Ishqbaaz 2nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye and Anika meet

Ishqbaaz 2nd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika comes at the venue and asks for Ramona. Shivaye comes there. She says its my first day at work, will I go this way. She cleans her face while seeing her reflection in the car window glass. Ishq me adhura sa…. plays….. A lady comes to call her. She turns. Shivaye turns towards her. He gets down the car. Anika drops her file and sits to pick. Shivaye turns again and doesn’t see her.

Shivaye talks to Om on call and says live show is in evening, media interaction is before that. Media covers the event and tells about Shivaye’s team, super smashers. Reporter says everyone knows Shivaye’s love for cricket. They say about Viraj Solanki, the super cricketer. They ask Shivaye about buying Viraj for 20 crores. They ask Viraj about Shivaye’s highest bid for him. Viraj says my price is

too high than this. Shivaye says I have expectations from entire team, responsibility is more on Viraj, as he is the captain. Viraj says my responsibility is towards my team, not team owner, people come to watch match because of me, not for Shivaye. Shivaye says people come to watch match for the game, super smashers is my team, he is playing for me. Viraj and Shivaye come face to face. Viraj says Viraj is much bigger than super smashers. Shivaye says team is always above the player, player should always remember this. Viraj smiles and says if team is above the player, you would have bought all players at the same price. Shivaye takes his bat and says you are showing off as I bought you for 20 crores, I raised the bid amount because of my adamancy, else you have no value, the one I buy, his value gets high, play fair, play safe. Everyone laughs. Reporter says Viraj is known for his bad behavior, Shivaye has also shown him what’s a real team owner. Shivaye walks away. He leaves. Viraj gets angry.

Reporter says there can be just one star in one team, sorry to say, your owner is the star. Viraj says I will show who is the real star. Ramona scolds a girl and says you are fired, you can’t walk with Viraj on the ramp. She scolds another girl. Anika looks on and comes to her. She says I have come for the fashion show. Ramona asks are you a model, did you see your face. Anika says I didn’t say I m a model, company has sent me for work. Ramona says you are fired. Anika asks how, what did I say. Ramona says I just don’t like you, just go. Anika says I have come from Pune for this event. Ramona scolds her. Anika asks what did I tell you. Ramona asks will you teach me manners now, who are you. Anika says everyone has a right to get respect.

A girl says its time to send a glass of juice for Viraj. Ramona says you are my assistant, ask her to take juice glass. Anika asks is this my work. Ramona says I will decide who will do what, do you want to work here or not. Anika recalls Sahil and says yes. Ramona asks her to go to Viraj, take along the juice glass. Anika asks about Viraj’s room and goes. Viraj hits the punching bag and gets angry thinking about Shivaye’s words.

Anika comes there and sees him. She calls him out. She gets sared and drops the glass. He shouts who are you, why did you come here. She says I came here to give the juice drink. He says get lost, wait, I think I have seen you. She says I don’t think so, I don’t know you. He asks are you kidding me, I m the biggest cricketer. She says I don’t watch cricket, I don’t know any cricketer. She says my name is Anika. Ramona says whatever, I didn’t send you here for time pass, go and do your work, middle class girls see celebrity and stick. Anika says its nothing like that. Ramona asks her to go. Anika goes. Ramona says sorry Viraj. He asks her name. She says Anika. He says Anika…. He checks. She says she is a disaster. He says disaster will happen now. He thinks I will show my value and Shivaye’s status to him. Anika helps a girl and asks what shall I do. The girl asks her to check the snowfall machine button. Anika goes. Viraj says good job and smiles. He thinks of spoiling the machine. Anika comes to check the machine. She says I told Kajal, but what’s this snow machine.

She checks and presses the button. Snow showers and spreads a lot. Shivaye is on call. He comes there. He turns to see Anika. Anika closes eyes and moves the snow. They hans touch as they walk past. She thinks why do I feel Shivaye is here. He thinks why do I feel like Anika is around. Ishq tera le dooba…..plays…. He sees the snow. He turns towards her. Snow falls over them. They close eyes and turn to each other. Their hands get close. They think of each other. Ramona calls her. She goes. Shivaye opens eyes and looks around. He thinks someone was here, where did the person go. Roop says I want Shivaye, you didn’t do my work. Pooja says Shivaye doesn’t even look at me. Roop scolds her. Pooja says I understood, don’t worry, there is a party in evening, I will do something. Roop says do something, else I won’t leave you. Pooja throws the phone. She says I will not leave you, just once Shivaye accepts me as his wife, then I will throw you out, else my name isn’t Pooja.

