Ishqbaaz 2nd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Shivaye meets with an accident

Ishqbaaz 2nd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye gets hit by a car and falls down. Anika senses the trouble. Some time before, Jhanvi takes Anika and says I forgot the room keys, I got it locked after decorations, stay here. She goes to get keys. Shivaye comes and hugs Anika. Dadi calls him out. He says coming…. wait for me. She says like always. They hold hands. She asks him to go. He leaves her hand. Her charm bracelet breaks and falls down. Shivaye picks it and gives her. He asks what happened. She says this got broken. He says its okay. She says no, this should not happen, its abshagun. He asks since when did you start talking such. She says since I fell in love. O jaana….plays…. He fixes it. He makes her wear it. She says still a moon is broken. He says don’t worry, I will ask jeweler and get this fixed, go to room and

wait, I will see Dadi and come. He holds her face. They smile and hold hands. He turns and goes. He looks at her and smiles. He goes away.

Shivaye asks where did Rudra go. Om says I think he went to meet Bhavya. Shivaye says let me call him. He checks missed calls from unknown number and calls back. Om says don’t take tension, that person will call back if its imp. He goes. Shivaye calls and says not reachable again. He recalls some girl throwing a chit. He checks the chit. He reads its imp to meet, if you want to save your family, come and meet at temple. He says I have to figure this out, who is this person and what does he want.

Om sees Gauri’s pics and thinks of her. He cries. Saathiya…..plays….He burns all of her pictures. He says this relation slipped off hands like sand, whatever it was got burnt. Shivaye reaches the place. A girl meets him. He asks who are you and why did you call me here. She says to make a deal, I have some proofs which can ruin your family, you have to do what I say. He says I don’t take anyone’s orders. She warns him that it will be his loss. He asks what proof is she talking about. She shows him something. He gets shocked. He throws and breaks the phone angrily.

Anika sits in the room and waits for him. He says I don’t believe this. The girl says you can break phone, but not end the proof, I want a price, you have to do what I say. He says none can blackmail me, that video was morphed, I don’t believe it. She asks him to think, it will be his loss. He says none can blackmail me. She says yes I get it and goes to her car. He walks to his car. He gets hit by a speeding car and falls down. Anika senses it. Shivaye lies unconscious.

Tej sees some shadow and turns. He says why do I feel I just saw Shwetlana, no there is security, but she can do anything. He goes to check. He sees her. She goes. Pinky asks what are you doing here. Shwetlana says I had to come here, help me, as you promised. Pinky says I can’t do anything now. Shwetlana threatens her. Tej looks around. Shwetlana says I have painting, but the keys are here, I want the keys at any cost. Tej says its Shwetlana’s voice. They see Tej at the door. He enters the room and sees Pinky. She asks what’s this way to enter my room. He asks to whom was she talking. She lies. He says I have heard you talking. She says I was seeing videos on phone. He asks her to say truth. She says its my bad time, everyone blames me, my fate is bad. She leaves. He says I don’t trust Pinky, she is hiding something, what can be Shwetlana and Pinky’s connection.

After 15 days, media is at Oberoi mansion. Reporter says Shivaye got missing 15 days before, its affecting his business too, everyone wants to know where is he. Dadi says its 15 days, why are you not finding my Billu. Om says since we got that car at crash site, Rudra and I are going there every day, I hope he is fine. Rudra says I m sure nothing will happen to him. Pinky cries and says he should have called. Rudra says maybe he can’t make any call. Om says he is our Shivaye, nothing will happen to him. They hug. Dadi says we talk to each other and share sorrow, poor Anika, when I think of her, I feel bad, she got married with difficulty and this happened, Navratri is starting today, I thought to send them to Kuldevi temple but…. Shakti consoles her. Jhanvi asks where is Anika. Anika gets ready. She says Shivaye has become typical husband and didn’t keep any promise, he didn’t get my charm bracelet repaired, he asked me to wait and went, so much Tadi is not good, is he taking revenge that I left him, come back soon, what are people saying, nonsense things, I don’t care as I know he is fine, if anything happened to him, I would have known, if I m alive, my Shivaye is also alive, enough of jokes, come back soon. She sees Rudra. She asks did Shivaye call. He signs no. She says I think he will come and give surprise. He asks this plate? She says Dadi gave it for Navratri puja, she told me that we do puja in Kuldevi temple.

