Ishqbaaz 30th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye blackmails Anika

Ishqbaaz 30th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says tell them what happened between us, the nights we have spent together. Anika asks him to stop it, how much would he lie. She says there is nothing between us. He says why are you lying, why are you scared, you are lying, there is no need to be scared if you are in love with me, am I a fool, Nikhil is surely a fool, if any girl leaves her…Sahil’s mum says shagun. He says good, right, if any girl leaves shagun rasam and spends the entire night with someone else, what would that mean….. Anika cries. Shivaye says you knew about it, you came to my house. Nikhil recalls. Shivaye says you were screaming and asking about Anika.

Anika says he is lying, I wasn’t with him, I went to save Payal. Shivaye says don’t lie, don’t insult my love, does Nikhil not understand, why was

Anika wearing someone else’s ring at the time of engagement, why did she wear your ring in the wrong hand. He laughs. Anika says stop it Shivaye please, keep quiet, there is no such thing, Shivaye is lying. He asks is all this a lie, wait a min, let me prove me right away. He plays a video on screen. Everyone sees Anika with Shivaye, they seem close. Shivaye asks can you deny our love, you can’t deny it. Anika says there is nothing as its shown in this. Nikhil says stop it now, no use to explain now, it was my fault to believe your lie, your truth has come out, you are a cheap and characterless girl.

She says hear me out. He says I don’t want to marry Anika. Gauri asks Nikhil to hear Anika. Anika says give me a chance. He says you defamed me in front of entire community today. He throws the pagdi and goes. People taunt Anika. Anika bears the insult and cries. The people leave. Sahil’s mum says you disgraced us a lot. Gauri asks her to stop it. Sahil’s mum says she is worried because of her bad deeds, she destroyed herself and us too, who will marry her now. Anika stops Shivaye and asks why did you get by doing all this, by defaming me, what did I do. He asks don’t you know. She says I didn’t do wrong. He says whatever you did is beyond than just wrong. She asks what did I do. He says I will show you what you have done, come. She says I m not coming anywhere. He says no one can refuse me. He lifts her and goes. Gauri tries to stop him. He puts Anika in car and drives off. Gauri and Sahil’s mum look on. Om calls out Shivaye. He says where did Shivaye go. He asks Khanna to find out where is Shivaye, he left from hospital in much anger.

Shivaye gets Anika to Priyanka. She asks what happened to Priyanka. He says you are responsible for this. She says no, Priyanka get up please. He says she can’t hear you, she is in coma, its because of you, look at her, she is the same Priyanka, who used to keep smiling, I couldn’t bear her little pain, and she is lying here in this condition and I m not able to do anything, Priyanka considered you a friend, she gave you a job, house, what did you do in return, you took away everything from her, you were adamant right, her life is ruined because of your adamancy, you used to say that you won’t let her get married, you did it, you should get a medal, you made me lose, nice. Anika says I had no idea all this would happen, I wanted to protect Priyanka from Daksh, so that she doesn’t marry a wrong person, Daksh is a cheap man, Payal is pregnant with his child, when Payal and I….He asks who.

She says Payal, I came to your house in disguise to…. He says wait, lets decide if you are saying the truth, Payal….Daksh and Payal come. Anika asks Payal are you fine, what is Daksh doing with you, its good you have come, tell everything to Shivaye, whatever Daksh did with you, who is the father of your unborn baby. Payal asks what nonsense, you mean I m pregnant, are you trying to say that I m characterless. Anika says you are pregnant, you had told me that Daksh is the father of your unborn baby, he got you kidnapped and kept you captive… did you forget all this. Payal asks are you mad, what nonsense are you talking, Shivaye I think she has gone mad, Daksh she is saying rubbish, don’t know why she is trying to break our marriage. Daksh says I know this girl well, this must be her new game. Payal smiles. Daksh recalls. FB shows Daksh telling Payal that he just loves and will marry only her, Priyanka won’t come out of coma, but they want Shivaye’s money for their baby’s financial security, its imp that Tia and Shivaye get married, its possible only when she helps him. FB ends. Payal goes. Anika says these two teamed up, I don’t know why is Payal lying, trust me, he must have threatened her. Shivaye asks do you want to say anything else, everyone is lying except you.

