Ishqbaaz 2nd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Roop shares the secret with Veer

Ishqbaaz 2nd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jhanvi does Rudra and Bhavya’s aarti. Pinky asks Bhavya to topple the kalash and come in. Rudra says we should try something new. Om says Rudra is right, Bhavya kick Rudra and come in. Rudra says I didn’t mean that, just like in western countries, groom lifts bride and walks in. Pinky says if he married Soumya, we would have made him do this. Jhanvi asks Bhavya to come in. Bhavya hits kalash and comes in. Jhanvi asks her to leave her hand prints on the wall. Bhavya does it and smiles. Pinky says if Dadi was here, she would have been much glad. Rudra don’t get senti on auspicious occasions, if rituals are done, shall we go to room. Pinky says he is so impatient. Jhanvi says Bhavya’s mu dikhai has to happen. Rudra asks what’s the need, you all have seen her face. Jhanvi asks Anika and Gauri to take

Bhavya in. Rudra asks what about me.

Shivaye says come with me. Rudra says after so much action, my wedding got done, but rituals aren’t ending. Om asks why are you so impatient. Rudra asks Shivaye to explain Om. Shivaye says you make him understand. Om asks what. Rudra says I won’t waste time in painting, I believe in action. They ask Rudra to shut up. Rudra says don’t say that, I got married. ShivOm say we will always say this. Rudra says I just realized we can grow old too, I don’t want to grow old. Om says shut up. They pull Rudra’s cheek. Roop looks on and thinks Shivaye you might have defeated my son, but this house will be ruined, neither this family nor your relation will survive. She gets a message and goes. Tej and everyone gift Bhavya on her mu dikhai. Khanna says I think Veer had run away, taking advantage of the commotion at the wedding. Shivaye sends him. Anika asks is the gift in the room, I will get it, its a special gift. Shivaye goes after her and hugs. She asks what happened.

He says Veer is not found. She says he might have run away. He says no, he isn’t someone to run away, he will try his best to take revenge, he must have lost his cool, we have to be careful, Anika promise me, you will never step out from this house alone, until Veer is caught up, you won’t go out. She says don’t worry, till you are with me, no one can harm me, come everyone is waiting. She goes. He thinks I have to find Veer before he makes his next attack. Veer gets angry and kicks the table. He says I told you we will kill all Oberois but you…. Roop says that won’t give me peace, I have suffered all my life, a simple death will not ease my pain, I want to see them dying slowly. He says I also want this, but its tough.

She says Kalyani mills secret will make this easy. He asks what’s the secret. She says I think the time has come, I have to bring out the secret, then Shivaye and Anika will break, Oberois will fall apart. Shivaye thinks of Shwetlana’s words. He thinks why did Shwetlana say such, that Kalyani mills secret will put an end to Anika and my relation, what relation Anika has with Kalyani mills. He thinks who is that Oberoi helping Veer, why does he want to ruin us, I can’t rest in peace till I find these answers, its all related to Kalyani mills secret. Rudra says if mu dikhai rasam is done, I m feeling sleepy, can I go and sleep. Pinky says no. Rudra asks why not. Om says we will come to drop you. Rudra says I know the way, I m living in this house since childhood. Om asks him to come, lets play games all night. Rudra says no.

Jhanvi says everything got fine. Tej says yes, Shwetlana went to jail too. Pinky says don’t forget that Shwetlana mentioned about Kalyani mills secret before leaving, till Shivaye knows the secret, he won’t sit in peace. Tej asks her not to start the topic again. She says just pray that he doesn’t know this secret ever. Veer asks what’s Kalyani mills secret. Roop says I will tell you everything today. Rudra asks Om to leave you. They fall on the bed. Shivaye thinks I will find out the secret of Kalyani mills.

Anika hugs Shivaye and says I was waiting for this moment, just you and me, without any tension of Veer, I had to become Rosie Rani because of him, this house seems to be mine now. He says everything isn’t fine, Veer left from this house, not from our lives, he is planning something big. She throws his phone and says Veer has become my Sautan, see my fate, can we forget everything and spend some moments together. He says not few moments, but entire life. They hug.