She comes downstairs. Tej asks where are you going. She says I m going to do puja, along with Shivaye. They all look on. She leaves. Anika comes to temple and sees long queue. Someone/Shivaye comes there. Anika looks on. He prays in temple. She argues over rich and poor being equal in temple. Pandit asks her to stay calm, its a temple. She says rich people don’t let temple stay a temple. She asks the person did he not see the line. Shivaye says line is for crowd and I m not part of crowd. She gets shocked seeing him. He walks out of the temple. She smiles. He asks did you get it. She says I knew, I was sure that I will get you here. Khoya khoya rehta hai….plays… She asks where were you, you know our state without you, I m very happy. He asks pandit to start puja, he is in hurry to go home. Pandit asks him to get puja items. Shivaye says I forgot, get it arranged, I will pay for it. Anika says take mine. She asks him where was he, they are waiting since 15 days. He asks who are you. She sayts you are joking. He says you are joking to talk like you are my best friend. She says no, I m your…. He gets a jerk and hits the plate. Sindoor flies and falls in her maang.

She touches the sindoor and looks at him. He asks the kids what’s wrong with them. They ask for donation for Navratri. Shivaye gives them bundle of notes. They thank and leave. She asks where are you going. He asks will you follow me now, I don’t know you. She asks him to talk to her, why is he doing this, why is he acting. He says I don’t know you, shall I repeat myself. She asks really, will I believe this if you say. He says its none of my business, I don’t know you, that’s the truth. She says I will remind who I m. She goes and gets a bat. He looks at her. She hits the windscreen and breaks. He says I can send you jail for this. She asks will you send me jail. He says I have no time for your madness. He calls someone and says I m waiting. He throws his phone. A girl arrives and smiles seeing him. She asks shall we…. She sees the windshield and asks how did this break. He holds her hand and leaves in her car. Anika looks on shocked.

Anika comes home. Dadi asks did puja get done. Anika says yes, that too with Shivaye. They ask what does she mean. Anika says Shivaye came there. Om asks where is he. Anika says don’t know, he went somewhere. Pinky asks why did you not get him along. Anika says I tried, but he left in his car. Shivaye comes home. Reporters surround him. Everyone looks on. He says you will get all your answers, let me just go and meet my family. He asks Khanna to send reporters. Om hugs him.

Shivaye asks what’s this girl doing here, Om how did you let her come here, she is mad. He asks Anika to leave. Dadi asks who is this girl. Shivaye says she is Tania, my wife. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nikita_jai29

    Hii ishqies… Yr tu again change…… And also shivaay…. I am gave up to expecting anything else from CVS…. Jheloo is tania track ko… Love ishqbaaz… Love pkj… Missing rumya and rikara….

  2. Glad I did not watch IB yesterday!! Even reading written episode seems bakwas!

    So we get 50 or so episodes of this drama and the last episode says it was all Shivaay’s plan or shivikas plan! Am done with this crappy track..
    am don seeing a crying annika..
    If some day they show annika knew all this, I will watch again from then… till then am gonna stay away from IB!

    1. Oops! I din realise I am logged out!

    2. yes same here. if annika met with an accident and come with another man and jelous sso will be more fun than this.

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Exactly!! GulNeet love to see annika crying!! Sso obsessed!!

    3. Pushpa

      its frustrating……total crap..

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Oh yeah push totally!! Just can’t handle this track!

    4. Piyuu

      anu its bakwas episode

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Yeah piyuu I totally agree.. patha nahin ye kab thak keenchne wale hain!!

  3. Hiii everyone I am watching IB from very first episode…but I want to ask u ppl one thing many other shows fans despite their show lacking storyline they watch it for their actors hardwork as they don’t want their show to shut down….but IB gave us such a wonderful episodes then why can’t see few episodes which r not interesting…and second thing till yesterday everyone praised CV’s for their wonderful story line….but few episodes r not interesting so..all u ppl r bashing CV’s..if we go on doing like this at last our IB willend due to low trp then none of us can do anything as we know star plus z very concerned about trp and plugging off all shows which r having low trp…and even trp z nothing high when they showed this awesome marriage track….if it was other serial it would have got high trp….pls… support our IB as actors/CV’S r striving alot to give us wonderful serial…..PLS SUPPORT ACTORS HARDWORK AT LEAST…..THEY R DOING ALPT FOR US

    1. anay bangalore

      You are right but there is a limit for everything. How many girls are shown opposite Shivay first it was Tia with whom shivay’s marriage was fixed but got married to aniks and he but he never accepted her then in between they showed Mallika, after that Ragini who was telling every one that she is Shivay’s fiance. After all the problems Shivay And Anika got married but gain he is not accepting her as his wife and he brought new wife. Instead of that CVs should have focused on Gowri – Om and rudra – Bhavya story.

