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Ishqbaaz 2nd July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivaye lifting the ghunghat and seeing Anika. He recalls the old moments. The screen freezes. Rudra asks what did this happen. Some time before, Tia meets Shivaye and hugs him. She says I left you four weeks ago and you are in some style. He says your positive energy could not come to me, but negative energy came on scooty. He recalls Anika. She asks what’s this negative energy. He says nothing. She says I have something to make your spoil better. She gives some medicines so that he does not fall ill and he gets positivity. He says you remember all the small things. She says yes. He smiles. She says aww, smile, this calls for a selfie. She takes a selfie. She tells about her FB followers and likes on pics.

Rudra tells Om that people stalk others on social sites. He checks

FB. Om asks why don’t they do something productive like you do. Rudra asks are you making fun of me. Om says good you understood, and asks what problem do you have with Tia. Rudra says I just dislike her foreign accent. Om says that’s her slang. Om says Shivaye likes her, what we think does not matter. Rudra says Shivaye does not love her, we have chance to replace Tina. He says some shayari. Om pats on his cheek. Rudra asks him not to spoil his facepack.

Om meets Shivaye and asks what happened to you now, did your pulse rate got high. Shivaye says don’t joke, this is called preventive measures, I have imp meetings this week. Om says you know taking medicines without need is not good, new stock again. Shivaye says yes, Tia got this. Om says this is true love, Tia got medicines for you, I m seeing unique gift. Shivaye says there can’t be anyone perfect for me than Tia. Om asks why do you always say this. Shivaye says to make you believe. Om says its to make yourself believe. Shivaye says she cares for me, she is smart and understanding, that’s why she got medicines for me, she knows I can’t afford to fall ill.

Pinky is doing preparations for Shivaye’s engagement. Pinky and Jhanvi have an argument. Shivaye asks Om not to talk like her. Om asks who. Anika tells Priyanka about Shivaye. Shivaye says I can’t believe it, she was throwing cow dung on it. Om says that’s called Gobar. Shivaye says I hate that word. Anika asks what problem do Oberois have with Gobar, why do you guys hate it. Priyanka asks what happened then. Anika says then he flew in helicopter to show me down. Priyanka says its called chopper these days. Anika says I will call it helicopter only. Shivaye says then I got chopper to show her. Om says that girl has guts. Priyanka says I think Shivaye should have not done this. Shivaye says I should have called two choppers, I don’t like to see his face again. Anika and Shivaye speak against each other. Priyanka and Om calm them down. Dadi hears Shivaye and says that girl has something. Priyanka says its Shivaye’s engagement rehearsal, I need to go. Anika asks why, can’t he get engaged in one go. Pinky asks Jhanvi to send her two sons and see, one becomes Dara Singh, and other has woman type hair and makes statues.

Jhanvi asks her to stop it. They ask each other to shut up. Rudra asks Dadi the score. Dadi says its equal by now. Rudra says it would be fun if anything breaks. Dadi asks how will dance rehearsals start. Rudra says chill, its my brother’s engagement. Om asks Shivaye to think of his engagement decision. Shivaye says I m sure of it, so I decided. Om says you should commit to marry to whom you love. Shivaye says love and marriage, you know our family, Jhanvi drinks all day to forget her pain, your dad has a mistress, even then they both stay under same roof, my mum loves money more than her son, my dad runs from all his responsibilities, everyone hate each other here, even then they are here together, why, you know its because of name, money and power are base of every relation. He cries.

Om says I have seen this, don’t make this mistake, our parents made every relation a business deal, you don’t do this, you don’t love Tia, you know this well. Shivaye says yes and laughs. Om says mark my words, one day your life will be someone’s else, she will get wound and you will get hurt, she will be glad and you will smile, that day no one can stop you from falling in love, you will believe in love after falling in love, that day you will come crying to me. Shivaye says this won’t happen with me, but thanks for advice. He hugs Om and say elder brother, I have to go.