Anika sees Omru, Gauri and Bhavya coming. She says if they see me here, no I can’t come in front of them. She runs to hide. She gets shocked seeing Shivaye meeting them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Thanks for the fast update

    1. Congrats Aayush dear..

      1. AAYUSH

        Thanks arpita

    2. Go aayush go,congrats on being first

      1. AAYUSH

        Thanks tania

    3. Luthfa

      GO AAYUSH GO.Many many congratulations..?

      1. AAYUSH

        Thanks luthfa

  2. How long will they drag shivikas separation???

    1. Miku dear..welcome to pkj..
      Only Cvs know the answer..but like last time separation will be no longer.
      Lets wait.

    2. Luthfa

      Don’t know dear.Let’s see?

  3. Pushpa

    Amena didi thk u 4de update.

    Oh my mata….. Shivaye Singh Oberoi…. itnaaaa hot kyu….. u burn my tv dude…… wht a dashing charming style… wow u r the

    so what evrywhre anika goes to find job..her boss r all nuts….this women is hell… poor anika hd to serve drink to tht snorb viraj… my foot dun try near anika …dun dare thts shivaye singh oberoi biwi…… shivaye will trash u careful…

    Dialogue of the day..
    ….I raised the bid amount because of my adamancy, else you have no value, the one I buy, his value gets high, play fair, play safe….. the way he said it…… nakuul mehta sir u r the star of the show…..?????

    So milan tha but why close yr eyes guys… not tht snowy and damn thts a beautiful song for the scene and our shivika were angels sense each other the fb intimacy… …omg thts all together hv satisfied all the angry fans over gulmaam…. me too yaar….

    Today once again SSO senso meter gone bonkers…near yet so far recogniz na kar saka!!!!! Damn…its ok …tomoro sure will be more exiting..

    Tht new lady shivaye dun even look her here daydreaming of bcmg shivaye wife…. it doesnt matter although u blackmail asking him to accept but mr shivaye singh oberoi wife & love of his life is the one & only anika…. u better get tht gal & bhag….

    Till tomoro pkjs..
    Im gone full dream of shivaye..
    Gd nite…

    1. Pu di..i knew you will be dead…so sending some Amrit so that yiu can be rise again..die again by Sso hotness.thrn get up again.
      And this process will continue……..????love you di

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Pu di,
      Your Shivaay was total hotness personified yesterday.So much so that I kept on staring like anything.Hehehe…..Ok,he was looking extremely handsome and drool worthy in black.That new girl doesn’t have a chance at all.Have to wait to see what all happens next.Take care?

  4. Hiiii mere khidkitod pagals..

    Ok i admit i….bit i will make it a fun ride

    1.Sso Is back with his tadi…..???????…that also without any senso meter….kya baat he. SAHI nafrat dikha rahe ho…keep it up..

    2 Gulneet realy showed their love towards cricket……t 20 SUPER SMASHERS ……Chalo Show dekho IPL enjoy karo..????realy khidkitod idea…

    3 Meet Poorest version of VIRAT KOHALI.
    Ok sry…i should not do this comparison…..
    This Virju ???????beta welcome yiu with rotten tomoatoes….But Tadi is bot suit you.
    Don’t try it…

    4 Ye show ki unique ness he????…Plot unfold ho na ho vilians jaroor aa jate he…

    5 Sso you did chop of virju by saying soo many things…But Annika..?????ek jhatke maun bande ki chop kar dali..i don’t know you..isse badi wali chop aur kya hoyega..virju…yiu are doing wrong sudhar ja bete warning you….pachtayrga tu..

    6.Aab ANNIKA Sso ki nafrat dekhegi main Sso ko bhul jana chati hun..???????Shivika why are yiu making fun of yiurself..everytime you think about each other feel each other stil these words..Duniya hasegi yarr..dont do this..
    One thing…. each and every line of song was totally perfect for them..And i also love this song

    7.??????????Are ye Ramp show main Snow fall kaoun karta he .gir jayenge models….Kya yarr.marwaoge kya????????.
    8.Vomit cracked me up very badly. ????????????????she is literally gone mad ……oh God..MERE KO SHIVAAY CHAHIYE.???
    Aur mere ko chole bhature chahiye.kafi din se nahi khayi..???????????..

    Ok inething is clear..that Lady vilians come with a partner…

    Durja .-Cvs meri mano make pair her with virju ??????.mast jodi lagenge..i swear..
    And by this they can they can leave shivika alone …….

    — honest confession..i cried today..
    Why Annika will be trouble yarr.bcoz of sahil she is bearing all these…..
    And these days junior Oberois disspointing me a lot…if all these wil not be a plan..i am sure i wil get upset with them…
    Don’t know why i am feeeling something is missing in their reaction…
    May be i am.only thinking all this

    Thodi emotional hogayi.
    Sry for that…

    1. AAYUSH

      Chile bathure nice punch lines arpita?? and nice sarcastic take on today episode ?

