Ishqbaaz 30th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 30th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika says Dadi I will leave. Dadi asks how will you go at night. Om says I will drop her. Shivaye says why will you, I m here, I will drop her. Om says Anika, Shivaye will drop you. Dadi asks them to carefully go. Anika and Shivaye look at each other. Rudra and Om smile. O jaana……plays…………

Some time before, Anika is working. Rudra goes to her and says you are working since morning and did not had lunch, have tea. She thanks him. She asks what happened. He asks are you fine. She says no. He says you know everyone says share chocolate icecream or heart thing with Rudra, you don’t have chocolate icecream, so share what’s in your heart, why are you worried. She says there is so much work left, if anything gets less in Billu ji’s marriage because of me, Billu ji will take my life.

He says you are really good. She asks did you know this today. He says no, on first day itself, thanks for breaking Shivaye’s car glass, throwing cow dung at him, coming in the box and got behind curtain, then came in our house to work, thanks, Dadi says if anyone comes in our life, its by some reason, you also came in Shivaye’s life by some reason.

Tia says mom is not here, I really need here, Robin pass the pearl set, not this one. Robin passes the pearl set. She thanks him. He asks her why is she doing this marriage. She says got God’s sake, we did this argument thousand times, I told you this marriage is very important for us, why don’t you understand, please don’t start this discussion again, I m feeling so bad to pressurize Shivaye, we are forcing him for marriage, don’t know what is he thinking about me.

Rudra says I mean, in our lives. Anika asks are you not getting so senti, what do you want. He says nothing, I don’t want anything, today we will do something for you. She asks what. Priyanka and Om come. Priyanka says I know you got busy in work today and did not get time to buy anything for yourself. Om says exactly, we did your shopping. Anika says I m not guest, I work here, it does not matter what I wear. Rudra, Priyanka and Om say but it matters to us, please take this, don’t refuse. Anika says thanks, I can’t take this. Om says when friends give something, you should smile and take it, friends may or may not feel bad, but friendship feels bad.

Rudra says great, do you have any answer now, that’s why I kept this long hair human at home. Om pats on his head. They all request her. Anika takes the gift and says Rudra was saying right, you all came in my life by some reason, you all are really good, your family is window breaking, I will not forget you all. Rudra asks why are you giving good bye speech. Shivaye looks on. Anika says its good bye, Billu ji will get married tomorrow, my work will get over, then I won’t come here. She cries and asks you won’t forget me right? She turns and sees Shivaye. O jaana……plays…… They all see Shivaye standing far. Shivaye turns away and goes.

Shivaye looks at the pool and recalls Anika’s words. He recalls their moments in the pool, the party dance and that cute moment. Tia calls Shivaye. Shivaye says whats wrong with me, and answers the call. Tia says I m happy with whatever is happening, but I m sorry for the way its happening. He says its alright, I m happy its small and simple marriage. She says yes, I can’t believe we are marrying tomorrow. He walks out.

Pinky likes the mandap and says its so beautiful. Jhanvi says yes, its pretty. Dadi smiles. Pinky says if Shakti was here, I would have taken wounds again. She cries. Jhanvi asks what happened. Pinky says I m feeling strange, its our only son’s marriage and Shakti is not here. Dadi says don’t worry, Tej and Shakti went to visit Mata Rani, when they return, we will do marriage again with all rituals in grand way. Pinky asks really, you are right, do mothers get sad in son’s marriage, Anika you have great talent, you decorated the big mandap in beautiful style in so less time. Shivaye talks to Tia and says if it was big marriage, press and media would have come, right now, I don’t want that. Pinky asks Shivaye to see the beautiful mandap.

Anika turns to see him. Shivaye says I will see you tomorrow Tia. Tia says ya, anyways bye. He ends call and looks at Anika standing in the mandap. Music plays…… Dadi says say it… he asks what. Dadi says Anika decorated mandap well right. He says ya right. Anika gets down and tells Dadi that she will leave. Dadi asks how will you go at night. Anika asks Dadi not to worry. Om comes and says I will drop her. Shivaye asks why will you drop, I m here. Om asks what. Shivaye looks at Anika. Shivaye says I mean, her house lanes are very confusing, so…. You will get lost in the lanes, I will go and drop her. Om says I will get lost, you are right, you drop her. Om says Anika, Shivaye will drop you. Rudra says yes, go with Shivaye, and Bhaiya take care of her. Dadi asks Anika and Shivaye to go carefully.

Jhanvi says Pinky, we have to decide Tia’s dresses, come. Pinky says yes, we forgot. They leave. Anika goes to Shivaye. Om and Rudra silently see….. and smile. Shivaye and Anika look at each other. Om asks Rudra whats happening. Rudra says don’t know. Shivaye and Anika leave. O jaana…….plays…………..

Shivaye and Anika are on the way in his car. They say I have to…… and see each other. Shivaye asks her to say. She asks him to say. He says just say it. She says you say. They together say …..okay, I will say…. He signs her to say. She says I got busy in arrangements, I did not say congratulations to you. He looks at her and asks so? She says I just had to say this, congratulations. She asks you were going to say something. He says yes, actually… you have done all arrangements on short notice smoothly, thank you. She looks at him… surprised. Music plays……

She says you said thank you to me by your own wish, I can’t forget this day, its my job’s last day and you said thank you to me. He asks what are you saying about last day. She says its last day, you will get married tomorrow, and then my work will be over, so it will be last day…. When Dadi told me for the first time that I have to plan your wedding, I did not know I will get stuck in all this, I did not realize, gradually, my entire life started revolving around you. He looks at her. Music plays…..

She says I mean, my entire life started revolving around your marriage, tomorrow this will end, I don’t know what will I do then, don’t think I m asking job from you, I m just saying, my life will get emptiness from tomorrow. He says even mine…… They see each other. O jaana……plays……………. He says I meant, like your life, same way my life is also changing, so its going to be different. She says my house came… He realizes and stops the car. She turns to open door. He says Anika, I have to say something to you. She waits to hear it….

Pinky asks Shivaye to say truly, are you happy with this marriage. Om asks Shivaye if you think you are not ready and you need time, then think over. Shivaye asks do you believe in miracles Om, right now Tej and Shakti’s innocence depends on one thing, that a miracle happens, I know miracles don’t happen in this world, just Tej and Shakti getting cleared from these blames ….or my marriage can save our falling stocks.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Mukta

    @Amena di Thankew very much for ur super fast update!!!!!!!

    @Nadiya di isn’t commenting…… don’t know y….. I’ll ask her on Twitter n tell u but tell me that r u on Twitter?? If yes, then give me ur handle na!!!!!!!

      • Mukta

        Actually di, it was clarified on Twitter that Vrushika left the show on her own, now offence is there, so we r not doing right by blaming anyone!!!!!!!! Anyways whatever it is, but there is no news of Ishaana come back n about Ishkara!!!!!!!!! Abhi full focus is on Shivika only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Enasanjida

      Mukhta Vrushy instagram main status diya hain – jish main clearly say woh serial nahi chora & also say not presure production house…
      I m happy & proud of Vrushy. She accepts this very positively.Yeh gul Fan ko blame kiyu kar raha hain. I heard the news Zoom their reporter say Fan prblm. But my Vrushy as Ishaana exit hona sai pehla aisa kya hua hain or konsi fan neh kya kaha hain they r exit & say Fans prblm. Now Fan ko gussa aiygaa.. Do u know?

