Ishqbaaz 2nd November 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 2nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pinky says I was thinking if Shitia does Laxmi puja together then…Rumi comes and says if puja is done by true heart and devotion, only then Devi gets pleased, my blessings are with you all. Shakti asks Pinky what is this strange talking girl doing in our home, I m asking you something. He turns and sees Pinky lying in Rumi’s feet. He gets shocked.

Some time before, Om sits hitting on his hand and seems to take drugs. He falls over his bed. Shivaye and Rudra come to his room. They see Om and ask him to get up, open eyes. Rudra asks what happened to Om, why is he not getting up. Shivaye gets injection and says when did he start this. Rudra says there is a girl in my college, Riddhima, she does counselling, maybe she can help Om. Shivaye shouts Om, wake up. Om opens eyes and thought all

that. He throws the injection and thinks Riddhima, I need you.

Its morning, Rudra wakes up and gets shocked seeing Rumi. She asks how are you my Devta. He asks what are you doing here, how did you get in. She says doors are for ordinary humans, not for Devi Devta, we are partners of many births, I can come anywhere for you, take your phone, marriage is beautiful relation of this world, its good our marriage did not happen today, tomorrow is more auspicious day, its Dhanteras and our marriage will happen tomorrow. He says this can’t happen, as I have to be here, but I m going. She asks where. He says far and sees pic in phone. He says I m going Greece, dad has setup business for me and asked me to get serious in life, enough of enjoyment, and I m going for many years, maybe I won’t return, you can’t come there, ask why. She asks why. He says because there are already Greek Gods and Goddesses. She asks are you really going. He says yes.

Ranveer comes to Priyanka’s college. He asks did driver get late today again, come I will drop you. She asks why are you following me, I understand late but I understand, you tried to trap Shivaye first, then Om and now me, my brothers did not do anything, leave us alone please, stay away from my brothers and me too.

Shakti asks did you say pandit for puja. Jhanvi says mummy is managing. Pinky says I was thinking if Shitia does Laxmi puja together. Tej asks Shitia? She says Shivaye and Tia. He asks why not Om, Shiv and Ru like always. Pinky says if couple does Laxmi puja, then its more auspicious. Jhanvi says what does it matter, just puja matters, we all will be there. Rumi comes and says when puja is done by true heart and devotion, only then Devi is pleased. They see her. Tej asks why is she saying this. Jhanvi says she is Rudra’s classmate. Tej asks what is she doing here.

Rumi says I came here to bless Rudra, you maybe feeling bad as Rudra is going away, don’t worry, he will do good, and you will get courage and strength to be away from him, my blessings are with you all. Shakti asks Pinky what is this strange talking girl doing in our home, I m asking you something. He turns and sees Pinky lying in Rumi’s feet. He gets shocked.

Ranveer says you are misunderstanding me. Priyanka says now I understand you well. A brick comes in her way and she stumbles. Ranveer holds her. He says rich people don’t have habit to walk on road, come I will drop you. She says no thanks, my car has come. She leaves. He looks on.

Shakti asks Pinky to get up, what are you doing. Pinky says Devi has come home. She asks Rumi are you Devi. Rumi says yes, I m Devi. Pinky asks Shakti not to say anything to her, Devi came in my house, even in my village, Mata used to come on Tai ji like this, and Rumi has Mata permanent. She says nice to meet you Devi ji, will you feel bad, we have Laxmi puja at home, as its my son’s marriage, if you come, if Devi is present, puja will be auspicious. Rumi says if devotee is calling my true heart, Devi has to come, Rudra is special and you are his family, Ranbir was mad for me and I left him, Devi can be with Devta, and Rudra is my Devta. Tej says ask her if she will go on her own and shall I get her thrown out. Rumi says I will leave and blesses them. She leaves.

Tia asks Anika to see this dress, its too loose. Anika says Tia, you might have lost weight. Tia says if that was the case, all dresses would have been loose, see this one, its so tight that I can’t even breath, even zip is bad, just call the designer, no dress fitting is proper, marriage is in few days and not a one dress is final. She coughs. Anika gets water in two glasses. Tia asks why two glasses. Anika says for you. Tia asks will I water by two glasses. Anika says yes, I felt you drink like this, I have seen two juice glasses in video call and thought so, have it.

Tia drinks and says I don’t know, maybe someone came, anyways please call designer and tell the problems. Anika says fine, you also say about halter neck blouse to designer, I fought with him asking how can button open like this, he was scolding me, and saying button can’t open, surely someone opened button, I said what, how can anyone open, this can’t happen. Tia says Anika leave designer, tell me what do you mean to say. Anika says nothing, don’t know how can designer say this. Tia gets a call and goes. She says I told you not to call me when I m in Oberoi mansion, you know it can be risky, tell me why did you call, what, a gift for me, how sweet…..