      1. Thank you Aayush dear. Yaa i am really missing chole bhature..???????

    2. Hi Arpita6!
      Yeah sissy even i felt junior oberois reactions are not correct. They act as if nothing happened.. they spoke a lot in anika’s presence… But now… ??
      Even i wish everything is planned.. ?
      Will see… Take care?

      1. Dhanu…hawwww Arpita se sidha Arpita6???? . Not fair.
        Yaa Junior oberois are behaving like nothing happened..
        If it wil not be a plan..then sure they are gonna loose their value..

    3. Nice comment arpu ,and yes is serial mai vilians ko bhi jodhi banakar ana parta hai ab kaya kare nam hi aisa hai “ishqbaaz” jo akele akele to hoga nahi to vilains ko bhi to duja ana chahiye na tabhi to patners banega……ishqbaazi ke sath sath vilainbaazi bhi hoga jodhi jodhi mai ,,?????

      1. ?????yaa Tani right .
        But jo bhi show hamara he. Toh Sawg se karenge sabka swagat..
        Bidai bhi karenge..swag se. ????

    4. Not only u even I am not happy with Jr.oberois omru reaction is not up to my expectation

      1. Ppoja dear. Wecome to pkj..
        Yaa right… i can’t understand whats going on their mind………

    5. I’m confused yaar. I know Gul ma’am raita phailete bhi hei or sambhalte bhi but still.. OmRu rivya nobody cares abt their bhabhi.. everybody is wrried abt shivaay. Bt nobody cares abt Anika?? Nobody is searching for her? I just hope it’s a plan. Otherwise the very essence of the reln everybody has with Anika will be in question. I love your analysis arpita dear! No matter how bad the episode is u try to maintain the positivity. Banita, pushpa, jeevi, luthfa, Ishita, Sindhu Akka, beauty, ayush, and everybody I have frgt to mention, please continue your awesome comments. This page is what gives me hope in ishqbaaz and wat makes me watch it after Roop track. Take care everybody! Waiting for khidkitod tashanbaazi… Hope this viraj guy and Pooja gets kicked out asap! But it’s Gul ma’am she’ll mke viraj smbdy from OM’s son/brother/best friend????

      1. Virju will be someone ‘s frnd of any OMnibaasi. …nooooooooo can’t handle him in OM..durja ko jhelne main itni taklef ho rahi he aab isse koun jhelga yarr.
        Thank you Krishu di….
        Yaa trying to spread positivity….
        Lets see what is next gonna happening

      2. Thanks krishna. Nice comments. Yes just be patient. I am sure shivika love each other still. When anika finds out Viraj is going to embarrass Shivaay Anika will not keep quiet. She will defend for her husband

      3. Luthfa

        Hi Krishna di,
        Gul Khan knows what she is doing but we fans don’t.That’s why we become worried so much.I just hope whatever makers are doing only to entertain us not to give tension.But seems like total opposite is happening.Still some are happy and other are not.Anyway,don’t worry.Everything will be fine eventually.Take care?

      4. AAYUSH

        Anything is possible krishna jab tak gul khan hai u remember when veet was introduced swetlana referred to him as his cousin in goa and then suddenly he become roop bua son an oberoi?? so anything is possible

    6. Arpu I still feel it is all part of a plan but yes you are right I am upset also with Omru. No feelings and reaction. At least a bit of mention about anika bhabhi. If it is a plan a very well done by G until she has confused us fans that sometimes we doubt whether it is a plan or real

      1. Sindhu. Di .Gul Mam ne sare ishqbazians ki dil main raita faila diya he..?????
        She is really a good player ………

  5. Amena di..thank you so much for fastest always give us correct and fast update.. once again thank you soo much.

    1. Luthfa

      You are absolutely right.Thank you so much Amena di.Love you?

  6. Hlw ,,,guys ,,aj ki epi ki bare mai jada kuch nahi bolna hai ,,but first ten minits pata nahi kaya ho raha tha us viraj aur shivay ke bech ,but last mai mujhe itna pata chala ki shivay ne viraj ki oh my mata kardi ,,by the way shivay ka hairstyle kafi badla badla sa tha is not it ? and sivika ki sensomiter ki kaya hua sivika ko ek bar bhi feel nahi hua ,but finally lastly they feel it ,aur o lambi churail ramona is just teribble ,,and i think us viraj terget ab anika hogi aur shivay k liye pooja to hai hi ,
    no comment about “poop”( puja +roop)
    Precap- are yr anika to shivay ko phir bhi dekha tha pehle bhi ,lekin shivay ne to anika se pinky promise aur ms pehnaneke bad se dekha hi ,nahi ,plz shivay ko ab hamari anika ki dharshan karado cvs plz ,,,good night guys

    1. Tani…first 10 miniutes Tashanbaazi was going…Between a owner of a team and player of the team… ?????..Poop yaa nice name..cant handle them.
      AFTER MALIKA all newcomer characters were negetive..
      Koi positive bhi la do yarrr..

