Ishqbaaz 2nd August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 2nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Already shown, Anika and Shivaye arguing. Shivaye boards the chopper. The chopper blasts.
The Episode starts with Soumya seeing Rudra’s room. She dislikes the messed up place. Rudra comes there and asks did you do exercise. She says no, why, I don’t like exercise or diet, its my room, I will do anything. He asks your room. She says remember what Dadi said. He reminds they met in college, why did she deny to identify him. She asks have we met.

He reminds they met in hospital and she sang for Shivaye. She tells his lines. He shows the thread and says its your brother’s thread. She says I don’t know, look maybe you have misunderstanding, I don’t know you and your name. He recalls his own words. She gets a call from her mum. She says yes, everyone is good here. She shuts the door on

Rudra’s face. He says whats happening, thread and girl are same, I m also same…….

Rudra goes thinking and tells Om that Soumya troubled him, she refused to identify me, it’s a strange new feeling. Tej comes and asks if you got free of feelings, focus on real world, Shivaye should have reached Nasik till now, his phone is unreachable. Dadi asks did he not reach there and call. Tej says no, there is no news. Om tries calling and says phone is not reachable. Dadi says he talks to me once in a day, he did not call me. Anika worries.

Tej gets call and says what, this can’t happen. He plays news. The reporter says Gayatri has run away from jail and police could not find her yet. Om recalls the car blast and attacks on Shivaye and Rudra. He says this woman has run away from jail, she will plot something against our family. Dadi worries. Anika says don’t worry, nothing will happen. Pinky says that woman will follow Shivaye, I want my son. Shakti asks Om to call Shivaye again. Om says ringing……. Pinky says ask him where is he. Om says it got disconnected. Dadi cries. The chopper blast is shown. Pinky gets restless.

Anika recalls her words and Shivaye wishing her wish turns true. Tej talks to commissioner and says you just have excuses, if you did duty, Gayatri would have been in jail. Shakti says I have increased security, don’t worry, nothing will happen. Tej says we can’t chance Shakti, stakes are too high.

Tia worries for Shivaye. Her mom asks did she talk to Shivaye, did he not call you. Tia says no, his phone is not reachable, I dropped messages, he did not reply. Her mom asks why did you not go with him. Tia says he went for work. Tia’s mom asks her to understand her rights, else she will wait for his calls after marriage and he will ignore her.

Tech. dept. engineer gets the footage and shows to Tej, Shakti and Om. Shakti asks who is this woman, what is she doing. Om asks about time. The man says footage is of 10am. Om says Shivaye left at that time, she is Gayatri. Tej says we can’t jump on conclusions. The man says we got some cut wires, someone has tried to sabotage chopper controls and run. Tej scolds them and asks them to get lost. Dadi asks Tej about Shivaye and worries.

Pinky asks pandit shall I tie this on Priyanka’s left hand, all rituals will be as you say. Jhanvi asks are you fine. Pinky says yes, I m happy. She ties threads to Priyanka, Om and Rudra, saying pandit gave threads for four children, this one is for Shivaye, I will tie this to him when he comes. She asks Anika to start shagun list work.

Jhanvi says let Shivaye come, no one knows where is Shivaye. Pinky says we will know, whats the tension. Jhanvi asks do you understand what I m saying. Jhanvi laughs and says you all feel I got mad to be happy, even when Shivaye did not come, I know he will come, its his wedding in month end, we have to do arrangements well so that he gets happy. She asks Anika to remind her of making jewelry lists with Mrs. Kapoor. She goes. Everyone get sad.

Rudra gets shocked seeing news and calls out everyone to come fast. They all see the chopper blast news in Nasik, footage is sent by a witness, it can’t be said whether helicopter was of Oberoi industry or not. They all see the chopper blast footage and get shocked.