Anika says trust me, I m saying truth. He says shall I trust you, when you didn’t get Daksh, you tried to get me, you didn’t succeed, you thought to marry anyone else in order to seek revenge on Daksh, you are accusing him, you tried to break priyanka’s marriage, you are trying to prove yourself innocent. She says Daksh is playing game with you. He says you gave played game with me. She says no. Daksh says please I beg you, spare us, you are after our happiness, I just love Priyanka, you are responsible for her state. Anika asks what nonsense. Doctor comes. Shivaye asks what’s the report. Doctor says sorry, I don’t think your sister can be revived, nothing is in our hands now, it would be better that you inform your family. Shivaye gets shocked. Daksh asks Priyanka to get up.

He says you can’t leave me, you have to get fine. Anika gets Gauri’s call. Gauri asks where are you, are you fine, where did Shivaye take you. Anika says I m in hospital. Priyanka is here, Gauri I will come back in some time, I will talk to Nikhil, don’t worry. Shivaye gets angry and holds her hand. Her phone drops. Shivaye drags Anika to the temple. She asks why did you get me here. He says to get married. She gets shocked and asks what. He says you will marry me, pandit ji, we want to get married, start the preparations. Anika asks have you gone mad, are you in senses. Shivaye holds her. She says leave me, you can’t force me. He says I can, you have to marry with or without your will. She says leave my hand, I won’t marry you. He says you have no idea what I can do with you. She says I know wrong happened with Priyanka, I m also feeling bad, this doesn’t mean that you will force me, you broke my marriage in anger, I understand that….but whatever you are doing now is wrong, leave me. He shouts Vasundhara Trivedi…. she stops and turns to him.

She asks what did you say. He says this is your mum’s name, Harshvardhan Trivedi’s wife or Kamlesh Malhotra’s mistress….. poor Gauri doesn’t know that her mum is alive, she will be shocked when I tell her that her mum isn’t dead, she is alive, she is mistress of a rich man, that you have been hiding this truth from her, you have been conducting your mum’s Shraddh. She says no, why are you doing this, aren’t you happy by breaking my marriage. He says you broke my sister’s marriage, I did the same with you, but the scores aren’t settled, who will pay for whatever happened to my sister. She says your enmity is with me, what did my sister do.

He says what did my sister do to you, why did you push her towards death, get married to me, else I will tell everything to Gauri. She says please…. don’t do this, marriage is not a joke, its binding of seven births. He says it wasn’t a joke either when my sister was getting married, its was a binding of seven lives. She cries. He says you made sure to break that, didn’t you know meaning of marriage that time, pandit ji come fast, marriage will happen now, we will get married. Anika says you are doing wrong. She bites on his hand and runs away. Her dupatta falls over his face. He looks for Anika. Anika goes. He doesn’t find her.

Anika says don’t tell anything to Gauri, I beg of you. He says you have to make the decision, marry me or watch your sister’s life getting ruined. She says I m ready to marry you. He asks pandit ji to start the rituals. He marries Anika and says this will be your identity, Shivaye’s mistress. Anika gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why Shivay bhaiya, why. Why r u doing this. U r forcing me to hate u.
    With great difficulty I watched todays epi. And now regretting.
    Don’t know what more to write.
    Welcome back lu….di.
    love to u people.

