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Ishqbaaz 2nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Already shown, Anika and Shivaye arguing. Shivaye boards the chopper. The chopper blasts.
The Episode starts with Soumya seeing Rudra’s room. She dislikes the messed up place. Rudra comes there and asks did you do exercise. She says no, why, I don’t like exercise or diet, its my room, I will do anything. He asks your room. She says remember what Dadi said. He reminds they met in college, why did she deny to identify him. She asks have we met.

He reminds they met in hospital and she sang for Shivaye. She tells his lines. He shows the thread and says its your brother’s thread. She says I don’t know, look maybe you have misunderstanding, I don’t know you and your name. He recalls his own words. She gets a call from her mum. She says yes, everyone is good here. She shuts the door on

Rudra’s face. He says whats happening, thread and girl are same, I m also same…….

Rudra goes thinking and tells Om that Soumya troubled him, she refused to identify me, it’s a strange new feeling. Tej comes and asks if you got free of feelings, focus on real world, Shivaye should have reached Nasik till now, his phone is unreachable. Dadi asks did he not reach there and call. Tej says no, there is no news. Om tries calling and says phone is not reachable. Dadi says he talks to me once in a day, he did not call me. Anika worries.

Tej gets call and says what, this can’t happen. He plays news. The reporter says Gayatri has run away from jail and police could not find her yet. Om recalls the car blast and attacks on Shivaye and Rudra. He says this woman has run away from jail, she will plot something against our family. Dadi worries. Anika says don’t worry, nothing will happen. Pinky says that woman will follow Shivaye, I want my son. Shakti asks Om to call Shivaye again. Om says ringing……. Pinky says ask him where is he. Om says it got disconnected. Dadi cries. The chopper blast is shown. Pinky gets restless.

Anika recalls her words and Shivaye wishing her wish turns true. Tej talks to commissioner and says you just have excuses, if you did duty, Gayatri would have been in jail. Shakti says I have increased security, don’t worry, nothing will happen. Tej says we can’t chance Shakti, stakes are too high.

Tia worries for Shivaye. Her mom asks did she talk to Shivaye, did he not call you. Tia says no, his phone is not reachable, I dropped messages, he did not reply. Her mom asks why did you not go with him. Tia says he went for work. Tia’s mom asks her to understand her rights, else she will wait for his calls after marriage and he will ignore her.

Tech. dept. engineer gets the footage and shows to Tej, Shakti and Om. Shakti asks who is this woman, what is she doing. Om asks about time. The man says footage is of 10am. Om says Shivaye left at that time, she is Gayatri. Tej says we can’t jump on conclusions. The man says we got some cut wires, someone has tried to sabotage chopper controls and run. Tej scolds them and asks them to get lost. Dadi asks Tej about Shivaye and worries.

Pinky asks pandit shall I tie this on Priyanka’s left hand, all rituals will be as you say. Jhanvi asks are you fine. Pinky says yes, I m happy. She ties threads to Priyanka, Om and Rudra, saying pandit gave threads for four children, this one is for Shivaye, I will tie this to him when he comes. She asks Anika to start shagun list work.

Jhanvi says let Shivaye come, no one knows where is Shivaye. Pinky says we will know, whats the tension. Jhanvi asks do you understand what I m saying. Jhanvi laughs and says you all feel I got mad to be happy, even when Shivaye did not come, I know he will come, its his wedding in month end, we have to do arrangements well so that he gets happy. She asks Anika to remind her of making jewelry lists with Mrs. Kapoor. She goes. Everyone get sad.

Rudra gets shocked seeing news and calls out everyone to come fast. They all see the chopper blast news in Nasik, footage is sent by a witness, it can’t be said whether helicopter was of Oberoi industry or not. They all see the chopper blast footage and get shocked.

Ishana sees news and says it looks big accident. Her dad says we should use this tragedy, a man needs a shoulder to keep head and cry, if shoulder is yours and not Riddhima, it will help. She asks are you not ashamed to say this, think if this happened in our family. He says I cried for my family a lot, after I m done with solving my problems, I will think of other families. He gets annoyed and leaves. Mona asks Ishana what will she do. Ishana says I m bad, but not much worse, I will go to pacify Om, but not to use his emotions, he also shared my sorrow, its my time to share his sorrow.

The men get some items and say Anika ordered this. Ishana sees security and thinks how to get in. She helps a woman and gets inside the house. Anika goes to Dadi and says I have to say something. Dadi asks what is it. Anika says its said, we should not say wrong things, don’t know when Saraswati Maa turns that true, I don’t say bitter intentionally, I say anything in angry. Dadi asks what happened. Anika says I had argument with Shivaye, I told him I don’t wish to see his face, Lord did not hear any of my prayers, I m sure even this time Lord won’t hear my prayers, I m feeling bad, I should have not said this. Dadi says Lord does not see words, but emotions behind it, I know your heart is very clean, don’t worry, nothing will happen to Billu. Anika says sorry and cries. Dadi says Shivaye will return home sage. Anika recalls her words.

The news reporter says chopper was of Oberoi industries, and everyone present in chopper is suspected to have died. Everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  4. Anika looks mature then Shivaye but love her acting and attitude. Her impressions are too gud.

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