Ishqbaaz 30th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Shivaye upsets Anika

Ishqbaaz 30th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhavya drives car and dirt gets on Rudra. He scolds her. She says your fake moustache came off, if Ajay has seen you, he would have understood, you always find me wrong. Gauri says go from here, I have to do everything alone. Om looks on. Anika argues with Shivaye and goes crying. Some time before, Anika sees Shivaye with a girl. She asks girl to go, her mum is calling. She hugs girl and sends her. He says someone is jealous. She says no, I feel bad, what happened to youngsters. He says you are also young, don’t forget. She says I m same Anika, your Anika, not old. He says I understand. She says I m getting cheap thoughts, I m getting mad, I feel so, you are not fighting with me, fight with me. He says there should be reason to fight. She asks him to wait and goes.

Gauri sees Om and recalls

old moment. Saathiya…..plays…. He climbs the stairs. He says I told you I will do this rasam for you. She says you are not doing for me, but for your repentance. He says I accepted my mistakes, I apologized, I just want a chance. She says its too late. He says you are still my wife. She says I wanted to hear this from you before, when anyone is going to give me wife status, you came to show husband’s right.

Anika gets water and says throw this on me, make me believe we are same. Shivaye says you have gone mad. She says throw water, I didn’t go mad. He throws water on her face. She smiles. He starts laughing. He says you look so funny. She asks are you laughing on me. She cries and runs away. He looks on.

Om says I came to give rights and respect. Gauri asks if I did all that with you, if I doubted, insulted, pointed finger at your character, thrown you out of house, would you forgive me, I know you are not happy with my marriage, I m not suitable for you. He says its not like that. She says I always felt so, I didn’t see respect in your eyes, I just saw hatred and misunderstanding, I praise Shivaye and Anika, not because they are equal, they don’t show each other down, they become strength, we both couldn’t have such relation, you were always two steps ahead, so our distance never ended, we reached, put me down. He puts her down.

Ajay says hurry up, I m getting late. Rudra says just 2mins. He cuts wires. Ajay asks why did you cut wire. Rudra says to join it with other one, did you not hear song Taar se taar mila. His moustache falls off. Bhavya drives car and dirt gets on Rudra and Ajay. Ajay says my clothes got spoiled, I have to go home and change, I will see you later. Rudra goes to the car and sees Bhavya. She smiles.

Om says you don’t want to give another chance to our relation. Gauri asks did you wish to give another chance, you are doing this as I m becoming of someone else, go from here, I have to do everything alone. Her dupatta gets stuck in his watch. She turns and looks at him. Rudra scolds Bhavya. She says just relax, I was helping you. He says you came to take revenge as your ego gets hurt to work under me. She says your fake moustache came off, if Ajay has seen you, he would have understood, you always find me wrong. She cries and says I didn’t do this to take revenge, I did this to save you. She goes. He says we three brothers are mad, we don’t understand, she came to help me, what did I tell her.

Om removes the dupatta from watch. Gauri impatiently pulls it. Dupatta gets torn. Om looks at her. Anika comes to room and cries. Shivaye comes after her. He asks what did I do, why are you upset. She says just go, I m angry. He asks the reason, show me your face. She says so that you laugh and make fun of me. He says no, I was laughing on that visual. She says you laugh seeing me, you don’t get love. He says no, look at me. They argue. He says its not such a big thing, talk to me.

Gauri cries and gets away. Om looks on and cries. Saathiya….plays…. Om holds the piece of torn dupatta. Shivaye says you need to grow up. Anika says so that I get old soon, you can do cheap things with those girls, aunties told me right, when wife gets old, husband loses interest, he leaves wife and spends time with young girls, I just worn this old woman wig, you lost interest in me, I don’t know what will happen when I really get old, I m sure this will happen. She goes.

Ajay comes in Gauri’s way. She asks what’s this misbehavior. He says you did rasam with Dilpreet. She says your mum asked me to do it. He asks did you wish to do rasam with him. She asks why will I wish to. He says its your first and last mistake, I can break Mukesh and Richa’s marriage if I want, don’t forget our house respect shouldn’t spoil, else you know… He holds her arm angrily and goes.

