Ishqbaaz 31st August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 31st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishana says a man burnt himself in your maha aarti, why did news channel now show this, your family power has hidden this news and the secret which that man knew, you talk about idealism, you will also become your dad when time comes. Om shouts Ishana. Shivaye and Rudra stop Om. Pinky asks maid to get hot water tub and medicine from Shivaye’s room. Jhanvi asks what happened. Pinky says Shivaye happened, he gives me tension since his birth, everyone asks me about his wedding, he does not give any date, pandit ji said marriage will happen in a month, but I don’t think so. Jhanvi says that’s true, I noticed Shivaye did not commit to any date. Shivaye and Om leave. Pinky says see them, they look like discussing big issue. Jhanvi says yes, Om looks worried, as if he is going to face an issue. Pinky says

I m worried, when will Shivaye give date, don’t know.

Shivaye asks Om to follow plan and assure Ishana that you got trapped, she is clever, do this to make her say truth. Om asks how will I do this, is this drama necessary, can’t I confront her. Shivaye says imagine you are Rudra, sometimes you have to think from mind to win, not heart. Om asks how are you an expert in all this. Shivaye says I do this every day, business is also a game, where you should know opponent’s trick, after knowing everything, his strength and weakness, and then hit him on right time, every deal happens this way, every relation is a deal. Om says I believe in heart, not deal. Shivaye says such people become fool, this chapter will end today, don’t worry, I m there, come.

Anika tells Dadi that Bua spoiled things, will you fire me now. Dadi slaps her light and says if you say this again, I will slap you hard, this is not your mistake. Anika says I can’t return money, what will I tell Billu ji. Dadi says just tell me, not anyone else, you can return later. Anika says its 30 lakhs and count zeroes. Dadi says it has 6 zeroes, you have 3 zeroes, think I gave you loan and pay 1000rs every month. Anika says that will take long time and counts…. Dadi says it will take 25 years, I m sharp, I will live for more 25 years to get total money, I m Oberoi and not leave accounts incomplete. Anika thanks and hugs her. She says I don’t know why Bua ruined big amount. Dadi says its good, lie does not go long.

Shivaye asks Om not to worry, Rudra and I… Rudra says agent Rudra… Shivaye says we will be standing there, all the best. Ishana comes to meet Om and acts innocent. Shivaye and Rudra see her. Ishana says sorry I got late. Om says its okay, sit. She says I got late because… Om says maybe BF has beaten you or landlord troubled you, you are helpless girl, who else will anyone trouble. She says yes. He asks her to have tea. She says I have come to share your pain, not mine. He thinks of her words. She says whatever happened between you and Riddhima, you can share with me, I told you I m a good listener. He gets angry and pours tea in the cup. He thinks of her and tea overflows. Ishana says you will get burn. Om says I got burnt already, by your lie has burnt my friendship and trust. Shivaye says Om can’t lie. Rudra says he hates lies.

Om says I got to know everything, you lied to me, tell me one thing, shall I call you Bela or Ishana. He claps and gets up from his chair. He says you played Bela’s part well, I got many liars but first person to make lie look true. Ishana gets shocked and gets up. She says Omkara ji…. Om shouts enough, no more lies, don’t you dare lie to me anymore. Rudra sees people looking at them. Ishana says sorry, I lied, I cheated you, I m Ishana, I m Bela and Mala too, you can’t understand why people like me lie, talking true things sitting in rich homes is easy, saying true sitting hunger on road is tough, truth is luxury which you guys can afford, I can’t afford it, when poverty opens the doors, truth has to run away from the window. She cries and starts leaving. Om says truth is not luxury, it’s a choice, poverty and richness do not decide person is true or a liar, person’s values and upbringing decide it.

Ishana gets angry and says you have no right to tell this, how are you saying about values and upbringing, you are an Oberoi, the world knows how is this empire made, I m a thief, but you guys are bigger thieves, the difference is big thieves are not caught and we…. I have done research on your family. Ishana says a man burnt himself in your maha aarti, why did news channel now show this, your family power has hidden this news and the secret which that man knew, you feel your brothers are true and honest, that Rudra who cheats the girls every day and hurts their feelings, and that Shivaye Singh Oberoi, you think he runs his business by truth and honesty…. Om shouts enough, don’t say anything about my brother. She shouts what about you getting my family in between, your girlfriend is a bigger fraud, blo*dy social worker.

Om says whoever lies, I will always support truth, you are taunting me to be rich and being Oberoi, if I have to choose between my family and truth, I won’t think for a moment and support truth by leaving everything, my brother Shivaye, no one blamed him to be fraud. She asks what about your dad, the world knows he is a liar and cheater, you talk about idealism, you will also become your dad when time comes. Om shouts Ishana. Shivaye and Rudra hold Om. Shivaye says stop it and asks Ishana to leave.

Ishana says I m leaving, I don’t care what you guys think of me, atleast I know what I m and what is my family, I m not living blindfolded like you all, when you know why I m like this, another face has to be put on real one to survive, when you understand this, you will think of me Omkara Singh Oberoi. She cries and leaves. They look on.

Bua curses Sahil. Anika comes. Bua says don’t kick me out of home, where will I go, I have no money. Anika says I got to know where you have spent money. Bua cries and says whom I do have except you two. Anika asks two, I was never yours, I should have been left at orphanage, save this drama for those who don’t know you, I know you very well, why are you standing with this basket. Bua shows her spoiled hair and says see Sahil gave me a good hairstyle. Anika asks for money.

Jhanvi asks Pinky to relax. Pinky says Shivaye made me forget to relax. Rudra says thank god you came. Shivaye says I ended meeting and came, how is Om. Rudra says he is in room. Shivaye says he would be listening music and would have not eaten food, I will handle it. Rudra asks him to do something, Om gets upset for little things. Pinky asks Shivaye to talk.

Shivaye says not now. She asks will you talk on my Chowtha, shall I call office and take appointment. Shivaye says please give me some time. Jhanvi asks Shivaye to talk to Pinky. Shivaye says I m stuck in imp work, I will talk after I end it. He goes. Pinky says Shivaye is smart, he knows I will talk about marriage and avoided, we have to fix his marriage date. Jhanvi says no need to take stress, maybe there is some office problem. Pinky says no, its some other reason.

Shivaye and Rudra go to Om. Shivaye asks Rudra to be quiet, just follow my steps. Rudra nods and walks along. He says you told me to follow your steps, switch on lights. Om sees them and removes headphone. Shivaye says dinner time, its your fav food. Rudra jokes. Shivaye asks him to shut up. Om says I know you guys came to cheer me up, sorry I want to be alone. Shivaye says we decided one for all and all for one, we won’t leave you alone, have food if you want or leave it, but we will not move from here. Shivaye and Rudra sit with him.

Everyone react and say about Shivaye’s ex girlfriend Mallika coming to stay with them. Om says I want to help her, but running is not a solution. Rudra says it means my GF can also stay in this house. Pinky says this is not possible, she can’t stay here. Jhanvi says I think this should be Shivaye’s decision. Shivaye says Mallika is wrong. Rudra says this is exciting. Anika says it will be much fun. Pinky asks what will Tia feel. Shivaye says whether she is right or wrong, I will be always there for her. Mallika walks in.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Viv4444


    |Registered Member

    Loved the background music during ishmara’s scene so beautiful.
    And the ishana actress’ acting 👏👏🔥
    The way she shouts back it was so incredible to watch

  2. Enasanjida

    😱 kya episode tgaa Ishkara. But ek baat bolu – Ishaana is really brave girl. Uski andaar himmat hain – sabka chitta khool diya, hints vi diya footage queen social worker Ridima, Rudra k barai meh joh kaha she r8 , then maha arti, ashok & his dad – correct, but shocking Shivay….
    Full episode goes 2 Ishkara. What a acting fabulous. 😄😊👍👍👍
    & i m confused Ishkara love story kya yehaa par khatam hoo gaya kya?? No any Idea. Any1 have any idea?? Abh kya next kitna week ka liya hum Ishaana ko nahi dekhaga??

    • Shaza

      It’s not the ending ..I guess it’s the starting ..maybe slowly they both will understand each other’s pain ..and I wish Omkara comes to know that what situation she was going theough and if she din give one her sis will be killed

    • Luna

      Either Om will somehow find about Ishana’s need for money and will try to help her or Shivaye will land Ishana in prison and the goons will kidnap her sister Mona. Then maybe she will take revenge from Oberois. The story can give either way I guess.

