Ishqbaaz 2nd December 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 2nd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dadi says I wanted you both to marry, that you have equal Ishqbaazi, but its done with heads kept high, but by hiding face. The goons throw someone in sack. Shivaye sees Tia and shouts out. Sometime before, Pinky asks how dare you and raises hand on Anika. Shivaye shouts mom and stops her. He says I told Anika to sit in mandap in Tia’s place. Tej says you mean this marriage happened by your wish. Shivaye says yes, it happened by my wish. Pinky says no, you can’t do this, you can’t marry this girl, you don’t know her blood, family line, you are saying this to save her right, tell truth. He says I m saying truth. She cries and asks how shall I believe this, you said you want to marry Tia to sign big deal, why did you do this, you worry for Oberoi family right. Shivaye says I did this to save family

respect. Shakti says wait, how is this marriage connected to Oberoi family respect. Shivaye says there is connection, Tia has run away before marriage. They all get shocked. Shivaye says so Anika had to sit in mandap.

Jhanvi asks what, its shocking. He says it was shocking for me too, but everyone was present there, press, business partners, rivals, I did not have an option, what would I say, marriage is cancelled, we would have lost name. Tej says you took big decision in big pressure, you saved us from embarrassment, I m proud of you Shivaye. Om asks what, big decision, what this right Shivaye. Shivaye asks what would I say, would I tell everyone that Oberois would be bahu has run away before marriage, media would have got masala, they would make fun of our family, our business would have loss, stock prices would have fell. Om asks did you not think of how much you fell by this thing, you are thinking of stocks. Shivaye says yes, I did not think, big decision has to be taken to save family respect, I did what Shivaye Singh Oberoi should have done at that time.

Om claps and says brilliant, typical Shivaye Singh Oberoi, who thinks by mind, not heart, who chooses business, not relations, whats wrong with you. Tej shouts Om, Shivaye did not do any mistake, he has thought by business point of view, you won’t understand, you did not work hard to make this business empire. Om gets angry. Rudra says Om please, shall I say something, you all are doing discussion, we have to accept fact that they got married now, and Anika is Shivaye’s wife now. Shivaye and Anika see each other. Rudra says I told angels exist, they really do. Dadi says Billu, it means you married Anika, you took wedding rounds with Anika, her mangalsutra is of your name, her sindoor is of your name. Shivaye recalls the marriage. Anika cries.

Pinky says but why will Tia run away from her own marriage. Shivaye gets Tia’s call. He gets angry. Rudra says why is she calling now. Om asks Shivaye to answer call. Shivaye answers the call. A man says Tia is with us, if you want to see her alive, do what we say. Shivaye asks who are you, what do you want. The man says price…..

Its morning, Shivaye keeps the notes in the suitcase. He gets the call and says I m getting money, I want proof that Tia is with you and safe. Tia talks to him and says don’t know who are they, they got me here from wedding venue, please save me. Shivaye asks the man why are you doing this, what’s your enmity with Tia. The man says enmity is with you, not Tia, we lost many business deals because of you, you have to pay the loss. Shivaye says then talk to me, why Tia. He leaves with the suitcase. Om and Rudra come to him. Om asks do you like to face every problems alone.

Shivaye says when problem is mine, I will face it. Om says that’s your problem, you feel all problems are yours. Rudra says yes, you don’t need to face problems alone, you have two brothers, we will come along. Shivaye says its bad idea, I will manage it alone. Om says like you did yesterday, no need to face everything alone, you could have discussed with us, we should have found a solution. Shivaye says situation was complicated and there was no time to say. Om says not its different situation, let us help now. Shivaye says its not necessary.

Rudra says its necessary for me, you become our support system, now its our time. Shivaye says no need to become elder brother, you are younger brother, I have got to go. Rudra says give us one chance, we will surprise you, you also surprised us by marrying Anika. Shivaye says I don’t want to talk about that, my business rival had kidnapped Tia to take revenge from me, its my duty to get her back home safe. Om says its our duty, I don’t agree with your marriage decision, but we are brothers, we will together face all problems. They all join hands and say one for all, all for one, Dil Bole Oberoi. Hum saath ek duje ke…..plays….. They leave.

They reach some place. A car comes and the man signs them. Shivaye throws the suitcase to them. The man throws the sack and car leaves. They look on. Pinky says don’t know where is Shivaye, he should have told us. Jhanvi says don’t worry, Om and Rudra went with him. Pinky says I told mummy ji about abshaguns, I had many dreams for Shivaye’s marriage. Dadi asks her to sit else she will faint. Pinky says we won’t have an image in society, my bp is getting low. She gets dizzy. Anika holds her. Pinky says don’t dare to touch me, don’t come infront of me, get out, its because of you, you will not become bahu, we don’t accept this marriage and a bahu like you. Jhanvi says we regret that Anika was a part of all this, Anika you have hurt us a lot. Dadi asks Jhanvi to take Pinky to her room, else her health will get bad. Pinky says what health, my fate turned bad. She cries. Jhanvi takes her.

Dadi says I had pride on Shivaye and trust on Anika, both broke today, my Lord knows I did not regard you outsider, I wanted you to marry Shivaye, that you both have equal Ishqbaazi, but its done with heads kept high, not by hiding face, cheat is done by hiding face, you cheated me Anika, I did mistake in knowing you, you made me realize that my eyes got old. She cries and leaves.

Shivaye sees Tia’s hand and gets shocked. He says its my fault. Om and Rudra hold him. Tia says Om, we lost her by my fault. Om says no. Rudra sees hand moving and shows Shivaye. Shivaye shouts Tia and gets her out of sack. He wakes her up. She cries and says sorry, don’t know why they kidnapped me, I m so sorry, our marriage could not happen. He says don’t say that, its all my fault, sorry, my business rivals kidnapped you, they did not mean to harm you, they were after you, I will not leave them, everything will be alright. He hugs her. She gets relieved and thinks.

FB shows Tia’s mum asking the man is Shivaye getting money. He says I think so. She says it should happen, else we will be ruined. Tia says if Shivaye informs police then… Her mum says no, he won’t do it, rich people love name and respect more than money. Tia says if he knows it was our plan. Tia’s mum says what’s wrong with you, how will he know. Tia says if he asks anything, if I don’t have answer, he will doubt. Her mum says just say what I taught you, he will have pity, no doubt, don’t be nervous. She hurts Tia’s neck by nails. Tia asks what are you doing. Tia’s mum says it should look you were actually kidnapped. FB ends.

Shivaye gets Tia home. Shivaye sees the red footprints of the bride and walks over them. Pinky asks Tia how did she hurt. Shivaye says I will tell you all, Tia needs rest, I will take her to room. Dadi sees the footprints and says dirt marks on Laxmi’s footrpints, its abshagun. Pinky asks her why is she being superstitious. Anika comes home and recalls the marriage.

Sahil goes to her and asks where were you, I have been waiting all night, your boss SSO has sent car, his manager gave me chocolate and dropped me back, why did you wear this bridal clothes. Anika hugs him and cries.

Shivaye says this marriage is not marriage, I don’t accept it. Dadi says marriage is promise to be kept for seven births, its not broken. Anika removes her jewelry. Shivaye says if you feel bad, I will pay her a good price. Dadi asks what price will you fix for the mangalsutra which you tied in her neck. Anika holds mangalsutra.

Update Credit to: Amena


    • Lids

      |Registered Member

      Me too. Not a fan of how they are treating Anika. I need the truth of Tia to come out quick and in front of everyone. Also, hope they don’t drag Tia’s the truth track. I think I would like the Dasha track better. Get rid of Tia. Not happy about today episode, hate it.

    • Sravs

      I hate Anika more than shivaay n his wierd attitude…. this is 21st century. They still show women as week and dependent. Anika is spineless… blo*dy useless writers. I expected At least this Anika’s character would be different… near to reality. But no…. as usual… spineless… Kushi & arnav were better and actually near to reality.