Veer says tell me the secret, how do you know. She says your mum is also an Oberoi, I was present there when mills caught fire, I also know the person who torched the mills. He asks who did it. FB shows Roop pouring kerosene and igniting fire. Veer asks what, you had torched the mill, but everyone thinks Oberois did this. She says I m also an Oberoi, I wanted to teach a lesson to my brothers, I made one mistake, they forced me to leave my house and my city. He asks what mistake. She says the mistake of being in love, you were the result of it. FB shows Roop apologizing. Tej, Jhanvi, Shakti and Pinky scold Roop for having a child before marriage. Tej says our business and reputation will be ruined if people know about this illegitimate child. Shakti says thank God mum isn’t here, else she would have died seeing this. Tej says Roop has to leave this family and this city. Roop says don’t send me away, how will I live without you. Tej says I will arrange your stay in Dehradun and send you money every month. Servant says Mr. Kapoor has come. Tej and Shakti go to talk. Roop says talk to him, don’t punish me, I can’t stay without you all. Jhanvi says there is nothing in our hands, none can change Tej’s decision. Pinky says baby has high fever, I will take him to hospital. She takes the baby. Roop asks Jhanvi to explain Tej. FB ends. Roop says I didn’t wish to leave the family and you, I heard heated arguments between Mr. Kapoor and Tej. Veer asks you mean, Shwetlana, Tia and Soumya’s father, Mr. Kapoor.

She says yes, he came with a plan, he wanted to burn the mills so that they can start a new business with insurance money, Tej agreed but Shakti refused. FB shows Shakti asking is this a joke to burn the factory. Tej says we can start new business with insurance money, think. Shakti says if anyone knows this, we can go home. Mr. Kapoor says if we don’t take this risk, we will get bankrupt. Tej asks Shakti to think about their children. Mr. Kapoor says I have three daughters and have to secure their future, this can happen when we burn the factory. Roop looks on. FB ends. Roop says they didn’t decide anything, I have taken a decision, I went to the mills, Tej was there, he was scared to ignite fire, I had courage and burnt the mills, I had to take revenge from my brothers, I did it smartly, without getting caught in the cameras, I fell alone and had your responsibility, I needed my family but they left me, I burnt the family knowing Tej and Shakti will be suspected, I clicked their pics too, everything was going right, then that happened which I haven’t thought of. FB shows Mr. Kapoor asking Roop what’s happening here….. She gets shocked seeing him.

Shivaye thinks I need to start from scratch to find Kalyani mills secret, I need to find out each and every detail. He reads… Kalyani mills foreman arrested, witness or criminal. He thinks who was the foreman. Veer says if we release the photos in press, we don’t need to do anything else, that photos will prove that the Oberois were behind the fire and Mr. Kapoor’s murder.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. #IBhits500
    So I started watching IB from the 1st epi. Then stopped for sometime then again started to watch it (which was going this way only but now my exams are over so I m watching it regularly ). Me and my mom both used to watch it together but then after sometime she stopped watching serials. I too had to stop but I was on and off for IB . But me and my mom both loved the 1st season.
    My fav. characters are all the leads opp. O’bros i.e. Anika, Ishana,Gauri, Somaya and Bhavya.
    Anika: independent and a self made girl who don’t need a surname to leave her life. She was best in the 1st season.
    Gauri: a girl who can do anything for her mother. And was even ready to marry a man like Kali thakur to save her mother.
    Bhavya: In very less shows it shows lead as a police officer which I liked the most about her. (I don’t like much opp. Rudra but now we have to accept her).
    Ishana: No show has a lead as a con woman which Ishana was and I liked this the most about her. Though I didn’t found any chemistry b/w Ishkara (no offence to the fans).
    Somya: A cute girl perfect for a fitness freak like Rudra but…
    P.S. Sorry for writting it late. And I have a question too- is anyone there who didn’t found any chemistry b/w Ishkara like me.
    And sorry again for all the types error in previous comment (This auto correct is hell irritating)
    And ya congo to luthfa di. U r a registered member now di.

    1. Hi Ritu,
      hru. congrats for being

    2. I also did not find or feel any chemistry in them. Sorry if i hurt anyone’s feeling and no offense to anyone just my feelings.

    3. Hiii Ritu..
      Congrats yarr.
      And thnx for sharing yiur views..
      Before Iskara as couple i liked both as individuals

    4. Luthfa

      Go Ritu Go.Many many congratulations with sweet love…..?
      It’s ok dear.Even I have so many things to write but can’t manage time.That’s why writing everything in parts.And to be honest Ishkara couple held little chemistry to me because Ishana was looking elder in comparing with Om.But I loved her antics and Om’s love story could be perfect with her though not couple wise.Perhaps it could be better if makers were ready to give them chance.My observations.No offense to anyone.Thank you so much for your sweet gesture.God bless you?

  2. Ruby_MarNy

    Kalyani Mill’s secret is coming out…

    1. Yes Ruby dear…it is coming out just hope Cvs will not ruin it..

    2. Luthfa

      Yeah secret is coming out and let’s see what is it actually.

  3. Hellooo friends!!!
    Nice episode.. Rudy fun etc.. ?
    After so many days shivika scenes.. ?

    Our SSO… The Great wall … Who ALWAYS confidently stood against enemies (Svetlana.. and others) is in fear today.. for his beloved’s safety ??
    The pain of getting separated from his Anika is increasing his fear, as he had already lost her once ?

