Ishqbaaz 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 2nd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye sees Anika on the way and stops the car. He pulls her away, seeing the car blowing and shouts Anika. Some time before, Anika asks Dr. Goyal how many days will it take for DNA results, 2-3 days more, fine, call me when reports come. She says sorry Shivaye, I m doing your and Mahi’s DNA without telling you, but this is imp, if Mahi is really your brother then, everyone has right to know truth about family. Shivaye thinks I will find out about Anika’s mum, I can’t tell Anika right now, I will tell her later as its her right to know her family and meet her mum. He leaves from there. Anika says where did bracelet go. Sahil says it will be near mirror. She gets it and says you know everything, where did Shivay go. He says orphanage. She asks what…. and gets shocked. She asks did Shivaye go to

orphanage, what’s the matter Sahil.

Sahil says actually….. Shivaye comes home and asks what’s cooking. Sahil says things are spoiling, happy birthday. Shivaye says its not my happy birthday. Sahil says it will happen after I leave. He goes. Anika looks for water. Shivaye asks for drinking. She says no, for throwing on you, you went to orphanage without asking me, what did you get there. He says I can explain. She says you are saying you don’t care by my name, blood and family, but this matters to you, what did you get, if I accepted I have no family, why are you after it, you will just get pain if you try to scratch old wounds. He thinks this info is imp for me, this will not affect my relation. He says this does not matter to me. She says it matters, else you would have not gone to orphanage by asking Sahil, you should have asked me, are you a spy or a clever aunty of daily soaps.

He says I don’t understand this reference, that’s the person I m, I think 100 times before taking decisions. She says some things are such as it is, I think this will always matter to you, it means you will decide in our relation, you will talk to me when you want, else you won’t, when its going to be by your wish, what’s the point in being together. He asks why do you always argue about our relation. She says you force me to argue. He gets a call and says I don’t want to talk about this. He goes. She says I will complete my talk, how did he go. He tells Dadi that he is going to his factory, there is some crisis, please inform this to mom. He leaves. Anika asks him to stop. Dadi asks her not to call him from behind, he got imp work, he left. Anika says your work is necessary and my talk is not imp, I will also complete my talk.

Shivaye is on the way. Anika follows him on scooty and plays horns. He says she is pressing horn as if she has to go ahead and blow off fire at some place. She comes in front of his car and stops him. He sees Anika and gets down the car. He recalls the old moment. He says you are following me, why. She says yes, I did not finish the talk yet, will you set all rules. He says you started the fight. She says I will end the fight, I have to fight more. He says you want us to fight here, let the factory crisis go on, you fight with me. She says you will end the fight and then go. He asks her to sit in car and fight. She says yes, nice idea, none will hear us. He asks her to tie seat belt. She asks him not to help and says I have done this. He says I can see, you can ask my help. He helps her. Music plays……

She plays radio. He says radio is switched on, not played. Some old song plays….. They start arguing. She says some people sing so bad that mood gets spoiled. He recalls his singing and says I don’t sing so bad, I m a good singer. She says fine, but you are a great spy. He asks you started again. She says you are really crazy, any little kid can understand the difference between humans and things, you have to do same thing. He says quality check. She says yes, person will remain same, but you have to know everything, like people ask the specifications, what’s name, family and blood, I thought you changed, I was wrong, you are Kanji eyes Bagad Billa, you can never change. He asks how did my eyes come in between. She says its your eyes, your name should have been Search singh oberoi. He says I just wanted to know. She says yes, you have disease to know everything.

They hear the message on radio about two prisoners escaping from jail. She switches it off. He asks her to let him hear imp info. She says why, it was some song details, you want to know everything, I will get medicines for this. He asks her not to get after medicines. She asks why did you get after my background. He asks her to sit quiet. He drives in high speed. He says I wish this was a chopper, I would have jumped down, my patience has run out, I can’t handle this any more. His car breaks down. She asks how is this smoke coming. They get down the car and see the smokey engine. He says its your mistake. She says you made car a plane. He says you angered me. They argue in middle of the road. He says we should solve this problem first. She asks him what is he doing. He asks her to do something. She gets the container and pours on the engine. The car catches fire. He screams and pulls her away. They get shocked as the car explodes and gets high in air. The car falls down and burns.

