Ishqbaaz 2nd September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 2nd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says I think when two people decide to marry, planning and all is not needed, they should marry right away, I mean marriage should be normal, no need of all guests, but my brothers should be present, just bride is missing, if she comes, I will marry right away. Mallika comes and says Shivaye. Music plays. Mallika hugs Shivaye. Om, Rudra and Anika look on shocked. Some time before, Anika says now everything got normal and we are not fighting, shall we talk about marriage. Shivaye spits water and looks at her. He asks marriage. Anika says yes, tell me what you think about marriage, if you don’t want to marry, I will find someone else. He says you are very fast, breakfast to marriage directly. She says fast, I m very fast. He says but… She says I know its strange that I m talking about this

directly, what shall I do, its my need.

He asks need? She says yes, its age to do this, I m fit, when will I do this, who will do hardwork in old age, I m saying clearly its my need and I m dying, you tell me do you want to marry or not, else I will find other job. He asks were you talking about job. She says yes, your marriage, my job, its same, if you did not had to marry, why did you call me. He says I have to marry, we we hired you to organize.

She says she has finalized everything, just final a date, your marriage will be India’s biggest marriage, organized by Anika. She jokes. He says its all a show, I know I m eldest son of Oberoi family, it will be grand, I find it strange, I will know just 10% of the guests. Om and Rudra look on. Shivaye says for me marriage is personal and intimate thing. Om says they both are fighting. Anika says its your family member’s wishes. Shivaye says they can fulfill it in own marriage. Om and Rudra come to them. Om asks what are they talking.

Shivaye says I was saying about marriage, when two people decide they want to marry, then they should just go. Rudra says means eloping. Shivaye says no, my brothers will be there, not city, marriage should be in the moment, why to select date, I mean right here and right now, its perfect setting, I m here, my brothers are here. Rudra says Anika is also here. She gets surprised. Shivaye says just bride is missing, if she comes, I will marriage right away. Mallika walks in. Chance pe dance….. plays…………Mallika says Shivaye. Om, Rudra and Anika see her and get surprised. Mallika smiles. Om and Rudra say Mallika…. Shivaye…. and sign to him. Mallika hugs Shivaye.

Shivaye says Mallika you here. Rudra asks how, that too in bridal dress. Mallika hugs Om and Rudra, and says I have run away from my marriage. Shivaye asks what and signs to his brothers. Rudra asks did Jija ji not come with you. She says I said I have run away, I need to eat something, I will faint.

She asks whats this dishes. Om says its all made in olive oil, don’t worry. Mallika says hi, Mallika. Anika says no, Anika. Shivaye says she said her name.Mallika says my name is Mallika. Anika says oh, I m Anika. Mallika eats food and says its Shivaye’s recipe made by Om, so good to see you guys, I had run all day and did not eat anything, I thought I will fall down. Shivaye asks why did you run away from marriage. Anika signs to Rudra. She asks who is she. Anika says Shivaye’s ex GF. Anika says what an entry. They smile.

Shivaye asks Mallika how can you do this, you know your family, Rana family, they all get insulted, did you see news. She says no. He says they are making shows on you, they are calling you Bhagodi Dulhan. She asks what. He says they all are facing humiliation, think of Siddharth. She says he is your biggest business rival Siddharth Vikram Rana and you are worried for him. He says he is my rival, but business rivalry is aside. She says you are worried for Siddharth and my family, but not me, did you ask why did I do.

He says running away from problem is not a solution, you did my car’s accident in London and did not face me, you took ticket and came to India, you made coffee fall on Tej and run away, chewing gum got stuck in Om’s hair, you have run away, face the problems, running away is your problem always, I can imagine what Siddharth would be facing, if you did this with my family, I would have killed you. She says relax, thanks for saying this, I had my reasons to do this, everyone has own way to face problems, we don’t like each so we don’t face each other. He says life does not go like this, why are you crying. She says I m crying because of you, I thought we are still friends and I can count on you, I was wrong, you are still the same, you won’t understand my situation and point of view. She leaves.

