Ishqbaaz 2nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Rudra troubles Shivaye

Ishqbaaz 2nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye wakes up and says was I sleeping, I got a peaceful sleep after a long time, what’s this written, Anika is my wife…. Anika comes singing. He asks what’s this. She says your hand, what else. He asks what’s written on my hand. She gets close. O jaana….plays…. He holds her. She says amazing, you turned out to be a romantic husband, sometimes you refuse to accept me as wife, and now you have written it on your hand, hold on, let me click its pic, whenever you say that I m not your wife, I will show this to you. He says don’t act smart, I know you have written this. She says I wrote it, but how will you prove it. She goes singing. Khanna comes and greets. He says I need your sign on these docs, what’s this. Shivaye sees the same thing written. He asks Khanna to go. He says

Anika is too much. He goes to wash hands. He says I wonder which marker she used to write this. Anika hears him and says he can’t even remove my name from hands, how will we remove me from heart, how do I do this, I m amazing. Shivaye says patience….

Shivaye joins everyone. Anika sends the food by servant. Shivaye checks the sandwich. Gauri says happiness gets doubled on sharing. Bhavya asks why are you smiling. Anika says you will know it now. Shivaye sees ‘’Anika is my wife’’ written on sandwich. He shouts Anika. He asks what’s this. Everyone laughs. Dadi asks why is it so noisy. Everyone goes to meet her. Omru hug Dadi. Roop says its good you have come soon. Om says Dadi you came after long time. Dadi says I didn’t wish to come, but I came back as Diwali is coming. Priyanka says we all missed you. Shivaye touches Dadi’s feet. He says you can’t forgive me but you can bless me. Dadi says no, you lost this right too, like my Tej died, my Billu died the same day, if you were my Billu, you would have not raised hand on your brothers. Shivaye leaves.

At office, Shivaye gets a courier. He asks the manager to connect laptop to projector. He checks the envelope. He reads ‘Anika is my wife’. Anika counts down. Shivaye calls her to scold. She says sorry and sorry and sorry. He asks what’s this. She says two sorry in advance for what’s going to happen next. He says this girl is crazy. Manager says I have connected the laptop, everyone is waiting for you in conference room. Shivaye greets everyone. He says we got Agarwals deal, we have to achieve the targets. ‘Anika is my wife’, is on the screens. Rudra says what’s all this, we are here to discuss work, isn’t this immaturity. Om says you know who did this. Rudra says I thought Shivaye is mentally unstable, I didn’t know even his wife… Shivaye asks him to stop it, sit down, else I will throw you out of office. Om asks Rudra to sit.

Shivaye says its really hot here. He gets a kerchief. Everyone laughs reading the same thing over it. The man says I think we will have to learn some tricks on how to keep wife happy. Dadi gives coins to Gauri and Bhavya. She asks them to keep it in Diwali puja, its a family tradition. Anika forwards hand and asks and my coin? I know you are upset with me and Shivaye, its my duty to follow family tradition. Dadi gives a coin to her. She says I don’t have any complaints against you, but Shivaye… Anika says I can understand, but after five years, happiness returned in our house, ShivOmru are together on Diwali, they should celebrate together, by forgetting past, without any line. Gauri says if this happens, happiness will double. Bhavya says just you can do this.

Anika says we are asking you to unite family. Bhavya asks don’t you want them to celebrate together. Dadi goes. Roop asks why are you turning her wounds fresh. She goes. Gauri says I think Dadi will agree. Rudra recalls Shivaye’s words. Rudra comes to Shivaye’s bathroom and switches on steamer button. Steam gets filled in. He writes something on the mirror. He says enough, its payback time now. He leaves. Anika comes to room. Shivaye comes. She says you came home early, say something. He says I had an imp meeting, people were laughing on me, just forget it. Shivaye gets in bathroom and says who has switched on the steamer. He gets coughing. He sees red water coming from taps. Someone comes home. Shivaye sees red colour on his hands. Anika asks servant to give Shivaye’s clothes to some needy person. The lady says don’t you dare give Shivaye’s clothes to anyone. Everyone looks at her. Shivaye reads message on mirror, Tej would definitely exact revenge. He gets shocked. He quickly gets out.

Anika says sorry I didn’t recognize you. Shivaye says Nani, thank God you have come. Anika says I m Anika, Shivaye’s wife. Nani says tell me, she can’t be your wife, you know that I promised Twinkle’s Dada that if he gets a granddaughter, I will get you married to her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Banita

    Hloo PKJ….
    Ek dum khidkitode epi…
    Just loveeee each nd every part of d epi whenever Anika tease Shivay…!!!
    Everyone laughed in dinning scene , I was expected Rudy to be one of them…
    Obohu part was nycc….
    I just want my old Rudy back as soon as possible…
    Last part Oberoi security guards smile watching naniji… Hahaha… I found that part funny…. Wo log haaste vi hain (Of course except Khannaji)…!!! LOL…
    Precap –
    Again this drama start.… Well i know nothing is new in this , Shivay always do like this… But why makers repeating d same things again nd again… They r just dragging it unneccesarly…!!!
    GN PKJ…

    1. Appy

      Bunny congrats…GAG
      Ha ha he those body guards always stands like statue. 🤣

      1. Banita

        Yeh they always stood like statue , that’s why i felt funny that part…
        Thank U…

    2. Go Bani go!!! Congrats for being first. You’re right I also don’t know why they are dragging this track too long for unnecessary matters.

