Ishqbaaz 2nd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Om-Gauri unite

Ishqbaaz 2nd November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika sees Gauri with Om. Anika and Shivaye argue. She says you have done wrong. He angrily throws his phone. She says you think just you have anger, see my anger. She also throws her phone. Some time before, Anika wakes up and doesn’t see Shivaye. She says why did he not come till now. Chopper lands. Shivaye, Om and Rudra get Gauri. Shivaye asks Om to take Gauri to room. Anika says whom did Om lift. Shivaye asks how did you wake up early. She says I have seen Om. He says he is sleeping. She says I have seen him lifting someone. He says wrong, Om’s elder brother lifted someone. She says you are his elder brother, whom did you lift. Shivaye lifts and takes her. Om sees them going and goes to his room. Anika says put me down. Shivaye says I m doing Ishqbaazi. She asks how was his meeting. He says fantastic,

Japanese clients liked the proposal. She thinks he said he is going to meet Australian clients, he is hiding something. Om puts Gauri to sleep. He holds her hand.

Anika asks what did your Australian/Japanese clients. He corrects her. She says it doesn’t matter, what are you hiding. He says no, meeting was with Australian delegates, but I had Japan in mind. She says why do you lie when you can’t. He says you know you shouldn’t ask what I can’t answer, just drop it, I don’t want to talk about it, I need space. She asks are you going Japan. He says she is not wife, she is a spy. He calls Rudra and says Anika has doubt, I know my wife, she will investigate, inform Om.

Bhavya says I also feel something is fishy, Shivaye is hiding something. Anika says he said Om is sleeping, I have seen him, he asked me not to go to his room. Bhavya says even Rudra was not at home at night. Anika asks how do you know. Bhavya says actually, I have heard servants saying this. Anika says it means these three brothers are cooking some khichdi. Bhavya says you want to know about it right. Anika says absolutely, till I know what are they doing, I won’t get peace. Bhavya asks where shall we start from. They say Omkara and smile.

Om says we kidnapped Gauri, what to do. Rudra asks him to make a call for ransom. Om says she is my wife. Rudra says sorry. Om says till we know what to tell family that we got Gauri, we have to keep it under wraps. Rudra says I will ask Shivaye and runs. Om says how can I hide a person, what shall I do. He gets an idea. He hides Gauri in cupboard. He gets shocked seeing Anika and Bhavya. Anika asks are you fine. Om says yes, do you have any work, are you looking for something, please tell me the truth. Anika asks what’s this. He says nothing. She goes to check cupboard. He says its a blanket.

Shivaye and Rudra come. Om signs Shivaye. Shivaye shouts Anika and falls on the bed. Rudra asks Bhavya to get water. Anika takes Shivaye in lap and asks him to open eyes. Bhavya sprinkles water. Anika says you got fine. Shivaye asks where am I. Anika says you are at home, you fainted, you got careless, you don’t take food and medicines on time. He says leave me to my room. He gets up and falls back again. Anika, Rudra and Bhavya take him. Om shuts the door. Anika asks Rudra to call doctor. Shivaye says no need. Rudra asks what will doctor do. She says take him to room, I will call doctor, maybe my phone is in Om’s room. She goes to get phone. Om gets Gauri out of cupboard. Anika comes there and gets shocked seeing Gauri.

Anika says Gauri. Om smiles and says look who has come, Gauri is back. She asks Shivaye does he know what he did. Shivaye says I did what I felt is right. She asks how can you kidnap Gauri, did you think of her mum, Ajay will get anger on her. Shivaye says Gauri’s mum also wanted her to come back here, what would I do, would I let Gauri marry Ajay, would I let Om cry, I can’t see tears in my brothers’ eyes, Om have seen many sorrows, finally he got happiness and love, I was scared, if Om broke down this time, he would have sunken in drugs, I did this for Gauri also, she is like my sister, I know her happiness is not with Ajay, its with Om, I can’t see them upset, that’s why I did this. She says I agree your intentions were not wrong, but your way was very much wrong. He says really, you made Bansi Kaka’s daughter run away from mandap, it was right, if we are doing this, its wrong. She says we have made her run with her consent, not by force. He says why are we arguing, Om and Gauri are together, that’s what I care. They argue. She says whatever you say, I know you have done wrong. She goes. He says I don’t agree.

Gauri wakes up and looks around. She says Om’s room, how did I come here. Anika says Om you are sensible, why did you agree to Shivaye, person gets vegetables with respect in a basket, you brought your wife like this. Om says I know maybe I did wrong, I was helpless, she was marrying someone else. Anika says you think Gauri will forgive you. He says maybe not, what shall I do. Gauri comes. Om says before saying anything, listen to me, maybe I did wrong. Gauri hugs him. Om gets shocked. Saathiya…..plays…. Shivaye comes. Gauri says you didn’t do anything wrong, you did what I wanted, thank you. Rudra asks are you thanking him for kidnapping you. She says Raavan does kidnapping, Ram ji saves from trouble, I was preparing to leave, I called Om, its good Om got me home, I was trying to say this, but Om have out a tape on my mouth.

Om says sorry actually I thought you will shout, so its better, leave it, are you not annoyed. She says no. Bhavya asks if you wanted to come back, why didn’t you come with us. Gauri says Ajay threatened me that if I didn’t marry him, he will break Richa’s marriage and kill Om, so I was waiting that you all leave and Richa gets married, so that I can come here. Anika says I was after Shivaye since morning, I was yelling why did he do this, you are happy, now I have no complains with him. She hugs Gauri. Shivaye says you agree now, I did right. Anika says no, wrong is wrong, you shouldn’t have kidnapped Gauri without knowing her will. They get arguing.

