Ishqbaaz 30th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Priyanka elopes to marry Rajiv

Ishqbaaz 30th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Priyanka calls Shivaye wrong. Shivaye and Om leave. Rudra says we can’t help if anyone loses mind, don’t request her, she will have food if she feels hungry, come on, Bhavya. He takes Anika, Bhavya and Gauri out. He locks the door and says this is the only way to stop her. Anika says this isn’t any solution. He says I know her, she will get adamant at first but agree later. Sahil calls Khanna. He says I want accounts book of Oberoi pharmaceuticals. Khanna says sorry, just Shivaye can check that, its Shivaye’s rules. Sahil says its not bad to change rules with time, your work is to follow orders, go now. Khanna says I just follow Shivaye’s orders. Sahil says I m Shivaye’s brother in law, go and get accounts book, your habit is to tell everything to Shivaye, he is much worried for Priyanka,

no need to disturb him. Khanna nods and goes.

Anika says Shivaye and Priyanka are alike, they didn’t have food and medicines. Anika comes to Priyanka. She sees the food tray. She asks Priyanka to have food. Priyanka asks do you think I m doing wrong. Anika says love isn’t wrong, but leaving all relations for one is wrong, have food, else your brothers won’t have food, I promise I will try to convince Shivaye. Shivaye asks someone to get Rajiv’s details. Anika says I want to talk about Priyanka, she loves Rajiv, for the sake of her happiness, we must give him a chance, she may end up doing wrong in anger. Shivaye says she is my sister, knowing that guy is wrong, how shall I agree. She says meet him once, maybe he is a nice guy, she will be glad that you gave him a chance, she was heartbroken because of Daksh, please give a chance to Rajiv. He says fine if you are saying, I will give him a chance.

She asks him to have food. He asks did Priyanka have food. She says yes. She feeds him food. He thanks her for support. Rudra shouts to him. They rush. Rudra says Priyanka has run away. They get shocked. Everyone tries to find Priyanka. Nani says don’t know why did she do this. Dadi says she has lost her mind. Rudra shouts to Shivaye. He says I have asked her friends, she is nowhere. Shivaye says where do I find her. Om says maybe she went to Rajiv, call the investigator and ask for info. Shivaye calls and asks Sanket to find out about Rajiv. Om says you locked the door right. Rudra says yes, but the door was open. Shivaye asks who opened the door. Anika says I did, I fed food to her and forgot to lock the door. Shivaye says its imp thing, she has run away because of you, Rajiv provoked her to run away, that’s why I told you, that guy isn’t right for my sister, if anything happens to her, I won’t forgive you.

Shivaye recalls Priyanka and says what happened to you, you always took my advice, you didn’t feel the need to ask me before taking your life’s big decision. Anika gets medicines for him. He throws the glass and asks Anika to just go. She says I didn’t marry you to leave you alone in problems, its my mistake, I forgot, I can’t think of locking up someone. He says you think I m liking it, Rudra did this for a reason, you have seen the result now. She asks how long can you lock her up, she loves Rajiv, we can’t stop her. He says she loved Daksh before, she loves a wrong guy even now. She says I know what Priyanka means to you, just you can get her back. He says sorry Anika, I vented all my anger on you. She says if I have right on your love, I have right even on your anger. Shivaye gets Sanket’s call. He says great, I got Rajiv’s address, I will get Priyanka. Om says we will come along. Shivaye says no, stay here, take care of Nani and Dadi, I will call you when I get any info. He comes to Rajiv’s house and finds it locked. He asks a man about Rajiv. The man says yes, he stays here. Shivaye says but his house is locked. The man says yes, he left some time back, a girl was with him. Shivaye says she was Priyanka, where did they go. He gets Priyanka’s message… I m marrying. He calls Om.

Priyanka is at the temple. Rajiv asks her to come. She says I m thinking of Shivaye, he is like my parent, if I marry against his wish, his heart will break. He says I don’t want to force you, you can go home, Shivaye won’t let us meet again. She says you know I love you, so I have come here to marry you. He says we have to give a name to this relation, else we can’t stay together. She holds his hand. Shivaye comes there and shouts Priyanka…. He asks her to come home. She says I love Rajiv. Shivaye scolds Rajiv. Rajiv says you can’t take Priyanka this way. Shivaye pushes him. Priyanka asks are you hurt Rajiv. Everyone comes. Shivaye says Om, manage Priyanka, I will see him. Priyanka says stop there else… She shows the poison bottle and threatens them. They all ask her not to be mad. She says its better to die than living without Rajiv.