She asks what happened, water blows off fire. He says it was petrol, you burnt my car. She says I did mistake. He says this is called foolishness. She says people keep water in car, not petrol. He says keeping info is necessary, people keep petrol when gas stations are not available. She asks what’s use of such info that does the harm. He says its not because of info, you did this. He says let me think what to do now. She says you make a call, a helicopter will come down. He says I would have done this, but phone was in car. She says your phone should have been in pocket. He says I did not know my wife will burn my car.

She says I did not know the container will have petrol. They argue. He says maybe this happened, as we argued on the way, universe does not want us to fight. She says I think you are missing Tia baby, so you are saying universe. He asks how did Tia come in this. She says maybe its someone else. He says stop it, let’s think how to solve this. She says I have an idea, come on my red Champa. He says that which we left 50 kms behind, you would not know this being busy in argument. She checks and says I forgot my phone at home. He says Aw, you are so careless. She asks him to stop taunts and think. He says I would get help, come. Pinky tells someone that Shivaye is finding Anika’s mum, you know what to do. The lady nods and wears ghungroos.

Anika and Shivaye laugh. They dance on hum tum ek kamre me bandh ho…….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Piyuu

    lax yesterday main thume ek comment kiya idk thum dekha ho thum spa ki link share kiya na us mei kuch nomination hi baaki saare nomination ki link kahan se milenga.thumare pass tho share karona pls.

  2. Piyuu

    lax yesterday main thume ek comment kiya i think vo comment thum nahi dekha.isliye phir se comment kar re hi thum spa ki link share kiya dha na uss mei kuch nomination hi baaki nomination kahan se milengi.thumare pass tho share karona pls.

    1. Piyuu
      I replied, but I ll reply again. The next set of 11 nominations ll be open for voting later. We donno when, ll ve to wait.

  3. Aastha_Reddy

    Ammu.. tu sister hai meri ki dushman hai..mujhe maarna chahti hai..Main kyun khaana chodoon!!
    Jab koi mujhe daanta hai bhi to main food par gussa nahi dikhati..
    You are not my Ammu..meri AIR mujhe maarne ke saazish kar hi nahi sakti..bata koun hai tu..Bina shield ke SSO kaise rahenge..
    “Om saha nabhavathu…
    Sah nobhunakthu…
    Saha biryaa karwabaahe..
    Tejaswina badhitha maastu..
    Maa Bidweshabahe….
    Om shanti shanti shanti”…
    Just remember I am Astha Reddy (in full SSO tadi style) not Anna Hazare…for keeping bhook hartal..

    1. Amayaa

      Aastha di ye aapko kya ho gaya ……..aap Sanskrit ki pandit kab se ban gai ………mujhe Aapka sirf first aur last para samajh me aaya …….ye bich me kya likha hai aapne……… Sanskrit shlok hai shayad. ……
      Om shanti shanti shanti bhi samajh me aaya ……..aur kuch bhi nahi

      Di mujhe bhi lagta hai duplicate duplicate chal raha hai San kuch
      Shivay bhaiya ke, sultana madam ji ki, aur ab to pkj me bhi
      Amayaa ki, Aastha di ki , Anu di ki , aur bhi bahut duplicate aa gai hai
      My godddddd…….. u r right di wo aapki Ammu nahi uski duplicate hai shayad ………. no di no khaana mat chorna. ……… Ammu duniya bhul sakti hai khanna nahi ……..

      Last line ??? good good …….

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Ammu…While replying to your comment at 8AM I was about to eat my breakfast(don’t’r ask maine kya khaaya stomach ache ho sakta hai..wink wink), So typed the “Bhojana mantra” here..lolz..ha ha…
        I usually do that every day and before every meal…

  4. Lijince

    Good morning gyzzzzzzzz…….cudn’t watch the whole epi yesterday……I told na guests…..we had been outing and by the time I reached home it was past 11……today morning also because of breakfast preparation and all cudn’t watch the repeat….when I switched on it was Shivika’s car fight… tab is also dead…..donno when I will be able to watch it ????

    I think it was a very good epi right?? Even though no Shivika moments there was more of Shivika fights…..and most importantly less screen-space for that yellow dresswali auntyji…..????????

    Precap: Hum tum ek kamre mein bandh ho and Shivika……Awwww……??????? That song reminds me the most romantic moment in my life…..I hope Shivika won’t disappoint me!! Mouni, Archu and all other blush club members…..get ready for the regular blush quota dearies!! Regular se thode zyaada mil jaathe tho bhi chalega!!

