I can see many things. Tej says find the diary. She says there is no diary. He says there will be a red box, with Om written on it, the info we need is inside it, get that box. She gets the box and takes the paper.

Shivaye says its time for us to talk, elder brother will give some gyaan to younger brother. Rudra asks why are you giving this talk to me, if you didn’t give this to Om. Shivaye says because you need it. Tej asks Lily to hurry up. Shivaye says okay then let me enlighten you. Rudra says there is already sufficient light here. Shivaye asks him to come. Lily shuts the cupboard. A box falls over her head. She falls. Tej worries. Shivaye sees the box fallen and picks it. He says where did it come from, sit, I will keep this. He doesn’t see Lily fallen aside the bed. He says I can understand your state of mind, you don’t need to worry. Rudra says I mean, to spend life with a single person is a scary thought. Shivaye says its a beautiful thought, you can have an affair with many, but you can fall in love only with one person.

Veer says if Lily gets caught, it will be your loss, her last received call was from your phone, Shivaye will find out you are involved behind this. Shivaye says close your eyes. Rudra asks are you going to slap me. Shivaye says close your eyes, think of that person who gives you the most happiness, whom did you see. Rudra says you, who else… Shivaye says not me, think of the girl with whom you can see your future. Rudra closes eyes and sees Bhavya. He smiles. Shivaye says its enough. Rudra says I saw Bhavya. Shivaye says you got your answer. Tej says there is no option, I have to go in from here.

Tej hides Lily. Om asks who is there…. and walks towards him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Hello Ishqbaazis…
    So sad today, more than ever, I felt Shivaay so helpless, so vulnerable, so easily breakable!!! Facing the Shivomru burning brand was like an abshagun storming in his face and he’s falling apart all alone even being surrounded by all his beloved ones.
    I know lot of will again blame him for not telling Annika about what’s going on, but I understand him so much… being myself the elder of my family, the responsible after my father’s death, I know what it means to have the whole world’s weight over the shoulders and still keep smiling to the people around, not because you want to preserve them only, but because they’re depending on you, how will you make them feel their strength is weak… what will he gain telling her? Her tears? Her shattered state? Her feeling of helplessness toward his plea? He’s not in need of that, he’s in need to see her happy, to see her live normally, because seeing his failor in her eyes would be much more devastating for him.
    So he faked being normal, sit with family and see them enjoying themselves happily when his world is just breaking down and even take his chote bhai Rudra, his baby and give him advices in love … who could imagine that
    What can I say about Tej??? Oh Please Gulneet!!!! Please make it a plan because this is beyond evilness!!! Why can’t just Shivaay tell him that he’s protecting him from jail simply… why isn’t he just confronting him with the reality and stop this nonsense???? Or he’s so bad, so make it once and for all and no redemption… no forgiveness… make all ties break up definitely after that, if they’s trew out Roop why are they keeping him with them?
    Saumya devil too… not Kapoor’s sister as some news say, but still really negative… so Ruvya will be the main last ishqbaazi couple 
    @ Luthfa: missed you too dear… sorry for not replying, my health is still not well, so I hardly have occasion to post a comment
    @ Shanaya Khan: missed you too  … today’s name for Shivaay is Sad Sorrowfull Selfless Singh Oberoi…
    @ Chavi… dear, you’re a just wow commenter … it’s amazing how you manage all this ^^

    1. Arpita6

      Hii mahira dear…..congrats my dear..
      Ok from your point of view 8 also can understand a duty of a elder…but still as it is a fictional show..we want Sso to share with annika..
      Me too so sad about somu….?????

    2. Hello Mahira,how are you now?Hope you are getting well.Take care dare.I agree with you.It’s a huge task when only one person handles all the responsibility.He or she has to shoulder all the problems without showing any trace of tense and ignoring all the personal feelings.Happiness of others only matter then.Shivaay is doing the same only.His heart is tearing inside but he can’t show it to anyone even to himself.Everything is falling apart and he is the only one who can settle all the mess as he is everyone’s hope.This thing is getting him very badly.Don’t want to talk about Tej.Cvs are not going to hear us.Sigh…..Anyway,it’s absolutely ok dear.You have come to visit though you are ill.I will pray to God for you.Take care?