Shivaye says don’t do this. She says I will drink this poison. Anika says we can talk. Priyanka says you have insulted my Rajiv and locked me up. Rudra says I locked you for your betterment. Anika says I know my betterment, I will decide about my life. They ask her to stop. Priyanka and Anika sit for the marriage. Dadi says let it be Billu, more poison is filled in her mind, she won’t agree. Shivaye asks shall I see her life getting ruined. Anika says she will understand when she listens to someone. Shivaye says she thinks Rajiv is a nice guy, if we prove that Rajiv isn’t good, she may change her decision. He calls to ask about Rajiv. He asks Jai Kothari… He says Rajiv worked at Jai’s place. Rudra says he won’t help us. Anika asks who is Jai Kothari, tell us.

Shivaye says Jai’s annoyance changed into hatred, I don’t think he will help us now. Om asks is there any other way. Shivaye says I have to meet Jai and ask for his help.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hi guys… Hmmm 2day epi… Ok gd.. All scenes ended vr fast.. Emmm need to wait for nxt mon.. Bye

  2. Luthfa


    “Kissa Suno Ek Hum Bhi Sunaye,
    Dil Ka Darwaja Kholke Kisi Ko Apna Banaye,
    Yaad Chunkar Khawab Sajaye,
    Yaado Mein Apna Aashiya Banaye……………First of all,Happy 2nd Anniversary-Shivika.Wishing Shivika all the love of the world.Today is the day when Anika and Shivaay,my Shivika united in the holy bond of love,forever two years ago.How time flies!Can remember all those days still.How excited I was to witness the Grand Oberoi Shadi!Those days were something else like self-contradictory emotions.Anyway,congratulations PKJ,on the eve of second anniversary of SHIVIKA.Lots and lots of love to SHIVIKA for completing two wonderful years.Love you both,always.

  3. Shajessie

    Ishqbaaz oberois moments missing… One for all.. All for one… Also missing… Can v Get bc our old ishqbaaz pls… 🙏

  4. Luthfa

    A Thanks And Acknowledgement Note:
    Dear IB Team,
    When I started watching Ishqbaaaz,I did not know that I would get attached with the show like that.Finishing watching the first episode I contemplated for a long time,without sleeping at that night.Some deeply buried feelings got surfaced and that was overwhelming as well as saddening.I asked myself,was I going to face the same thing once again?If so,was I ready?But assured my heart that nothing like the past would happen.Had gone with the flow of emotions and now I have realized,I have gone too far.Now when I look back seems like it’s just a matter of few days not years.My journey with Ishqbaaaz is joyous,full of happiness,laughter with a little tinge of crying,occasionally.It was an wonderful journey with Obros,with Shivika,with entire team.Thank you so very much for coming into my life at an unexpected moment.It was indeed a happy surprise.Such a surprise that went on giving surprise after surprise.Lucky me.Ishqbaaaz turned out quite bountiful for me in least expecting and for that I would always be grateful.Thank you everyone,to each and every person who made IB and became the reason of my happiness.Thanking you all on the 2nd anniversary of SHIVIKA.Stay happy,stay blessed.

    1. Finally luthfa , what happened to your that ff you made on ishqbaaz was nice you know 😂😂

      1. Luthfa

        Hi Niyati,
        Oh,did not know that you too are a reader of my FF.See dear my In Course exams are going on so I am literally busy in its preparation that’s why unable to update it.And FF writing is not instant two minutes noodles cooking so I can’t serve you whenever you will demand it and I am really sorry for that.But don’t worry,my exams are going to finish on 4 December.After that I will focus on my FF.The thing is I can focus on one thing at a time.This time my focus is Shivika’s journey celebration in between exam gaps.And yeah,very good to know your desperation for my FF.I will suggest you some more patience to maintain.Take care.

  5. ShivikaSCNM

    Same old story in today’s episode here and there edited.
    Why are they showing sahil in negative role they are keeping shakuni in mind and writing his character so that in generation leap he would take control over obro……

  6. You Know what this Redux Started with good Expectations but afterwards it was full Crap
    All Actors done upto their mark . After First 2 Weeks it was Quite Boring……..
    No Annika Khidikithod…………
    Omkara-Gauri ………… Rudra-Bhavya incomplete lovestory
    After 5 Years Leap……………..
    Priyanka love Rajiv not ( Ranveer Randawa) 🙂
    Sahil is going to Evil………
    When these Redux Will End

    When the Show Started I’m Very Exicted ……….
    I Laugh with them………..Cry with them……..Enjoy with them………..
    Felt Every Emotion
    My Heart was broken for Saumya – Rudra Love Story (Also Saumya turns into evil)
    She is my Chubby Tamatar….Unnecessary try into evil…….
    Ishana Cameo………….Her Character was need to prolonged……….
    Although Gauri done Fabulous entry and done great……….Then Why Ishana Cameo
    Main Motive of Story Started ………On First Episode that man Committed Suicide…..
    That was mystery till not Known ?????????