      1. Banita

        Thank U Bilkisu.…
        Well after reading ur comment it’s sure U r not a new member , but I think I m reading ur comment 4 d 1st time…… So..
        WELCOME TO PKJ dr.…
        I m really sry 4 d late welcome , from last some week I was busy that’s why couldn’t read other comments.…
        Nd if U r an old member with different name toh bata dena…!!
        About IB , yeh they r just repeating same thing… Hope this track will wnd soon…

      2. Thanks once again dear, I guess you may have forgotten that I’ve already been welcomed by you(check 19th september). But you u can still call me a new member for I just started commenting in september.

  2. Vidyakrish

    Plz finish redux or this track it’s to dragging and boring to watch ib now a days

    1. Appy

      Hope some good thing will happen on diwali

    2. Don’t worry the track will end soon.

  3. Appy

    Hii mere khidkitod pagals….
    I was busy yesterday so couldn’t came here despite of having such a khidkitod episode..
    I am here today.

    1.After ages I saw my Annika that kidish version of Annika bcoz this Annika taught me to live your life in hard time too. I really enjoyed the scene
    The way she was irritating Shivaay..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣…..
    And MAIN TUMHE APNI BIEI NAHI MANTA<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< ANNIKA MERI BIWI HE…
    I loved it ..really loved it..🤣🤣
    2.Although that conference part was embarrassing but I am on Annika side…….Sso's stupid plan to push Annika is too much ….
    Annika I am with you bajao band Sso ke stupid plans ki..
    3.but I was surprised….Sso didn't scold Annika in house.
    Ohhhh I got it he is GOING give her pain .so why now scold…Well Done Mr Sso
    4.Mr Junior Oberoi seriously need medical help
    He gone mad.. how can someone be so cruel……
    5.Chalo bcoz of Annika sab ki chehere pe hasi toh aayi..
    6.But but but my dear Annika… are in a very tough situation …be careful…..bcoz you have to handle yourself and your sadhial husband too..
    7. Lo Ek Bua kam thi aab Nani kahan se aa tapki
    Dadi is also here to torture us ..
    Rudra too…aur vilians leke kya karenge…
    8.waiting for Monday bcoz of Shivkara Hug…
    9 welcome my pagals who come back after so long..
    Keep doing pagalpanti.
    @Bunny yes my dream got fulfilled..
    Ok bye

    1. Banita

      Heyy Arpu…
      Yeh in this redux for d 2nd time this khidkitode Anika is backk (1st time in biwi no.1 abtar).… But i like this khidkitode Anika more then d last time…
      Exactlyy pata nahi aur kitna villian layenge…!!!
      Waiting 4 Shivkara patch up…

  4. Luthfa

    Hehehehe…….Oh,such a cute episode all over ignoring few scenes and people.Here comes the analysis-
    1.Sleeping,Shivaay looks way more cute.His innocence reflects in his sleeping face.It’s a blessing of God,in reel as well as in real.
    2.Wife took the full advantage of her sleeping husband and did what she wanted to.Have seen quite a few morning scene where wife wets her husband’s face with hair dripping water but Shivika’s AU one is totally different and fresh.By the way,I am having doubt.From where cvs got the idea of writing this episode?
    3.Fan’s are expressing their point of view’s regarding Anika’s childish act on Shivaay.Let me wash my hands in this flowing river of opinions-
    If situation could be normal then Anika’s antics would have looked 50% childish and 50% fun filled teasing.Going by the current situation of Shivika’s life,it was necessary for Anika to tackle Shivaay’s continuous attack on their marriage.She has opted that method to remind him like we make to-do-list and place it somewhere where we can watch it frequently.This “Anika is my wife” sentence is a very simple but effective one.Shivaay may get irritated but there is no harm in it.Till date Anika has faced countless humiliation,taunt from every Tom,Dick and Harry for her staggering marital status.She tolerated everything as their words didn’t count as long as Shivaay was with her.But now situation got changed.Shivaay himself is all set to push Anika away from him so she is doing everything to bring him back on track.She is Anika,not Shivaay so her style will be also like her-Khidkitode.She can’t gift Shivaay divorce papers but can send envelope containing “Anika is my wife”.Here,she is unique,our khidkitode Anika who fights anything in her own way.So,I support her.
    4.Mr.Rudra Singh Oberoi can stoop to any level but his brother will forgive him no matter what.This is the beauty of the heart of brother Shivaay Singh Oberoi.But how Mr.RSO will face himself?He too have to look into mirror to see his face one day or other which he is forgetting right now.Let Time decide.
    5.Nani is here.I got reminded of my own Nani,my Nanu.Hope she sides with Anika and I am expecting this miracle to happen for a change.