Anika says where did Tia go, I would have called designer if she said time, I will go and ask. She collides with Tia’s purse and it falls. A gift box falls out. Anika says whats this. Tia asks what, in my bag, are you mad. Anika checks a pendant T&D. Tia says I will talk later. Anika says what is this T&D, T for Tia, and Billu ji is not by D, who is this D, I will find this secret. Tia comes back. Anika keeps the box back in her purse and sits.

Rudra talks to Chubby and asks him to call DJ friend, we will do party, I m back, not aarti, party, that psycho has gone out of my life, we will meet. He passes by Soumya and stops. Soumya talks over phone and says yes I m waiting for rickshaw. Rudra sees her and smiles. He thinks Somu is so beautiful, am I mad to admire her. Dil chahat………….plays………

Soumya sees him talking to himself and says Rudra, is everything alright. He says yes, what are you doing here. She says I was going to meet Reyaan. He says loser and thinks maybe that angle made her look pretty, now she looks normal, fat and short, don’t know what happens to me. She asks can you drop me till auto stand. He says yes. She tells her research on rickshaw walas. He thinks she is so irritating, I get that pretty attacks just like that, who will call her pretty.

Om records voice message for Riddhima and says you did breakup with me by sending a video message, did you like my closeness so bad that you gave pain from so far, you asked me what value you have in my life, what shall I answer, I m incomplete, Riddhima I miss you, please come back. He sends the message. Shivaye comes and holds Om.

He asks what’s going on. Om says nothing, I m okay. Shivaye says you get caught, don’t lie, I m seeing same problem on your face which I have seen two years ago when you shut out me from your life completely, I did not know what is going on in your life and really lost you, we decided whatever good and bad happens in our life, we will not hide it, why are you hiding your problem from me, you can’t lie, your eyes are very true. Om smiles and says there is nothing such, I m just working late and did not get good sleep, I m just tired, so your inner poet finds my eyes sad, that’s all, anyways I have to complete a statue, its deadline.

Shivaye calls him out. Om wears glasses to hide his eyes. Shivaye says there is no deadline to share things with brother, whenever you want, you can talk to me, I will be waiting. Om says I know……. Shivaye leaves.

Tia says I m sorry Anika, I had to take that call. Anika says its okay. Tia checks the gift and smiles. Anika says its a wide smile on your face. Tia says no, I m not smiling. Anika asks is that gift. Tia says its nothing. Anika says gift’s glow is seen on face, tell me what is it, romantic gift. Tia says I m sorry but this is personal. Anika says sorry. Tia asks what did you say about that designer. Anika thinks what’s D of this T&D.

Rudra and Soumya are on the way. They get shocked seeing Rumi in bridal dress coming infront of his car. Rumi gets to his window and stares at him.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Fama


    |Registered Member

    Oh no! Today no shivika moment and tha psycho Rumi. I am wondering when her will end once and for all.
    Today’s best scene was of priyanka and Acp I just like their pair

    • Mukta


      |Registered Member

      Yup yaar…. no Shivika scene😢😢 and u said it right….. Priveer looks nice…. I like Priyanka’s boldness today!!!!

  2. Diyaa


    |Registered Member

    The episode was a Hodge podge of so many things. One new info in Tia case.A Anika will probably investigate again. Hope this time it is conclusive and won’t drag again. What is Romi drama yaar…it was too much but the Greek Gods part was funny. Leenesh is such a good actor. I also love the retro background music of SomRu.
    Finally Shivaay went to check on Om. I loved it that Om threw away the drugs thinking of his brothers. Their live melts my heart every single time. The mist unexpected thing for me is the Ranveer-Prinku chemistry. It is really natural and strong. Isn’t it noteworthy that Prinku has found her voice and can speak boldly when talking to Ranveer.

  3. Razna

    Hi every one. I like to join your inquires family.can I join??????. I am rizwana.just call me Razna. I am from Kerala. I am big big big big big fan of ishqbaaz….I just read all episodes till this time. But from now I decided to start commenting………so can I join frndsssss

  4. |Registered Member

    Today’s episode was OK OK I didn’t feel any magic today
    # no bromance
    # no SHIVIKA ishkara toh door ki Baat hai…
    2 scenes were cool…
    Priveer when prinku answers ranveer that was just cool subha di ur nailed it
    And the other made me ROFL 😂😂😂
    Pinky in romi sharan yack ….
    Tejanvi reply on romi entry & shitia marriage😂😂😂😂

  5. Veda


    |Registered Member

    Nthng bt a filler episode…bt finly gt to c a teaser of Bromance…I’m happy dat Shivay hs proved me wrng,he jst cant b indifrnt to his bros…😊😊

    So..RIDDHIMA isn’t out of frame tl nw…good…I nvr want RIDHKARA brk up in dis way…only difrnt views towrds dr relatnshp cant b da reasn of dr brk up..RIDHIMA doesn’t love OM,she is wid him only fr his OBEROI tag nd OM hv to realize dat at fst…