    And gyzzz…..cudn’t reply to your comments on the earlier page…..Anu, Rano, Lax, Archu, Mouni, Shabs, Astha, Shekhar, Nivi, Shab aka Saidha, Riddhima, Surbhi, Pushpa, Cheequ, Amaya, Arpita, Akriti, Sara, Bela, Anikaa, Viviktha, Piyuu, Chavi, Maahi, Anila, Nilash, Shree……..and many other deewane of PKJ…….hi hello namaste vanakkam namaskaaram Assalamu alaikum……Chakde phatte!! Lots of love to all………??????????????? I am dying to go paagal over here……but what to do……responsibilities and work…..mera peecha hi nahi chodtha…..but will soon be back dearies……till then take care of the newcomers…..and enjoy!!

    1. Riddhima

      Liji …
      Yellow dress wali aunty ji ????….
      You a great day …

    2. Archiya

      love u too.. come back soon. i miss ur comment

      till then take care of the newcomers..lolzz we will

    3. Liji darling,… the song reminds you of ur most romantic moment!! wah wah!!

      don miss the episode today Liji.. i don think there will be any yellow dress wali aunty today!!

    4. Nilash

      Oh god Liji di ask your guests Atithi tum kab jaoge…….. sorry but for them only I’m missing my Liji di so please bhagaofie them fast and comeofie soon
      Please di come back soon with your amazing comments and surely try to watch today’s episode…..

    5. Ranilya

      Hey Liji.. .
      Hope to.see you soon….
      Guests ko bhagao…..TU pe aao…..

    6. Amayaa

      Come back soon di ………we r waiting. ………

  5. Ranilya

    Good morning….
    Maza aaya…….
    The opening scene….
    Both Anika n Shivay trying to find out the buried past abt the other….
    Both are talking abt the right to know…..but are doing it without the consent of the person in question!!
    yeh kaunsa hak hain??
    wah!! kya jodi hain!!

    Sahil….loved his attitude man….
    Observation!! maan na padega…kya observation hain…bilkul apni didi pe gaye ho….
    But bechara abhi bacha hain tho galti ho gayi…. 😮 :-o. Shivay ko phansa diya…orphanage gaye hai……loved his expressions
    When Shivay entered the room, loved Anika n Sahil’s posture n expressions….Sahil’s dialogue was awesome. kichdi nahi pak rahi hain, raitha phel ne wala hain…..the look Anika gave him was superb…bechara Sahil…
    Mere jaane ke baad aapka happy birthday hone wala hain, and the hand sign of murder!! Awesome….happy birthday to you….and Shivay humming with him…lol….
    Paaani doond rahi hoon…phekne ke liye…poor shivay…chehra dekne layak tha…

    I thought this is going to b a serious fight , another MU….but no…I was in for a surprise!!
    Thanks CVs for not making it dramatic as in other serials…
    The whole thing was hilarious ….but have to mention ….the essence of Anika’s personality was not lost….love the way she argues with Shivay for her rights!
    Good she got to know Shivay is digging her past….
    Today she was nog hurt as much bcos she has realised Shivay loves her anyways…..but still he cant leave behind his curiosity…his mind is conditioned in this way….it takes a lot of things n time to change!!
    Ani dear have patience….sabr ka phal meeta hota ahin…
    Anika was angry bcos Shivay dint talk to her directly…instead he again used a small kid to get information…,Anika was hurt bcos Shivay still doesnt feel free to discuss things with her….but again Anika you know SSO better!!
    lol aap koi doosro ke ghar mein jhankne waale aunty hain ya daily soap ki bua…lol
    She was angry as he still wanted to tag her identity….Surbhi love you dear…your expressions n dialogues were so synchronized…its as if YOU ARE Anika…with all the turmoil of emotions within you….
    Their arguments today was like a typical husband and wife….
    But have to mention that i loved it when Anika pointed it out that everything can’t happen according to Shivay’s moods n wants…she needs control on things too….love you Anika…If its husband and wife then it has to be equal….
    Shivay was a typical husband…muje is baare mein baat anhi karni hain…and walked out!! poor Anika was in typical wife sutuation….meri baat abhi puri nahi hui hain Shivay….only his work is important not mine??!!….typical husband n wife…
    koi ribbon thodi na hain ke beech mein kaat ke chale gaye… only IB can make a serious issue like this hilarious too….but message conveyed….