Ishana sees news and says it looks big accident. Her dad says we should use this tragedy, a man needs a shoulder to keep head and cry, if shoulder is yours and not Riddhima, it will help. She asks are you not ashamed to say this, think if this happened in our family. He says I cried for my family a lot, after I m done with solving my problems, I will think of other families. He gets annoyed and leaves. Mona asks Ishana what will she do. Ishana says I m bad, but not much worse, I will go to pacify Om, but not to use his emotions, he also shared my sorrow, its my time to share his sorrow.

The men get some items and say Anika ordered this. Ishana sees security and thinks how to get in. She helps a woman and gets inside the house. Anika goes to Dadi and says I have to say something. Dadi asks what is it. Anika says its said, we should not say wrong things, don’t know when Saraswati Maa turns that true, I don’t say bitter intentionally, I say anything in angry. Dadi asks what happened. Anika says I had argument with Shivaye, I told him I don’t wish to see his face, Lord did not hear any of my prayers, I m sure even this time Lord won’t hear my prayers, I m feeling bad, I should have not said this. Dadi says Lord does not see words, but emotions behind it, I know your heart is very clean, don’t worry, nothing will happen to Billu. Anika says sorry and cries. Dadi says Shivaye will return home sage. Anika recalls her words.

The news reporter says chopper was of Oberoi industries, and everyone present in chopper is suspected to have died. Everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Mukta

    Thankew Amena di for quick update

    Hii all my co-Ishqbazians… r u all????

    Well today’s episode is full of tension……Everyone worries for Shivaaye Singh Oberoi……Anika also😘😘

  2. Mukta

    Rudra’s expressions………just awesome…..

    Well done Saumya…….U have done a gr8 job…..Rudra should pay for his ignorance towards u😕😕😕Anyways Love Rumya😘😘😘But personally….I love SHIVIKA d most😘😘😘😘😘

  3. Mukta

    Ishaana cares for Om……she worries for our cutieee Om😙😙😙Awwww!!!! So sweet😘😘😘Hope she will not break his heart☺☺☺

  4. Mukta

    So guys…..Ishaana too entered d Oberoi Mansion…. like really…..all d 3 couples under same roof…..lolzzzz😂😂😂

  5. shahabana

    Hellooo ishqbaazians. Ohhhhh poor pinky. Today is tensed episode.but shivaye will be safe. Welldone saumya. Lve u guyz.

  6. Mukta

    So guys…..Ishaana too entered d Oberoi Mansion…. like really…..all d 3 couples under same roof…..lolzzzz😂😂😂

    Feeling very bad for Anika….she is really very tensed😩😩😩😩She blames herself for the chopper incident but she doesn’t know, she is d one who will save Shivaaye……..although indirectly☺☺☺

  7. Sahana

    Poor anika, she is crying for shivaye……. but obviously he will be fine….. but maybe after this incident anika and shivaye wont fight much and then will slowly understand that they love each other……..

    I truely love ishqbaaz a lot……

  8. Mukta

    No SHIVIKA scenes 2day😩😩😩😩Hope Shivaaye will return in tmrw’s episode and we will get 2 watch some SHIVIKA scenes☺☺☺☺

  9. Meghraj

    Hey i am new here from Gujarat. My name is Meghraj and i hope that i can become friends with you all. Anika , Om and Rudra are officially my favourite characters. Shivika and Rumya are my favourite couples. Nice episode as always

  10. Luna

    guys, imagine Anika tracking unconscious Shivaye in middle of nowhere. Then Anika holding Shivaye in her arms and taking him to hospital. Will it be fun to watch ?

  11. MP

    Hyy every one .. good episode .. ya episode is full tens.. anika feel gilt for what she said to sso. wait for tommorow episode..

  12. Sumo


    |Registered Member

    ishana’s characters has so much in it… she is weird… I mean it in a good way.. she was so concerned for om n his situation.. its such a fun watching dis show…
    all of dem r so good .. om n rudra specially .. I love dem.. ❤❤❤❤❤❤
    well how u guys doing? 😘😘

  13. Luna

    Tia isnt a negative character, she is also caring towards Shivaye. ppl hate her just bcoz she is coming btwn shivika.