Tej and Jhanvi are on the way and talk about Khanna’s grand party. Tej gets a call and says oh really, fine I will check. He asks Jhanvi to look at this. They see news that Mallika has run away from mandap, she was marrying Siddharth, Rana family name has become joke and their stock fell down. Tej laughs and says Rana’s nose got cut, they thought to be equal to Oberois. She says you would be glad, its not good to be happy for someone’s tragedy, she is sweet girl, what will be she going through, I remember her, she used to come home when she was dating Shivaye. He says its good she broke up with Shivaye, else today our nose would have been cut, don’t know where is she now.

Mallika sits crying. Anika gives tissue to Mallika and says your kajal…. even second eye’s kajal… Mallika cleans it and thanks her. Anika compliments her makeup and says it looked more good on tv. Mallika asks did you see news. Anika says yes, but I did not switch on tv, Rudra did. Mallika asks whats Bhagodi. Anika says one who runs frequently. Mallika says oh, you mean runaway bride. Anika says no, runway is one where airplane takes a flight. Mallika smiles. Anika gives her water and asks her not to worry, pray Kohli hits century then your news will be moved from the news channels, why are you upset, tell me, I will beat with my slipper. Mallika says Shivaye. Anika says we all are troubled by him.

Mallika says he does not listen and understand me. Anika says yes, he is always in his Tadi. Mallika asks what Tadi. Anika says Tadi means Tashan. Mallika says yes, that’s his problem. Anika says if Pinky ji controlled him in childhood, he would have changed, its Pinky’s mistake too, he will not change now. Mallika says he did not give me chance to say. Anika says yes. They both think Shivaye has problem in ears. Anika says blue eyed people are such and explains her. She asks Mallika did she…. you did not understand his eyes color right. Mallika calls her cute. Anika asks just cute, am I not beautiful. Mallika says I think I should leave. Anika asks where. Mallika says I don’t think before running away, just run away, I thought of Shivaye when I have run away from marriage, but he did not listen my problem, I did not think he will say such, I should go.

Anika stops her and says wait, I will just come. Mallika asks what did she sign. Anika signs I will handle this and goes. Shivaye talks on phone about work and says I can’t come office. Anika comes to him and talks about Mallika. Shivaye says she did wrong, she has run away from her marriage, I can’t think what two families are going through. She says everyone does mistake. They argue over Mallika. She says you worry for the families and not of Mallika, you feel marriage is Olympics, if she runs, she will get medal, she will get taunts, she knows what did she, she came here knowing you will protect her, that you will understand and support her, she came here by trusting your friendship, you have to show which friendship you have to show, solid Jai Veeru’s of India, or china make. She leaves.

Shakti says whatever it is, its not good to run away from marriage. Rudra says she looks worried, let her stay. Jhanvi says we should not judge her without talking to her. Om says running away from marriage was not right. Pinky says she can’t stay here. Tej says if Mallika wants to stay here, I don’t want a problem. Jhanvi agrees with Tej. Shakti asks Tej not to use Shivaye’s personal life for his business. Shivaye says Mallika will stay here till she wants. Mallika looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Aashna57


    • Shaza


      |Registered Member

      U seem to be a big , actually mega big fan of surbhi jyoti …first I felt like ur just randomly typing some letters😜 ..and then I realized they are all the name of SJ from QH ….I infact I don’t even remember her all names properly 😜 Just remember that her first name was zoya

    • renima

      Exactly……Anika ne toh sso ko paani mein duba di abb yeh malika kya aag mein jalayegi????
      Agar aisa hai…..toh panika phir se paani daalegi……..kyunki ishqbaaz mein shivikabaaz hona hai…..malvaaybazz nahi…..malvaaybazz…..strange name…..meri dimag mein kaise aayi yeh naam……so funny… the way how are you Asmitha Ishqie????