  3. Sat


    |Registered Member

    Wow , very interesting,eagerly waiting for Mallika’s entry. Love ishqbaaz😘😍😘😍. Hey guys how are you all

  4. Luna

    What an awesome episode. Just loved’s my favourite episode of Ishqbaaz till now. Today’s episode belongs to much intensity, oh God!!! I think both Om and Ishana were right in their place. I’m questioned Ishana upbringing coz her dad was also involved in conning but Ishana loosed her cool coz no one can hear bad about their family. So she was just giving the Oberoi family a reality check that if she is imperfect then they also are. Though it was not right to talk about Om’s father like that but that’s justified B coz she was angry.and its shocking that even Shivaye didn’t said anything to Ishana. Ishana turned out to be two steps ahead of Anika.

  5. ishika

    Well ok watevr ishaana said abt oberois wsnt totally wrong unfrtuntly…yes Om’s own brothr rudra cheat grls ech dy n his fthr though he is agnst him is also same..n yes their powr Is enuf to stp evn their wrng doungs to get leaked….so yes ishana ws rt bt bt No EXCUSE is enuf to hide ishanas mstake or hr greed fr mny….nt evn hr evn Anika has so mny prblms Mr thn ishana gr brthr hr evil bus she has to mnage alone n she doesn’t take a penny fr free😊….so ishana cant vb frgvn in tht snse…though I liked tdys epi cz they gave importnce to ishkara…well in a hardcore SHIVIKA FAN so irritated as surbhis entry cz ut shud bttr b cameo fr a week max….
    N one more thing I thght Shivay gnna b all ovr ishana bt he jst said hr…good tht he didn’t jump in btwn n knw whre to actually interfare
    Or may b he thought he only has a copyrt to drag push b physical arrogant rude cheap with the chalti forti disaster only Anika😂😍……so he kpt quiet😂😂

  6. Abhi

    Todays episode was little serious types..mised shivika scenes alot…Loved dadi’s supporting nature towards usual broters bonding…ishkara scenes were quite sad…bt hope that they’ll soon get together…Mallika ka entry….that’s hate shivays dialogue,,Ill be alwayz there for her…how dare he..?!he is there for anika only😝😝😝😝
    Missed shivika scenes damnly……expecting their scenes tomoro..😜😜😜

    • Shaza

      U know what …my reaction was the Same when shivaye said tat she is ryt or wrong I’ll always b der for her …I was like…when Anika is ryt also u won’t support her and she ..even if she is wrong ur gonna support her huh !? 😜😜😂

  7. Nivedha

    Fighting ishkaara was bad ..😭😭😭 but I felt very happy wen o saathiya’ s tune was played😍😍Shivaay said i will end this..but Ishkaara is just now started ..vrushika Mehta was acting realistically as a con girl with love for her family!!so cute vrushika
    She said tat anotherface should be put on in life!!tat dialoguewas apt for ishaana’s character !!she acts both as a tricky girl and also as a girl in debt😃😃nice episode

  8. Shaza

    Hi, soan di, Roz di, priya di, priya di, Riya di,Luna di ,renima di nd all …..after so much of research ..kinda like 1 whole day I was just searching abt malika’s entry as I’m super duper excited for here entry ..I got so may spoilers regarding Mallika’s entry in the Oberoi mention ..pls read the whole thing ..idk if they are true cuz there so many fake spoilers ..but I feel like atleast – 1 of these spoilers is true maybe

    Ishqbaaz: Mallika’s (Surbhi Jyoti) entry to bring new twist in Shivaay’s (Nakuul Mehta) life 
    The upcoming episode of Ishqbaaz will show new entry of Surbhi Jyoti as Mallika in Shivaay’s life.
    Mallika is Shivaay’s ex-girlfriend who had betrayed Shivaay in past, Mallika re-enters Shivaay’s life.
    Mallika comes to Oberoi mansion and seeks Shivaay’s help, Shivaay bursts out hearing this.
    Shivaay refuses to help Mallika at first, Anika-Rudra takes fun in seeing Shivaay-Mallika’s fight.
    Anika helps Mallika 

    Anika talks to Mallika and turns friend with her, Shivaay is irked seeing Anika helping Mallika.
    Let’s see what more twist will Mallika’s entry brings in Shivaay and Oberoi family’s life.
    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes. 
    Ishqbaaz: Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) shelters ex-girlfriend Mallika (Surbhi Jyoti) in Oberoi mansion 
    The upcoming episode of Ishqbaaz will show entry of runaway bride Mallika, Shivaay will be astonished.
    Mallika will runaway from her wedding and will reach Oberoi mansion to seek Shivaay’s help.
    Mallika is Shivaay’s ex-girlfriend for whom Shivaay was too serious but she ditched Shivaay.
    Mallika has returned in Shivaay’s life and asks for his help, Shivaay still has soft corner for Mallika.


    While family members including Om-Rudra are irked seeing her back in Shivaay’s life.
    Shivaay will thus decides to give shelter to Mallika in Oberoi mansion, Mallika’s entry will bring new twist.
    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes. 
    Shivaay’s (Nakuul Mehta) ex-girlfriend Mallika’s (Surbhi Jyoti) return causes hazards into Shivaay and Anika’s (Surbhi Chandana) life in Ishqbaaz
    In the upcoming episode there will be high end drama and intensity seen in the daily soap amid Shivaay and the new entrant Mallika.
    Mallika was Shivaay’s girlfriend five years back.
    Mallika has run away from her wedding which was arranged with Siddharth Vikram Rana who is also an enemy of the Oberoi family and business rival.
    With the return of Mallika back into Shivaay’s life Shivaay has gone down the memory lane five years back.
    To the surprise of the Oberoi family Shivaay announces that Mallika will stay at Oberoi mansion until Shivaay gets the clarity of Mallika’s life.
    Shivaay’s ex-girlfriend Mallika causes differences amid shivaye and Anika

    In the upcoming episode there will be high voltage drama and tragedy seen amid Shivaay and Anika’s life in the serial.
    The relation of friendship had just started amid Shivaay and Anika that again there is the new entrant in the house.
    Indeed Mallika’s entry back into Shivaay’s life would increase Shivaay and Anika’s differences more.
    It would be intresting however to watch how would Shivaay along with Anika on one side and Anika on another manage Shivaay’s wedding with Tia?

     Currently more emphasis is given to Shivaay and Anika’s emerging love life. However, soon, Shivaay’s (Nakuul Mehta)  ex girlfriend Maalika aka Surbhi Jyoti will enter Ishqbaaz as runway bride.

    Malika will run away from her wedding with Shivaay’s (Nakuul Mehta)  business rival Siddharth Vikram Rana (Karanvir Bohra) and will land up in Shivaay’s house. Malika will seek Shivaay’s support and Shivaay aka Nakul  will decide to give shelter to Malika in Oberoi Mansion. Entire Oberoi family will be shocked with Shivaay’s decision. Apparently,

    Malika will have some hidden motive behind coming back in to Shivaay’s life. We are guessing that since Siddharth and Shivaay are arch business rivals, Malika and Siddharth may have planned something against Shivaay in connivance.

    Whatever it is, Malika’s entry in Shivaay’s life will create shock waves in Ishqbaaaz. Let us know what you think about Surbhi  and Karanvir Bohra’s entry and track in Ishqbaaaz in the comments section below.