    Anika on champa…bade dino baad…
    horn tho aise baja rahi hain ke jaise aag bujane jaa rahi hain…
    scooty hain, koi space shuttle nahi…
    all the dialogues right from Anika honking till they start walking were kidkithod!! will have to copy the whole script here !
    Anika’s pose with her champa was stunning! Bike racer!!
    Shivay was as handsome as ever getting out of his car….
    Wow the tadi in both of them….superb!
    Gadi mein betke jagda karenge…koi sunege bhi nahi…
    beech raaste pe champa ko chodke chal pade…bechari champa…
    Seat belt….hatiye lag agyi…she actually felt michmichi with such proximity….
    The whole car convo was awesome…
    The fb was fab…Shivay is such good dancer but a bad singer!

    Quality check!! so he knows what he is doing….quality check of ppl!!

    The rest of the car drive lol…i just cant stop laughing….

    Anika couldn’t you even smell petrol?? what ever happened to your sense of smell darling??!!
    Shivay ka car udadiya??!!
    But maanna padega …shivay dint get angry on you…he tolerated his car blown off! Shivay is a changed man!
    the look on Anika’s face when the car blew up…she was shocked!!

    Shivay–universe anhi chahta ke hum fight kare…even b4 Anika i was like from wher did Tia com in now?
    Anika–aur muje lagtha hain ki aap ko Tia baby ki badi yaad aa rahi ahin…Shivay baby…lol anika you were jealous
    lol champa 50km behind and Anika’s phone at home…ab taane maarna band karenge??
    but i think she had put her mobile into her back pocket, kahan gayab ho gaya… chalo acha hua…

    precap–awwwweee i cant wait until tonight…

    PS so 2 prisoners r out on the run!
    Shivika in danger again?

    My wild imagination..could they b…
    1–the ones who kidnapped Anika n Chutki??
    2–the ones who killed Anika’s parents??
    3–any one of them is Anika’s father??
    Another mystery to b unfolded….

    1. Archiya

      i think the prisoners will have a funny role, an not a serious one

      1. Ranilya

        Really?? That would b fun…aur maza aayega….
        I’m sure the prisoners will run back to prison to save themselves from Shivika…????

      2. Archiya

        lolzzzzz… completely agree.. shivika is much more crazier especially are anika, the prisoners will feel safer to b in prison than wit shivika

    2. Ranu dear, true only IB can make such serious situations hilarious..!
      as u said, even I was scared if this would be a serious MU.. Glad..
      probably yeah… deep inside she knows shivaay loves her,,, that’s y she reacted this way..

      There is a spoiler out abt the 2 prisonors too i guess..
      as archu said, looks like more of a hilarious segment than a serious one..

      shivay dint get angry on you…he tolerated his car blown off.. Ranu dear.. its not like that baby..
      Shivaay is just totally used to annika doing such things to his car!! thats y 🙂

      1. Ranilya

        its not like that baby….im wondering if it’s in Tia ‘s tone .. ..

        Hmm…right as Ani know a Shi, he is well versed with her too….
        SSO is now Patience Singh Oberoi too

    3. Nilash

      Hiii Ranilya where were you???? Hmmmmm back with a great analysis good good no no very good….
      That phone part I also thought but it’s Ib logic and reality far apart but it’s ok at least for that we will get some good and funny Shivika scenes……..

      1. Ranilya

        Hey nilash….im very much here…bit moderation uncle n TU are playing games with me….
        My comments either don’t get accepted or posted… tired of TU…

    4. Rani
      So can we conclude that your DP is pictorial summarisation of the episode??

      Glad that CVs did not go for a dramatic revelation. I was worried if Pinky ll inform Annika about Shivays search in the worst possible way. Thank Gul that did not happen. I think Annika more or less has accepted Shivay the way he is. I am sure she ll be surprised to see that SSO who does not believe NKK.

      Btw, howz your little one?? You still worried???

      1. And oh ya…!! Just heard SurbhiCs IV. She said the whole prisoner thing is fun filled n action packed.

        Btw where u able to vote for International category.

  6. @AMMU dear, you are mad totally mad….you are a crazy person.and you are already made me a crazy.. …… yarr teri drama meri sar chad kar bol rahi he. ……..

    Comment meri style main part by part nice.

    @[email protected] dear, don’t worry your marks will be good best of luck…b

    @Ammu dear,And Now i made your PAPPU .tere ko lagatha…main Sso ko gali dungi…noooo i can’t do this. Bechara itni bak bak su na na pura episode tak?? …..

    @Nivi dear, go Nivi go….milkha club …ki member. ?

    @Anu dear, yarr tum aaj bhi Sso pe itna gussa ho..relax….thoda rehem kardo us par.