  2. Sunehri

    |Registered Member

    Rudra’s dialogues were awesome …. Today we all will do something for u anika didi and u r so good … And yes as said shivaye will drop her “Tum kyun chodega main hoon ” 😂❤️ 😂 …. And om’s dialouge when he was giving the gift was also awesome … PriAnOmRu scene was so cute …… Shiva he’s reaction when anika says she will leave this house after shivaye’s marriage … Sad oh jaana 😭😭 …. And shivaye remembers their moments together …I guess Tia has some dark past … And man I have 1 doubt .. Without shakti and tej how they are planning to get shivaye married to Tia ?!?! 😒😒😒😒 …. And shivaye stares at anika instead of that Mandap was cute 😊😊😊😊 …. OmRu teasing shivaye 😂 …… And car scene and both saying at the same time then shivaye says THANK U 😳😳😳😳😂😂😂❤️❤️

    Khoya khoya rehta hai
    Dil tadap Ke kehta hai
    Tu hai meri jeeney ki wajah ❤️❤️ I love these lines

    Last dialouge … Anika .. Mujhe tumse kuch Kehna hai …

    And precap 😑😑 any ways the episode was good but bit dragging any ways I liked a bit…..

    I hope this marriage won’t happen (of course it won’t happen shivika is the pair 😂😂)

    And in today’s episode I really liked Rudra and Anika’s scene it was cute 😂😊

    Any ways how are u guys ?!?! Fatarajo , renima di , shivani di , aliya do , abhiha di , sat di , piyali di , sujina di , tridha di , Richu di , shahabana di , mukta di , mukti di and all ishqies I hope u all are doing very well ..

    Any ways keep going ishqbaaz

    Sunehri Mehta ❤️❤️

  3. Sunehri

    |Registered Member

    And shivaye’s dialouge “marriage can save our falling stocks ?!?!” Is that a marriage or a business deal ?!?! sometimes shivaye’s dialogues makes me angry and laugh too 😂

  4. Roz

    |Registered Member

    Superfast update,,,,I just love Rudra and all AniRudr / OmRu /Shivru scenes,,,,,when Om and Shivaaye argues,he z there to stop their arguments..,,the same way he z playing an important role in Shivika love lyf,,,,such a cute chottebhaai

    Omru will surely unite Shivika,,,,Om was looking good in the precap,,,

    • Roz

      |Registered Member

      and the ShivOm part,,,,where Shivaaye said that he will drop Anika,,,,and loved Om’s dialogues today

  5. Shivani

    |Registered Member

    I just want to say that fabulous actress.I become fan of surbhi and vrushi but unfortunately whenever I watch this it reminds me of vrushi .I wish she could be here .anyways anika is superb .she just speak with her expression.

    • Tridha

      |Registered Member

      Anitha tumne kya likkha kuch samajh nehi aya. But I think u liked the episode. U know when someone is very happy or very sad he can express his emotion with his own language better & properly. I m not happy for ishkara so I wanna say in Bengali (my mother’s language)- ami ishkara prochondo valobashi. Ami ishana ke chai. Gul khan please ooke phiriye aanoo.

      • Enasanjida

        Have u any news Ishkara? When i heard i don’t watch the show ..just written update parti hoon. Apni tara sai main instagram main try kar rahi hoon. But no any response ? Have u any news plzzz share us??

  6. mary

    loved the update.. i am thinking that may be shivika will get married in a dramatic way. this show will not end guys as u discussed yesterday, it is so close to our hearts n the best serial since ages… thanks for updating early 🙂

  7. Abiha

    M dying to see the episode after reading updates….now m wishing that miracle should happen…n shitia marriage will break…..bcz its clear that shivaye knows that he is really afected by anika…somewhere he loves but not ready to accept it….

    Amena d thankew soooooo much for live update …..

  8. Roz

    |Registered Member

    Finally,,,,Shivaaye said thanks to Anika,,,Big day for Shivika fans,,,,
    why are they so confused (Shivaaye and Anika),,,,when will they realize that they are in love,,,
    Can’t decide whether Tia is positive or negative

    was that Shivaaye’s wedding dress in the precap,,,,Om was looking better than him I think

  9. nikki

    Yaar kya epi tha per shivay kya bolne valatha kisi ko patha hai per rudy amika conversations was superb and shivay kab bolega plz koi gul se puch ki age ki kuch updates bathey.

    Anyway good night all ishquies.

  10. Abiha

    I’ll comment after watching ….any way how r u alll…? Every thing is ok na…?mukta , renima d, mukti d, disha d, nikki d ,shabana d , nevidha d, shaza ,sat d, roz d, shivani d , haya d, priya ,piyalii, rosu d, richu d, mishri ,aliya d, nazneen d, tridha , sunheri , dhruvv bhai , dhruvvv bhai ,mayank bro tharu d n luna d…forgive me if forgot anyone…
    How r u all…?
    I was lil busy … couldn’t reply anyone ….sorry for that …
    Good night….hav me sweet dreamsss n a peaceful sleep……

    • Mukta

      Everything is OK….. but still I don’t have that much time to watch the episode….. will be more happy after watching it……. u tell, howz u doing??

      • Abiha

        Heyy…m fine….n nowadays m free…but after 3_4 days i’ll busy bcz my classess will start n then study study n study yr…

    • Roz

      |Registered Member

      Hallo Abiha,,,,,,I’m fyn dear,,,was nt able to see the first part of the epi,,,,waiting to see OmRu convo in hotstar

  11. Sowmia

    Wow amena thanks lot for fast update.. Great job
    I’m very sad that I missed this lovely episode
    I hope soon they will reveal about that witch Tia..

  12. tamanna

    Amazing !!! 😍😍😍😍They both are totally in love !!!! Rudra and om silently look at each other & smile. Lol they know shivaye is only anika’s ! Woh lady baba toh naa banti shivaaye ki dulhaniya…😝😋

  13. Mayank Agrawal

    guys what do you think what hapen now as raat gujar chuki hai kal shaadi hai ……kya hoga abh kya ye shaadi hogi ?

    • Roz

      |Registered Member

      As Shivaaye said some miracle shud happen,,,,maybe Shivaaye will plan smthng to overcome the bussiness crisis and will again postpone the mrg

    • Abiha

      Heyy bro ….m hoping….that some miracle should happen…..n of course it should not b the forced marriage of shivika…marriage should b cancelled…

  14. Mukta

    Ohk guys….. good night….. will comment after watching the episode tomorrow!!!!!!

    Good Night!!!!!!
    Sweet Dreams!!!!!!!

  15. moni

    Thank you so much for fast updates it takes lots of patience to explain it on words thanks for that
    Matter is so clear cut can imagine every scene
    Thanks again

  16. Tridha

    |Registered Member

    Om is a lambe bal wala prani-u r too funny rudra
    Friends may or may not feel bad but friendship feels bad. Great lines om.
    The mandap was really nice.
    Really why om always want to drop anika.? Itni dosti accha nehi hai om, shivay ko bura lage ga.
    Shivay: uske gharke lanes bohot confusing hai, tu kho jayega ( what an excuse)
    Om: kho jayunga????? Ha!!mai to kho jayunga. Tu hi chorde.(too funny)
    So happy there was no ridhkara. Bach geyi yaar 🙂 :-)!!!!
    Guys don’t feel bad but I think this type of emotional scenes don’t suit shivika. It would have been looked more emotional & good on ishkara. Agar aisa kuch hota toh mai khusi se pagal ho jati. Love ishkara a lot 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Shaza

      |Registered Member

      Ikr…missing ishkara badly …but I felt it suited Shivika though …..and yea those lines were awesome, 😁😂…at laaaaaaaaaaaaast shivaye Singh Oberou aka shr Shri Shri kanji Ankhon wala baggad billa 😜😜😜 .thanked Anika 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻.