    • Shaza

      No ..yar she was just saying ….cuz he insisted her family na ..all d things were kinda true but that shivaye wala was wrong

  9. shraddha

    kamaal ki episode hai!!!!om aur ishana dono takkar ki expressions aur dialouges bol rahe the !
    aur when ishana shouted “what about u who spoke about my family?”
    this is epic!
    mujhe teenoluv stories mein ishkara ki story kuch serious aur different lag rahi hai, waiting to watch further how the story unfolds

  10. Dharhu

    Epi is awesome loved the ishkara part nd om really rocked the show both of them are correct in their own part bt ishana should nt have chosen the wrong path. If she understands the Oberoi family nd om i think she will be the luckiest person as her life partner is om naa. Nd today missed the shivika part bt anyway let them show their love story slowly then nly we can love the surprises.nd ishkara romance should be gud nd ishana should nt be a burden for the Oberoi brothers. Let their love story also start with hate bt should end with pure love

  11. Dil

    No shivika today. Very sad😂😂😂
    I m really unhappy and confused with the new track of mallika.
    Tia is already there 4 shiv. I feel this track ws. Unnecessary. So obviously tia is going to be sidelined. It doesnt make sense cause she is his fiancee.
    I hope they will not cut down on shivika scenes and increase shiv-mallika scenes.
    They should hv. Introduced a male charactr. Instead 4 anika to make shiv. Jelous.
    Why, ishkara story had a nice breakthru. Why cant they make a progress in that instead of mallika track.( sorry surbhi j. Fans no offence, its just the track.)
    Btw, did u guys notice in the precap? They are all wearing the same clothes they wore 4 festival????
    And pandith says shiv. Will get married in one week. He cant be wrong. But how???? I hope its not by mistake.😣😣😣😣

    • ishika

      Dil th epi is NT fr tdy its fr this week it ws written thre in th precap….i guess we all r thnkng wrng mallika will brng shivika clse I’m damn sure….anika will befriend her it is shwn in YouTube she WL b too hpy to see hr n WL say to hr tht tell me mallika I wl hlp u wth my chameli …iwl see tht sso 😂😂 damn Anika is love ❤

  12. tashin

    Who are ashok and roop in it? plz can anyone tell me?and what about anika’s past life? Iam new here..can anyone clear my doubts..

    • Iamsofianeak


      |Registered Member

      Roop is tej & shakti’s sister and want to take revenge but don’t know why !
      Ashok is gayateri’s husband a man who burns himself in maha aarti , and hence she tries to kill shivaye many times but fails ! there is a secret behind oberois’family…
      Anika’s past life , i just know that she has a lost sister ( i think her name is chukti ) ….

    • Shaza

      Roop is the sister of tej and shakti , tej and shakti are parents of shivaye , Omkara and Roudra …she used to steal things and used to conspire against her own family so she was thrown from Oberoi mantion ..years back..later she returned and all felt like she is positive now ..but again she disappointed them and showed her real face ..and she was negative …

      Abt Asoke…on the first ep..there was a maha aarti going on in the Oberoi mantion ..a guy ( ashoke) came and burned himself in the maha aarti cuz he did smthing bad or maybe cheated the company he was removed from the job ….so he suicided ..Gayitri is his wife and thinks that her hubby died cuz if Oberoi’s and wanna seek revenge from the Oberoi’s

      Both Gayitri and roop join hands to destroy the Oberoi’s

      I guess u should watch the older episodes of ishqbaaz on hotstar …website or app’s really interesting and I’m sure Ipu will enjoy doing so..

  13. Diya

    Finally I loved Ishkaara. What an episode!👏👏 Writers wrote Ishkaara dialogues well and both the actors did justice to their dialogues, especially Kunal Jaisingh. I don’t think Ishkaara story has ended. It has started now. Until now it was OmBela. God knows what CVs are planning but one possibility is that Om will gradually find each and every word of Ishana about his family to be true. The secret of the man burning himself at MahaArti will be exposed and Om will remember Ishana at that time. Ishana may come into his life even before that and they may share some intense scenes. That will be nice. I have a feeling that Riddhima’s truth ( I am not sure what that is🤔) will soon come out. Now Surbhi Jyoti track will start. Hope it will be fun-filled, will remove Tia from the picture, and will bring Shivika closer.

  14. Vinayak

    There will be a great twist in story when Malika comes in the life of Shivay.A hreat turmoil.
    Let us see how it affects Shivay,Anika,and Tia.
    Thanks for Telly Update.

  15. Prinsy


    |Registered Member

    Hey Guys… ☺☺
    I’m Prinsy.
    Was the silent reader before today… And thought to comment..but never did. Well..I did not regret my decision..not atleast anymore.
    Don’t think there could have been a better episode to comment.

    Loved it! Crazy about #Om. Just watch it for Om. And for #Ishkara. Mindblowing epi. I literally am not able to say anything.. #Vrunal rocked! When #Ishana left and the bg music.. WOW!! Full Score.
    My fav epi so far.

  16. Sya

    If its 3000000 i.e. 30 lakhs and Anika has to pay ₹1000 per month then it will take 250 years to pay the complete loan.. but dadi says it will take 25years… 😁😁

  17. Iamsofianeak


    |Registered Member

    I’am an arabic fan of Ishqbaaz and thanks for th written update because it helps me !
    But no one notice me or reply to my comments !
    Today’s episode was awsome as always !
    Ishkara’s acting was everything ! ishana is powerrful and strong girl lovee her !
    Om nailed it ! emotional scene & o saathiyaaa in the end…
    Precap is funny haha but guys Malika will separate shivika or make them closer ? reply plz

    • Shaza

      Hey ur Arabic !? Kaifal haal ? ( how r u )..shukran ( thnq )- that ur watching ishqbaaz ..and happy that ur watching Indian serials ..I’m from India actually ..but I I’ve in Saudi Arabia ..I know a lil ..very little of Arabic ..and I’m really glad that Arabic ppl watch Indian dramas ….btw where r u from !? Ksa only I guess ..abt malika ..idk what will happen but seems like she will not be positive also and not be Negetive also donno anything abt her role

  18. kriya

    awwwwwww so saaaaaaad i really feel it for ishaana when she says “meri family ke bare meinkuch math bolna”
    missed shivika’s cute fight

  19. Luna

    I wonder how Shivaye didnt said anything to Ishana. Ishana was lashing at Omkara and taunted the whole Oberoi family and Shivaye just asked her to leave???

    • Diya

      I think they wanted to show how scared Om and Shivaay were to see Om furious cos’ he’s usually so calm so it’s a big deal for him to shout like that. I think the idea was that in that moment Shivaay just thought of calming down On and not deal with Ishana anymore. They have hinted that it was Shivaay who brought Om out if his addiction due to his parents’ poor relationship. So Shivaay probably is very cautious and protective about Om before anything else.

    • ishika

      I thght th same actually he has th balls to fght up n b mean n physical to Anika only😂😂…..thts why in an epi Anika said evn I flood comes u wud say Anika must hv lept a tap open smwhre in th city😂

  20. Hetal

    If they are making new new entries then they should keep the show for one hour.already there are three pairs along with three Sautans.already there are so many problems.plz do something

  21. Hetal

    If they are doing this to increase trp then it’s good as aahil and sanam Jodi once rocked . hope for best.

  22. Luna

    Om is a very pretentious character. He just wants to be different from his dad . He has made a set of rules in life and wants everyone around him to follow it. He gives advice to everyone for their issues but cant handle his own issues properly. It was Om who said to Shivaye that family and background doesnt matter but here he is questioning Ishana’s family upbringing. Honestly, Om is a hypocrite.

    • Prinsy


      |Registered Member

      Hey.. I don’t think Om is a hypocrite Luna. He always says that family and background doesn’t matter for a person’s identity…but upbringing does. And he believes it was just that today he lost his cool..but still he didn’t say a word about her family actually. He just said that values and upbringing is the reason behind a person’s character. And I think he was right.
      And the reaction which he got back by ishana was perfect. I don’t feel she was wrong either.
      Sorry for the contradiction. It’s just that.. I can’t take anything against Om😘😘😘😘 but today toh he was not at all wrong. He hates lie. He was about to break 3 yrs relationship with Riddhima when he came to know ki she lied to him. So this was toh Bela..whom he barely knows.. something had to come out na.. so be it.
      BTW ..I m new here. I mean new to commenting. Not reading. ☺☺☺

  23. Luna

    With Mallika’s entry I guess Ishana will again not be seen for few episodes but Omkara is going to think about Ishana and her words will definitely haunt him.

  24. Luna

    I guess Rudra learned this casanova thing from Shivaye. Just imagine Shivaye’s ex-girlfriend, present girlfriend and future girlfriend under one roof!!!!!!! he will go crazy,lol

  25. samiksha

    the episode was intresting ithik vrushika play gud but kubal is fab in 3bro om is different itsintrestig to wach ishkaara

  26. Luna

    Today I felt that whatever Ishana did was completely justified. Its easy to say that Ishana is wrong but when people have to fill their empty stomachs they dont think what is right or wrong. No one wants to be a criminal, its the circumstances that make him criminal. When people are in need of money they cheat,steal and even kill. Ishana’s dialogue that “truth is a luxury that only rich can buy” was bang on. Though its bitter but its truth.

  27. Luna

    Guys, did u noticed that today’s episodea hinted that it may be Om who can go to vanvaas in future. He said that if he had to choose btwn truth and his family then he will choose truth and will leave everything. What do u think guys????