Bhavya asks Shivaye did he see Anika. He says yes, she got annoyed and went. She asks why. He says don’t worry, I was teasing her on her getup, I didn’t know she will get hurt, she said when we get old, I will lose interest in her and run after young girls, how could she think that. She says we girls are such to imagine stories, we have own direction, we think a lot. A boy comes and says Rudra has given this for you. She says tell him I don’t want this. Boy goes. Shivaye asks what happened. She says it will be Rudra’s new prank. Rudra gives chocolates and asks what did she say. Boy says nothing, she didn’t see the card and returned it. Bhavya says go to Anika and tralk to her, tell her you understand her insecurity, Anika has no family, you are everything for her, I think she is scared of the thought to lose you, just you can make her insecurities away. He nods.

Shivaye says Ishqbaaz never get old, person can get old by body, not heart, one who has love in heart is young till 100 years. He kisses on Anika’s forehead.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Dhwani_Naidu

    Who else felt today’s episode ended very quickly??
    Anika bhabhi’s voice was different today.. Isn’t she feeling well or is that becoz she was crying??
    I totally loved shivika’s scene today.. I cud just feel anika’s emotions..
    Kutti comment for today’s kutti epi..
    Rikara muaaaaaahhh
    Precap :Awwwwww

    1. Nivedita

      Ha ha so cute. Kutti comment. Yup today’s episode went away sso fast. All good times seem to go away faster.
      Go Dhwani Go!

      Happy 400th to IB team!

      1. Dhwani_Naidu

        Thanks Nivi.. Can I call u Nivi? Tamizh ah?? Yeah ib hits 400!!

      2. Nivedita

        Yeah you can call me Nivi!?

      3. Nivedita

        No re I am a Bengali..but I have friends who use kutti word for cute child..or baby..n I love that nickname/ word a lot!

      4. Dhwani_Naidu

        Ohh that’s so cute Nivi.. Yeah kutti is used for cute babies also.. Actually it also means small..

    2. Dear Dhwani
      Are You Coming From Kerala.You Are A Malayali.You Use KUTTI Word That Why I Ask?
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

      1. Dhwani_Naidu

        Hi UF ( sry I don’t know ur name).. Actually I am half tamizh and half telugu.. Pakshe korachchu Malayalam ariyum 😀 and yeah Kutti is in tamizh also.. Are you a malayali?

    3. Go Dhwani Go…
      Congratulation on being first…

      1. Dhwani_Naidu

        Thank you luthfa.. Today nila hasn’t commented that’s why my comment was first 😛 😀

    4. Dear Dhwani
      Ya IAM A Malayali?

      1. Dhwani_Naidu

        Appol njaan ningale chechi nu vilikum.. Seriyaano? (I know my Malayalam is bad)

  2. Banita

    Today ib completed 400 episodes….
    Congratulations pkj…..

    1. Congratulation to you too Bani…..

  3. Pushpa

    2day epi ws great…
    Anika ws owsm luved her gussa and reasons behind it..
    Happen to all girls…so its normal..
    Anika i felt sorry for yr insecurity feeling…u didnt get tht shivaye is doing it 4fun but i do understand and agree tht u r scared of loosing shivaye who is yr betterhalf….shivaye is yr pain yr happiness yr sorrow all is moving around shivaye…so whn anika c him wt gals and he laughed at her..she felt it….damn tht aunties….

    Bt i liked bhavya today..when she said anika hv no family…u r everything for bhabi..awwww i felt like crying..its tht damn music mann and shivaye expression&he understd once bhavya explained to shivaye the actual reason of anika insecurity…bt dun worry anika ….shivaye will nvr leave u not in this or any other janam to cm…u will live janam janam wt him…so chill and b happy….

    I hv only 1simple saying to tell gauri…im so sorry gals ..getting irritated wt gauri….the whole family is there to take her bck…and u make om cry again just all bcause of yr friend..u nvr listen 2 om who hv bhar bhar apologizing to u…nothing goes into yr brain gal…..he said he made mistake and say sorry …give him 2nd chance …totally its ur fault 4feeling u r not good4om…om is trying to fix all….wht else u want him to do??? Ok fine om u go bck to ishaana…..OMG cvs pls dun draggg this for long….and u deserve the way hw ajay ill treat u enjoy it…

    Rudy u r a gem…wtvyr mooch true all 3 of yr oberoi brothers r pagal….u the biggest…..
    Precap….mmmmm luvly…luv u more shivaye…..
    Dil bole ishqbaaz……
    Gd nite & sleep well…

    1. Pushpa

      Yes congrarulations…#ishqbaazhits400 today……???????

