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Second Shot

As soon as Ranveer speak I am saying truth elder Oberois are suprprised and younger Oberois are confused and surprised as till they know Ranveer’s surname is Randhawa but Dadi is first one to come out from surprise state and she come close to him and caressing his hair she speak

Dadi: Beta are you Raj and Anuradha’s son???

Ranveer nod his head in positive and Dadi continue

Dadi: I can’t believe that Raj’s small Ranveer is grown up so much.

ShivOmRu are confused like hell because of this all though faded memory of childhood of ShivOm are reminding them Shivay’s childhood friend Anu for whom Shivay is hell possessive and she is their family friend Raj uncle’s child and her siblings are not like her they always keep themselves in their world but before they can give more pressure to their mind Rudra poor soul whose brain is at verge of bursting finally speak

Rudra: Dadi, what are you talking about??? And why ACP is claiming to be Anika Bhabhi’s bhai?????

Dadi: Are khotiye Ranveer is actually brother of Anika and Anika, Ranveer and Radhika are children if our family friend and business partner Raichand.

Rudra: Then why they are not living together like me and ShivOm???? (Out of curiosity)

Ranveer eyes become moist with this question so elder Oberois and Shivay’s eye too become moist and controlling tears dadi speak

Dadi: Destiny played their cruel game with them Rudra and that day was bad day for them as well as..

And she started narrating hi about flashback


That day Pinky and Shakti decide to put Shivay in boarding school and when Anika come to know this she cried a lot an even Shivay is not ready to go leaving his Anu here all alone in his absent and excluding Pinky all are feeling bad for separating this duo but Pinky want to send Shivay away so he can focus on his study only and to make this separation more easy Raj decide to take Anika and his other children on trip with offer of he’ll get them tatoo and on the way to their weekend home all three siblings get star tatoo on their neck with RAR written on it and stubborn Anika even get S in gap of her ring finger and middle finger and even she called to Oberoi Mansion from her father’s phone to let Shivay know this but before that he was sent to London and that day Anika cried on call while she is talking to dadi and complaining to Dadi that she’ll not to him but before theit chit-chat can go on dadi heard loud voice from other side and next second Dadi heard a lot of people’s voice ad crying from other side and within few minutes news started spreading like fire that well known businessman Raj Raichand and his family met with accident and died on spot and Oberois rush there and they did funeral of Raichand but they didn’t find any of three children and they tried hard to search them but they ate not able to search them anywhere and Raichand’s business is being handled by Tej at initially and later Shivay handled it with his business in memories of Anika and yet he is feeling guilty for leaving her that day.

And as soon as Dadi completed flashback Shivay’s eyes are rolling tears remembering all the memories of his and Anika’s childhood and elders eyes are moist too remembering that memories and that cruel day and but soon Tej turn to Ranveer and asked

Tej: But young man where were you all this time and don’t mind but if you at okay then can we know how you….

Ranveer: (Cutting him in between) I know you all want to know how we got saved??? Let me tell yu and he started narrating how they got saved


After cat get hit by truck instantly car turn and started going down in valley and soon Raj throw kids out so at least they can saved and soon car hit by tree and people from surround coming there and soon someone send kids to hospital and no one come to claim them so hospital authority send Anika and Radhika to orphanage and Ranveer is still in hospital as he is still in coma and almost after three years Ranveer come out of comma and before hospital authority can send him too, to orphanage an police inspector who visited hospital for some purpose so him and soon he decide to adopt him as he is not blessed with kid yet and he bring him to home and soon he com to know about his sisters from him and after contacting hospital authority they visited orphanage to adopt Anika and Radhika and to bad luck of them they only get Radhika and Anika run away from orphanage and they can’t find her after numerous attempts.

And at the end of flashback his eyes arej moist too with remembering all this and soon Tej and Shakti and all Oberois hugged him and thank almighty for saving them and sending them to them and before they can continue further Dr.come out and informed that Anika is out of danger and they can meet them and soon Ranveer and Shivay rush inside and both hug her and Anika is confused with Ranveer hugging her an even Shivay’s sudden affection but seeing her state Dadi come forward and caressing her hair informed her about Ranveer is her brother and even Ranveer saw his tattoo her and Anika felt emotional and she try to sit and Ranveer come and help her and hugged her and soon Anika ask about Radhika and hearing this Ranveer’s blood boiled and he stood up and angrily look at Om and Prinku who are noe drowning in guilty pool more and more and Anika is confused with his silence and she hold Ranveer’s hand and speak

Anika: Ranveer what happened???

Ranveer: Oberois brother are reason for my both sisters life in danger.

Anika: What????

Ranveer: Anika due to Shivay you end up on this bed and Radhika is in coma after she is hit by Omkara Singh Oberoi’s car…

Oberoi’s are shocked and they looked at Om and finally breaking silence he informed everything and Ranveer is angry with all revelation and before angry Ranveer can harm Omkara Anika speak

Anika: Ranveer bhai I want to talk to you in alone.

And Oberois left from ward and Anika informed Ranveer how Om always stand by her side and how he helped her when Shivay is having doubt in her and Ranveer’s heart which is melting due to Oberois concern for them is finally melted fully with this and he speak

Ranveer: But what about Radhika???

Shivay who is entering with bowl of soup for Anika answered before Anika

Shivay: We’lk take her to best Dr.of world Ranveer and I am sorry and yeah Ranveer I want to hand over your father’s business to you.

Ranveer: I don’t want that you can name that on Anika and Radhika’s name but temporarily you’ve to name on Anika’s name and after Radhika get well you can name do further proceedings and yeah waise Anika how come you don’t identity your Shivu from his eyes????

Anika: I felt connected to him since I first met him but his arrogance and rudeness is not allowing my mind think that he can be my Shivu I never thought about that.

Shivay is feeling guilty for behaving in such manner with his Anu and he is looking at her with affection and possessiveness like he has having for her in childhood and Anika too is looking at him and Ranveer look at them and speak

Ranveer: You both are alone now sort out your issues. (And he left from there)

Shivay come near her and holding his ears by his hand he speak

Shivay: I am sorry for everything and every word of mine which hurted you Anu plz forgive me.

Somewhere deep down in her heart Anika is yet feeling hurt for his words which question her character but seeing her childhood sweetheart holding his ears her heart melt away like an ice cream and she try to remove hi hand from his ears and Shivay smiled with happy tears and embrace her in his arms and Anika too reciprocated to that hug and breaking hug Shivay kiss her forehead with whole affection and he hold her hand and opening gape between his ring finger and middle finger he kissed tattoo ‘S’ with love and speak

Shivay: Anika, you know I am so so much happy knowing you are the same Anu and you know Anu now I never want to lost you and I want to give change to us so no will you too plz forget past and give chance to us???

And before Anika can answer Tia barge in side and speak

Tia: Shivay baby I am pregnant.

And ShivIka are shocked with this and To is smirking seeing their faces unaware of the fact that soon she gonna face worst nightmare of her life in real.

Okay done with the update… How it is??? Hope you all will like it… We are waiting for all of your feedback… So plz do leave comments of you like this.

With love

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