  28. Pritha1234


    |Registered Member

    Guys u know what ? I guess this mallika track will bring shivaay and anika closer. Not by anika getting jealous but by shivaay being angry as to how anika is getting away from him because of his past rangraliyas 😂😂😂 ex- fiancee are back and his present is going away 😂😂 if this happens then it’s going to be the best twist full of fun – comedy-lighthearted story along with intense love! Keeping fingers crossed.

    • Pritha1234


      |Registered Member

      😝😝😝😝 Obviously Ex aisi jo prblm se bhagti hai fiancee aisi jo problem hai and Anika aisi jo shivaay ko lagta hai problem hai but actually problem ki solution. Wah! Saare Rangeeniyat ka analysis karne pe yahi lagta hai ki SHIVAAY chick-problem magnet hai 😂😂😂😂😂

  29. Jazz

    I wonder how shivaay is gonna handle three girls at same time. His real love ❤️❤️❤️Anika. His would be wife tia. His ex-girlfriend mallika

  30. Roz


    |Registered Member

    Wow,,,,so excited to watch this epi,,,will comment only after watching,,,,coz after reading the update I didn’t feel that Ishana said right ..,vo kuch zyada bola,,,,Om also taunted her abt her upbringing,,,,bt still Om’s anger is justified,,,,he used to believe that a person’s background has nothing to do with his/her personality bt Ishu cheated him and broke his trust,,,,,he will never ever trust any stranger so easily(maybe)

  31. Navi

    Good morning my lovely Ishqbaaz family. .
    Shivay ka pyaar I mean uska gussa sirf anika ke liye…
    Ishaana toh anika se bhi gussewali nikli.
    Now we can see takkar ka pyaar between om and Ishaana. .

    Jhanvi was like ye log koyi ISSUE face Karne jaa rahe hai. .
    I was like ya. They were going to face ISHU. ..

  32. shivani

    wow ishu nailed it.she has just revealed oberoi truth though om is not at fault .that riddhima is worst then tia.soon om will find truth of everyone including will create rift betn oberoi brothers.I think that om will go for vanvas

  33. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    What an epi… It’s amazing.. My fav epi till date… It’s an ishkara epi.. I don’t know y I got tears while ishana spoke.. I mean that way she said to him “MERI PARIVAR KE BAARE MEI BOLNE KI AAPKO KOI RIGHT NAHI HAI”… That’s so emotional…..Guys u may feel that ishana shouldn’t have spoken when she is at fault.. But u may not disagree with her.. Bcoz each and every word she said Is 100%right. Shivaay gave the hint that ishu was right.. If she was wrong he would have not reacted calm…

    Guys chalo nacho ishkara ki love story shuru… But one thing I got from this epi is ishkara ki love story EMOTIONAL PACKAGE hoga.. I love it…

    Vrunal nailed it.. Angry young man look of om was amazing.. Loved each n every part to the core… And di bg wahoo… Official 1st scene of ishkara is rocking…

    Hii everyone.. How r u??? Wts ur take on today epi.. Share ur views…

    @RENIMA di.. Wts ur pov on tdy ishkara scene.. Eager to know it..

    • renima

      Hai priya ishqie…….how are you dear?????? today……i have to just assist my team only …… not much work…….and……about yesterday’s episode………really an emotional touching outstanding episode for ishkara……..ishana …….made me cry…….priya……each and every word she said about oberois……..a new side of ishu was revealed…….abt….rudra……who always cheat girls…….and abt sso…… who deals business with truth and honesty……but priya…….that i felt little bad…… sso is a straight forward person…….and……yaa …….he take every thing as a deal…….but ………we don’t see sso cheating a business man……..for his profession…..and i felt….sso as a strict person who always follows professsional ethics…..but apart from that……what all she said was right……especially that part……ishu ……said about….. oberois hide the raaz from all……and……about …….big culprit is not caught…….instead of it…….. we are caught…….really made me to respect the courage of ishana and the last part…….” jeene keliye ek chehre pe dusra chehra lagana padta hai aur jis din aap yeh baat samjhenge aap mujhe zarur yaad karenge mr.omkara singh oberoi”…….just she revealed the real colour of practical life of a man…….which……..omkara ……didn’t understand yet now…….Once he came to know it
      he will realise the value of Ishana……And when this will happen ishkara ishq will be on different level…..a passionate…..deep…..romance……which will portray ishq in unique way and will be a worth watch for all ishkara ishqies……..Afterall there is no gain without pain….
      And what om said about if he had a choice……..he will choose truth leaving family and all without a rethinking………was amazing……..really admire you omkara…….

      • Enasanjida

        Agree wid u Renima dear. U r8… Omkara practical lyf sai bohot jaida duur hain & jabh usa pata chalage also samaz aiygaa then he knows.
        Ishaana agaar saach ko choice karti then she lost her sister.. Then what? Tabh kya saach ka murti banaigi – Isgqbaaz fan all r crazy.. Every1 just blame Ishaana & compare Anika – Ishaana.

      • Priya15


        |Registered Member

        wahoo renima di..i agree with u di…totally u r amazing…that dialogue stole my heart..ya jab om ne kaha na i felt that he is really ideal person..but aisa rahna iss world pe possible nahi hai..yahan sach ze zyada toh log joot se sab haasil karte hai…we cant live a practical lyf..but ya thats y i say om is a ideal person of every girl..but di u thought abt one thing ishu said to om..ridhima is a big fraud than me..when om l come to know abt ridhima he l be broken alot…i mean isse bhi zyada angry young man ban jaayega ????

    • Tharu


      |Registered Member

      Agree with you priya..Ishana went apologising om. When om started taunting about her family and upbringing she couldn’t bear.that is why she told om about his family. If it was wrong shivay should have spoken against her.Actually we shouldn’t judge the people from mere appearance but from their current situation.

      • Priya15


        |Registered Member

        totally agree with u di..u know wt i came to know one thing if any people taunt ishu after seeing today epi..then one thing is sure that they didnt understand wt ishu said..bcoz ishus words was crct…jeene ke liye logon ko chahre pe chahra lagana padtha hai,..nobody can disagree with this..if they disagree then they cant live practical lyf bcoz thats reality..

    • renima

      Yes about ridhima……omkara…….can’t handle it…..if ridhima ditch him……but ……..if ishu’s statement about ridhima will become true……then ………omkara will regret for saying those bad words for ishana and am sure……that moment will be a worth watch…….

  34. Zzzz

    Okk..whatever ishana told about oberoi is true but about shivaye. …..she must apologise for that. ..l like anika better than ishana. .anika has also problems but she always try to solve in right way not like cheating or fraud. .. for me anika is brave girl not ishana. .. jo apna galti ko chupakar dusre ke bareme bolte hai ..Bo kabhi sahi nahi ho sakte hai. ..

    • shivani

      I am sorry to say .though she is at fault but riddhima is big liar and also a fraud girl.talking about anika her situation is little bit different bcoz dadi becomes her saviour.she was right if poverty comes person is not able to understand what is right and wrong I am not justifying that she is right

      • ishika

        Ofcrs Anika is strnger bcz tht is th topic a wrld whre truth is luxury as ishana said..only she cn afford tht truth being a poor evn in a more difficult situation thn ishana as an orphan… being an odd one out is more dffcult

  35. Mukta

    Nadiya di, Abzzz di, Monique di, Kat di, Renima di, Nelka di, Dil di, Shivani di, Luna di, Roz di, Rose di, Shai di, Aliya, Mishri, Sumo, Naina, Aqua, Mukti, Khushi, Disha, Priya, Ishika di, Ishika, Ishita, Sriranjani, Neha di, Asmita, Roo, Pragya, Prishu, Isha, Nida, Zuha, Devga, Yashal, Yesha, Maanvi, Rishti, Hashi, Srini, Sri, Rifa, Nivu, Smriti, Ritika, Trisha, Enansanjida di, Shaza, Gauthmi, Mary, Sruthy, Sujina, Diya, Shahabana, Chirag, Abhi, Muskaan, Shit, Sushree, Nevermind, Niyati, Krishna, Dharhu Di, Ooshi di, Sreekutty, Rani, Maleesha, Jaz, Pradishma, Haya di, Belle, Guman, Erica, Muzammil, Sat, Nisha, Pankh, Bharathi, Fatima, Kitty, Dr, Priyanka, Nabanita, Salsa, Ayushi, Anju, Dhara, Komal, Sahana, Manu, Rimjhim, Laya, Shanya, Twinkle, Athiraappu, Himagiri, Admin, Nivvu, Yashna, Zohya, Jeshna, Naaginfanforever, Nivedha, Sooryapriya, Liya, Kiki di, Ananya, Apeksha, Malu, Nithu, Harshi, Preet, Anjali, Adityakiran, Riyadcruz, Mukul, Sunanda, Nikki, Tharu di, Arya, Arya, MP, Fatarajo, Rosu, Fiddu, Ishkara, Riddhima, Hahaha, Lijitha, Swadheenta, Amy, Clincy, Pragati, Asfa, Baishali, Prathi, Asma di, Yrkkh fan, Adithi, Tarini, Parvathy, Lamsofianeak, Poooh, Heena, Piyali, Samyukta, Richu, Cheryl, Elsa, Sharmi, Devi, Nit, Nishi, Nihaarika di, Saumya, Apps, Pritha, Shreya, Shama, Shraddha, Shraddha, Anu, Anu di, Raina, Pearl, Siddhi, Vismaya, Fathi, Viv4444, Halima, Pari, Nazneen, Sonali!!!!!!!