    How they gonna Start Second Season……….
    We know that Except Nakul Everyone are Quiting…………
    Gauri can also continue as Omkara-Gauri Daughter………May it was not bad Idea……….

    Anyway we wait for Second Season to do all magic when Story Started………..
    How they will end the main 6 Characters……….Or they were replaced by older ones…….It was not at all good…….So they all die in Accident reamaing whatever Siblings are there are Saved………
    OR ……………Shivaansh was adopted by another Rich Family…….(Maybe Saahil and his mother are new Villains are in Second Season)………


  7. Luthfa

    Before I could fall in love with Shivika,I had fallen in love with evergreen,sweet,beautifully written.soul soothing song-O Jaana.O Jaana stole my heart in no time,in few seconds.Shivika’s introduction scene was just mind blowing.Their first hit and miss.Then came their most famous Temple scene.Mighty SSO vs Khidkitode Anika.Those intensity,spark,underlying tension….so,so,soooooooo….beautifully beautiful.NKK and its striking reality came in surface.Tadibaaaz SSO and Sirf Anika’s journey started.My most favourite dialogue of Anika-“Jiss cheess ka main paisa de sakthti hoon na,usse main bhi todh deti hoon!”What a pricey slap and what a savage reply to Billu’s attitide after the breaking his windshield and ego,simultaneously!Shivaay Singh Oberoi just could not bring himself to tell anything.I wonder,what he would have told that time.Then Anika’s walking away in khidkitode swag and Shivaay’s falshing,raging,angry eyes!My most favourite iconic moments in Shivika’s journey.Tremendous experience and awestruck feelings.That sequence will remain unsurpassed in coming days,forever credit goes to one and only-Shivika/Narbhi.

  8. Luthfa

    “Do me a favour let’s play Challenge each other!”
    Shivaay Singh Oberoi took the dangerous challenge of breaking Anika,his arch enemy(?)considering her his biggest rival.The very first pool scene.When I first saw it in Kuch Der Pehle,I could not understand what actually happened.By the time that sequence came,I started wondering,why Shivaay Singh Oberoi,who nurtures enmity with his level of people,big shots then why he is after a simple girl and waiting rather demanding Sorry from her?Was he obsessed with her or matter was something else?Watching them in the pool together,his twisting of Anika’s hand,her downcast yet strong eyes.the anger in Shivaay’s eyes,Anika’s bold defiance,everything just told one thing-Takkar.Shivika were giving takkar to each other.One was not ready to let go another was reluctant to go.Who won then?No one.Game resulted in drawn for the time being.They met each other in different challenges but every time,it turned out to be equal-equal.That’s the uniqueness of my Shivika.Not to find in other,in any way possible.

  9. Luthfa

    “I am breaking you but why I am breaking with you?”
    Game got changed as Shivaay Singh Oberoi being the ruler of Money World,had the upper hand.He managed to bring Anika down to fulfill his wish of seeing her breaking-to see his Ego win.Equal equation took leave for few moments.Money is the driving force of today’s life.Without it,one is really helpless.Anika was not an exception.SSO managed to make Anika’s weakness his strength and went on winning the battle that had been fighting those two from the starting.In the rain,on a lonely road the blank check of Victor Singh Obeoi changed hands.Defeated Anika took it and one sided victory ensured with Check Mate from SSO’s side being his Last Word.That sly smile was telling he was very happy on his achievement.Then came the Full Stop of Anika-“Jab Zindegii Ne Mujhe Hara Nahi Paya Toh Aap Kya Mujhe Harayenge”.Sitting in the car,when Shivaay Singh Oberoi was leaving the place after his so-called,self-satisfactory win,he felt something moved inside him.Watching his opponent on the road all alone,defeated in the rear view mirror,his sunken heart experienced something opposite of a Win-Silent Defeat.It’s said that real win or loss happens secretly,out of everyone’s eyes,knowledge,in one’s heart.That day Shivaay Singh Oberoi was a clear winner but in his heart he knew that he lost it very badly.