  1. Samyukta

    Yepidi shivaye yepidi pesala anika brave show his place and tia please shivaye oda life lende out aaidi and how can oinky say like this as she also belongs from middle class family before the marriage yepidi pinky yepidi pesala and Mr.tej aala business katalaidi and om superb stand how are all ishqies mukta, Sat,ahiba,ishqkum, saku,chandini,Veda ,shehkar,piyali,renimadi,rodhikari,and all how are you?????

    • Shiv

      |Registered Member

      Middle class can do anything for money is the blame shouted by everyone there but wat shivaay n pink doing they sold shivaay for money n deals lol!! Wat d hypocrisy here! Shivaay sold himself to tia for deals what should we call that character !!! 👺Hero kuriya image ah potchu!! Anika nalla vaipesuva she should be told everyone ur son abducted her bro n threatened to kill him nu!!! Dumbo she was at that time !! Me never been hooked to Mega serials this I found it different that’s y started watching but this too become typical serials wat my mom used to watch which I used to scold her for watching !!!🤕😱

      • Samyukta

        Ye shiv but we can expect new from this serial but I think shivaye will realise soon his feelings for anika

    • Veda

      |Registered Member

      Hi SAMYUKTA..I’m fit Nd fine dr.. how r u..??..Nd wat hv did u say,I couldn’t gt it..can u trnslt it into Hindi or English…???

      • Samyukta

        Ye sure Veda I’m fine and hope you have a nice day as I was saying how can shivaye say like this and brave anika show sso his place and how can pinky can speak aa before marriage she also belongs from the middle class family and please tia get out of shivaye life

    • Rohikiru

      hai ishqies i also didn’t like today’s episode tia eppa serial vittutu poralo appa than serial nalla irukum . i hate tia. shivaay konjam kuda yosikave matana tia enna sonnalum apdiye nambiduran athan enaku konjam kuda pidikala.

  2. Lalli

    Very sad 😢 episode why tho Tia again came to ruin shivika I just cant wait to watch shivika unite please makers clear the misunderstandings soon pleaseeeeeee

  3. shab khan

    Enaku vonnum puriyala shivaay introduce Tia as his wife in front of media disgusting I rea d a spoiler recently😠 hey chandhini swetha Fathima and sorry if I miss any hi my Tamil friends😃

  4. natasha

    Shiva is wrong!!
    The oberoies need to understand anika specifically dadi she knows anika is right still blaming her!
    A man committed a mistake and all the blame goes on a woman!
    This showed the thinking of our society!!
    Anika should now tell the whole truth to the family!!
    I hate the EPI today
    Hate u tia!!!!!!😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤

  5. Lalli

    Pelli Ki meaning lekunda ayipoyindhi Thana drushti lo dabbu Peru hodha ne anni Prem Ki viluva ledhu its enough now dnt show him arrogant and rude its was peaks Anika Ni shivay Ni kalisi choodali Valla madya dwesham tharigipovaalii

  6. sri anni raju

    in the upcoming episode of ishqbaaz
    shivika reception will happen
    in that tia will be announced as the bahu of the oberois
    but dadi om rudra will support anika at the reception

  7. Samaira20

    |Registered Member

    Oh god….this was serial based on the brothers and their unity…and ofc their love life too…but now they are making it a typical saas bahu saga…..I mean how low will they show shivaay singh oberoi can go….this tia I swear is just a b****…..I got a spoiler saying that though anika comes to oberoi mansion to stay but during reception party shivaay introduce tia as his wife…which makes half of oberois down and half of them cheer…..but dadi supported anika…..I ssly don’t know what is gonna happen….

  8. Chandini

    Om is the one who questions Shivaay. None the house are ready to scold or question sso. But I hate this side of sso. He is the most complicated character that is picturised on television. But hats off to Nakul for showing all sides of sso with atmost perfection. Pinky should not perform who she is…how can she treat anika like that. About that reception video… anika should not be in OM anymore. I don’t know whether she will reply for her humiliation or not..but this sso should go through the pains that anika under went before getting her .It will take a long time .I want that strong anika back.

  9. Mouni

    |Registered Member

    well as l expected tia return gaining the sympathy of the OF but her mission this time will not be easy , dadi and the O bros support shivika’s wedding and shivaye himself am sure will have trouble hiding his feeling like he used to do before because this time anika is his wife and his natural possesivness toward her will show in the next episodes so am expecting a change in the next week episodes especially after tia’s move in the reception l saw a video where dadi scold shitia for their action in front of the media and take shivika to the decorated bedroom , am guessing she wants anika to stay in shivaye’s room but anika seems resisting the idea …
    am waiting for daksh’s entry as he will be mad but also will make sso jealous or protective with anika and if as shekhar said there will be a kidnapping and that will trigger sso real feelings hopfully

    • Archiya

      If after all the insult shown at the reception, Anika stilll goes to OM then it will n against the character they have portrayed for her.. tat is her self respect which is of utmost imp to her.
      An how can she still b his wife, he wont accept her infrnt of the world, just in his house.. I just hope the spoiler is wrong

      • Mouni

        |Registered Member

        true , anika was insulted a lot this week so am hoping the reception will be the last time , shivaye crossed all the limits with her for the sake of his name and deals forgetting that he ruined the life of human being as he still thinks that a small amount of money will make her forget the insults
        the spoiler is real there is a video showing tia pushing anika and going to shivaye

    • Archiya

      True Mouni,
      Saw bth the spoilers.. whts the point of dadi scolding Shitia after all the damage is dne..

    • Lids

      |Registered Member

      Yes, and make it quick. Evil lady. Hope Tia and her mom get arrest for the fake kidnapping crime. I hope Shivaye is smart enough to his “ransom money” traced and then find the money with tia’s mother. Hate this episode. I’m so upset. Anika better make them all (except Om and Rudra) suffer. I’m going to turn evil on Tia. LOL.

  10. Sejal

    I really didn’t like anika waiting there n crying away. She should have replied to allegations of pinky or just walked away. D oberoi family is actually cheap. Shivaye n pinky extremely cheap. Shivaye not worthy of anika . want tables to turn really fast now. High time Tia’s reality came out.

    • Lids

      |Registered Member

      I know!! I’m speechless , nothing good about today’s episode. The elder ladies were just so cheap and disgusting. Now Tia will be on their side and will treat Anika nasty. Tia’s truth better be revealed quick or I’m going to have a mental breakdown.

  11. Divya

    Show is full of negativity…felt lik hell watching today’s episode…I am hating d show nowadays..IPKKND was far better than this…

  12. Nithu

    |Registered Member

    I just hate this…to the core of my heart…what does..mahan…shri…MR.SHIVAYE SINGH OBEROI…thinks…that he can hurt anika…again…..acc to spoilers..anika..will go to OM..and as usual..MR.SSO insults her again…by intro tia as her married wife….uff enough of this…really fed up…

    • navz

      Yaa I too want daksh to be back as he is the only one who can make Mr.sso to realise his feelings for anika .and anika should not forgive him so easily. I just hated d epi. Even dadi is not on anika s side. Everyone know dat shivay has done everything even then how can they blame only anika.why is she bearing all those insult.she should have spoken abt what shivay had done with her.bichari anika ko kitna suna raha he ye log. And dat devil Tia is back. Tia should move out as soon as possible and I am eagerly waiting for dakshs entry.

  13. Sejal

    Even when Shivaye is saying he asked anika to marry him..his family goes ahead blaming anika. Anyway.. I hope anika keeps her self respect high n refuse to go to oberoi mansion.. Let Shivaye get to know truth about Tia.. N games played by daksh. Anika should not try to prove herself anymore.

  14. Amalina

    |Registered Member

    I don’t like this sudden twist. It would’ve been much better if Daksh and Anika were getting married and then Shivaaye realizes Daksh’s evil intentions and sits on his place in mandap and marries Anika. Who agrees?!

    I didn’t expect the Oberois to be this rude to Anika even after Shivaye admitting it was his mistake. I still don’t get where’s Daksh and if he’s not Tia’s bf, then why is he trying to instigate Shivaye against Anika by telling Shivaye that Anika agreed to sleep with him for the money that Dadi asked him to give to Anika for Sahil’s boarding school.