Everyone looks on. Shivaye complains about her. She says you also have many bad qualities, clap. They all clap. Anika says person takes advice, but no, your funda is different, don’t say why, just say Shivaye, clap. They all clap. Anika says so I named you Bagad Billa. Shivaye says fine, I m Bagad Billa. She says you didn’t throw phone in anger for the first time. He angrily throws his phone. She says you think just you have anger, see my anger. She also throws her phone. They all look on.

Bhavya says it means you both are going to take test. Gauri says what’s the need. Anika says I have to do this test to see how much trust Shivaye and I have between us. Om gets close to Gauri.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Dhwani_Naidu

    Complete entertainment ??????
    Not one second was boring for me.. Always found Rudy’s antics cuteee.. But today the 3 obros and their antics was just khidkitodh, cuteeee, awesomeeeee ???????
    They were hiding gauri as if they had done a murder and trying to cover up.. Omg!! ????
    Shivaay knows anika really well.. Yeh biwi nahi jaasoos hai ????
    Rudy asking for ransom after kidnapping gauri.. Omg u r just impossible Rudy.. Nee original comedy piece.. No one can be ur substitute.. ????
    Omri hug and Aniri hug.. Awwwwwwwwww Swwweeeeeeeeeetttttt ??
    Shivaay anika fight omg!!!! Pakka couple fight hai yaar.. Their tadi omg.. Lots of omgs!!!! ?????
    Precap : wish I was there instead of gauri ???????

    1. Aniru

      PT Usha Aayo? 1st comment again…Wow..

      1. Dhwani_Naidu

        Hahaha??? Thank you aniru ???

    2. Hiii diwani go grl gogo
      Ya agree with u rudy is cannot be matched wth any other he is pagal ki dukan ya loved tdyss ep full omgodzzzzzz

      1. Dhwani_Naidu

        Thank you Meena.. Yeah girl ???

    3. Go Dhwani Go.It’s double hattrick and double congratulations….

      1. Dhwani_Naidu

        Thanks a lot luthfa ??

    4. Dear Dhwani
      Your Comment Is Cute.Yesterday Episode Ka Cute Review?????? ShivIka Room Fight Is Like Normal Couple Fight.
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

      1. Dhwani_Naidu

        Thanks a lot chechi???..

  2. Misha_Mikul

    It was a worst day of my life !!
    Unbelievable upcoming track, Gul’s irritating reply to Shivika fans, network problems, because of that couldn’t watch IB properly…??
    I’m having headeache ??

    Later should watch today’s epi again ?
    Ya we are slot leader, and trp took a drastic step, from 1.4 to 1.85 ?
    It’s really a good improvement!!

    I just want to know who is happy with the upcoming track which OBros are having dirty fun with a lady???
    It was a worst scene I have ever seen in IB!! What’s going on in Gulneet’s mind? They can ruin characters for a comedy track? Are u serious? ?
    FTW!! SSO and Om aren’t that sort even though they are drunken, behavior must be based on their actual character!! Is dancing like that with a 2rs cheapdi lady included in their characteristics? Nonsense to the core!! ??

    Then the lady enters OM with another lady as Pinky’s friend or whoever !
    Come on, is this really necessary?
    Disgusting yaar!! I really can’t tolerate the masti sequence!! ???

    Happy for RiKara babies!! Most awaited scene, finally they are united ??

    Loved Shivika moment ❤❤
    The way Shivaay lifted Annika ??

    Shivaay’s nautanki, such a cutie pie!! ??

    Shivika fight at last and RuVya, RiKara’s expressions were so Cute&Funny ??

    1. Aniru

      Hi Misha, I agree fans should understand the importance of all characters. whether it is Khanna or Shivaay, may be Lalit Sir to Light boy. Everyone contributes to show. However the agressiveness in her words upsets me more. Just my thought

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Yep dear ? very true ??

    2. Hii misha agree wth ur every words yaar what the cvss are trying to show shivom frustrating really gull should not used such words against shivika??????

      1. Misha_Mikul

        True Meena!! I think she has a hobby to mess with fans.. 1St SaRun fans now IB fans!! ?
        No respect for her anymore ?

    3. AnuluvsIB

      Wow I have never seen Misha so pissed!!
      Gul this is a serious warning…!
      But yeah dunno y gul gave such wrong facts and made an unwanted scene!

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Haha Anu ?
        Yeah really!! My blood is boiling ???
        Though it’s OBro fun track, I really can’t tolerate as unnecessary scenes are there!! ?
        It will be a Good track if they haven’t brought the 2rs cheapdi and ruined ShivKara’s character ??

    4. Pushpa

      hi misha…im wt u i dun like the upcoming goa trip&the gal.
      i even tweet objecting this and many others too…rudy I understand he flirts but not shivaye or om thts out of character…yeah cvs should do something about it..crapping episodes upcoming i guess..

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Yeah Pushpa.. Max of fans are against to the track, and keep tweeting Harneetsin..
        They should think and realize how even this track segments upset fans!! ?
        They have to do something for fans sake, if they really respect viewers!! ??

    5. Agreed agreed agreed. I hate it hate it hate it. Why would two newly wedded husbands go of and do such cheap things. After I saw the video I was so angry and totally disappointed in IB. Yes let Rudra do as he pleases but Shivaay and Om are married. And even worse than that is that they will not remember what happened. So they could have done anything. This is taking Oberoi brother “fun” a little toooooo far. Ruining their characters. ????. . . . . Okay okay just breathe just breathe it is just a story.

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Haha.. Your last line ( okay just breathe, it’s just a story) ?

        Yeah, but could you really take it light? ?
        CVs came up with such creepy track under a name of ‘Fun’ ??

        It’s not use at all how louder we shout, CVs won’t care about it, they will just insult us instead!! ?