    So roop is the culprit!!! ???
    Or wil there be any twist in that too ???
    I hope Mr.kapoor and roop didn’t do that accident together !!?

    How it is related to Anika family.. i wish soon they should also show Anika and gowri are sisters…?

    It means pinky was right that day.. when shivaay asked what she was doing during fire in kalyani mill.. but after that none asked roop about her child ??

    Sorry friends couldn’t able to reply yu on Friday comments

    1. Yaa Dhanu Sri..pinky ponky was right….
      But She was present there when Misery happened..bcoz all for were running from mill..
      Lets wait what actually happened

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Dhanu,
      This secret will lead to many more secret revelation I think.So,cvs are building up the story likewise and definitely they are going to give us jhatka along with whole Oberoi khandan.Shivaay was worried and his this worry is justified.Anika and Shivaay can’t be separated.Don’t know what will happen next.And it’s ok dear.Do comment whenever you can manage time.Take care?

  4. Fama

    Hi everyone, hope you all had a great weekend??
    Finallyyyyy some Shivika golden moments even thought it was just a few minutes in between
    I’ve never been sooo impatient to hear what Roop bua has to say about the Kalyani mill’s raaz and I was right that it was Roop who ignited the fire. But if that toddler was Veer then won’ he be younger than Shivaay because Tej was telling Shakti that they should think about their children??? Anyway I will comment after watching the episodeon tv!!!!

    1. Hiii Fama..
      Ghata weekend yarr..
      I could not enjoy..
      But i ate my Fev Smoky Grilled Chiken..
      KFC wala..???? that is only good thing
      Leave age will do our Bheja Fry…

      1. Fama

        Arpita you’re right, if I start thinking about the age differences then it will certainly do my bheja fry ?????
        Very bad you couldn’t enjoy your weekend but at least you have your favourite food

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Fama,
      Sorry dear my reply is in scattering mood because of network.Veer and his inclusion in the KMM was a hasty decision on makers part.Everything will be like that if they don’t give us proper explanation.Do comment after watching the episode.And my weekend was so so type.Take care?

      1. Fama

        Aree its okay Luthfa, and yeah veer’s inclusion was a hasty decision probably to increase the high voltage drama of the kmm, As Arpita said I should not think about the age difference!!
        Am also sorry for the late reply ???

  5. Secret revelation mission started.. So veer is first illegitimate son of oberoi..
    Roop is the real culprit of KMM fire accident.. To take revenge of her brother she killed many lives.. That’s too bad…???
    Kapoor was killed by Roop.. Kapoor sisters must know the truth.. Swetlana will remove all the teeth of Roop Bua.. ???
    Shivaay is worried about Annika’s safety now..
    He was so afraid to lose her.. This gives negative vibes.. What will be Annika connection with KMM.. Does the foreman is Annika’s father?
    How come Svetlana know about Annika’s connection with KMM? If she know the truth she would have reveal the truth.. I thought only Tia know.. So except junior oberoi’s n Obahus rest all know about Annika’s family?
    How come? ????
    Sorry to say but if senior oberoi’s are responsible for Annika’s family separation..they must be punished and shivaay should support Annika and not his family.. Every time Annika saved this family at least one time Annika must get her deserved place.. When shivaay has to choose family or Annika, she is been slaughtered..
    One time senior oberoi’s must be slaughtered they are living happily as if they didn’t do nay crime..
    Today I liked pinky.. She proved she is shivaay’s mother.. Who knows about her son very well..
    It was so cute when Annika said veer became her sautan and shivaay’s reaction was priceless.. ???
    The dialogue my God when Annika said can we spend some time forgetting every thing and shivaay reply not for short time for whole life.. Awwww shivika I love you babies..????

    1. Hi Kadhambari akka,
      hru akka n ur little prince suhas.hope all r fine. sorry akka cant reply to ur comment last time sryyyyy. happy tht ur frd marriage got over sucessfully. may heartly wishes to them…. s akka may b tht the power r magic love tht changed ur frd completly…….
      waiting wen swetlana breaks all the teeth of roop……
      eagarly waiting wen kmm reveals to all sply anika n shivaye…. n wt will b their reaction n action… must wait n watch to whom will shivaye support…. lovely shivka moment……love akka .tc

      1. Hi jeevi thanagachi,

        Yup he is doing good.. No need to say sorry.. It’s okay dear.. My friend marriage was awesome we enjoyed a lot..
        So, still senior oberoi’s doesn’t know that Roop is behind the KM fire accident right?
        Love you too dear.. ❤️❤️❤️

    2. Hiii di ..Yiu just said my dil ki baat.
      Yes If senior oberois are responsible for Annika father death…..then yes..Sso should support Annika.
      Lets wait..
      I think sutlu may be know the truth.
      But that nafratbaazi main badal jayegi diolgue is actually scary..