    OM is dfntly going through a turmoil bt nt sharing nythng wid SHIVAY @ dis momnt is a rationl decisn…

    Good to c PRINKU defending ACP wid cnfidnce…she is da only one who cn stnd by OM’s side rt nw…

    ROMI…she is jst …jst….IMPOSBL…!!!!..😬😬

    OBEROIs gonna celebrt DHANTERAS ..seems like SHITIA wedding vl take time…so a lt to b happnd widin dis…

    Today is RUMYA’s day again…cuteness overloaded…😘😘😘😘

    Nd OM nd RIDHIMA hv bn in dis relatnshp snce 3 yrs na..??? da accidnt was hapnd b4 2 yrs…nd frm today’s Epi I’m feelng like OM mt RIDHIMA durng his counselng session.. cn nyone clr mah doubt..???..😊

    KUNAAAAAAL….😘😘 his each nd evry exprsn is jst brilliant,flawless…

    @Shama…u asked me na if I’m a tamil..?? dr I’m a bengalee..☺

    • |Registered Member

      Sochi bishon balu… Bengali such a cute culture like rasugula….
      And I am again agreeing with u as usual….

      • Veda


        |Registered Member

        Yup dr…our culture is soooo “misti” (sweet)bt evry cultr hs its own taste…nd unfortuntly I didnt gt much chnce to b familiar wid othr cultrs as well…r u a tamil..??

    • aahana

      YeAh I too want ridkara breakup to b ridimas fault kz dn only om will let any other girl enter in his life.
      N shivaye is always dhr fe his bros n I think cvs tried to show d diff which these 3 bros handle thr probs individually n at d end dy r obros n will hv thr moment anyways…being with bros is thr strength n weakness as well so dis is d reason y dy arnt sharing dr probs so dt dy dont burdain each other n like shivaye understod om…shivru eill notice rudy now dont worry bromance will b there n v jst want r patience to b back.
      Abt ridkara being together.. I think du r counting dis year as d 3d dts y dy r calling 3 kz rudy dmsaid dt dy met wn he was alrdy takin drugs……

      • |Registered Member

        Don’t worry in today’s epi will have bromance obros will dance freely on chikni chameli …

      • Veda


        |Registered Member

        Yeah Ahana…I also thnk its nt da rt time to tl dis matr to SHIVAY..coz his wedding is nearby…nd OM knws dat if SHIVAY gts to knw dis he vl again postpone hs wedding to deal wid ACP nd to save his sis nd bro… nd da CHIKNI CHAMELI momnt gonna b hapnd I’m sooooooooo xcitd..😊😊😊

    • shahabana

      S veda i told yesterday shivaye will never leave his brothers he will be there always for his brothers situation is whatever and for shivaye his family is more than everything.
      And s i too happy that riddhima is not out of the frame itoo want their breakup will happen in a right way then only om will fall for a girl truely



    |Registered Member

    Anika ke andar ka jaasus jaag gya hai; tia be careful…
    Rudra was looking so innocent while looking at soumya…
    Another maddness drama by pinki…
    Om should face problem instead of running from them…
    And team plz focus properly on one story, otherwise koi sach bahar nhi aayega

  7. |Registered Member

    Heyy guyz.. i told u i vil post my ff after nov 15.. bt a surprise for me also.. i hav already posted it..THE INTRO.. please check it out guys n tell ur views😂😊😍

  8. Archiya

    Seriously now IB is becomin a bore, this was the only serial I watched, bt even this is becomin a waste of time.
    Nothing is movin fwd
    Rumi crap is still gng on.. no shivomru bromance..shivika love story is nt movin fwd, anika keeps getting small hints bt no much development thr also
    If the same continues trp are gonna fall.. its effect is already seen here wit the lesser no of comments day by day

  9. Sanaya_malik


    |Registered Member

    I m seriously getting irritated by IB story….I mean again riddima??the show should be name suspense show….becoz it’s full of it??
    They are not revealing one suspense and comes with another suspense??its getting boring day by day….??
    Now show is all about tia and romi. ..??
    Too much ho gya ab toh??
    Please close the chapter of romi and tia??
    I hate both of them

    • Renimarenju


      |Registered Member

      Yeah sanaya….romi is really mad and i can’t tolerate her on screen….tia’s secret…from the very first day when that intruder entered 2 oberoi mansion we are eagerly waiting 4 the moment when tia get exposed…..and romi’s role didn’t make any sense apart from fun…
      ridhima…all of a sudden…she started dominating omkara without bothering his priorities….
      and one day just through the video msg …she put the statement to leave from om’s life…
      then what is the base of their 3 years relationship ???
      Tia’s game and romi’s devi ….both are irritating a lot…..