  10. Luthfa

    “Check Mate of Check Mate!”
    After the victory over Anika’s confidence,Shivaay Singh Oberoi was all set to start his life with Ms.Tia Kapoor.What a condition that was by the way!But little did he know that his check mate was going to be a big flop,through the very person whom he check mated just 24 hours ago.Anika came into OM and Shivaay Singh Oberoi got all sorts of bewildered feelings.How come that girl can challenge him and have the guts to reply hi back?Most interesting thing was that half of his family members were in Anika’s support.Shivaay found himself lonely,playing for only himself and his ego.Anika had sharply pointed humour,sarcasm to prick all those vain arrogance,haughtiness bubbles of Shivaay,her prized possession to tackle Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s countless attacks.Though SSO was all powerful still he could not do anything but bend down(indirectly)before Anika and retreat his weapons.Answering Dadi’s question on how she paid all the bills Anika shot her arrow at the target without miss.With the famous hair flick of SSO,like the Queen of Chess,Anika went on defeating the same SSO-Check Mate of Check Mate had done in Khidkitode Anika’s style.Sirf Anika became the wedding planner of NKK holder-Shivaay Singh Oberoi.
    Score-Anika:1 Shivaay:0

  11. Luthfa

    “Who are you to me?”
    On the night of Janmastami,Shivaay Singh Oberoi saw another version of himself.Thanks to his torn pant Anika got scolding from him.Later he found himself guilty of shouting at her as he thought that might be his last saying to her!Anika got fainted because of poisonous bomb explosion but it was Shivaay Singh Oberoi who felt somehow world had come to a standstill.Taking Anika into his arms,those facial expressions of Shivaay told everything without telling anything.An unknown fear of losing someone who was no-one,nobody to him griped his heart.His shouting at the top of his voice proved how much scared he was at that time assuming the worst!Then hearing Anika could have slipped into coma,his fear overtook him completely.He saw nothing but an unconscious Anika,he was chocked to the core,his eyes reflected some deepest level of pain.Few feelings got renewal that day though those were not new to him.Water saves life everyone knows but that day,a jug of water literally saved Shivaay Singh Oberoi.The moment Anika opened her eyes,his subtle smile assured someone was really happy from the heart.But why such happiness?Question remained unanswered.The girl who irritated him so much,became the reason of his smile for the first time.First things are always sweetest.

  12. Luthfa

    “Same Pinch,We Are Thinking Same!”
    Mallika Kabir Chaudhry,ex-girlfriend of Shivaay Singh Oberoi,eloped from her own marriage and took shelter in OM.First,SSO wanted Mallika to back to her home and refused to hear what her problem was.Mallika to agree but stayed back for Anika.Anika convinced Shivaay and made him realize the true meaning of friendship.Shivaay changed his decision of sending back Mallika despite strong opposition from Pinky and Tej.He chose to act on Anika’s words to support Mallika going against his family,for the first time.Mallika brought a lot of freshness in Shivika’s life through her presence.Shivika’s closeness started with her entry.She brought out the hidden matching mentality of Shivika on life especially on love.Anika agreed with Shivaay on his thinking of love,its approaches.Shivaay was practical so was Anika.They expected nothing from love.In other words,they did not want to believe in love but wanted to,at the same time.Anika’s thinking on love surprised Shivaay to a great extent.Hearing her telling her own wishes,Shivaay got lost,seen smiling happily.Indirectly he approved of Anika’s point of views and fantasies regarding love and secretly wished to do something like that for someone,in his subconscious mind.Shivaay was glad that Anika and he were on the same boat!Funny but true.Mallika worked as a very important catalyst in developing the visible yet invisible relation of Shivika at that time.She vocalized everything on the letter which she wrote for Anika and the same letter that Shivaay read out in front of Anika.That letter was going to turn into the future of Shivika’s life going ahead but they did not realize it then.Shivika started enjoying the company of each other and that was the turning point of their journey.For me,none but Mallika was the true match-maker of Shivika apart from Dadi and Destiny!

  13. Luthfa

    “She is Family!”
    Under the influence of Mallika’s words and his own unbound wish,Shivaay was happy in his interaction with Anika.Celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi in OM saw a different Shivaay who accepted Anika,Sirf Anika as his Family,in front of the police and his family.Tej and Shakti went to jail and Oberois were in deep trouble.Tia’s mother blackmailed Shivaay,indirectly and he gave in for a company’s take over and to stop the falling prices of stocks and the reputation of the Oberois at the same time.Anika wanted to help Shivaay being deeply concerned for the Oberois especially Shivaay.She told the same to Shivaay too.Shivaay told Anika to arrange his marriage with Tia if she really wanted to do something.The budding feelings inside Anika for Shivaay took the shape of tears and fell from her eyes without her knowledge!Shivaay too was upset on her forcefully made decision but he was helpless.Though his heart was very much reluctant in getting married like that,being the great wall of Shivaay Singh Oberoi he chose to strangle his feelings.Confronting by OmRu he outburst very bitterly and told that if OmRu were thinking that “Ek sadak chaap,tuti chappal pehen ne wali ladki”had ignited feelings inside him then they were dead wrong.For him Anika lived so beneath of him that his sight would not reach there,so low!Anika heard everything what Shivaay told but did not quarrel with him on this topic.She was feeling numb regarding her own emotions so Shivaay’s words made no effect on her.If did,she chose to remain silent.Marriage preparation of ShiTia went on and with that Shivika’s feelings started surfacing.Both Shivika were vulnerable but chose to be silent.Their indirect words were so meaningful but they knew where it was going.