      2. That is about all I can do to pacify my weak heart. I just get too emotionally involved in these stories. When they degrade the show like this it just drives me crazy. I think I should just try to skip these episodes.

    6. Dear Misha
      IB Ka TRP 1.8 Is Good.And Slot Leader Bangaya Wo Bhi Good??? But Half Hour Episode Ka TRP 2.0 Hona Chaahiye Not 1.8.Hope Next Week TRP Increase Ho (Aisa Sochthi Hu Hamesha But Aisa Hotha Nahi Phir Bhi Just Hope TRP Increase Ho)
      GK ShivIka Fans Ka Reply Ki Baare Main I Don’t Know Kya Bolu Because Mujhe Kuch Samajh Nahi Aaya.
      But Ya Kisi Ek Fan Yesterday O Bros Fun With Strange Girl Ka Segment Dekhe GK Ko Bathaya Tha ShiOm Ki Character Upset Kiya Wo Segment Disappoint Kiya Ye Sab Tha Uski Comment Pe.GK Usse Reply Kiya Full Story Jaane Bina Judge Math Karo Full Story Kya Hai Aapko Patha Nahi. Ya Tho Dekhlo Ya Tho Nahi Dekhlo Aisa Kuch GK Reply Kiya.GK Batha Rahi Hai Full Story Jaane Bina Uss Segment Ko Dekhe Judge Math Karo.Jobi O Bros Ki Uss Harkath Ka Reason Hu.Aisa Ek Starnge Lady Ka Saath Aise Enjoy Karna Iss Too Much? Main Wo Segment Video Nahi Dekha Just Kuch Pics Dekha Segment Ka Usse Hi Mood Off Hua.Jab O Bros Ka Goa Track Suna Tho Laga Kuch Fun And Masti Hogi O Bros Ki.But Aisa Masti Main Nahi Socha?
      Main Insta Pe Ek Post Dekha O Bros Ka Segment Dekhe Kar Upset Hua Fans Ke Liye Tha.Uss Main Ye Bola Kuch Fans Tho ASSO Se Zyada Insecurity Dikha Rahi Hai Wo Segment Dekhe Bina Reason Full Story Jaane Bina Segment Dekhe Judge Math Karo Ye Bhi Bola.KYA AAP LOG YESTERDAY IB KA SEGMENT DEKH KAR ASSO SE ZYADA INSECURITY FEEL KAR RAHI HAI.
      Your Comment About Yesterday Episode Is Cute???????
      Sorry For The Long Comment
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Long comment is fine.. But language is problem ?? I don’t know hindi that much babe!!
        But surprisingly I understood what you’ve written!! ?
        We can’t do anything dear for the goa masti track!! It’s happened!!
        OBro’s masti and Obro’s masti with a 2rs cheapdi really sounds different and bad!!
        I didn’t even watch the full seg, couldn’t accept the forced fact!!
        Throw GK ! I don’t even like to take her name ?
        Let’s see what’s upcoming!! I won’t watch the particular dirty masti scenes ??

  3. Finally…..the episode came which I was waiting for a long time

  4. Arpita6

    Hii my khidkitod i really enjoyed today episode. .
    1.Sso tum.anni ko divert karne ke liye arm main uthaya ya dil se mere ko samajh nahi aaya..saurangi insaan. ?????

    2.rikara..aww om”s concern and care..awww.??.

    3.Guess what i totally forgot about that
    Australian client..?????????..Annika di is really a khidkitod jassos…Man ..shivaay ki toh tie tie fiss hogayi..and most funny..kahan ja rahe he japan!!!?????

    4.Omru…???Ransom ko call..??…i couldn’t stop my laughing.

    5And Shivaay’s drama..also when Rudy picked bridal style..???.

    6.shivika argument. .Om’s depression topic always made me senti…but i think this os upcoming hint that if her chutki or goiri will hurt bcoz of Om then Annika will lagaoying WATT..pakka.Om ko bhi dant diya.

    7Awww Aniri…i love it….????..
    8.Shivika nok jhok i love it ..really really love it..??????. MAD HOUSE MAD PEOPLE and our shivika shipper are enjoying and encouraging them.????.Shivaay don’t take your wife for granted or so easy..BHARI PADEGA..??

    9.He now my hotstar is showing English subtitles below the episode. .kisi aur ke saath aisa ho raha he kya??.

    10.Trp is 1.8.slot 3 on starplus..but i expect 2.0 …loi nahi hope age badhega.

    11i really pissed of seeing today tweets and insta.”GUL MATA /VS FANDOM
    …I CAN’T understand should i laugh or cry…. ?????????????????????..

    12 TODAY segment ??????.

    13 can anyone confirm me that is abhay back in IB…?????

    Now bye
    Good night..

    1. Pinku

      Arpita super dp…. y don’t u come on pkj hangy yaar… super review as always… hru v r having fun @ pkj join us noe

    2. Pushpa

      thst just to divert her attention arpi but i also dil se..his expressions&smile speaks it..
      hw r u ..better now

    3. Negisanyukta

      Yaa dii same is happening with me.