  17. Mayank Agrawal

    Guys abh kya hoga wedding dressses bhi ehen chuke hai sabh log and abhi tak yeh pta nhi chla hai ki Tia negative hai ya positive and ccording to latest spoiler anika confess the feeling first..guys whats this why anika is 1stly to confess …and amiro ki baat he alag hoti hai jaisey tej and shakti ghar pe nhi hai and ye log shaadi kar rhe hai how strange …

  18. lara

    Soon we will see Tia planning all this to get married as she got hunch that Shivaye is falling for Anika, so sad they will be getting married but we will see some miracle wait and watch

  19. Meenu

    Surely there will be some twist in the Shitia marriage with the guy who hid behind mannequins and signed Tia in the earlier episode….

  20. Tridha

    |Registered Member

    Maya di I read ur comments on previous page. U r right. We should not bash them. But u know when I saw the 1st promo of ishqbaaz I found nothing interesting. But when I saw ishkara only one thing was going on my mind how can a good boy fall in love with a con girl. I started dreaming about ishkara. But all got broke on vrushy’s exit. I was so sad that I can’t tell u. But I thought when ekta brought kratika for fan request then I should request gul. And I did it. I’ve requested gul through mail. U r right that we should end this matter. But there is nothing wrong in requesting. If they bring her then it will be good na. I requested that if not ishkara then a new story should come but not ridhkara. But the way she is showing ridhima now-a-days it’s seems like ridhkara. So we are just requesting for ishkara or a new story but not show ridhkara. I hope u understand

    • Shaza

      |Registered Member

      Same here ….I was also kinda dreaming how ishkara is gonna be …but it’s ok 😞….now even Vrusika told her fans to end this Matter so I think we should 😔…..even I hope for a new girl …can’t see ridhima with Om 😞…..lets hope for the best …by the way in the previous ep u said that Nikita Sharma gonna replace ..was it just ur opinion or is it true ?

      • Enasanjida

        I don’t want new girl.. Yeh director-producer hain jinka kuch jaida ego hain. Pehla 26days wait fan & also Vrushy. Then say, Vrushy fan -felarahi hain negativity. Kya aisa negativity felaiya 😡😡😠. Fans fault – they want 2 see Ishkara. No any respect Vrushy. Vrushy is really nyc girl.. She know -uska saath cheat hua hain. Phir vi instagram give a positive status. But i want Vrushy bring back the show. Vrunal neh magic. Do u think, Vrunal joh magic kiya hain -aur aakara kar sakhta hain. Ridima is beautiful & nyc girl (avi taak vi aisa kuch nahi dikhai character -we say bad) phir vi hum ridima ko tollerate nahi kar pa reha hain. & Ridima issa pehla ek serial main lead actress vi thaa

    • Roz

      |Registered Member

      Really!!! Riddhimma lead actress thi!!! which show mein,,,,I never saw her before Ishqbaaz,,,,well she z beautifull and talented but can’t see her opposite Om,,,Riddhima-Om pairing shud never happen

  21. nithu

    Thanks amena ji for fast update…. Superb episode… I loved it… I really liked what Om says to Anika when friends give something, you should smile and take it, friends may or may not feel bad, but friendship feels bad. Yeah its really true….
    k we shall wait for miracle to happen…
    Good nyt drs…

  22. shekhar

    It is ANIKA who carried the whole episode over her shoulders. No words to say and nothing can be described the way she expressed her feelings. Intensity of his love for ANIKA has been expressed by his way to ask ANIKA to drop pushing aside OM and the way through which he delivered THE THANKS to ANIKA without exerting any effort are AWESOM! Great performence by both, it seems, feeled that NAKUL performence becomes the shadow of ANIKA’s . She beat by her expression each charector including SHIVAY. The way through which she touched the hearts of each oberoy member has been reflected in RUDRA and OM’s feelings expressed in conversation. OM is simply a cute and nailed the SHIVAAY’s mask saying” yes, you are right, I may be lost in lanes, you drop her!!!!!!”😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  23. Shaza

    |Registered Member

    The ep was awesome 😄….the best part was the whole time in the car …their expressions were just WOW ….like it says it all …and shivaye was feeling upset cuz it’s gonna be Anika’s last day 😄…and Prinku and OMRU presenting a gift to Anika was really cute 😄….
    The last scene when shivaye says he wanna says something for I see I expected it to be ILU but that is dumb guess 😜..maybe it’s take care ..or when Aniak will ask what he may end up saying no nothing ……Precap ..yea a miracle is gonna happend Shiaveye..cuz Aniak gonna see the girl 😄..but idk why does the girl die atlast ….

    • Roz

      |Registered Member

      It took one month for him to say thank you,,,,he will nt say ILU so soon,,,,maybe he won’t say that to her even after their mrg,,,,we have to wait long

      • Shaza

        |Registered Member

        Ikr …1 month for thnq , then Think how much time for ILU😱…but y not b4 marraige cuz they will get married cuz they love each other ryt ? …or forced marraige type … IPKKND type…but u don’t want that to hpnd 😞..lets just wait and watch …..

  24. fault in our stars

    Oh man it’s literally killing me to know why will happen next I mean it’s very clear that’s this marriage won’t happen but still I am really dying to know how shivaye propose aanika oh my god….. It’s really so so so exciting well it have long time to happen.. .but I am excited to see how they both shows there happiness after the cancellation of shivaye’s wedding.. Let’s see what happens next

  25. afra

    guys …I used to c ishqbaaz always Nd also always went through thz written updates commenting for the first tym ..the show was really killing in thz 3 days ..don’t knw each eye locks btwn shivay Nd anika seems lik speakn alot bt just volume is down …after the show i was lik anika ..who is lost in thoughts ..anika Nd shivay is just amazing …I’m sure marriage won’t occur …bt quite excited about ..thn how anika Nd shivay’s love story will b occuring …anyway I wish tht thz brotherhood stay always .don’t create any stry of hate among them..even if in future episodes …as if all other shows does …anyway very excited for next episodes …pls continue the show as it is now …I really love it …all characters are doin a grt job …hope u all r fyn guys….gud n8😃

    • Shaza

      |Registered Member

      Hi 👋🏻…even I want the brotherhood to be never- ending m sometimes even I think it will have crack cuz after all it’s a serial …but sometimes I think nothing can separate the bro’s


    |Registered Member

    Last night i commented that i am quiting show but one of my frnd told that today’s episode was speechless and just now i read written update and it was really speechless😷😷 episode and even i start to cry a little😢😢… it was soo emotional episode…

    Plzzz plzzz writers make this show like today’s which have emotions..

  27. Sweetu

    The updates r always so fast an so clean.. thks for tht.. I m totally obsessed with ishqbaaz.. I watch on tv at 10.. then read the updates an comments here.. an then again watch it online..
    Coming to today episode
    Loved the oberoi family an anika part.. they will lovingly accept her as their bhabhi later on
    Loved it wen shivaay said he will drop her.. an om said ya rite main khojaunga..twice
    Shivay ki zindagi bhi khali hojayegi once anika goes out of it.. somehow I feel shivay will marry anika.. else how will their story go ahead.. may b tia will runaway frm her away bride lolzzz.. sometimes I wonder robin is her bf
    Or miracle will happen anika will see the gal alive..
    BTW shivay everyday suits are more classy than his wedding dress.. an the set is awesome
    Guys any guesses as to wht shivay wants to say to anika in the last scene.. I feel its sorry fr wht he said yest

  28. Maya

    Hi Tridha & Shaza thanks for appreciating my last comment. Definitely you guys can keep requesting then to bring back Ishana but at the same time now we should start requesting Gul to bring a new girl and live track for Omkara.
    You know Ishana (Vrushika) leaving the show doesn’t come as such a big shock to me as much Riddhima being the final lead for Omkara comes.
    Am hoping they will not keep Riddhima for long but don’t know why suddenly they have stopped there breakup. No matter how much they show Riddhimma with Om hugging, kissing these two have no chemistry more over then what’s Omkaras love story. We as fans want to see Omkaras love story from the beginning how he met his girl and how he falls in love.
    Hope they will bring A new girl for Omkara soon and do Riddhima and Om breakup fast. Whenever I see Om and Riddhimas scene since they announced Ishkara not coming I really can’t watch Them together.
    Moreover I feel this girl playing Riddhima(Shireena) has no screen presence. She doesn’t suit Kunal at all.