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Kadhambari di,
      I agree with you di.This time Shivaay should support Anika if his family did injustice to Anika’s family.Because what is wrong is wrong and Shivaay can’t push it because of his family this time.Culprit should be punished.Shivika relation will go through hard time also I think but no separation plz.Me too loved them soooooo…much????????

  6. Pushpa

    Hi gals…
    Hw ws yr weekend…hope all is good.
    So today v all know the KM raaz…. veer is tht nadjaaz beta mentioned by daima!!!!!! and roop put the mill on fire and killed svets dad kapoor…but then what is shivaye & anika got to do wt this???? Im just so worried….after so long the cvs showed shivika moments and shivaye said he will spend all his life wt anika but then this roop& svet says shivaye anika will suffer… oh god wht is it???????? Cvs please dun seperate our shivika..they never ever get to spend their time together… evrytime when they solve a mystery another one pop out. Thn anothr…. not fairr to shivika..i think rudy will b come dad first…..

    Rudy bhavya marriage rasam….thus rudy real cute…wants yoncarry bhavya.?…modern groom…luv the way shivom teased rudy.?. Word
    ‘ shut up rudy ‘ kind of their brotherly principle to usd all the time but its nice to listen….

    Shivaye is so worried over veer dissapearence and scared veer will harm anika…thts some cute caring luvly moments…shivaye just nailed all the scene….. how on earth he does slay this way all the time and just swept my heart away…..
    Their back hug r always luvly & beautiful ???????

    Precap…..will shivaye get to know early ir cvs will dragggggggg…..
    Dil hua ishbazzz….
    Gd nite

    1. Ha ha ha…Shivaye swept your heart away.
      Puspa i can imagine your blushing blushing face..??????????????
      I really adore your love towards Shivaye.

      1. Pushpa

        hi babe.. how are you?
        shivaye….he is my jaan… luv in to the power of infiity..

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Pu di,
      See na di,Shivika always keep on facing this or that problem because of cvs.But your Shivaay was so worried yesterday for his Anika.Thank God finally they spent little time together.And you are right.Their brotherly principles.Waiting for today’s episode.Take care?

      1. Pushpa

        my poor shivaye baby… always try to settle his OF issues… bu this time the seniors have to solve it …cm on Tej give a break to Shivaye…

    3. Fama

      Even I think Rudy will be become dad first, he was in such a hurry ???? and he will broke the record of his brothers (record of no suhagraat ???)
      It will be highly unlikey that Shivaay will support Anika as he will never believe that his elders can harm anyone which will result in Shivika nafratbaazi and separation

  7. Yakeen Nahi hota behen Apne Bhaiyon ke aisa Kar Sakti hai just because her child was not accepted by this family. Oberoi’family kuch Saal roop see gussa hote phir time ke Saath apna BHI Lete veer aur roop ko bhi. How many times roop was forgiven by her family she is not even thinking a second before destroying them.They are her family afterall.

    1. When Revenge fully captured one’s heart and Mind …she or he don’t bother about anything.
      And this bhotni bua is doing the same thing

  8. Rithu17

    Oh god oh god oh god!!!! Lil rudy boy finally got hitched.. His wedding is over but my excitement.. No… ? ? ?… Aaaaaaaaah!!!!
    And Mansi looks soo pretty in that wedding outfit ??… And so happy to see that plait thingy off Annika.. ?

  9. Rithu17

    I didn’t see the epi yet, just the videos so I’ve a doubt.. The wedding took place at Oberoi mansion right? And then it got bombed right?… But everyone’s back at the mansion itself right? ?

    1. No it was in some convention hall not in oberoi mansion

    2. was wedding hall.
      Watch the episode..i am sure you will love it.

  10. Luthfa

    The great wall of Shivaay Singh Oberoi,invincible in all attempts to secure his family his first priority.Rock-solid,powerful from outside but so vulnerable inside and this vulnerability has stemmed from love.His love,Anika around whom his life moves.Love is introduced in the life of Shivaay in two forms.Before Anika he only believed in that part of love which he saw in his brothers’.The true self of love he knew when Anika somehow made her place permanent in his life.He gradually got to know what love was meant to be.Then he perceives that love gives one person strengths to face the world at the same time it takes away same strengths to make the person weak and helpless.Separation from Anika was his that experience.

    1. Luthfa

      Anika was his strength but rendered him strength less by separating herself from him and he allowed it.Shivaay realized the two fold power of love at the cost of his own love.Now Anika is beside him and will support him in every situation no matter what.But his worries have increased instead of decreasing for recent incidents.Because there is no guarantee what will happen in future and Savetlana’s words are racking his mind-what if Savetlana’s words come true?