    Precap:How many times Shivaay is going to marry?He will break the record of bringing fake wife soon!

    1. Lu dr I always enjoy reading ur analysis. U really have a talent in writing. But did shivaye really say he was going to get married?

      1. Luthfa

        Hello Bilkisu dear,how are you doing?Welcome back to PKJ family with lots of love….😊
        Well,I have not mentioned it like that.I have expressed my own opinion regarding Shivaay’s tendency of getting married for this or that reason,in the combination of both RU and AU,that’s it.And Shivaay has not said it yet that he would marry but I have little trust on cvs.They will go for this twist definitely.Thank you soooooo…very much for your love dear😊😊😊

    2. Banita

      Hey Lu…
      1)Yehh already told this in last epi…
      2)Poor husband… LOL…
      3)Wahhh…!!! What an analysis….!!
      5)Hope ur this miracle will happen… Finger crossed…!!
      I think SSO already break that record of bringing fake wife.… Now he will break his own record only…

      1. Luthfa

        Hi Bani,how are you?
        1.Mine was pending so I did.
        3.Thank you sooooo..very much yaar😊😊😊
        5.Hope so😊
        You are absolutely right.Let’s see,what he is going to do now.

    3. Omg, you’re sooo right about the last point…Shivaay with his “fake wives”…whahahahah 😛

      1. Luthfa

        Hehehe….Thank you sooooooo…very much dear😊😊😊😂😂😂😂😉😉😉😇😇😇

  5. Guys I want to ask one thing did om forgive sso?? If yes how did he, though Tej was at fault whatever sso did also cannot be justified, he was not only a father to Rudy but om as well, how does he even manage to interact properly even after knowing that it was because of him his father is no more I know he faced the punishment but that doesn’t change the fact, I sometimes even feel Rudy’s anger to be correct after all who would like to spare his father’s murderer that too when the person is none other than his own brother who he loved and respected a lot. Whether Tej had a good relationship with omru or not but parents are irreplaceable.

    Sorry guys for such a rude and blunt comment I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about it

    1. Banita

      Hlo 1234…
      First of al ur comment is not rude… So don’t think like that.…
      Well for now Om doesn’t forgive Shivay… He just taking his side on some point for OE only.…
      Nd yeh Rudy’s anger towards Shivay ia completely justified , but d way he is behaving (specially towards Anika in that press confrence part) is not good.…

      1. Thanks dear that’s so sweet of you

    2. There’s no need to be sorry. This is PKJ and everyone has the right to express his/her mind. We all know that shivaye killed Tej and no one would love his father’s murderer but our main point is that we all don’t don’t like the whole idea of SHIVOMRU being seperated.

      1. Thanks for understanding my point it’s just that I was busy in pouring out my thoughts that I didn’t bother to find whether my comment sounds diplomatic, it was a very open comment about the entire track

  6. Nick23_ann

    Superb chapter but why this much new villains when we already have enough. Anni was such a kiddo today I hpoe she remains like this

  7. Hi PKJ I’m commenting after a couple of weeks but as you know I’m always busy with school and I will still have vanish coz I’ll be writing assessments for 2 weeks. But for the whole time I couldn’t comment I missed you all my dear pkjians. Today I got an opportunity to say hi but of course i wouldn’t go just like that without saying about IB. Ishqbaaz is sometimes interesting and sometimes boring.
    At most times rudy is just so annoying. He thinks he is now grown up to do that to his elder brother all in the name of seeking revenge. Though I know that no one would love his father’s murderer but this is becoming too much.

    Our Anika , I’m totally out of words, I’m always impressed with her these days especially with her confidence in the way she talks to shivaye. She is always straight-forward and she expresses her mind. I loved her idea of writing on shivaye’s hand.

    Shivaye’s nani, I just hope she doesn’t create any problem between shivika.

  8. Can anyone tell me that when will it be decided that whether ishqbaaz is going off air or not. Because a few days ago I heard that ib is going off air and I don’t want it to go off air but I really wish to know about what star plus has finally decided. Please e let me know when will they announce ethe decision. Kind regards.

  9. i dont understand y the truth of tej death is still hidden till now, plus when they met the one who claims to c the future and changed their lives, i thought when he admitted she is his wife they will return again and his mum and father will join again. his aunt is always a villain plus dont understand was tej going to kill really his omru ?? y r they repeating the marriage thing from another girl again with his anni ??

  10. I have a doubt that tej is still alive he has played a tricks and made shivay to suffer and omru to hate him. He would have taken Taj jadugar’s help. Or bua would have killed tej how she played tricks in kalyanimills episodes. Let’s wait and watch.
    Unnecessarily they are dragging the show getting a new girl in shivay’s life
    It’s becoming boaring to watch again and again same thing like ragini’s track.
    Thts why trp is not increasing hats of to the writers.
    They have made omru dumb especially om so sad no dialogues. rikara and ruvya no love scenes no cute moments.

  11. Nikita_jai29

    Asso embarrassed sso.. So funny….

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