  15. Aqua

    Oh the horror horror horror horror! , the worst nightmare of SHiVika fan is coming true!!! 1😢😢😢😢😢

    Pls send Tia back to her husband turned brother, Robin😢😢😢

  16. Archiya

    Why was anika quite all the while.. it wld hardly taken smetime to tell everyone especially dadi tat shivay blackmailed her into the marriage..tat too wit her bro life.. n why is no one askin the reason.. it breaks my heart to c anika lik tis, why do women always have to face al the probs.
    So now the dirty blame game is on shivay, he will always b guilty tat bcoz of him Tia was hurt. But where is logic in this, shivay can make agrements ready within minutes, get sahil in no time, then why cant he find out abt TIa kidnapper.They r foolin him so easily, n he is supposed to b a smart businessman.
    Dnt knw whether to feel bad fr Tia when her own mom hurted her for money or hate her when she smirks, and keeps her dirty foot on anika footprints. . This somehow shows tat for now bad has won over gud
    Loved the oberoi bros moment today.. after a long time evryone did their hairtsyles.. OM looked the cutest though
    An dadi dont u worry, Ishqbaazi toh hogi aur wo bhi takkar ki.. wait fr sometime just like us

      • Archiya

        Ya I saw tat spoiler too… bt the whole family shld knw hw low their son has gne to save his so called family respect.. doubt dadi will tel abt the truth to anyonye

  17. Tusi

    i stopped to watch this…. now it seems irritating…typical drama… 2 girls 1 boy… and focus only shivika..why not om or rudra….

  18. Tia Padhye

    Shivika marriage should have been the best track ever…but the makers have made it the worst…plz expose tia and daksh and clear the misunderstanding between shivaay and anika…and kindly dont make this a saas bahu serial with villain pinky and bahu anika…plzzzz

  19. Ishqfan

    Why is Anika quiet..I am sure she is in shocked state but why didn’t she tell truth before everyone.. what is stopping her after being so much insulted.. she is smart and knows how to react .. I like smiling Anika and not crying one…

    In reception, I want her to be strong though she is broken your strong face Anika..

  20. Kalika

    I hope they don’t make Anika bow to Shivaye, I want Anika to stand strong against him. The divorce must happen so that they can marry on equal footing, right now the world sees Tia as Shivaye’s wife… Why must Anika always bend, it’s time for Billu to feel pain

  21. fathima

    not again lady baba. I just hate today’s episode except aahil(anika & sahil) moments. shivaay ur so insane. he is just out of mind. I think he is becoming pagal billa from bagad billa. when I read spoiler that he is going to introduce tia as his wife in reception I just hate you shivaay. whatever dadi said is absolutely true. I hope they will get shivika romance part again in show. ooops I forgot to say hi…. hi ishqbaazians especially our tamil ishqies how r u all

  22. Begum Para

    why is women shown so vulnerable in every hindi serial. Why couldn’t she talk and slammed everyone. nonsense

  23. Sindhu

    Seriously this change is very cheap in the show… It’s jus lik iss pyaar ko kya naam doo.n.. atleast der chemistry was good… Here I don’t feel it… Show is boring frm past 10 days

  24. Mouni

    |Registered Member

    the fans who are irritated with week episodes will probably break their tv in tomorrow and probably monday’s episodes when the reception will take place
    l feel for you guys but am sure as shekhar said they will show the maximum pain for anika and then start the reverse prosesse where its the turn of SSO and OF to feel the pain of the humiliation after the exposure of tia and her family , l think in the reception shivaye became a coward in front of the press and could not present anika who is nobady by his standarts and have to answer their questions so he chose the easy solution and continued the lie and made tia his wife publicly witch will humiliate anika even more but l saw in the video that dadi scolds shitia for this
    l have confidance in anika’s character and pride , she will not accept humiliation any longer ( hope so ) and the turn will surly come on shivaye to pay the price of his bad beliefs and his regrets will be painful for what he did
    for me am happy that the wedding is over quickly and tia return happend sooner than later but am still waiting for daksh who will be very dangerous

    • Bshama1239

      |Registered Member

      Mouni dear you’re absolutely right anika is selfmade and every girl wishes to get respect if she gives respect and yaa your hope so that anika will do something is correct anika would fight back how I guess I know….
      When SSO would ask her divorce she would not accepted it ( yippee👏👍👌💖) and at last she would give a warning⚠🚧 to stop it at once otherwise she will take revenge for harming her life by marrying her …omg….tia suatan tharu breakup toh paako… ( 💃 best dialogue by Ishana)

    • shekhar

      Mouni Mam, you rightly catch me there, and so far making her scare without deforming SSO character its all ok, but the way GK , making his character frame totally shattered and showing him so much concern and making him dumb, which should not be happen at all. SSO lost its character frame as soon as he was being so concern for TIA, for whom he did not even called on her eloping from wedding, and as soon as he hugged TIA for whom who had never feelings so far. MOST SENSITIVE OM WAS SURFACED AS GOOD FOR NOTHING, RUDRA WAS SURFACED AS ITCHING INSANE FROM INSAN ONLY. DADI, SO EXPERIENCED OLD LADY, NOT EVEN TRIED TO THINK OTHERWISE. HIGHLY EDUCATED JHANVI REACTED AS SHE COULD NOT REACT IN OTHER WAY.

      Yes, I had predcted extrimity, but not in this way. When it lost consistency, it lost charm as well. You can not work out on inconsistency, like empiricle odds. I think, horror fame RAMSAY has more logic than this mindless stubborn GK.

  25. Mrs Elizabeth

    It’s gud to show that hw arrogance Nd richness can get shivaay to do anything,but to keep showing shivaay blindly believing everyone who tries to fool him s height of foolishness n today’s society.(eg his believing Tia being kidnapped,nd blindly believing the boy Daksh sleeping with Anika) .it wud be better to show hw both of them can you ward off the misunderstanding Nd problems Nd solve greater issues that come to the family which can be more appreciated.hw class difference can be broken off .Such events cud make the serial interesting and intelligent.Ur showing two educated Nd young modern adults blindly believing what others say Nd still attracted to each other looks dumb.why can’t Anika be shown breaking the arrogance of shivaay.

  26. Rasika

    According to my pov this type oflove strory has no meaning…
    1st of all a guy who can force a girl to marry for his own selfish motive can be very selfish aggressive n dominating..
    You cant love the same person who threatened to kill your small brother..who called you roadside who thinks youhave no blood family nothing.. If someone is like this how can you even dream of loving someone!!?
    N here anika made mistakes by involving her in this oberoi family…rich ppl are like this only…they can even kill you.if you decide to go against them…
    Anika is a simple mAny times she saved this so called sso…n what he did for her??
    She only got pain n hurt I’n return….even if thiz sso becms romeo aftr somedys whts its use?u can’t take backwht uhv given not the pain hurts her tears nothing…
    So this lovestory is absurd n a lot fictional which cant be compared with reality.its to dreamy….roumya lovetry is more towrds reality…
    Gulkhan messed up sso chrcter n shivika lovestry.
    I bet ishqbaz wil end in next 4 months.

  27. Veda

    |Registered Member

    Donno y.. I never cn hate SSO…after watching reception video nd todays epi I hv tried a lot to hate him, to gt angry bt hv ended up feeling pity…..I think he needs more support nd sympathy dan ANIKA…..evn after having such a beautiful family SSO is all alone there….(though he himself is responsible fr dat.)…It seems he wants to destroy ANIKA, he wants to win over her.. nd likely he is trying to do so bt at tthe end of the day he is da one who is being destroyed..he is da one who hs defeated.. its his soul which is bleeding badly….all he needs is to talk to someone.. it may DADI or may OM, whoevr….wenevr we try to justify ourselves, our choices, our steps towrds someone,we cn find out our hidden selves, we cn figure out our motives,we cn solve out da all bothering “HOW” “WHY””WHOM””WHEN”….. SHIVAYE needs dat….he needs to brk down..I’m sure,today instead of being angry to him if DADI or OM would simply ask him (personally) “r u ok..??..tell me wats wrng?” SSO would brk down…atleast fr a moment… nd ANIKA…yes..she is suffering bt she is nt helpless… she is stronger dan SSO,she is realistic.. LOVE is the biggest weakness fr SSO bt LOVE wl b appeared as da biggest strength fr ANIKA in near future…in SSO’s language “WO BECHAARI NEHI HEY.!!!”..yup..she is nt…

    nd RAZNA SHAMA SAKU..I am sooo happy to c u commenting guyyzz..I couldn’t get chnce to reply u on previous page…how r u dr sissys.???.