      1. Luthfa

        He is not fearing that he is feeling vulnerable because of his love but his fear is Anika and his relationship might fall into danger zone thanks to that alarming KMM.And the most dangerous part is though they are not responsible for it but it can be responsible to destroy their life and relation.For the first time KMM is going to overpower Shivaay Singh Oberoi as it’s the question of his Love and the reason of his very Existence……………………..

      2. Hi Luthfa dear,
        1st congrats for being registered member….waiting for ur ff……
        Dear plz give me just a day tht i stop prising u… u just rock crack n do everything in ur comment n analysis. the way u analysied today of shivaye fear of lossing his relation with anika. stength of him the experince of lossing her.. ur analysis made me speechless…. god bless u dear.. I wish u n ur writing hv bright sucess in ur future….. waiting for tht day wen ur book get publised n i buy it n take a autograph of urs in it… n proudly say tht im n was frd of her in tu page…..
        N may wish n request to god tht sooooonnnnnn ur signature becomes n turn as Autograph…bless u writing power…love u dear….tc

      3. First of all.Luthfa…congratulatons..
        Ok i should say this on previous pkj page but it is ok.
        Now yiu are also became permanent pagal.of PKJ..
        Now yiu have to write more and more and more..And I will read and Enjoy more and more and more..
        You are 100% right..fearing of lossing Annika is overpowering Him……
        Hope both Shivika will save their relationship…

      4. Luthfa

        Jeevi dear,
        Now I am speechless because of your love towards my writing.Don’t know in which words I can express what I want to.Words are failing me.All I will say that may God fulfill your every wish and let your heart feel the blessing of love always.Lots of love from my side???????????????

      5. Luthfa

        Thank you so much for the wish.You are right.This time Shivaay can lose his love and Anika both.A huge price to pay for KMM.That’s why he is worried.If it’s only about him he wouldn’t think that much but it’s about Shivika’s relation.Hope they will emerge out victorious from this mess.Take care?

    2. Lutfha you always rock in your comment i also want to write but i cant but i have a request i love your comment but sometimes you bash shivay so please stop bashing him because i love shivay character

      1. Luthfa

        Are you the same Abhishek who advised me not to watch IB if I don’t like Shivaay?Anyway,I am not a Shivaay basher.I just criticize him only when I feel he needs it.And by doing so I target cvs actually.Because Shivaay is the character and it’s cvs who implement anything,any idea or thought.And me as a critique can target anyone who will come under my Rader of provocation.By the way,glad to know that you love my writings.You also can write just give it a try.Take care.

    3. Pushpa

      thts mere shivaye Lufy.. his luv towards his family is amazing…..
      but i dun know whts the connection shivaye anika hav with KM raaz when tht happened decades ago….
      i just hope cvs wont seperate them….

      1. Luthfa

        You are right di.Senior Oberois should be held responsible for KMM.But Shivaay is carrying the ghost of their past.Hope he will set everything all right.Fingers are crossed?

    4. ItsmePrabha

      First of all again welcoming you as a RM..Darling,i am so happy that you are now a RM..and Your DP, God its amazing..i missed you and your analysis alot..this one is excellent..Love you and God bless you..

  11. Banita

    Hlo PKJ….
    Revelation wala epi…. Highlight of d epi was d revaltion of KM raaj….
    I m happy that finally CVS headed towards KMM fully without any other track in it…. I don’t want any other track now with this KMM…. Hope now they will fully focus on it…. Many thing reveled nd still there is many thing to revel…
    So it’s true what dai maa said to Shivaay…. The first child of Oberois is an illegitimate child…. Veer is that illegitimate child of Oberois / Roop…..
    Idea was given by Mr. Kapoor nd it excuted by Roop…. D main resaon of KMFI is Senior Oberoi brothers nd Mr.Kapoor’s greedy mind nd Roop’s reveng full mind…. Someone is blind with reveng nd others r blind with their so called money…. Only becz of their Money nd Revengful mind this fire took d life of so many innocent….
    Now it’s cleared that Roop is d main cuplit of KMFI nd Mr.Kapoor’s death…. Senior Oberois didn’t lightened fire in d mill , but still they r not innocent in this matter….
    Finally got some preceous Shivika moment…. Shivaay back hug Anika nd Anika back hug Shivaay both parts r beautiful…. Seems like something big is awaiting for both of them that’s why CVS giving this type of some lovly, cute nd beautiful small moments….
    Precap – Foreman arrested…. Who’s d foreman..??? Is he fater of Aniri..??? Is he still alive…??? I m getting stong feeling like this is d thing which connect Anika with KM… I may be wrong… But let’s see what is d whole mystery… What is CVS store for us..??
    GN PKJ…..