    2. Nivedita

      Pu I never thought I would be opposed to your take on Gauri. But I felt Om wasn’t crying for his feelings. He cried for hurting Gauri and to see her cry (otherwise its too unpalatable for me to see a crying Om- it would go better with his sensitive character to feel Gauri’s pain- without even seeing her actual tears- since he was behind her in that scene.)

      Anyways I am pro Gauri in her stance, and I agree with everything she said. The Oberoi family being there shouldn’t matter in her decision. Only Om and her equation being at the right level of love and respect should be the primary reason for ever having a relationship with some one you love, imho.

      I know you feel sorry for Om. But would you go back to a guy who has verbally abused and mentally tortured you like Om did to Gauri for what was almost a year – remember the story had a 3 month leap too)? In normal life no woman should even go back to a guy who makes baseless suspicions and treats wife as pairon ki jooti..

      Its different that Om does have redeemable qualities and that’s why women fans love him so much. But Gauri’s character has been portrayed as realistically as possible for a TV heroine- she was steadfast in her devotion to Om and now is steadfast in her decision to help her friend and protect her self respect.

      1. Nivedita

        someone *she loves imho..

        Also just commenting on Gauri’s side as I see it. You can be pro Om here.. just don’t hate Gauri as much. 🙂

      2. Pushpa

        hi nivi dear…hw r u..
        hands down dear..please dun gt me wrong…i do get it totally nivi ….om is giving all the respect &love she was waiting for…its all just because of her friend i feel….not that she wants to do it…the cry said it tht way to me….sorry dear if my comments hurt yr feeling..

    3. Dear Pushpa
      Omkara Pe Tho Mujhe Barosa Nahi Jab Bhi Sochthi Hu Ki OmRi Ki Beech Sab Solve Hogi Thab Ek Stupid MU Ki Karan Om Phir Gauri Ko Blame Kartha Hai.I Think Gauri Jithna Omkara Ko Avoid Karungi Uthna Om Ko Apni Galthi Ka Seriousness Samajh Aayega Wo Ye Bhi Samjhengi Ki Ab Aage Usse Koi Mistake Hua Tho Gauri Ko Wapas Paana Bahuth Hard Hai.Aur Aage Wo Usse Galath Samajhne Se Pehle Sochega.Jab OmRi Oberoi Mansion Pe Jaatha Hai Tho Kuchna Kuch Problem Unki Life Pe Aatha Hai.I Hope Ye Love Confession Ki Baath OmRi Ki Life Pe Phir Koi Understanding Problem Ya MU Na Aaye.Omkara Ne Pehle Kya Kya Kaha Hai Gauri Ki Baare Main Wo Sab Insulting Baathon Se Main Bhi DBO IB Ki Kuch Episode Nahi Dekha Hai.I Hope Omkara Aage Koi Galthi Na Kare.Gauri Ki Ignore Se Wo Achi Se Samak Seekhe
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

      1. Guys its just fricition show and you cant think of logic in reel i think ib is better than some nonsense serial it they have taken same concept in other shows they would drag it for more than years ib doesnt drag any topic for years like ao stop complaining and enjoy gor what you have and dont panic cvs others but i wanted to see omri wedding track for some months but they are wrapping up in this week anyhow we will get to see omri romance in OM and in today episode i felt anika is bit childish even shivay will get old that doesnt mean anika will leave shivay and will filrt with boys sometimes i feel anika character a bit childish and immature if you compare anika to gauri and bahvya i feel gauri and bahvya are more matured than anika we fans loves anika for her childish acts and funny antics but now she is bade bahu of OM she should be bit responssible and mature i request cvs to show anika character as a matured lady from now on because we are fed up of this funny anika we want to see a anika has a matured person who takes every problem seriously not funny

      2. Pushpa

        UF3355…all comments r welcomed here gal… no worries …its our own opinion so lets not get so personal and thk u for yr reply..i manage to get it all …ufff u wrote in hindi..

    4. Nivedita

      Arey no problemo need to say sorry..or anything..?? was just taking Gauri’s side..? Kal was typing on computer so couldn’t manage more emojis..?

      All is well!?

    5. Logesh.M

      Haiiiiii pushpa..This is my opinion..i just feel Bhavya and Shivaay have a great bonding than Gauri and Shivaay…What an emotional convo????Unknowingly i cried…I feel Shivya bonding is best…Also i felt bad for anika..I dont think she is immature..She is feeling insecured!!!!

      1. Dhwani_Naidu

        Anna, Shivya epo bond aananga?!! For me I don’t think they hv tht bro sis bonding and I personally like shivri bond very much..