    RAZNA nd SAKU hope ur xams r going well….

    nd SHAMA if da ISHAANA rumour wl cm true I vl…. I vl… I vl….. I vl…donno wat I vl do yaaaarrrr…..🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙌🙌🙌💃💃💃💃

    • Mouni

      |Registered Member

      hi veda , well l believe that sso has a big burden for the sake of his family , his 2 bros are not interested in buisness and his uncle has some hidden agenda even his father is a bit useless so all the family matters come on his shoulders and the woman he marries will share that same burden with him
      so l feel like the stress he went throu is huge and made him forget that anika is a human being so the stress and the fact that he is not happy with tia , he does not love or care for her as a wife so he must be miserable seeing anika “his wife” getting away from him
      his biggest breaking down will be when tia is exposed he will be shattered , he will feel destroyed and played like a fool by her and her family and what ill make things worse is that anika will not be with him

      • Sophie

        Hi Veda, how r u
        Same with me, i just cant hate Shivaay even after what he has done to Anika. I love Shivaay is bae!

      • Veda

        |Registered Member

        Yes MOUNI…he has a huge burden Nd stress…Nd after all he is a common human being nt a SUPER HERO….Nd he can’t expect ny help frm ny of his family member in business related issue…Nd he had a tendency to solve all da problems on his own…he needs support Nd ANIKA can b da support system fr him…

    • Bshama1239

      |Registered Member

      Di hi I am also happy to back here @ Ishqbaaz home hi guys to all I can surely understand even I can’t hate SSO what ever he do because behind that there would be some reasons here in this case the reason is that both anika and shivaay are battling with their own feelings and mindsets in my POV I think :
      Love life of 2 individuals has 2 ends one affection and second ego …
      Ego says why should I express my feelings to her/ him.let her express first.
      This the situation according to me in their relationship .

      Please drop ur valuable views here if anyone wants me to explore more in fictions….

      Lots of love to all 😘💖💓💞💗

    • Razna

      |Registered Member

      Hii veda diii iam reallyy fine…hw r u…and yss our exxams were going well…..i will come back after my examss

      • Veda

        |Registered Member

        SHAMA.. happy to c dat v r n da same boat 😊😊…bt da hatred of most of the IB fans is justifiable…this much of negatvty is nt needed at all….hope this is short term


      VEDA MAM ,

      What ever the worst could have been happen with ANIKA by any character, shall be being in character frame.

      for example,OM is decent so far, he can not behave badly with anyone, but when he was being indecent, and behave badly with some one, then it can be done only by DRAGGING KUNAL OUT OF OM CHARACTER FRAME.

      When you deform any character frame, same time you are killing that character, as GK is doing frequently with TIA character in the insane motive of TWIST. SSO character just can not deviate flow of his feelings, let him be extreme cruel with ANIKA, but flow should not be deviated, bcz viewers has ability to see GOOD FEELINGS behind that cruelity.

      but unfortunately , for GK MAM like director, we can not expect such consistency !!!

      • Veda

        |Registered Member

        SHEKHAR …agree wid u…bt wat I hv said..TRP matters… nw they r doing nothing bt experiments with the charectr to catch TRP…nd its obvious dat frequent twists nd turns can completely damage da structure of a charectr..
        they hv already deformed OM’s charecter with that accident track…and now they are deforming ANIKA’s also with dis ABLA NARI incarnation…
        characters r da puppet in CV’s hand nd CV’s r too da puppets in channel’s hand…dey hv to stop IB frm going off air 1st….

    • Saku

      Hello veda di…i m fine…nd my exams r rocking😎😎😎…nd u know what I m so HAPPY bcoz my 1 paper got postponed😎😎😊😊….nd di ishana rumour agar each hua na toh I will throw a party🎧.😜😜…
      Hws u di??

  28. Lax

    Heartbreaking..!! Annika should ve exposed Shivay. Should ve told how Shivay ill treated her. Why is she keeping mum? How long ll she support Shivay in all his misdeeds? How long ll she take the insult? It seems Shivay is punishing Annika cause he feels she has cheated him with the one night stand. That misunderstanding has to get cleared in the first place for other things to get better. To make things worse, yeh dekho tapak padi Tia maharani. Kidnapper bhi ek dum understanding hain, kidnapping se pehle Tia ko bridal wear se casuals mein change karne ka time diya. Phew..!! At least SSO shud ve thot of that. No just blindly believing Tia. Glad that this time Tia did not blame Annika for the kidnapping. Sahils presence in the episode was refreshing after all that drama.
    Having said all these, I still feel all these negativity is included in the track now, so that later Shivays guilty avatar n redemption is spot on n more convincing. Then, I hope rather wish, that SSO calls for press meet n reveal the truth of his marriage, including how he ill treated Annika. Ha Ha I know this wont happen par wish karne mein kya jathe hain.
    P.S – I kinda feel sad for Robin.

  29. Rana

    What happened to Daksh? He is MIA. Don’t know how will he react. Hate it when they all blame Anika. What’s it in being a middle class? Atleast middle class aren’t fake.

    • Sophie

      He will come back and find out about the wedding. This will shock him and then he will kidnap Anika to take revenge. Anika will find out that he is psyco. At the end Shivaay will save Anika from Daksh.


    I am neither anger over SHITIYA nor over any charector, but I have a great pity over GK! It seems, her thirtd plate residing in her brain has been slipped out totally and due to that she just might have missed to review today’s episode.

    It was all irrelated dramebaazi !!

    When and how SHIVAAY found so much feelings for TIA when he didn’t even called once after she eloped?

    What for that song of three bro while going to pay ransom to kidnapper? Are they going to fight with kidnapper?

    GK mam, certainly you need some treatment , isn’t it?

    You show off all three bro deaf and dumb, one being BUSINESS TYCOON, who just could not think how and why KIDNAPPER gave her enough time to change bridal dress and then kidnapped her?

    SSO called TIA to receive her just befor few minuited ago, then why SSO could have been believe her kidnapping story?

    GK mam, this tv shows are becoming the joke only due to cheap , mindless makers like you. I know, you are habituated to behave rude with your viewers, and that you will do this time too giving some mindless statement on IG, never mind, do it asap.

    You are not consistent, and also never prefer consistency in any charectar

    A great maker can get TRP, your shitting hunger, alongwith mantainig the consistency in charecter line, and certainly you are not one of them for sure. You played and played with TIA charecter, and sure you will keep continue with it, and now started to play with all charectars, ok play, its all yours wishes, I know.


    I heard this alike dialogue in one of your epi.

    You just put that dilogue in some one mouth, and laid yourself in a chair to laugh at it!

    Just HORRIBLE attitude it is!

    • Mishri

      |Registered Member

      Hahahaa…sheku lost it 4 the first tym…I totally agree with u..its not like ishqbaaz to be diz level?never!!!I always be proud to say st it doesn’t drag…dz week m ashamed…shivaay believed daksh..tia and all villains BT not anika..he says he loves her..god he is soooooo stupid…oms murder???wat hppnd 2 DAT??acp and prinku???I will gv GK only 1 week 2 clear her mistakes.. nope blunders!!!!