  14. Kat

    Hey my co Ishqbaaazians!!!! How ar u guys doing today??? Well today’s epi full of tension & emotions!!!! Our Romya part was superb as usual!!!! Somu acting like she can’t remember sny thing & throwing Rudara’s words back on his face!!!!! He deserves it#!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 And Anika!!!!! So worried for Billu ji!!!!!! No worries Aniku nothing will happen to ur Billu!!!!! I think Ishaana will fall in luv with Om while conning him as she doesn’t wanna hurt him!!!!! 😊😊

      • Kat

        Hey Mukta dear!!! I’m fine too!!!!! Just loke u guys missing our daily dose of Shivika!!!!😞😞😞😞

    • Nadiya Shah

      Hey guyz…how r u all!!!
      Sorry..had a terrible toothache yesterday so cudn’t catch up But nw..lets do it..400 comments shud b the target!!!

    • Nadiya Shah

      Hey Kat n Mukta…Yesterday when i was going mad wid toothpain..i gt thys hunch that if Ishana and Anika wud be actually the long lost sisters n their family was destroyed by Tej Singh Oberoi…Then wat wud happen!!! OMG!!!

      • Mukta

        Yupzzz…..We will make 4 centuries today👍👍👍👍Keep on commenting guys👍👍👍👍👍

      • Mukta

        Ya it may b possible that they were separated by Tej…..what will happen then…..??????

        So many questions r there right now….whether Anika and Ishaana r sisters?? If yes, how they were separated?? Who separated them?? How is Saumya related to them??

        So many questions and we’ve no other option then waiting…………….

      • Kat

        Yeah and Nadia dears!!!!!!!!!!! let’s make it 400 today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know,even I’m confused about that. Who do you think really is Anika’s sister????? Ishaana or Soumya????????????????????????????????

  15. mishri

    Hello every1..whrz nadi,priya15,aqua,shai,and all??..miss their cmmnts..2dyz epi was soooo saaaaad..pinky’s scene were awsum..missd shivaay in 2dyz epi…i hope all this chopper thng finishes faaaast..i cant concntrate on studies yaaaar…the precaps are full of tension these dayz…😢😕😔😔

  16. rohan

    I think that envelope got exchanged…. and shivaye didn’t reached basil because of anika ….

  17. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Hii.. How r u all??

    Ishu is so sweet yr.. I mean many asked what’s the difference btw ridhima and ishu.. It’s clearly shown in tdy epi… Ishu is compelled to do so but she didn’t made her compulsion to interfere in somebody emotions.. She cares for om a lot.. Awww.. So cute.. She even fought with her papa.. This is the diff btw them for me.. I love her.. Yeh dono bahut care karte hai ek Dusre ki.. Ishu u r good from heart.. And I think so this is quite enough to understand that ishana l not play with om’s feelings.. Love u ishkara

  18. Mukta

    Good Morning☺☺☺

    Hey Nadiya di, Abzzz di, Priya, Khushi, Mahi, Shai, Ishika, Ishita, ben, Shivani, Aqua, Kat, Roz, Rose, Rosie….and all d others… r u???? All ok na????

    Today’s episode was tension full…..waiting for tomorrow’s………

  19. Haya

    It was a very sad episode 4 me..
    i thnk through this incident anika nd shivay
    come more CLOSER.. WAT say guyzz..??

  20. Aqua

    My dearest Ishqbaazian Family, I will be away for a week due to personal work.

    I will be missing you all. Pls forget me not😢

    Farewell my lovelies.
    And keep the positive Aura flowing❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    See you next week In shah Allah.

    Remember our motor, one for all and all for on… ✌✌✌

  21. Aqua

    To my sweet mukta, Kat, Nadia , alia, mishri, sumo, and everyone in our Ishqbaazian family…Plz keep the bond strong 😘
    I’ll miss you guys dearly ❤

    • Kat

      We’ll miss u too Aqua sweety!!!!!! Do ur work well and report back to ur Ishqbaaaz family asap!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck!!!!!!!! C ya soon!!!😃😃😃😃😃🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋

  22. Luna

    Guys, how many of u feel rudra is going to flirt with ishana once she enters oberoi mansion ? I am have a gut feeling.