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Tania,
      Yes Shivaay and his hairstyle got changed.Shivaay and his tadibazi was superb to watch.That Viraj was total nonsense.Was arguing like a mad.Yeah it’s been quite a long time Shivika have not come face to face.Let’s see when they are going to meet.Take care?

  7. Only good thing today is SSO. ??
    Yes he is back… Tadibaaz… ???
    Nakuul you are truly star man! ?

    Does shivaay wants revenge or wants to confront her ??? ?

    So much of hatred?? ??

    So close they were.. they can feel each other’s presence ??

    So Anika wil walk in ramp with that viraj?? ????

    So listen fake new bride.. yu can never ever be Mrs.SSO…. Yu think yu can create prblm in evening prgm to become sso’s wife.. sorry yu are wrong.. you can’t!! ?

    Pinky ji pls come back soon.. now only yu can tell truth to sso..

    Am i the only one think sso is also searching for roop.. ?!!?

    Precap.. i don’t like this yaar… Anika crying and saw sso…But they were laughing as If nothing happened.. and didn’t matters to them.. she is also part of the family nah!!????

    Is this all planned one.. ?? Or is this shivomru’s plan alone to find roop..?? ??

    Waiting to see… Anika in ramp! ??❤️?

    1. Dhanu…ye Tadibaaz Sso is back..
      But honestly his KHARIDNE wala diolgue always irritate me….dont know why..i just don’t want to listen these kind of diolgue..
      Me too don’t like the precap-…
      If it is all sixer plan then it wil be ok..
      Other my heart is gonna break sooo badly.

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Dhanu,
      I agree with you completely.Shivaay is a born tadibaaz and he proved it again.Don’t know what OmRu are thinking about Anika.Looks like it’s only Shivaay who is concerned for her.If it’s a plan then ok but everything is in confusing mode.Let’s see what happens next.Nice analysis.Take care?

  8. Luthfa

    When one deliberately stops hearing what his heart says,he fails to recognise his real world and its happenings.Today Shivika meet but can’t meet in true sense.They were so very close still couldn’t make it happen.Perhaps they never thought one day they have to face something like that.It’s not necessary who can’t see through eyes is blind but also that person who doesn’t want to see what his inner eyes want him to see. This intentional blindness of Shivika is stopping them to see what they should have seen.Now they have become blind to their own emotions,feelings and senses.There is a saying which tells-Out of sight,out of mind,heart to be told.

    1. Luthfa

      Feelings and emotions are not some products that can be grown in heart.It takes huge time to confine and feel those things from heart.Emotions are always present if true in the heart.Never ever evaporates like water or because of any differences.But it’s possible if the differences are self-made including the walls of personal ego,misunderstanding,stubbornness, hatred etc.the list can go on.When there is barrier between two hearts,no matter how much near the persons are,they can never reach to each other,see each other even though they can stand in front of one another with open eyes………………………………………….

      1. ??????????.
        Lu stop it.. plz .i can’t take it eyes got moist..kyun rula rahe ho yarrr….
        Now sent me a jaddu ki jhappi..
        Rulaya you will handle me..?????..
        Love you

      2. Nice analysis luftha. Oh my you are great with love. When two persons are in love they see nothing and hear nothing but when there is MU annoyance and hatred they are truly blind to everything. To forget the bitter past shivaay has put on the adamancy so he can only have nafrat and nothing else. Who taught him love and trust. It was Anika. Anika who wants to forget the past decides to live and only do anything for Sahil with cultivating the annoyance. The khidkithod anika is gone. That is where they both are making mistakes. It is difficult to have nafrat when it is time tested love.

      3. Luthfa

        Sindhu di,
        Agree with your every word.Love is not so easy to maintain life long with same dedication and feelings as it is bound to change for this or that.All depends on humans that how and to what extent they are ready to preserve this special feelings in their hearts.Now Shivika need to break ice to start afresh.After all,their is the true love not a fake one.Thank you so much for the compliment.Love you di?

    2. Luthfa

      So sorry darling for making you cry.Here,lots and lots of jadu ki jhappi and kisses from my side.Love you?