      • SHEKHAR

        An actor/actress when lost selfness in a character then only he can play that character efficiently, and when he/she do at at all point , and in all mid points. then it is called consistency. Makers , for conveniency, some times miss that consistency, and deforming that character, try to give a TWIST, but this mindless, moral less GK mam will enjoy such illicit right over MAIN character like ML/FL, never expected. I know since start, she is not TOP makers, but now I came to know now, she is not even at mid even who for TRP , fall down to the level of 3rd rated ROAD BRAND DIRECTOR, who lost all ethics of makers. What she tried to gave twist, all are replica of her SHITTING MIND scaring of losing TRP.

        I lost , and lost it all

    • Veda

      |Registered Member

      Absolutely SHEKHAR..I also couldn’t find any value of da song “LAFZON KA YEH” while going to pay ransom…I was like wat da hell is going on…😡😡 da depth of SHVOMRU moments hv alrdy lost Nd nw GK probably hs considered it’s her routine to put some forced OBRO momnts… nd yesterday’s OBRO momnt seemed sophisticated like never before…😔😔😢😢….
      Nd in my POV we don’t hv to feel fr anyone …if even a stranger falls in trouble fr us ,v feel bad Nd blame ourselves….
      Bt its true dat how can a business tycoon like SSO be sooo foolish tat without ny confusns nd doubts he blvs almost anyone in no time(except ANIKA)… ???!!!????😵😵😵😱😱😱😱

      • SHEKHAR

        I such bunch of irrelevencies can be expected only from mindly paralysed makers, that GK is !!! Any words will be proved less to describe her HUNGER of TRP! It was heard , DUE TO HUNGER, SNAKES EAT HER OWN EGGS, that is also right for GK!



      After few days,

      early in the morning, he rcv a call

      T-“SHIVAAY BABY, there is a good news for you!”

      S-‘” TIA!, good news??!!! wh…at it is?”

      T-“I am going to be mother your baby!!”

      S-“wh…, but how can it be possible? you know when I never……..”

      T-” Oh BABY! I know it, but that kidnapper…., you know, its your mistake’

      S-” Oh! yes, yes, but don’t tell any one about kidnapper, I will manage damage control. and take care of baby, for my sake, please!”


      • Veda

        |Registered Member

        😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂…OK OK OK no more….😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂…u nailed it Shekhar…exactly….it doesn’t sound imposable at all

      • Shiv

        |Registered Member

        Oh my god!!! Shekar !! You have nailed it!! 👏🏻👏🏻👍!! 😹Exactly it’s totally an emotional turmoil for IB fans watching yesterday episode!! Male lead should be an epitome of atleast some kind of goodness within here she totally spoilt that character with lots of inconsistencies! Really ashamed to chose this serial from yesterday episode!!! 😡😤within a week they should clear the dumbo ugly mess they be created otherwise definitely trp will fall down ‘!!!or she S focussing on diff kind of dumbo viewers from now on!!😈Who knows!!

      • Archiya

        @Shekhar :lolzzzz.. this can surely happen.. seeing the dumbness with which the serial is gng
        @Shiv : even i feel GK is focussing on other viewwers.. who want sheer dumbness.. sas bahu drama.. heroine always cryin

      • Mishri

        |Registered Member

        Okay guyz shhhhhh…sheku stop..u making us laugh yaaaar..hahahahaha..BT yh m with u z gng 2 happen 1 day…

      • Saku

        Lol😂😂😜…u r right shayad kuch dino baad ye bhi dekhne ko mil sakta h…looking towards current track..😂😂😂😜

  31. Tahima

    |Registered Member

    OMG this is enough humilation for anika. Now they better show anika standing up for herself and getting away from all this crap. No more anika doesnt need to prove herself to thses stupid oberios. Shivaay himself will be running to anika after they find out tia’s truth. Same with the rest of the oberio’s. I used to love PINKY but now i just cant stand her

  32. DaSha

    Hello dear friends!

    Never have been more disappointed with this show (and I had already saw what Shivay personage is going to do next week, so it’s all together).

    After awesome work Nakuul and Subhi did before marriage episode it’s dra-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-gging of all scenes to almost impossible level…

    Come on, screen writers, you got hundreds of ideas not to drag the same lines, if you need more take them from fans, ff and etc. Need some? Just ask us, or better finish some stories left undone (Anika’s family, sister, Tej and Shakti secret, Gayatri murder, ACP sister murder, ACP plan against OF, secret insider who helped to attack Shivay, Daksh obsession, Tia’s marriage, Rudra and Sumo marriage, secret male partner of Roop we saw in the beginning )

    Once Diya told Prianka should take the magic potion to grow a spine, well we definitely need some magic potion for Anika. Where is this independent, self-respecting girl we had seen in the beginning? I know when we fall in love we behave like fools, head in a sky, always ‘there and then’ and never ‘here and now’, BUT, please, no need to destroy her identity. Anika imho is different from other female characters, or I better say she was!

    And what the hell had happened to the brother-bone of ShivOmRu!? They keep secrets from each other! Om keeps Priyanka’s secret for couple of years, Shivay hides his feelings, Rudra did not told anything about his marriage. Really? It’s just becomes a standard story of misunderstandings, man thinks girl is gold-digger and for sale, and insults her in all the ways, girl crying all the time, suffering all the time in husbands house and thinking about meaning of sundur and mangalsutra (it means nothing if the one who putted it on gives no love and respect to your marriage).

    Sorry if i hurt someones feelings. It’s my POV

    • Archiya

      Hi DaSha,
      I totally n completely agree wit ur last line. . If the person who put mangalsutra n sindoor does nt love an respect u no meaning of it.
      Wish all the boring serials wld considr this, every serial story is same, women hvr these things to keep thinking abt their marriage n cryin.. bt men dnt hve any such thing which reminds them of their marriage
      Just hope IB does nt become lik tat

      • DaSha

        Archiya, I think they really should devorce. I even bet they will do it! For some reasons I see hidden allusions to their second marriage when they will be equal. Even Dadi told the marriage should be done with with a high head, not hidden under the vail.

        I like to presuppose about what is going to happen next and that’s what I think about it (long term perspective):
        * Shivika will stay together in love/hate relations for some time meanwhile we will see other stories developing
        * one day Anika will sign divorce papers and give them to Shivay, leave OF
        * Shivay will be ready to marry Tia, but very last moment he will find out the true about Tia and (!) will realize he did not sign divorce papers
        * OF will face lots of attacks from outside ACP, Roop, Svetlama and etc.
        * Shivay find out truth about Anika being innocent all time and come for her, asking for love
        * perhaps we will see some new hero (positive !) for Anika and Shivay will demand her to spend some time with him and if he failed to prove his feeling she may go
        * they will face some OF troubles together
        * they will prepare normal wedding when they both confess their love and at this moment crash boom bang will come Anika’s family or she will find out something about OF secret connected to her family distraction and cancel marriage.

        I think it’ going to be something like this, and we will see Anika and Shivay marriage again but it will take place long after and in a different circumstances.

        I think Shekhar was right couple days ago when he told that Gul Khan will let everything to fall and will raise again. Very communistic way 🙂


      DASHA MAM,
      Nicely described, I read it thrice, not to understand, but to justify my like!

      What MAKERS are missing is just a CONSISTENCY! But I found GK mam has no abilty to mantain consistency either in story line or in any character, and thats why she will be known as the SOME MAKER of NONSENSE SERIAL , not by name!

      GOOD MAKER makes actor/actress to perform only those things which can be done only by having within the defined character frame having definate shades only. They never allowed and persons to step out from the frame and to perform.

      Unfortunately, these makers have a limited talent and more hunger of TRP, and are dragging us into SHITT along with them!!!

      My words are harsh, but this is truth !

  33. Vijji

    I saw somewhere that Rudy will stop Tia staying in Shivaay’s room. Way to go Rudy. Good job. Love Rudy so much. He is so much fun. Even Dadi should not allow Tia to stay in OM. That would be horrible if they allow.

  34. akann

    I am starting to get irritated even though I love the show and the cast. I hope they bring some fun to the show. It is really hard to see Anika in this crying Avatar all the time.