    1. Banita

      Forget to say…
      Shivaay was tensed becz of Pasinalana’s words…. It remind me of Mahi’s track , when Anika was also tends becz of Kinner’s word nd after that Shivaay got kidnapped…. Seriously now i don’t want any separation track amid Shivika or any couples… But it gives me bad vibes… Hope they will settled everything together….

      1. Hi Banti dear,
        hru. a once again congrats dear…. im sry for nt replying u in last comment….. welcome dear . .. im sooo happy tht i was the 1st to conngrats u…..
        yaa finally they reveled kmm… bt i was thinking tht they must hv revealed anika gouri sis relation before it get to know to all…
        In look wise veer may b elder son but in fb tej mentioned 3 children dont know who 3 . weather shivaye om veer r rudy.. but as per they showed brithday of rudy he was 23 now may b 24 bt kmm was 25 ago.. cant expect log in ib must wait n watch….. lots of

      2. Hii Bani..yes it is giving us Bad Vibes.
        But it interesting to watch…..
        Just wish they will turn this mystery into a lame cause..

      3. Luthfa

        Daima said Oberoi sahab ka bara beta,that means it can be Tej or Dada Ji’s other son outside marriage and Shivaay being elder brother of OmRu.This Oberoi sahab is very confusing.If it gets cleared then we can know who it is actually.

    2. Hi banita didi !!
      I don’t think veer is the elder one .. bcz tej said to sakthi to think abt their children and also Mr.Kapoor said he have 3 children.. so i dont think daima mentioned illegitimate baby is veer. . I’m may be wrg.. wil see. ✌️✌️ Take care ?

      1. Banita

        Hlo Dhanu….
        Ohh yeh..!!! I just forgot that… Thank U for remind me that dr… But still i feel like dai maa was told about Veer only… Or may be what dai maa told was wrong info… Mrs.Kapoor wanted to misguard Shivaay that time that’s why she did all these fake drama…!!! It’s too confusing…!!!
        Let’s see what d whole mystery…?
        Love U dr… TC… 😀

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Bani,
      I think this KMM has some hidden mystery in it and Oberois,Kapoor’s have their own contribution respectively.Like truth is one but has many faces.Rest only cvs can explain.Me too is getting negative vibes.Shivaay is the one who will be affected the most because of it.Shivika’s time spending together was very nice and gave some solace to me.And separation is a Big NO.Take care?

      1. Banita

        Heyy Lu…
        Yeh this daimaa’s word nd illigemate truth connection is confusing….
        Not only Shivaay ,Anika will also affect by this KM truth…. Both wii hve a opt to choose between family nd love… So it will be better if both will face it together as eo’s support system…

  12. Now i understand how anika is connected to KM raaz i think oberoi framed anika dad in KM fire incident so like thatvanika family got ruined by senior oberoi one thing is not cleared till now who was one who gave money to gayatri husband to do fake suicide drama is it someone from anika family if its like the drama will spice up more i was reading comments from pastt few day that fans are complaning that ib is draging KM raaz i must say ib main plot was three things
    1) Vanwas track
    2) Who will be heir for oberoi busssiness emipre
    3) This KM track and because of KM raaz gayatri,roop,veer,swetlana,kapoor and her daughters,abhay all are against shivay and oberoi family because of this KM raaz
    So i think this much drama is needed to bring out KM raaz

  13. Hi guys. ookk tq god after soo much of waiting today they reveled kmm truth…… before tht really loved to c rudy funny moments n shivom teasing him. After some gap v got to c shivka moment loved it specially wen shivaye said NT MOMEMT BT ENTIRE LIFE…. Now shivaye turn being worried n teased after annika….But wen shivaye was worried of his breaking of shivka relation i just recalling the day how he used to hate anika…And all they initial moments.. kash somu was in bhavya place….
    So bua was the one who lit fire in km……waiting for the day wen truth get reveled to alllll…. waiting for rest of tht truth..

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Jeevi,
      Shivika spent some quality time and we got emotional thinking of separation.And I must say it did give me feeling of separation.Shivaay is going to face the dilemma of his life.I am little bit scared.Waiting for today’s episode.Take care?

    2. Banita

      Hlo jeevi…
      This illigemate child thing is confusing for me now…. Yeh i also wish Somu in place of Bhavya , but sad part is it cant happen now…

  14. A secret revealing epi
    Starting rudra was so funny.
    A bit of Shivika. After so many days.
    Oh god someone pls kill this danto danto bua. From starting only she is hell irritating and now she is murderer also.
    But thank god half truth is out finally.
    And veer also getting arrested in next 2 or 3 epi.
    Bua was looking damm fun in fb. I was laughing like a mad. And my mom was staring me. Red lipstick chudal face huhh.
    Take care everyone

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Ritu,
      You are right.Bua was looking horrible in retro look and when she cried in the last.Don’t know what will happen because of this KMM.So many lives are depending on it.Waiting for today’s episode.Take care?