  9. Dishani01

    I’m sorry sorry sorry sorry don’t beat me pls pls pls… don’t beat me… i try my best but i never in control now… truly i feel sad for only shivay .. his face and his reaction when he feel his annika and his sadnesss omg I feel bad really bad…. roop tell everything to annika about her dad who shivay introuduced his memory … she fooled by that bua … she know about her very well… she leave shivay and never ask anything to him or nothing and shivay
    he never believe police but check cctv and search her until she leave him… he trying his best to save his annika past… he believe his dad also but he never now him only know his annika …. his family also support annika and fack marriage with heavy heart… he done everything for her ….. only want is her smile… he choose annika over shivay but she leave … she is strong who take bullet for shivay …
    save great sso with her tear..
    who grown as lonly women in society ..
    make shahil as great …
    who correct sso mistakes ..
    who think oberoi as her family ..
    who apologize pinky in one minutes …
    who become good mother and bahi to omru and their wife…

    but she believe but she saw and what she hear from bua..and never ask sso.. don’t think they make like many drama .. never ask omru also …

    but shivay …
    he is immature like rudra sometime in love… om advice him about relationship(tia matter) … he think like angry bird sometime do mistakes also annika only keep him colorfull when she enter …

    now everything and every theory break ..
    but sso is like this …
    annika leave him she will strong what sso he’ll never strong if he leave his loved one .. now .. i feel bad .. very bad… poor shivay ???

    Don’t beat me annika fans please .. i know this is drama annika also in bad situation … what if i never tell this anywhere then my heart will pain somuch… sorry once again …

    1. He Dishu ..what re????..
      Yiu are saying like we will beat you
      Kamal karte ho tusi….
      You just give your pov..that also without any abuse…i like it..
      You have right to say sbout yiur pount of yiu.
      Nothing is wrong
      Lets see how they will handle this situation.

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Dishani,
      What are you saying?Why anyone will beat you?
      Anyway,whatever happened for that Shivika were not at fault.They are the victim of situation.They are going through bad time but don’t worry they will come back as winners soon.And don’t talk about beating or anything ever ok?Take care.Lots of love?

      1. Dishani01


  10. Luthfa

    By the way,did anyone notice that Viraj resembled Rohit Sharma(cricketer) to some extent?Jo bhi ho,those verbal attacks were too good to watch.As always Shivaay Singh Oberoi rocked.No one can beat him when it’s about showing tadi except Anika.And what to say about killer looking SSO.He just raised the bar of hotness a lot higher.Just couldn’t take my eyes off.And episode was reminded me initial episodes of IPKKND 1.Fashion,models,screaming angry boss etc.Anyway,total dhamakedar episode with special hit and miss of Shivika.Waiting for tomorrow’s episode desperately.Let’s see what gul,Gul will show???????????????

    1. be honestl..i don’t wantrepetation of IPKKND..
      Sso will MU annika..and blah blah blah..
      Just want to see Sso reaction after seeing Annika in hot avtar..??????.
      Yaa Sso is looking more hot..
      Don’t know what is cooking on Gul Mind.

      1. Luthfa

        I am not saying that I want the repetition of IPKKND 1.What I mentioned is the ambience of the episode reminded me initial episodes of IPKKND 1,that’s it.And our IB is very unique be it in loophole making.I want it to continue.Let’s see.And only Gul knows what she is up to.Take care?

  11. I feel so bad for anika. She’s not at fault at all. Am very upset with junior oberois. Shivika should be son together. They have spoilt the whole serial.

    1. Ridz…track is unfolding na..wait..i stil can’t say they spoiled shivika progression….
      Bas ..little upset with Omru..thats it

    2. Luthfa

      You are right about junior Oberois.Don’t know what they will do this time.Let’s see?

  12. Hello guys, I have come to say goodbye as this is the last day I ever watch Ishqbaaz. This track is just so awful to bare for me
    I know I watch it online so I don’t contribute to trp or anything but I used to watch it translated to Arabic cuz I am from Egypt so I guess that proves how popular your show is I guess.
    I used to be a shivika and a rikara fan but now honestly I am neither as I can’t bare to watch the same repetitive drama of Shivika over and over again and the zero development and screen time for rikara.
    I mean seriously another fake marraige, another separation that contains another leap……Why does every problem have to be centered around shivika?! even when Swetlana returned to the show pre-vanwas, it was very odd of her to focus on shivika although the fact that she was rikara’s main adversary. It was very odd of her to not try and ruin guari’s life especially when she was the one that ruined her and her plan of becoming an oberoi baho!
    even in the vanwas storyline, story of both couples had a lot of potential as for example I wanted to see more scenes of gauri and omkara trying to fill anika and shivay’s shoes in managing the house and the business but instead we got the same melodrama of veer scaring Anika over and over again. honestly, after we got the concept,this should have been it but they kept repeating it over and over again and gauri that was once strong enough to take on Swetlana alone was helpless, crying in every scene and couldn’t manage a damn house full of people with tantrums!