    4. Dear Arpita
      3.? Arpita Tum Bhi Shivay Ki Saath Australian Client Ki Baare Main Bool Gayi??
      6.Anika Jab Behan Ban Jaathi Haina Tho Wo Saamne Kon Hai Nahi Dekhtha Ye Tho Wo Saahil Ka Didi Hoke Proof Kiya Hai.Tho Uski Chutki Ko Hurt Karne Walon Ko Kaise Chodengi Wo.Om Careful Raho Aage Apni Biwi Ko Hurt Kiya Tho Your Babhi Tum Uska Sweet Devar Hai Bool Jaayega?
      10.You Know What Arpita Main Bhi TRP 2.0 Except Kiya Tha
      11.GK V/S FANS Ka Comment Tho Mujhe Samajh Nahi Aaya Tho Mujhe Hasna Hai Ya Rone Hai.Uska Koi Confuse Nahi Hua?
      12.O Bros Strange Lady Ka Saath Enjoy Kartha Hua Segment Dekhe Aap Ka Bhi Mood Off Hua Right
      13.Abhay Ka Re Entry Confirm Hai Shayad.Kyunki Insta Pe Tho Uski Come Back Related Post Hai.Abhay Ka Come Back Ka News First Main Suna Tha But Uss Time Main Wo Seriously Nahi Liya.Sirf Uska Entry Nahi Another Two Entry (Jo Ab Entry Ho Chuki Hai) Phir Abhay Ki Saath Swetlana Bhi Entry Karengi Sun Raha Hai.Let’s See Sulthana Ji Aatha Hai Ya Nahi
      Your Comment About Yesterday Episode Nice??????
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

  5. Pushpa

    Hi all luvly pkjs???
    Hope y guys hd a wonderful day..once again shivika stole the show????
    2days epi was another khidikhitod with shivika tadi.. tashaan..
    Tht ws super luvly….when shivaye blabber japanese instead of australia client…tht face expressions so cutie pie..well shivaye u know na u cant nvr lie to yr wify..she’ll findout….

    So obrois back at OM bt anika sw om carrying gauri & to distract shivaye scooped anika so easily she must be very light….a little luvly bubly shivika moment….wht he says mera biwi jaassos…I know my wife, she will investigate, tell Om.
    And the way hw shivaye hv 2pretend 2 faint..ha ha ha ha ha i was just laughing away shivaye ws owsm & rudy got 2carry him & anika finds out gauri is hidden in om’s room?….super duper entertaining yaar…another shivika jagdha….phone todhta …wow wow wow just like our original IB..superb shivika just nailed all the scns today….

    Wow the last scn ws hilarious…shivika complains abt eachother bad qualities…poor phone bagad billa hv tomthrow showing his anger& anika toooo…..superb…..

    2day rikara fans got their luvly moments….tht was so loving om….mmmmm…putting her to sleep….

    Now im thinking why the hell the show ws shorthen bck to 30min…feel this & previous few epis so short…cant get enough of the epis….

    Shivaye’s luv 2his brothers ???????????
    Dil hua comedybaaz
    Dil hua oberoisbaazz
    Dil hua ishqbaazz
    Gd nite gals sweet dreams till morning light?

    1. Pinku

      Hey pushpa dear hiiiiii yo awesome episode na…. though I am yet to watch it…

    2. Dear Pushpa
      IB 1 Hour Episode Time 9Pm To 10 Pm Hotha Tho Main IB One Hour Hone Ke Liye Bahuth Happy Hotha.It’s Really Tuff To Watch IB 10 Pm To 11Pm On TV.Another Think One Hour IB Main Zyada Vilan Hoga.So Mere Liye Half Hour IB Is Good.But Ya Time Change Karunga Tho 1 Hour Kya 2 Hour IB Bhi Chalega?
      Your Comment About Yesterday Episode Is Mind Blowing??????
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

  6. Semma episode. Finally Rikara is united… Love u guys…

  7. Semma episode. Finally Rikara is united… Love u guys… Shivika u both r very cute when fight as same as always…

    1. Dear Shameera
      Your Comment About Yesterday Episode Is Short And Cute??????
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

  8. Your Comment
    superb episode
    khirkitod ?????episode..
    finally rikara unites..

  9. Your Comment
    I was the first to comment on this page…

  10. MAHIRA

    I’m duper dupper angry about Shivika’s arguing… Just feel that they argue just to argue, filling the gap between them….
    If only Annika’s complaining is about Shivaay keeping her out of the secret even if i find it very much like his own way, great wall oberoi….. He’s protective that’s all
    But she complained about Gauri kidnapping just to say he’s wrong, like if it was something new…
    They’re just frustrated…. Some candles around the pool, few roses petals over the water surface and that coin behind the pool and that’s it…. No more fights ???
    Loved Shivaay’s love and care toward his brother again, that fear for Om again ?????
    Finally Rikara cleared things between them ???
    Precap… Intriguing????
    What kind of test????

    1. Aniru

      Now Shivika fight for fight. However, Annika was thinking about Gauri’s mom. Ajay could have harm her in order to take revenge. CVs did not show that Gauri’s concern for her mom that she left her mom in Ajay’s place.

      1. MAHIRA

        Haaaa exactly!!!
        And by the way shivay’s decision saved Gauri but of course, she has to listen to others to understand, she even provoked him to throw his phone.. I tell you frustration ?

  11. Banita

    Episode was Hilarious??????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    Shivaay’s chantumai ishqbaazi…….
    Japanese client??????
    Shivaay told to Rudy meri biwi hain mujhe pata hain???
    Rudy asked Om calling for Ransom??? Lee nailed that sence….
    Aniya in jasoosi mood????
    Om’s Funny nervous wala reactions when Anita entered his room????
    Shivaay act as fainted that time Obros signal wali talk???
    Rudy lift Shivaay…..
    When Ani entered Oms room for mobile that time Om’s reaction???
    Aniri sisterly hug….. Aawww…
    Shivika nok-jhok….
    Omri and Ruvya’s reactions during Shivika fight was Hilarious???????????????? I enjoyed their reactions more then d fight…..
    Again do phone sahid ho gaye…..???????
    Fully enjoyed d epi…. Shivomru nailed it by their funny antics…… Still laughing yr??????????????????????????
    Rikara romance????
    P. S – This week ib trp is 1.8 and we come back to slot leader….. Yyeehhhhh…….