  2. Asmita...


    |Registered Member

    Shivay has become a good boy… He was listening to Anika as if Anika is school teacher and Shivay is a spoiled student… 🤓🤓🤓

    Anika left Shivay speechless… With no words and a thinking SSO…

  3. Shaza


    |Registered Member

    Hi sona di, priya di , piya di, roz di,Luna di,Nadia di and all ishqbaazians last I’m a registered member 😄..the episode was awesome..shivaye was actually not supporting Malika , but after Anika convinced he supported her 😊😊😊..Malika and shivaye are kinda same…”What’s that language ” 😜….I just hope now Anika don’t make plans to unite Malika and shivaye 😣….hey guys ..any idea how shivika will be married in month !? ..can’t wait for the next episode 😄

      • Shaza


        |Registered Member

        @DaSha..actually their panditji said that whatever happens but shivaye will be married in month ..don’t know ..but usually in serials these all things like predictions will be true ..idk ..maybe I’m wrong

    • Pritha1234


      |Registered Member

      I dnt think shivika will get married in a month this show is breaking stereotypes so I guess panditjis predictions will not play any major role here.

  4. Luna

    Shivaye and my opinion is same about weddings. I also dont like those big fat weddings with so many guests and celebrations. People hardly knowing each other and most of the guests dont even know the bride and groom. Its also a wastage of money, better to give that money to poor.

  5. Diya

    Loved today’s episode. The Shivika conversation was so funny. I noticed that Shivaay did not say no to what he thought was a wedding proposal. He just said that this is so fast. Did this mean that the CVs are hinting that Shivaay is thinking of Anika as a life partner? Unconsciously maybe or he wouldn’t have switched gears to his wedding preparations. The two Surbhis conversation was also very interesting. How both agreed that Shivaay had a hearing problem😁😁Cannes France me hai😂

  6. ishika

    I cudnt say hw much I laughed tdy..shivika take a bow😂 man tht marriage prt whn shivay said brkfst to marriage u r fast..his exprsns😂…..ok so not fr a second he refused to th thought of marrying her😍😍
    He said bt bt ya n wat not bt doesn’t say NO 😂 mallika n anikas bonding though😁
    Whn they said ha Vo tadi marte ha😂
    So sso agreed to hlp hr bcz anika cnvnced him😍 thank god fr tht he didn’t bring his feelings bck bt yes being a frnd is sweet😊…n his exprsns whn Anika gv him lecture on bhagori dulhan ws adorable….he s so in love surely😍 😍
    I cudnt cntrol my laughtr whn Anika said u decde wthr u wl Mary or I wl find othr optns..n he was like bt bt……😂 n th fcrs when she added in dying fr this..u tell me abt urs…😂 his reaction ws too funny 😂

  7. ishika

    Rudra said in reply anika is also here whn shivay said marriage is Posbl now u me n Om r here 😂…anijas look though at tht😂

  8. Shalini

    Hahahaha……looks like both annika and mallika will enjoy each others company in future…😂😂😂
    And the most epic….when rudra said tht she’s shivaay bhaiyya’s ex-gf the way she replied..😂😂😂
    O BETE KIIII….😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Pagal he yeh annika….love her…love shivika…!!😍😍

  9. Luna

    Ex girlfriend and future girlfriend of SSO have become friends. Now what will happen to Billu??? He will go crazy,lol

  10. Devga


    |Registered Member


    Jothi’s entry amazing bgm…. And her ACTING wow….

    ANIKA’S EXPRESSION FOR “shivaay ‘s X GF” ….. LOVED IT…

    Baag gayi… Baag gayi…. Problm ko face karo… Baago math….