    Again, I am a Shivika and Rikara fan and I am sorry if I offend anyone but seriously one story is exhaused to the teeth and the other have little to no sceen time with no character nor story progression! I mean how many times did anika and shivay marry? 3 times, First time then they preformed the rituals with rikara and they preformed everything again when they got back together. How many times did om and gauri marry? One time and wasn’t properly executed. What was Rikara story post patch which was more than 6 months ago? Non! Did Rikara or Ruvya get any villain after the merge? Non, they were all anti-shivika and i can go on forever…..

    I am not saying all of that because only there is no rikara but also because there is so much shivika. I mean 2nd separation and before that for exmaple Shivay takes a shot for anika and then anika takes a shot for shivay, Anika pretends to lose her memory to defeat Tia and then Shivay pretends to lose his memory to get that tape and save the family and forever I can go……

    Anyway, I am glad that all of you still enjoy the show although I think it is a mere shadow of what it once was. I have really enjoyed my journey however incomplete it was. keep up the good work. Bye 🙂

    1. Mona dear….welcome to pkj..
      And at the same time..good bye to you..
      Ok you want to left the show it is completely your choice…….and glad that our show get love of egypt…..
      You enjoyed the show til date… hope you had a good time…
      Have a great life ahead my dear..
      God bless you..
      Take care…

      1. Hello, of course I had a good time but all good things are bound to end eventually right? 🙂 Unfortunately, mine ended sooner than others but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it for the run. 🙂

        Anyway, I am glad all of you still enjoy it 🙂
        God bless you too.
        Bye :*

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Mona,
      Welcome to PKJ family.First of all,the way you have mentioned your point looking like you are so frustrated since long.Dear,it’s just a serial nothing else.And you shouldn’t take stress because of it.Secondly,it’s a business for makers and channel so they will do it in that way.And about Shivika,they are the main leads of serial and viewers and makers want to focus on them only.Rikara and their development is hampering because of CVS not because of Shivika.After all,it’s the decision of makers what they want to show and what not.We can’t do anything about it.Anyway,it’s your personal choice whether you will watch it or not.Take care.Glad to have you here?

      1. Hey Luthfa,
        I understand that this isn’t Shivika’s fault. I never said it was. I also stated that I love both shivika and rikara and I know that is neither their fault and I also know that Shivika is the most popular jodi of the three and hell, they created the show to begin with and I love them.

        All I mean is that from the creative point of view the makers ruined both jodis by now because one is lamely repetitive and overdeveloped that we watch the same stories over and over again and the other is lamely way underdeveloped with no character nor story development while undoubtedly has the potential for growth like the Barelly tack although was fastened and required modification and more screen time managed to get 1.97 trp, right?

        That being said I know obviously that the makers will choose to give the most famous jodi aka shivika but all I wanted was some screen time and proper story and development for rikara and a better non repetitive story for shivika. I hope you got what I mean

        Thank you.

  13. We want dbo or proper storyline for rikara hate this ishqhaaz .Better shrenu quiet the show she deserves better role than this side role .

    1. Anu dear..plz…dont say this….
      If you hate ishqbaaz you can leave..simply..
      I know rikara is not getting story line…
      But don’t say actors to quit show..they know what are they doing.
      If you want to see the show then see…..otherwise do whatever you want..
      Sry.if my words hurted you..

  14. Junior Oberois have always been mere spectators. They were never given any importance in solving any of Shivika’s problems. Whenever I hear them saying “we are with you Shivaay” it sound more like a burden than being helpful. When have any of their plans ever worked? In serious situations Rudra should at least be given serious dialogues and not be made to utter nonsense. He is an educated(debatable)/married man but writers are still treating him like a child. Om is given these inspiring dialogues but at the end of the day he is always just left standing around staring into space. The same goes for Anika’s so called sisters in law. Their plans always amounts to nothing. But yes, this is all due to the writers not using these characters to their full potential.

    1. Susan earler ishqbaz days…
      Omru and Dadi used be the biggest cupid of shivika love story. If these three didn’t help shivika then thry couldn’t solve their pprblm.
      But don’t know what happened to…
      They are not behaving like our old omru..
      It is really heartbreaking.
      And don’t know what happened to gouri and bhabya …

    2. Luthfa

      All is happening because of cvs and makers and partly for channel.Makers were ready for Shivaay’s new journey without Oberoi surname but they cropped it.That had potentials for OmRu to become independent and responsible without Shivaay.Anyway,at the end,it’s makers call and not to forget they are doing business.There are many more serials which are still on screeen despite having absolutely nothing to watch or look forward.