    3. Go Mahira Go.Many many congratulations…..?

    4. ItsmePrabha

      Go Mahira Go..

  2. Ori

    Loved todays episode
    I just love how anika helped shivay in his hard times?????
    Hate tej a lot????
    Veer is disgusting ????
    Loved rudy’s acting ☺☺☺☺
    I hate how tej and veer are tricking shivay

    Tej is doing very wrong with shivay he is always so generous
    I get really emotioal about shivay
    Loved nakkul acting

    PRECAP-nyc just hope om finds tej

    1. Arpita6

      Hii Ori dear..i think.after sooo many days you are commenting …in precap i don’t think Om will see tej.

      1. Ori

        Ya i also think so

    2. Hello Ori,
      You have described all the incidents of the episode beautifully in small subtle lines.Loved those.Welcome back to GPKJ family.Take care?

    3. ItsmePrabha

      hai Ori nice analysis..

  3. Pushpa

    Hi luvly pkjs….
    Hw r all of u… shaterred looking ay shivaye…

    When Shivaay asked Rudy to close his eyes and tell him the one person who gives him most happiness, he replies “Aap bhaiyya aur kaun..”I dont have words to explain my feelings on this” so beautiful..

    So its emotional,for me looking at hw Shivaye SHATERRED very heart wrenching ….what he hv earned wt his own sweat & hardwork Tej & Veer just easily destroy it….
    For the first time…shivaye picked up his phone and wipe it .. ohhh cant c this….????and tht insurance company blady maje sure u pay Shivaye claims….varna ill sue u damn it….

    And Shivaye convo wt his dad today was the best scene…hw shivaye gets his courage & strenght bck to stand and fight ..and shakti’s believe on Shivaye so strong ” shivaye will make evrythjng ok ” …i felt so sorry form Shivaye..The Great Wall of Shivaye Singh Oberoi is cracked anx going to shaterred but the wall still stanidng strong in front of his family wt all his pain burried inside of him…..hatsoff @NakuulMehta for yr phenomenal flawless performanxe…i saw many more shades of Shivaye today….love you more …

    Brotherly convo wt rudra…after whole family teased him he got nervous and Shivaye is already there waiting to chat…can someone tell me hw can this person be so PERFECT in evryrhing he does..

    Tej hw could u do this?? Stealing frm own family member…u r really disgusting and veer who r u to ruin mere Shivaye..wait Shivaye will OMM u & Tej..just wait yr days r numberred

    Yeah how will he get the money to hv rudy’s wedding..rudy wants thm2stay in 7star hotel…bhavya jewellery….all pointing at Shivaye 4the wedding….????

    Precap….hope shivaye will know who burned his building..tht paper pizza gal took shld be empty….all backfired….
    Dil Hua ishqbaaz
    Dil hua vanwaas feeling again..
    Gd nite gals…

    1. Arpita6

      I can’t say anything pusi dear..just give you a tight hug…..don’t be sad my dear…your shivaye will be ok..don’t worry. ..

      1. Pushpa

        oh i just hope the same dear…cant c him like this…

    2. Pu di,
      Oh di don’t worry at all.Your Shivaay is very strong and he is going to make everything all right.Have faith in him.He will sure do the OMM of Veer and co.Let’s hope for this.Now plz smile and be happy at least for Shivaay.Lots of love and hug from my side??

      1. Pushpa

        hi dear…sorry i didnt hd time to reply yr other comments….i just hope shivaye will OMM asap…luv u take care….