  2. Feeling bad for Anika di

  3. NSK

    Right now while watching IB i feel devastated! IB lost its charm!SP is not giving us any promo.Makers are writing weird stories.When the show started everything was so sorted.SP gave us promos. Starting parts were uploaded on Youtube.ShivOmRu was amazing.Family was strong.Fandom was together. IB had been very popular and winning hearts.That’s why,IB won too many awards back in 2016 and 17.
    Now,No promo is given.which is why,Many of the fans don’t know about current track.I feel really sorry to say that Yeah FANDOM IS DIVIDED.I think Spin-Off idea was the worst,because it divided fandom.Again changing lead actresses against OmRu was also maybe a wrong decision. Gauri received love,But Bhavya is not so much liked as i have seen.I feel that till Exposing Tia,the show was ok.But after that,makers started writing nonsense. Right now,i see no effort of them to promote the show.Which is a prove that they don’t give a damn about IB anymore.
    I feel really sad for the actors and production.They are working day to night for the show.It reflects on the episodes.We see fabulous acting and emotions of the actors.but since makers n SP don’t promote IB,trp is low.Again Rikara fans are annoyed for too much attention given to Shivika.if the show gave importance to all equally, every shipper would have been happy and trp wouldn’t have been so low.The previous fun,cute fights,brotherhood, family drama,love,tantrums etc gone missing.

  4. Pushpa

    Im caught in between shivaye & anika… both hv nailed it but more to shivaye…
    I mean his act ws just to break & stop anika’s wedding not to marry her….but revealing those scene close to their hearts r ridiculus… one thing cvs have ruin shivaye character .. but wow tht mandir scene ws just mindblowing.. gv me goosebumb… i shouted anika runnnnnnnnnn……….. he is angry so the anger is ruling him not his heart or mind thts what he change to tht beast..
    One important matter…… this in our IB our shivaye so v hate luv bash him all in our nakuulfandom onlh no one else can..

    So this bhachi Payal believe 2rps cheapde dahks…. and maybe the doctod wzs telling as per her nd once again shivaye MU increased…… Hw long this damn dahks going 2b here????? Please throw him out..

    Another zabardhasti shaadi…. oh sso knows her mums name…. old IB was sahil now her mom? I hope,v will c more romance …. i know v hv to wait….but please this redux khatam kartho na……..

    Precap…… more scary… he did call her rakhael….. cvs didnt edit this one?!?!?!?
    Gd nite gals more to come 2moro

  5. My god..ab to mujhse aur handle nahi hota ….
    Shivay behaves like physico….
    And this society’s people just rediculous..
    Payel…i knew it i just knew it yeh ladkhi fir se apne rang dikha dia…
    And at last shivay ko dekh kar to mujhe hi daar lagraha tha ….so dengerous…

    Again shivay shing obroi blakmale ..and again anika have to agree shivay

    Shadi nahi yeh to mazak banake rakh diya hai anika ki jindegi ko …ek ladkhi kitna jhelegi..😔😔😔
    Precap– kal pata nahi kaya karunga ..shivay to out of mind hai ..out of control bhi hai..but fir bhi mistress is not only a single word ..ek ladkhi ki respect ki character ki dhajiya ura diya shivay ne…😧😨😧

  6. But really …Narbhi just nailed it ..their expression ,action,acting all is superb …
    They are too good 👌👌👌

  7. Arpita6

    EHiii mere khidkitod pagals. ..
    Love VS Destiny
    Chapter 31..
    Darkest day 3
    Guys.tell me should I laugh or cry..i am unable to . understand anything..everything is going blank from my head. And Can’t believe i am watching it with full of curiosity. ..
    And Sso….what should I say to you ????tell me whatever you said ….if yiu would say this by beung sweet singh oberoi ek beary hug deti.ab toh slao dene ka mann kar raha he..
    Jo kiya kaafi nahi tha video bhi chaldi.
    Trust me if she will die..without creating any orblm for my Annika di.i wil do party.
    And secind anger is on CCTV footage
    Wow Sso you captured so many things.
    Do chaar corridor main bhi laga lete.
    D ki kartoot ke baare main toh pata chalti…😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡..
    D Payal.plz both of you just ..die.. this is the least you both can do.
    Main aap dono ki orem kahani book bhi karlungi.DAKSH AND PAYAL KI PREM KAHANI

    Plz so some mercy.and get our from my shivika life
    Waise bhi Tia ka Chapter baki he..