    • Shaza

      |Registered Member

      Ikr…….ridhima and Om have 0% chemistry in them’s like boring …….want a fresh face atleast for Om……ridhima is nice but she dint look good and doesn’t suit opposite Kunal …….😔..lets just hope for they best 😌

  29. Diya

    Maybe Robin grew up in the same house as Tia but not her sibling. Maybe a friend’s son , had nobody so was taken care of by Tia’s parents. And maybe Robin loves Tia but their relationship is prohibited or sthg. He always looks so sullen when they visit Oberoi mansion. Shivaay’s wedding clothes!! Hai Ram! What sort of costume is that! I bet Anika will have a beautiful dress for tomorrow’s episode and Shivaay will be awestruck looking at her 😍. Tomorrow I hoe the thing he says to her is sorry for treating her badly and tell her that she is a very nice girl. And that he will miss her.

  30. Richu

    |Registered Member

    Guyzzzzzzzz this was not surbhi chandas first debut….she had made it in tarak mehta….
    Just a small scene..try to remember if any one has seen…..
    All are telling ishqbaaz ending is rumor😅
    Ohhhhh thank god….
    Shivani u r right skr is ending….but bcoz it was an epic they could not drag it more……
    I’m very sad though😞😞bcoz even I lubed siam…..madirakshi and ashish chemistry was suprbbbbbbb…….
    Dehleez was also suprrbbbb….

    Gm guyzzzzzzzzzzzz my sweet ishkes
    Mukta abiha shivu muku dhruv Bhai shaza haya priya Nikki sat disha devga mishri diya shahbana dhruvvv Manik Mary sunehri… Piyuuuu shraddha…
    Manik we of course remember u!!!!!!!!!
    Take care…….
    Hav a gudddayyyy😚😚😚😚

    • Shaza

      |Registered Member

      Afcourse shivaye won’t get married to Tia ..just thinking how ? ….maybe the marraige time ..Aniak will enter and tell that she saw the girl in video alive ……and shivaye will be leaving to marraige to see the girl and teach her a lesson or something like that ..

      • NABANITA626

        |Registered Member

        But it will not be good if shivaye will cancell the marriage with the for this season.
        It will be more good if shivaye will cancel the marriage for realizing the feeling of himself towards anika.
        Par ye shayed itna jaldi hoga nahi……..

      • Shaza

        |Registered Member

        Yea ryt ….but probably that’s not gonna happend…and I think even if he realize , he will ignore cuz tej Shakti matters a lot ……

  31. chithra shetty

    Ty amena di fr ur super clear rytn update …I vish I vl get chance to see ib on TV at 5: pm tdy ..its too good episode.nd loved omrudr cares anika ..I want see tdys episode ..dam excited to see what miracle can occur on upcoming episode ..”.happy navaratri to all my isq frnds maa durga bls you all” be happy

  32. ZARA

    OMG the episode was fantabolous. LOVED IT. Awesome scenes between shivay and anika and the bros. OMG cant wait to see what clothes they gifted Anika, hope its a simple but gorgeous saree with beautiful blouse that shows her gorgeous body that blows Shivayes mind off and he cant keep his hands or eyes off her.
    As for the precap, I have a feeling Shivay wont say ILU but something like will miss u but hes stuck with his choice.
    I hope for a miracle and wish the wedding doesnt happen or it will be Shivika wedding as he was predicted to get marred this month, but PLZ dont use Anika as a third wheel, if she marries it should be to save Shivay n his family so that they accept her with all their hearts, even Pinky. I hope she doesnt become mean saas.
    Finally Shivay shows emotion for Anika, the pain is in his eyes and Anika wow but want to see her drop a few tears in front of Shivay which he wont be able to handle.
    LUv the bhabhi dewar bonding….LUV Ishqbaazians.

  33. Elena

    Yeah dimple she is gayathri’s daughter only. Tia is daughter of gayathri and ahe is just taking revenge.

  34. nikki

    Kya hoga agar shadi hogie tho shivay king band bajega yaar ofcourse shadi tho hoga nahi per aisa kya miracle hone vala hai any guesses guya.

    Good morning to al ishquies have a nice day all of u guys .

  35. maya

    By the way
    Anika rocks!! She is doing fab job. Love u Surbhi chandna.

    Lol… shivaay is looking very funny in wedding dress ‘chota bachcha’ . His dress says something.. ‘this wedding isn’t going to happen’ .

  36. rishi18

    I was a silent reader till now but seeing today’s episode I was awestruck.The pain in Shivika’s eyes, the eye lock😗😗😗jst loved it. I am eagerly waiting for the next epi

  37. Dhruvv

    |Registered Member

    Anika is superb…n.her expressions are so perfect.
    Hey abiha piyu priya shaza mukta mishri renima manik muku rich shivu roz rose shabana haya maya mayank troey howru al hope u all remember me guys…..

  38. Maya

    U knw Gayatri was looking behind wen leaving from the Oberoi mansion. I saw that scene again and I noticed that on the left of Anika saumya is standing & on right if u notice Riddhima is standing.
    I don’t know am also doubting Riddhima.
    don’t know why but I feel Riddhima will turn Grey later.

  39. Chubby

    Hi evry1 am new here..i think diz marriage is nt gng to hapn bcoz wen Anika is on d way to oberoi mansion she vl c d Gul Hu cmtd suicide in dat video..i think dat cd is also fake n shivy breaks d marriage..hope it happens..

  40. Chubby

    Am priyanka n 25yrs..i lov to watch d bromance in dis serial n rudra fantasticc😍..can I join u all..i vl read regularly al d cmtns here..tody I cant stop to cmnt here..

  41. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    first of all…people who r saying its a new girl for om….just make urself clear..before giving any info..some saying nikita,some saying niyath…wt not???pls guys if something cnfrms then give news as its breaking my head while reading those cmnts…..kuch bhi bol rahe ho yr….pehle kisi ne kaha 92nd epi mei aarahi hai ishana …we fans were mad to see her but wt hpnd….88th epi chalte hi bol diya vrushy out!!!! ab bol rahe ho nayi actress is gonna come….if she is cmng as ISHANA?????

    if so then trust me..2 or 3 weeks mei usse bhi show se out kardega aapki favourite gul khan….kyunki aisa hi toh horaha hai ishana ki character mei in honewaale har actress ke saath…

    if not ..then she should be a new girl i mean with new name and fully a new ans my qns now..

    1.wt abt ishana ???wt abt her story?????did she saved her sister??did she paid the money???

    where the ans of these qns gone ???oh ya i forgot there is a way…better say like ishana is dead..i mean they killed her..(perfect ans rahega) l u erase the name ISHANA from OM’S life???like erasing it from ishqbaaz????or else u l show like om got memory loss in that matter????( see ishana was a part in om’s life…u have showed ishkara scenes…om becoming her frnd..vagera vagera..then suddenly how l u erase???)