    How are u all??? All good??????

  36. Mukta

    @NAZNEEN DI I’m sorry I couldn’t reply u yesterday. Actually di I got some work so I was a lil busy and didn’t get time to comment here!!!!!!! It doesn’t mean that u r not our friend, rather u r our family member!!!!!! Welcome di to the group of Ishqbaaz Minions!!!!!!! Keep commenting!!!!!!!! And di I’m not doing Engineering!!!!!!! I’m B.Sc. first year student!!!!!!!! Sorry once again!!!!!!!

  37. Mukta


    Don’t look back and despair!!!!!!
    Rather look forward and prepare!!!!!!!!!


  38. Aashna57

    Amazing VruNal, u guys killed it,I felt ishana is helpless,but Om shudnt have.brought her fam into thid

  39. Prinsy


    |Registered Member

    By the way.. was that just me who felt something when Om took Ishana’s name for the first name. “Tmhe Bela bulaaun ya ISHANA”. I mean…😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
    And when she left I felt the should hv been a scene of Om alone in frame watching her.. like Shivaaye should have been a bit Ishana was alone in the frame. But situation was like that..

  40. arshi

    U know in this show no one is actually wrong…its only their thought processes…ridhima thinks she loves om but reality is they are more of good friends…ishana thinks she is interested in om’s bank balance but actually she is more interested in in om…God!!! Omkara is such a sweetheart to the core!!!#omkara singh oberoi# ishana# ishkara #crazy fan #ishqbaaz…☺😊

  41. Diya

    I am thinking Ishana’s dad is not her real dad. Both she and Mona are adopted and the dad is a bit of a loser who lives off his girls although he is not mean to them. He was the one who urged Ishana to dupe Om when she was reluctant cos she liked him. Could Ishana be Anika’s younger sister? And Ashok, the man who burned himself knew some secret related to Anika’s parents. I have a feeling that Ishana will now try to find out the truth about Ashok and will find out about Tej’s dirty past and maybe her own family? Mallika will probably bring Shivika closer and will lead to This breaking up with Shivaay.

  42. Haya123


    |Registered Member

    hLooo GOOD MRNGZZZ to ALL ishqiesss.. 🙂
    The worthful scene is iskaraaa’z converstion.. woww… nice ,both were nailed it..
    I thnk om’z anger is justified.. bcoz,, she knew that he is soo innocent in mind and he dn’t support LIE.. HOw could she can talk like this.. abt ruDRA AND shivay.. ??
    buT i REALLY missd shivkaa”zz nok jok and romance 🙁 Bt it’z kk ,, today’ss epi was DEdicated to ISHKARA fanzzz… 😛

    • NadiyaShah32


      |Registered Member

      Me too Haya😔😭😭😭
      They #Shivika I mean r my lifelines…Missed them n love them loads..😘☺️😌
      Hope Ishkara story won’t get a big pause fr two weeks again,as after that showdown Ishana n Om ain’t meeting ny time soon!!!😣😖😤

  43. Shivani


    |Registered Member

    those who are comparing anika and ishana should know this . anika is portrayed in different way .billu ji is concerned with surname with bank balance while anika believe a person should be known by it’s hard is a straightforward person ,he can also leave his family for truth while ishana can go to any extent to save her famliy even she can speak lie for that .she is dishonest but she will love for what he is not for his status or it’s money

    • Pritha1234


      |Registered Member

      I disagree dear. I think Ishana and Anika can be compared in a minor way. Anika is shown as a very strong character, and very hardworking , she has only seen pain and loss from childhood but yet she has a good sense of character she walks with pride whatever may be her state and always talks the truth just like potrayed a bit yesterday in the scene where she directly told dadi that 30lakhs rupees is wasted by my bua m not having any. Not only this whenever something good or bad she does she straight away says it. But ishana I understand has a major problem but u too know there are ways to tackle she has come up with better and safe ideas and moreover she is shown to love money. Conning is never a right choice never in any way. Anika fights and Ishana too, but thier paths are very different

    • shahabana

      I dntknw if its good compare two ppls bcz everyone has different personality and different wayas to handle the problems. I knw both anika and ishana has their own problems both of them are handling its in their own ways. Im really appreciate both of them for what they are doing for their family but for me anika is better than ishana bcz anika is a good role model for every grl bcz she doesn’t choose any wrong path for her problems and she always stands with her truth and reality she doesn’t care for anyone she just lisnts her heart and she proud of herself thats i like her verymuch. Even omkara also likes anikas these qualities and now shivaye also falling for anikas personality.enyways this is my thought if anyone is disagree with me then imsorry.

  44. Shivani


    |Registered Member

    mallaika is going to enter oberoid mantion and she is going to create rift amid anika and shivay .it seems that upcoming episodes are going to be high voltage

  45. Haya123


    |Registered Member

    I really felt soo bad for shivikaaaaaaaa.. If gul khan want surbi jyoti’zz face in her serial then i thnk she should start another serial with surbi jyoti as a main lead .. Right now.,, there is so many characters were in ISHQBAAZZZ .. And all 3 BROTHERS hav 2 girls in opposite.. !@#$
    But now one more girl’s entry in shivaay’s life,,, wat RUBBISH.. ??????? @#$$%^&*
    Thereby in coming episodes shivika”zzzz scenes get REDUCE.. omgggggggg … I’m feels sooooooo sadddddddddddd…
    heyyy guyzzzzzzzzz ..
    Niviii,Reniidi,Priya,Piyali,Neha,Mukta,Tharu,Shivani,Sat,Nadiya,Roz,Rosu,Nelka,Shaza,Diya,Prathi,KiKI,Kat,Monique,Rose,Fatarajo,Lamsofianeak,Belle,Aliya,Mishri,Ooshi,Neha,… ETcc
    Friendss ,, i’M SORRY .. If i FORGOT any NAMES..,forgive, i’m bad in this case..
    wt’s happening in ishqbaazzz…. ??????? 🙁 🙁

      • Haya123


        |Registered Member

        This is gul khan’z idea to raise TRP of ishqbaazz.. THEN ,, i thnk this is one of the WORSE idea.. [email protected]$%^&3##

    • shahabana

      Lets hope for best haya dr, i think they are brnging surabi jyothi for increase trp, i dnt think its wrong they expect gd trp, but i tooo dnt want it will effect shivika they where awsome already.

    • Tharu


      |Registered Member

      I think gul khan wants surbi jyoti in her every serial just like in qubool hai.
      Hi..I was busy with my are you dear?

    • NadiyaShah32


      |Registered Member

      JUST pray that Anika n Ishana shud b long lost sisters cz I don’t want ny new female entry int his show now or in future..It will create a mess!!!!