      2. It’s ok di.I can understand.You remain busy that’s why?

  4. Arpita6

    Hiiii mere khidkitod pagals. ….
    CHAPTER 43
    sry pagals for not replying. …i was busy …
    And Cvs i am begging you plz end this drama…i can’t wait til end of feb….??????…
    I can’t shivaay like this..and this shivaay bina gali khaye iski din surwat nahi hoti kya????
    Annika ko bata deta toh kya pahad toot padti..ok i understand he don’t want that she will be unhappy. .but how long..???in # shivika ki nayi suruat..i want shivaay to learn share prblms with annika…bcoz of these..i couldn’t enjoy those comdey scenes…and what kind of experiments are doing Cvs with Annika’s character.????????..and these comdey scenes can’t even bring smile on my face..
    I was more shocked when Shakti said so many things…he has only two lines..BHAISAAB PLZ.
    Ok jokes apart..but we always said A father is the best friend of a son….if son will make him as his best friend then half of the prblm of son will be reduce. .bcoz a fathet has many experience in his life..if he is good then He will sure show right path to his son…
    And i am happy..shakti is doing same thing..may be before they didn’t show us much of father son bond..but today it was perfect…a father has trust on his son…and he is supporting him as well as showing him right path..Shaktiji…aapne meri dil jitli..thank you so much for encouraging Shivaay..he needed it a lot..
    Tej….ok now he is in my hate list after pinky ponky. …both met their hands with their enemies. … and this tej..onceabhay said that A Oberoi Will Destroy The Oberois. ..he was meant for Shivaay but here tej is doing ….ghar ka aadmi….. ( ok i don’t remember that pro verb..)
    And this veer kya soch raha he??? That by doing all these he will get annika..ok s
    Keep seeing daydreams…
    And Sso..i know yiu are Great Wall..but plz don’t be the real wall…share with your family. .atleast with annika.i am.pleading you..?????????????.plz…
    P.S Today segment. …Cvs i am.not going to forgive you forever. …..this is your biggest blunder to make soumya as negative….????????????????..
    Ok now i wqnt diff track for all shivaay and Annika without Nkk..Om and gouri will support each other and om will continue his painting as well as handling house..
    Rudy………. …..i don’t know. .
    Ok frnds..i wantto say something.
    From tomorrow my 2nd semester class is going to start…….. so i will be not able to reply everyone sry…for this..but i wil try..
    Ok byyuy.

    1. Hello Arpita,
      Yesterday Shivaay broke down and we all broke down with him seeing his state.I agree with your thinking on the new journey of Shivika.Now it’s high time for Shivaay to let Anika know some thing.Veer is becoming the reason of my headache.Hope cvs do something quickly.Shakti and Shivaay covo was emotional.Let’s see what happens next.Take care?
      P.S.It’s ok dear.Studies come first.All the best for your classes.

    2. Pushpa

      hi arpi…hw r u?
      im wth u …cvs please for god sake end this drama….pleaseeeeeeee… shivaye dun want anika to worry he wnts her to be happy always….like yr comments on shakti…
      semester starting….all the best for yr new sem…hv a lot of fun….do peep in darling…

  5. Pui

    Hi PKJ…..
    Bawaal and jhakass epi ! ???
    I liked it when SSO behaved like a normal person on seeing his loss??
    But I wish he could have shared this with Anika at least ! Come on yaar, she is his wife, she needs to know this so that she can use her chantomind brain and get a steady solution to the problem…??
    Finally Shivaay temembered that he has a Dad also ! Had seen Shakti speak up for the first time in the serial ???
    Offcourse Shivaay had to tealise that he had a dad, where else did he come from ? ????
    Thangaballi, dont think that Shivaay will lose from the first strike! He is an Oberoi and Oberois never quit ✔✔✔
    For the first time I think that Tej must have said the correct thing that Shivaay wont give up so easily. ??
    Is Tej Shivaay’s CCTV camera or something that he knows all the information about Shivaay’s bank account. Where is it , how is it kept, how it looks, he knows everything! ??
    Wow man wow ! I ll take tuitions from you in spying on people????
    Bechara Rudy boy, everyone is intent on making him realise that all his aiyashi will be over! Now only Bhavya ????
    Like seriously, out of all the people, no one could see Lily creeping inside the house ? ????
    Gauri , Rudra and Shivaay, all mahan chantominds, all of their craziness is on another level, but they didnt realise that Lily was there inside…being just one step near to her ? Uff!
    Congratulations, you three have been awarded the National ‘Dekh ke andekha kar dena ‘ Award !
    Slow claps everyone ?……?…….?
    Shivaay giving gyaan to Rudy ! ❤❤❤❤❤
    Shivaay saying that you can fall in love with just one person ! Uff…dil aa gaya ???
    Thangaballi is damn smart! Apne khel mein bhi, Tej ko phasa diya! Wow ! Well played…
    Guys no sarcasm in this… ???
    Good night ?