    1. Dear Banita
      Again Dho Phone Shahid Ho Gaye???Ya IB Back One Slot Leader.But Half Hour Episode Not Deserve 1.8 TRP.It’s Deserve 2.0 TRP
      Your Comment About Yesterday Episode Is Very Cute??????
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

      1. Banita

        Di thodi time lagega to increase d trp from 1.4 to 2.0 ….. So just wait 4 sometime more….. I hope next week it increase more…..
        Thank u di?????????

  12. Rudra’s character is much like “JOEY/JOSEPH TRIBBIANI” frm F.R.I.E.N.D.S……Does any1 think lik tat

    1. MAHIRA

      I so agree with you ????

  13. Aniru

    Sairabanu is back in Shivaay’s room. I mean Americano. No Espresso. It means Tadibaaz Shivaay Singh Oberoi is coming back with Kaali coffee. After seeing segments it does not seem to . Lets watch patiently.

    I love bhabhi’s confrontation with OmRu. They were standing like 2 naughty kids who got caught. I like their bonding.

    Chantomayi Shivaay distracted his wife. But he should have known his wife is smarter than he think. Also, he had to throw the phone to show Annika that he is angry. Kya din aaya hai?

    I felt, today 20 mins just went like 20 seconds. Yesterday I was missing Pinky. But least I knew that I am getting her in next few days that too with her new companions. When Tanya went, I commented I am waiting for the new girl in SSO life and my wish got fulfilled by CVs. I think they gave me offer like Shopping Festival. One + one free. In SSO and Om’s life. Why only Shivaay should have all fun?

    I dont understand one thing. Starplus edited Shivaay’s proposal mentions its a family channel. But this family channel will be showing drunk and dancing with some hot lady. Then it is not family channel. Yesterday also, I have seen Ajay is walking with a bottle in hand. Many families getting destroyed in India due to hudband or father’s alchoholism. Many children’s childhood are getting suffered. I feel, the channel and makers should restrict showing usage of alchohol specially when they are restricting the romance.

    1. Dear Aniru
      You Miss Pinky?CVS Giving You Shopping Festival Offer 1+1 Free(Girls In SSO Life?) CVS Made Shivay A Casinova He Is The Father Of Baby Casinova(Rudy)?
      Abi Thak Wo Segment Wala Episode TV Pe Aaya Nahi.I Hope Jaise Channel ShivIka Romantic Scenes Cut Kiya Jaise O Bros Ka USS Ladki Ki Saath Enjoy Karne Ka Scene Bhi Cut Kare.Aisa Wo Log Kiya Tho Ek Scene Cut Karne Ke Liye Thanks Bolunga Wo Bhi First Time.Let’s See Sanskari Star Plus Channel Wo Scene Cut Kartha Hai Ya Nahi.You Right Aniru. Romantic Scenes Cut Karne Ki Jagah Drunk Scene Cut Karengi Tho Phir Bhi Acha Hoga.Star Plus Ko Pehle Seekhna Chaahiye Kya Cut Karna Hai Kya Nahi Karna Hai.
      Your Comment About Yesterday Episode Is Very Interesting??????
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

  14. Shivaay Singh Oberoi does the thing that he deems right from his point of view. Perhaps that’s why he married Ani forcefully because for him it was the matter of his family’s reputation and the safeguard of OE. It was absolutely right to marry someone against her wish as he was so damn right!
    It was not important to know whether she wanted the same or not. Only matter what he thought, what he wanted. There is a thing which compels everyone to do something out of regular way, without considering right or wrong. The line between right and wrong become blurred and the thing which is responsible is -“HELPLESSNESS”.
    What was your helplessness then? You were hurt and to be frank your ego was hurt. You did not get what you wanted in your own way that’s why you forced her to do as per your wish!That was not wrong for you and now what you did in the name of protecting your brother is not wrong at all according to your theory. But let me tell you ,what is wrong is wrong indeed.You have to admit it sooner or later. Don’t forget you have countless enemies who are waiting to hunt you down. Can use the same theory.
    Your mother also used the same thing to separate Anika from you because she too was right from her viewpoint. She cleared infront of you that whatever she did only for your wellbeing. But you didn’t agree till now. It was not agreeble for you that she did the right thing in the name of correcting the so called wrong.It was absolutely wrong and this is the truth.
    The bottom line is,we cannot force anyone to do something because we want to, no matter what happens. What you did today was not right and in it there is something which is left unnoticed and that is -“SELFISHNESS”.
    I agree, Gauri also wanted the same but it could be done in another way where everyone’s happiness lies. Sometimes it’s not necessary to make 10 by adding 5 and 5 always. It can be done by adding 6 and 4 or 7 and 3.Options are there .You need to select the right one for you. You are SSO and don’t forget that everyone expects a lot from you. Respect your own reputation and it will benefit you in return.

    1. Dhwani_Naidu

      Chill luthfa.. Its just a story.. Even I agree with you.. at times SSO does things that arent in the proper way..

  15. today episode no minute waste and we want 1hour

  16. LAX

    The episode was a joy ride. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Obbros stole the show today. Om’s cute antics, Shivay’s double behoshi n Rudy’s ransom dialogue was really funny.

    Annika was kinda over reacting. Donno y. Pagal hain woh sometimes. Wasting her energy for petty issues like this n not for some real issues. But Surbhi , poor thing , her voice is so affected coz she is not well. She looks weak.

    Don’t kill me for saying that I liked Bhavya too today. Ruvya was nicely color coordinated. Gauris puzzled n one sec late reaction to Shivikas fight was also so cute.

    Precap- Gauri is so innocent. Sab tho sahi chal raha hain lol. Annika bigaad degi usey bhi. Rikara scene also looks good.

    P.S.- TRP is out n it’s 1.84 which is a good start. It’s slot leader, no. 15 overall n no.3 on Star. Hopefully it won’t decrease further. Lets see.