  46. neha

    Good morning all !!😃
    Kunal and Vrushikka deserve claps for their yesternight’s acting.😃
    The way Om placed the cups(with bangs) on the table clearly showed anger. When he poured tea into the cups while ishana talked for so long, i was beginning to wonder whether that was a cup or pot because it overflowed after a ridiculously long time.😁😉😁
    After this episode, it’s pretty clear that Om will leave his family(vanvaas).
    Although he is a real darling but only few can deny the fact that HE IS NOT A PRACTICAL MAN..!! If any man in real life sticks to such principles, his life will never be happy. I admire Omkara so don’t want him to lead an unhappy life😢
    I still can’t understand ishana….is she really bad or cvs are suddenly trying to show her good..??
    She seems educated and is a good dancer….she can fight back GAREEBI(poverty) by earning modestly and also she has got a family; an adult sister to support….still she yelled at Om and blamed anyone and everyone. Unlike her, an uneducated Anika supports her brother and herself by running a canteen(a work that she can handle well).
    Vrushika looks pretty in all outfits😁.
    Anika and dadi are like real dadi-grand daughter.😍

    Missed SHIVIKA scenes badly…perhaps the only episode where no shivika nok jhok.😁
    Rudra is a stressbuster😍

    • renima

      Hey neha ishqie, how can you say anika is an uneducated person…….just because she don’t know much english……..she is a brave girl and honest person……about ishana…….i already told…….pls don’t judge her character………the way ishana and anika choose for life are entirely different………situations……..make one person to do certain things…….apart from blaming sso i don’t felt anything wrong in ishana’s statement…… about anika…..a matured girl……a responsible person……..who is grateful to sahil’s parents because they adopted her…….and seriously she take life as a challenge……and always tried to defeat it ………which is really inspiring………ishana’s situations made her as a con girl…….and ……what she did to omkara is not right……and she is a dancer……that’s right……but she didn’t get a platform for her talent…… when she hardly struggles for money………she just need it……as it’s necessity……so she may not have think about her dance…….or becoming a dancer……..and yesterday’s incident…….might striked her mind……and ………may be she will stop conning and will try for a job……’s just my view ishqie……sorry

    • renima

      And of course……yesterday…….shivika scenes was missing……but…….with malika’s entry……we can see lot of things…….i felt malika’s character will be negative……she ran from her own wedding with rana …….must be rana and malika’s plan to trap sso……..and anika will again help sso…..and sso……will seriously start liking anika……..i guess so…..

  47. neha

    Hye Haya123😃!!!
    I also feel the same dear. Mallika’s entry will reduce shivika scenes. I think she will create a rift between shivay and anika. As punditji said billu will get married in a month and ofcourse his bride will be anika…but stories in daily soaps are not so straight forward.
    Maybe their’s will be a forced marriage… just like is pyaar ko kya naam doon. Honestly don’t want the track to go that way because that would be repetition and dragging.
    Fingers crossed 😃

  48. renima

    Hey my sizzling ishqies…..Good morning & Have a nice day ishqies………
    RIDHI,ADMIN,NIVEDHA…….How are you allllll?????????

  49. Nithu

    Feeling sad for Iskara… I don’t think Ishana would caught so early… There is no clue, how om going to forgive ishana… bcz he hate liars… I wish they could patch up soon… waiting for ishkara…

  50. shahabana

    Helloooo gd mrng to all my sweet ishqbaazians. Anyways episode is full of emotional,i dnt knw whom to support omkara or ishana. Both are correct in their places.omkara has full rights to burst out his anger with ishana bcz she played with his emotions its not easy to him forgot about her lies bcz he hates lies verymuch.and ishana also her own reason to doing to all this game plans bcz she is doing this to protect her sister but that not means she can play with anyone’s emotions.but what is the need to her tel that much to omkara thats not fair bcz he always takes stand for truth. He never support his fathers wrong doings and he always advices both shivaye and rudra to not do aby wrong things. Anyways this is the base for ishkaras love hate story. Hmmm mallika also entering shivayes life how he can manage three grlsyar ohhhhhh no plsss anyone help poor billuji. Hmmmmm malika will create so much drama in shivikas love story. Hmmmmm waiting for more ishqbaaz. Love u shivika ishkara rumya.

  51. renima

    ISHKARA FANS……..the best ishkara episode for all ishkara fans……..really worthwatch………
    “Duniya mein jeene ke liye ek chehre par doosra chehra lagana padta hai….aur jis din aap yeh baat samjhenje aap mujhe zaroor yaad karenge Mr.Omkara Singh Oberoi”……..this dialogue touched me a lot……..ishana……..said was absolutely right………

  52. renima

    I just want to say pls don’t compare anika and ishana…..both are leading ladies of ishqbaaaz….
    the way both of them handles life is quite different from another……
    I really respect Anika for her hard work, sincerity and bravery……Remeber what she said to sso when he offered the blank cheque …….” Meri Zindagi ne aaj tak mujhe hara nahi paayi toh aap kya mujhe harayenge????”……that’s enough to prove Anika’s value…..she is a great inspiration for girls….her each decision….to quit job……when sso …..behaved rudely and blamed her was absolutely right…..because if sso can’t understand her dedication to profession…..then why should she be there??? there is no need to prove anybody what i am… mind, my identity knows it……so hats off to anika…..
    Ishana…..of course ……she is a con girl…….and ……what she did to om……is not fair…….But
    yesterday she appologised and made clear that when poverty comes, a common girl like her has to leave truth…..and …….situations……made the thing worse…….for survival ……..she has to put another face on reality……. she represented the voice of common people…….. and she said…..she don’t care what oberois think about her, what sheis….. Because we don’t have to prove anybody ……what we are…..that’s enough…… so both anika and ishana are good……difference is just the way they choose for dealing life…… my humble request to all
    my lovely shivika ishika ishqies……pls don’t compare them…..just accept them what they are……Sorry if i hurt anybody…..

  53. Rosu 25

    Emotional episode….. It’s true that ishana cheated Om…’s anger is quite natural….. He has the right to scold her….questioned her….because he hates lies…..big or small lies are lies……but he should not have brought her family to this issue….. Ishana gets angry only when he said about her family….the one who loves their family wont spare that….even om gets angry when she said about shivay and rudra…..
    Now they hate each other….whats next……worried for ishkara😔

  54. ishika

    Anika and ishana r diff. Yes smwhre u can say wat paths they chose is th main still human nature r diff so we cnt jst cmpare them……yes I wl support Anika ofcrs bcz of mny rsns
    Frst she is a girl who has strtd struggling since childhood without evn hvng a roof of hr own as its sahils house
    She is living fr sahil who isn’t evn hr biolhgcl brothr
    The only family she can count to is sahil n bua..whre bua is inhuman in nature😒
    HR brthr is hndcpd she wrks daynght fr his wellbeing still still still doesn’t take money tht is of hr hardwrk…
    She nvr jstify hr wrng doings though she nva did one😏
    She has also fought fr HR selfrespct wth sso bt being a low class girl as shivay said she nva went down to a mean level…
    Ishana judged Om’s brthrs though rudra prt ws rt
    Anika bt nva Eva talked abt sso family evn whn sso Sai abt HR parents..she said tht his family is too good bt he cudnt adapt their teachings!!;
    Ishana has alwys conned ppl unfrtunetly yes bcz hr fathr infuenced she has a supprt as sis n dad bt Anika didn’t… hr excuse wsnt totally jusifed…though he blame on oberois power n tej ws true I feel …still ppl deal dfrntly wth prblms so we cnt judge totally😊

  55. Pragya

    To b frank ….oi was happy that ishana truth to come out. …….in front of Om…….i want Om to fell for her as ishana….not has bela mala… the story will kick start………it will be cute story i guess…….coming to shivika…day before yesterday the Shivay s smile was cute m…..i couldn’t take of my eyes from the scene……plz don’t side line Anika…plz

  56. renima









  57. Kiki


    |Registered Member

    Hi friends…. yesterday episode was emotional. Om’s anger is justified. I felt sad for Ishana too. But I think she has to say sorry to Shivaay. I don’t think our Billu is a dishonest person. Anyway Ishkara’s love story going to start….
    How Shivaay is going to manage 3 girls. I don’t want any rift between Oberoi brothers or shivika because of Mallika.

  58. renima

    I don’t understand why they are showing mallika’s entry……..already two ladies…….but from the spoiler ………she ran from rana’s marriage… rivalry of sso…… i guess ……..we can see a class villain ………for sso………karanvir is an amazing actor……….. and i feel malaika’s character will be negative……..she just reached sso…….not for help…….i mean ……..she has hidden motive………..i think so…….let us wait and watch…….