    1. ????? pui are soo funny..

      1. Pui

        Thank u so much Di !
        I feel good when I see ur laughing emojis ?

    2. Hi Pui,
      Hehehehehehe…….Oh you are just awesome baby.To write all the serious facts in the most hilarious and funniest way,one needs to take tuition from you.Agree with you.That Veer is very smart.How smoothly he has managed to trap Tej in his own dirty game.Just hope Shivaay gives teaches some tight lesson that Veer and end his game.Anyway,take care of your health.God bless you?

      1. Pui

        Hi Luthfa dearie !
        How are you ?
        Please dont say about taking tuitions…I m not that Good at it. Just try to make u all smile. ???
        Shivaay will definitely teach them a lesson.
        Thank u once agin . Loads of luv sissy !

    3. ItsmePrabha

      hai Pui.. sach mein yaar thangabali ekdum chant chirota hai…sab kuch kartha voh bhi hai par har baar kisi aur ko fasatha hai….

      1. Pui

        Hii dear ! ?
        How are u ?
        Exactly. Maha chantomind hai ! Ekdam chaalu cheez ?

  6. Riana

    Today’s episode was emotional, moral based, bit funny thanx to rudy ?, and a bit idiotic all thanx to that Tej & Veer…

    The things that i hate about this track is…they are showing everything all just like Ramayan though its really good to see…But all time only Shivaay, No Rikara or Ruvya…I mean its really unfair with rikarians…

    Lily is what actually ??…she cuts vegetables alongwith idols with her cutter ???…I mean if veer wants to kill shivaay then stab him (though i never want that ??) whats the need doimg such stupid things…

    Third thing is if veer is a doctor then why he is revenging on shivaay…Shivaay is a business tycoon and he is doc…and is anika a fairy or goddess that veer suddenly started lovely her what nonsense is this !!…Its really really not clear at all…

    Fourthly at the stage of ruvya’s wedding all this things are happening i think they will postpone the wedding finally and will post on this vanvaas track !!…

    Fifthly Shivaay’s room windows are closed then how that lilyput entered !! ??…through mousehole or ventilator !! ??…And Shivaay & Rudra were talking they just didnt heard the sound of opening that safe also…i mean all these illogical things are making the show to fail at Trp !!…

    Its really sad that producer is just busy in showing all rubbish instead of showing a happy family time…though i am eager to watch the ram-sita track !!…

    And last but not least, i am commenting here after ages….looool ?????

    1. Hii Riana dear….welcome back…yaa me too know want a happy family track..

      1. Riana

        Same here arpita ??…god knows when they will bring back those happy scenes…

    2. Hello Riana,how are you?
      All those things is the actual problem of cvs-logical loopholes and exaggerated drama.They are not going to change for anything.Anyway,take care.Keep commenting?

  7. Hiii everyone

    Today’s episode is gonna be emotional as well I won’t be able to see shivaay being shattered ??? I hate tejveer and that stupid Lily as well

    Finally shakti gets some screen space that too giving advice to his son it would be the best feeling getting courage and strength from hia father ? hope I don’t cry

    @ luthfa I’m okay I think I’ll only be able to comment once only that too at this time otherwise im not sure but how you doing ?

    @ zaveesha thank you so much ?
    you like my name ? ( plz don’t mind it’s my fav emoji nowadays ??)

    @ arpita6 love you too ❤
    Congrats Mahira for commenting first ?

    Take care

    1. Hiii omiee…how are you??? you..go and watch the episode Nakuul Mehta did a fabulous job.

    2. Hi Omu,
      Yeah episode was very emotional.Me too can’t see a shattering Shivaay.Anyway,do comment whenever you can manage time as I am missing you.Take care?

  8. Anjali30

    Hey everyone.. Remember me? Actually I haven’t had any time to watch IB since the beginning of the month, So have no idea what’s going on. 🙁 🙁 But today’s episode.. YUCKK!!! Family ka koi matlab nhi h kya? Tej should get some sort of harsh punishment later.. Warna i won’t be at peace.