    3.the people who r saying its a new love story for om…do u people really think that thought really make any sense????

    hare yr agar aisa new love story hai toh pehle se shuru karna hoga ….u should erase the whole ishkara part…..kya aap ek story ko poora na kiye aadha adhoora chod doge??how come its possible…the fans l think that how would there story ended ryt???how come u leave a part incomplete???..ha yeh serial hai na..yahan par kuch bhi ho sakta..aisa incomplete chod ko paagal bana do…it l be the best idea ever…

    • Tridha

      |Registered Member

      I agree with u priya di. Why they showed ishkara if they didn’t have proper story. They made us mad for it and left incomplete. Now they don’t know what to do with the story so they are saying ishana character finish. What kind of job is it? There are so many questions about ishana but where is the answers? If vrushy out then why not replacement? And if replacement then why? Vrushy is a good actress.
      And if not ishkara then why ridhkara & not a new story? If a new story then where is answers which raised during ishkara??? They must answer it.

      • Priya15

        |Registered Member

        absolute yr…i want answers for these qns..if they can end the character abruptly without any reason..we also have right to qn..and they cant do anything else..they must ans…we r forced to accept that there is no ishkara..but now the time is to force them to answer to these qns..we r not doing illogical things like them..we r asking logical qns..they should ans..moreover there ans should make some sense…

      • Zuha Fatima

        |Registered Member

        I agree with you guys. Ishana’s background is not revealed, the reason behing her being a con. And no one can forget a girl who came in his life as a windstorm and stirred his emotions. How can Om react so normal. The allegations? Ridhima and Om 😡😡 If they are showing Rikara I seriously would say OM NEEDS A GOOD STORY‼ Heights of stupidity! Comparing all girls in Ishqbaaz Ishana is the best then no.2 Anika, thouhgh a Shivika fan but Ishana rocks!


    • Isha

      sign petention main aur 14 people ko jarorut hain…. plzzz guyz msge & share. if 14 people cmplete sign petention then ….. 😀 but noo itzz prblm do something

    • Isha

      i have no any idea, I have a ques a lot. My biggest ques, CV’s Vrusshy as Ishaaanaa exit hona sai pehla aisa kya hua then they r blamming fan say negativity, i can’t understand. Exit hona k baad joh horaha hain itzz natural. Exit hona sai pehla aisa kya hua then they r blamming Vrushy as vrunal fan ? i really don’t understand. straight forward baat karna chahiya, Priya dear – az +kal dekhogii Instagram GuL mam any ans.( i give a cmnts politely & lovely ) & then she no ans… plzzz 2m sabh logh mila speech ready karo. Direct ques karogii.. Zoom news channel ka reporter Fans prblm OMG, plzzzz say us, whats actually negativity ? { mujha zitna duur kheyal hain– instagram cmnts peh kaha tha- ishaana kabh aiygaa, phir sai ridima, malaika entry where is Ishaana.- itni shi baat koi negativity kaisa keh sakhta hain . :O shocking }

      • Priya15

        |Registered Member

        i dont know wt to ans to u di..but just can say u this that…itni si baat ko negativity GUL KHAN & HER CREW with fans keh sakte hai…they can say whatever they want…they dont know abt our pain di..let them face it and then speak..

    • Shaza

      |Registered Member

      @Priya di …..yea it’s Absolutely true !!!!! ….but now I think there is very less to no chance of Vrushika come back cuz she asked her fans to end this matter and also in Instagram asked her fans to keep peace in a kind way ….first of all its not her mistake only ..she is so sweat ..don’t know what problem Gul khan is having with ishkara …yea they should answer these questions… can t y just end ishkara in the middle ..and they show Om as such a sensitive charector …and he forget about Ishana so easily just for one ep he was a lil upset and then memory loss 😏…if Ishana’s charector ended then y did Om take Ishana’s name and pls ppl don’t give fake hopes to us saying Vrushika will be back , if it’s confirmed th only tell ….someone said that vrushika will be back at 92th ep …..can’t imagine how much happy the ppl here were..and teh vrushika out at 88th …pls don’t do this guys really hurts 😔

      • Priya15

        |Registered Member

        ya dear…she is sooo good thats y i say gul missed such a gem…anyways…om ki character ko yeh log shravan jaisa karne ki koshish kar rahe hai???dont u think so??i mean shravan kitna accha tha..uske baad directors ne toh usse aisa bana diya ki..court mrg etc etc..he looked strange…same is happening..but the diff is om is not acting strange..the writers r making his LOVE STORY wierd and strange…theen bhaiyon mei yahi ek hai jo accha hai…he is different..lekin uska story ko mess se bhi messest kar diya..faltu cvs ne..kya bolen..kahan bhi dekho yeh 10pm slot mei hi confusions aata hai…fed up!!!

      • Priya15

        |Registered Member

        haha…sweetie…i m not getting touchy.but u know i m getting frustrated to see those news…dont know logon ko rumours dene mei kyun itna maza aata haii???they dont know how the fans l feel…

    • Mishri

      |Registered Member

      Well di..idk whether u kne…gul ji did same thng with IPKKND 1..diz d only drama i watch aftr dat 1…wherever i go..betrayals folow..nd its always maam..i was shattered aftr ipkknd..i remember NOV 30 2013…it just finished just lyk dat..we have to move on…i learnd nt to expect too much 4rm any1..

  42. Disha

    |Registered Member

    shivaye so stupid he won’t realize love for anika and how could he insult anika like this
    Finally shivaye said Thankyou epic moment
    New o jaana always makes me emotional waiting for over shitia track

  43. Mayank Agrawal

    Mai jaa rha hu guys yeh group chodke becz yaha sabh log mujhey kuch bhi bolte hai and koi bhi mujhey like nhi karta hai pta nhi mujhse kya galti ho gayi hai sorry guys. and miss you all…
    good bye

  44. Mukta

    Soooo emotional episode……. very heart touching moments……. sach mein Shivika moments were just speechless….. hey bhagwan jaldi se inhe unite kar do…… Shivaay or Anika se Shivika bana do……..

  45. Mukta

    Happieee Navratri to all my Ishqies……. may on this Navratri, Matarani bless u with lots of happiness n success!!!!!!!

  46. MP

    Hyy. How r u all?? . episode was good. But what happen next ❔❔❔❔there is no idea 😳😳. Anyway have a good day to all ishqbaazians.

    • Abiha

      Sorry to say but i have no news ….bcz m only here…so u know….by the way should i call u d or no bcz m of 17 yrs…

  47. Priya15

    |Registered Member me..not only gul her writers also dont know how to interact in public sites ..moreover they dont know how to speak with fans.

    so here comes the most waited and most wanted tweets of ur favourite gul khan’s writer harneet singh…sach mei ..amazing tweets uggh!!!!

    1. anonymous trolls who call themselves “fans” dont realize that their viciousness and cheap behaviour only reflects badly on their icons..

    u know wt..i feel strange to hear this from u…when u itself speak like this in social come u and ur producer think abt fans behaviour…first go mam and look at ur producers cmnt and then teach fans..and cmng to u think ..aap logon ki muh mei voh realization kuch ajeeb lagta hai…i mean u have thrown vrushy out and u dont even realise u have lost an amazing actress and a potential character of ur show…but u people came to say fans to realise..haha..i cant stop my laughing..

    2. i m all for free speech but i have no patience for viciousness and hatred on my wall..respect is a two way street…

    my dear mam..even we r saying the same to u and ur producer..respect is a two wall is said GIVE RESPECT AND TAKE RESPECT…when u people not give respect to the fans then how could u expect them from the fans??? first learn to give respect to fans emotions and their feelings..then ask abt ur respect to the fans….