      • |Registered Member

        Agreed to u renima di …
        By the way , anyone of u no who is o lead who is joining IB ??
        Any news on social media or Instagram…

  10. aahana

    I feel really bad for om n somewhat bad for ridima too as dy wr really good frnds….:(
    I saw sm ppl sauing dt rudy is soo weak or y fid he mad such body when hes afraid of a psycho?I want to tell u gus dt rudra has always been in a safe n protected.being d youngest among d 3 shivom hv always treated him as thr kid n didnt left him to face or solve his prob which he hardly used to face. Secondly,he always measuerd ppl on thr face value so to him hot/preety girls wr always good(though he dated dumb girls max.times) n whn he came across romi who was hot n thot dt she would b d dumb 1as well n whn se came out to b a psycho fn he was shocked to c fis side f a girl whom he thot to b coy n she physical mental emotional n somewhat s*xual humiliated rudra so he was hell scared n dn he found peace in soumya whom he thot to b fat n not good at it’s a total change in mindset n situaltion for rudra n he s got a type of cultural shock which will take sm tym to heal frm inside.

    @dasha…I told u gys na dt roumya mrg n rumi track will b solved b4diwali n tom is dhanteras as rumi said n dn fri/sat will b thr marrg n end of rumi. N may b a really suspense dripling precap for monday as dy always do this.

    Sorry gys for such a long all n keep watching ib awesome twists n story ahead after roumya track

  11. Sanaurifa

    Hello ishqies
    Aap subne Ek Baath notice ki Kya
    Tej Om Ko Shivaay ki jagah dekhna chahta hai
    Pinky shitia se Pooja karana chahti hai
    Again family politics
    Like epi 1&2

  12. Alish

    Exctly dear…I agree..hey everyone its me alish! Dieheart fan of ishqbaaz.but these days ishqbaaz seems so boring…and above all the most crap is tht ridhima I dnt hate her but just her chracter.She has no match with Om..just missing my ishkara..plz plz bring ishana bck even I dnt want Randhawa sister to be paired with om…I just hope tht Om would be severe drug addict and his bros would consult a counceller where Om met Ishana and thier story proceeds…Dnt know but I m seriously not willing to see anyone except ishana..

    • Veda


      |Registered Member

      I am too a die hrd ISHKARA fan dr bt v hav to accept da truth dat ISHANA track is ovr…nd OM CNT b lft alone..he needs a new grl….

  13. Nithu


    |Registered Member

    Guys…if D is for dev (as few ishqies told)
    .then tia n dev are on mission for destroying oberios … their plan was like tia will marry shivaye and prinku woth dev…and spoil their lives…making them peaceless
    …its my thought guyz…my imagonation

    • Razna

      U r righ di …..I also have such doubts….and I think that writers were lagging and confusing us… many twists and turns….and I missing both shivika and Ishikara scence……and I can’t understand why they were showing Rudy as a week character…..I didn’t like this…….
      These are just my thoughts. ……..just take it sooo

  14. shekhar

    Earlier, TIA behaved like a call girl on vdo call infront of her MIL and JHANVI , and then now when she knew ANIKA has many more reasons for doubting over her, which can collapse her mrj plan , and when she has a option to avoid call coming from her BF, then why she attended the call of BF, and that is in presense of ANIKA?
    Her behaviour is not according to situation she put in. It seems, either director underestimated the viewers or TIA is upto something else other than what is being discussed.
    ANIKA very well trapped TIA, but still without any solid proof .
    After long time, PRIYANKA found speech and scolded ACP. ACP RANDHAVA is investigating both the cases, and he has no lead! What type of this ACP RANDHAVA is , who deliver dialouges without any back ground , any timing sense, and missuse his power! He is still in confused state, who is a WEAK LINK in a CHAIN, PRINKU yaa OM?!!! When OM confronted him, it seems OM is threating a constable, not ACP! He just stood there keeping mum! He should visit some real ACP, and should learn to act like a ACP! He is lacking of all stuff and guts that an ACP should have. Only back ground music and trick photography can not make you ACP!
    Some how feelings of viewers might have been reached to GULKHAN MAM,and accordingly we got SHIVOMRU moments.
    Today PINKY herself proved why SHAKTI avoid to go with her in any business party! Too much fun make us laugh at makers. To be uneducated is not a shame, but exposure of it in such a way is shame! What makes PINKY to lie down at ROMI feet is a big question, and that is infront of her senior most TEJ and JHANVI! GULKHAN MAM is losing the grip from over the story, and also the viewers!