  4. What rubbish…CVs r u for reall..high time to give some happiness to shivika and focus on Gauri/Omkara ..I’ll just stop watching one of these days ishqbaaz will also be stopped due to this nonsense

    1. Hay is really shivaay acting or he has lost his memory

  5. Hi everyone I am watching IB right from the first episode…can I ask u ppl one thing many of u r bashing CV’s for their storyline today but even when CV’s gave us wonderful story line trp z low…if the same marriage track would have been in other serial it would have got high trp but still IB lacked in trp despite fabulous episodes….and today when CV’S r trying something different u ppl r bashing them…I observed a difference in IB fandom and other fandoms whatever z the storyline in their serial they watch it…there r many serials which don’t have a proper storyline still they r managing in top 10 serials list…then y not IB which z having wonderful story line… Don’t forget these r same CV’S whom u ppl praised for wonderful episodes few bad episodes then y r u ppl bashing them….we got such wonderful episodes for these many days let us be prepared few bad episodes…if u stop watching IB then as we know star plus z very concerned about trp and plugging off all shows which r having low trp then none of us can do anything we have to simply watch IB going off-air…. PLEASE WATCH IB AT LEAST FOR THE ACTORS HARDWORK WHO R SACRIFICING ALOT TO MAKE OUR FANDOM HAPPY…HAVE FAITH IN CV’S AND ACTORS AS THEY GAVE US SUCH WONDERFUL EPISODES TILL NOW AND THE SAME THEY WILL GIVE US IN FUTURE…pls watch IB on TV save it from going off-air

    1. Firatly,V r very loyal fans of Ishqbaaaz….Nd its not some but Cvs have given numerous bad episodes…Every 3rd person has pointed out the bad storyline of Ishqbaaaz…Nd plz don’t compare this with other story line coz with Kbc and Yeh Un dinon ki baat hai on Sony nd Bigg Boss on Colours,IB needs very gripping storyline…Every time showing repetive tracks for Shivika won’t work forf Cvs….Rikara story s not progressing and Rudra’s story s all messed up….Omkara nd Rudra r always run in to help Shivika forgetting their own problems nd as viewers v r tired of watching it…Since begining many tracks have not been given proper conclusion nd V have been waiting for it since forever..So all of us r frustated nd complaning……..

    2. Fatmi

      Yeah u r r8… It’s true that sometimes i also get irritated with storyline bt till now i never stop watching IB.. Not only this I watch on tv only not in hotstar.. Bcoz this is the only show i watch daily.. Plzz guys if u want to watch this show long time then plzzz continue watching..

  6. I am going to stop watching IB. I can’t watch it here after My heart got broken I know surely shivay forgotten anika how he can. Seeing anika sad I felt like my heart got broken. They would have show this sad track at least after two weaks by going omru track for two weaks is not bad and that girl khy is ka naam haan tania I hate her how dare she can be shivay wife and I think that the blackmailer and Tania are same girl because no one knows shivay !et with an accident. Hope everything will be fine soon waitimg

  7. Tvfan1

    Thats why im only wtching for Rikara!!
    Why do shivika needs to e seperated they just got married!!?

  8. Arpita6

    ?????… kya ho raha he….mere ko chakkar aa rahi he..???.jab khidkitod episodes that tab morning tak sirf 30 ya usse bhi cum comments the and today..55…old are back???!!!!?????,#$$%$#=..

    Ok ok..jokes apart but i am happy..for this really from dil se…we all know we don’t like this track..but still we can’t deny the hardwork of actors and all Teams..SOO KEEP WATCHING IB..AND SUPPORT IT…


    (yarr ye toh company ki AD ki type hogayi..????)….
    And take it in a funny way..

    Hotstar synopsis -SHIVAY’S WIFE TANYA..
    Shivaay says he didn’t remember annika and introduces tanya as his wife.Annika shattered when Shivaay tears their photographs.Is he acting…

    It means today we will more anika..

    But seriously no offence to any character. .i don’t want gouri and bhabya will interfere in this matter specially bhabya..let Shivvay and annika handle this..if they will interfere then CVS will show annika as a weak rotlu type ladki..and i hate this..sooi want annika will be come in her mode..and they both will handle yhis matter….

    P.S..this is completely my pov… don’t bash me.. ?????..

    Enjoy your day

    1. Aayushi_kul

      Arpita?????i was too thinking d same…..itne ache ache epis pr daily jst 35-40 comments or aaj 78 comments till now…wowww????? ye to kamal ho gya nhi..
      Ok m jokes apart we all luv ib n they r doing so much of hard work fr still wid these stupid tracks…kon jhel paega yr us tania dhania jo bhi h vo usko??