    1. Luthfa

      Shivaay was waiting for any miracle to take place and it happened finally.Anika was that miracle and she proved that Shakti and Tej had not committed any murder.AniShivOmRu team was successful in getting the proofs and case was dismissed.Tej praised Anika and complimented Shivaay for regarding Anika as their family.Shivaay was happy inside out for Anika’s acceptance in his family.But later Shivaay regretted his decision on finding Anika was involved in bringing Dev Chaddha in OM.He burst out and used his NKK to prove his point of upbringing and mentality based on NKK.He told no matter what happened a stranger won’t become a family of NKK holders when he/she had no NKK of their own,here Anika.He insulted Anika and fired her from the job.Anika did not know that Shivaay could insult her believing what he saw ignoring the truth.She replied back strongly and left the job on her own.Shivaay was angry on himself for letting himself to trust Anika but more angry on Anika for breaking his trust!Later things got twisted and it was Anika who saved him at the stake of her honour and respect,marring her character,publicly.Anika saved Shivaay out of her concern for him as a true family member in spite of Shivaay’s past attacks.Shivaay behaved selfish but Anika’s selfless act stunned him.Anika did not want to be a family of the Oberois but she became one,with or without the approval of Shivaay Singh Oberoi even herself!

  14. Luthfa

    “Can you feel the Love?”
    Daksh’s arrival made all scattered parts of Shivika rather Shivaay’s feelings fell into a place.With Daksh around,Shivaay went though all the tension of snatching something very valuable from him.Yes,it was another matter that his feelings were totally confused by nature but he wanted to sort those out.Daksh’s madness made him do the proposal and that made Anika furious.At the time of Diwali celebration,Shivaay was getting restless to know what decision Anika took regarding Daksh.In the mean time Shivaay announced his marriage date with Tia and Anika started distancing herself from Shivaay.But Daksh’s entry changed the equation.Shivaay started guarding Anika like a jealous lover!Anika got to know the real truth of Tia and attempted to prove it to Shivaay but failed.She overheard what Shivaay told to Omkara and misunderstood him.Though those were Tia’s words and she manipulated the situation in her favour.Finally Anika accepted Daksh’s proposal on the day of Shivaay’s Sangeet.It was not at all a happy decision but she did it just to stay away from Shivaay.Those moments when Anika accepted Daksh’s proposal,Shivaay went through the worst.He was burning silently in the fire of unexpressed love for Anika but so helpless to do anything.He could not cross the boundary of his NKK and for that his heart was paying the price of suffering pain and hurt.He saw everything in front of his eyes but suppressed his feelings under his breath.His broken pieces of heart were causing bleeding but he took no care to stop it.Anika was hurt but like Shivaay she too sewed her feelings and hid it from everyone.Shivika suffered equally and went through the same pain.Their relation of heart put their invisible Love for each other to test!Test of Love!

    1. Shajessie

      Hi luthfa… Wow great… I go through all.. And I’m so happy tat.. I’m watching again the earlier episode of shivika… Awesome yaa… I really missed out the earlier chapters of kidkithod anika… Calculative Singh oberoi, taadibaas, stone Singh oberoi, sweet Singh oberoi, shy singh oberoi… SSO, billu… Wow… Really i miss tat….
      C u dear…

      1. Luthfa

        Hello Jessie,
        How are you doing?Yeah,I am recalling those very special moments of Shivika’s life to celebrate their togetherness.This is my one and only chance so I want to enjoy those moments through celebration.This is my last tribute to Shivika in PKJ.My words are going to grace their awesomely beautiful,second to none journey.Thank you sooooooo…very much for reading my write up.Lots of love.