    • shahabana

      S what is the need to pinky lie down to rumi its really shit to watch .bcz of peaple like pinky threre are devi like rumi are living in our society in reality also

      • SHEKHAR

        So why, if some DEVI/DEV meet in some party, SHAKTI avoid to pick her with him to avoid such a shame!
        ha ha ha ……..
        Atleast, the family from which she belong, she should learn how to behave in such situation! There are many ways to show your dedication to anybody, not only to lie over all your 8. Its not a fault of PINKY, but of director who while adding fun factor forget its measure! She did not even think, she is a collegemate of RUDRA, dressed in ultramodern wears, how she can be DEVI ?, and that is in even absense of RUDRA?!

    • Veda


      |Registered Member

      I dnt thnk Tia hs any othr shade which is beynd our predictions.. its da CVS who r makng othr to act dumb to show Anika as a genius…ANIKA itself is a vry efficient charectr…dey poured soo much power,uniqueness,generosity, liveliness, nd intelligence in ANIKA’s charectr bt faild to realise dat no need to put nyone down to proove Anika…

      • Shekhar

        If TIA has no other shade, then I would like to say, either DIRECTER is dumb and wishing to windup TIA track in a illogical way. It is shocking to see TIA wisely successed to hide her secret upto 100+ epis and now it seems , all of sudden she took some medicinal drugs and lost control from over his mind and started to behave like dumb! No other explanation is dietable. Serial story line shall be maintained through out, let it to be shorten to maintain it. For a good serial, framing of each charector shall not be deformed, otherwise there will be left a little bit difference between Dustbin serial and IB. Upto today, I m just at the lost to understand where and when this RUMI track is keeping pace with main story line which put status of a OBEROY FAMILY high at wall only to laugh at.

  15. mary

    I don’t like this om nd ridz pair…they both are fab actors…no doubt but I don’t like these om n ridz story…omkara story shd be more of intense feelings…the chemistry is not at all working out…then it seems..that gal was acp’s sis .nd maybe om isn’t responsible for accident.cuz they showed light falling on om’s face…obviously from a car opp to them…nd the accident was by that other its just misunderstanding. Nd they can of make the track as…the gal wud v alive..vd a diff identity for sum reason n she shd b paird opp. Om..
    And yes kunal is just awesome…he is such a good human being.

  16. mary

    I wish somehow they bring back ishana..maybe as randhawas sister…nd..then..she wont be real daughter of dat man as shown earlier.then saumya nd Anika history is also pending

  17. Richu


    |Registered Member

    Hiiiii gud mrng everyone…..
    Mukta abiha sat Luna shaza haya disha saku samyukta yazhu nithu shama aahana sahaana shivu muktii dhruv Bhai dhruvvv Manik mayank sunehri piyuuuu Nikki roz rosu diya Veda zuha mishri shekhar kiki edsanjida nivedita renima diii liya shraddha and the list goes on…….
    First time I have written everyone’s names….
    Plzzzz forgive me if I missed some…….

    May u all have a happy day…

  18. Krits


    |Registered Member

    Guyss yesterday i asked an question and got an amazing feedback of it so thnk u so much and i m glad that so many ppl watched manmarziyan and even i was w1 of the biggest fans i was just mad for it nw ishqbaaz too

  19. SenuThilini

    I enjoyed today epi as after a long time they showed some bromance moments. Hope they will make this track more interesting. Bcz after reading all these comments i understood most of u guys feeling lil bored with current story track as it is dragging too much. And rumi and tia characters also too irritating. I want to see shivika together help om to get out of this problem.

  20. Navi

    Stars of this episode were priyanka and ranveer. .loved the way she said mujhe baat der se samajh aati hai par samajh aati. .They have a natural chemistry. The cutest part was rudra admiring somu. ..

  21. rohan

    Om track is so boring… it looks so deliberate… just to give importance to him they are doing this … ishana plz come back

  22. Padmaja


    |Registered Member

    Hi guys… I am here to share u one thing… as u all know siya ke ram is going off air on nov 4 we r creating a name list of the fan of siya ke ram.. so guys if u watch skr and a fan of it and want to add ur name pls do reply me.. I will add ur name in that list…. and If u can pls cmnt in the last update page of skr… thanks for reading… sry if I have wasted ur time….

  23. Yazhu


    |Registered Member

    Psycho Rumi and Mysterious Tia…errr…they’re so irritating…feeling sad for Om…he’s suffering a lot…Priveer and Rumya moments are ok ok…but no Shivika moments today…:-( it’s a nice episode though…wanna see what are the upcoming twists n turns awaiting for us….

  24. chetna

    Plzzz guys agar om ke liye koi girl nhi h then okk but please ridhima ko beech me mt Lao. I hate her I am so frustrated with all this
    But overall the episode is okk and priveer scene is nice

    After much time I am commenting

  25. |Registered Member

    Where are u friends gang….???
    Sat,abhiha,mukta,roz di,nandhini ,priyanka_22,nida,samm,nithu,snow white and so on …..