  4. Congratulations for ib completing 400 episodes congrats for pkj Family member’s
    Ya dhwani I feel it’s so short one but they managed 3 couples at a time good to see all of them
    Annika feelings are so natural
    Rikara conversation is emotional
    Precap about ishqbazz loved it

    1. Dhwani_Naidu

      Yeah that’s why felt so short chaithu..

  5. Misha_Mikul

    First of all,Cheers!! lets have a group hug darlingzz as our Ishqbaaaz baby Hits 400!!???
    kushi ki baath!! Let’s celebrate this happiness and wish them to get more success!!??

    Today’s episode was Okay only!!
    Tomorrow will be so lovely!!???

    Today was mahi’s entry in Ishqbaaaz(Malaysia’s one)
    Feeling good to see him again!!??
    My mom enjoyed seeing his weird behavior ???

    Today’s epi= Shivika-Rikara-Ruvya-Rikara-Shivika-Ruvya-Rikara-Shivika ??
    Like seriously?? CVs are still using this bad trick??? ???

    I don’t know whom to blame!!?? Cvs should be blamed ??
    I don’t think Shivaay was wrong, I agree that he was flirting(just for fun) but he was just teasing her for fun!!
    At the same time I don’t blame Annika, I could understand why she got hurt!! Ya, there is limit for everything, how long can we tolerate, we’ll feel bad if our loved one makes fun of her!!??
    But this is not new right?? How could Annika tell that Shivaay will hate her if she gets age..Haha, seriously!! Shivaay will never get older????
    Annika knows Shivaay well, She knows the difference between serious and fun, its really a big surprise for me when she took that two stupid aunties’ talk as serious and misunderstood Shivaay’s behavior?? Seriously, this is not Annika!!!? CVs ruined the Annika’s patni character!!??
    on other hand, felt Annika’s anger is valid too!!??

    I loved Shivaay when he followed her to know what wrong he did which made her angry!!??
    and He just kept thinking what was his fault??
    When bhavya asked him “why is babhi naraz with you”, the way he showed puppy face and said “I also don’t know”????
    Loved him here????
    here too, advice was unecessary for Shivaay, because he knows Annika well!!?
    but explained him about Girl’s complicated feelings was fine??

    Precap – Heart melting moment???? Shivaay the True Lover!!?❤❤

    1. Pushpa

      hi misha..i watched IB mahi’s entry was owsm ..great2 c him again..
      cvs r ruining all characters misha ….. from shivaye to anika and all…..i think thy r trying to draggggggg…tht swhts happening..

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Hi Pushpa ❤
        CVs want to give us romantic scenes so they spoiled their character first ??
        They suddenly show Shivaay flirts with those girls which is very opposite to his character.. Annika got angry with him..
        So today Shivaay will console her and from this we’ll get to see heart melting scene ?
        But my question is without spoiling their character or creating problems between them, can’t romantic scenes happen?? ?

    2. Dhwani_Naidu

      Cheers Misha!!! A hug to you too for our ib hits 400!!

  6. Nivedita

    Rikara were superb. Especially loved the tearing away of Gauri’s dupatta.. Gave me a lil bit of IPK1 Arshi feels..

    And I also wondered why Gauri’s gorgeous dupattas keep getting destroyed. I do wish some of her awful dupattas would get ruined instead.. 😉

    Thanks for yet another gorgeous Rikara episode.

    Felt sad for Ani.. this clueless SSO was a bit too much for me..

    When he asked Ani to grow up, I felt like telling SSO why he doesn’t himself grow up and stop entertaining those gals.. (insert zillion eyerolls)..

    Bhavya’s parts were tolerable too.. though the only reason was because I wasn’t looking at her face.

    Overall was a good episode. And I hope all the Rikara fans are in agreement with Gauri’s reasoning. They were quite sound imho.

    I wish though some Oberoi had heard Gauri’s convo with her fiance.. (is there a chance I missed it?)

    1. You felt ARSHI? Me too di.Awww…….

      1. Nivedita

        ✋ yippee

    2. Pushpa

      hi nivi….zillion eyerolls?????
      i too felt shivaye shld stop his flirting….ths too much to handle..wht need to be done now is to solve rikara problem …

      1. Nivedita

        Ha ha! True that!