    2. Pushpa

      u tell me arpi……..whts happening…2days synopsis i really gona send tht gal to hell…
      but shivaye entry once again killed it man so good the tadibazz is bck..


    It was expected, I’m just a bit disappointed that they used the same track that happened in their first marriage when anika acted to be amnesic to expose Tia lies
    Gauri absence is becoming rediculous, what the point is she kidnapped by her teacher???
    Rudra , no sign of his super cop please say that it’s the end of their story and soumya will finally be back (imagine that she comes back different. After a great slimming track – which I’m against – and looking hot she doesn’t give a damn to him she be comes the killer he used to be and he’s married instincts will make him become jealous like hell)

  10. Well i knew it couldn’t last, i must say i truly enjoyed the last month with Anika and Shivay being in love, the romancing and the humour was first rate, now it’s back to being negative, why not let them have happiness and focus on the other brothers and for Gods sake where is Priyanka have they just abandoned the sister?

  11. Arpita6

    For me most disgusting thing is shivvay is not wearing the ring…??????????…

    And mera toh mann kar raha he..uss Tanya akka Dhaniya…and Tanpura tan bigadun….sur khrab kardu…dhaniya ko Kaccha chaba jau…..GUSSA LEVEL IS ON IT’S PEAK…???..

    But still can’t resist myself from watching ib…

    1. Sumi.SS

      i really appreciate you fr your will power to watch episode.oh god why
      ?he is not wearing his ring ah???? Mummy pls save me from this Cvs..they are ruined the show and giving me more lyk Annika break the wind screen i want to break all gul and harneet things.

    2. Piyuu

      arpita he is not wearing ring really maine notice nahi kiya…. cheapadi ko goli maro.

  12. SHIVIKA…so sad to see them like this but we do have to support them cos they r trying hard to increase trp…..i hope its just a short Shivika separation…..
    In reality we r so closely bonded with Shivika that we r feeling Anikas pain, we feel like Shivay has betrayed her n therefore fans are angry cos we r also feeling the pain but isnt that super acting on our beloved Shivikas part… portays that they r really the best jodi, best actors and the heart of IB.
    Just my point of view and no hurt intended for anyone
    1. I think Shivay is acting to protect his family or Anika
    2. I think Anika is on with the plan n if she is then good cos they make khithitod pair/partner and we’ll see many of their craziness eg when Anika lost her memory?.
    3. If Anika is not in with the plan then i would hate to see her suffering becos come on cvs how can one person be so unlucky in life….its not fair on her. Plz donot show her as and prove Ponki right. That word is so derogatory to a human being.
    4. If Shivay is doing it all on his own then Anika should disappear from his life for a while….and not be treated like a door mat. Hopefully fear of losing her will make him sit up and treat her the way she should be treated, with love, respect n treat HER to be number ONE in his life. Theres where he confesses ILU to her.
    5. I think cvs are sending wrong message to the youngersters in our society today…………
    ….marriage is a sacred RL and it should not be used as a convenience to deal with what life throws at us. First Tia, second Ragini, third Tania…WHAT ABOUT ANIKA WHOM HE RIGHTFULLY MARRIED WITH ALL THE CUSTOM N RITUALS, why is she not important, or if Shivay is majboor then why does a womans love, her relationship, her status always placed for a test? ……. .why r cvs ruining Shivays character?
    6. At the e d of the day, its all about trp but cvs trp wont increase when important issues like love, marriage and humanity are at stake…..plz do not promote evilness in IB, honesty, love n trust should always win due to Ishqbaazi❤??
    *plz bring our Shivika back together
    *reunite Rikara
    *bring Obros close to each other again as recently their bond has bee lost due to each absorbed in their own world…not supporting each other like b4.
    Until Shivika returns….⚘

  13. Aniru

    Hi Rekha, TRP shows what viewers feel about the show. If Viewers are accepting the show, then TRP will be high. IB was better than all serials in storyline. In all serials, there are saas bahu. But here they have made the hero a Casanova. May be he is doing with compulsion. They have made marriage rituals as a joke. The promises given to each other is forgotten. Not only one couple, Writers have spoiled 3 brothers story and life. Wah Wah…What a story??

    Actors are assets of the show. The show is watchable because of them. They have spoiled the characterization of all leading actors. Shivika was just married. They could have taken atleast a week to get this new drama. The name is ishqbaaz. But showing is villainbaaz. Always new characters and plot without closing the current plots.

