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Dadi says I wanted you both to marry, that you have equal Ishqbaazi, but its done with heads kept high, but by hiding face. The goons throw someone in sack. Shivaye sees Tia and shouts out. Sometime before, Pinky asks how dare you and raises hand on Anika. Shivaye shouts mom and stops her. He says I told Anika to sit in mandap in Tia’s place. Tej says you mean this marriage happened by your wish. Shivaye says yes, it happened by my wish. Pinky says no, you can’t do this, you can’t marry this girl, you don’t know her blood, family line, you are saying this to save her right, tell truth. He says I m saying truth. She cries and asks how shall I believe this, you said you want to marry Tia to sign big deal, why did you do this, you worry for Oberoi family right. Shivaye says I did this to save family

respect. Shakti says wait, how is this marriage connected to Oberoi family respect. Shivaye says there is connection, Tia has run away before marriage. They all get shocked. Shivaye says so Anika had to sit in mandap.

Jhanvi asks what, its shocking. He says it was shocking for me too, but everyone was present there, press, business partners, rivals, I did not have an option, what would I say, marriage is cancelled, we would have lost name. Tej says you took big decision in big pressure, you saved us from embarrassment, I m proud of you Shivaye. Om asks what, big decision, what this right Shivaye. Shivaye asks what would I say, would I tell everyone that Oberois would be bahu has run away before marriage, media would have got masala, they would make fun of our family, our business would have loss, stock prices would have fell. Om asks did you not think of how much you fell by this thing, you are thinking of stocks. Shivaye says yes, I did not think, big decision has to be taken to save family respect, I did what Shivaye Singh Oberoi should have done at that time.

Om claps and says brilliant, typical Shivaye Singh Oberoi, who thinks by mind, not heart, who chooses business, not relations, whats wrong with you. Tej shouts Om, Shivaye did not do any mistake, he has thought by business point of view, you won’t understand, you did not work hard to make this business empire. Om gets angry. Rudra says Om please, shall I say something, you all are doing discussion, we have to accept fact that they got married now, and Anika is Shivaye’s wife now. Shivaye and Anika see each other. Rudra says I told angels exist, they really do. Dadi says Billu, it means you married Anika, you took wedding rounds with Anika, her mangalsutra is of your name, her sindoor is of your name. Shivaye recalls the marriage. Anika cries.

Pinky says but why will Tia run away from her own marriage. Shivaye gets Tia’s call. He gets angry. Rudra says why is she calling now. Om asks Shivaye to answer call. Shivaye answers the call. A man says Tia is with us, if you want to see her alive, do what we say. Shivaye asks who are you, what do you want. The man says price…..

Its morning, Shivaye keeps the notes in the suitcase. He gets the call and says I m getting money, I want proof that Tia is with you and safe. Tia talks to him and says don’t know who are they, they got me here from wedding venue, please save me. Shivaye asks the man why are you doing this, what’s your enmity with Tia. The man says enmity is with you, not Tia, we lost many business deals because of you, you have to pay the loss. Shivaye says then talk to me, why Tia. He leaves with the suitcase. Om and Rudra come to him. Om asks do you like to face every problems alone.

Shivaye says when problem is mine, I will face it. Om says that’s your problem, you feel all problems are yours. Rudra says yes, you don’t need to face problems alone, you have two brothers, we will come along. Shivaye says its bad idea, I will manage it alone. Om says like you did yesterday, no need to face everything alone, you could have discussed with us, we should have found a solution. Shivaye says situation was complicated and there was no time to say. Om says not its different situation, let us help now. Shivaye says its not necessary.

Rudra says its necessary for me, you become our support system, now its our time. Shivaye says no need to become elder brother, you are younger brother, I have got to go. Rudra says give us one chance, we will surprise you, you also surprised us by marrying Anika. Shivaye says I don’t want to talk about that, my business rival had kidnapped Tia to take revenge from me, its my duty to get her back home safe. Om says its our duty, I don’t agree with your marriage decision, but we are brothers, we will together face all problems. They all join hands and say one for all, all for one, Dil Bole Oberoi. Hum saath ek duje ke…..plays….. They leave.