    3. Dhwani_Naidu

      Even I wished for om to hear gauri’s convo with Ajay.. If so, the mu wud hv got cleared…

      1. Nivedita

        Haan..true Dhwani


    1. Poor all 3 couples – insecurity and misunderstanding ke mare ???

    2. I am not enjoying this track or rather I am feeling some spark is missing????

    3. Less of Ishqbazzi and more dramabazi ?????

    4. Show is losing its charm…

    5. Though om-guari love track was needed but its dull and not as we viewer’s wanted and same goes with rudra and bhavya.. though anika-shivaye had much suspense and drama but others are not much influencing..

    6. And anyone knows what happened to 2 big truths-
    (a) hidden by tej, shakti, jhanvi and pinki
    (b) hidden by shakti and dadi

    1. Pushpa

      hi shraddha…only the cvs knows ur point 6…looks like its just left unsolved..and maybe will nvr be shown..

  8. OK I understand anika’s pain but it’s not to an extent that she should shed tears I miss that strong girl anika who was in the starting of the show in fact this was mere teasing but before this he has said a lot to her but at that time she didn’t break down but y now. v can presume that he is elder to her so he will be the first one to grow old even she could have pulled his leg she knows him very well that he won’t cheat on her his love is so deep that he can’t even think of it

  9. I miss that sso who had that class, his smartness, he was smart enough to do have a full proof plan whenever his goal was related to anika now also he could have simply used his power how come om did not even have a sense to complain about ajay for attempting to marry his wife as far as I know it’s illegal to marry a married person if their spouse is alive. Om coming from a reputed family didn’t even give a thought to this. I’m extremely annoyed with the show for showing some crap I somewhere started regretting for watching this show

  10. LAX

    Hi guys..!! How R U?? The episode did not give a Monday episode feel to be honest. Was nothing more than a filler to me. Hated Annika the most. She was too childish n super sensitive. But worried Annika was portrayed nicely by Surbhi. Flirty Diljit was so out of character. Rikara scene was good but something was missing there too in comparison to the Friday scenes. As usual hated Bhavya in Ruvya scenes. The only thing I liked is Bhavyas serious line to Shivay. But again did not like all those lines about girls n their feelings.

    Precap- I guess I ll like the episode tomo coz of Shivay. But again the blue BG light is too glary.

    P.S.- Lets rejoice guys..!! #ishqbaaazhits400. Congrats to all the fans. Hope NaRbhi wins ITA. I guess all of u ve voted for them.

    1. Nivedita

      Aw Lax, am sad u didn’t like it as much.

      Lax, I hope the editing on the Blue lights will be good tomorrow. I was a bit worried when I heard about the blue lighting, but on TV precap the light looked ok to me.. but I don’ know how good the scene will be tomorrow..

      I loved Rikara dialogues today even more than friday in some aspects, because of the words that Gauri needed to say to Om (though Friday episode was pure Rikara romance, and today was just inner tussle and angst of Rikara)
      1 thing that for your less enjoyment could be the angst Rikara vs romance Rikara.
      Another thing was the extended steps dialogue, that must have been quite hard for them to shoot. Imagine carrying someone and also emoting those heave handed dialogues.

      Yes Ani was behaving like a girly girl, but so was SSO behaving like a typical boy getting enjoyment out of flirting/entertaining other women in front of his wife.

      Surbhi C was looking absolutely lovely! I so want this minimal make up Surbhi forever.. I hate the heavily made up face of hers most times.. because she had such flawless skin and honestly doesn’t need so much layers to hide her natural beauty. (I may be on the minority here).

      Overjoyed that IB has crossed 400 episodes! Yippe! 3 cheers to the team!

      1. Nivedita

        *heavy handed dialogues.
        In fact KJ should be commended for doing the steps dialogues so well, while carrying Shrenu..And Shrenu too for being able to emote so well.

        I could feel both Rikara pain in the walking away scene with the dupatta.

  11. Confusion hi confusion hai solution kuch pata nahi…

    Today I felt like Gauri told those words deliberately on purpose to hurt Om and to get separated from him. Om was like an anchor less ship, clueless what to do or how to do.Gauri was voicing her inner pain about her relationship with Om till date. Don’t know what will happen next…

    Anika sounded so desperate today.This Tubelight Singh Oberoi can’t understand a damn thing.I wanted to write about these insecurities of Anika on the confession day but it made me go mad in anger and I forgot.Want to add this now-………………….

    Anika never expected any Prince Charming for her. Life long struggle is her destiny, she may be thought.Life with Shivaay was not and will not be a fairy tale at all. Ani will have moments shared with Shivaay with bittersweet experience………….