    In all other shows which TRP is high, even if they show Memory Loss, Mis-understanding etc, the lead characters are loyal to each other. They are bringing vamps. But 1 or two at a time. here the makers are showing relationships as joke, especially in county like India where our marriages as portrayed as made in heaven, and for 7 births etc, the people will not accept the show.

    I watch only one serial Ishqbaaz. But I read the story of another serials. Take example of Shakthi, the lead character is a transgender. The husband is still living, breathing and doing everything to keep his wife. and wife also does everything for husband happiness. He has married another girl, but they ended that track with dignity.

    Second one, Kumkum. There husband had a fiancé. He married to this girl. There is also, memory loss, spouse missing, look alike entries, family problems etc. At least the makers are showing the love, hurt between them, understanding, togetherness etc..

    Then examples are YHM, YRKKH, KRPKAB , Naamkaran etc. The couples are fighting their battle with dignity.

    In IB also, the lead characters are loyal to each others. 3 brothers love story spoiled. At least keep one couple happy and fight for others/family

    SSO, the great wall, billionaire, Cambridge Alumini is shown as black mailed by anybody for any random reason in the name of his family. He treat his wife according to the situation. He showers love and care if the situations are good. He can throw her out when ever he wants, he will introduce many girls in media or family as his fiance, wife etc. he can say any random words at her. he can manhandle her. May be he is doing it out of compulsion. I hate him when he does pinky promise. I knew the next day or moment I can see the same person has broken all the promises. The leading lady understand the situation always and does sacrifices. Where is the dignity and self respect for the women. Later, CVs may show as the plot was couple plan. By the time, viewers might have fed up with the track.

    OM, artist, intense, who always knows and talk about human feelings, does not understand his own feeling. His spouse has done so much for his family. Still he has not accepted her as wife after 8 or 9 months. May be he has seen his mom sufferings due to the broken marriage. A soul who has pain, drug addict, depressed had turned to a super man in one fine day. The viewers also have brain. Now he misunderstood his wife without any proper evidence. SSO also misunderstood Anika only after he saw Daksh has given documents worth 15 lacs has been accepted by Anika.

    Rudra – they showed him as a Casanova, but with family, he is fun, caring, child like. In one fine day, he married at the state of drunk. He did not accept the relation. After showing that he was developing the feelings for his wife, CVs discarded the lady character. Acceptable as it is writers choice. They introduced a new leading lady who is more intense. Now he had spoiled her character in her wedding alter in front of guest, relatives and groom.

    I feel, makers or writers have not seen any family or they are themselves going through painful relations. Being women, how can they tarnish character of women. Not only one couple, but also in all leading ladies. Always the vilains and vamps win, escape or close without proper story..

    My self, born and brought up in village, where the education is far less, being lived in closed communities, the women living with self respect and dignity. both my parents and in-laws does not have proper education, they way they treat other with respect set anexample. My point was that Indian women are also empowered, they have dignity, self respect etc. Yes there are problems in many parts of country. But when they are showing the story of a well known business family which is shown as close knitted, the makers should show some standards.

    I have made up my mind for the wrap up of my favorite serial. Really wish, actors will have prospective careers after this. I am angry at the makers and writers only..

    Sorry for the long comments. This is due to my anger and disappointment.

    1. Aniru

      I want to add one more point. Now we can see Annika, the wedding planner will organize the 5th or 6th Shaadi for SSO and room decoration (Suhaad raat) for her spouse and wife.

      1. Krish6868

        Aniru, you just echoed my thoughts!
        This track seems to be the repetition of Kalavati Takurs track.
        But KT was with SSO as husband ,but SSO with amnesia has
        returned with a brand new wife.
        KT arranged Sso’s and Tia’s wedding,the same might happen now.
        There might be repetition of old SHIVIKA scenes in-order to bring back
        SSO’S memory.
        Pardafash of villians during marriage rituals and marriage!
        Very predictable,unless CVS give us a really brilliant change
        in the story line!

      2. Aniru

        Thanks Simi. I was disappointed how they dealt with the story. First time I am watching an ongoing serial. I used to watch only finished serials

      3. Aniru

        Krish hope you seen todays episode. I was soo confused with Raaz. Too much Raaz..

    2. Sumi.SS

      Hi..i wish gul and harneet read your prblm..same disappointment and angry..same to same..In this start of the track itself fans are clearly said their views in every shivaay will tear their pic and annika will hurt.may be at the end we wl come to know he is what??hope atleast this time Cvs will turn the track to good one.