They reach some place. A car comes and the man signs them. Shivaye throws the suitcase to them. The man throws the sack and car leaves. They look on. Pinky says don’t know where is Shivaye, he should have told us. Jhanvi says don’t worry, Om and Rudra went with him. Pinky says I told mummy ji about abshaguns, I had many dreams for Shivaye’s marriage. Dadi asks her to sit else she will faint. Pinky says we won’t have an image in society, my bp is getting low. She gets dizzy. Anika holds her. Pinky says don’t dare to touch me, don’t come infront of me, get out, its because of you, you will not become bahu, we don’t accept this marriage and a bahu like you. Jhanvi says we regret that Anika was a part of all this, Anika you have hurt us a lot. Dadi asks Jhanvi to take Pinky to her room, else her health will get bad. Pinky says what health, my fate turned bad. She cries. Jhanvi takes her.

Dadi says I had pride on Shivaye and trust on Anika, both broke today, my Lord knows I did not regard you outsider, I wanted you to marry Shivaye, that you both have equal Ishqbaazi, but its done with heads kept high, not by hiding face, cheat is done by hiding face, you cheated me Anika, I did mistake in knowing you, you made me realize that my eyes got old. She cries and leaves.

Shivaye sees Tia’s hand and gets shocked. He says its my fault. Om and Rudra hold him. Tia says Om, we lost her by my fault. Om says no. Rudra sees hand moving and shows Shivaye. Shivaye shouts Tia and gets her out of sack. He wakes her up. She cries and says sorry, don’t know why they kidnapped me, I m so sorry, our marriage could not happen. He says don’t say that, its all my fault, sorry, my business rivals kidnapped you, they did not mean to harm you, they were after you, I will not leave them, everything will be alright. He hugs her. She gets relieved and thinks.

FB shows Tia’s mum asking the man is Shivaye getting money. He says I think so. She says it should happen, else we will be ruined. Tia says if Shivaye informs police then… Her mum says no, he won’t do it, rich people love name and respect more than money. Tia says if he knows it was our plan. Tia’s mum says what’s wrong with you, how will he know. Tia says if he asks anything, if I don’t have answer, he will doubt. Her mum says just say what I taught you, he will have pity, no doubt, don’t be nervous. She hurts Tia’s neck by nails. Tia asks what are you doing. Tia’s mum says it should look you were actually kidnapped. FB ends.

Shivaye gets Tia home. Shivaye sees the red footprints of the bride and walks over them. Pinky asks Tia how did she hurt. Shivaye says I will tell you all, Tia needs rest, I will take her to room. Dadi sees the footprints and says dirt marks on Laxmi’s footrpints, its abshagun. Pinky asks her why is she being superstitious. Anika comes home and recalls the marriage.

Sahil goes to her and asks where were you, I have been waiting all night, your boss SSO has sent car, his manager gave me chocolate and dropped me back, why did you wear this bridal clothes. Anika hugs him and cries.

Shivaye says this marriage is not marriage, I don’t accept it. Dadi says marriage is promise to be kept for seven births, its not broken. Anika removes her jewelry. Shivaye says if you feel bad, I will pay her a good price. Dadi asks what price will you fix for the mangalsutra which you tied in her neck. Anika holds mangalsutra.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Mukta,Reni di,abiha,Luna.aqua di.dasha,nithu,samyukta..ppl HIIIIIII!Ithnk after we stppd evry1 followed..kidding..BT disha di,dhruvv dhruvvv,shivani,haya,saku.monique di.roz,sat and a lot r missing…and nadi di was the first to leave…evry1 came after the blundr of ishqbaaz…sum good it did…can’t we tel gul mam to quit spoiling it for us???plzzzzz m feeln annyd..

  2. indera sanichara

    Anika a word of advice, please leave that money hungry Shaviya who think so lowly of you and they all keep repeting about your middle class people, why did you keep silent and crying, girl go watch Naamkaran and get some courage from Avni and her mom.

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