    Shivaay baby kuch advice dheney sey pehle kudh ko usey follow karna padtha hey….. Thum bhi toh anika ke sey baag rahey they yaad hey?? Lol

    Bichari mallika kithna roorahi hey aur anika aayi uski aasoon pochney…


  11. Pradishma

    ware wah,kya entry maari mallika ne….
    Such a hilarious episode , Shivika is awesome, but i am falling for devar-bhabhi bond between Rudra-Annika,Om-Annika…
    On seeing surbhi jyothi ,i just wish she continues her character and when she hugged om, also when she identified food was prepared by Om, i just wish oh God, My om darling looks good with mallika…What to do,Om is such a dashing darling and looks cute with anyone..(Shy..Shy)..
    Loved the way Annika put sense into Shivaye Singh Oberoi… God billu ji is becoming Soft Singh Oberoi…
    There’s something between chemistry of Shivika, that just their presence together onscreen makes heart flatter…
    Waiting for tomorrow..

    • nahs

      nice comment prads…i see u have fallen for my om too…hehehe….Not bad, Surbhi jyothi looks wow with OMie ….. Rudra and Annika bond is hilarious…
      If mallika entry is to create misunderstandings, i hope Shivaye doesnt fight with Annika,because its because of her shivaye is allowing Mallika to stay at oberoi house.

  12. Luna

    Mallika is female SSO, he also dont understand Anika’s language. Shivaye and Mallika are so compatible, dont know why they broke up???

  13. Pritha1234


    |Registered Member

    Anika has her control over shivaay 😁 shivaay said nt now and anika – par mujhe abhi baat karni hai and ek bar me phone band 😂😂 anika ka khouf .. Shivaay the lion ko sirf Anika the lioness shaant kara sakti hai 😂😂😂😂
    The first 5 mins was ROTFL .. Shivaay did not say no even once.. 😂😂
    Malika is also of bindass kind of nature like Anika but not bold n never-losing attitude like anika possesses.
    Shivaay stunned by Anima’s hai veeru and china comparison hahaha
    Overall superb episode.. all the elements were good

  14. MARY

    I don’t understand why Anika has to poke her nose in everyone’s business. She should mind her business.

    Tej is so confused, one moment he is saying he is glad Shivaye and Malika broke up and other he is saying he has no problem if Malika stays in their house . HAD HI HO GAYI HYPOCRISY KI.

  15. Luna

    Isnt its weird that Shivaye wasnt invited by Mallika in the wedding. She came to him when she was in trouble but cant invite him in marriage??? I know Oberois and Ranas are business rivals but Mallika can invite him, right???

  16. Enasanjida

    2days episode ok.. Not so dhamaka. I really don’t know – ek din pehla Ishkara ka episode fantastic tha.. Yesterday episode kill it Shivika. But azki episode ok ok. No Ishaana… Kal vi kya no Ishkara. Seriously CV ‘s serial meh thoda balance karna jarori hain. Har episode main Shivika..
    Malaika ane sha serial ka TRP high hoga & low hoga don’t know. .
    But guys ek chiis notice kiya hain
    Shivay+Anika = Shivika
    Shivay+malaika = Shivika
    What the wack?? 😊😂😂 yeh hoo kya raha hain.

    • Shaza


      |Registered Member

      see everyone..when I say shivika that means ( Anika shivaye ) later don’t curse me saying u don’t like Anika and supporting malika 😜😂😂😂..juzt kidding ya..

  17. Luna

    How did Mallika entered the Oberoi mansion without the security codes??? Even Romi entered a few days back without the codes but Ishana wasnt able to enter. In Tej words this security has turned into a circus.. Show is entertaining but there are so many bloopers that its hard to avoid. Another blooper day before yesterday was Dadi saying that it will take 25 years for Anika to give back 30 lacs when actually it will take 250 years for Anika to return the amount if she gives Rs 1000 every month. Does the writers think that audience doesnt know basic maths??? Either Dadi was fooling Anika or Cvs are fooling viewers. Plz cvs take care of these bloopers.

    • Diya

      I agree. Too many goof ups and what irks me us that it’s easy to take care of these details and explain them. Show the person contacting a family member or insider or staff before getting in. Show that Anika requested an emergency ride from a trusted person who was anyway going towards Oberoi mansion for work( the midnight janmashtami episode) , let her limp for a while after the car incident, let a doctor check her and give her something to counter the effects of smoke inhalation…But I guess these are experienced writers who know they can get away with such goofs.