    3. I just wish u watch todays episode at least as it clears all your doubts….I watched it already in hotstar due to anxiety but I am sure u ppl will love today’s episode as it is entirely different from what u ppl r expecting…and aniru I want to ask one thing how can just decide storyline as Stupidity just by watching a single episode….just ask urself a student’s talent cannot be decided by single exam…same z here….just think…if possible reply me

      1. Aniru

        True Rekha. We are the followers of IB. I am the person who watched 300 episode with in 4 days. May be because of that I felt changes in characterization. May be because my favorites are Annika, Rudi and Om. When Annika becomes victim every time for SSO ‘s antics and black mailing, I felt sad. I can see that when he hurt Anika, he is also hurt inside. But he has a reason that is his family where Anika may or may not be there. When Anika does everything, she does it for him. OM & Rudra, I could not accept the change in their character as both persons used to understand SSO’s emotions more than him and understood him, advised him, corrected him also supported Anika being outside their family. They could not respect there own partners. That’s why I was blaming that makes has tarnished the characters. All of the above were just my 2Rs thoughts

  14. Kiya epi hai ????????im just in tears????????? my babies shivika no way i cant control my tears i think it is shivaays natak bt i hope it should be ?????tht bakwas ladiki taniya go to hell shivaay is only for anika i cant see anika like tht her attitude in temple scence my anika is not tht much cry baby once again broken tadibaaaz of sso i too loved thss version of shivaay and do no hw i liked thss scence in tht story line god only knowssss i want my cheapda shivaay back like in haldi scence and shaadi trach scence a grt disappointed by story line bt tht can take these silly trackss only because cvs has no way …….rikara om seeing and burning ipkknd2 pics of shrenu???????????no ruvya even after lapse thank god soumya come back and marry rudra again like shivika married i need tht sumo and dumple oberio romance i
    Im dead no way i wont watch tht scence tanyai hate u???????????????????????shivaay plss wake up no natak reveal to anika about thss plss one doubt hw would shivaay remember all family bt nt anikaa if it iis a memory loss he would have lost all thoughtss hw could and thss point makes me realize tht shivaay is doing natak
    to save family????

  15. Hi all, it may not be a good week of IB episodes at all. Nothing to look forward to after watching yesterday’s episode. It was heart wrenching. Just like everyone, Shivaay remembers everyone except Anika. Real strange….. He can even remember Janna

    If Shivaay really has lost memory, he would not even remember anyone including his signature step. I don’t think he lost his memory. If he had, when Anika hit his glass front screen, he would have shouted and called security but he did not react angrily. His expression had that where he was in a fix on how to tell her.

    I also feel Abhay and Tanya are involved in this together. With that kind of fall he would have all the scratches…. and injuries but he looks good. If security know he is back, why didn’t they inform family earlier and wait for 15 days at the temple.

    I feel Anika may have known about this. Her reaction was normal. Husband missing on the first night, news of accident and her reaction is he will return. She didn’t become too emotional running around to look for him. Either she did and cvs will show that FB when truth is out. Together they are in this maybe.

    Even if Anika does not know anything and Shivaay is acting as partial amnesia, he may have been under threat that if Anika knows then Tanya might kill Anika so to protect Anika he has to pretend that he does not remember her. Maybe Shivaay wants Anika to leave Oberoi mansion for her safety. It is only my speculation.

  16. Sumi.SS

    Hi..Good Morning All…Only read Updates here..I cant see shivika separation again and again..i will wait for some time for good track after i will continue.i think this track will be a good move if some Man new entry would happen and if he blackmailed SSO.but from the start Cvs only interested in SSO girl friends now directly wife..Wah ! Wah !
    Already Gaurika and Ruvya Story has no proper progression now they ruined Shivika my POV,in this track next wl be shivaay fake ML drama will come out next week end in between and next he will ask annika to get out of HIS HOME and will hurt her again.after some day she will start her rona thona by seeing her he will also cry chupke chupke.My foot…already is over for last two months..
    Why Cvs are not interested in fans ideas..we are asking Annika past and roop entry or some other powerful Villan not villi to blackmail them.if all oberois together solve all the mystery that wl be wonder just like that fake cd drama within 100 episode…kya Solid Episode that all were…
    In upcoming only emotional track becz shivika wl suffer i will watch if its a first time..not more..Good luck to Cvs by this emotional worst track they are trying to increase the trp…
    i know actors and team are really working hard but whenever i see some girl come in between shivika giving me lot of stress….so nothing to do with it..Best of Luck to us..hope we will get good track soon(oh god pls help us..Give our old ishqbaaaz Back!!).

    1. AnuluvsIB

      Sumi?? U r the same old sumi?? How have u been gal! Have missed u for long!!!!