    Shivaay knows that he has done very little for Anika and she deserves a whole lot of things from him. As he is her only source of happiness after Shahi.Expectations will be high but when you are expecting something from SSO, you need to be prepared for the best and worst at the same time.Ani knows this aspect of Shivaay like her own palm. Shivaay needs to eradicate this sensation from the heart and brain of Anika once and for all. If he succeeds doing that job, half of the battle will be won. Other half he can win with the help of Anika very easily then….

    Rudra,you will never learn your lesson.(sigh )

    Precap:Go Shivaay Go……

  12. Hiiiiii pkj members i will read all ur comment’s bt i cant reply of some issues love u all pkj members yaaaaaaaa ib completed 400 epi tdy im dancing nw like narbhi partying like them exact scenerio cmng to ib i too lost some charm as you all said in ur comments guysssss shivika we want love romance track not mu track cvs can’t understand our view thts the main issue in ib we knw love means there is fight bt no use of showing anika weak as in frst epi showed the daring kidikitod anika nw crying anika bt the aim was good to knw hw much shivaay loves anika till her death thts matters❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤???❤????????????❤??im a emoji pagal???????????????rikara was nt tht much good tdy ruvya no story fr th just dragging thm as to show one oberio life thts it and bhavya talk abt ani is heart touching i want shivika room scence soon??????????????????????????i cant tolerate thss drama more than one week want anri track reveal all raaazzz cvss bhaag i want obrosss kichen scence and all these are upcoming confirmation by twitter ?????????????????❤❤❤???i cant wait
    Shivika scence any scences expectations high tht hug im waiting??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    [email protected] @[email protected]@dhiwani [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected] u guyss are rocking ur comment always the best lots of love to you guyssss if i missed anyone a big hug too u all as a love for the fandom for completing 400,epi??????????????????

    1. Dhwani_Naidu

      A big hug to you Meena.. Yeaaaayyyy ib hits 400!!
      Every one of us wants aniri track and all secrets to be revealed.. But if there is no suspense and only happy moments then tht marks the end of the show dr.. To keep it going there has to be some sort of a track with prbs the obros and obahus face.. That’s what we’re seeing in IB.. Let’s be happy tht ib is diff and not the regular saas bahu drama..
      High five for IB, meens!!

  13. hii..sorry pushpa but I dont agree to ur point in gauri ‘s point..she is correct…om was always disrespecting her specially pointing fingers on her character no girl can forgive it easily…om has done the same mistake again and many times he have called her characterless..and the indult he gave her by taking her to the restaurant and doing all those girl can forget it easily..ehatever fauri tld was correct….no offence…I just said my view.sorry if I hurt u


  14. AnuluvsIB

    400 episodes of IB!! Glad it reached here.. wish it was at a better position than it is today..
    Anyways.. episode was lil emotional..
    As always, surbhi and shrenu nailed it! Gauris dialogs were to the point and KJ was good too.. emotional scene are his forte..
    Ani.. poor gal.. sso laughing at her was just a man thing.. he wasn’t insensitive.. he was just being a “guy”.. ani on the other hand was typical married woman.. she might look silly/immature.. but this happens to woman..anglad he is apologising tom.
    ShivVya scene.. mansi spoiled it.. very very artificial old school dialog delivery.. of it was Neha/shrenu in her place, they wud have done it well!

    1. Dhwani_Naidu

      High five girl!! For ib reached 400!!

      1. AnuluvsIB

        ✋️✋️ To u too!

  15. Tvfan1

    Omkara-Gauri to finally unite in Ishqbaaz

    Omkara, Shivay and Rudra fight with Ajay and his goons. Gauri learns that Ajay wants to marry her only to cheat her. She calls Omkara to get help. Omkara rescues Gauri and takes her along. Obros want to take Gauri away from the marriage. Gauri wanted to get her friend married and then run away. Omkara doesn’t know that Gauri also wants to avoid the marriage. Omkara knocks down Ajay. Obros leave with Gauri. Omkara and Gauri’s misunderstandings get cleared. They come back home. They express love for each other.

    He has realized he loves Gauri a lot. Gauri also understood Ajay was a cheap man. Omkara is happy that she has come back in his life. He makes sweets to surprise her. They feed the sweets to each other. Gauri is happy seeing a good change in Omkara. She feels like her dreams coming true. Omkara and Gauri romance. Rudra disturbs them. He wakes them up. He tells them that he has a good news for them, he has made an impossible thing possible. Rudra makes a plan for their Goa trip. He asks them to open the door fast. Rudra gets upset when Omkara doesn’t attend him. He says both my brothers changed after marriage.