    • Shaza

      Even I guess she is having a hidden motive ..and in many spoilers it’s said that she maybe negetive …but I hope she make shivika closer and don’t separate them per the shots seems like shivaye still have a soft corner for Malika 😡

  59. Aanjali

    yesterday episode was emotional. i felt bad for om and ishana reasons not justified.. i dont like her.. n his dad was wrong so goons trouble her n her sister.. so first ishana teach her dad then say to om.. she know about om and his behave but after knowing she cheated him.. its too bad .. ishana like “ek to chori upar se sina jori’ .. yes she said little right but not completly.she has no right to said lot of about om cos her dad was wrong so she n her sis suffer and ishana hide her wrong doings ..anika also have lot of problem but she have good upbringing and om was right.. its depend on upbringing.. all have two path wrong n right its depend on us.. we choose right or wrong

    • shahabana

      Im agree with u anjali for me omkara is right and ishana is wrong. For family’s needs or anything but cheating is cheating. SSO is rude i knw but he is not fraud like ishana. Ishana is in this problem bcz of her dads stupidity not bcz of oberoi family, so she doesn’t had any right to insult or cheat oberoi family. And whats wrong in it omkara saying about ishanas upbringing, her dad is her teacher in this all cheatings and game plans. For me omkara is right and ishana is wrong. And coming to sso he is bad only for anika not for ishana. And rudra flurts with stupid grls thats not big issue .grls are with rudra bcz he is rich. So i cnnt stand with ishana for her thought about oberoi brothers.

      • shahabana

        Heyyy shivani dr im not supporting riddhima in her lies i dnt like riddhima also, and coming to anika she wont lie like ishana bcz she lives with truth. Omkara and anika are same type they cnt play with ppls emotions. If u are compared ishu with shivaye then its justified bcz even i hated shivaye when he tries buy anika with his money power. For me wrong is wrong dr. I cnt stand with wrong k. I knw ishana lied for her family but what is the need to she justifie her wrong doings infront of omkara. She could accepted her sorry if u herted with my comments but i just told whts in my heart bcz for me wrong is wrong and right is right. I cnt stand with the thought everything is fair in love and war.

  60. renima


  61. Enasanjida

    Ishqbaaz fan all r mad. Every1 just blame Ishaana. & also conpare Anika – Ishaana.
    R u all Mad? True kehna chahiya, bolna chahiya thaa… Agaar saach bolti toh she lost her sister. Ishaana apni sister koh lost karna nahi chah tah tha.. Omkara nyc person.. Omkara jaisa kitna person joh nyc hoga. So, thats why Ishaana thinking & told lie.& also yesterday epis. Ishaana expose hona ka baad – kuch nahi bola. If Omkara don’t tell her family parvarish.. Then she left. But Omkara say & that’s why Ishaana get very 😡 angry. Uski maan meh joh thaa wohi bola 😇 all say r true widout Shivay ( confused)
    2. Just compare Anika – Ishaana. Why r u all conpare? Yaad karo sabhlog – jabh Shivay neh Anika sabh kuch chin liya 😠😠 anika ka cabteen, Sahil ka custody then home.
    Home lost hona ka daar 😰 meh Anika jukh gaya Shivay k samna. Then Dadi help her ( If Dadi not call her, then Anika – Shivay k samnaii jukkar rehti) 😎😎 so, 4nds don’t blame any1. Sitution ka karan aisa lag raha hain Ishaana bad… But Ishaana has golden heart..& Ishaana ka 3 corer is not 30lac.

    • disha

      agree with u Ishana ke intensions galat nahi hai uski situation galat hai Ishana ne apni family ke liye kiya nd am sure when will om know ishana family situation he forgive ishana and help him

  62. Luna

    Guys, plz dont compare Anika with Ishana. Ishana has faced way more issues than Anika. Anika is an orphan but she was adopted by Sahil’s parents and she had food and shelter before she started to earn. But Ishana is actually the head of his family as his father is a gambler and drunkyard. He didnt taught her anything except conning people. Also Ishana has a debt of 3 crores and no common girl can arrange this much amount in a short period of time without robbing or stealing. If in future Anika gets in need of money and she had to save Sahil then she will also follow an unethical path.

  63. Luna

    Guys, Ishana didnt said anything wrong about Shivaye. Businessmen are not saints. They dont run their business without any unethical means.

  64. shahabana

    Im not telling ishana is full of wrong but just imagine omkaras situation guyz. His heart is like kids heart just pure…… Shivaye told him to act infront of ishana to bring her truth out but he doesn’t act infront of her much… Bcz he doesn’t knw to cheat ppls and lie….u guyz lisnd what shivaye told rudra that omkara doesn’t lie… that is omkara he is such a sweet heart then how can he bear ishanas this big lie and fraud so im with omkara for me he is true and honest personality. So in this show i like all 6 leads but best is definitely anika and omkara .anyways i missed my shivika verymuch.

  65. Shivani


    |Registered Member

    what if anika becomes con girl instead of .anyone colud have their pastpast.she has misunderstanding.don’t compare ishana she has different situation .they want to show that no one is total will accept her soon

    • Tharu


      |Registered Member

      Yes dear.Anika and Ishana both are in different situations.We can’t compare them. There no person who is completely right and completely wrong.Every person has both good and bad quality.

  66. disha

    very emotional episode Ishana is right om have no right for tell bad for Ishana’s family. ishkara part made me like cry.I strongly feel this is starting of Ishkara love story.

    • Enasanjida

      Agree wid. Om neh usa expose kiya.. Ishaana sabh kuch mana, feeling guilty & say Sorry also.. But Om ko aisa family ka barai meh nahi chahiya tha.. Just say “Action 2 Reaction” Om neh bula Ishaana angry😡 hua – dono neh dono ko sunaii 😂

  67. Shivani


    |Registered Member

    I am sorry if I have offended anyone.ishana will change byvthis incident may be.please don’t compare ishkara love story with shivika if everyone have same story then there will be no essance left in the show.raumya and shivika have quite similiar story.

  68. renima

    I just want to say …….anika and ishana both are nice girls……and…….what ishu said about sso…..i feel that’s not right……because ……cv’s doesn’t show any scene where sso cheated any client or business man……like that….but else what ishu told about rudra was right…..and about idealism also…..we know om is good at heart……but his dad……seems he is hiding so many things from his family… many times sso asked him…..because sso…..really takes care off his family…..and ishana burst out…..since om said about parvarish, culture and family…… ishana can’t tolerate that……and…..the way she choose for life…..just because if necessity is the priority…..we can’t judge what is right and what is wrong…..which made her a congirl…….. remeber….sso’s chopper incident…. ishu became very upset and worried for omkara….ishana’s dad is much depressed with life as he saw his own life’s failure and he did not have a mind to think about other’s failure …. ishana’s dad told this to ishana…..but yet she was worried for omkara…..and she rushed to oberoi mansion…… and…….she just reveled the reality before omkara….and ……there is no need to prove what she is……
    Anika….she is a responsible person…..for sahil….as sahil’s parents adopted her……and…..sahil’s parents were not like ishana’s dad…..and…..anika works very hard to give sahil the best of all……she is so bold……and faces all challenges very bravely…..her dedication to the profeesion, her identity, her name…….without a surname ……and background…..itself shows that she is very strong…….so she no need to prove anybody what they think about her….
    so instead of comparing anika and ishana …….we should try to admire there courage…..ISHQIES….

  69. neha

    Hey Renima didi😃!!
    I know you are a die hard ishkara fan😍 and i am a crazy shivika fan😘

    In serials where we have multiple leads, a clash of choices and opinions is common. Neither of us is wrong. 😃😃
    Maybe my liking for Omkara is making me see her “To Be Wife Ishana” as a NOT SO GOOD girl….hahaha😁😁
    Love you😍😘

    • renima

      Neha ishqie…..i just felt upset because you are a shivika fan and how you can say anika as an uneducated girl……that’s all……i really like shivika ………just today everybody is comparing anika and ishana……just …..i want to say both of them are courageous……we should appreciate their boldness instead of arguing or finding their faults……that’s all……though am an ishkara fan…..when beautiful shivika moments are telecasted…..i always tried to comment about it…..
      ok…..and i agree that we all have multiple leads, different choices and all……but ishq is the common factor……and ishq for shivika, ishkara and rumya……and for you also ishqie……

  70. Shivani


    |Registered Member

    why we are fighting .we just love all three .all the three are awesome.enasanjida dear calm down why we are becoming bagad billa.if anyone doesn’t like their choice but if what ishana said is true then om will get hurt more

    • renima

      OH my sweet Mukta ishqie…..Thankyou so much and……no need of sorry……ishqie……today am not busy……as i have less work… am able 2 comment…….but it will not be possible for daily naa……so time doesn’t matter…….when ishqies comments ……..our family will get more attatched to each other… you ishqie…..