    Good Morning to all….
    Just praying three things…
    1… Aalut jalaltu aai tia aur romi ko taal tu…
    2.. Riddhima Mr India hui I mean invisible hope o ki new lead ko dekhaya jaaye na remember 4 tempting ishkara fans CVS used to show them … I want new lead to stay with o… And she should not turn invisible like this 2..
    3.. Hope CVS is willing to focus on om and Rumya… And Anshi confession god don’t make it another 20 episodes wait plz….

  26. Rosu 25

    Oh no….pinky… too😡😡😡whats wrong with pinky????….this
    Rumi track is really annoying…..they should have shown some other story line instead of this Devi devta crap…….plz end it soon…..otherwise it will ruin rudra character too…..and stop make him so weak & dump…..he is one of the main lead na…….

    coming to epi….Loved rumya part……..
    our Rudy is in love😍😍……the way he staring at soumya was just👌👌…… & their dress…..both of them look very cute in white dress…..😘

    There was no shivika scene..😔😔so sad….

    Priveer part was also good……today prinku showed some boldness…..👍👍…

    Thank God…. It was just Om’s dream…..why don’t he sharing his pblm with shivay……he should have told the truth on the the very same day…….it was an accident….ri8….how can a person like om who always support truth than family hide the truth for two years……

    Hate u Tia….cheater…😴

    Precap….. again rumi…😱😡
    But this time soumya was with him😇….so she will save him☺…..

  27. |Registered Member

    Hello everyone…commenting after a long time…I don’t know whether you guys remember me…coming to the episode it is relieved to see that om threw away drugs remembering brothers…again riddhima…but I don’t like her character…hope they get a new lead for Om but missing ishkara….

  28. Renimarenju


    |Registered Member

    hELLO ISHQIES…gud mrng to all…..

    Commenting on ishqbaaz episode after so many days……

    *And about the episode…..i loved omkara’s part and prinku’s boldnsess so much…..And after a long time finally we got an emotional shivkaara moment for watching which was really emotional…..I loved shivaay when he said “apne bhai se baat karne mein koi dead line nahi hai” and “om, tum jhoot mat bola kar ….jaldi pakda jaata hai”….and the way om tried to hide the problem by standing and wearing glasses was so natural….that moment was really a worth watch….. and omkara…always stood for truth….who is not ready to compromise any thing before truth….i wonder how he can hide his problem from shivaay….as once he himself said 2 sso “shivaay tu akela nahi hai…mein tere saath hun” …..and always bros shared a wonderful bond and we have seen sso hiding things and emotions …..but not om…..

    * The way when om was talking @ phone…actually made me cry as it was very emotional…..”i miss you ridhima…please laut aao “… was so touching…..And omkara….i can’t see his pain… i don’t know what cv’s have planned for his character…ishu is not in the lead….ridhima’s break up and then who ??

    * Rudy was so cute and i loved his expressions when he stared sowmya….Also am worried for rudy…as this romi devi will not leave him

    * Pinky was damn funny…oh my maata!! i laughed a lot when she fall on romi’s feet and she blindly believed in romi’s words….pinky’s expressions was so cute and instead of saying oh my maata she said “auspicious”….was quite unexpected….but i enjoyed a lot…….

    *Actually this romi as devi is irritating me a lot…..i don’t understand why rudy follows that psycho girl….oh rudra…. just be bold and now sowmya is with him and am sure she will save our rudy…..

    * Tia- D- secret….what’s that guys ? And tia know that anika has doubt on her …then why she pick the call and the way anika enquired about gift itself proved it that anika is aware of tia’s secret….then tia’s statement about gift ” its personal” didn’t makes any use for her….and ishqies…why tia is not mentioning about reikis…..i think her reikis has lost the power ??

    * And ishqies… are you all ? mukta, rose, rosu, roz, aliya, saku, nithu, aahana, abiha, yazhu, krits, jarra, aqua,nadiya,disha,priya,shivani,luna,enasanjida,pragya,pradishma,mishri, devga, piyali, richu, aiswarya, nikki, kikki, sahabana, haya, ooshi, dil, sat, kat, jazz, nelka, navi, dhruvv, maanik, pawan, harshan, bshama, sekhar, shaza, haya, aarya, mary, meena, nazneen,
    neha, monique, admin, tharu, himagiri, srini, sreeranjini, diya, liya, lijitha, tridha, trisha, chetna, MP, maahiswit, shakaib, shivika, ishika, ridhima, naagin forever, zuha……and other ishqies….. hope all are fine…… Have a good day guys…..