      • Pritha1234


        |Registered Member

        Are @Luna dadi said 25 years to anika because she was kidding, she dsnt want anika to pay back… but because anika is adamant in paying back she said so, because anika is poor in maths dadi jus cracked a joke.. which anika did nt understand… SAMJHE

    • renima

      I felt the same doubt luna ishqie……Oberois security system is also having some problems…..
      They didn’t place any cctv on mansion……..even after the attacks…..

  18. Anushka Kashyap

    Hello guys,
    Its seems surbhi aka mallika is here for revenge…. Says lastestgossip site….. Hope that it happens making anika guilty and Shivaay consoling her that its not her mistake…. Wel… Jist want to enjoy the serial… Its camera effect… Song selection… Background music ia so awesome that even scene without dialog wont allow us to leave our chairs 😍 😍 😍

    • Shaza


      |Registered Member

      Actually nowadays there are so many fake spoilers and gossips about ishqbaaz… I guess we must not think much about them ..b4 about that shivaye and sahils meeting there was a spoiler and I got super duper exited and when Anika came she din come with sahil so I thought maybe he will come in the evening that time also he din come that day I felt so angry on Telly reviews so ..I guess if we get some positive spoilers must not believe or just get over exited the you’ll get heart broken 💔💔💔 ..

  19. NazneenSyed

    Good morning all ishkies.Yesterday’s episode was good.I think voh gas wale incident ne stone singh oberoi ko soft singh oberoi bana Diya.😉

  20. Cheryl11


    |Registered Member

    After a long tym iam here commenting as iam one of the silent readers.. we loved yesterday episode n today how sur bhi made her entry was too good.
    Loved it wen shivay was shocked wen Anika talked about marriage. He took it otherwise hehe..
    Love ishqbaaz

  21. mishri

    whatever mallilka intentions are……she z still bringing shivika close…….m sure anika will feel bad nd shivaay will move closer to anika…….oh plzzzz cvs dnt create problems btween shivika thy r in gud shape now…………

  22. NazneenSyed

    I agree with you Mishri.

    Here is a joke for you guys:

    Male cow:Aeh kya bolti tu.
    Female cow: Aeh kya Mein bolu.
    Male cow:Sun.
    Female cow:Suna.
    Male cow:Aati kya Tabela.
    Female cow:Kya Karun aake Mein Tabela.
    Male cow:Arre mundi hilayenge;ghaans chabayenge:gobar pehlayenge aur kya😊

    I hope you all liked it.

  23. Mukta

    A Very Very Very Happieee Birthday Disha dear!!!!!!!
    May u get all the happiness and success in ur life!!!!!!
    Have a nice day and cheerful year ahead!!!!!!
    Party Hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Mukta

    Hello all Ishqies!!!!!! A very Good Morning to all my sis and bros here!!!!!!!! How r u all????? Have a nice day ahead!!!!!!!

  25. Shivani


    |Registered Member

    gud mrng mukta disha aliya misri enasanjida luna haya priya nadiya di renima di piyali ishika shaza shahbana chikki kiki tharu dil aditya monique fatarajo
    chetna riddhima varshini nivedha .have a nice day

  26. Shivani


    |Registered Member

    episode was full hilarious .I hope mallaika won’t turn into negative .there is good bonding between anika and mallaika.I love mallaika’s expressions .now shivay is going to be beleaguered by three ladies .poor bagad billa he would think as if one is not enough.

  27. NazneenSyed

    @ shivani.I dear I know that Nakul is already married.
    @Mukta.Good morning dear.

    Wish you a very happy birthday 🎂.
    A birthday is million moments
    each holding a promise of
    Fulfilment of your dreams and accomplishments of some special plans.