  15. hi guys, can anyobe say wt difference of registering n non registering…

    1. Hiii jeevi canwrite OS FF ….analysis…and can connect with telly updates page..
      And may be your comment will not disappear by moderation uncle.
      Without registering it is not possible..

    2. Banita

      Heyy Jeevi…
      It’s fine dr…. Thank U soo much once again….
      @Arpu already told d benificial , but @Arpu comment will not disappear by moderation uncle…?? No this is wrong… My comments many time eaten by bhukad uncle… Dont trust him ,eaither U r a registered memb or not he will eat ur comment whenever he feel hungry…
      BTW one more benifit is U can chat with an another registered member in ur PM…

  16. Hii guys…
    1 part of the raaz is out….That who fired the KM……But How aniri family is related
    Any way a little shivika moment. …..I enjoyed the episode
    @ritu…..congrats being first
    @luthfa. ….l try to register but they are showing some sort of notification. ..I feel bit afraid seeing that. …..So l think its better for me to stay like this…

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Jeni,
      Yeah truth is out in half.Now cvs should have some mercy on us through revealing KMM fully.What notification dear?Don’t worry,those are nothing.Are you mentioning robot identify part?Try it with Laptop.It will be easy.Take care?

  17. Hiiiiiii mere khidkitod pagals..
    How are you guys..
    Sp today i am late
    .bcoz my Mama woke up at just 10 pm….usually she sleeps before 9 pm
    .but yesterday she slept earlier and woke up..
    I couldn’t watch IB on Tv and can’t comment..
    Ok ok now come to.episode.

    Finally after 1+ year DAI MAA mystery got solved..but she could take Roop Bua..
    Name..koi nahi chalta.

    2 I knew it… Sso wil be worried for annika……Sutlu words are actually bothering him….He is now getting scared bcoz of both sutlu words and Vanmanosh…………

    3 wait..When GOURI did grih pravesh….. infact when annika did grih pravesh???????? at the time of forced marriage..3 bahus ka haat ki chaaap ..Mat kuch bhi haan…..

    4.After sooo many days…we got to see Shivika back hug….and without seeing Sso face annika can easily understand his concern or her worriedness…this is most loveable thing which i love about shivika..they have unspoken understanding between them……

    SO FINALYYYYYYYYYYKalyani Mils secret is out…AN OBEROI IS RESPONSIBLE FOR KALYANI MILL..and it got proved…from very fast of episode…we had this question.
    But still there is something extra .about which senior oberois are scared …much more than kalyani mil raaz……And may be That foreman can be Annika’s father….or something very much big…will reveal….
    Hope Cvs will handle it properly….

    Ok now my chepdi mode is on..????actualy today annika di was full on mood.but Sso as always think about Vanmanosh..look Annika also doesn’t approve..Shiveer..??

    Precap-everything is gettimg very much intriguing…………..lets see.
    And may be bhootni killed Mr Kapoor.

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Arpita,
      KMM is confusing us so very much.Actually what is real mystery only time can tell.I don’t think that illegitimate statement of Daima was for Veer.But let’s see what is actually waiting for us.Shivika looked great yesterday.Anika got jealous of Veer.LOL???????????

    2. Pushpa

      arpi… KMraaz finally we knwo what happen but we still dun now whats to do with Anik abut if oberois framed them … then our shivika in trouble…but their love is stronger than anythign else….just finish with thi sKN raaz, cvs pleaseeeeeeee….

    3. Banita

      Arpu how can u forget Anika’s griha pravesh..?? Anika did it at d first Shivika wedding,.. Bt thing is wo apni haat ki chaap ek cusion type chiz mein chodi thi… Nd Gouri’s i dont remember also…
      Yeh now it will interesting to watch…

  18. Luthfa

    Hi Fama,
    Because of KMM we are coming up with this or that assumption but none will match I think and CVS will give us some third or fourth angle for this mystery revelation.Veer’s inclusion into KMM was a hasty decision and everything related to him will be like that be it age or anything if cvs will not go for proper explanation of this Veer mess.Anyway,do tell your thinking after watching the episode.And my weekend was so so type.Take care?

  19. Haii mere khidkithod pagals
    First of all let me ask one thing pls can we do anything to make ib mon-sun ohh..we can’t wait 2 days for a’s tooo looooong

    Even if not then 6 days a week..all other daily soaps r like that(I know our ib is diff..even then I wish so badlyy…..??????)When I used to watch Jana Na Dil Se Door it was there all 7 days nd I didn’t miss it..but for IB I was waiting terribly nd just sat,sun to move faster..bcoz its our Vacation. i just kept reading the spoilers nd insta updates…???