  23. shit

    Anybody disagrreing with Nakul’s dumb acting may check @ Utube behind the scenes videos. He is dumb by nature. Shivay, however, character wise very strong. It would have been better with other actors. This my POV.

    • Nadiya Shah

      Now we have Nakuul as SHIVAAY better to appreciate the gudness n positivity rather than highlighting the loopholes!!

      • shit

        TU is meant for reviews. It will consist of both positive and negative. Be matured and accept both. Things improve only by criticism. Otherwise CVS spoil good shows into nonsense shows especially in SP.

      • shit

        I am not against Shivay, character though. It is very good. and the plot is also good with Anika confronting him and I am sure she will bring him down to earth one day.

      • Nadiya Shah

        One question plz…Why have u named urself as Shit??
        Though no offence meant…i was just curious!!! U seem to b an interesting person but such pet name???
        I am mature enough..Thank you so much fr ur kind advice 🙂 Its just u already said it once n now again n again questioning him n his acting or character or watever is really irritating…
        Accepted its ur POV n we all respect that .But i just thought lets conc. on positive things…isn’t it 🙂 🙂 🙂
        I disliked Vrushikaas Ishana but i am trying to overlook the flaws n appreciate the hard wrk…thaz iT!!!

    • Roz


      |Registered Member

      I don’t think that he is dumb,,,I hv seen his interviews….also I love his acting,style and all,,,,I just love him as Shivaaye and I think he is perfect as Shivaaye,,,,This is my POV,,,no offence..
      As Nadiya said,I too disliked Vrushika first,,,bt now I’m OK with her…I knw,diff ppl will hv diff opinion

  24. Nadiya Shah

    Hey Telly updates…What is happening?? My comments are not getting published:( And my registered account has conked off!!!!

  25. Vishista rao

    Heyy hi ishqbaazians… am one of it too…awesome serial I say…have been a regular follower of this serial…itz just completely diff from other shows..just as nakul mentioned in his IV ki diff between this serial and others is that this has got humans unlike others where there is a makki and all…lol

    And have started watching it for Kunal…and as always he rock…Ishana is quite good with so many variations in her character and yea there is a hell lot diff between ridhima and Ishana….In a way this is d oly couple wch has got similarities like both have gone thru pain..both have parents who don’t understand what they want…both are so caring…and they care for each other..this makes them adorable…and yea I have fallen for this Jodi…Waiting for more Ishkara scenes!!

    Shivika feels is also great I say…lyk two completely diff characters but fall in love…this makes their story interesting!!

    Finally Rumya…Jodi with nit just love but so much of fun and u kknow we can enjoy their scenes even if itz just for a minute!

    Good that all d couples stay under one roof…hope Ishana stays with them too!!
    And overall ishqbaaz rocksssssssss!! Hope it stands on the top in trp list!!

    • Roz


      |Registered Member

      Hai Vishista,,,,U r rite,,,it’s diff and me too hope it will rise to the top in the trp chart…. 😀

  26. Nadiya Shah

    Why I have thsy strong feeling that Tej is behing all the attcks on Shivaay..How comeGayatri fool the whole security n attack Shivaay like 4 times

    • Roz


      |Registered Member

      I too felt the same,,,,bt I don’t want that to happen,,,,coz,eventhough Oberois fight with each other ,they all care for each other,,,,I love their bonding,,,hope it’s Swetlana,,,She is the one who planned all these

  27. ishika

    Anika crying fr shivay ws like oh Anika baby in tia’s style….i jst thnk I dadi tell hr infrnt of shivay Ki tum faltu me ro rhi thi bt u r th one who saved shivay…or smthng like tht abt her worry infrnt of shivay hw embarass wud b she😂

  28. NadiyaShah32


    |Registered Member

    Okk so according to telltchakksr…Our Omkara is planning to learn apinting as he wants to gift one to his father…how sweet!!!!
    And our Anika had to face a tough times as her car keys were stolen..poor baby!!!