    P.P.S.- Guls comment today on Insta has created Tabahi. lol..!!

    1. Dear Lax
      ‘Don’t Kill Me For Saying That I Liked Bhavya Too Today’ You Are So Cute Lax??.
      Half Hour Episode TRP Deserve 2.0.But Iam Happy That IB On Slot Leader Hope One Day IB TRP Increase On 2.0
      Tabahi Word Abhay Ki Yaad Dilaya.Avinash Mishra(Abhay) Ki Insta Post Pe Wo Tabahi Word Use Kartha That Caption Pe.
      Your Comment About Yesterday Episode Is Nice??????
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

  17. Luthfa if you have problem with shivay character then dont watch ib becauae today he was right in his POV he didnt have time to think his only concern was his brother happiness which his priority and i find anika agruement was baseless if im not wrong oberois went barelly to bring back gauri by wook or crook if this was done by anika then she would justify her actions serisously i hate anika sometimes especially in that old age matter there also her insecurities were baseless i think she over reacted a lot for that matter and even today she over reacted sometimes i feel anika dominating shivay just because she loves him

    1. Aniru

      Hi Abhishek. Today you sound like Gul Khan. He he..

      1. Aniru

        When SSO questionned why Annika kidnapped the Bansi Kaka daughter. The answer was given by Annika. The bride was trying to commit suicide and bride wanted to escape from forced wedding that too with a old drunkard. She helped her to save a girl’s life.

    2. Pushpa

      hey abhishek…chill yaar no one can dominate shivaye fro sure..yeah i too feel tht arguments on bringing back gauri was baseless too…she shld b happy wt shivaye tht thy brought gauri back… blame it on the cvs dear…….anyways more crapping epi cmng soon scn in goa…lets wait &watch..

  18. What a epi itsss ib for u trp slot leader ??????????????all was too good yaar shivika romance rikara romance is top notch yaarr my babies alwayss rockzzzzz no matter wat is up to my babies??????if they are husband and wife fight will be right its their goals seen thss 2456888 times from frst epi of shivikà?❤??????????????????????????????????????????rudy ur a damn vatty boy idiotic boy askibg ransom hw cuteeee tdy enjyed lot im nt willing to see tht bagvas of shivaay holding tht fat lady shit i hated tht tdy in my life no way shivaay i cant see u wth othrs than anika ???????????????? i wll kill her tht fatty moti gull mam u cant say those words frustrated by ur wordss what ur ways to shivika fansss not in right way day gone bad by her bt either ib matters a lot no offence lets chill wait and watch what is upcoming?????????

    1. Dear Meena
      I Can’t Watch ShiOmRu Enjoy With Strange Lady Episode?????????
      Your Comment About Yesterday Episode Is Nice ??????
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

      1. Hiii uf 3355 tq sm dr lots of love stay safe same too same thoughts i like the way ur commenting to all teach me tht strategy???????????????

  19. Aniru

    Annika’s voice is not baseless. SSO did this for his Om. Om & Rudra themselves agreed that they did not do right thing. Rudra said to SSO, is there any illegal work to be done in the start of the episode. During Annika’s confrontation, Om also agreed that they have not done the right thing. If they have spoke to Gauri before bringing her, it would have been proper. If they went to Bareli to stop the marriage, they would have stopped the marriage in decent way. They bring their bride like thieves. Gauri is Om’s legally wedded wife which SSO said in previous day episode. Why they came back OM once Gauri asked them to leave? Why Om or family did not understand Gauri’s helplessness? They are Oberois. How come they could not support Gauri in her friends wedding and bring her after exposing Ajay’s intensions in front of everyone? Gauri thought about her friend. But Cvs did not show that Gauri’s mom is safe. Assuming Obros left her Ajay’s place . Annika asked right questions to SSO. Previous days episodes, some us were wondering how come Annika herself could not find out why Gauri was marrying that Ajay.

    If SSO was doing the right thing, why he hid his plan from Annika and Bhavya. Eventhough he does not accept it now, he also knows that the destination is proper, the chosen way is wrong

  20. Hy ishqies can I join in our ib family coming to the episode it was awesome and tomorrow the trust test starts I saw a vedio anika acts annoyed with shivaay he make a dish for her n anika intentionally falls to check whether shivay save or not and shivay chooses to save the dish which he made for anika bechare anika falls down .waiting for that cute scene

    1. Dear Tanu
      Welcome To Our PKJ Family ??????
      Iam UF Coming From Kerala.Where Are You From
      I Also Wait For That ShivIka Cute Moment ?? I Think That Scene Coming In Today Ya Monday Episode ? So Keep Watch IB On TV Monday To Friday Only On Star Plus ?
      Keep Comment On Our PKJ Family Regular
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

  21. AnuluvsIB

    KJ was the hero for me today! I simply loved his expressions! Soooo adorable!! ?
    Initially I done how was lil upset and felt like like Shivaay uses love to make ani Pappu.. I wud probably been happier if ani found out Shivaay was acting.. but ok.. shivay din hurt her as such..
    Ani on the other hand I thought wud be happy seeing gauri.. dinnexpect her to react like that..
    loved it when Ani hugged Gauri ❤️❤️ Sisso goals❤️
    I simply loved the last nok jhok scene ?? they were so cute! RIP shivika Mobiles! Next time they throw am gonna got to the sets.. n go catch it before it lands.. atleast use it as a spare Mobile!
    Precap – Ani – haan, Gauri – naa! So cute ??

    1. Pushpa

      hey anu…good to c u here….yes KJ was great today…
      me too didnt expect anika to argue wt shivaye on bringing gauri back???? wht the wuck?
      but the epi ws so entertaining….