    Shivaay was so <3 <3 <3 <3 todayy.. His advice.. LOVED ITT!!! Wish Om could have been there too.. 🙂

    Hopefully I can watch the episodes from now.. But am not optimistic..

    Miss you guyss!!

    How are you Luthfa, Arpita, Banita, Dhwani, Mahira and the rest?? :**

    1. Hiii Anju dear..yaa me fine..missed you too.
      Ok but i think you should and watch episode..some episode like makarsankranti…and was good..

    2. Hello Anjali,long time no see?I am good dear.How are you?Don’t worry,if possible then catch up those missing episodes.Be optimistic dear.Only optimism can help us,judging the ongoing track.Take care?

  9. Unsahikkable.. Can’t bear helpless scenes

    1. Yes is geeting too much helpless ness

  10. Zaveesha

    Hello people…
    Don’t know what to say about today’s episode…
    The best scene was Shakti nd Shivaay convo..
    Nd that Rudy answer when Shivaay asked him his love…
    Nd don’t know what else to say…
    Just one thing that Nakuul Mehta is such an amazing nd phenomenal actor..(well we all know this before)…

    Good night everyone…
    Just hoing that IB will back with its charm again…

    1. Sorry to say that
      Ishqbaaz ka charm thab end hua tha jab ishana ka story end kiya tha.omkara rudy ka second third version sso banne ki baath bhi Ishqbaaz ka charm end hua tha.gauri se mujhe problem nahi.but uski aur om ki story start hone ko omkara ka character Ko spoile kiya.first OmRu ki Character main ek speciality ek charm tha but ab nahi.ishana soumya Jaise Character old OmRu Ko completly wapas aa saktha hai.
      Zaveesha sorry meri comment tumhe hurt kiya tho.but today mistakely IB ka spoiler dekha full mood spoil hua
      T C A S S ?

    2. Hii Zaveesha dear..Sso give gyaan to rudy..ok..but still i wish it was for sumoand mee too hope IB will be back in happy track …

    3. Hello Zaveesha,
      Yeah NM is a very phenomenal actor.His every expression is mind blowing and worth watching.Got emotional watching him yesterday.Just hope that cvs give us some meaningful track with less drama,with or without charm.Take care?

  11. You are so right Shakti,a father can never be happy when his son is away from him.I hope you haven’t said it only for saying but meant it too.If it’s a yes then let me ask you one question,have you ever felt that your son was really close to you?I have never seen him to share his experiences nor talk to you properly.He maintained a silent distance from you as if you are a some kind of stranger.Truth always hurts and the truth of your fatherhood is you could never be the father of Shivaay rather you were the shadow of it.Shivaay tried to catch it but you fleed away or distanced yourself from his touch.Your brother Tej is a business devotee and you are the devotee of yourself.Shivaay suffered as he too didn’t get his father like OmRu and couldn’t do anything about it.Today he was so helpless that he sought you for reliving his endless pain.Can you understand the meaning of it?When one feels weak,heartbroken the first person he or she wants whom they love most.

  12. When every possible door gets closed,only one door remains open and that is the door of God.You are his God and he expects he will get what he wants from you no matter what as God never refuses His child.But you couldn’t be his God.You always engrossed in your own world and never looked after the needs of your only Son.How must be he felt,have you ever thought it?Every son wants to be exactly like his father and for him his father is his idol to do anything.Shivaay knows you have done nothing wrong till date that’s why he asked rather wanted assurance that whether he is going to the right path and doing the right thing or not.He very badly needed this and only you could give it without asking any questions.How I wish you could give him more than this assurance and those he missed till date…………..

    1. Yes Luthfa dear….you are right…..totally right….Shakti never played his father role….he always be like a mute person…..hope this vanwas will teach all a good lesson…
      You nailed it my dear..

      1. Arpita,
        Tej is fighting for his sons be it negatively but Shakti never ever tried once actually.He only gave some passing comments on the ongoing incidents in Shivaay’s life.If he had been strong enough then half of the problems of Shivaay could lessen automatically.His weakness indirectly added to the problems of Shivaay.Hope this time Shakti and Shivaay’s relation gets a fruitful turning.And thank you so much for the compliment.Take care?