  35. Sree

    Absolutely shameful that we still do this kind of drama. The team has given some interesting points on how to force a marriage. Anika should just walk off and never return. She should keep her dignity and walk out high stay away from Oberoi family and Daksh. Move away from that city.

  36. Neesha

    Pinky was not even treated Anika as a human. It’s very bad. What ever would be the reason it is by this behavior they are showing their so called standard. Shivay is so fool before getting kidnapped she was in wedding attire and after coming back in normal and he is trusting her. Anika should leave shivay and go home back. If the kidnapper kidnapped tia for the money he should take all the jewelry which wa decorated as a Rangoli. One thing is clear these things are happens in serial only very unrealistic track.

  37. Abiha

    Heyyyy guys…
    How r u all..?
    Itsss me abiha…
    Hope u remember me …bcz m here after almost one month…how r u ..?Good morning…
    Firstly the stress of studies n then the death of my grandmother.. So I was not there…
    Who remember me…reply me…

  38. Nisha

    Hi guys. Been a big fan of ishqbaaz. Been reading ur comments too.
    I want to say the makers have now shifted the main story line from where it started to typical soap operas. V used to like previous storyline bcoz there was less of negativity. But now all episodes r only negative. How can u treat a girl like anika like shit.. n she doesnt speak for herself when everyone is accusin her. I too have seen the spoiler. Anika shouldnt take this lyin down. She needs to come bac strong n leave oberoi mansion. Who is SSO, y should he rule her life. she can get job anywhere y she needs to bear such insult. Leave those ppl with their problms. They r not worth helpin also. Except om rudra dadi no one has humanity…

  39. Tas

    Very bad not happy with this episode. I hate shiway……..what the hell he is saying in precap he give money to anika this is really unfair with anika.

  40. shahabana

    I never thouhgt one day i will hate sso like this…..i hate u sso core….i just wish now they wont show sso more dumb cruel if they will do this then i have to say that im regretting for loving the charecter sso…..this is not same sso which charecter i liked….i hope gk will end all this mees soon….

  41. Asha manian

    I wish anika return tat 15lac to dadi…n ll go far away wit sahil frm thr….thn ly tat loose shivay ll understand….dadi kuda nambala anika va…so sad

  42. Mishri

    |Registered Member

    For the 1st tym m annoyed with ishqbaaz..poor anika..no1 cares..and wat does shivaay thnks about hmslf????he is soooooo stupid..he is the oblivious person in the shoe..he really thanks he knws everything… Anikas bubbly character is crushed!!!shivaay is never there 4 her…he should knw DAT she’s innocent…and tholis week was draaaagng…very trusted her before now wat hppnd…how can ppl change soon soon!!!!!!!!!I wish thy bring a normal show agn…SSO is soooooo dumb these dayz..

  43. Tara

    Each n every comment above is spot on
    The IB team need to think long n hard what they want.
    Seriously- I just read the update but did not watch n wont until the track improves..
    I feel like its not just me but whole fans out there…We r being treated as stupid n idiots….what do the IB team think…they will provide crap n we will keep watching like fools…

    SSO is supposed to be an intelligent n big business men and like so many people commented above, he is acting like a no brainer.
    Pinky is from a small village, uneducated, trying to talk in English to match up to OF standards, then why is she saying all the small things to Anika….wheres her humanity, Oh my mata beliefs- is this how u behave being Matas devotee.
    Anika initially was shown as a strong, independent person where she said ” zindagi mujhe nahi hara payi toh tum kya mujhe hara payo ge to SSO.. now what happened? women empowerment? honesty? hard work?
    This show is showing greed, evil, dishonesty as something to be proud of?
    Or being from less fortunate or being poor as punishment?
    I would like to remind the IB team…people watch shows to escape from negative stresses n issues in life, to find amusement, feeling happy seeing a good story line, reinforcement of belief that goodness wins over evilness…not like the current track.

    All true IB fans and especially SHIVIKA fans are so dissapointed to see current track..
    PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZ CV’s don’t drag this…FIX IT.

  44. Veda

    |Registered Member

    One thing is clear frm da current track ,these CVs can do almost anything..ANYTHING..Nd I’m just wondering if someday they vl bring negativity ,hatred Nd misunderstanding among SHVOMRU, how vl I react….Ohhhhh Goooodddddd..😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢

    • shahabana

      No veda plsss dnt say like this misunderstanding btwn shiomru if it really happens then for me no more ishqbaaz i will just stop to watching the show nothing else

  45. Uf

    Hi guys,
    Main ab ishqbaaz dekh thi nahi hu.aap sab ki comment se lag raha hai story ab acha nahi chal rahi hai.iss liye main story ki baare main zyada baath nahi karna chaahthi.but sab logo se ye bolonga jinko ye show dekhna hai dekho,agar nahi dekhna hai tho math dekho,agar story line ab intersting nahi hai tho gul Khan and show makers batha do story teekh karne,but unse gussa math ho unse pyaar se samjha vo ki.agar ye aisi chalthi rahengi tho trp low ho gaayengi,tho thab show ko end karne ka plan nahi story line ko better karna chahiye.koi bhi gul mam aur team se gussa math ho javo unse pyaar se request karo.main tho sirf sbs and spoilers dekhthi hum wahi kaafi hai story ab kaise chal rahi hai samjhne ko.
    Kya kissi ko patha hai gul khan ki tanhaaiyan web series ka shooting kab end hongi?gul khan ne bathaya hai tanhaaiyan ki shooting kab end hongi?
    PLEASE REPLY MY COMMENT,and SORRY for the spelling mistake.

  46. Prabha

    Being a successful business tycoon , couldn’t SSO get true colours of TIA’s kidnap and her relationship with Robin? SSO character was shown very foolish in this episode. Waste episode

  47. sindhu

    shivaay knows that he is having strong feelings for anika… why he is denying that..I hate u shivaay I love u tooo I can’t hate u fully bcz I love u tat much. but after cing all this I started hating u forcefully…whatever u did with anika was wrong.. can’t u recognise nice people around u idoit… om is right I love u ommmmm … u always say right… rudhruu call anika as anika bhabhiii I am waiting for that… after cing reception segment… I want daksh to come back… the only shivaay will know the value of anika in his life…..

  48. MP

    The upcoming episode of Ishqbaaz will show that Shivaay and Anika have got married but Shivaay refuses to accept Anika as his bride.In the reception, Shivaay declares as Tia is his wife in media which makes Anika shattered but dadi supports Anika by telling Shivaay that he has to give wife place toAnika.Dadi has used her all emotional efforts to keep Shivaay and Anika together but situation isnot ready to let them unite.However, drama is not end yet but soon Anika’s fiancé Daksh return to Oberio house getting married with Anika.Daksh gets angry finding Shivaay got married with Anika and shouts at him for marrying with his fiancée.Daksh shouts at Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) getting married with his fiancee AnikaDaksh warns Shivaay that Anika is only his and he will get her back at any cost which makes Shivaay shocked.Shivaay does not believe Anika as his wife so his mind allow him to let Anika go backto Daksh but his heart stops him leaving Anika.

  49. sidhu

    shivaay knows that he is having strong feelings for anika… why he is denying that..I hate u shivaay I love u tooo I can’t hate u fully bcz I love u tat much. but after cing all this I started hating u forcefully…whatever u did with anika was wrong.. can’t u recognise nice people around u idoit… om is right I love u ommmmm … u always say right… rudhruu call anika as anika bhabhiii I am waiting for that… after cing reception segment… I want daksh to come back… the only shivaay will know the value of anika in his life…..