  29. pragya

    Guys in latest ..on isqhbaaz page….there is pic were shivaye take a gril in his hands …from helicopter…chopper…he he..i think girl is our dabang Anika…i wish that seen come true…….tiya baby Ki qwaish hamari Anika se pura hoga…😊😍😍

  30. ishika

    I hv read a soier rt now so let me tell u bagad bills will remain mr. Tadibaaz…😂 evrybdy wl thnk Anika…om n rudra will b relieved bt shivay will NT thnk anikam…om will try to convince him atlst say hr thnku once and he will be sso only evn aftr thnking still he will say no…i mn this shivay will be rude😒

    • Nadiya Shah

      Even better if Anika(in state of her present predicament) hugs Shivaay when he will retyrn…Imagine the scenarioe HAHAHAHAH 😀 😀 😀

      • ishika

        Yes shivay says I don’t care..she will say I didn’t cry..i mn shivay said it rt ~ both are in the same page

      • ishika

        I mn mukta hw cn he be so sadu…i think he will evn taunt gr tht he disapointd hr by nt fulfilling her wsh😂

  31. Shai


    |Registered Member

    Hey i have planned a game for the next episode update, so be well prepared for it 😋, your homework is to find out the characteristics of the Oberoi bros, Shivaye, Omkara and Rudra, best of luck!
    The winner will get prizes!

  32. Mukta

    Guys…..According 2 me, Nakul Mehta is performing better as Shivaaye than as Aditya (in Pyar Ka Card Hai….). What do u guys think??

    I love his role as Shivaaye more than as Aditya……💕💕💕💕💕💕

    • Nadiya Shah

      +1 Mukta…I neve cud have imagined Nakuul Mehat as a brooding, haughty, sensitive n reserved sort of a guy!!! He hs pleasantly surprised me :))) Aditya was too cute n humble… He has really that flexibility which is the hallmark of a very gud actor..<3

      • Mukta

        Yaa Nakul fulfilled his both roles fantastically….. but I love his bold character here😘😘😘😘

    • Rose

      Yep.. Even I love shivaay more.shivaay and adithya , both characters are different as chalk and cheese.I think nakul is doing his max as shivaay Singh obreoi….

  33. Mukta

    Its 107 only till now……if we will comment @ this rate then we will not achieve our goal of 400 comments😑😑😑😑😑

    • Nadiya Shah

      I think thsy tym many people r busy in their respective wrks…..Hea we r very few 🙁 🙁

      • Kat

        Hey Nadiya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How is ur tooth ache now dear????????????????? Hope it’s fine by now. Was a little bit busy today as my exams are approaching in the end of this month!!!!!!!

    • NadiyaShah32


      |Registered Member

      Kat i am fyn swhrt…How r u???
      Oh how much I missed u guyz yesterday😭😭😭😭
      Thsy place have become my haven n u all my soul sisters( n brothers too if any😭😭😭😭)😍😍😍😍
      In Sha Allah u will rock ur exams!!!

    • Nadiya Shah

      Plz no need to ask fr permission.It is an open group..All r welcme participate…:)
      Hello Neha…Eagerly luking frward to hea frm u…;) 🙂 🙂

    • Khushi

      Hey neha there is no.need to ask yr all the fans and ishqbaazians r welcomed…
      Btw where r u from??
      And in which class??
      I hope u don’t mind me asking u these questions??

  34. shahabana

    Im just wainting for todays episode. Heyyy guyz plssss keep positivity only. Dnt bash actors. Nakul is best as shivaye.