    2. Pushpa

      hey luthfa…i luved shakti & shivaye convo yesterday….so touching yaar…i hope he willpool through bu tthe touture v hv to see…thts the hurting ….

      1. Me too loved their convo yesterday di.Just want cvs show a proper track on their relationship before IB ends.I had a wish during Kamini track that I will get to see something for Shakti and Shivaay along with Pinky and Mahi.But that didn’t happen.Anyway,let’s see what happens this time.

    3. ItsmePrabha

      Meritorious analysis Luthfa darling..and by the way you asked what is MCK? it means Makki choos kahinka…love you and God bless you..Take care

      1. Thank you so much for the compliment Prabha.Oh now I get it.Thanks a lot.Love you too.God bless you?

  13. What a pakao story going on, it seems Shivaye and Anika left Mumbai they look more helpless and poor people not khidkitod, just aam insaan, whatever be they are just dragging story like chewing gum, want to show like Ramayan but it looks some pathetic story.

    1. Lara dear ..i just hope…aapko IB phirse pasand aajaye.

  14. Nikita_jai29

    Hii ishqies dear…. Well i didn’t see today’s episode… Because of helplessness of shivaay… I am thinking of to skips the few episodes because it is making me sad… Because of negative soumya… Helpless shivaay… ??????????

    1. Niki dear…hope #shivika ki nayi Suruwat will start quickly…..

    2. Yes dear,heartbroken Shivaay is breaking our heart????????

    3. Riana

      Same here Niki…i cant bear that BHAVYA anymore…I wish they bring Rumya back…and somu as NEGATIVE ughhhh !!! ???…& Shivaay is suffering sooo nonsense !! ?

  15. This must not happen to shivaay.One day Tej will suffer for his actions and he will understand nobody can separate ShiOmRu

    1. Agree with you Sneha.Hope this happens soon.

  16. Shekhar

    It was a first of all convo between father and son. For the depressed , frustrated and all broken SHIVAAY has a very little option for pouring out his all stress for the reason that he just did not want to get OMRUDANI scared, and beside that his mental level does not allowed him to let them know the critical money crisis through which he was passing which may ink their image of him so far being the WALL. The over reactive mother PINKY was no where there in his option list. SOFT and SOBER father SHAKTI was only the option to get his stress relieved.

    When the intentions are good, no matter what ever you do, keep doing , is all time fact and exactly what SHIVAAY wanted badly enough , his father throw at him and , in my point of view, what a father can do most for his distracted & distressed son , very thing had been conveyed by father SHAKTI. It is the best part of character SHAKTI so far, and left the message, what money can’t do, more than that can be done by the unconditional trust of father over his son . Few inspirational words just can not even weigh a lot money. Children may be directed for most good …………………………………………
    to be continued

    1. Shekhar

      Children may be directed for most good by few good words which buit, strengthen the self confidence of children, that is what SHAKTI had done by trusting over him unconditionally. She, her mother, never understand him, never even thought , what he need in fact and each her act, step were being towards ruining his life. In the relation, when it comes over the GOOD FAITH, money never stand as the matter, but good moral support can do what money can’t do. Sometimes it happen, after being with children whole life, parents never get what their children needed in fact, after riding over physical stuff, attempt to make them happy all physical stuff.

      So why, all SHAKTI’s saying will be proved as the BOOSTER to his fighting spirit and his own unique elegancy with which he keep living.

      He is now scared of money, and yet many more scare is to come, and SHIVAAY needed to pass through all these scares only for the complete transformation of SSO into SHIVAAY. What money cann’t teach, different scares teach the person all those things which a person should learn for being WALL in real sense! COMFORT make person weak, scares make the man strong, that is what CVS are upto!