  16. Love and adore Shivika:)
    They are always a pleasure to watch <3
    Really guys Shivika as other married couple are allowed to have insecurities or naarazagis with each other….their love is strong to withstand challenges and they make up so lovingly.
    Sometimes the male population can do something so inconsequential but to a female its enormous and vice versa. The show is trying to incorporate some real life issues…..I don't think we should judge them harshly.
    I love and enjoy IB from day one…yes there was anger n disaapointment during Shivika separation but that's all behind us……I think CVS have listened to fans to give us less villainbaazi and more lovebaazi. The 30 mins show has improved the ss for all couples n given space for less evilness. Hope it continues……….
    Love Shivika, hope they get the awards in ITA. Also love Rikara and Ruvya. Hope to see all Obros supporting n loving each other.
    Waiting for AniRi revelation n bonding as sisters where they stand strong for each other n are not separated again.
    CVS plz give us Shivika SR and romance. Feels like since their marriage they have not spent quality time with each other except for the jungle night after parachute jump from airplane. Want to see Anika also romancing with shivay , not always putting a stop to his efforts.
    Love to see Obro kitchen scene with their wife's in chef attire also …maybe some romance…hmmmmmmmmm

  17. Can somebody tell me why is Gauri even marrying Ajay? I’ve missed more than a weeks worth of the episodes n have got no time to revisit them..
    Also I’d love to add that Ishqbaaz is back on fire as half an hour episode..
    And it’s feels so good to see OSO as a love sick guy, trying hard to win over his woman.

  18. As far as shivika relationship is concerned it is too silly of annika to have doubts on shivay.Even during tia’s pregnancy track she never doubted him now without any reason she is shown as doubtful and sensitive.It really questions the depth of their relationship.I didn’t like Gowri today I thought she was very rude. Annika will never hurt shivay like what Gowri did to Om

    1. Logesh.M

      Hey jaane???I am really sorry.i cant able to agree to ur point.Because anika is feeling insecure…It usually happens to every women na..She is feeling insecure and shivaay teased her…So she got hurt!!!Regarding gauri,i hope you know how many times omkara called her characterless…What he did in that hotel…She cant forget it soooo easily…No women can forget it sooo easily..i agree he learned his mistakes and asked for her sorry..But its very difficult to forgive soo easily…At the end of DBO he asked her to stay in OM..She too stayed in OM hoping He will understand her and accept her as his wife..But what he did after that!!!!!I am really very sorry if i hurted you..This is my opinion..?????Peace

    2. i do agree, anika is very forgiving and understands shivay well.
      gauri is rude and her toleration level is much less compared to anika
      it is good to see different characters. finally all are not the same.
      and shivika rocks

  19. I loved Shivika. Cvs were trying to show the reality of women who feels insecure after marriage when their husbands are attracted by other young ladies. So Anika’s insecurity is justified. Though Anika knows that Shivaay will not leave her as he has fought with his own mum for her, I think deep somewhere inside her she has the teeny weeny bit of insecurity which is what caused her to react emotionally and the fact that he laughed at her teasingly. She was afraid that Shivaay has changed. The night before they got married Anika clearly said she loves Shivaay being SSO and not the gentle one. That is whom Anika fell in love with SSO. Anyway today’s episode Shivaay is in his SSO look that they showed in the precap so no more Sardar look. It will be nice to hear him reassuring his love for Anika.

    Gauri is still angry at Om. Though the whole family is behind it to bring her home, she may think that OM came back because of Shivaay’s saying. Perhaps on his own OM would not have returned. I suppose Gauri also need the reassurance that OM genuinely loves her and truly repentant. If we look at the past episodes, OM really treated Gauri badly so understandable she is still not accepting as she is unsure whether he is meaning what he says.

    Both sisters Anika and Gauri are insecure

    1. Nivedita

      Agree with you completely..??

    2. Dhwani_Naidu

      Yeah sindhu, I agree with you..

  20. JANE,
    I can understand,you are disturbed and irritated regarding Anika’s behaviour but I want to tell you something –
    Anika is insecured for Shivaay that he will dump her if she turns old.The most interesting part is she is thinking that only she will grow old not Shivaay. This time Anika is not thinking from any logical viewpoint. If we put logic in this matter then it is indeed a childish and immature behaviour.But when one is in love,he or she doesn’t do anything considering the logical facts.Logic and rationality see the exit door and emotion and impulses rule the heart.Ani is just insecured and now Shivaay needs to address this problem seriously.I hope he will make Ani understand everything. This is my opinion.