  29. Tridha


    |Registered Member

    Guys I have got a new spoiler- acp will send a toy to om and say that this toy belongs to a son whose mom was killed by u. Om will felt guilt. He will start drinking alcohol and taking drugs. His condition will get worse. Somehow ridhima will get to know about om . She will come back and get him out of the situation. Everyone will think that om started taking drugs for ridhkara break up.
    The way om was requesting her to come back I think this spoiler can b true. But I hope it is false

    • Veda


      |Registered Member

      A BIG NOOOOOOOOOOO FROM ME…nt agaiiiiin RIDHIMA in a posatv avtaar..!!!!.😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢..cant take dis nymore..bring hr bck…do RIDHKARA brk up nd finish dis…

  30. Mukta


    |Registered Member

    Today’s episode was ok ok….. No Shivika scene….. god knows when will they show Shivika confession….. waiting eagerly for it….. abhi toh Diwali bhi nhi aayi…. then after Diwali….. 2 weeks drama….. god kab shaadi ka din aayega coz I think they’ll only confess on marriage day…. I think Tia’s truth will come out on marriage day itself…. can’t wait till that…… and Om’s condition….. I felt like crying when I see him….. I mean how much tensed he is…. and thank god that was just a dream…. I got tensed for a while…… PRIVEER scene was good today….. loved Prinku’s attitude today…… wese that was natural…. after all she is SSO’s sister…… RUMYA track was nice….. and that BG song….. quite lovely…. Romi…. uff…. she is so irritating…… don’t know how’ll Rudra come out of her trap…. don’t know how’ll Saumya save him….. Pinky….. she was so hilarious today….. Romi ke charano mein hi gir gayi jaake…. damn funny scene….. specially when she said that Shakti ji aaj mujhe mat rokiye…. that time her expressions….. O my mataa…. worth watching…… and now coming to our Expression Queen, our beauty queen….. Anika…. she was looking super gorgeous today….. her hairs were looking so smooth and silky…… now again she is on the mission to save Oberois…. no no no….. Save Billuji….. bechari ko double duty karni padti hai….. wo bhi without salary….. but I’m sad yar…… no Shivika moments today….. and even precap was of that psycho Romi….. but thank god Saumya is there with Rudra this time….. she’ll save him….. hope to get some Shivika scenes tomorrow……..

    • shahabana

      Yes mukta its really irritating to watch this stupid rumi they where really simply vasting the screen space showing that psycho rumi

  31. Renimarenju


    |Registered Member









  32. Veda


    |Registered Member

    I dnt thnk Tia hs any othr shade which is beynd our predictions.. its da CVS who r makng othr to act dumb to show Anika as a genius…ANIKA itself is a vry efficient charectr…dey poured soo much power,uniqueness,generosity, liveliness, nd intelligence in ANIKA’s charectr bt faild to realise dat no need to put nyone down to proove Anika…


      Its happen usually in serial and movie, and we have to bear with it otherwise why recently apponted employee ANIKA could have got so much attention in OM putting aside all others including TEJ and SHAKTI? In real life TIA, PRIYANKA, SOUMYA may have more talent than charector ANIKA aka SC.Nut each charector shall have to behave as directed. But problem arised when a particular charector get deformed and start to behave as it was never performed. You can not play with the defined frame of charector without reason. We see the charecterstics of a particular charector getting changed , but that is with reasons, and not that he is clever today, and get dumb tomorrow all of sudden in a flash.

      • Veda


        |Registered Member

        if u notice da hs changed a lt frm dat initial stage.. den ANIKA didnt hv da “OBEROI BACHAO ” agenda….so TIA didnt also need to b dumb to prove ANIKA as MS. BYOMKESH BAKSHI…nd nw wen its Anika’s trn to b da Great Wall,CVS smply donno how to do it in a rationl nd intellectual way….so dey hd takn da safe nd easy path…lets mk da villain to act dumb nd stupid,especly wen dey r around Anika,lets creat coincidnts aftr coincidnts ,lets do some magic(as xampl da magicl door ,da flying spa form etc) eventually to expose da villain…

  33. shifa shahnaz

    guyzz……please yaaar…..i amsearching desperately 2 figure out who is om’s new lead… anybody hv any idea???? pleaaaaaaaaase guyzzzz…….pleaaaaase…….dnt ignore……:-(

  34. Mini

    Hey guys NEW SPOILER
    New guy in anika life its time to feel shivay jelous he is childhood friend of shivay and shivay send anika to receive him and that guy fall for anika at first sight and I think shivay will realise his love for her but I can’t
    Wait I want to see shivay jelous 😍😍😍😍😍

  35. Kiki


    |Registered Member

    Very big Hi to my dear ishqies….No Shivika scene today… 🙁 🙁 I’m really touched when Shivaay was speaking with Om. I liked the way Om wearing the glasses. It was natural. And happy that he didn’t consume drugs . Anika is on mission. I hope she’ll reveal Tia’s intention soon. Loved Rumya part. Rudra was looking dashing in white shirt. I really enjoy Rumya’s bgm. I always shake my shoulders when I’m listening to this bgm…

  36. Abiha

    Heyy all of u…how r u…?
    Sorry my di’s n ynger sissy n frnds ….i can’t reply to everyone bcz due to my eyes….
    @mukta , richu d, shahabana d, how r u…?