    @akrti dear,@[email protected] bhaiya…@[email protected]@[email protected] dear,…i love all
    your comments. ..????

    @nivi dear, i am not that arpu…woh koi aur he.

    @maahi TU page ki shayar… keep writting.

    @surbhi dear, wah wah pura time count kiya tumne…nice….

    @ ammu dear..hasn haan didi tujh se inspire hui he.

    @puspa,@rajjo, how are you. guys . ???

    @lax dear, you proved that you are really a true fan of IB.???

    And everybody Love you Sooooo much my frnds. ?????

    1. Amayaa

      Are waah arpu ……kya baat hai …….
      Mere liye itne saare reply ………thank u thank u ……..
      Hai na mere Bechare bhaiya ki halat teri jaise …….itna buk buk sunna par raha hai teri didi ka………aur Tujhe mera ……..??

  7. Gayathri.visu

    Anikaji rocked….Shivaay shocked!!
    But really today felt sorry for Shivaay. Continuously getting scold from wife….aw! poor Shivaay baby. Anikaji please scold medium speed not high speed level. Bcz u also did the same mistake! Think once Anikaji, what will Shivaay do after getting the truth that u also digging his past without his knowledge. Anikaji did u know about ur family?? Don’t u have any interest about ur family??? But why??
    See Astha di ur bhaiya is very clever, he want continue the fight in car. Bcz he don’t want get embarrassed in road but he himself made the situation like that when he tells Universe don’t want their fight…..Shivaay baby very wrong timing. Anikaji don’t feel jealous instead of starting ur scolding radio. I think car blows not bcz of petrol, bcz of Shivika’s fight! Even car can’t handle their fight….LOL. First time I felt they are married in this fight! Soo real look fight. And the FB, perfectly matched in this situation. Last but not least cutiepie Sahil chaturvedi… I wannt say whole OF go tution to him. So all are getting some knowledge.
    I really enjoyed full epi except that last 2 min.
    Precap….I can’t wait to see their dance!

    @nivi congrats… GO NIVI GO!! Milka singh’s 4th student is back in her form. U gives very good analysis for each scenes..

    @MOHINI aka MAAHI what happened to u dear? Why we are angry in with u(sorry I didn’t yesterday’s full comments)?? See Maahi, IB already gives one Omkara to DBO. So not another one…okay! Please keep writing dear. I really loves ur poems. PKJ always loves u….OMKARAJI KEEP WRITING AS MAAHI!

    @Riddhi vanakam.
    Lol… Indha paatta naan ethir parkala. Super… Especially andha 2nd line…JENMUM JENMAMAAI ANIKAKU KATTU PATTU NEE….hahaha!

    @Nilash ur jiju is getting scold from ur didi but u feels sad for car, phone, Rudra’s things…..very bad Nilash…very bad! U very well knows about ur didi. So Go n save ur jiju…
    @ANU guys see original anu is back with a bang. Yesterday is someone else. Bcz that anu felt pity for SSO. But not this Anu. She is original, she don’t feel pity for SSO. But today I felt sorry for Shivaay! No, don’t scold me. He silently getting that scolds. And his expressions makes me felt sorry for him.

    1. Riddhima

      Gayu …. Happy morning….
      Innum apt Ana song theduren kedaikamatukithu … Kedaichadhum post panren …

    2. I think car blew not bcz of petrol, bcz of Shivika’s fight! Even car can’t handle their fight…!!
      May be true Gayu! 😀

    3. Nilash

      Gayathri no Gayu from today you won’t mind right?????
      So yesterday I was feeling pity for SSO’s luck so many expenditure he has to make now feeling worried for his bank balance a bit….
      And the matter of saving SSO Amayaa is already there so no need of mine and I’m with my didi now for some days till my jiju leaves his NKK ideology….. if he leaves soon I will be in his side and will save him from Anika didi’s scolding…

  8. Guys..!!
    Somewhat believable new spoiler is out which says there ll be an encounter between Shivika n the two convicts escaped from jail. It ll b fun n dramatic. let’s see..!!

    1. There is a video spoiler too lax.. chk insta

  9. Piyuu

    shab all the best for ur results.