The gay choreographer comes there and Rudra smiles seeing him. Rudra asks are you alright. The choreographer smiles and stares at Rudra. Rudra says your phone. The choreographer says the connection got cut, and it can connect any moment, I m feeling down. Maa da laadla…..plays……………. Rudra runs and the man hugs Pinky. She says at last my choreographer came. He screams seeing Pinky. He says I need a break and runs.

Tia calls Om and he is busy. She says Om would be busy in studio, I will call Rudra. Rudra gets her call and says why is Lady Baba ji calling me. She asks how are you, I have sent positive energy for you from London. He asks her to send cash or any of her friends. She laughs and says you are so funny, I m coming home to surprise Shivaye. He asks why, just talk sensible and that will surprise Shivaye. She asks him to joke later and do what she is saying. Rudra says I have to do something of this Tia. The choreographer holds Rudra’s leg and says I have thought some steps for bride and groom. He asks Rudra will you become groom for me. Rudra says no, go and teach the bride and groom. Pinky asks the man to teach her. The choreographer explains the theme and gets close to Rudra. Rudra worries. The choreographer says how will I do all this, my assistant did not come, who will take my assistant’s place. Rudra smiles seeing Anika coming home with Priyanka.

Rudra asks if I make any statue stand instead your assistant then. The choreographer asks will you do this for me and is glad. Anika tells Priyanka that she will leave now. Rudra stops Anika. Shivaye says I m going for meeting. Dadi stops him. Rudra convinces Anika to stand there and assist choreographer. She refuses. He requests her by calling her Didi. She says fine, but just for few mins. Rudra asks Shivaye to come for rehearsals. Dadi emotionally blackmails Shivaye and he agrees. The choreographer asks the groom to lift the ghunghat. Shivaye goes to Anika and lifts the ghunghat. They get shocked seeing each other. Ishq hai…..plays…………….. They recall their past fights.

At the pub, a goon aims at Om and Rudra. Shivaye comes in between and asks the man to shoot him. Rudra says the goon has gun. Shivaye goes to the goon and says come on shoot.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Crazy

    Hahaha! ROFL EPISODE…
    oky so story z on a same portrait f 3 brothers
    Its same…
    But guys want u all to support me..
    N for that first tell me who u want n opposite roles…
    Coz I know many din like surbhi opposite to NOx..
    Any way
    Just inform me plz…
    N yup prolouge to b posted by tommo..

    1. Hey i think khushi(sanaya irani) would be a bettter pair for nakul

    2. Directionert91

      Plzzzz do write it… Please I’m waiting for that

  2. I wish the brother bonding don’t get break. In ishqbaas the highlight is this bonding. Exited day by day the scenes between shivaye and anika

  3. Really nice hoping for a good storyline ahead

  4. hayeee! the ghunghat wali scene is so nice.
    and rudra calling anika as didi ,its sooo cute.

  5. OMG!It’s getting more and more interesting day by day, can’t wait to see the next episode

    1. I’m enjoying this new show a lot. Would love to see Anika with Om, if Shivaye actually get marry to Tia. Great episodes so far.

  6. Rundra is so cute

  7. Sriranjani

    Shivika rockzz

  8. Mukti.H

    The show is getting interested day by day…
    Rudra is so cute…
    Shivika fights are even cute and funny…
    When are they going to introduce the other two female leads…

  9. nyz yaaar…. ilyk it…

  10. Can any one tell me whose son rudra is pinky or janvi n priyanka too i mean whose daughter she is??? Really confusing.

  11. Rudra is soooooooooooooo cute

  12. Nice story….

  13. Oh i want shivaye to love anika first and to propose her first . It will be sooo interesting ………

  14. Anika aka Surbhi chandna’s acting is superb….just love her acting
    This show is going well till now….hope so it goes well in the future also…

  15. I want mrunal thakur and Charlie chauhan to be the other female leads. I don’t like Anika but shivaye is awesome. I hope they change anikas role and giv it to someone worth it, not shurbhi Chandna.

  16. I am a big fan of this show, and I want to keep watching, but plz it is a request to the drama team to give Charlie chauhan and mrunal thakur the other two roles

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