  15. Amenah faruk

    Hi everyone I’m from Nigeria Lagos state I lyk watching dis series ishqbaaz it’s a heart touching Nd romantic story tnx CVs Nd de people’s hu ar watching last am by name amenah

    1. Amenah dear..welcome to pkj..
      Keep commenting and enjoy the fun.
      Glad to hear that Ishqbbaz is getting love from Nigeria..
      Hope you will enjoy here ….
      Love you.

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Amenah,
      Welcome to PKJ family with lots of love.It’s so sweet of you to come to visit PKJ.Well,we love Ishqbaaz a lot rather we are emotionally attached to it.Keep commenting dear and join us in spreading love.See you soon?

    3. Banita

      A Grand WELCOME TO PKJ dr…..
      Keep Commenting….

  16. Good morning to my lovely family.How are you all???I am sorry I have missed last 2episodes.hey I’m your little sister PUJA not that ghunghatbali ko meri hi naam mili thi kya grih dasha bigadne ke liye??? yes I agree that I am in madly love with shivaay but l never wanted to break chudail meri naam like a gayi darar dalne ke liye.and shivaay ki tarah me bhi ek bahut badi cricket fan hu.and lights di you are right for me when it comes to cricket Sachin ke aaspas koi nahi asakta and when it comes to style attitude hotties hamare shivaay ke aaspas koi nahi ke duniya ke Sachin he shivaay. Love you.

    1. Ha ha ha..Durhoja..??..yaa i know sis..
      I am really feeling bad for you..( supressing ny laughter??????)..
      Welcome back..
      Kemiti accha??

    2. Luthfa

      Hello PUJA,how are you?
      To be very honest,when I heard that new girl would be called Pooja,the first thing I remembered was you.But don’t worry,for PKJ you are and will be the same sweet,bubbly PUJA always.Don’t take it personally ok?And what to say about Shivaay’s hotness and his ever handsome look.He is the best with hotness and tadi,carrying simultaneously.Take care.Love you?

  17. Hello luftha dear. Jeevi. Sneha. Arpu dear banita krishna kadhambari beauty and many many more wonderful people of PKJ family.

    I must say the episode is getting a bit thrilling to see the tadi of Shivaay. It is just like old times.

    Oh I love the walk of Shivaay Singh Oberoi. What style what walk and charisma with his dark glasses and the way he answered Viraj. Viraj Shivaay has been the in this kind of tadi business for very long and you Viraj is a small fly. I think you should just play fair and for your team and don’t challenge people like SSO. Viraj you are so young.

    The model manager reminded me of Farah Khan the choreographer. I mean the manner she was standing and bossing. But of course Farah Khan is a very nice person. Just her face looked a little similar

    Both shivika can stay annoyed with one another and both will hate each other and try to do something to belittle each other. But I only know one thing that if shivaay gets insulted anika will not be able to bear it and if Anika gets insulted Shivaye will not be able to bear it.

    Some time later in the episodes this is going to happen and we can see their Ishqbaazi by defending each other and then again their nafrat.

    1. Sindhu di..i just wanted to know..if Sso will get to know that his wife insulted by that chudail.dayan..Remona..what will be her condition…????.
      Kassh aisa hojaye.

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Sindhu di,
      Only Shivaay Singh Oberoi knows how to show tadi and break the pseudo ego of people.Episodes were quite thrilling nowadays but I want Shivika to meet as soon as possible.Let’s see what is going to happen next.Take care?

  18. I don’t understand why story always revolves around shivay and anika….if there are 3 hero’s every one should be given screen space…Omru have become character artists…

    1. Kavs dear..
      Yes Omru should get some SS..and their partners too.
      But honestly i don’t like rubhya at all.

    2. Exactly, this is what I meant and I know that Shivika is the most famous jodi and I love them and I don’t mind them getting longer screen time which what must be anyways.

      All I mind is them getting all the screen time and the others getting nothing at all and also I mind the fact that with all that screen time they keep repeating their storylines over and over again.

    3. Luthfa

      Better you put your questions and queries before cvs.Only they can give the answer why Om has become a character artist.

  19. Just a passing thought…… In the precap Anika saw Om and Gauri and Rudra and Bhavya but she only saw Shivaay alone. She could have realised that Shivaay is not with his new wife. I hope she realises something then.

    What is so funny about IB is that first Pinky separated Shivika then Roop separated Shivika. So women are involved in separating Shivika. Next time I wonder whether Jhnavi would do that.

    1. di in our show..everyone are Paltibaaz..
      So it is very difficult to predict who will break Shivika…??

    2. Luthfa

      Very much possible di.There is no gaurantee of the happenings of IB??????