      • renima

        My gorgeous Disha ishqie…….HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU DEAR…..
        May this special day will fullfill all your wishes and dreams……
        Each birthday is very special……as every body has a role in this earth and birthday reminds you your value and identity……..So enjoy it …..dear……..ISHQBAAZ FAMILY LOVES YOU A LOT……you are very good at heart……Wish you on one birthday you will get an ishq…..which will make you more special… lot of ishq from all ishqies……..

  28. Arya

    nice episode bt little confused abt mallika .let’s see ,May be mallika become the reason for shivika sure in 1 month their marriage will happen

  29. Haya123


    |Registered Member

    gOOD mrngzzzz ishqiessss…
    episode was good… starting 5 mins were hilarious,,, I can’t believe that SHIVAY ko LAGA ANIKA was talking abt their MARRIAGE.. wOwwww.. and then 5 mins were beautiful with MAllika’s ENtry.. I thnk it’ was soo BEAUTIFUL dress EVER.. 🙂 ‘Pe Pe Pepein….” perfect song 4 that situation..Then 5 mins TADIIIIIIIIIII.. dialogues of ANIKA.. Sooo funny nd cute.. 😛 😀
    Last 5 mins serious conversation btw SHIVIKA.. I likd the way that, Anika try to explain HER view to shivay.. And he understood it very well,, thaT’S calling .. SUPER BONDING..
    luv u shivika.. 😀 🙂

  30. Haya123


    |Registered Member

    Wish u a very HAPPY B’day DISHAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..
    Have a wonderful birthday………. I wish ur every day 2 b filled with lots of luv, laughter, happiness and the warmth of sunshine 🙂 may god bless u dear… 😀

  31. renima

    MY beautiful Ishqies…….mukta,nadiya,disha,aliya,pradhishma,haya,shivani,nazneensyed,kat,
    dil,mary,diya,riya,pritha,sunandha,priya,nivedha,himagiri……how are you all ishqie stars?????

  32. renima

    DISHA ISHQIE……many more happy returns of the day…….my pyaari pari sister……..wish you all happiness, joy and prosperity on this very special day…….love you ishqie…..

  33. Annbijou

    But shivaye’s marriage is already fixed with someone else na??and what’s the relation between Soumya and GT family?I’m new to this serial and getting confused.. Can anyone give me a brief storyline

    • renima

      Sowmya and rudra are on same college……for studies ……she is now staying in oberoi family since………rudra,sso and om’s dadi is a good friend of sowmya’s dadi…..sowmya is like sister for om and sso…..not for rudra…..they always fight……and sso’s marriage is fixed with tia….but now sso’s Ex girlfriend malika made a surprise entry into sso’s house……she has ran from her own marriage……which was fixed with rana… rivalry of sso….
      Annbijou ishqie……hope you got it…..

  34. chetna

    It’s good. I don’t think that mallika has negative role not even a big role she is just for a camio bcoz few days ago I saw a news in which she said that she is shooting a show in which she is in lead. 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
    I LOVE ISHKARA 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

  35. renima

    It will be very difficult for sso to deal TRIDEVIYAAN-

    What will our Shivaay do??????? WOMEN EMPOEWERMENT IS SO STRONG
    Am i right ….ISHQIES ?????

  36. nikki

    hai guys why they are not showing ishkara moments I am missing ishana in this episode I think there is a big story hidden behind ishana and where thie mallika come from is she playing a lead role give me a reply when you guys see it

    • renima

      Absolutely……at least a glance of ishana…….after that ishana’s exposure……they show om feelings and bro-moment…..but they didn’t show ishana……..ishkara track always keeps suspense……and …..when ….it is telecasted …….it always make you surprise……ishqie
      about malika……she is sso’s Ex girl friend…….and …….she has made a surprise entry into sso’s house…….she ran from her own wedding and now she has approached sso as she has some problems…….her marriage was fixed with siddhant rana……business rivalry of sso……From precap it is clear that sso will allow her to stay in the oberoi mansion for some days….
      Malika is positive or negative…….yet not clear…….but it will be very interesting to watch…..
      Nikki ishqie…….try to watch episodes and keep commenting

  37. renima

    Anika offered : Water treat for SSO

    Tia offered : Medicines and Reikis for SSO

    Malika offered :………………………………..
    [ wait and watch]

  38. Nivedha

    Good afternoon shivani !!