  21. Yeah Luf so far annika was shown flawless .Might be the Cvs want to show the human side of annika but here shivay cannot be blamed.

  22. Totally agree with you Luthfa….Love is blind, love also thinks with heart and emotions, sometimes brain knows the truth but heart needs reassurance?
    Also interestingly, Anika thinks she will grow old but what about Shivay..he will grow old b4 her, but in her heart, her love Shivay will always be young and her heart will only beat for him no matter wnen or where…thats her love for him?
    I know Shivika will address and win this battle together. Looking forward to their patch up….the best part after each fight is make up??

  23. Today episode loved only shivika part….anika insecured about her old age was normal….when Shivaay bhaiyya splash water on her face that time soothening smile in her face and her expression mind blowing ……I understand some of ur of comments about anika is strong female character she should nt react this insecured way… But my opinion is she has also a normal human being..she reacts like this kind of way it’s normal .. In past episode she said to sahil Shivaay’ love is the biggest strength and weakness in her life….Shivaay bhaiyya continuous ignorance and he take selfie with others and made fun of her she couldnt digest that because her life only around him she also want that. So she expressed weakness side of her…but don’t worry anika my shivaay bhaiyya wont hurt u even in his dreams…Shivaay bhaiyya tumhare saare MU jaldi clear kardega… Today I didn’t like omri scene sry rikara fans kuch toh missing ..bhavya Shivaay bhaiyya conversation was too gud..she explained very well about anika’s insecurities …Shivaay bhaiyya regrets unknowingly hurting her and his expression was mind blowing….precap shivika magical moments???????????… I am


      You all are right from your respective standpoint. I am just waiting to see how Shivaay will handle Anika’s insecurity.Waiting for the clock to strike 10….

  24. Bhavya rightly said girls always images more stories in their mind and anika story was very very high level thinking which never happens but I loved totally shivika scene todqy. Waiting for next episode. By seeing the precap I exiting level increased and the couples going for goe a good news Which I got from kunal today . and waiting for Friday kitchen scene of all couples?????????❤❤❤???

  25. Nikita_jai29

    Hii ishqies.. A big congratulations to ishqbaaz… 400 episodes are completed…. Episode is nice… Anika in minimum makeup look beautiful… Shivika track is good…

  26. Congregation for 400 episode updates for u

  27. Dear Friends
    Congratulations To IB And PKJ For 400 Episode.I Wish One Day IB Finish 500 Episode Also????????????
    Take Care And Stay Safe?

  28. SAM……..ROFL
    you should switch to another one

  29. very sad the serial is only for 20 minutes. and the story of shivika is shortened.
    agreed this show was on the 3 brothers but it also focused on the love story of shivika. earlier too there were scenes of Omkara & rudra & their lovelife. however with separtaion of DBO and reunion of the two with 40 minutes the story focused on Omkara & Gauri too. but right now with the same old track of 20 minutes ishqbaaz, shivika story is sidelined. when instead they were the lead role along with om & rudra.

    rudra is very jovial & funny & its fun. shivika is Beautiful. shivika rocks Ishqbaaz. but honestly omkara is very slow and boring. But omkara & rudra complement SHivika very well – this old track of Ishqbaaz was interesting.
    if the story needs to focus on omkara & gauri – they can separate the serial, and anywhich ways DBO was not doing well with them alone.
    but omkara & gauri together support the shivika character very well.

    just hope to enjoy the same track of Ishqbaaz back again with Shivika together. shivika Rocks.

    1. Christie,better if ib is separated from dbo.
      Ruvya and Rikara have spoilt ib.Shivika rocks.

  30. What shivay did to annika was much worser than than what om did .Shivay forcefully married her denied her the place of wife for along time misunderstood her with daksh and insulted her character but still she never hated him she always tried to protect him that’s where I annika is so different from gowri.Ofcourse how Gowri reacted was normal but annika is in different level .

  31. awesome episode… sab kuch hai isme.. but precap is awwwwwww,… waiting for the episode to air..

  32. i do agree, anika is very forgiving and understands shivay well.
    gauri is rude and her toleration level is much less compared to anika
    it is good to see different characters. finally all are not the same.
    and shivika rocks.
    really right, because shivay has mistreated Anika several times. and nice to see love conquers.

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