  15. Guyzz anyone have aguess about who will we be nakuul’s opposite…i just read that manjari pupla will pplay opposute wish it doesn’t come true she is like ewww….anyway farewell of IB actors are going on…i saw surbhi shrenu mansi nakuul kunal’s post in instagram i dont found any leensh post…some are accusing nakuul telling he is on 2 season then what is is the need iof this bid bye….
    Fight,love,emotions,happiness,jokes etc….only 15 days more to begin a new season of IB miss the old teams…

  16. Luthfa

    “How could He do that?
    How could She do that?”
    That time was a time of great confusion-confusion of feelings,emotions,personal principles-overall a saga of contradictory actions and reactions.Daksh made Shivaay believe Anika had stooped very low,crossing the limit,for the sake of money!Before that,Shivaay got to know the real face of Daksh that he was using Anika just to satisfy his whims.A lot got exchanged between Daksh and Shivaay regarding Anika and Shivaay was utterly tensed for her.At that sensitive point,Daksh manipulated Shivaay’s feelings to fulfill his wish-Separate Shivaay from Anika.He got successful in his agenda and managed to turn Shivaay against Anika.That false One Night Stand brought out Shivaay’s pent up anger in forefront.He misunderstood Anika way too much,being totally ignorant about the truth.He accused himself of trusting Anika,believing her words,falling for her tears.He started hating the very name of Anika and everything related to her.Daksh made a radical change in Shivaay’s attitude and that led to pre-pone ShiTia marriage which got postponed so many time!The most painful part was neither Shivaay could ask Anika anything about Daksh and ONS nor he could stop himself dismissing Anika,from his life.Anika too was in pain as to her feelings for Shivaay.Surpessing those heart ache,she went on arranging grand ShiTia wedding!Then,Destiny stroke and Tia eloped with Robin,leaving behind everything.Knowing that Shivaay arranged a mock marriage for one day with the daughter of Agarwals.That girl was helpless to marry Shivaay but Anika’s words made her change her decision.When Shivaay got to know it,his Beast mode was completely on.Confronting Anika,he alleged her being characterless and received a hard slap across his face from her!He was already furious over ONS and that slap made him burst out like never before!He manhandled Anika cruelly,like an inhuman who is overpowered by his revenge,hurt feelings and blind rage.Anika could not believe what she was watching in Shivaay!All of a sudden,out of nowhere Shivaay became a stranger to her!She became the toy of Shivaay to play and could do nothing but agree to play-because of Sahil,her physically challenged brother on getting blackmailed.Blackmailer was no one but Shivaay himself.

    1. Luthfa

      Still Anika made one last attempt to avoid Shivaay’s madness of marrying her and she too run away from wedding venue.After that Shivaay conducted few stunts those stunned Anika and that resulted in Anika’s total breakdown and defeat!Her crying,screaming were breaking Shivaay from inside but he was helpless for his own selfish reason!Forcefully Shivaay calmed Anika and a emotionally,physically exhausted Anika took shelter into Shivaay’s arms!Those expressions of Shivaay holding Anika in his arms,told many tales.One of my most favourite moments,scenes,sequences of Shivika.Serial world would never witness another sequence like that.Acting,cinematography,direction,background,song selection,everything was just perfect,a complete visual treat.An unbelievable roller coaster ride of contradictory emotions.And hats off to Narbhi,they were simply superb in the whole sequence.Visible emotional breaking of Anika,inner invisible breaking of Shivaay got portrayed in absolute brilliance,sheer excellence through Narbhi.Proud moment for Ishqbaaaz team.

  17. Luthfa

    “You are(not)my Wife
    You are(not)my Husband”
    Instead of ShiTia,ShivIka got married.Tied the knot of holy matrimony for seven birth but,promised to part ways within a day through divorce!Such was the supposed fate of that marriage.But again,Destiny had other plans for them defying their own choices.Marriage was solemnized in utter silence.No smile,happiness nothing.Two main participant of marriage,Bride and Groom were sad,broken from inside but others were happy especially Pinky!Her dream of watching Shivaay’s marriage got fulfilled!Every ritual got performed in twisted way,with the help of Destiny with right couple.Divorce papers were gifted as the gift of post marriage ritual as Shivaay Singh Oberoi was a man of words.Unfortunately bad luck of Shivaay,in other words Karma hit him out of the blue.His atrocities on Anika got revealed in front of his own family,his Pride.Every member of OF,one by one went against him,was ashamed of his actions,told this or that.Here one thing I found funny while watching that particular scene and that is Tej’s words.His words were quite hilarious and taunting at the same time!Anyway,then it was only Anika who stood by Shivaay,stopped Sahil,convinced whole family why Shivaay did all those when his own family rejected him.Omkara was absolutely right in saying that it was only two days but they(Shivika)started hiding the lies of each other like husband and wife.Anika brought together Obros and mended their relation.AniShivOmRu did “Dil Bole Oberoi” for the first time.That moment was so beautiful which I would never forget.