  35. Nadiya Shah

    Hey guyz today or tmrw when shivaay will return..Shivika will fight again n Billu will ask Anika to get out of his room ..hahahah
    On the other side..Ishana will enter the Oberoi maNsion to find Om..Imagine all the Ishqbaaz’a under one roof!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

    • Mukta

      Hope Shivaaye will return in today’s episode so that we can see some SHIVIKA scenes today…………

    • Roz


      |Registered Member

      Hope that Ishaana won’t get into trouble,,,as they are suspecting a lady to be the culprit behind the accident

    • Khushi

      Yes di ….but really want to c shivika hug i know its too early but a really want a shivika hug
      I want that when shivaye return anika should run to him and hug him ….what a scene it will be…what do u guys think?

  36. Mukta

    We didn’t even reach 150 till now…..guys where r u all busy???

    Priya and Khushi……didn’t u return from school??????????

  37. NadiyaShah32


    |Registered Member

    When will thys Sidhart Rana enter the show n who is going to play that character n when will that Riddhima leave the show…Ishana is a swhrt in comparision to her!!!
    Ouff..M so curious😭😭😭😭

  38. Roo

    Hey guyzzzz!!! I’m almost new comer to this page… But I read all your comments daily…. And it’s so nice to be a part of this family🙌🙌🙌 I love ishqbaaz so much.. It’s the most fav TV series of mine😻😻😻

  39. Roo

    I’m eagerly waiting for today’s episode.. Om rokzzz with his lovely smile.. I love him so much…💖💖💞💞

    • Khushi

      Hello roo yes u r right yr omjust stole the show when he smile can’t c anything else then….he is soo cute yr just love him kunal is nailing it as om….love him so so so so much

  40. Khushi

    Hey what’s up??
    M [email protected] di…came back from school and then fell asleep and woke up just now such a sleepy head I m..

    Yr I am not able to login into my TU account don’t know why….is anybody having the same problem??

    @aqua di bye di c u soon may ur work get finished soon and successfully…love u di

    @shit Ohh yr u came here now plz if u can’t say good then don’t say bad too they all r working hard for the show at least respect that…

    How r u all?? M so sorry for being irregular but I try to login but this site is giving me so much of problem well anyways I will try to be regular from now
    Love u all

    • Khushi

      P.S this is the same khushi guys just not able to login…

      @nadiya di m having the same problem don’t know whether the ID is hacked or there is some other problem..btw how r u di?

    • Mukta

      Hey….this is Mukta…..doing B.Sc.(Maths) first year. Love ISHQBAAZ and fond of listening music and making friends like u all😘😘😘😘

  41. ishika

    Shivika fight will b thre they hv shown tht in tellychkkar…bt did u gyz saw th instagrm phtos…hv a look or u cn b a bit regulr with t cz they upload all popular scenes spcy shivika scenes…n yes rcntly they uploaded a video whre Anika is acting like shwetlana and Om as tej n rudra I th viewer…n surbhi strtd to laugh while sayng tej aj raat tum as rahe Ho na to om😂…..n one more collage whre th pics rprsnt anika’s dialogue…ki hum takra Gaye hava chali parde ure moment Ho Gaya n wat not….hv a look gyz😂😊😍

      • Roz


        |Registered Member

        Rose,,,,just search imDb,,,,u will get the link to the site,,,,there log in with ur fb account,,,u can rate ur fav tv show frm 1 to 10…I clicked here and there and somehow I got an option to rate ishqbaaz

  42. Mukta

    I don’t think we can reach 300 today…..
    Well as Nadiya di said it’s not abt comments….it’s abt chatting wid u all….

    U know after joining this Ishqbaaz Family…..I got many friends. Even I have more virtual friends than real ones😊😊😊😊They remain busy in studies, colleges and all… most of my tym spend wid u all… u all😘😘😘😘💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  43. Jayesha

    Shivaay Shivaay Shivaay… Hot…….Wat a man…just love him alot…. Shivaay and anika love them together…

  44. pragya

    Wanna see the reaction on Anika face…the moment shivaey enters the mansion….
    Though it is the copy of ipknd…..i really lovely with shivay and Anika…..cant see her crying 😢….ishana rocked today…wish om accept s her when the truth comes out…..🌠 🌠 and shivye baby…plz come back soon 😊😊😊

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