  50. Shivaani

    The reason I luved this show was because
    Of shivaay-anika bond. Knok jhoks
    That used to make me laugh … Isn’t there in this show anymore….
    They shouldn’t drag this Tia truth track anymore… it’s getting really boring yar…
    I’m seriously missing the old Ishqbaaz ….
    I wanted SSO to realise his love for Anika and then marry her. This forced marriage concept is just so damn stupid.
    And please Pinki whose character used to make me smile now is currently making me KA-RAY-ZEE …
    Pls stop this drama and unite SHIVIKA

  51. Meenakshi

    The reason I luved this show was because
    Of shivaay-anika bond. Knok jhoks
    That used to make me laugh … Isn’t there in this show anymore….
    They shouldn’t drag this Tia truth track anymore… it’s getting really boring yar…
    I’m seriously missing the old Ishqbaaz ….
    I wanted SSO to realise his love for Anika and then marry her. This forced marriage concept is just so damn stupid.
    And please Pinki whose character used to make me smile now is currently making me KA-RAY-ZEE …
    Pls stop this drama and unite SHIVIKA

  52. Renimarenju

    |Registered Member

    Hello my rocking ishqies….
    sujina,fatarajo,shahabana,neesha,varshu,himagiri,tharu and other ishqies……… GUD MRNG 2 ALL…..HOW R U ISHQIES ?????????????

    Well… finally got some time….as work load is bit less……

    OK…..about yesterday’s episode….what should i say ?????????????? Why they are so keen to bring back lady baba ?????? Totally they have changed tia’s character….to spread negative energy only????? initially apart from her lectures on reikis and universe…the cv’s didn’t show
    full and full negativity on her character which made difference in the show as rest of the daily soaps always make one lady as negative when hero is surrounded with two ladies….And seems with this re-entry of Tia….cv’s just want to show rift between shivaay and anika….and i
    guess the track will drag for one or two weeks… from the spoiler shivaay will introduce tia as his wife and ignore anika for the sake of his so called ego, reputation, status etc……

    But tiya’s drama will not succeed fully as i think soon shivaay will find her true colours and may be anika and omru will expose Tia……and it will hurt sso…..and he will really feel guilty over anika and will realise his mistake…..and may be he will try to express it……well its my
    guess only and i want to see some thing like this in ishqbaaz……any way let us wait and watch…

    And pinky as a mother she want the best for her son and i won’t blame her as from her pov she is right ; but feel sad for anika…….as this time she has just become the puppet in sso’s hands which has put her in big trouble…..
    I feel so sad when jhanvi told “tum ne hum sab ko bahut hurt kiya hai anika”…….
    Dadi’s words touched me a lot ” ishqbaazi mooh chupake nahi kee jaati…..tum ne mujhe dhka
    diya anika….aur shayad apne aap ko bhi “……..for me this was the impressive moment in the whole episode……

    Oberoi Business Empire…..power….reputation…status…..class….lineage…..blood……stock market…shares….for tej only these things matters……he didn’t see the stuborn sso himself
    has hurted much in inner heart……how he can see it ?? because he saw his children’s growth in blankets….only ………and shivaay is shakti’s son…not his son….which is truth…….

    I loved shivkaara moment also……om pointed out the right thing because shivaay fell so low by
    his decision ……and he cares for business, stock only……. glad that @ least omkara expressed the anger and loved his and rudy’s concern towards sso …..bromance ……really means a lot …..
    as om said “shivaay tu akela nahi…hum tere saath hein”……i just want to say this bromance should last forever……because love to see it again and again

    • Renimarenju

      |Registered Member

      Thanks to veda,razna, shahabana, sekhar, mouni, mukta,priya and disha for the support…….. thanks a lot ishqies…….and you guys increased my happiness…..thanks to all ishqies….and my ishqbaaz family also…..

      • Renimarenju

        |Registered Member

        Abiha… place…..actually here weather is bad….about colleagues…really all are working very hard and are very friendly also……but work pressure and work load just irritates me….that’s all……

      • Veda

        |Registered Member

        U r welcum dr..😊😊..nd yesssss..I also want frm da core of my hrt BROMANCE to last forevr….bt nt like this..I want the depth of BROMANCE back…

    • Mishri

      |Registered Member

      Reni diiiiiiiii…how r uuuuu….sooooo awsum 2 c u….feeling sooooo down bcz of ishqbaaz..its sooooo laame these are reducing…m solo afraid..and anika is being trampled and crushed by all…its soooo terrible….I feel soooo bad…I don’t get fav show is becumn a nightmare..being the optimistic 1 among us all can u plzzzz explain…any ideas as to ways gng on

    • Saku

      Hello renima di…its gud night now..i m fine yaar hw r u….??..
      And congratsss yaar di I m so happy for u sorry I could not reply u on previous page…may u get all the happiness u deserve😘😘…nd ur life b full of ISHQBAAZI…nd all the best for future..
      Love u😘…take care…

  53. Mouni

    |Registered Member

    hi guys it seems all of you look really upset even shekhar lol
    but let see the things as they are : shivaye went under a lot of stress for the past 24h between daksh lies and tia runaway he had a lot of drama in his head but am sure he will soon regret what he done to anika
    as for the family their shock is understandabl they know nothing about the truth and pinky have an inferirity complex in of so she wanted a bahu who is rich and sophesticated like tia to compensate her complex and she got a shock seeing anika who somehow remind her of herself
    as for anika she is still in shock and can not gather her feeling over what happend the last hours ( for us it was 3ep but for her only few hours)
    am sure she will gain her self back and am sure all of us who curse sso now will be crying for him after sometime ( hope its soon ) and his anger on tia and her family will be terrible


      Atleast I will never cry for any character or makers, utmost I may have a GREAT PITY for makers. I can wish also them to step out from a limited resources of talent only to seek for more talent than 3rd rated makers!

    • jub_jube

      Hats off to you Mouni for picking up on the inferiority complex! I saw that too, even though I’m still ticked at Anika for not speaking up I understand her shock. As for Pinky she wanted to boast about being Tia Kapoor/”Oberoi’s” mother-in-law. Tia who is supposedly rich, fashionable and high-class. Give me a break! Tia treats her like she’s downmarket and only humors her to be polite, but Pinky thought that having an elite daughter-in-law would raise her esteem in the house. Finally, people would respect her! But no, she sees Anika and is petrified because in the Oberoi kandan money and class are the only language most people living there understand. I’m disappointed in her since she knows first hand how it feels to be discriminated against because of your background and even then she has such a great mother-in-law in Dadi, but instead of extending the love to Anika, Pinky chooses to withold it and will continue to treat Anika poorly to boost her own self-esteem. Needless to say I am disappointed in the current state of affairs!

  54. Renimarenju

    |Registered Member

    Anika…throw water on sso’s face…..and just show ur bold diva avathar……and omru ….pls join with anika and find out tia’s real face and reveal it soon…..lady baaba’s negativism just spoil the show and sso’s egoism is making the situations more worse….anika……pls spread your raitaas…..dear…..

  55. Bebo

    Oh god can’t stand for all this mess up which gk ma’am has shown for all this
    while,got fed up with this kind of storyline, I feel this show name should no more be ISHQBAAZ rrather it should be “YEH SHAADI KA KOI MATLAB NAHI HAI” we had heard the same dialogue in rumya’s marriage case from both of dem & now from shivika the same line v heard & I blv ishkaara are also in the same queue to say d same dialogue ki “yeh SHAADI KA KOI MATLAB NAHI HAI” seriously got pissed off from yesterday’s epi 🙁

    • Angel

      hey,this is my name.WHO R U REALLY?
      i m not complaining.i m just surprised to see that our names r the same.
      since our names r same,WILL U BE MY FRIEND?
      plz reply………………….

  56. Mukta

    |Registered Member

    Hey Ishqies howz everyone out here???? Hope u all r doing good😊
    And about the show & yesterday’s episode, I just don’t wanna talk about it!!!!! Yesterday’s episode was the worst episode of Ishqbaaz till today!!!!!! Just can’t handle my Anika crying & that Tia😕😕 Ok leave Tia, how can Shivay do this to Anika??!!! Seriously, kya wo bhul gya Anika ne kya kuch nhi kiya uske or uske pariwaar k liye😥 how can he treat her like this!!!!!! Sach mein, he’s a dumb businessman!!!!! Seriously yar Agar kidnappers ko pause hi chahiye hote toh kya wo shaadi se pahle nhi maang lete?!!!! SSO is non sense yar!!!!! Bhagwaan plz thodi akal do na use!!!!!!