  10. Chavi

    Good morning dear ishquies… I’m good…how r u all dears…
    Shab sis….all d best for d results yaar?…sure u will get good d grace of God…

  11. hey guys am want to join our ishqbaaz family kindly accept me

    1. Archiya

      wc Shanaya… keep commentin

    2. Vishakha

      hi shanaya.. m new here too.. and i must say here ppl accept u with all their heart, liver, kidney and everything they have.. 😀 they are the coolest bunch of ppl i have seen in TU till now.. love u all guys 🙂

      1. Archiya

        everything v have lolzzz… more than coolest craziest … its PKJ after all

      2. Amayaa

        Omg vishakha
        Acceptation with all our heart ,liver,kidney, nd everything we have ………ha ha ha ………. u r so true nd now u nd shanaya r too de member of pkj ( pagalo ki jhund ) ………??……

      3. Vishakha

        @archiya @amayaa yeah craziest coolest funniest loveliest and what not.. indeed its PKJ 😀 and i’m more than happy to be a part of it..

  12. please

  13. Chavi

    Gayathri,ranilya,liji,astha,amayaa,piyu,akriti,agree,nivi,vivi,lax,surbi,neha,zainab,ria,vishakha,anu,shekar,pushpa,nilash,manya,mouni,arpita,maggi,bela,archiya…all ur comments n analysis nice ah…
    Akriti mmh waiting…for d rply yaar..
    Riddima ur songkaha waiting ….

    1. Thanks chavi!! 🙂

    2. Ranilya

      Thanks chavi…

    3. Amayaa

      Thank u chavi ……..???……….

    4. Vishakha

      thanku dear 🙂

  14. Chavi

    Hi shanaya…welcome dear..don’t ask yaar keep commenting…..

  15. Shekhar

    There is lots of arguments around over the NKK in SSO !

    I faintly believe, NKK seeds are still there buried at depth in mind of SSO, and breathing, His

    this ideology is in general, and measure the people around and in contact with this context

    , because he simply either he does not wish to measure people with anything else or he

    simply does not know any other way to measure the people. It is his empirical formula

    handed over by his parents , and as every such empirical formula has some exception, this

    has also, earlier OM and now ANNIKA is the exception.

    His guilt , and his repent pushed him to put ANNIKA at an EXCEPTION stage, and what ever

    he is doing is all out of this guilt, repent, exception.

    SSO is selfish, though he is not the cunning as like elders , but he is selfish. His all concern

    for ANNIKA were being started only after he realized his stromg feelings for ANNIKA. He

    never care either for ANNIKA or her brother SAHIL before he virtually fall for her, and this is

    not the case for ANNIKA, who cared, and even saved SSO , and others when she just could

    not dreaming marrying even with SSO, and was not felt for SSO.

    So as the person on the SCALE OF GENEROUS, he is far, far below than ANNIKA, and just

    can not even imagine him to attain that height at which ANNIKA is ever, convincing that

    ANNIKA is only the person around SSO having humanity.

    SSO is the most vulnerable man getting affected by people successful in business like TEJ,

    and only for that reason, we never found him attending his father, and as he just can’t hate

    him for the quality which TEJ have, he just keep side lining him. He has the money

    mentality along with social status. And at the stage of his such mind set, ANNIKA entered in

    his life . As he is not cunning, not cheating and is committed people, she is trying to dragg

    him out of wrong influence of he is under.

    I WANT LIJI TO COMMENT FIRST, PLEASE!!!!!!!, for keep saying CHAMCHA of SSO

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Shekhar Bhaiyya
      Don’t expect alone Liji to attack back. Any time they can attack back on SSO with full army of Liji,Anu and other strong shoulder in a single time..
      Be aware and ready to attack back.
      I am afraid they can change team also and agree with us in supporting Shivaay Bhaiyya..I know we have super power to manipulate things on good purpose..we have done that before also several time..
      Stop Astha bahut ghee daal diya tune aag mein..They will now surely attack…ha ha..

      1. Shekhar

        I humbly requested for LIJI to comment first, but you did not allow my wish to fulfill it!?

        Anyway, today I am today hell bent to clean out to remove all the stains lapped over me of being CHAMCHA OF SSO!? ??

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Shekhar bhaiyya…
      SORRY for being a kawab ki haddi .I will be more careful here after while replying to comments..
      I know from last few days I am doing more drama..This is not me..Astha can never behave this childish ..I will not interfere again ever…

  16. anyone please tell me if shivika is nominated for international jodi..????

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Hi Shanaya welcome to PKJ

  17. THANK YOU ALL AND YES DONT forcet to vote for shivika WE ALL HAVE SHOW OUR FAN POWER

    1. welcome shanaya!! sure! anything for shivika! 🙂

      1. Yes this time only they have the right to win ???…
        In only one year they became so popular….because of their chemistry yet award hot banta hai☺☺?