  71. renima

    Exactly ISHQIES…..the three couples shivika, ishkara and rumya are the stars of the show……
    Just love them…..and ………comment on them……instead of arguing each other……..

    • Haya123


      |Registered Member

      i’M REALLY felt sooo funny ,,, 😛 😀
      ALL hav their on view pointss.. sometimes it may wrong for someones,bt sometimes it may right for someones 😀
      i’M NOT blaming any one.. 🙂 chillll guyzzz,, CHill ..:)

  72. NazneenSyed

    @Renima di It’s awesome di.You are really creative.Sorry for commenting late Di because I just now from college

    • renima

      Thank you nazneen …….and no need of sorry dear ishqie…….some times due to work load even i will not be able 2 comment………it’s alright…..time doesn’t matter……when ishqies will comment…….our family will become more closer and closer……..

  73. renima

    SHIVIKA = Shining stars stands for each other known or unknown

    Holded all emotions in eyes without expressing anything

    Indirectly or directly just want the presence of the other

    Keen to make a new start to sort out all the differences

    Amidst of every thing ishqbaaz has rised: it’s time to say

    For all SHIVIKA FANS…..Hope you like it…

  74. NadiyaShah32


    |Registered Member

    Ishana oh I Felt terrible fr her n fr our Om too…
    Ishkara nailed it today!!
    The pain. the angst everything was bang on!!!👏🙌👍
    But nw i am thoughtful as to how Ishu will retuen in Om’s life🤔🤔🤔
    They have turned arch enemies!!!
    N shivaay lol!! wasn’t able to utter even a single wrd infront of Ishana 😂😂😂😂
    Aisay toh apni panika kae samnae sirf tadi martay rehtay hain😃😉😉
    No shivika moment 😕😕☹️but thaz alright…Thankfully all the 3 couples r progressing n thaz important..👍

  75. shahabana

    Im sorry guyz if i hurted anyone with my comments, i dnt had any intension to hurt anyone i just told my openion bcz im like that only i just thought to share my openion….im not hater of ishana i know she is also one of the lead….but comparing ishana and anika its normal….in reality life also ppl always compares one with another then whats a big deal…..i knw every ppl has both positive and negetive sides including me also…. I just told im not liking ishana bcz she want to justifie her fault so if anyone is feeling bad about my comments then im really sorrryyyyyy…..i like all three couples verymuch becz they are spcl unlike other stupid shows…..soorryyyy once again bcz i dnt want this fan page become like another swaragini fan page

    • Shivani


      |Registered Member

      m sry too for hurting your comments .when I saw through your perspective I realised that you are also true that by cheating we can’t get anything

      • shahabana

        Dnt be sorry shivani dr, its k bcz every ppl has their own thoughts and choice be cool k afterall we are from same family ishqbaaz……love u guyz keep positivity including me also

  76. NazneenSyed

    Hamari Ishana(Vrushika Mehta)Ka real boyfriend ka naam Shantanu hai.Voh jhalak dikhlaja ka contestant hai.

  77. Shivani


    |Registered Member

    it is said that opposite always attract so as for ishkara .I know om and ishana that
    they both were wrong at some point and love will blossom.I must say ishana is looking pretty in this dress .

  78. disha

    please don’t fight
    All 3 couples are Best
    Om and Ishana both are right
    only situation is wrong
    and all are family na so please don’t fight

  79. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    guys can anybody say me y u people r comparing ishu and anika???i mean yeh kahan se shuru hua???i m confused..and ya say me y u people r thinking ishu is wrong???jab anika ne shivay ko bahut kuch koi nahi muh khola anika ko galat bolne ke liye????phir ab kyun????..and ya one more thing 30 lakhs and 3 crores mei pharak kuch zyada hai..

    pls anybody clear my doubt..kahan se shuru hua anika aur ishana ka comparison???

    • Enasanjida

      R8 Priya.. Yesterday k episode dekhna baad sabhlog fcbk, telleupdate, social jitna site main comparing Ishaana-Anika.😊
      Humlog compare nah karo.. Lead actress hain positive & energytic role hoga..
      But 3 jodi ka ek dusra larna peh sabsa mahir hain.. Unexpected thaa Omkara laraigaa.. But yup Omkara did. I m excited 2 watch their love story. & also Ridima ( jabh Ishaana kaha blo*dy social worker ) i think kuch toh Ishana neh dekha hoga which was very bad.

  80. mishri

    HEAR HEAR HEAR!!!calm down sisters….and plzzz dnt tel anythn 2 ishaana…situations made her bitter…so guyz y dont v just curse the 3 snakewas instead….GAYATHRI ROOP AND SNAKE!!!😈😈😠😠😠😠..AND wat abt mallika???z she gng 2 delay shivika love??????any spoilers???

  81. renima

    Please stop arguing and comparing anika and ishana…….i beg you….for god sake…..pls stop fighting…….ISHQIES…….Respect the courage of ishana and anika ……..we should admire it……
    May be we all have different views, comments, personal likes…….but apart from that …….just try to give a criticism based view or opinion …….not like ……..arguments…….and i can’t see my lovely ishqies…….fighting like these…….like oberois…….we are one for all and all for one……

  82. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    OMG what an episode 😱😱😱😱 i saw it so many times couldn’t see the actual episode as i was on flight and when i came and after very Long like at 12.30am i on the tv i saw that ishkara scene 😍😍😍😍 and i saw the repeats twice today 😍😍 i thought i will miss this epi 😅 Best epi for ishkara and wow thank god Omkara got to know Ishana reality before he fall in love with her now ishkara love story more interesting 👌Love u ishkara 😍😍 for last 4-5 days all saying where is ishkara why their story not starting here is the Answer 👍

  83. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    I have a request to all ishqbaaz fans please don’t be like swaragini fans who always fight over swara and ragini now don’t start fighting over Anika and Ishana it’s just a show 👌

    • Haya123


      |Registered Member

      U r right… I hate such comparison.. All characters hav their own attitude nd passion…
      hey fatarajoo.. i KNOW vry well OUR ISHqies WILL NEVER ARGUING like immature SWARGINI FAN’ZZ 🙂

    • renima

      how are you dear???

  84. Nivedha

    How are u all ishqbaaazians
    No more fights
    O my mata !!
    Love both ishana and anika
    Bcuz we are ishqbaaazians right😍😍

  85. renima


















  86. renima

    TU ISHQIE…..Please post it soon…..just i want all my ishqies to stay happy……that’s why i wrote those lines……i think after reading that lines ……ishqies will stop arguing each other…..i tried my level best to ensure the value of both shivka and ishkara…….just want to see all ishqies happy…..pls post it soon tu ishqie……

  87. shahabana

    Guyz trp is out its 1.9 and in top8.kasam trp some are telling its 2.1 but another imfrmtion is its 1.9 anyways guyz itshqbaaz trp is increasing hope next it will be better than kasam. Yhm trp is increased its in top3 2.7
    3.shakthi and yhm
    4.tharak mehtha

  88. renima

    oh my god!!! tu ishqie…..moderate comments……..make it fast…..please…….i just want to know the view of ishkara and shivika ishqies…..

  89. Shaza

    Hi guys ..another spoiler

    Home › Gossip › Ishqbaaz › Shivaay And Mallika
    Ishqbaaz: Mallika returns to take revenge from Shivaay Upcoming Future Story

    Thursday, September 01 2016
    Ishqbaaz: Mallika returns to take revenge from Shivaay

    Ishqbaaz: Mallika (Surbhi Jyoti) turns out to be rivals puppet against Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta)

    The upcoming episode of Ishqbaaz will show new entry of Shivaay’s girlfriend Mallika.

    Mallika will be a runaway bride who comes for help to Shivaay, Oberoi family is stunned seeing it.

    Mallika runs away from her wedding and comes to Shivaay, things will get more complicated when Shivaay will find truth.

    Shivaay will find that Mallika was marry his rival Siddharth, and ditched him for Siddharth.

    Shivaay helps Mallika

    Shivaay will keep old things side and decides to help Mallika in this matter.

    While Mallika would have returned in Shivaay’s life with evil motive to take revenge.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

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    » Ishqbaaz: Shivaay irked as Anika turns friend with Mallika

    » Ishqbaaz: Shivaay’s ex-girlfriend Mallika’s re-enters his life

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