    2. Dear Anu
      So You Come Back ?.Please Be Regular Okay? You Want To Go On IB Set To Catch ShivIka Mobile Phones??
      Your Comment Is Nice??????
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

  22. Abhishek,
    With due respect -I Don’t Need Anyone’s Suggestion Whether I Will Watch IB Or Not.
    About my comment, I wrote what I felt in the context of situation.I agree this is a fiction and some people tend to believe that “Sometimes fiction is better than real life ” E.M.Froster’s conviction. Whatever, what Shivaay did was absolutely wrong I repeat absolutely wrong. I wrote about his standpoint of doning the right thing in the wrong way.What he said in his justification is not acceptable to me at all.If he admitted that what he did was partly wrong then I could’ve understood. He didn’t do that but thoroughly supported his own action. What you said will not justify his action either. Perhaps you have forgotten the definition of right and wrong or love for Shivaay made you go blind. I will suggest you to open your eyes and watch IB carefully then you will understand who is what and who does what and how for what.
    P.S. It seemed to me that you don’t like “Anika character ” much.I cannot advise you to not watch IB because of her otherwise IB will lose its one precious trp viewer if you got influenced by me somehow. Don’t do that, ok?

  23. Why is it only 30 min’s yesterday…

  24. episode was good but rthe goa track is bullshiy

  25. Riana

    Oooooooooooooooooooooooooohooooooooohoooooo ??????????????????????…



    1. Dear Riana
      Chotusa Cutes Comment??????
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

  26. Hii guys… Can anybody tell me what exactly happened between gul ma’am n shivika fans……I mean to say what Gul ma’am said on insta.. Actually I dnt have any insta account so….

    1. I am typing Gul’s deleted message below:-

      “Pls be my guest! Keep putting your half baked points of views! I will stop reacting to them and just for the record before we merged DBO with IB back, because Obro separated and brought IB to 1.4! and DBO to 1.2. But you guys don’t see logic or numbers so please carry on in your own planet! Enjoy! Neither Shivika or Rikara alone were getting the numbers! Its only when they are together they work! They work as a unit! You guys can say whatever you want but that’s the truth! And we have one year data to back it! But again why should we look numbers and facts! Who is talking about logic and data and reality! Lets all leave in our la la land and keep bashing! Carry on! Be our guest”

  27. Todays episode reminded me of a saying:

    Anika was concerned for Gauris dignity, self pride and after effects on Gauris mom but Gauri came running into Oms arms….ty ty fis lol

    I feel Anika said correctly, Shivay n obros concern n thought was justified but their action wasnt carried out correctly. I think the MU could have been cleared by Gauri earlier, as Bhavya asked her why Gauri didnt return with them.

    Shivika….they make their love, fights and every other scene in btw absolutely perfect….cant get enough of them …the show is a team effort and each and every character adds a charm but being a Shivika fan, i will say that SHIVIKA are truly the icing on the cake??
    Loved Rikara…finally their romance is on track?…Rudi , no one can replace him lol. Loved Bhavya too…wish her track with Rudy will follow soon ⚘
    Agree with Misha n Pushpa….the up coming GOA scene with the Obros didnt sit well with their characters….after all for Rudy its ok maybe but for ShivOm they are married, whether recently married or old married doesnt matter….i think its a insult and disrespect to their wives, the sacredness to the marriage vows.
    Men, boys women n girls can have fun but there’s a difference when its a imbalance in a RL. I hope the Goa girl is a setup by Anika or Gauri otherwise its a disgusting behaviour displayed by ShiOm.
    Dont understand what goes in cvs head, the episodes n track are going so well , why are they spoiling it with the new villains in OM.
    Theres so much progress needed to move show forward…just want to point out that Shivika havent even spent a night togetber in the same room or bed since their marriage….sorry dont think its realistic or positive message for new couples. Now cvs are doing same with Rikara…just teases with no promise.


    1. Dear Zara
      IB Yesterday Segment Upset Me Too Yaar.Agar Wo Girl AniRi Ki Plan Ho Tho Kya Mathlab Hoga.
      Your Comment Is Nice??????
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

  28. Nikita_jai29

    Hii ishqies… Episode is nice… Rudy part is awesome… Shivaay unconscious acting is amazing… Love ishqbaaz… Love pkj…

    1. Dear Niki
      Your Comment Is Very Nice??????
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

  29. Just my thought.. now that gauri is back, the makers should show rikara wedding track since they never got married with proper rituals.. Will be an interesting watch for rikara romance. What’s say guys?

    1. Dear Aashi
      I Also Want RiKara Proper Wedding.Let See What Is Planning For RiKara
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

  30. Nice to watch the episode!!!! Shivika’s fights, Rikara’s reconciliation and Rudra’s funny antics. Classic line….. if there is no illegal work to be done, I do go and sleep… That was so funny. I won’t say what Om did was wrong which is kidnapping. After all.he kidnapped his wife and not someone else’s wife. Perhaps the way they have done was not right.

    After all Gauri herself was all geared up to run from there. She only waited for Rocha to get married first.

    As for Anika, she just overreacted on what Shivaay did. I think what Anika wanted was for Shivaay to discuss with her before he does something. That is why she said he has ego that he does not want to even discuss or ask for advice. I think Anika wants to be involved in Shivaay’s decision. When he does not tell her and does it , she feels he does not trust her and does not accept her as one flesh both Shivaay and Anika.

    As for Bhavya, I have nothing to say but I guess she will be for Rudy. Really wished Sowmya returns.

    Oh yes I too didn’t like the promo for Goa. How can they make Shivaay and Om as womanizer? That was preposterous!!!! They are destroying both the bros image.

