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Ishqbaaz 30th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tia adds pill in the tea. Anika drinks tea and faints. Tia, Shwetlana and Romu put her in fridge. Some time before, Tia keeps an eye on Anika. She says come on Anika, you have to die. Anika tries to light matchstick. She stops and checks recipe. She says this is made in microwave, I will also make in it. Tia says how did microwave come in this. Shwetlana takes tia. Tia gets shocked seeing Tej and Jhanvi. Tej talks to Mr. Gujral. Jhanvi turns to see Tia with servants.

Tej asks Jhanvi for file. Shwetlana recalls Tej’s words and goes. Tej leaves. Jhanvi stops Tia and asks who were with you just now. Tia says farm workers, they went to see Om’s kitchen garden, any problem. Jhanvi says no, I felt I have seen… Tia asks who. Jhanvi says nothing. Shwetlana stares at Jhanvi and takes Tia. Jhanvi

says why did I feel she was Shwetlana.

Dadi asks Rudra to wait, let Billu come, he will taste food first. Shivaye comes and says sorry I m late. Dadi says its special dish, its her first rasoi, you taste first and tell how is it. Shivaye asks why me. Dado says you are her husband and its your right. O jaana….plays…. He holds head and asks what’s cooked. He sees dish. Anika says paneer butter masala. He says this looks burnt masala more. Dadi asks him to taste. Pinky says I think Anika cooked for first time. Anika says yes, this type of food, I made for the first time. Dadi says she made with love. Shivaye coughs. Dadi asks Anika to serve Billu.

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Anika serves Shivaye. He tastes it and holds head. Anika asks how is it. Dadi says tell me, is it good. He nods. Dadi says we will also try. Shivaye says its yummy, its mine. He takes the bowl and says very nice. Pinky says show me also. Shivaye says no, will you snatch food from son, I m hungry. Rudra says I m your brother, I will eat. Shivaye says no, its paneer butter masala, its not healthy for you. Rudra says I will exercise and manage. Shivaye says you will get ill, what will I go through. He eats more. Anika gets puzzled. Rudra says you have eaten all paneer, who gets so much hungry. Shivaye drinks water.

He says it was so dangerous, I mean fantastic, beautiful paneer butter masala, I did not eat such till now. Anika asks did I make it so good. He says its best yummy one. Rudra says how will we know, there is nothing for us. Anika says no, I kept some, Soumya is getting. Shivaye asks is there more, I mean I want it, I want to have it. Soumya gets it. Shivaye tries to take. Anika takes the bowl. Dadi says how did he like it so much. Anika says I will taste it if its so good. She tastes and makes face. Shivaye says Dadi, I think your rasams are over, I don’t have courage to bear or do any more rasams. He goes. Anika looks on.

Shwetlana says you were going to do foolishness. Tia says I m not a kid, I know our fight is one, Anika is big problem for us, I will agree to you after making Anika out of my way, she got saved once, I have plan B ready, she will not be saved now. Shivaye comes to room and holds stomach. He gets unwell. Anika says food.. He says its poison, not food. She says I know it was so bad, no salt and taste, burnt also, it was nonsense.

He asks how can someone make nonsense food. She asks how can anyone eat nonsense food, why don’t you accept that you care for me. He says no, I care for family, I don’t want family members’ stomach to get bad. She asks will it be insult to accept you did good, there is no harm to become good. He says there is no harm to accept mistake, it can be just avoided, you take my advice, don’t cook, don’t make tea, and even don’t boil water. She says I accept I don’t know cooking, you accept you care for me. He asks her not to spoil mood. She says I will get your black coffee. He asks her not to touch his coffee machine. She says I know making good one.

Priyanka is at trekking camp. She plays with others. She looks for frisbee and goes away from camp. Ranveer comes there and shows the frisbee. She gets shocked. Anika gives coffee. He says I don’t want to take any chance. She says its good, I will drink it and show. She drinks and makes face. She spits it on his shirt. She says sorry. He says its okay. She asks will you not scold me, how is it okay, I spoiled your shirt. He cleans shirt and blows air. She says this time I will do such thing that you accept you care for me. He says you have less time, its soon going to be night. Tia hears them and says Anika has less time, I will end this love story before beginning.

Priyanka says you here, why are you following me. He says I can’t keep you away from my eyes for long, you run away from me and I can’t stay away. She asks him to go. He says don’t tell me what to do. Her friend calls her. He asks her to go, as her friends are calling, but remember I m around. He gives her frisbee. She goes. Tia pours oil on floor and says Anika will all over her face and not able to walk then. Anika walks there and slips a lot. She sees her slipper broke and talks to slipper. She fixes it and wears it. She stops near the oil, when Soumya calls her. Soumya says fridge is not working, company guys are coming to take it, what to do of items. Anika says we have to remove it, come. They go. Tia says what the hell, she got saved again, I have to do something big now.

Anika and Soumya get the things out of fridge. Soumay goes. Servant gets tea and says Shivaye does not want to have tea. She says he will not like it, as he likes black coffee. She asks servant to go, I will drink it. Tia comes and adds pill in tea. She goes. Anika drinks tea. She gets dizzy and faints. Tia smiles seeing her. Tia drags Anika. Shwetlana and Romi come. Tia asks them to help, its last chance, we will shut Anika in fridge, none will know, till they know, Anika’s chapter will be closed. They put Anika in fridge and leave. Dadi asks Soumya where is Anika. Soumay says we were removing things from fridge, then I did not see her. Rudra asks Shivaye. Shivaye says how will I know. Anika is in fridge and shivers. The company guys take the fridge.