    @shama d sorry ….even m not reading ff’s due to my eye infection can’t use mobile for long bcz i also hav to study n stress my eyes…..hoping that within week i’ll b fit ….then i’ll read all the privious….n latest n comment….how r u d…?hope u never mind…

    @renima d … r u…?how’s ur leg….?
    Glad that u took leave n now just take rest d n don’t stress urself….

    @where is priya ,piyu,shaza,dhruvv bhai,dhruvvv bhai,haya d,nikki d,mukti d,mishri n soooo on…..?

    @tharu d how r u…?i missed u soo much …

    @Razna d n all new members a great welcome from my side ….will u all b my frnds….
    @sahana… r u…?

  37. Abiha

    @rosu d….saku n tridha ….how r u…???
    @sahanaa….sorry i missed one a from ur name….
    @disha is also missing….where is she..??
    @Aahana …so ur also in bsc medical….how r u…??n zoology easy or botany…??organic easy or inorganic or physical..??

  38. Sanaurifa

    Hai ishqies
    Congrats yaar most of us want a hot guy opposite Anika to makes jealous Shivaay
    here comes the new entry Karan Khanna who was playing the role of childhood friend of Shivaay
    He falls for Anika love at first sight

  39. Sanaurifa

    Congrats yaar most of us want a hot guy opposite Anika to makes jealous Shivaay
    here comes the new entry Karan Khanna who was playing the role of childhood friend of Shivaay
    He falls for Anika love at first sight

  40. |Registered Member

    Ufff Romi again,,,,she is irritating,,,,nw she reached Oberoi mansion too,,,,,Rudra started falling for Soumya,,,their part was cute as always,,,,
    Anika shud stop asking Tia directly as she z never gonna admit anything…
    Prinku got her senses back,,,Pri-veer part was really good

    • |Registered Member

      N poor Om……..felt bad for him….I wish if I was his GF….I will come running to him after such a msg 😍💖

  41. Tridha


    |Registered Member

    Hey guys I have got another spoilr- there will b another new entry in ib. His name is karan khanna ( who played the role of radhika’s fiance in manmarziyaan). He will play the role of shivay’s childhood frnd druvv. As per the spoiler dhruv will come to meet shivay. And shivay will send anika to receive him from the airport. And dhuv will fall in love with anika in their frst meeting.
    If this news is true then that means jealousy track. Do u want to c shivay jealous for anika?????

  42. Saku

    Hello everyone!!..hw r u all??…

    U guys will think that I m just giving reply to all n not commenting about episode actually I had not watched episode yet just read updates n my hotstar app is also not today I will not comment anything about episode..😀

  43. Tridha


    |Registered Member

    Guys the spoiler I gave about om is almost true. Today acp will call om and say apne ek bachhe se maa chini hai aur badi safai se aapna jurm chupaya hai and so many things. Then he will send a mms to om on which a kid was crying. Om was feeling so bad he was crying.
    Does it mean the spoiler is true?? Does it mean ridhkara??

    • Veda


      |Registered Member

      It cant b RIDHKAARA..coz in an intrvw KUNAL clrly talkd abt a new grl’s entry..and if its RIDHKARA finly..I’l quit IB….


    KUNAL has poured all his ability to perform his charector OM, I M seeing , since last episodes , Almost he is carrying through on his SHOULDERS . Leaving drug dose behind, when in distressed he get collapsed in lap of sister PRIYANKA, and then slipped down to her feet , tearly saying” What should I do?” , is the scene of WHOLE IB till today. What a man , human by nature, walking alongwith TRUTH, sobber by attitude may feel when he hurt some one, and just can’t speakout the truth is explicitly expressed by KUNAL. PAIN on his face can not be defined by any one, whether it is for HIDING THE TRUTH, or for SEPARATION from RIDHDHIMA, or for his shattered ideology. Even With pain in heart, stress in mind he did not forget the TIA mission and his younger bro RUDRA and stopped SSO from bursting out. Charector OM get focus of viewers on his own, not like SHIVAAY get focus due to charector ANIKA. Om has its own AURA , and do not required support to get FOCUS. To see, and feel the OM crushing between TRUTH and his LOVE to his sister is the moment to enjoy!

    • Veda


      |Registered Member

      Donno snce how long I hv bn tryng to say these bt I didnt hv such a strong language to portray mah feelng….U jst uttered mah xact thought abt OM as well as KUNAL….He is one of da bestest actrs of small scrn…nd acrdng to me Nakul too…

  45. Jaclyn

    episode was good
    i dont know how many times more shud i hv to tell that plzz update it upto 10:45 why cant u understand…plzz plzzz plzzz am requesting…jaldi se written update daala karo…

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.