    3. (this is the most funny tweet for me) and just u all know omkara will have a BEAUTIFUL LOVE STORY..and by putting down my producer or our other actors you gain nothing…

    seriously???beautiful love story..hare yr uss beautiful love story ko hi aap logon ne karaab kar diya…first of all ur producer from whom u r taking stand is the one who put down the fans…u made an actress away from show and then give false hopes to the fans..and do u people want fans to appreciate u people and say u r the best crew in tv world…uff….wt an tweet???

    and now here comes that girl tweet who is more affected by u…see that girls politeness..then also u people wont realise ur fault..

    i truly believe that everything happens for a reason..therefore me moving away from ishqbaaz sure has a good requesting my fans to leave the chapter behind and not hurl abuses nor attack the makers of the show personally ..

    see this girl mam she dont want u people to suffer..wt u people did to her.. but she is taking stand for u all..u people dont deserve this..but the bad part is u people still dont realise ur fault..and cmng to abuse the fans…vrushika is a gem..when u l realise this that time u l feel bad …


    • Priya15

      |Registered Member

      p.s.this is not bashing or to hurt GUL KHAN fans..but this is wt i felt while reading those tweets…if they can taunt fans for their fault..then even we can do the same..

      sry if this cmnt hurts anyone..but trust me if anybody want to learn how to hide ur mistake then go to gul and her crew ..they l teach u how to do that..

      the people who think ..this is negativity,,,JUST STAY AWAY!!!

      • Tridha

        |Registered Member

        Ulta chor kotowal ko dat raha hai!!! What say priya di???
        Isn’t it true? She is blaming fans. What is wrong with her mind???

      • Priya15

        |Registered Member

        hahah,,,,absolutely…blaming fans is not new for her….pehle se hi fans ko daandne mei padi hai..mei toh kehti ko blame karne vakth..thoda ishana ki baare mei sochti toh aaj fans usse hate kiye baghe..usse appreciate karte….just want to say she is unlucky to lose ISHKARA…

      • Sat

        |Registered Member

        Gul should realise her mistake and bring ishana back ASAP. Vrushika is the best. We want vrushika, we want krunal, we want ishana
        Ishana rokzzz

      • Mishri

        |Registered Member

        Priya di..didnt she call d fans hooligans too??before stopping ishaana track…be happy atleast we are affecting maam in undrstand us one day di..she will inshaa Allah

      • Roz

        |Registered Member

        u r rite Priya…that’s sooo Gul…..she broke many hearts….even though a sorry won’t be able to fix evrythng …they shud shw the minimum courtesy to admit their mistake….I thnk u r the one who once said that Gul was never serious abt Ishana’s character …I too agree with that now….that’s why she z least bothered abt Ishana and fans

    • Shivani

      |Registered Member

      gul khan don’t know what has happened with tsm.vrushika deserves much.better show then this.vrushika and surbhi are superb actress .it would be better she would keep quiet

    • Roz

      |Registered Member

      All tweets are against fans!!! Surprised to see that Gul/others neither apologized nor admitted their mistk,,,,

      • Priya15

        |Registered Member

        di that wont happen in our dreams too….gul aur uski crew…that too apologize and admitting their mistake…bahut dur ki baat hai..uski eg hai.,.,uski stories…did u thought abt this…

        1.ipkknd mei arnav..sry aur uski toh bahut dur…..100000 kms se bhi upar…

        2.ishqbaaz mei shivay…omg..yeh insaan ko toh tq bolne ke liye 1 mahine lag gaya..aur sry toh aayega ya nahi ..yeh toh..nobody knows..

        so her behaviour reflects in her stories..

        dont expect apologizing from her side..she knows to hurt fans di not to regret for it..

    • Shaza

      |Registered Member

      U must have said this on Twitter tagging them would be awesome reply to them ……I don’t have twitter or I words have done this !!!!
      Anyone here having Twitter …must give a answer to them …😡….

    • Shaza

      |Registered Member

      U must have said this on Twitter tagging them would be awesome reply to them ……I don’t have twitter or I words have done this !!!!
      Anyone here having Twitter …must give a answer to them …😡……I used to Gul khan for her awesome serials …and I’m a very big fan of vrushika and kunal from D3 and buddy project and was damn happy about their entry ..but now after Gul khan removed vrushika feel like killing her for giving us false hopes and breaking them at last break them …yea ryt ppl should take lessons from them for learning how to hide their mistake…they could only not come up with a good story ….they had such awesome charectors …They will age to pay for this..if they can’t handle 3 stories together mustv intoduced one na 😏 …no offense just my opinion

      • Priya15

        |Registered Member

        u r ryt dear….they r just…sach bolun..gul should introduce her shows in sony tv…dekho sony bhi JOOTE hai..gul bhi…dono mile toh pair perfect rahega..its suit them… said lie to us shaza edkv is ending…namik ne bhi cnfrm kardiya…

        but u know i m proud to be namik fan for the way he supported his fans in this crucial period..see the news i have posted in edkv page..that guy is the best..eventhough he is upset he managed his fans to get normal..hatsoff to my cutie…#ProudNamikFanEver..

      • Shaza

        |Registered Member

        Ikr..I’ve seen it already …he is an awesome guy ….wish to see him back on- screen with a new show …me 2 proud to be a Namik’s fan

    • Zuha Fatima

      |Registered Member

      Gul always do this with het fans, always think that FANS & ARTISTS are a piece of track. I have watched her serial Qubool hai and I am still crazy for it though it ended in Jan, in that serial she changed the male leads 10 times with the same girl! RIDICULOUS‼ She has no value of ppl!

      And the way she is blaming fans😡😡😡And that stupid producer, Harmeet Singh shows how cheap he and his team is it! Idiots!

      Tridha di agree with u ULTA CHOR KOTWAL KO DANNTE 😏😏😏

      Hats off to Vrushika, she is seriously a gem!



      • Priya15

        |Registered Member

        yes yr,,,thats y i hate them..dont know y i hate gul ..his behaviour towards fans r not crct..u watch swaragini..see rashmi mam ne kitna bashings paya both from swasan and raglak fans..but still she never hurted the fans nor the writers have done..but gul aur uski so called writers ne..toh bas fans ki request ke liye aisa behave kar rahe hai..i have decided aaj ke baat kabhi bhi mei gul khan ki shows nahi dekhungi…uski story line aur uss serial mein mera fav artists hi kyun na rahe..par mei kabhi nahi dekhne waali uski shows..fed up with her partiality and time this heartbreak is enough..cant take it again in life..

  48. Azhliya

    No Idea abt wots gonna happen next…wishing sme miracle shud happen..awesome epi..shivika rocking day by day..😍😍

  49. Pradishma

    For past two days Annika is killing me wkth her expression,dialogues and sentiment…Godddd,The precap, even billu is wishing for a miracle so marriage doesnt happen…Now Annika will find the fake suicide girl…
    Loving this sad portion for SHIVIKA…Om darling’s smile when SHIVIKA walked together was…ouch,the way he raised his left eyebrow…OMie love u

  50. Sat

    |Registered Member

    Hello all my ishqbaazians , good morning everybody I miss you a lot.
    Mukta, aqua, nadiya, disha, priya,haya, luna, enasanjida, piyali, mishri, kiki, niki, shaza, shahabana, mukthi, dhruvv, fatarajo, renima di,kat, jazz, nelka, navi, aditya, monique, sunehri, sujina, sunanda, shivani, soniya, bshama, asmita, pawan, viji, vinayak, harshan, hency, himagiri, tharu, troyee, trisha, krits, maahiswit, arya, nazneen, nivedha, chitra, chetna, MP, maya, shivika, ishika, vrushika fan,ishana, naagin forever, yashal, yazhu, abiha, aahana, anaaya, meena, vishnupriya , tarraki , roz all dis and bros.,
    Sorry if I forget anyone. Because I came after a long time .
    A great welome to all the new ones
    I am feeling sad for ishana but I send the petition
    I can’t let ishqbaaz end, I will really ry, it became a part of my life
    And coming to the episodes, I loved them. Drying when I am listenning the background music of oh jaana. Poor shivika, they ant express their feelings to each other
    And guys please read and comment on my ff
    These are the links. I want my ishqbaazians dis and bros to see and review my ff
    Please check it out

  51. nikki

    Hai guys koi idea hai ki kya hine vala hai agar hai tho plz mujhe jarur bathana and is iahana place was repaced with other actress is it true.