  20. Luthfa

    Hi Arpita,
    Agree to every point.If it’s not a plan then OmRu and their wives are not doing the right thing at all.What makers are thinking on this part only they know.Shivaay and his girl gang are nothing new to watch.Tia and Tanya were normal but after Ragini,this Durhoja is looking like psycho of high quality.I don’t know why in that hit and miss something was missing.Anyway,let’s see what happens next.Nice analysis.Take care?

    1. felt something missing in hit and miss.
      But i found it really beautiful…
      Wish they could see each other.
      I am stil confused about Omru…
      Can’t say anything before revelation part.
      So we have vee to wait..

      1. Luthfa

        What I missed is they were so close still couldn’t manage to open eyes and see who was beside whom.Their hand lifting part was longer than necessary which toned down the magic for me.And like you me too is confused about OmRu.Let’s see what happens next.Take care?

  21. i need omkara and gauri scenes more its boring they always showing importance too shivaay scenes.. give some screen time to omkara and gauri too..

  22. Hi everyone, yesterday epi is ok ok, snowfall song is nice, me thodi nai bhaut jayada disapiont hu , om, gauri, rudar& bavya se. Kisi ko anika ki koi parwaha nai,sab kitne kush hai. Gul mam se request hai aab pls woh ragni& tanya wala kisa na start kare aab pls usse to bore ho gaye aab. Magi i m agree with u aab kuch omru ka bhi dekho

  23. Banita

    Hlo frnds…..
    Now I m not here to say anything about epi…..
    Bas itna hi hai ki mera Dil khus ho gaya after watching yesterday’s epi….
    Okk so what I will be say now may be hurt many of u… Or many of u will be upset on me… But sacchi mein I got upset after reading many of ur comments….
    So now u all r upset with Omru because they r not with Anika nd they only think about Shivay….
    For them plzz don’t come to any conclusion without knowing anything….
    Whenever a Rikara or Ruvya fan got upset on Shivay that he doesn’t doing anything for them nd start bashing him(I know none of u bash Omru )…. That time we said it’s makers fault not Shivay’s… Then why we r upset with Omru now…
    @Arpu , I used ur line so don’t think what I said is for u… I said all these things because today I saw many of u r upset with Omru…
    May be makers r planning something…. Don’t get upset with Omru…
    Nd whoever want to leave d show u can leave guys…. It’s totally ur choice to watch it or not….
    Nd sry if my words hurt anyone…
    Waiting 4 today’s epi….

    1. Bani..this is why i am confused about their behaviour..
      So stil we are not at any conclusion..waiing for more episodes..
      Then e can say anything..
      It is just that no one is taking Annika’s name..happily dancing…

      When both Omru used to considered Annika is their mother..
      So thoda khatka laga .
      Nothing else..
      Aab dissapoint mat ho..
      Thodi smile karle..
      Love you.

    2. I am telling you the same thing I told @Aru

      I understand that this isn’t Shivika’s fault. I never said it was. I also stated that I love both shivika and rikara and I know that is neither their fault and I also know that Shivika is the most popular jodi of the three and hell, they created the show to begin with and I love them.

      All I mean is that from the creative point of view the makers ruined both jodis by now because one is lamely repetitive and overdeveloped that we watch the same stories over and over again and the other is lamely way underdeveloped with no character nor story development while undoubtedly has the potential for growth like the Barelly tack although was fastened and required modification and more screen time managed to get 1.97 trp, right?

      That being said I know obviously that the makers will choose to give the most famous jodi aka shivika but all I wanted was some screen time and proper story and development for rikara and a better non repetitive story for shivika. I hope you got what I mean

      Thank you.

    3. Luthfa

      I told you earlier that there is more to the story and yet to reveal.Everyone is making speculation on be half of OmRu.What they would do only cvs know not us.Out of curiosity all is venting anger on them that’s it.Hope everything gets normal soon and makers give separate track to OmRu to show their respective story and acting calibre.Take care?

  24. Nikita_jai29

    Killer episode….
    Why cvs are obsessed with putting a new villain.. Can’t understand….

  25. Luthfa

    Dear Mona,
    Whatever you mentioned about Shivika and Rikara is the echo of all Shivika and Rikara fans.For your kind information,it’s the job of makers and cvs who will decide what they want to serve before us fans.We fans can’t do anything in this regard.If we could then the first separation of Shivika which was absolutely unnecessary and wanted could be avoided so easily.No matter how many complaints are there,makers will choose to do what they feel like ignoring all logical,emotional,wise demands and suggestions of fans.And I watch serial for entertainment not anything else.The day it will stop offering my expected entertainment,I will prefer to stop watching it without any complaints.Till then I will enjoy what IB is offering me.Thank you for your enlightening explanation.

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