    Harneet ji….you are making it tough for only yourself. .how you will show Sso’s redemption bcoz last two episodes and tomorrow episode don’t know how many episodes Sso will fall more low……..Bcoz Now I no mood to see shivika romantic scene AT ALL.
    want a guiltySso thats it.
    And but today no anger from.Anni’s side when she said I can understand you broke my marriage in anger…….THAT PART.
    Annika…….don’t forgive Sso so easily. I am telling you.if you will do it.then meri chameli..
    Aap meri di ho laaz bachalo meri olz.
    And Sso stop falling so will.not able to meet with your own eyes..
    Precap Saadi..thenAnnika’s insult..
    Aur kya kya he.
    Kuch sochne ka man bhi nahi kar raha.
    Now it is unbearable to see D’s Creepiness and Sso’s beastly side.and Annika’s broķen side…kal milte he..
    Love you.pkj…..ummhhhh

    1. Haha. Relax babe. It’s not Payal’s fault. Daksh was the one who mollified her telling that he was doing all that for her only. And she is blind in his love. Also it isn’t Shivaay’s fault. Priyanka was everything for him. If I were in his place, I would react the same way Shivaay did. And Shivaay lied only to break the marriage. For him, Anika was responsible for ruining his sister’s life. So how can he Think of letting Anika go so easily.After he got to know about Anika’s mother he thought of making her life miserable by tagging her as his mistress. He can’t think of anything else as he is shattered.

    2. Arpu dear shaadi became a mockery in IB. Daksh marrying priyanka for money and having affair with Payal. Tia marrying Shivaay for money. Nikhil marrying anika for also money and stability. Shivaay marrying Anika so that she becomes his Mistress. How sad and what have cvs done Arpu dear….

  8. episode k bare main kuch nehi kahungi. matlab seriously yrr abb aur kitna drag hoga ye shadi wala drama. thought that iss week maybe kuch hoga paar ye week bhi yehi hoga. aab naya kuch kaab hoga kya paata. paar I am really pissed off about the daksh track. jabse redux start hua tab se yehi b.aat. daksh,daksh aur daksh…please just finish it. kuki jaabtak daksh expose nehi hoga tab tak shivay annika ko believe nehi karega aur undono k beech trust nehi hoga jo ek relationship ki base hota hai. I think maybe after annika’s entry in om prianka will be recovered but maybe take some time.
    but seriously friends don’t u think that daksh expose track should be start soon otherwise audience will loose their interest which will affect the trp of show. I am waiting till the end of the month for daksh expose track hopefully aniomru n gauri will start to expose daksh.
    don’t have any hope from makers…

  9. sso has become beast singh oberoi/mad singh oberoi
    i agree he is an excellent brother but that doesn’t mean his sis is d only person in the whole world
    nakuul bhaiyya fantabulous performance
    surbhi di great cooperation with this beast singh oberoi onscreen
    i really got scared when watching on tv

  10. Luthfa

    Marriage is something which promises a girl to bring happiness in her life to the fullest.To enter into someone’s life through marriage,she has to leave behind her everything she knows to be her in true sense.She loses so much believing that a lot more happiness is waiting for her to fill her life beautifully with love,again.Sometimes expectations come true sometimes it’s not.Marriage is a certificate that grants a girl her official existence in the society.A girl is only safe being married and almost everyone thinks so.Otherwise she is treated like some explosive object who can bring death(read disgrace,humiliation etc.)to her family anytime,by means of those so-called mistakes.In this way,she turns out to be some kind of threat for her helpless parents and to the society.Once she is married,all tensions become vanished automatically.