    Hai abiha i am fine and what about u have a nice day dear .
    Yaar abhi 10ghante intazzar karna hoga is there any mivie in sunday plz tell me guys

    • Abiha

      Hey d….m also fit n fine ….n yeah “dhishoom ” will b air on sunday 9pm…we will b missing our ishqbaaz …😭😭😭

  52. nikki

    Hai guys koi idea hai ki kya hone vala hai agar hai tho plz mujhe jarur bathana and is iahana place was repaced with other actress is it true.

    Hai abiha i am fine and what about u have a nice day dear .
    Yaar abhi 10ghante intazar karna hoga is there any mivie on sunday plz tell me guys

  53. Zuha Fatima

    |Registered Member

    Hey friends, how are you all? I hope all are doing well! Mukta di, Mukti, Sat, Fatarajo, Sunehri, Dhruvv Bhaiya, Shivani, Priya di, yashal, yazhu, Aliya, piyali, mishri, nivedha, monique di, harshan, Roz, Rose, abiha. MP, and so and so forth…

    Well guys I started a FF for Ishqbaaz, and it contrasts the actual show and all other FFs, please if u all get time do read and comment 🙂

    And coming to the episodes, they are going on in full on sad+Love mood! Shivika are rocking with their attractive chemistry and sizzling emotions!
    But coming to Ishkara why the hell Vrushika has exited, I hope it turns out to be a rumour! If they are showing Om-Ridhima then I would prefer get back Ishana or a better girl though Ishkara have rocked but Om is an important part of the show, he should also get a proper love track. Want Vrushika back! Vrunal and Ishkara rocks!


  54. Tarika

    Hi guys this is Maya here. All my sweet fans of Ishaqbaaz I love u all. And am informing you guys I have changed my user name from Maya to Tarika.
    Hence my user name from now on will be “Tarika” as u noticed that we already have one “maya” here so to avoid confusion am changing my user name.
    Because I think maya & Mayank had some issues.

  55. chithra shetty

    He he sat ..last tym u frgt my name this tym u added my name in that big list hehehe @ sat

    He he tarika u changed ur name frm Maya to tarik nice..@ tarika

    I thought I vl mis to see isqbaas if my mam would taken afternoon special class but now happy Mam left us early didn’t tokk clas. tdy 5 pm I can watch isqbaas ha ha dam happy bcz ryt update was so good I wanted to see shivakia..vl see

  56. Rufina

    Hi..i am new to ishqbaaz page..i have read many ff with ishqbaaz but never commented..i am a crazy fan of kunal..n ishqbaaz too..can I join ur family? ??

  57. Pragya

    |Registered Member

    Hi everyone ….actually I comment here after a long time, I read it daily……and about yesterdays episode….anika and oberoi bro s nailed it……no words to say…….Shivay eyes were full of pain……hope anika stops the shaddi…….and as far as Om’s lead ….we I too want ishana*varushika* back as she got regited in our mind as ishana and accepting a new lead as ishana is quite difficult…….

  58. piya

    I want Shivay N Tias marriage
    Shitia I lyk dem as well as ridhima n omkara I want anika to leave oberio mansion n let shivay live his lyf wid tia eventually he will fall in luv wid Tia she’s good at heart so I support shitia

    • shahabana

      Hello piya hw ru and yesterday u commented u dnt like ishana and likes anika very much and today u are telling u like tia and riddhima what happened to u and i knw u are commenting this to gain attention and im replyd to ur comment so i think u got what u wanted attention seaker i hope u are happy now and u really like shitia pair it will definitely dnt happen in this show so it wil best if u make ur own ff for ur favret shitia and all the best dr

    • Abiha

      I think u r only one here supporting shitia n om n ridhima …..any way everyone has its own POV…

    • Shaza

      |Registered Member

      Respect ur decision but not agree to it though😉..but actually..idk bout Om ridhima 😏..but about shivaye Anika ,,,,ShiTia never gonna be together so don’t worry 😜……

  59. Mayank Agrawal

    Yar mujhey ye sunke bhot bura lag rha hai ki anika confess kar rhi hai love ko pehle why not shivay becz agar anika apni feelings confess karegi to sabh log ye he sochenge ki she traps a rich guy…….whats this friends

      • Shaza

        |Registered Member

        Tridha di , don’t worry it’s a fake spoiler……so just chill ..Anika is not gonna confess it’s clear cuz think ……even if she realize that she love shivaye …..suppose then also she won’t confess I think cuz first of all ..she knows ( even if shivaye also love her ) ..that shivaye is a person for who, class, surname and all matters ..and he would never accept her ……and actual thing that’s gonna happend is that Aniak will find the girl in the video…..and she will inform Shiavey about that …that’s true I thinks …we should actually not believe in spoilers ….many of team like 90% are fake …

    • Abiha

      Me too soo sad….bcz i wished shivaye’s confession first….just hoping that this news comes fake….
      If anika will confess than why shivayw will break his marriage ….bcz even now he didn’t realized his love…..what say..?

    • maya

      Ab ye kisne kha, ‘friend’ ?
      I respect ur liking but it is not good for others.. Spreading rumours like show going off air n all !!

      Anywise nothing ‘personal’. Don’t mind that ‘dramebaaz’ thing.

      Wishing you all happy navratre !!

  60. Tarika

    Aree they both maya ( look the comments above) had some argument I think due to which Mayank had left.
    Just read the comments above.
    Anyways Doesnt matter I have changed my username as it may create a confusion.

  61. Tarika

    Hi all. Hey Priya sweety take a deep breath it’s not the end of the world. Remember what I told you guys yesterday let’s move on from this Ishakara chapter that track is over and done with.
    Harneet Singh had tweeted
    Sep 29
    Omkara•Ishana FC‏ @IshKaraFC
    u fired twinkle patel
    u fired Vrushika
    This shows how much u’ve an interest in #Om ‘s story
    Harneet Singh‏ @Harneetsin
    And just so you all know Omkaara will have a beautiful love story. And by putting down my producer or our other actors you gain nothing. 3/3
    Does this mean a new love track for Omkara and a new girl.
    Come on guys if that’s true then we should really look forward to this new track.
    Hope they stop showing too much of Riddhima with Om.

    • Isha

      new track agaa aiy vii– then say story change. mujha kuch samaz nahi aaraha hain hoo kya raha hain. Here produce – writer not repect Fan.. so, i have no any hope. & I don’t watch this serial

  62. shahabana

    Hello gd afternoon guyz hope all are good and coming to the episode its really amazing im really glad that the show is not disappointing me and shivaye yesterday i just thouhgt to hit that baagad billaa head but i dntknw today i really felt bad for him also and my cuteee rudra ohhh he is such a amazing charecter ohhh even when i will get married i too want a cutee brother in law like him and omkara words will become less to talk about him he is a such a sweet heart i just wish to see a good love story of omkara and my shivika they where just awsome and anika she is very good actress and finally shivaye told thanks to anika by his wish and im waiting for what he tell next and i dntknw whats this tias secret its just confusing me hmmm enyways hope for best episodes and love u shivika omkara rumya. And love u all my ishqees and ishkbaaz and renima dr missing ur comments dr.

  63. nikki

    Is it true mayank anika sach me confest karegi love ko then all will think ki anika patarahi thi ek rich guy ko oh nooooooo hope it is not true aur vaise bhi shivay ko pehle bolna chahuye right guys.