  57. Rosu 25

    Worst episode…..what happened to anika….nowadays she is only crying crying crying…..where is our old anika….the bold girl…..I am very much disappointed with the epi….why didn’t she utter a single word when everyone including dadi put blame on her…..she should have told the reason why she agreed on this marriage….

    • Renimarenju

      |Registered Member

      YEAH ROSU…we want our anika back in action……her confident and bold version……her courage to challenge sso and her bravery to face worse situations…..really her character was inspiring ….but now cv’s are not focusing on it……

  58. Razna

    |Registered Member

    Hi ishquiesss hw r u????…
    Coming 2 the episode…it very bad episode….i really hate sso to the core….and anika….why she always crying…where is our bold anika….i really missing her……and y everyone questioning anikaa?????shivay also included in it….any way plzz sort out the missundrstd faastly….otherwise IB will become worst…….

  59. MP

    hate this episode. so boring track. I have one fear for this kidnapping drama. we all want daksh in show. but uske ane se sayad MU orr bregi. what u say guys ???

  60. Naija gal

    Gosh so much venom! It seems everyone has forgotten the constant promo. Shivaay comes with flowers. That for me indicates he will get to know the truth. Also Annika won’t accept easily a depicted in the promo. Don’t be disheartened guys.

  61. shahabana

    Im feeling pity on sso bcz he has everything then also he is a looser….really he married anika forcefully…he always insults anika but finally he needed anikas help for maintain his respect and standard in society….sso may be rich and a big buesiness tycon but truth is he a big looser….im feeling really pity on him…he has everything but no use…..his life is like hell without anika…..when he gets to know about anikas value he will be feel like hell….but it will be tooo late bcz anika wont accept him so easily….

    • Angel

      hi shahabana!
      hope u didnt forget me.
      i couldnt attend some days.SOORRYY…………………………………………………………………………… so please accept my apology.cause i dont wanna lost a friend like u.

    • Angel

      did u notice that there is another person in this page whose name is also ANGEL!
      WHAT A CO INCIDENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      plz reply,……………………
      i m awaiting 4 ur reply

      • shahabana

        Hellooo angel
        Heyyyy there is another angel also…its a coincidence
        Heyy im not feeling well suffering from cold and fever….anyways u tc angel

    • Renimarenju

      |Registered Member

      Yeah shahabana….for sso….business, blood, family, lineage, status matters all……he never realise anika’s value…..i thought after that gayatri’s murder incident……he may have changed… but naa….sree sree sree sso won’t change so easily…what will have happened if anika won’t have helped him….and that cd scandal….because of her only his dad and tej came back……
      sso…..will not realise these things…….i wonder the same sso once consider anika as a part of his family can behave so rude to anika and anika who always give the takkar to sso….has been now portrayed as a helpless girl… the show…..
      Shahabana….how r u

  62. Anisha

    I’m seriously hating this show now. When are they going to reveal Tia’s truth??? Like seriously when?? 😭😠

  63. Luna

    |Registered Member

    That’s why!!!!! that’s why I didn’t wanted Shivika to get married…i knew that it will become a typical daily soap after that….except Shivaye, Tej and rudra no one was in character today…literally no one!!!! Om can only give few lines on heart and brain and blah blah blah..that’s it..plz get over it..And Oberoi family???? Oh God…they are biggest namoonas on earth ever…no can confront Shivaye but has all the energy to taunt Anika….and plz don’t make Anika a typical FL who doesn’t has a voice…can’t she say that she was forced into marriage but nah…she’ll cry buckets of tears to please the TRP aunties…..and the Oberoi family doesn’t has a brain to understand from Anika’s tears that she was threatened and forced into all this mess….And this SSO…less said the better…this guy can marry any random girl for marriage…his brother can stay with his girlfriend in the same room…his so called khandani friend can sleep with any girl for fun but but but he has a problem with a girl whom he loves or likes or whatever, can’t sleep for money…he has all the right to question and judge her character. Shivaye always says that he thinks from brain and not heart, but this a guy actually doesn’t has a heart and not even brain…That’s why he easily got fooled by Tia and his so called obsession of khoon khandaan also goes for a toss bcoz he can’t even check the family background of Tia..Don’t know how he takes business decisions..and what’s this dialogue of mangalsootra and sindoor and blah blah blah??? are we living in the 80s???? and Shivika marriage is still not registered in court, just performing the rituals aren’t considered marriage in India until and unless it’s not registered..We are not fools CVs!!!! it’s such an assault on our brains to see all this shit..and why this Obros moment came out of nowhere??? Oh!!! Gul khan has to show that it’s the story of three brothers and not a typical saas bahu drama….Shivaye is on his way to become another Tej….Anika will be his wife and Tia his mistress…..I’m damn sure Shivaye is Tej’s son actually…..Thankyou Gul Khan for spoiling this beautiful show for pleasing the TRP aunties…it’s not ur fault,… TRP matters, not creativity…continue this crap for some more time and I’ll definitely leave this show.

    Sorry guys, but I’m really disappointed with this track…How r u all??? good to see u Renima!!!!

    • Renimarenju

      |Registered Member

      Am good luna…. and am very very very happy also….seems u have read my comment on previous page…if not then pls read it…..and really want to thank u also…as old ishqies always supported me..hope u are also fine…..

      And your pov really makes sense…..shivika marriage and tia’s re-entry had deviated the concept of ishqbaaz….and yeah every one blamed anika….because when it come to great oberois….they will support shivaay only….after all he is the milestone of oberois….and anika
      ……really we can’t get the glance of her boldness as sso threatened and forced her which made her life miserable……the same anika who challenged sso has now changed herself as a puppet in hands of sso and the same anika who took her own decisions regarding her life has just compromised everything…..can’t believe it…..and sso…..who is conscious about every one who find out dev’s identity over a night….didn’t find out tia’s intentions even after that note which she placed on the wedding day……doesn’t makes logic and he can find anika…. when anika ran from the marriage and can threaten anika only…..he didn’t tried to find tia….as per the promise
      cv’s want to show shivika marriage …..and they just focussed on it…..for trp ratings……only….

    • Mishri

      |Registered Member

      Luna diiiiiii…u registered???after ages seeing ur commnt…i missed it…and yh m sooooo mad aftr watchng these epis…sooooo off these days..i dnt like it at allllll….and di sooo good 2 c u agn…

  64. Abiha

    *Mukta….yr even I missed u guys sooooo much….how r u …?how’s ur studies are…?
    M good..

    *samyukta ,Razna , Mishri ….m good yr…how r u…?

    • Mishri

      |Registered Member

      I was OK with exams and all..BT ishqbaaz is worrying me..if it goes lyk this then it will be gone 4 good..lyk tamanna and othr shows

  65. ghosha

    Seriously everyone in the OM are pathetic including Anika…and the obro scene looks like it is didn’t arouse d emotions which it used to it necessary to show someone negative to highlight the positivity of someone else. I don like tia. being depicted as negative. I know she is d other woman not d heroine.But please let her leave the life of sso with dignity holding her head high. It is irritating to see dat in order to show Anika smart good and bechari others are shown as dump negative etc. This goes for other serials also

  66. Mishri

    |Registered Member

    Mukta,Reni di,abiha,Luna.aqua di.dasha,nithu,samyukta..ppl HIIIIIII!Ithnk after we stppd evry1 followed..kidding..BT disha di,dhruvv dhruvvv,shivani,haya,saku.monique di.roz,sat and a lot r missing…and nadi di was the first to leave…evry1 came after the blundr of ishqbaaz…sum good it did…can’t we tel gul mam to quit spoiling it for us???plzzzzz m feeln annyd..

  67. indera sanichara

    Anika a word of advice, please leave that money hungry Shaviya who think so lowly of you and they all keep repeting about your middle class people, why did you keep silent and crying, girl go watch Naamkaran and get some courage from Avni and her mom.

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