      1. Sumi.SS

        yeah same.old sumi dr…i am missed u all lot……..

      2. Sumi.SS

        i am also missed you all lotttttttttt……

  17. But cha have also butchered Shivaay’s character. It took them so long to get together and only to get separated. Why can’t they show them together for a few days and then separation? They did not go through the after marriage rasams too. Separation just came on. It is so sad. I don’t feel so happy watching IB.

    What happened to all the marriage vows and the promise I will not let Anika cry at all? If he is doing for family’s safety then Anika is not family? Who is She? An outsider? Why are the Oberoi men allow themselves to be manipulated by women? Tej and Shwetlena and Shivaay and Tanya. Before that he had Tia’s mum and now this woman. Really Preposteros.

    Pinky will be happy as Shivaay will now accept his mum since he ‘lost memory and Pinky is going to taunt Anika even more. Oh goodness…..

    Somehow or rather I get a feeling that Pinky is involved. If shakti and Dadi know a secret then Pinky would also have known. Why didn’t the woman come earlier when it was announced in media that Shivika are getting married? Why on the day of the wedding? So Pinky may not want Shivika to consummumate their marriage since she does not want Anika’s child to be the heir of OB

  18. Hi friends I respected all of ur comments but today episode l loved it because my tadibaaz bhaiyya wapas aagayi.sad for anika bhabhi but I think CVS will create a same storyline for 3 brothers ,they will show first shivomru hates their respected betterhalves in sametime after some romance ke baad they will become ishqbaaz. I am happy this track because yrkhkh mein after kaira marriege they started their silly romance and now it’s become boring and they dragged so much.ishqbaaz mein aisa kuch bhi nahi any other serial pair separation ke baad they will meet after 1 or 2 month like kkb and yhm etc … Ishqbaaz mein aisa kuch nahi even separation track moved on quikly .I appreciate that.I understand this separation ke baad shivaay bhaiyya Se zyada anika will suffer a lot because of shivaay bhaiyya ka tadibaaz avatar but let me tell one thing anika bhabhi is not like any other serial bahu. She will handle the situation very well and I hope CVS would nt dragged this track episode I was too emotional by shivika.shivaay bhaiyya ki accident and anika bhabhi intezar mujhe dekh nahi sakti,and omru always nailed their bromance but when shivaay bhaiyya has come with his old tadibaaz avatar I was so much happy shivika ki love story will start again with eternity of love and romance this track mein only one request pls cvs show some romantic scene of rikara don’t show ruvya pair most of the fans don’t like ruvya pair and brink back sowmya . I am big big fan of only shivika but like rikara also. I don’t like this new dare she ? Meri shivaay ka haath pakadne ki i hate her so much.meri shivaay bhaiyya haath pakadne ka huk shirf
    only for anika bhabhi.

  19. Aastha_Reddy

    It was good, I missed this episode and it was far better I wish I could tie a rakhi to Advay like Sasha in place of Shivaay bhaiyya…at least ASR blackmails people and Shivaay bhaiyya just goes on being blackmailed by peoples…Like Anu and Lax says..Shut boot pehenkar blackmail hone ke liye taiyyar.
    My dear favourite enemy Cvs, I asked his Tadi back not his stupidity back…Where is his power, where is SSO!!?? You guys gulped him entirely. Can’t he blackmail others for once even!!! pkj Anika…You asked me to come back as Bhaiyya need me but here scene is something else…Cvs need me badly…I am going to attack them with AK-47. They need to die.
    Just hate the typical blackmailed SSO…Shameless Singh Oberoi…Leave acting Stupid Singh Oberoi…

    1. Zaveesha

      Even I missed the episode as I had gone to my Bade papa house for a function…
      Read the updates now nd only the negative vibes hits me….again a painful sad story…hope that Gulneet will end this plot soon…
      U go nd attack CVs…I’ll be following u..

    2. Pushpa

      im in yr shoes too…pinch pinch…..they again killed shivaye character…hate this cvs….

  20. Aayushi_kul

    Wowwwww….itme ache ache episodes pr daily 30-35 comments hote the daily…nd today 78 comments????? ye kese hua….nd that too on such a bakwaas epi….great it is na????