    1. Luthfa

      Marriage has been the biggest boon as well as curse for every girl out there.And how actually that happens in our society?It goes like this-When a marriage breaks,be it at the start or at any point after marriage,fingers are always raised against a girl via shouting or whispering of people that-Must be that girl has done something.Here “Something” refers to the lowest possibilities that is thrown at a girl in the form of stating the reason of breaking a marriage.After proving her guilty from every aspect,society take deep breaths of relief like completing a huge task.

      1. Luthfa

        Now comes the most interesting part.In the ceremony of accusing a girl everyone forgets so easily and conveniently that a Man is also supposed to bear the same pain,agony,suffering,fear of facing humiliations etc.the aftermath of a broken marriage.But no,he nothing touches him rather society lets him go unharmed without asking a single question.And as a favourable blessing,he can marry someone again forgetting the past whenever he feels to give Second chance to his life.

    2. Luthfa

      And what about that girl?Her chances of getting married again becomes a rarity like a blue moon.Even if anyone wants to marry,then it turns out to be a compromise in the most cases followed by much more problems to tolerate life long.This society loves to consider every girl like some products.If her marriage gets broken for any reason,it tags her being off quality who has less market value.Unfortunately,this fact is quite shameful and disgusting to accept.Marriage is an act of Trade,Business for society to examine the Brand of a girl namely her character to the validity of her existence.Successful marriages are a matter of fate and chanc.Or else compromises and silent tears are only support………………………………..

    3. Hey Luthfa welcome back!!! Read your analysis was really nice. Yes every woman looks forward to the marriage with all the dreams and great hopes but here everything is devastating.

      Nice analysis dear

  11. Sejsmiles

    So payal turned out to be selfish b*t*h. She deserves daksh..
    What shocked me is how low shivaye can go. Obviously his upbringing is yuck. Where he is easily believing daksh but Anika a liar frm day one bcoz she’s poor.. Wow so d poor have no self esteem.. N if daksh says she was after him… Shivaye believes it too.. N calling her a gold digger mistress.. Yuck. Shivaye. Goes on to show how bad his upbringing is. I was hoping for stronger Anika. But just like earlier version.. They showed a forced marriage… Again a forced marriage.. N add to it open insults calling rakhail. Sorry folks done with this show. It’s d worse thing for a woman.

  12. Sejsmiles

    Then again d crap of reality will strike.. N shivaye will be sorry n woo Anika. Enough of this shit of insulting a lady to this extent. Rakhail bolte Sharam nai aati? Rot shivaye Rot

  13. can anybody tell me what’s going on in IB…I am not getting y r the obros separated from their wives…y is Shivaye misbehvng wid ANIKA…I had missd few episodes and wen i started watchjing again i cannot understand this crap, PLZ SOMEBODY HELP….

  14. Hello All
    Ishqbazz is the show so many are commenting their nice ..
    In Today’s episode all getting angry on shivay ..
    He is wrong but dis every time Anika do something it is going wrong ..
    Today also dis payal again spokes against Anika ..before also same happened in hotel room ..she has to take strong proof to shivay
    Shivay ka anger also not wrong yar ..
    Poor priyanka in coma ..
    Redux is good but from starting onwards director showing single point .. Daksh ka truth come infront shivay .. complete dis Daksh part make some new thought
    Gauri ..and OM
    Rudy and bhavya love track

  15. Hello guys i just can’t beleive how can daksh hypnotise shivay and payal’s mind his a charachterless men and poor shivay had done all of this becaus of anger poor anika she will be depressed but om and ru will help her for sure and they will do their best to prove anika’s innocence and shivay when he will no he will feel so sham as he couldn’t see her face becaus of shame

  16. In first part Sweatlana was pakao now Daksh who is male sweatlana making this show horrible and its going down hill. Sure in few days this show will be closed as no story just dragging.