  31. Dear Friends
    Anika(SC) Gauri (SP) Main Kon Zyada Weight Hai.Jiss Tarah Shivay (NM) Omkara (KJ) Dhono Ko Udaake Chal Raha Na Usse I Think Gauri (SP) Zyada Weight Hai.Uski Dress Se Confuse Bhi Ho Rahi Hai Kithna Weight Hai.
    ShivIka Conv In Their Room?? Waah Shivay Khudko Btha Hai Ki Mera Yaadash Bahuth Tez Hai.Anika Sahi Kehthi Hai Tujhe Badam Kha Lena Chaahiye Anika Ki Tarah Thani Tho Tumse Zyada Uski Yaadash Tez Hai.

    1. Mistakely Post Comment Pe Click Kiya
      So Continue…
      Shivay Anika Se Chupke Rudy Se Phone Conversation Karne Ka Scene Is Funny??.MR SSO Know MRS ASSO Is Also A Detective Tadibaaz??
      OmRu Conv In Om Room Is Nice? Acha Lagtha Hai Jab ShiOm AniRi Ko ‘MERI BIWI’ Bulatha Hai Tho.Jinko Apni Biwiyon Ko Meri Biwi Bolne Main Michmichi Hotha Hai.Aur Wahi Log Ek Dhin Haq Se Pyaar Se Meri Biwi Bulatha Hai Tho Sunne Main Acha Lagtha Hai ???
      Gauri Ko Wardrobe Pe Rakhne Ka Scene Se Patha Chaltha Hai Blanket Ki Andhar Koi Nahi.Aur Jiss Tara Wo Wardrobe Pe Rakh Raha Tha Wo Scene Gauri Blanket Ki Andhar Hone Ka Feel Nahi Diya.
      MRS Detective Tadibaaz ASSO And MS Ex ACP B(Bhavya Ka Full Name Kya Hai) O Bros Ka Chori Pakad Liya.
      ShivIka Fight In Room Not Feel Bore And Upset . Their Fight Is Like Normal Married Couple.Don’t Know But I Like That Scene.But Serious ShivIka Fight Is Always Give Upset Feel.This Type Of Fight Is Okay
      AniOm Scene Is Nice? Anika Question Omkara That Scene Is Nice ?
      Gauri Hug Om? But Omkara Ne Back Hug Nahi Kiya? Gauri Share Her Escaping Story Is Really Nice? Shivay Om Ko Peeche Se Hit Kiya?
      Ab Maan Bhi Jaau MRS ASSO Kyu Apna Voice Ka Tie Tie Phis Kar Rahi Hai?Shivay Om Ko Dakha Dekha Anika Ki Paas Aake Apna Nhok Jok Session Start Kiya That Scene Is? ShivIka Ka Nhok Jok Karne Ka RiKara And RuVya Scene Mujhe Ishqbaaz Ki Audience Ka Feel Diya Jo TV Ki Saamne Sit Karke TV Pe IB Enjoy Kar Raha Hai.And Their Expression Is Cute And Funny??.IB Ka One Old Episode Main Rudy Anika Ko Bola Tha.”Aapki Aane Ki Baath Bhaiya Apna Ek Bhi Phone Nahi Thoda”Aaj Dekho Rudy Kaise Dhono Apna Phone Thorne Ka Competition Kar Rahi Hai?.Main Kabhi Sochthi Hu Jo Phone Ki Ye Log Murder Kar Rahi Hai Wo Original Hai Ya Duplicate.
      Main Tho Unka Phone Hawa Main Udtha Hua Dekh Kar Ye Soch Raha Tha Kiska Phone Zyada Hight Pe Udke Jaa Raha Hai.Jiss Style Pe ShivIka Ka Phone Hawa Pe Udke Jaa Raha Na Hope Wo Kisi Ki Sar Pe Na Gira Ho.
      Precap.AniRi Same Time Haaa Naaa Bola Tho Samajh Nahi Aa Raha Hai Khon Haa Bola Aur Khon Naa Bhola Hai
      Yesterday Segment Ki Baare Main Main Ye Bathaunga Chaahe Jobi Reason Ho O Bros Ka USS Lady Ka Saath Dancing But Main Wo Episode Nahi Dekhunga.Kuch Log Bol Raha Hai.AniRi Ka Plan Ho SAKTHA Hai ShiOm Ka Test Karaneki Ke Liye Agar Aisa Hai Tho Kya Hoga Test.AniRi Apni Husband’s Main Khon Zyada Flirt Kartha Hai Test Tho Nahi Dega Na.I Wish Jiss Tarah Anika Yesterday Episode Main Shivay Pe Gussa Kiya ISS Baath Ke Liye Bhi Gussa Kare Not Only Anika Infact Gauri Bhi.Agar ShiOm Truly AniRi Ko Pyaar Kartha Hai Tho.AniRi Ki Ignore Hoga Unka Galithi Ka Punishment.
      Phir That Lambu Abhay Ka Entry Hope Wo Tej And Shakthi Ki Peeche Pade Aur ShivIka And OmRi Se Door Rahe
      Take Care And Stay Safe ?

  32. shivomruanirilicious episode..i was literally coughing with my never ending laugh.. my mom got concerned that what happend to me all of a sudden.. shivaay is just cute… i mean adorable actually.. annika di aap apne jasoos mode mein bohat acchi lagthe hai.. om u r looking cute when annika di ne tujhe pakdliya gaurike saath.. rudy ur ransom dialogue was jus awwwsome.. last part was hillarious .. both shivika counting their flaws is just like typical huband wife thing.. precap is interesting,.. annikadi ‘ha’ gauri ‘na’..

  33. hi all ,
    look like Weight lifting competition is going on OM …
    obro’s are practising ….
    so enjoyable episode mainly shivay antics
    Loved Shivika moment
    The way Shivaay lifted Annika its so nice
    Shivaay’s dramabazz such a cutie expression
    rikara scene was short and cute
    rudy expressions when annika scolded om like i don’t know any thing…..

  34. lovely episode

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