      1. Pushpa

        hi hw r u?
        i luved tht father son convo….so touching..father is always HERO for all children…i just hope the transformation from SSO to shivaye is not leaving any bad scares or hurting him too much….i cant c that….i accepted Ramji”s vanwas but shivayes vanwas hurts more…

      2. ItsmePrabha

        Amazing analysis Shekhar..’ What money cann’t teach, different scares teach the person all those things which a person should learn for being WALL in real sense! COMFORT make person weak, scares make the man strong’..loved these lines..and seriously hope that cvs are upto this…

      3. Shekhar


        I really sad that you are scared of SHIVAAY’s scares. Look, scares are only bad if one just does not fight with, otherwise it come up as the steps to come up to next level. I am really glad, contrary to your feeling, that at last CVS put them in tight vise of scares and let SHIVAAY have to pass through all those scares of which ANNIKA is used to.

        CHARM of life does not fall inside the four wall of any MANSION or MAHEL, certainly it falls at the mid of all scares out side the wall. SOCIETY does need the bold and daring people like ANNIKA, and not the weak and lecherous people like RUDY BOY and TEJ.

        I can understand the feelings of all gal over scares, but it’s a inevitable part of any being. He is bold, daring and fighter, but only when the trouble comes over his family, otherwise we witnessed , how much he has been scared of the real facts of a common people? MONEY is good to have, but only when it does not keep us away from the reality of life. Money make us the blind fold to the facts and keep us illusive which ultimately lead us to have us the miss conceptions over the basic ethics of life as SSO was having for NKK. He never valued a relation out side the four wall. We heard him, declaring ANNIKA as the gutter worm even after she having sober and soft. We witnessed him having doubts over her character only for the reason that she has no NKK, and TIA kept getting all the benefit of NKK even after having a lecherous character who ran and ran only after Money and set herself as the one of the conspirator to murder him. So, the 100 % transformation of SSO into SHIVAAY, he must be vised between all those scares which he never experienced. It is the part of his redemption against what he did with ANNIKA in past. And I am at peace at him seeing under such scares!

      4. Shekhar


        Me never scared out of some one’s anger , scolding me like LUTHFA , but when it comes to PRAISE, I feel scared. Just can not deal successfully and avoid to react, but that is you whom I found recently registered in activity area, and so why I am now here to react. I like argue against argue, scolding , but I am damn weak to deal with praise!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  17. Hi guys…m Trisha and a big fan of ishqbaaz.Actually I used to regularly watch it but due to boring and slow story…I didn’t.But the writers are back with good stories and I have started watching it again.
    Btw can I join you guys?

    1. Hello Trisha,
      Welcome to PKJ family.Hope you are enjoying the present track.Keep commenting and join us in sharing love and positivity.Take care?

    2. Yes of course……….Not for asking………..Welcome trisha ……..keep commenting

    3. ItsmePrabha

      hello Trisha.. welcome to this family..glad to know you are liking this track..keep commenting here..

  18. I hate the fact that Sumo is shown negative.I just cannot accept Ruvya.I am afraid that I will start hating IB for this reason?

    1. No-one is interested in negative Soumya yaar.But makers are makers.They are not going to hear us fans.

  19. Hi friends ….today episode…heartbreaking ????????episode….I can’t see him like this…..he was totally devastated…….it was totally heart wrenching episode……nakuul bhaiyya no one can beat u in emotional performance……..hats off to u…..u havent only live with Ur character…..we are also living and connecting with Ur character …..when I have seein u pain and shattered I have also feel the same pain………baar baar phone todke pekhne wala aaj gira hua phone Ko uthathe hue dekhar mujhe Rona atha hai….it’s so fainful to me watch him like this……..shivaay bhaiyya and his father conversation was so beautiful….when shivaay bhaiyya ask sab trek hojaye na dad …..oh man…Ur voice modulation and his expression. Nakul bhaiyya u nailed it each and every expression …yeh Tej ka cunning face kuch jyada hi horaha hai…..I cant bear him anymore…… Shivaay bhaiyya share Ur problem with Anika…….she was full right on Ur happiness and sadness also…….I could nt enjoy the Masti masak drama of anirivya and Omru because of my shivaay bhaiyya…..shivaay kitna perfect Insaan kaise ho sakte hai…shivaay bhaiyya identifed his child Rudy fear of mrg.
    ..and theirbada bhai chota bhai conversation was super….
    shivaay bhaiyya: tumhe bhaiyya tumhe Sabse zyada Khushi kon deta hai….
    Rudne ek Baar bhi nahi socha
    Rudy: aur kon bhaiyya aap hai…’s too emotional yaar… u Rudi……

    1. Oh Janu,same feelings and thoughts dear.Shivaay was sounding so heartbroken and that phone picking thing just too much.It’s portrayed the inner intensity of Shivaay effortlessly.NM is doing full justice to his character.Lots of appreciation for him.Keep it up.