  19. Piyuu

    hi chavi hw r u ?

  20. Piyuu

    welcome shanaya


  21. Nikita_jai29

    Hii to all ishqies, here I am submitting my leave application… Because I am a little bit frustrated and sad… Kyoki mere cable connection Temperley vacation pr h.. Or mummy ne mujhe warning diya hua h ki is bar mai kuch bewakufi na kru…
    Is month mere SSC MTS AND M. COM ENTERENCE EXAM h.
    Last time Maine RRB clerk pre exam diya tha or because of my silly mistakes 1/2 number ki vajah se me mains k liye short list nhi ho pyi…
    Is liye is bar do or die situation h….
    So ishqies frnd.. I am going to leave and I am always continue my support to ff writers whenever I get time…
    Don’t miss me ishqies…
    Kyoki yaad unahe krte h jisko hum bhool jate h… Or mujhe Pata h aap log mujhe nhi bhologe…
    I will come back when I get my peace of mind…
    Till then keep loving… Watching.. Commenting…
    With lots of love and care to you all ishqies…

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Nikku… Leave granted..

    2. Hey @nikki… have u complete your Under graduation????

      1. All the best for ur exams…. aur jaldi wapis aana ok….?????????

    3. All the best nikita!! come back soon! 🙂

    4. Nilash

      All the best Niki dear your rocking girl will be waiting for you…. will miss you loadssss…. please make a comeback soon please…..
      Love you loads dear….

    5. Ranilya

      Best wishes nikita

    6. Vishakha

      hey all the best for your exams..and same pinch..guess what i gave ibps clerk exam and i cleared prelims too but i couldnt clear mains for just 0.25 marksand i coudnt get a u can imagine my situation.. so dont worry study peacefully u’ll get through of luck once again.. 🙂

    7. Archiya

      will miss u dear.. but at this point career is very important. so al the best with it

    8. Nikita
      It’s leave application right?? U ll ve to come back after the leave.

      All the best wishes for a bright future. God bless you..!! ???

  22. today’s episode was completely my shivika…this is a very nice episode

    our shivika back on arguing mode..

    its a treat to see shivika fighting and their cute nok joke..anika,i love ur crazinesss..shivaay ur my cute bro..
    narbhi is simply awesome..the way both of looked eachother after getting out from car was wow

    anika u got angry on shivay for searching ur past and parents..but shivay love u and he is trying to give u all happiness by finding ur family….i feel that now shivay is almost out of his nkk
    shivay will never leave anika..if he wanted to leave her then he would have done it when he found that she is not bajaj’s grand daughter..but when shivay learnt about anika, his love for her just got increased

    if anika goes on finding the birth truth of shivay & mahi then why not shivay find anikas family
    anika ,if u start to scold sso for this reason this is not fair…u r also doing the same thing

    shivika on searching mode….the day they find answers for their questions their scores will be settled

  23. Akriti

    guys the spoilers are true…
    shivika with goons in my dp….
    it seems like it will we fun and full of comedy…
    agar comedy ho toh think hai warna aacha nhi hoga …..

    1. Vishakha

      comedy hi hoga dear..don’t seems the goons will ask annika to sing and she’ll try to hint sso but whether he understands or not is the question ??

  24. Akriti

    sorry….couldn’t reply you all…
    little bit busy…

  25. Chavi

    All d best dear..nikitajai…for ur exams ah…we too love u..take care yaar…
    Hi piyuu..I’m good how r u?..
    Shekar baai ur analysis is good but I have question DAT SSO is still having nkk ideology ?…ah
    Up to dis journey of both…anika destroyed his nkk ideology of shivay in every situation… As we all witnessed it yaar..dis is my opinion…
    Astha dear I too agree with u yaar..☺

  26. worst serial of all time………………………

    1. Sony di if find this serial worst you can find another tv serial TU page beause here only ishbaazians are ther

    2. Vishakha

      then what are you doing in this page?? ?? go and comment on the page which you like na ???

    3. Archiya

      Good way to gain attention .. which rival show do u belong to?

  27. worst worst…………. serial of all time………………………

    1. Vishakha dear, don’t waste ur time by reply to this type of foolish maddies
      We doesn’t know maybe this person is mad or become jealous by seeing IB fans ,we don’t care such fool idiots

      1. Vishakha

        yeah u r right..

    2. lol….great comedy sony di…
      plss dont waste ur time here,go and watch the serials u find best..