    Nd thank u CVs fr this mindblowingly awsum fantabulous track????
    Nd how grt is sso who get blackmaild by everyone

  21. I thought this serial give new script story line…today I was totally disappointed…y all serial repeated same sequence…memory loss drama…it’s really boring…I expected new script and new story line…this team has 3heroes and heroine but to nowadays IB charms are missing from this serial…I thought this serial is unique from other serial… today it’s proved that…my pov is wrong..y all Hindi serial repeated same sequence…director sir still I hope on you…don’t copy the scene…create your serial and make the scene are unique…I like heroine dare character…I expected new script…don’t repeat it same scene…

  22. Hi everyone!!!I am new here to comment but was a silent reader. Hope you all will accept me in this sweet pkj family…Can’t see Shivika as separated being. I can’t tolerate the thing that now Shivaay will ignore Anika.Plz,bring Shivika back in our life in their true sense.Don’t make a serious issue out of Shivaay’s partial amnesia. Plz God (here cvs) listen the plight of the fans and don’t test our patience…Special Note:I love reading analysis of Aastha,Anu,Lax di and Shekhar bhaiya.Plz bless us with the awesome analysis…

    1. Zaveesha

      Hi Luthfa…welcome to pkj family…keep commenting…

  23. ParichayHin

    Haiiiiiiii everyone…I am new to this pkj family?????????

    1. Piyuu

      hi pari welcome to pkj

  24. show was good at start but now dey r repeating same things again and again…may b writers and director dont hav any new ideas ….this is only reason der r showing same things like others shows ..whats unique things is left..

  25. Cant see Shivika in pain again, why cant they fight evil by being together.

    I thought Gul mam said no separation track for Shivika but i dont understand how the current track is Not SEPARATION……a husband n wife are not together, the hus and has a new wife n wants the real wife out of the house….isnt that separation?

    I also have a feeling Ponki is involved in this somehow, if she is then Shivay should just leave Om woth Anika cos he cant really throw his mum out.
    I think Abhay n Tania r in this together…to destroy OF for some misguided reason.
    Remember Rudy didnt like Abhay in the first place…too sweet he said.

    While the new twist is being g resolved i dont want shivika to suffer, so plz cvs show Shivika planning this drama together.n Dont Drag the tania issue for long… will give hope to fans.
    I also love n miss Rikara…hope SHIVIKA can get together quickly to help Rikara blossom their love n RL.
    Rudy should chill as a bachelor for a bit n be his normal happy self….angry young man does not suit him.


  26. Manuu

    Hey guys..what’s happening in d show..
    Cvs ne shivika aur rikara ko separate karne pe kyun tule hai..this is d limit yaar..kitne log ayenge opp shivaay..definitely there must b some reason behind shivaays behavior..par abhi toh unki shaadi hui..
    Om ko kya hua woh aise kaise kar sakta hai..woh gauri par barosa hi nahi karta..who essence hi nahi hai om ke character mein jo pehle tha..
    Kisi ko pata shrenu shoot karna shuru kiya yah nahi..
    Hw r u pkj friends..aastha..pinku..pushpa..misha..aniru..arpita..everyone else

  27. Shivaay shab ladki ko aapna biwi bannata h aur own lady ko biwi nahi banna sakti(meida,family)
    paat nahi aagy kya hoga

  28. Piyuu

    ye kya ho raha hai ? cvs ko pagal hogayi kya…kyu hamesha shivika ki life mei pblm….stop this stupid track…i feel like crying after watching yesterday episode. precap bakwas

  29. Thank you so much!!!!You made all 3 couple separated!!Good Job!!!!???…
    Please create another conflict!!…Why it’s has to be blackmailed&love triangle…It’as a rellay bored conflict..from Tia, to Ragini and now that women..Why Anika always become the victims?..The most suffering person is always Anika….They just married a few hours and you created another conflict?..Please make it like a reality
    life!..If this drama is a long drama, why dont create the conflict differently..maybe can be a same..but please make a gab between it…maybe you can use a Swetlana n Pinky plan, Rikara relation to create a different conflict..Make IB and DBL scene fair n equal..not just focus on Shivika. It’s useless to combined schedule IB & DBL if focus on Shivika only..I admit my fav couple is Shivika..but it’s has to be fair n equal..
    I decide to stop for watching IB for a while and will be watching again after they together again…

  30. I seen this scene a fews times in IB..Anika always has positive think to l change Shivaay tadibaaz..but this time i think I really hope Anika become hopeless and go away from that home for a long time.. I want to see Shivaay also suffer like Anika..o more suffer…Why only Anika has to make sacrificed..The blackmailed scene is really10 bored!!!!Always blackmailed..please find another!!!!

  31. Very much irritated i am done with their separation track don’t they have any interesting story line . Finally shivika,rikara and ruvya all are separated. Feeling very bad and disturbed

  32. Ppl I actually watched the precap in hotstar it’s confirmed that he is acting Coz he asks about gauri

  33. Where has Gauri been for the past 15 days????????

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