    @banitha I am the best Dr nd my exams were good.thanku for ur reply.lets wish nd hope for a proper rikara wdng
    @niya hey don’t fell hesitant to cmnt..many of them are teens nd the others too are also young..feel free to cmnt Dr
    @luthfa my exams were good dear nd our results r likely to be published in the end of this month…thanku for ur love???
    @jeni I’m great nd my exams were
    Thanku dears for ur sweet replies…..

    Now coming to the episode
    Shivaay nd anika’s back hug was so good to to watch.loved it.Finally bua was in colourful clothes nd long hair

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Sneha,
      Back hug is Shivaay’s favourite hugging style.Advance wishes for your khidkitode result.Take care?

  20. Nikita_jai29

    A big congratulations to luthfa dear for your becoming rm…
    Episode is ok… And the fb of Roop bua is good.. Her makeover is quite amazing….
    Looking forward for the next episode….

    1. Luthfa

      Thank you so much for your wish Nikita.Me too is waiting for today’s episode.Take care?

  21. Riana

    Hey Pagals…❤️
    Sorry for being late guyz i had exams nxt on sat ?
    Anywayz, yesterday’s episode was funny thanx to Rudy ????…& Disgusting thanx to R??P !!!
    I cant believe Oberois had such a cheap and disgusting past !!…I mean they didnt thought for once and decided to light their own factory wow !! ??
    Past was creepy bcoz of roop and horrible roop ????…She cried so annoyingly i didnt had a single sentiment for her…even old roop was better…
    This one is horrible…Pinky said she went to hospital for roop’s daughter delivery and here roop is only the culprit !!..Urghhhh !! ??..I think cvs is eating garbage these days !!!…???
    I mean how…why…huh…ooooff ?
    Shivika were so intense today ummahh ????
    Precap- Detective singh Oberoi ???

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Riana,
      Pinky didn’t go for delivery of Roop.In earlier episode she said that she went to the hospital because Roop’s baby was ill.Fb had that part only.All the very best for your exams.Take care?

      1. Riana

        @Luthfa…Ohh thankyou dear ?..

  22. Shekhar

    So it is ROOP who conspirated KM havoc taking the advantage of TEJ intentions, and left all senior OBEROI almost in confirm state that, TEJ is behind this KM havoc, but it was predicted looking at the obsession of CVS for OF and also it was the FOCAL point of IB MIRROR, ROOP is there to fund the for OF having clean chit. How ANNIKA’s family was involved in this KM havoc is yet to come up, but base on which SWET challanged SSO is in fact what SHWET came to know through ROOP, which in turn is fake. ROOP had now when spilled the beans, it’s a matter of time to change the equation from OF v/s KAPOORS+ROOP to OF +KAPOORSv/s ROOP. Even though, it will left many questions unanswered, like who was ROOP’s husband to whom ROOP sent to jail and why? Anyway, what were the beans spilled over, ANNIKA’s past will get escape out of that and atlast we will found ANNIKA in SHIVIKA atlast after seeing many UPS & DOWNS.
    I hope, CVS will comply many mysteries they aired so far with logical reasoning there of.

  23. Hiiii everyone……..
    On today’s episode…..
    Shivika’s hug ????????????…..and not only once by twice…….. Shivaay’s reaction when anika mentioned veer as her sautan…??????????…..
    His care for her is shown through his eyes only he didn’t need to tell it……they are just a perfect couple… Just fit for each other….
    Omru gauri and bhavya’s masti when SSO was thinking about KMM… It was like awwwwwwwwww Rudy so much desperate.?????????….that was fun….
    Okay on KMM..I think that foreman was aniri’s father and he was killed by that creepy bua or maybe by senior oberois due to some misunderstanding….
    The dress up of senior oberois in fb… I must say pinky was looking beautiful… And that daantowali bua looking funny ????????????….I think only that white dress suits her….??????……
    Precap: dil hua detectivebaaz…????????? and that pappubali will remain pappubali…. When he knows that his plan will fail then why he tries….??????….

    I’m very happy @lutfa dear,how are you and thank you so much for your wishes and thanks to u too @banita dear ???????… You are really good at encouraging people….
    Actually my weekend was not so good but today I got a news that gave me so much happiness in fact to all 10th standard students of haryana and Delhi NCR..actually our re exam has been cancelled…hurrrayyyy??????????….its the result of everybody’s prayers and wishes…….
    But have to go to school again…but ignore this and let’s partyyyyyy?????????????????……wohoooo!!!!!

  24. Luthfa

    Hi Sneha,
    Even I wish the same yaar.Sat and Sun are really boring to spend without IB.Anyway,advance wishes for your khidkitode result.And back hug is Shivaay’s favourite hugging style????????????

  25. Luthfa

    Sorry dear,my reply again get scattered.Advance wishes for your khidkitode result.Take care?

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