    Surbi jyoti is acting a web series with baron sobti ..I don’t know tat accurately !!

    Mukta priya aliya renima di luna disha shivani haya oshi roz piyali diya tharu chetna and all ishqbaaazians how are u all???
    I’m good

  39. Sunanda

    Nice episode .mailka entry is super
    Nice conversation b/w anika nd malika
    The way anika suggested 2 shivay is super

    • renima

      Yes of course shivani ishqie…….especially it should beat saath nibhaana saathiya……..when i was in college it was started i think so…..gia manik as gopi …….an innocent homely girl was nice…….but when she quit……show lose it’s charm…….and raashi’s death……..then ……it’s story line……omg…..i get frustrated if i watch that serial…….they just depicts generation to generation evil strategies only………it’s time for to end that serial…….
      It should beat yeh hai mohabbatein also……which was initially good…….but later they made the whole story worse………and i stopped watching it….i don’t know about other serials in ishqbaaz…..shivani ishqie……as i only watch ishqbaaz…….just i could say ishqbaaz should be on top 5

    • shahabana

      Ofcourse dr ishqbaaz is best show in Indian television now i hope trp also increase u knw guyz online trp of ishqbaaz is very good its in 4th position

    • Haya123


      |Registered Member

      To b honest … I thnk ISHQBAAZZZ is damn good, nd it will beat all the recordsss..
      bcozzz ,,It’z a good concept ..not like saas bahu drama and all ..

    • Shivani


      |Registered Member

      renima di I found this serial make some sense.sns is full of negativity .whole family is antagonist lol .just saas bahu are protagonist

    • renima

      Exactly shivani ishqie…….seriously it’s a relief from stress for me when i reaches home…….
      Apart from ishq it portrays family relations in a new way and offers nice entertainement also……In the half an hour show they try maximum to show justice to the concept……
      Hope it will not loose it’s freshness in future…..

  40. Rosu 25

    Anika is so sweet and kind…..loved mallika anika convo….anika is very funny like rudra….. When mallika said run away bride…..anika talk about runway😂😂…..
    Shivika scene was also good….. She made him understand the situation……loved whole episode……💜

  41. Sat


    |Registered Member

    Yeah u already r right,
    Hey guys, how are you all.
    Good afternoon.
    Today we had teacher’s day celebration in our school
    So much tired
    Wore a saree
    Very tough carrying
    Went on well.
    Yesterday Mallika entry is nice. Hope Shivaay understands the value of Annika . With the entry of Mallika, I hope there should no rift in the love story of shivika. Their love is just blossoming now. Interested to see Shivaay managing 3 girls.

    • Haya123


      |Registered Member

      Sat in SAREEEE..!. omggggg .. 😛 😀
      anywayss i Know u WILL b STUNNINg.. 😀
      yaa u r right.. it’s vry difficult to carry.. one day my sister wore a saree.. ohhh god .. she became so tired 🙁

  42. renima

    1.A full fledged show with nice plot
    2. A new show with a fresh concept
    3. An amazing show which gives new dimensions for relationships
    4. An awakening show with good actors
    5.An outstanding co-ordination of actors makes you a regular viewer
    6. A show which attracts new generation a lot as creativity is uptodate
    7. A show which offers wonderful moments of romance
    8. A show which depicts family values in a different way
    9. A show which gained a space among audience within short period of time
    10. An amazing show which always give you a worth watch

  43. Tarini

    Hi guys.. Happy b-day disha may god bless u enjoy your day… Nice episode anika ka asar ho reha hai shivay par baghodi dulhan😜 she ll change him… and what about ishana they didnt even show her crying…