  17. So in today’s Episode, Shivika was playing hide and seek game. It was ridiculous. Ye Daksh tou Bada dangerous nikla. Pta nahi aage na jaane or Kya krne waala hai. We have to wait and watch. Keep watching Ishqbaaz!

  18. Hi bc.. Waiting for mon episode n end up with tears.. 😭😭
    1st of all the way SSO told anika abt his love was great.. Dun get me wrong.. Wat I try to say is SSO indirectly love anika.. But the anger react him as a beast n psycho..
    Ya true his pyaaree bahan ka coma stage..his only relation.. So he angry on ani.. Naturally he is short tempered… But im vr sd when saw his kanji aanken full of tears..
    At mandap to hspl SSO got no think abt the marriage.. But when ani said to gouri tat she will talk to nikil when reach hm… Dun worry.. Meh ti khoo.. Tat moment he got anger again n bring her to temple.. It’s shows tat he dun want ani to marry anyone else than SSO…
    Ani begging to SSO chodh do mujhe pls… Tat time I’m vr sad… Y SSO forcing her.. N dun want to listen her… She is innocent.. 😢🙁
    But guys when I saw the precap.. “Shivaay Singh Oberoi ka rakhel…” I cried 😭😭😭😭 hw cm my shivaay Cn say such a word..for a 1st time I hate u SSO.. I really hate u… U respect women a lot lekin kyuu Shivaay..
    U always do rechk rite.. Lekin tumaarah bahan case kyuu no underground chk… Aap ka blackmail anika ke mom truth to gouri.. Did u see hw anika cry… “Pls shivaay dun say tat ” tat time also Im full of tears… Anika vr sry..
    Daksh n payal u going to finish… Wait n c… Anika will cm to OM soon… Tis time shivaay’s love will start bloom n anika will expose both of u to SSO…waiting for tat track soon..
    SSO u must ask sry to ani bcos of tat word… Still I can’t believe hw cm u said tat word… Cvs pls show some happy track of shivika n katham ki sad track.. 😔 😔
    No other words… C u all 2nite… Gd nite..

  19. Hello everyone especially to my dear Arpu Luthfa banita kadhambari Shiny jeevi Ishita dear Tania aayush shivya omaira beauty sneha pushpa and many many more

    Coming to episode, I knew that Payal will double cross her when she disappeared from the mansion. Money talks to payal. Cvs why did you make Shivaay the bad guy again and again. Old IB he used Sahil to threaten to marry Anika and now he uses Gauri to threaten to marry Anika. This is preposterous!!!! Don’t cvs have better story plot to create this scene.

    How will these aunties accept this kind of marriage and that is why trp can go down becasue cvs had made marriage institution as a mockery and being in a conservative society the old aunties will not like this kind of storyline. It could have been better. Shivaay could have been angry with Anika and Nikhil and Anika’s wedding can be stopped but the plot could go a different angle instead of the repeat scene of forced marriage which I hate the most and the only new thing is she is his Mistress.

    Anika see what happened to you. If Payal has just gone and stopped the wedding at that point Prinyanka would have believed Payal and would not run and would have slapped Daksh. But no no Anika you wanted to save Oberoi’s dignity and in the end Nikhil labelled you characterless. So now Anika your dignity is gone and Payal double crosses you. So Anika you brought this upon yourself if you have played your cards well. Now who can save you except Om and Gauri.

    Sometimes I hate such forced marriages plot becasue marriage is beautiful reunion of two persons and it has to be dignified and not dragged to the mandap and get married like this with just tying the manglesutra and placing sindoor. The significance of the pure marriage is lost.

  20. I must applaud Nakkul and Surbi. Oh my oh my what great acting!!! The anger in nakkul and surbi’s pleading with emotions and the fear that she will end up marrying Shivaay. Al those expressions were so good. They are awesome in acting

  21. Want old IB back.

  22. both acting superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb… keep it up dears….

  23. Nikita_jai29

    I don’t support this kind of brutality…

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