    1. ShivikaSCNM

      Hi lu… u are just wow I wish one day u could become a writer and write a story for our only and only shivika(narbhi)…god bless u dear

      1. Luthfa

        Hello Shivika,
        Really?How sweet of you dear.Thank you sooooooo…very much for your compliment.I am already writing a FF on Shivika and it’s my first ever written FF on my favourite couple.Thank you once again.God bless you too.

    2. ShivikaSCNM

      Oh wow I dint know u are writing FF on shivika. usually I don’t read FF ,next time when u post let me know pls.

      1. Luthfa

        I would love to have you as the reader of my FF dear.Okay,I will inform you when next part will be updated.Thank you so much.

  18. ShivikaSCNM

    Hi sindhudi,banitha what happened no comments from u both

  19. Luthfa

    “I know I am right but unable to accept.Why is that so?”
    Things were normal to some extent between Shivika at the pretense of getting divorce.Rudra was successful to convince Shvaay not to let Anika go and perhaps Shivaay too wished the same and for that SSO came up with divorce plan and bought Anika’s home to make her compel in staying OM.How strange no?Little Sahil took promises from Shivaay on his own condition as Sahil was the decider of Anika’s staying in OM.Ruthless SSO admitted it to himself and in front of Sahil that he too could not be able to stand Anika’s tears!Great.Shivika’s as usual nokh-jokh started.Talking about Sahil,Anika questioned Shivaay about his 100+ shades and told she could not bring herself understand Shivaay at all.Who was he actually?She hit unintentionally Shivaay in his heart by saying that as if Shivaay was upset on her because she cheated on him,a big time.Volcano got erupted and Shivaay outburst-“Haan tumne mujhe dhoka diya..You..You have wronged me!”When Anika demanded answer how and when,Shivaay Singh Oberoi turned his back on her and left in seething anger without answering.After that Anika tried to know the truth of Tia with the help of OmRu but failed.Upon Tia’s matter,those silent allegations found voice inside Shivaay and he attacked Anika’s character using most cheap and dirty words he could possibly use.Till I live,I will not be able to forget this episode and Shivaay’s those words.
    His hurt feelings,wounded heart just slayed Anika’s soul with sharpest words on the basis of ONS.As Anika protested-“Aaj tak aapne mujhe bahot kuch kaha,bahot kuch kiya lekin main kabhi nahi tuti Shivaay.Par aaj aapne jo kaha hain na,todh diya aapne mujhe…Bass ek izzat thi,aaj nilaam ho gayi.Main jeete ji maar gayi Shivaay….”How much Anika was hurt and broken,understanding it was as simple as that.When Anika started crying Stone Singh Oberoi could not bear it.He asked her stop crying amidst those verbal attacks on his side.How ironical!Finally,unable to bear anymore,SSO stormed out of the room saying,his hatred for Anika was so deep that he hated Anika’s very face!
    Intensity was at its highest peak that day.Though I hated that episode from the bottom of my heart still,that episode is one of my favourites!
    Shivaay was suffering alone he thought as he considered only Anika the reason of his suffering,and he chose to punished her like that.When he uttered those words,it was very much visible how hurt he was!His pain was clearly reflecting in his eyes and through his body language.His words tore Anika’s heart and soul beyond imagination but he too suffered equally like Anika,perhaps more who knows!Once again,hats off to Narbhi for pulling out such outstanding performance.They were class apart that day.

  20. NSK

    Im late but will post abt this after my exams r over.
    Thanks to Luthfa Apu.☺for mentioning.
    Love to PKJans.😊

  21. Luthfa

    ” I did wrong with you again now I don’t have the heart and courage to ask for your forgiveness.Still,would you forgive me like before?”
    Somehow Shivaay was finding it difficult to hold on his accepted truth on that ONS.It was really surprising that while accusing Anika he never mentioned the class difference between him and Anika-NKK.Only this NKK was the biggest weapon which Shivaay used against Anika beforehand.He could use it but he did not!By that time he got it very clear that Anika would not come in any fixed boundary of social status,money,position or anything else and those would not limit Anika neither Anika would let.Then why she did that(ONS)with Daksh that even for money?Countless questions were on Shivaay’s mind and as he could not match the reality and known facts about Anika,his reactions saw a terrible discharge and victim was Anika and to some extent he himself.From those subtle inklings,it was very much clear that if it was any other Girl,Shivaay Singh Oberoi would not have taken such pain,mental pressure on that ONS and ready to suffer and burn like that.Anika was very different to him and he accepted her existence in his life like that and he used to that.But when that normalcy got breached out of nowhere,without any reason,he forced himself to count Anika in the category of other people of same age old mentality-Money is Everything!
    It hurt him most that’s why he was beyond any control while unleashing his verbal wrath on Anika.To him Anika was an exception in his well-built NKK world and he could not stand it when his Chosen Exception turned out to be Opposite of his thinking.That’s why,when the truth about ONS came out,he considered himself the real culprit other than Daksh.His mental battle near the pool was the starting and with Anika’s very possible death after rescuing her from Daksh,was the end-end of an long fought battle within his heart and mind.Holding Anika into his arms who had reached at the door of death,Shivaay pleaded Anika to come back to him,to fight with him,to tell anything,do whatever she wanted to do and Shivaay Singh Oberoi was ready for every single thing.He never allowed anyone to take liberty of him,at any circumstances but for Anika,he was all time available,like Mallika said to him which of course SSO refused to accept!Anika cried so much because of SSO but his one tear drop brought her back from death.Indeed,they had relation of tears!
    Then came the much awaited confrontation scene after clearing everything.Shivaay tried to talk it out but Anika did not give him any chance and SSO deserved that by every inch!