  44. shahabana

    Helloooo gd afternoon all my sweet cute and beautiful ishqees, hw z u all. Coming to the episode as always this is also one of the best episode of ishqbaaz. Love the starting part very much where billuji is confused about anikas marriage talks i think he really wanted to get married with anika, billuji is hiding is feelings about anika, mallikas entry is really awsome its like cherry in the cake, i loved todays episode with shivika omru and mallika but missed ishana saumya daadi and ohhh my maatha. I think todays episode will be more fun. Love u ishqbaaz and my cutiepies shivika ishkara rumya and also mallika. Waiting for more ishqbaaz.

  45. MP

    Hii everyone. How r u all? First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY DISHA 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂 yesterday episode was good. Shivaka part was too good when shivaye misunderstood that anika talking about their marriage. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 . Malaika entry was super. But plz enyone tell me that in the show Malaika’s character is possitive or nagetive. Bcoz i read in spoiller that Malaika come in oberoi mention for some resone . And anika doubt on her. And she warn shivaye about her. Soo i am confused. Give your viwers plzzz

  46. Aashna57


  47. Nivedha

    YHM and saathiya r worst serial and sasural simar ka 😤😤
    These are irritating serials
    Y these serials r shown
    And serials like DAHLEEZ and TAMANAA were good one but they stopped these serials
    What the hell
    Hope ishqbaaaz Will rock like this always

    • RANdomfANCreationz


      |Registered Member

      Yeah I agree with u they should end SNS and YHM 😡 I m still surprised that people still watch YHM and it’s still more popular that Ishqbaaz online too 😡
      And dehleez and tamanna were amazing shows 👍 And anyways those shows were for finite episodes
      From star plus i only liked three shows from day 1 to end Ek Hasina Thi, Manmarziyan and Dehleez

      • shahabana

        U knw what i tooo liked ek haseena thi, manmarziya verymuch they where awsome shows. And i liked dehleez also. For me best show is ispyrkokyanamdo and qubool hai 1.and i loved yhm verymuch nowdays story is going out of border but its better than other stupid shows saathiya kkb etc. Anyways i wainting for old yhm. And ofcourse ishqbaaz is one of the best show in Indian television and now most favrt also. Hope its continue like this also. Now i watch only two shows ishqbaaz and yhm.

    • Shivani


      |Registered Member

      I don’t understand why people watch such shows.if they are free make a creative use instead of watching such shows.I don’t understand why sns have high was good until rashi was there .about yhm I don’t understand why ekta has to make everyone negative.

  48. Shivani


    |Registered Member

    guys look at ekta’s imagination she was not satisfied with melodrama so she has introduced rakshas also.she has left all the directors behind in imagination.that day is not far when she will launch show based on dinosaur in which one would act as protagonist and other as antagonist

    • renima

      Am also good……actually asmitha ishqie malika + shivaay = malvaay- that strange name came on my mind……that’s all dear asmita ishqie…….

  49. Chirag


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    guys pls vote this show on imdb and try to give it maximum rating .if you like this show than you will definitely vote this. guys is ishqbaaz offers us great entertainment then its our duty that we will provide it atleast good rating so pls vote this show now and tell me how much star u give this show on imdB .if anybody read my that comment for god sake vote this show and i beg all of you ones again pls provide this show maximum rating on imdb.

  50. disha

    To all of my dear friends and family Who wished me a Happy birthday on my special day,Thank you so much. Those wishes made me realize that in my life,There are a lot of people who love me and care for me.

    • Devga


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      Happy birthday sweet heart…. Dnt worry dear thr r and will b many who care for u… Think positive and forget all bitter hapenings of life…. Just luk at the happy hapenings…. But they may seemingly hard to find…. Once u find them u wil surly enjoy life….

  51. shahabana

    U knw what guyz in ishqbaaz fb page its already reached more than 200k followers. This is the top followers show in fb page until now. So its really very gd and party tm.

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