  20. CVS completly ruined our somu character …they are made her against shivika so we can easily hate her accept that so called bhavya…..they do whatever they want I can’t accept ruvya pair and I hate Bhavya more and more…. She is the reason my somu turned against shivika….why shivika only? …because easily we can hate her…that was not happened ever… Love u rumya so much.

  21. Hi every one
    how r u all
    after so long time shekhar bhiayya ur here …so happy and ur analysis we missed a lot.
    very well said what cvs are trying for coming episodes with out money .power what is person means shivaay
    its interesting to see
    the way u explained in positive way we again reboost the mind with positive hope.
    mahira congrats for first comment.
    hi arpita good luck for second semester classes
    Hi UF dear please calm dont stress
    waiting for vanavas track 2

    1. Hi Chaithu,
      I am good dear.Hope you are also going good?

  22. Hiii guyss……….
    Can’t see shivaye like this…….And Cvs make Somuya negative for accepting bhavya not fair………l hate this cvs…….Why they are continuing veer track………l wish that somuya to back but not like this……
    Tomorrow onwards my 4th semester is starting not able to comment regularly but l will try guys…………..

    1. Hi Jeni,
      Yeah cvs are expert in breaking our hearts mercilessly.All the best for your classes and do comment if you can manage time.Take care?

  23. Riana

    #StarPlus: #RishtonKaChakravyuh 1.1, #MeriDurga 1.3, #TuSoorajMainSaanjhPiyaji 2.0, #YeHaiMohabbatein 2.5, #Ikyawann 0.9, #Naamkarann 1.9, #YehRishtaKKH 2.7, #Ishqbaaaz 1.5, #TEDTalksIndiaNayiSoch 0.3, #IndiasNextSuperstars 1.1

    TRP CHART ??…IB did well though

  24. ItsmePrabha

    heyya are you all?..i am feeling so low,bad,frustrated after the news of somu being -ve.. dont know what cvs are upto..mostly i am highly disappointed with this news..kal mein ne epi nahi dekh payi.. as kal eclipse hai toh meri ghar mein dopahar 2:00 se raath ko 9:40 tak fasting karaya aur uske baad nahake poora ghar saaf karke uske baad kuch cook karke khaye the tab tak ishqbaaz ho chuke the..acha hua nahi dekh payi kyunki ek do scenes ke alawa mein baaki saari epi bhi nahi dekh paavoongi..kyunki i cant see my billu breaking down..aur upar se rudy and bhavya ki shaadi ka preparations..not at all liking it..poori epi mein my fav. parts are shakti and shivaay’s convo and rudy answer to billu i mean ‘app hi hai bhayya’ or something(updates padne ke baad ki baath kar rahi hoon ,epi tho abhitak nahi dekhi)..just hope ki somu sirf grey shaded ho poori villain types nahi…3rd NB tho bilkul nahi hona chahiye..with that happening i may stop watching it …i wont say i will hate it or something like that kyunki agar mein kisiko ya phir kisi cheez ko ek baar pyaar karna shuru karoongi toh usse kabhi bhi nafrat nahi kar pavoongi..rooth jaongi ya phir naraz ho jaongi par nafrath nahi karoongi..issi liye toh i said ‘ i may stop watching it’…well kuch zyada hi senti aur serious baathe bol li..out of character lag rahi hoon khudh ko..
    and now ALL THE BEST OF GOOD LUCK to all those who are writing or going to write exams.. love you guys..buh-bye..

    1. Hi Prabha,
      Did you see the blue moon?I saw it after watching IB.Then you must be tired out of all those things.Me too don’t like this marriage preparation for Ruvya yaar.It hurts a lot.And nowadays Bhavya is irritating me with her hair style.Don’t be so emotional yaar.It’s only a fictional show(look who is talking).Anyway,take care.Lots of love and hugs?

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