    1. Luthfa

      His own words those he told Anika regarding ONS,haunted him throughout.Next morning in the room Anika shot her questions and Shivaay stood totally silent and defenseless.He tried to Explain but how and what?Anika went on explaining why he misunderstood her and what was the actual reason.To me,Shivaay did not bother talking with Anika rather I would way,he was afraid to be proved Right that’s why he refrained himself from asking anything to Anika on ONS and Daksh!But that did not lessen the damage he caused.Anika was absolutely right in saying that Shivaay threw allegations on her instead of suspecting the probabilities of the incident.Interestingly,though Shivaay had not opted for NKK to advocate himself but Anika that time,during their face off,used it against Shivaay to defend her case and cause and she was right from her point of view.This NKK was the most vital and magical fact of Shivika’s relation and its development and its impact was sometimes straightforward or sometimes reverse.However,after Anika’s refusal to hear anything Shivaay took it as his number one priority to make their relation like before,where they left.It was like his child like stubbornness.What followed after that,everyone knew.To me,Pinky was totally unbearable that time.Still,everything went good and Shivika came on friendly terms,brought back the lost normalcy once again in their life.Happy time that was for Shivka!

      1. Luthfa


      2. Shajessie

        Hi dear luthfa… Great n amazing… Wow no words dear.. I start to watch again rdy… In my life I can tell u guys… Ishqbaaz is the only serial tat I watched again n again.. Dear lu Dun stop… U may continue… Until d end… ❤️❤️❤️❤️

      3. Luthfa

        Hello Jessie,
        Thank you sooooooooo…very much for your love.I will continue writing dear don’t worry.I have decided it long ago.And you continue reading and enjoy like I am doing.Thank you once again dear.Love you a lot.

  22. Luthfa

    “Do you Trust me?”
    Shivaay got an easy(to me)forgiveness from Anika on Daksh matter and they were happy in their world.Laughing,bantering like before.Then came the longest possible track of IB and debacle of Shivika’s life-Tia’s pregnancy.Everyone got shocked except Pinky as she was waiting for Shivaay to get married and to present her a grand-son,junior Shivaay Singh Oberoi so that she could secure her position in OF and OE like superglue and to take over Tej Singh Oberoi!Mrs.Kapoor and her evil plans worked perfectly.Shivaay was very much upset and clueless on the ongoing.He was clear on the matter but situation just was not in his favour.Then it was only Anika who again stood by him and assured him that Tia was telling pure White Lies.Anika knew Shivaay as well as Tia so she did no mistake in figuring out what was going on under everyone’s nose especially Shivaay.DNA test conducted and Tia’s constructive lies prevailed.But there was truth in that.Tia was actually pregnant and she was pregnant with Robin’s child,her real husband.Tia and Anika’s equation in Shivaay’s life was like left and right hand.They both started on the same platform and tried to hold Shivaay to them.Anika,by dint of her lawful rights and Tia,with her owm personal motive manipulating the situation and Pinky.Their face offs were just full of entertainment.Tia insulted Anika at every given opportunity and Anika retorted back in such way that it made Tia go blank every now and then.Personally,I loved their every tug of war.

  23. Shivya

    Wishing more laughter, more joy & more love for both of you meri jaan SHIVIKA (also NARBHI) in the years to come. Once again
    *************HAPPY 2nd ANNIVERSARY SHIVIKA*********
    PS: Luthfa di, sorry for not being able to write my elaborate views on all your questions. Please mujhe maaf karo!

  24. Nikita_jai29

    Hii luthfa.. Your comments are awesome… Happy anniversary shivika…

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