Shivaye opens the fridge door. Anika falls out in his arms. Dadi, Rudra and Soumya get shocked. Anika comes to room and asks Tia what are you doing in my bedroom, whom did you ask to sit on my bed with my husband. She makes Tia out of the room. Shivaye asks Anika why are you sitting there, come sit near your husband, on your bed… in your room. Anika looks at him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Richu

    A very very happy new year sweet ishquesss….
    Hope u all r fine and happy with the start of a new year!
    How r u all????
    Mukta reni diii saku samyukta shaza Luna shahbana sumo Veda saahana yazhu Mona mouni shiv razna roz rosu sunehri niveditha Sindhi nadiya kiki nithu edsanjida aqua dhruvvv lax navi shekhar sat dishaaa dear….missing u in family….

    Nd shivu dhruv Bhai mukti Nisha sweet sh family a happy new year to all of u deareeess…stay blessed n don’t forget me!?
    A huge welcum to all the new comers of in
    Sonia sana hash…
    Gud to have u here…keep commenting…

    And hope u all remember me??

    1. Richu

      Maya twana sry for forgetting it names sweeties most welcome dear

      1. Sumi.SS

        Hi richu..happy New yr..hw r u???

  2. Archiya

    Happy Ishqbaazi year to all Ishqies.. may tis year bring u all lots of happiness

    1. Sumi.SS

      Happy New yr Dr..i wsh all ur drmz becme true..keep smile frevr..

    My new year is really great I guess..on the very first day I got news that ISHANA is back…

  4. I wish you all it becomes more and more difficult in next year to decide which day is better than best of your life so far!

  5. hi ishqbazians …hope u hv kidki tod wala happy new year big fan of ishqbaaz n shivika n ur comments..plz cn i join u in our big ishqbaaz family…

  6. Mouni

    sooo guys in the first week of 2017 we have full action IB ; anika in a fridge , tej accident , broken glasse in sso room and flat tyre of his car and … poison in his coffee machine and there is a spoiler saying he will have an accident with his car
    soooo nafratbaaz have no chill really lets hope sso will open his eyes this week and believe anika

    1. Yeah I hope aisa he ho

  7. Guys..!! Check this link if u ve time. Best Shivika moments in pictures.

    1. Sumi.SS

      OMG!!!! Vry big thankzz to u Dr fr sharing the link.
      SHIVIKA rockzzz??????????
      Guys must watch..lovelyyyy picsss..Amazing headlines and content..

      1. Sumi dear..!! You are most welcome..!! ?? Btw this website always comes up with good articles on IB. I ve noticed Nakuul Mehta n Harneet Singh liking IB related articles of this website on Twitter.

    2. Sumi.SS

      Haaaa same lax dr..i am also noticed..nakuul sir lyked their tweet yestrday..lyk us evry fans also wl feel happy seeing this wndrful posts fr ishqbaaz..anyway
      Tvserialupdates-great wrk.

    1. Mouni

      good video , and after this when swetlana is in the OM after the “accident” with tej , she and tia will put acid in sso coffee machine , l think this was the last video update , it was yesterday and it showed the kapoor sisters sneaking into sso room and tia put acid in his coffee , am curious to see how this will resolve as he believed what happend was accident with the glass and the flat tyre but poisened coffee will sure open his eyes that someone is really trying to kill him and in some spoiler it said he will have an accident ?? am not sure if its true or not but in an interview kunal and surbi said that they will be investigating and finding the truth especially anika so sso will not be with them ?? or is he making a plan to divert the kapoors attention so anika and omru find something ?? and swetlana in an interview said that she does not care about anika as her main target is tej so that will maybe anika the freedom to investigate without being watched

      1. As I blv, none of oberoy or ANNIKA will be able to establish the connection amid three Kapoor sisters, so if Tia would be out then also SWELA will be remain at OM. Kapoor sisters secret will be there upto peak of drama. Swetlana is shrewd enough to keep her self safe. In my pov, SWETLANA may , if she find her as hurdle in kapoor’s main plan, remove TIA from the OM.

      2. Mouni

        yes shekhar l agree, swetlana is more focused on their mission but tia has become a psycho since robin’s death and she wants anika dead at any cost
        the relationship btw tia and swetlana can get exposed if someone sees or hear them together in the OM and janvi already suspected something and the incidents that will happen to sso and anika will bring suspicion especially on tia
        the only kapoor sister that can be safe is rumi , maybe even if the other 2 get exposed she still can come and continue her revenge
        anyway after the acid coffee anika and omru will start to search the truth as they said in the interview

    wish you a very happy new year ishquies sorry for the late wishes guys here is the promo of mixing acid in shivaaye’s coffee

  9. Mona146

    I dont understand one thing. If gas is leaked in kitchen, then cant Anika or any other person sense the gas smell? And switching Microwave oven or any other electronics in the room filled with gas can also trigger fire accident. How can everyone’s nose stop working at the same time in a home? End this nafratbaaz track yaar? It is irritating beyond limit.

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