    Good afternoon all ishquies…………..

    Abiha iam fine tooooo .have a nice day yaar…,…

    Sat how r u. iam good and little bit busy with studies …….

  64. shahabana

    Heyy mayank u really think they will make shivika confession now no dr they wont make any confession bcz its indian tv sereals so they drag it for surely for next three month minimum

    • Abiha

      Heyy good afternoon d….i also don’t want anika ‘s confession first… that case i can bear 3 months draging….😜😜

    • maya

      Right !! There is no logic in ‘Anika confessing her love first’.
      Can’t understand how ‘ppl’ believing all these illogical stories!

    • Mayank Agrawal

      hmmm yeh bhi ho sakta hai itni jaldi thodi kar sakte hai it means today is proved that all spoilers and all new are fake ,,,dont see them guys from today onward have a sware..that dont see spoilers and all…

    • shahabana

      Heyy piya im not shabana but im shahabana and new hero for anika its really impossible bcz show is about shivomru only


    It requires a turn around to prevent the SHITIYA mrj, and DIRECTORS has many ways to call of marriage of SHITIYA. Many reasons are having with DIRECTORS, they do not have shown the reality of TIAm HER MOTHER, FATHER, her so called brother ROBIN. It has been shown a cpnnection between ROOP and GAYATRY, but from behind te curtain, DIRECTOR has full escape to establish the connection between TIA’s with GAYATRY and ROOP. DIRECTOR HAS GIVEN A HINT IN EPI 87, but that hint is not marked by anyone except few one, but obviously it is a FAR and FAR END hint, and thats why no one is being able to pick that hint. So far as the directors selection is concerned, it may give any twist just before the marriage start to call off SHITIYA mrj. He can raise any curtain from over any concerned CHARECTOR and may give a valid reason to SHIYAY to down the curtain over SHITIYA UNISON. It shows TIA is well aware of the reasons lying behind her marriage with SHIYAY . She wish this mrj took place in natural course, bt some one through her mother forced OBEROY to make it immediate, and thats why TIA is only a front, and she is only a FRONT of real conspirators.

  66. firdose

    Hi everyone i started commenting from yesterday only coming to the episode sometimes they r showing tia as positive n sometimes as negative just hope that dis marriage does not happen only want to see shivika together.

  67. Abiha

    Hey zuha m fit n fine yr….how r u…? All ok…mukta , renima d, mukti d, disha d, nikki d ,shabana d , nevidha d, shaza ,sat d, roz d, shivani d , haya d, priya ,piyalii, rosu d, richu d, mishri ,aliya d, nazneen d, tridha , sunheri , dhruvv bhai , dhruvvv bhai ,mayank bro,tharu d,luna d,zuha, chubby d ,MP n manik bro……forgive if i forgot anyone…

  68. MP

    Hey Firdosh . Where r u from. I asking u because my cousin name is firdosh n. Mene use kaha hai k me coments ker rahi hu.Ou our usne kaha tha ke vo comment karege. So i just want to know is u r my cousin…

  69. Rufina

    I am Rufina. .from tamil Nadu..studying 10th standard. .i think I all r elder than me..n Abiha can i call u di?? N i am fine Tridha..i am a bit talkative n i will ask alot of questions. .hope u guys will bare me..

  70. Manik

    Hey abiha priya maya disha dhruv mukta mayank muku tarika tridha haya shabana n all howzu I m fine….by the way many new ppl strted commenting……great!!!!!!

  71. Kiki

    |Registered Member

    soooo emotional.. Oh my god. Shivaay and Anika killing me. Love u a lot Shivika. Finally The great Shivaay Singh Oberoi thanked Anika. But when he is going to propose her??? I loved the conversation between Anika and Omru. OmRu looked very cute when they looked at Shivika.

    • Abiha

      Nikki d ”Dhishoom” will air on 9Pm this sunday…..again we will miss ishqbaaz ….n have to wait for monday…OMG sooo much wait….

  72. Hiba Jasmin

    It’s the first time I am commending a serial bcZ I am that much crazy abt ishqbaaz n shivika
    Guyz can u make me a part of this family

  73. Mishri

    |Registered Member

    Arnav and shivaay is sooo alike imean in many anika and kushi is not..anika is strooong..kushi gets hurt nd shows it…
    Most of d guyz are lyk arnav and shivaay..thy cn do anythng for thr family nd car,house,ruin others properties,destroy everythng,sacrifice their happiness and evn murder…bt PROPOSINS AND ADMITTING dat thy r in love????thy hav 2 show their feelng too..i totally disagree with those type of guyz..thy thnk it makes thm strng bt thy look weak to me..y are scared to admit??1)ego issues??2)scared thyll be rejected??3)4 family???m sooo confused with boys

  74. Shaza

    |Registered Member

    Hey guys ..I watched the ep on hotsar premium ……basically Anika will get a prove that can prove tej and shakti’s innocense and the video will be proved fake ……it is …Anika will be watching a movie and then she will see a add which says watch this movie that got released and in a month got very famous around the world…Shia ye waits for a miracle and Rudra upset …cuz ppnow he can’t sleep with Shiavey but he becomes normal …

    Anika was continuously getting haunts about the girl in the video..she realizes a that in the video there was a poster in the back wall …( the poster of movie which release a month ago ) ….and the video was not 8 yea old ….she thinks to tell this to Shiavey and …….prove Tej and shakti innocent

    Promo :- Shiavey was about to put that marraige necklace ( actually it’s called something , forgot t name)……..OMRU looks on like t y wanna stop but doesn’t ….


      yes, SHAZA, some hint has been shown given by ANIKA in 90th EPI during her conversatio with self after having a nice talk with SAHIL in night hours. The turn around is supposed to come by ANIKA herself!

  75. chithra shetty

    No need sorry I juss said fr simply hehe@ sat

    Tridha ur dp is too good bcz iam big fan of virat @ tridha

    Nd anybody is der from karnaka or from keral here bcz I bron nd brought up in kerala but now staying in karnataka so plz anybody frm karnataka or keral ..@isq family

    Nd ya offcourse I saw tdy 5 pm episode ..last part where shivaki on car dat part I likd lot nd even where rudra nd anika conversation where anika becm emotiona. ..anyway I lved episode waiting fr marriage to broke let see

  76. Renimarenju

    |Registered Member

    Hey Ishqies….In a gist i will comment as i really sticked into work…..Anika….made me really emotional….omru also…..the best part was….sso saying thank u and anika & sso…saying kal se mera life mein bahut khalipan aane waala hai”……touching scene…..just i could say…..shivika’s love is on a question mark?? but pls anybody should express…..ok… time ishqies…..other wise i will comment a lot here…..







    one of the best ACTING by ANIKA in this serial. When RUDRA ask her :’ R U ok” and against all presumption of all viewers she when answered” NO ! ” Is simply a awesom! And in very next few second when she, wiping out all her pain, focused on her preparation of marriage, is HEART TOUCHING. It seems, SURBHI CHANDANA lived the charector of ANIKA. The expression during conversation with three OBEROY sis and bros are penetrating ONE’s heart! STONE SINGH OBEROY was about to melt like a ICE CUBE IN PALM!

    Next best acting was in epi no 27, ENTRY OF ANIKA IN OBEROY MANSION, when and where she almost cracked SHIVAY’s ego in the small, small pieces like a glass mirror!

    SURBHI just LIVED ANIKA in the way DIRECTOR wishing for!!

    No doubt, after TRIDHA in DEHLEEZ, SURBHI is second one who act through her EYES and EXPRESSIONS!

    EPI 27 and EPI 27 is just like a HUNTING of a TIGER in his own CAVE!

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..