  28. I am not as much as good in shayari as mmaahi to any omkara just I have tried hope u like it????

    Who always tries being smile on your face (seeing a rainbow we smile na)





    So keep loving and be loved

    Ps:if you have not found your true love be sure how is busy writing your love story so don’t disturb him?????????

    1. Vishakha

      wow! awesome writing dear ??

  29. Sorry errors

    *maahi di and omkara

  30. Ranilya

    I just wanted tell all of you that I’m unable to reply each one of you here….sometimes it’s network prb, sometimes its TU prb, and sometimes it’s time constraints….
    Even though I read all your comments i may not reply individually… but I do like all your views n analysis…
    A big bear hug to all members of pkj….
    A warm welcome to the new members of pkj…

    Amaaya I assign the task of conveying my regards to members of all clubs of IB fandom. Thank you.

  31. Hai guys,I love yest SSO with his old dress style that makes him so young like a chocolate boy, I luv his that dress style more than his usual wearing coat
    He was always handsome in any dress

    When I see their old memories filled VM,I get so emotional , actually that days can’t brought back, how perfectly the song apt for them , getting feelings and sad (how the time had passed very fast )

    I luv shivika and IB always, but their earlier days was like ————-_————————-
    I will luv them for ever , the most butiful HATED-LUV story ever, that much naturally they Rock it
    Only they can do it
    This is the real story and how 2 people Fall in love and realize it after a long days and how that luv become “FOR EVER LOVE ”
    Shivika — forever

  32. Archiya

    Sara baby where are u .. not seeing ur comments

  33. Hello ishbaazians remember me
    I am back after loooooooooooooong trip.
    how are u all I missed u all very much

    episode was awesome….
    I hate dis stupid pinky arghhhhh
    btw waiting for today’s episode wen my shivika will dance on hum Tum ek kamre mein band ho

  34. Hello ishbaazians remember me
    I am back from loooooooooooooong trip…….. I missed you all very much and how are you all

    coming on episode it’s was good shivika nailed It

    and I hate dat pinky she is very disgusting arghhhhh

    btw waiting for today’s episode wen my shivika will dance on hum Tum ek kamre mein band ho

  35. @ nivi….congrats dear…… go nivi go
    @amayaa…big dramebaaaz (with triple a) u r…….now shld i strt my drama where is ur rply fr me haan…..batao batao….why r u silent……shree wants to know 😉
    @Anu…..first of all relax dr……u need some water no nt fr drinking bt to throw at sso…..
    @Archii……true Family ke baare main jaanane ka haq sab ka hota hai, right but only if they want to.. applies to both shivay an anika…..don’t know where it is leading to along with pinky’s drama….
    @Shekhar bhaiyya…..u mean to say tat sso is still nt out of his nkk ideology….. Really???

    @Anu, Archii, Shekhar bhaiyya…….even i feel tat she knows something abt her family…..she also nvr mentions anything abt chutki to sso why??…….hs she lost her memory n only gets flashes of chutki……it cn be tat she hd some bad experience with her parents ( something lyk tej n om) so she ran with chutki ( nt expecting so)……or as u all r saying she lost her parents in some accident
    I remember earlier when her nightmare was shown there someone said “poor girl her sister drowned in water n darkness snatched away her identify” couldn’t remember d exact words….
    @maahi or mohini……which name shld i use……. Okay it’ll be maahi fr me…..bdw mohini nice name
    @Vishakha……loved ur cmnt……it’s fun reading d lines again…..pinky jst ignore her
    @Aastha…..ur happiness is reflecting in ur cmnt today…..hahaha……luv u dear
    @Nilash… to learn tat u r also frm Bengal….
    @Arpita……don’t know abt spa bt true they shld be awarded on behalf of TU….haha
    @Surbhi……sach me lamba intezaar kiya….shivika k tv pr aate hi tv bahut pyaara lgne lgta h…..hain naa
    @Lax… job….anything fr shivika…..yes by hook or by crook we hv to vote more n more fr shivika
    Really kasam fandom r helping yrkkh……yhm, yrkkh n our ib hs a tough competition b/w them
    @Shab……till now i think ur results r out….u mst hv passed d exam with flying colors
    @Shanaya……welcum dear to our crazy family….. Ur poem jst luved it
    Guys….tried replying to almost all of u…..agar phir bhi koi reh gya ho to bss mjhe inform kr dena…..ab kya karun i m lil weak at remembering things…..

  36. 🙂 🙁 :}:{

  37. Shanaa


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